Loop 45

True Beginning Heaven's Feel Backnight 6

―――The first year was spent discovering who to hate.

For a long time, he had been living in happiness.

He was born in a plain, not so wealthy family.

He had parents that were normal and a sister much younger than him. He woke up early in the morning, helping his father in the forest, carrying back the yield of the day to the village.

The world of his was simple. The days he spent didn't change.

That work had gone on for decades.

His father and his father's father probably entered the forest and lived under the grace of the mountain the same way. Just like his father and grandfather, he was also going to live a dull and boring life.

There was the restlessness of youth, but he knew that would leave him as the years passed.

A roof to sleep under, enough food not to starve, and the warmth of his neighbors; that was all he could ever ask for.

But why, why did it have to turn out like that?

Villagers were at least entitled to this dull life. It hadn't been a rich village, but it brimmed with the rightness of being able to live normally and die quietly.

The other villagers weren't any different from him.

The other villagers thought he was one of them.

...He couldn't let it go.

Nothing had suddenly gone wrong.

There was no mistake anywhere.

The choice that was made had been, undeniably, the will of humanity, including himself.

―――That's why he still couldn't let it go.

Had it at least been the will of heaven, he could have cursed god's cruelty and been done with it.

"―――Filthy demon―――"

It came without any warning.

As naturally as saying "good morning" to another.

"―――First, the eyes―――"

Leaving the house and going to the woods, like always.

He said "hello" to a passing neighbor, but was ignored.

A disaster in the middle of the village.

Villagers he had never met surrounded him, and he would never return there again.

"―――Hey, save the left one for later―――"

The ceremony was performed calmly.

Apparently, he was the spawn of the devil.

This newly found fact left people in grief and disgust. Finally, their anger rose up, and his fate was decided.

"―――Damn noisy he is. Should've taken care of the throat―――"

There was more doubt than fear within him.


Why do this?

Why did this happen?

Why did it have to be me, of all people?

Come to think of it, there isn't a trace of a pretext anywhere.

...Then why?

"―――Yeah. Just let him breathe, I guess―――"

How can you do such a thing?

“―――Cut the tendons in his arms and legs. Only the tendons, his body belongs to everyone in this village, you must leave it whole.―――”

Several men took care of the ceremony.

Cursed by almost everyone he knew, his arms and legs are just barely retaining their shape.

To punish him for not endowing their lives with abundance, they meted out appropriate punishment to every part of his body.

“―――Cut his tongue off too. We can't afford to let him die.―――”

Scolded by many of those he knew, he was covered in filth.

"This is what you get for threatening our lives!" they said, while venting their dissatisfaction all over his body.

“―――Serves you right, you damned demon!―――”

That was the end of him as a human.

His emotions decayed from the pain of losing his body.

His rational mind decayed from the sadness of losing his dignity.

And so...

He had been kneeling for who knows how long.

There wasn't even a single moan.

The piece of wood piercing through his throat had started to rot.

His tongue was ripped out long ago.

His vocal organs were inflamed after a night of screaming.

People that knew him, people that didn't know him, he was abused by everyone alike.

The administering of justice needs no reason.

They, with their righteous anger and morals, hated the demon confined atop the mountain without feeling embarrassed to anyone.

"The likes of you should not live," they said.

They continued to laugh, mercilessly keeping him alive.

Hatred begets more hatred.

Going beyond terror and suspicion, a hatred was eventually born within him.

But who must this hatred be directed at?


No matter how many times he thought about it, no matter how many times he put it into words, he could not understand.

Even as one of his eyes was crushed, and as his fingers were cut off by some scissor-like tool, the words he managed to squeeze out of his throat were, "Why did it have to be me?"

None of the villagers ever mentioned anything about it.

Please stop.

Please send me back.

Please save me.

He did not voice out those wishes he had already given up hope on.

He finally realized it when the last finger he had left, the thumb on his left foot, was cut off by the person who was his father.

That he had only a single wish left.

WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE ME? That was his only final request, one that nobody ever answered.

By the time he reached the answer, he had become a real demon.

There was no reason as to why he was a demon.

There was no reason for him to be sacrificed.

To begin with, the village elders―――the people in power never even knew him.

Anyone would have been fine.

It was not that he was hated because of his sins,

Neither was he isolated because of his good deeds.

As a completely dull, ordinary person, he was chosen completely by chance.

...Just for the sake of a one-day luxury, people he never met ended the life of a human that they never knew.

That's all there is to it.

Merely to fulfill the desires of a single night, his life, fostered well for decades, was trampled upon and crushed.

This world is governed by things that aren't people.*

The moment he realized that, he decided upon the target of his hatred.

―――"All the Evil of the World.Angra Mainyu"

The revered effigy thus became a true demon.

An egg that will never hatch.

An anti-hero of this small world that would rid it of all sins.

He had no limbs to struggle in pain.

His limbs were completely severed.

Only his heart was still alive.

No arms, no legs, no dignity left. He had no functions as a human, and only his sense of pain continued to work faithfully.

He has taken on a countless amount of hatred.

While bringing forth hatred just as infinite.

His collapsed personality gained order in its own broken way.

He was a stone.

Never going outside the stone prison, his body wasn't allowed to move at all.

The eyelid of his remaining left eye was fixed, not allowing it to close.

His dry, cracked eyeball continued to stare at the outside world.

He was just like a stone statue. A stone statue that was conscious.

Without taking a single step, he watched the unchanging scenery for a month, a year, decades.

He could neither avert nor close his eye.

Before his soul collapsed to the boredom, the treatment that made him forget the fact that he was still alive, in reality, continued until his death.

What frightened him, however, was the fact that this torture, difficult to bear for even a single day, would last for his entire lifetime―――

Sanity would fall apart in no more than seven days.

And yet, it was the very destruction of his sanity that made him endure it, that made him preserve his soul.

Unchanging scenery wouldn't break him.

That which spread beneath his eye was his hometown.

The people that called him a demon as they turned him into a real one; the village that the hatred came from - he could take it all in one sweep.

Prospering by sacrificing the weak, a repulsive herd of good will.

He will continue to hate as long as he lives.

This absurdity.

The hidden repulsiveness of humankind.

The overly tolerant world that approved of it.

All that's left in this stone prison is burning hatred.

There is neither a person nor a body in here.

The soul in his physical body had been annihilated long ago.

That is already something else.

Only the hatred born from within him continues to smolder like this―――

Who knows how many years passed like that.

Having lost his sense of time, to him, the world continued its dizzying transformation even as it stagnated.

The ties he had from back when he was human were no exception.

The people that chose him, the people that took away his legs and arms, the people that were his blood relatives, the people that hated him, the people that loved him.

Their hatred did not last as long as the one held by the human they sacrificed.

Those who stole everything from him disappeared from this world before he did.

...Like shooting stars.

The strong merciless flicker of the ever-coming days burned into his eyeball.

For a long time.

He was left in that sunny spot.

He had seen so many lives.

The result of too many meaningless lives.

Consuming time and space, burning up their own lives recklessly, bearing children, amassing riches, yet ending without a trace.

Hollow it may be, it was not void.

Although it had ended, it wasn't as though it could not continue.

The wheel of time keeps rolling on.

Lives wither, then bloom again.

The cycle of prosperity and decay.

The scenery before him kept on spinning.

There were times of destruction, overrun by different believers.

There were times of expansion, taking in fresh blood.

Throughout it all, he continued to stare with hatred.

Hatred was all the connection that he had.

―――There is evil atop this mountain, breathing malice into all of us.

That became a teaching passed down in the village since old times.

As long as there is hatred, as long as he is hated, he will not die.

The new villagers hated, worshiped, and thanked him as their everyday enemy.

There wasn't even a demon adolescent there anymore.

Hatred that gives birth to nothing.

The vacuum that existed to help life advance smoothly, day after day.

A hole that opened up in everyday life, a junk yard that received all the overflowing emotions.

What a convenient―――false void that cannot become anything.

That village also disappeared in a flash.

Neither decaying, nor prosperous.

Times changed, people changed, and the mountain village, having fulfilled its role, went back to being an open field.

Everything he hated disappeared without a trace.

His name and body lost, he even lost sight of his soul.

In the end, even hatred left him behind.


And yet, he is still connected to this place.

Many years passed.

People perished, the village perished, but even after his own body died, he cannot move from here.

The scorching hatred is unchanging and undying.

As long as the world of humans continues on, it will exist forever.

In this empty wasteland.

Forever gazing at the end of the world―――

―――Like that. I finally open my eyes.

“Haa, ah―――......!!!!”


I jump to my feet off the couch.

My head throbs painfully. The chaos doesn't stop, and the room that I should already be used to appears as though a battlefield in the middle of a bombing.

“Ah, ah......!”

Standing up, I run while swinging my right arm.

I move my arm as disorderly as a person covered in flames, and head to a corner of the room while shaking off my delusions.

“The hell's wrong with you. Did a spider get on your back or something?”

And in the corner, there was my Servant, sitting down like always.

I have neither love nor composure to answer him.

I push him aside, ―――and having no clue what I am trying to do myself―――, stand in front of the mirror.

“Hah, hah......, ah―――”

The figure that's looking back at me is exactly the same as it was back when I stood here for the first time.

There are no irregularities.

There is nothing wrong with me whatsoever.

...But, definitely.

When I first saw this mirror, I felt uneasy―――

"Hey. What happened to your arm?"

“―――Arm―――My, left, hand―――”

I feel dizzy.

Something that was locked away comes pouring out.

That's right, I noticed it that time.

There's something extra on the me reflected in the mirror, and something that should be there is missing.

What made that uneasiness so vague was―――

“Calmed down already? If so, let's hurry up and keep going.

Staying down doesn't suit either of us, does it, Master?”

Was it not the Servant that's now laughing behind me?

I keep staring at the reflection in the mirror.

My disordered mind, unable to bear the concentration, sends me into another bout of vertigo.

And there, my vision flashing on and off,

I saw a terrible image.

“Ha... haa... ha..., ah.”

My ragged breathing starts to calm down.

...I touch my left arm with my right hand.

It's only an illusion. The left arm is certainly there.

But so is a lingering feeling of discomfort that I can't seem to erase.

“What? Something wrong with your arm?”

A voice from behind me.

My mind, having just settled down, picks up speed once again.

“No, not particularly. You, on the other hand...”

I turn around.

Opening my eyes, I look firmly at him.

The boy laughs like a clown.

That face―――Perhaps there is someone else beside me that would recognize him.

“Oh, I see. You met with another Master today, didn't you.”

―――He knows.

This servant knew everything from the beginning.

Having realized that long ago, I still...

“I did warn you against strolling around during daytime, didn't I? Well, whatever. The lady's story is totally true. The Heaven's Feel you got sent off to ended half a year ago.”

I wanted to believe this Servant...!

“And so, the ones that keep this Heaven's Feel going...”

“Ain't just the two of us.

I thought, surely, this wise miss is going to figure it all out. And yet, she's running around fooling herself, denying her own memories, and doing her darndest to stay in her own little world.

“But, well, it's all over now.

Ain't this enough, Master?

This whole farce, dragging out the retirees to play, is all because of you, the one who wanted to keep having fun with the deadly game of Heaven's Feel!”

Wicked laughter.

...He's getting on my nerves.

He's getting on my nerves, he's getting on my nerves,getting on my nerves...!

“Did you―――Were you deceiving me all this time, Avenger...!!”

“What slander. You just never asked. Had you wondered what happened in the fifth Heaven's Feel, I'd have gladly told you how you

―――It hurts.

My chaos-filled head hurts, my eyeballs that glare at him hurt, my disordered breathing hurts.

And, above all, a throbbing pain in my left arm, as if it's just been amputated.

“Pain  but it's alright, I'm sure you'll recov  soon. I never got a cha but if you w to  try this.”

The shadow holds his hand out.

The feeling of my left arm shoots through my brain.

“―――Shut up. How dare you, until now...”

I trusted you, I thought of you as of a comrade.

“―――You, too, betrayed me...!”

The moment I let loose those words, I lost all rational thought.

The fact that he's there. Unable to bear even my own presence, I ran out, my feet taking me somewhere on their own.

As if just running away.

My torn memories, the left arm spilling invisible blood, they have taken all rational thought away from me.

―――I can't remember.

I heard it from someone, yet I still can't recall the conversation I had with that girl.

"Dead," she said.

Someone died and the fifth Heaven's Feel was over.



I fled back then, too.

Not even hearing that the Heaven's Feel ended was enough to disturb me.

So how did such a trifle end up destroying me so thoroughly?

“Haa―――haa, haa, haa―――!”


I have nowhere to go, yet I'm running towards one very certain place.

My left arm must have been torn off.

The sense of pain invades my mind, causing endless chaos and confusion.

Me, who left her hometown.

An antique that had no place in the Association.

Cornered time after time, as I tried to find my worth and could not.

Far away from my hometown, I then realized just how much I loved it, yet I could not go back.

That day, my own self still vague, having only matured on the outside, I saw the first signs of strength that can finally be relied on.

I won't need anyone.

Wouldn't that be nice? A selfish dream like that.

“Hah, guh...! Uah, ah, hah, ah―――!”

I cringe in pain.

Morphine is in the bag. This would be the first time I need a painkiller. But rather than injecting it in the left arm, I'd rather have it right in my spine. That way, it'd hit my brain faster and I can forget everything sooner.

Forget, forget it, forget all about it.

I don't want to hear about who died.

I came to this town as a Master. I couldn't care less about that man.

―――Yeah, but why was I the one chosen?

Bazett Fraga McRemitz is a Sealing Designation enforcer. Any way you slice it, a Heaven's Feel in a faraway eastern land is definitely outside of her jurisdiction.

There has to be a reason.

There has to be another reason for this, no mistake about that.

That reason is why I've been so happy, so happy to meet him after all these years, I was, I was―――

Splatter. (Someone died)

Splatter. (Someone died)

Splatter...! (Someone died...!?)

I'm finally there.

The place that I never entered up until now.

The place I wanted to visit for a long, long time.

From what I've heard, it's a small yet elegant chapel.

Abstaining from luxury and living a life of self-imposed stringency. It's all very much like him.

Gloomy decorations that play up the tension in the air. These are all he had.

The vestiges of the man I trusted, making me nostalgic just by thinking about it.

Aah, why have I not come sooner?

This is his territory.

In the fifth Heaven's Feel, the priest always welcomed those who visited this church―――


This wasn't part of the rumors I've heard.

Nothing but ruins, and an unfamiliar girl standing in his place.

“You, are...?”

The pain is at its climax.

As if my left arm is falling off.

“I'm the priest's substitute. Kotomine Kirei is not here. He is no longer in this world.

Wake up now, Bazett. That which you desire never existed in the first place. Kotomine Kirei has never once felt the slightest stirring of love for you.”

“―――, ah...”

I was chosen because of the recommendation he gave me.

"To think you were nominated directly by the supervisor... Seems like there is some personal friendship between you two, doesn't it, Bazett?"

Not even the vulgar sarcasm of the Association fazed me.

I was happy to be chosen by the man that never chose anyone.

“―――, aah...”

But it wasn't about continuing where we left off last time.
 Mixing business and personal affairs leads only to despair.

Having recognized my abilities, he recommended me as a Master.

Therefore, I shall also meet him as the winner.

I intended to see him only after surviving the Heaven's Feel.

“―――, aaaaah, ah...”

All was well.

I made a contract with the ideal Servant, and set up my base in a Western-style mansion which had been used by a magus before.

Soon all seven Masters would be present. As I was preparing for the upcoming battle, he came to visit me in that room...


He killed me.

I remembered.

Those were my last moments.

The fate of one miserable Master that was called to the Heaven's Feel, yet never had the chance to participate in it.

"This whole farce, dragging out the retirees to play, is all because of you, the one who wanted to keep having fun―――"

It's exactly as Avenger says.

Kotomine sneaked up on me from the back, and I was on the verge of death.

My left arm holding the Command Spells had been torn off, and I was left alone in that mansion.

A wound that would bring death if I move even slightly.

Yet also a fatal wound that would eventually kill me if I don't.

Barely alive, I made a wish at the bottom of the consciousness that was running out together with my blood.

It was not revenge.

Being hunted down by death, I had no room for anger towards a betrayal.

Nor was it despair.

My mind felt no sadness in the betrayal as it dimmed.

At that moment.

I had but one thought remaining in my heart: "I don't want to die."

I don't want to die in a place like this.

I don't want to die in such a pitiful way.

I can't bear dying alone like this.

Time had stopped. More than halfway towards death, I kept on screaming until the remains of my life were all used up.

To that,

"―――If you become my Master..."*

A mysterious and strange something,

"―――For as long as the contract holds, I'll grant you that wish."*

Someone heard it in the end.

Perhaps that was the Holy Grail.

Inside the Holy Grail smashed by the winner of the fifth Heaven's Feel was a formless void.

By all rights, once the Grail had been destroyed, it ought to have returned to the Throne of Heroes.

But―――that thing lived inside the Holy Grail.

No, what was inside the Grail that granted people's wishes had finally taken the form of a "Heroic Spirit" - just as everyone wished.

That is the Servant reborn inside the Holy Grail.

The one called "all the evil in the world," having become the demon that grants people's wishes, had answered my call.

However much of an embodiment of the Holy Grail he may be, he is a Servant. Without a Master, he will disappear.

An impossible miracle becoming a Heroic Spirit - just like everyone wished him to - in an accident that will never happen again. And yet, he will disappear, having lasted not even one night.

Our mutual interests happen to coincide in the fact that neither one of us has a future.

...But then...

I had already met my end.

I was delirious.

I had no time to contemplate that being's nature.

It's just that, after my death...

My body will rot, decay, and eventually become nothing. I was terrified.

That's why―――only one thought remained burning in my mind as I laid on the verge of death.

I don't want to die.

I want to extend the contract.

Thus, the old shell - known as the "Holy Grail" - now lost, I made a new one by forming a contract with that thing.

I lost consciousness the very next moment.

That is, I died.

Therefore, it is my own corpse that I see here.

A pitiful misconception, a forever looping four-day playground inside a walled garden.

...Had my last wish been "I want to be resurrected," I doubt he'd grant it even then.

He said,

"The dead cannot revive the dead."

To give form to the dead is a privilege reserved only for the living.

...That's why the most he can do is deceive the soul.

Separating soul from the body, for as long as the contract is in force, he will be playing this convenient dream, with real life set as its stage.

This is more than just a mere ornament.

Building up at the depths of this slumber, a cradle-like void.

...That's right.

This neverending Heaven's Feel is what Bazett wished for.

The wish that this Servant can grant, my very own Holy Grail―――

I finally get to the church several minutes behind Bazett.

I knew this fleet-footed lady ought to seek refuge here.

For Bazett Fraga McRemitz, this church is the last bit of support she can rely on.

It is also a place fraught with dangers for an unwise intruder.

“...Tch. Sounds like someone's fired up that moldy old organ. I could have done without this particular pain in the ass.”

Even though, judging by her good mood earlier, I can expect to meet with instant death if I face her right now, I'm not the kind of Servant who would abandon his Master when she's at her most desperate.

Preparing myself for the possibility that my head is about to part ways with my body, I fumble in the darkness until my hands find the door.

Inside the abandoned building, there's a woman that's feeling down.

And at the altar, silver flowers bloom.

“Yo. Looking at'cha, seems like you've remembered it all now.”

The woman doesn't answer.

Looks like she calmed down, but guess she's still mad at me.

“My, my. Still in a stormy mood, are we?

Can't be helped, here's a special bonus. Actually, it isn't something I'd normally tell unless you asked, but here, I'll let ya know how this world really works.”

“―――There is no need.

There are only two things you need to answer.”

She cuts me short.

There was no emotion in the words she shot at me.

The woman became a machine.

In that case, there's no need for me to stay human, either.

“Will the Heaven's Feel continue for as long as I wish?”


“Will I not die for as long as the Heaven's Feel continues?”


"That's fine, then."

She passes me as she heads out of the church.

―――I can't believe it.

Right now, I'm really shocked.

“...Hold on. What do you mean, "fine"? Are you just going back to the start after coming this far?”

“We always return to the first day, do we not? What are you saying now, of all times?”

...This is troublesome.

The tables have been turned.

“I don't get it. You've found out the trick, haven't you?

Then this should be it. This world is dying. It won't end, but it won't continue, either. Nothing will come out of staying here.”

“That is the same for the outside world, as well.

Myself, the world around me, the world that allowed it to happen, it's all started crumbling long ago.

I will not return to life. All that remains is to see just how far the destruction can be delayed.”

She's terrified.

She said she was terrified of the inevitable death.

“We live in a world without future or hope. I would rather repeat it over and over in here than to come back to such reality.

...That's right. I wish I had realized this sooner. I am not upset at being betrayed. I had nothing to begin with. It is far better to stay here, repeating nothing but these four days, than to continue living in such a place.”

That's wrong.

Being weak is fine. But stalling in here is a bit of a waste.

What was it that you endured all the hardship up until now for?

“Far better, huh. What are YOU saying now?

Did you not know how merciless reality is from the moment you were born?”

Falling into pessimism is weak.

However, it's swallowing up that weakness and dying that's the number one sign of being human; that's what the priest was saying.

“......The discussion ends here. Let us continue the fight.

You are my Servant. You ought to follow my directions.”

Bazett is leaving the church.

It is completely beyond my expectations.

I did think that once she regains her memories, she would reject this farce once and for all.

“......Gonna need a little push here, methinks.”

Unfortunately, I can't really think of one.

...Well, whatever.

If the Master intends to fight, the Servant ought to just follow along.

The one last push will be a job left for the hero of justice.

“Will you still go on?”

There is a woman standing at the altar.

She's so sensitive she might just die if I get any closer.

The ultimate distance between us.

It's not like we could ever talk or touch each other to begin with.

“What can I say? The one who's in charge of the contract told me to go on with it. A familiar like me couldn't turn defiant and rip that contract up themselves, now could they? Huuuuge violation of the basic rules of magic there.”

“Yes, I understand. For one of your standing, that certainly would be the best course of action.”

Her tone is cool and indifferent.

Though neither one of us cares much for the other's existence, it's not as though just talking is a waste of time.

However, I do wonder what happened.

“...It was a great pleasure meeting you.”

Now she says something unnecessary.

“Ah... ―――Well, I guess that's good.”

I give a vague reply.

Whether I should show joy or bitterness, react with surprise or with sorrow...

Honestly, I have no idea.

“Master's waiting outside. I'll be going soon.”

The atmosphere's getting awkward, so let's get this over with.

“...Allow me to offer you a piece of advice.

Whether the contract is canceled or whether it runs out, she will not be saved either way.

Thus, you should rather...”

I don't want to hear it.

Her statement isn't even correct in the first place.

“No way. Ain't no one who can't be saved, so long as they seek help.

No matter who you are, salvation will always come in the end.”

“...I'm astonished. Is that really something you could say, Angra Mainyu?”

“Of course. Well, my idea of "salvation" may differ from the human one a tad.”

Ain't got no clue about bringing salvation while alive, unfortunately.

Those that fell into despair cannot be changed.

So instead, let's just switch that despair with something more meaningful.

And as one lies on their deathbed...

Being able to savor the illusion of a well-spent life in their final moments ought to bring happiness to any human.

“...Say. Do you really want to end that wish, even now?”

“You bet. How many million times do you think this makes? The future sure looks bleak to me.”


The woman is going up the stairs.

In the end, I'm the only one left in the chapel.

“―――Many million times, huh?”

A string of ordinary days that I already know everything there could possibly be to know about.

Dimming ever so slightly with every new event,

A world where there is nothing to experience, where everything is known.

...There are still some cracks in it, but even those are just worthless daily life.

Well, anyway.

“Who do you think you're calling a liar? Ain't a more honest person than Avenger, dang it!”

Being accused of lying really pisses me off.

Who the hell does that woman think I am?

Day 1

Caren Quo Vadis

Caren III/(Angra Mainyu)

―――In the end, I'll go visit the church.

I can't remember how many times I've dragged myself here.

The rule and order of the four days do not apply here; you can meet and part however many times you wish.

The two of us would eventually run out of things to talk about, though.

New elements do not enter here. So, it is only natural that you would someday fill in all of the events.

I come to the church to fill the void.

And this, too, will be the last time.

Visits after this one will mean little to me.


It's not that I'm tired, I don't have enough vigor.

What I need is momentum, not rest.

Let's go produce a little energy.

...The performance was rather short this time.

After expecting so much, it's a bit of a letdown; but seeing as it did give me the energy I was after, I guess it was fine.

The grinding heat in my chest feels good.

And they do say it's bad for your health if you don't get angry once in a while.


However, I can't accept what follows afterwards.

Caren, who has finished her performance, again stands in front of me, silent.

It may be just me, but she looks to be in an even worse mood than before. You could even say she's standing imposingly.


The cloudiness matches this church.

Rather than piercing sunlight that makes you feel alive, it is the deathly grayness that matches the church well.

The church itself has a long history. Built way before the war, it was renovated after incurring heavy damage during the third Heaven's Feel.

A person named Kotomine Risei was dispatched as a qualified candidate who was particularly familiar with the land.

Kotomine Kirei's father, the predecessor.


Kotomine Risei, despite his young age, acted the role of supervisor in the third Heaven's Feel. In recognition of his achievements, he was entrusted with this church.

Plenty of experience under his belt, he strove for an even better outcome in the fourth Heaven's Feel, but passed away due to unforeseen circumstances.

The noble magi of the city he assisted suffered unexpected defeat, and the war ended in chaos.

The fourth Heaven's Feel... the battle that caused Shinto's great fire.

The third one fifty years before, right after the wartime devastation, and the fourth one just as the newly modernized economy was about to stagnate.

And then the battle Emiya Shirou was involved in, bringing an end to Fuyuki's Heaven's Feel.

Up to that point, it's been two hundred years.

It's amazing how these holy sacraments have been carried out until now at such a far eastern land.

The tenacity of the participants that tried to reach the miracle is near fanaticism.

Speaking of obsession, the Holy Church and the Mage's Association are not much different.

...I do wonder, though.

Is it really so good over there?

But enough of that.


“Alright. Let's talk about something.”

“Go ahead, then. There is nothing I need to tell.

The promise is only valid once you have told your part.”

“Guh, starting from me?”

There's no way around it. Having been outlasted in a contest of silence, it is now my job to suggest the topic of discussion.

...But I've run out of things to say.

There's nothing I could chat about with her, nor do I have anything worth asking.

Even among the things that still bother me―――

“Ah, come to think of it.”

There's one matter of great interest to me!

“About what?”

“No, I mean, I noticed your clothes are different.

You didn't wear the vestment at night, did you?”

“That is correct. Is there a problem?”

“Well, I just wondered why would you change.

They're really a lot different from regular vestments, aren't they. You're looking the part of a Sister right now, but you looked nothing like a priest at night.”

No, it was a completely different outfit.

She must just be thinking it's passable because it's also black like a cassock.

“...Are you saying that it was too light of a dress for a priest?”

“It's not that... you're too lightly dressed, it's more a problem of your image. Those clothes, aren't they just a little too gaudy? They're all black, and make you look like a villain. If only you were always in your vestments, then there would be no awkward misunderstandings.”

“......Back then, I went to exorcise demons.

It is my battle clothing, so it's no surprise it would have a different vibe from the vestments.”

“Aah, so it's a combat uniform for exorcism.

...Hmmm, I guess it is easy to move around in. Since you're pretty much naked.”

“......In other words, you have some sort of personal opinion regarding my clothing?”

“More like a question than an opinion. Sure, it is easy to move in, but something like that ought to make you uneasy to no end. Whose idea was that anyway?

Well, um. It's even more sketchy than a skimpy swimsuit. It's like absurdly arousing, I guess. It's not easy to just say it, so I can't really explain it well, but...”

“―――Uhh, have you forgotten to put on the bottom part?”


No answer. Does she mean "yes"?

“That is by design. There was no skirt to begin with. Please cease your wicked thoughts.”

Gah. That woman is really reading my mind.

“I-I guess. Yeah, there's no way it could be like that. You're a Sister at any rate, seduction would naturally be forbidden.

Sorry, it ought to have been obvious. A combat uniform like that seems pretty outrageous, so I just got curious and asked.

―――So. Whose idea was that?”

“It isn't anyone's preference.

It's just something I picked out from the ritual clothing and revised myself.”

“Ah. So you're the one who picked it.”

“It's a result of seeking functionality. What I sought was mobility, not protection.

Also, it is no surprise you'd find it lascivious. It was made for the purpose of seducing men to begin with.”


I am stunned.

For seducing men. Is she serious...!?

“What's with that, didn't you say seduction was strictly forbidden!?”

“You're the one who said that. I haven't said anything about it being prohibited.”

“Guh... B-But didn't you say it was blasphemy? If someone thought you weren't wearing bottoms on purpose...”

“Wearing clothes for luring men, and taking your clothes off in public are different matters. You are putting it as if I am an exhibitionist.”

It seems she's mad at my rudeness.

From the standpoint of a man, neither seems very different, but exhibitionism certainly would be bad. As it's a crime.

“...But why do you seek to charm men in the first place?

Sisters are supposed to remain chaste, aren't they? Or are you fine with anyone when it comes to men?”

“If a man wishes it, I won't refuse.

For example―――if you feel the thirst to uncover a woman, in response, I shall quench it.

That, too, is my work.

This body is meant to respond to pain. You would not suffer punishment.

I would be getting violated not by you, but by a demon. You, the human, would not bear the weight of the crime.”

I see.

If you think about it, even when she's not doing anything, she's always tinged with the taint of demons.

Even if nobody dirties their hands, she automatically gets aroused and comes anyway.

Masturbation akin to self-mutilation.

If that's an everyday routine, then of course it wouldn't make much of a difference who her partner is.

“Woah. So what you're saying, your daily praying and being violated by men is the same work.

...I give up. Maybe you regularly invite them over too?”

“Yes. If you so desire, then I will be your partner.”

“Really!? Lucky me! Because, you see, I have no desire for it, so it's all good!”

No, I'm glad, very glad that I could get by without humiliating a girl.

No matter what anyone says, I am not the slightest bit inclined to try it. Even if she asked me I would want no part.

But seeing as there is a condition that it can't happen unless I feel like it, there's no problem.

“...Is that because I have yielded my body to many of the opposite sex? Do you prefer females that are pure and innocent?”

“No, I'm not picky about that.

If you're doing it because they want to, then why don't you just go at it all day and night and forget about being chaste? To "love thy neighbor" is your selling point.”

“I―――I think that's different from my work, though.

I'd say my actions are closer to those of a prostitute.”

“That's all the more noble.

Casual relationships and relationships of monetary exchange aren't bad, either. Way better than being some stuck-up woman that just leaves you hanging.”

I look over the church with a glance.

There aren't any statues here. Doesn't look as if I'll be held in contempt.

“Do you get it? Even if you are, as you say, a prostitute, there's no need to feel down over it.

It's not that I don't want you physically, it's an emotional problem. I may have the desire, but so long as there is no love, I don't want to get involved.”

Although if she keeps wandering around before my eyes in an outfit like that, there's no telling how things will turn out.

Forget the preferences of a normal adult male; to me, those clothes are a little intense.

“...I understand what you are thinking. I'll keep that in mind from now on.”

“Oh? Are we done with talking about the clothes already?”

“Yes, that is enough. I did not want to know, but I do understand you now.”

“―――Really, you've become quite weak, haven't you?

To me, you look small enough to be blown away. Do you hate yourself that much?”


Her outright provocation produces a burst of energy within me.

What did you try to see of me with those dead eyes, you...

“Why's that? I don't really hate myself. If that's your way of preaching to me, mind keeping your nose out of my business?”

“That is my thanks for praising my civilian clothing. Just give up and take it.

―――So. Why is it you hate me?”

The point we were getting to.

Following her lead, I blurt out,

“Well, I just can't stand people with no desire of their own, you see.”

I ignore the mountain load of minor flaws and go straight for the killer one.

“See. That's why you hate yourself.

Because the Emiya Shirou who destroyed the Holy Grail did not desire anything in return.

A pattern of dedication to your neighbors and neglect for yourself, like praying for the world to be just. That, no doubt, is your way of life.”

“...Yet I wonder why.

Why can you not feel the beauty of it?”

“Well, I mean...”

It's not beautiful or anything.

It's a problem that comes even before judging good and evil.

For starters, I'm not trying to live that sort of a good-for-nothing life.

“Nobody is blaming Emiya Shirou anymore, yet he makes no attempt to find a desire of his own.

Say... does ordinary happiness really bore you that much?”

Ah―――I get it.

My way of life is, in short, an existence for which that isn't enough.

Have as much happiness as you have life.

Just a tiny amount is not worth the trouble, it screams.

“...You sure put it nicely.

As expected of the substitute priest, an irrefutable paradox. If you get the chance, scold me properly next time.”

“Right. I don't think my nagging will change a sense of justice you've held for over ten years, but if you so wish, I shall attempt to persuade you once again.”

I take my leave.

I should have left earlier, as soon as the organ stopped.

What I wanted was a vigorous hatred.

Realizing my disgust for myself, I lost all of that motivation I had.

“See ya. Looks like you've got other things to do, so let's end it here.”

If I go in any further, I'll be venturing outside my domain.

If these four days are someone's recreation of a Heaven's Feel, then Emiya Shirou and this woman, Caren, cannot meet.

If I keep meeting people who were not in the battle, Emiya Shirou's existence will collapse.

“You are going to go look for the Grail, aren't you?

Have you discovered the way to end this world?”

A voice rings out behind me. Even turning around is a pain.

“Well. According to what Tohsaka Rin says, it's just a matter of me defeating the holder of the Grail, but...”

With the intelligence I have at my disposal, it just ends with a "Defeat" no matter how many times I try.

“Indeed. To accomplish that, you need to have the complete picture.

―――Unless you discover the meaning of your existence...”

Meaning self-awareness, recognizing what it is that I must do.

"Don't have someone tell you, find it by yourself," is what this woman is saying.

“Find the enemy's stronghold. The key to the beginning should be there.”

“Thanks, but I've already investigated that mansion a long time ago, if that's what you're referring to.”

“There's something you have overlooked. Go and ask the Tohsaka heir about London.”

A straightforward piece of precise advice.

I don't want to look back, but my feet stop and my neck turns.

See. That's why I didn't want to look.

“It's a violation of contract. Even though it was only about exchanging information.”

“This time is an exception.

I said it, did I not. If you are still lost the next time you come, I shall point out the way.”


Did she really make a promise like that by herself?

Really, she's a woman that goes and does anything and everything.

“Thanks. This means our business is really settled now, right?”

“Yes. This is as close as I can get involved with Emiya Shirou.”

I leave the church.

Emiya Shirou had not met Caren Ortensia to begin with.

It's always been an impossible event.

I have no reason to grieve, even if this was our final farewell.

Emiya Residence・Start of Night Things to do

Emiya Residence・Night Map In London

Come to think of it, she's been all the way to England and back, so why not take the opportunity to ask her what it was like?

Even if I'm not very good, I'm still a magus. I'm interested in what the headquarters of the Mage's Association, the "Clock Tower" in London, is like.

“What kind of place? It's just an ordinary museum, really.

Oh, you want your souvenir?”

With that, Tohsaka takes out an super thick book and offers it to me.

It's a cheap and worthless art catalog, something that could be bought with a discount at the British Museum.

“...Well, I'll take it.”

I accept the present, giving her my thanks.

“You're welcome. After all, I'll expect you to work hard if I ever have money troubles. You should start learning how to project things other than weapons. If sculptures are too bulky, why not aim to project pictures?”


That's Tohsaka for you. Even a souvenir is an investment for her.

“...I won't support criminal activities.

First of all, there are certified appraisers who deal in magic, aren't there? It wouldn't take them much more than a glance to see through my counterfeits.”

“Ah, you don't seem to fully understand your unique skill yet. There's no one who can see through your projections at first glance.

Experts who check the composition would be the first to fail. Spiritual practitioners may sense something out of place with it, but only items with a shady history are sent to the Department of Spiritual Invocation. If you just sell the artwork and escape, you can make a fortune.”

“Eh, really...?”

“Really, really. So much so to make me proud as your teacher as well.”

Ugh. It's a bit complicated, but I actually might be feeling pretty good about this.

“Well, the frightening part is after doing something like that.

We're not Bonny and Clyde. I couldn't take being on the wanted list even in exchange for a huge fortune.”

“I couldn't bear that either. I treasure my life more than money.”

Plus, being treated as an accomplice when I was only dragged into it would also be intolerable.

“Let's see... It might be fun to earn money in a showy way like that, but it all means nothing if you're exposed instantly. It's a business that doesn't require any capital or resources, so let's just steadily do something low-key instead.”


A joke. That was just a typical Tohsaka joke.

I repeated that three times in my mind, then decided to abruptly change the subject.

“Let's save the business talk for later.

Back to London, was there anything that left a strong impression on you? Something like the prices being cheap, the cooking being bad, or making a new friend there?”

“So you want travel stories instead of souvenirs?

...Let's see, the Clock Tower was exactly as the name suggests, but most of the workshops there were underground.

It was exactly like a dungeon where the level of insanity goes up the deeper you descend.

They label Egypt's Association as a hole in the ground, but those at the Clock Tower are pretty much moles themselves.”

“..Hmm. So, anything else? Don't you have some normal stories to share?”

“Anything else... Well, I didn't really have the time to go sightseeing.

I scraped together materials to make up for the Jewel Sword incident, reserved laboratories, spoke to the higher-ups in the Department of Mineralogy countless times, narrowed down the nobles who seemed like they could become sponsors for me, searched for an apartment to use next year, and just in case, went to look at the student dormitories which are said to have cheap rent―――”

“What's the matter? You look like you just bit into something sour.”

“―――Well... When I went to check out the student dormitories, I met a disagreeable woman.

Thanks to that bitch, I was expelled from the dorm and forced to look for a regular apartment.”

A vein is pulsing on her forehead.

Tohsaka can be harsh at times and yet, I think this was the first time I've ever heard her call someone a "bitch."

“Could it be that this disagreeable woman you're talking about is around the same age as us?”

“Huh―――W-Why do you say that?”

“No, just a hunch. Seeing you talking like that is a little, you know...”

The way she spoke about her with such disdain sounds like the kind of thing you'd expect between equals or, to be frank, similar people.

“...Well, it's as you said.

I came across her at the reception desk. At first she spoke normally. She greeted me politely, and the conversation with her was quite agreeable.

Well, I did wonder a bit about the way she dressed, but you could tell at first glance she was rich and there was nothing yet to make me realize she had such bad taste.”

I felt a tinge of hatred in the word "yet."

The intensity of Tohsaka's irritation is steadily increasing, and now even her magical energy is pulsing along with the vein on her forehead. It seems like she's just venting.

...Now then.

As Tohsaka's story becomes nothing but a continuous stream of dirty phrases beyond this point, let's go to a flashback instead.

《...Of my entire time in the student dorms, that incident was by far the worst.

Miss Tohsaka and Lady Luviagelita.

There's no point in debating which one of them is the culprit.

The only thing we should leave for future generations is the fact that we should never allow those two ladies to be in each other's presence―――》

August 8th, 200X. Receptionist Octavia Leyland's testimony.

“Yes. That should be all.

I will inquire about rooms that fit your requirements, please wait a moment.”

“Phew, I somehow managed to make it.

Now just to wait for the outcome... Hm?”

“Pardon me, may I?

This is the registration desk for next year's residents, correct?”

“Y-Yes, please go ahead. Sorry for the obstruction. If you're here to register, you should hurry―――”

“I am aware of that. There are seven minutes remaining, right?

You and I, we are not quite used to this place's time, are we?”

“Pardon me. I've brought the necessary documents. Will that be all?”

“Ah, yes, this is sufficient, madam.

Then I will take these and register you. You should return home for today... Oh my, did our maximum capacity increase by one?”

“My apologies. Please wait a moment.

I shall confirm this right away.”







“Sorry, please go ahead.

Or would you prefer if I go first?”

“No, since you went through the trouble to offer, I shall humbly accept your consideration.

Would it be alright if I ask a question?”

“Of course.

It seems we are both bored, and it feels like the work of some fate that we should meet like this.”

“I feel the same way... Fufu. It may have been a simple intuition, but I had a feeling we would get along from the moment I first saw you.”

“Though, for those who practice magic, relying on one's intuition based on a first impression is the same as making a premonition without any basis.”

“Not at all. If it is a premonition instead of a prediction, then it is an incredible feat to rely on your intuition alone.”

“Besides―――I trust your intuition has never lead you astray before, correct?”

“Oh? Could that be your intuition?”

“Yeah. It's not so unusual to let your guard down around someone you feel is similar to yourself.

After all, it's that way for me too.”

“You're saying your intuition is never off the mark?”

“...Fufu. Yes, there is no error in your intuition.

I have never misjudged another's personality, even on the first meeting.”

“That's quite some self confidence.

So, what's the impression you get from me?

What sort of person do you see me as?”

“Stubborn, but a rival worthy of respect―――someone like that, I suppose.”

“From your appearance, you seem to be a first year as well, but this is the first time I've spoken to an oriental person.

I know this is impolite, but are you Chinese?”

“That's quite a baseless assumption. What makes you think that?”

“The way you move your feet and shift your center of gravity, perhaps. In the past, I received lessons from someone who gave off that same kind of feel.

And of course, that person was an expert of your homeland.”

“I see.

However, to say, "homeland"... I beg your pardon, but I haven't answered your question yet...”

“Unfortunately, I'm Japanese.

However, I'm not purely Japanese, as a quarter of my bloodline is foreign.”

“...So you were Japanese.

Well, such mistakes can happen. Perhaps this is yet another sign for us to deepen this friendship during our time here.”

“Greetings, freshman from the Orient.

My homeland is Finland.”

“Compared to yours, it's practically right next door.

Japan is at the other side of the earth, isn't it? Surely, you didn't come here all by yourself?”

“My parents have already passed away. That's not the reason why, but I'll be coming by myself to enroll at the Clock Tower next year.

Are Asians a rare sight in London?”

“I've heard there aren't many. However, those that have left their names behind are all top of the line magi apparently.

You should see there's no handicap based on race.”

“I see, that's good news.

Frankly speaking, I was a little disheartened until now.”

“I'm only here for a month to get a feel for this place, yet everyone I meet here is a monster, you know?”

“Well, even a Tengu's nose can break... though I suppose you aren't familiar with that saying.”

“Ah, I have heard of Tengu.

The hermit of Japan, with the long nose, right?”

“The proverb, "A Tengu's nose can break," refers to a powerful and talented person bowing before an even greater power... is that correct?”

“Yes, you got the nuance right.

I was brimming with confidence in my home town, but once I ventured outside, I had to reaffirm my resolve.”

“You too?

Actually, I had been thinking the same thing myself.

...We really are going to get along well.”

“Say, we've both come to study abroad by ourselves, right?

In that case―――”

“Excuse me.

Luviagelita Edelfelt-sama, could I have a moment of your time?”

“...Of all the times to interrupt.

What? Is there some problem with the documents?”

“No, there's nothing wrong with the documents, but... um, the situation has changed from what it was a week ago.”

“To put it bluntly, we cannot comply with your request.

Your request was for the entire top floor, but there is a new applicant wishing to move in...”

“Wishing to move in...?

Even though it's already widely known that an Edelfelt had chosen this dormitory?”

“Just who exactly is the country bumpkin that would move in here for the sole purpose of ruining my mood?”

“Um... That would be the young lady next to you.

We received a recommendation from a Lord in regards to her about half a year ago, can't the Edelfelt's override it with their authority?”

“......That's alright.

I cannot allow for my family's crest to be inferior to another, but if she's just sharing a room with me, I may consider it.”

“Umm... She won't be sharing a room with you. She will be using only one of the 28 rooms you booked―――”

“? Is not that what sharing a room is?”

“Two humans living on the same floor, if that is not room-sharing, then what is?

She isn't my servant, is she?”

“Ah... haha, ha...”

“...Well, that can't be helped either.

I normally wouldn't allow for such a thing, but fortunately, this gives us the opportunity to deepen our friendship even further.”

“How does that sound? If it is with you, even sharing a room does not sound bad, wouldn't you say?”

“No problem... I wouldn't say I have any complaints... but you sure are rich.”

“Then it's decided.

You there, she and I will be sharing a room... Ah, come to think of it, we still haven't introduced ourselves.”

“I am Luviagelita Edelfelt. And you are...?”

“Tohsaka Rin. A Japanese magus studying in the Department of Mineralogy.”


Wait a moment, that name... I've definitely heard―――”

“Then, Miss Tohsaka, the documents to sign.”

“!? W-Wait a moment, that contract...!”

“What the, hey, what are you doing, that's my...!”

“Tohsaka... Japan... Fuyuki... Tohsaka Rin... Y-You're THAT Tohsaka―――!?”

“Wha... What on earth is wrong?

You just suddenly start throwing a fit out of nowhere, there's no reason to―――”

“Be quiet!

How, H-H-H-H-How dare you trick me!”

“To think you were that Tohsaka―――the daughter of the cowardly, sneaky, and petty Tohsaka family that commits foul play when calling forth magi with a fake rumor of some Holy Grail!”

“Wait, what did you say just now?

Could it be that you know about the Heaven's Feel in Fuyuki?”

“Yes, I know much about Fuyuki.

I thoroughly investigated your ancestry and the level of Japan's magi as well.”

“The results were terrible.

While it seems rare talent does appear once in a while, other than those exceptions they are an inferior race that are not worthy enough to study the mysteries.”

“―――What did you just say?

I don't know where you're from Little Miss Aristocrat, but I can't forgive what you just said.”

“I have no intention of seeking your forgiveness.

Understand? You lot haven't a single drop of noble blood in you.”

“I don't know what sort of mishap led you to begin studying magic, but know your place!”

“You there. What we agreed upon just now is null and void.

This girl's room is not on my top floor.”


These documents, by my Edelfelt name I declare these shall―――”

“Ah. Eh. Huh?”

“Be turned into garbage like so!”

“Eek! Edelfelt-sama, what are you doing!?

Tearing up a recommendation letter from a Lord... Never has such a thing happened since the founding of this dorm!”

“――――――( ゚д゚)”


Cat got your tongue, Miss Self-Proclaimed Magus from the Sticks!?”

“This place doesn't suit you at all. How about kindly returning to that dirty and cramped island nation from whence you came?”

“Y-You anachronistic tube curl girl...!

What is this, were my ears malfunctioning when I heard you say you don't discriminate a moment ago...!?”

“Hmph, the Japanese alone are another matter from other Orientals.”

“Only because you looked Extremely Lonely Like An Abandoned Rat had I offered you any pity before.”

“But that also ends here.

Now that I know you are the special Tohsaka breed of non-human, the only things I have to offer are a blast of boiling water and Gandr.”

“...You really went and said it. Thanks to that, I remember now.”


Yeah, I thought that name rang a bell. So it's that Edelfelt, huh?”

“The Edelfelts who participated in the third war. The stupid aristocrats who split up early on due to internal conflicts within their ranks, right?”

“So because of their grudge from that time, after they ran away they told their children about how scary and detestable the Tohsaka are, is that right?”


Looks like you're only good at cracking humorless jokes.

You realize that these words cannot be unsaid, right?”

“That's my line.

You should know that I won't forgive you even if you kneel down before me, right, Miss Pure-Bred Rich Girl?”

“―――I'm all fired up now.

My rage can no longer be extinguished.

You! Do you have the courage to pick up my glove!?”

“Bring it on. If you don't mind, I'll be taking your tasteless dress as a trophy.”

“―――That's the spirit.

One room, two residents.

There is only one way we could go about resolving this now, correct?”

“Yes. The loser will give way to the winner.

Obviously, it's the universal rule.”

“D-D-D-Don't get all fired up on your own~~!

Personal rules are forbidden! Super forbidden!”

“What on earth are you two thinking!? This is the Norwich student dormitory, where we prize politeness and reconciliation! Pointless personal conflicts aside, the use of magic is strictly prohibited within the dormitory~~~~!”

“Calm down, I am the head of the proud Edelfelt family.”

“Regardless of who my opponent is, if they do not use magecraft, then I will also respond solely with my body.

―――Is that fine by you as well, Miss Tohsaka?”

“That's just how I want it.

But you're saying you will actually fight hand to hand without magic, in that sort of dress?”

“Not that it matters to me. You can even rely on your forte, Gandr, if you like.

I'll fight bare-handed, like a proper magus with decorum.”

“―――That advice shows a good mental attitude for a Tohsaka.

I have a slightly better opinion of you.”

“But do not worry.

In my hands, a dress like this―――”


“Hup, ho...!!!!”

“Well? As you can see it's a simple matter to modify it for use in combat!”

“S-Simple you say... Just what is that dress!?

S-So right from the start it was sleeveless with attachments!?”

“Of course. This extent is well within the tastes of a lady.”

“No. Not a single person in the entire world has that sort of taste.”

“Well I said I do, so there clearly are!

First of all, if we tore up our dresses every time we get into a quarrel, it would be sacrilege to the world of tailoring, wouldn't it!?”

“...You... seriously mean that you tear up a dress whenever you get into a fight?”

“Ah... no. cough cough

Listen, as the heads of our families, we can't choose when or where we will be assailed by ruffians, can we?”

“It was made like this for exactly such times.”


“W-What's with that face that screams, "I don't believe you in the slightest"...?!

Very well, if you won't believe me, then I'll just have to beat the truth into your body directly...!”

“(She's getting ready...!

That forward leaning stance while keeping her stability... this girl, she's...!)”

“Hmm―――looks like you actually have some skill, Luviagelita.

Ignoring your taste in dresses, if that's how it's going to be, then I'll knock you down without holding back..”

“I feel the same way.

Make sure to say thank you to the hallway's wooden floor, Miss Tohsaka.”

“Eeeek! Hello, hello, Mister Anthony? Mayday, hazardous materials have appeared in the student dormitory! W-What little remains of my wages will be docked again!”

“I'm very sorry about this, Ms. Octavia.

But no need to worry, as I shall end the duel with this strike!”

“Kyaaa~~~!? T-Tohsaka-san, you have such spectacular skill with Kung Fu at such a young age!?”

“Marvelous! Much of your style's arrangement is clearly self-taught, but that's an impressive display of Beng Quan given your physique!”

“(Got her...!

At this distance, it'll be a complete victory...!)”

“―――Fu. How naive, Miss Tohsaka!”

“!? No way, from behind―――!?”

“Whaaaa, that's---!?

A stance where you drop low enough to even crawl on the ground!

That's unmistakeably Catch Wrestling!”

“An ancient English capture technique, the Lancashire style!”


“I've got your back!”

“No way―――You're some kind of pro-wrestling maniaaaaac!?”

“She's done it! Finland's star of hope, the hunting dog of the ring, the female forklift, Luviagelita Edelfelt...!”

“What a victory! A KO in 1 round, 13 seconds!

S-Such an unbelievable fighter actually appeared---!”

“―――That's three count.

Miss Tohsaka, the reason you lost was because you revealed your hand. The battle starts even before the bell rings, you know?”

“Kyuu~...... Stars... I see stars...”

“Ahh... That's, one hell of a story.”

Her opponent was impressive, but the same goes for Tohsaka who jumped into the fray without any hesitation.

As expected from a frequent offender.

It may have been the student dormitory instead of the school building, but that wasn't the first time Tohsaka had rampaged on school grounds.

“So then, you guys rushed into a second round of mudslinging?

By the time you realized it, the reception area had collapsed and you were both punished for fighting... Tohsaka, wasn't it your own fault that you ended up banned from the dorm?”

“It wasn't just my fault.

If Luvia hadn't charged at me like that, I wouldn't have gotten such a disgraceful nickname before school even started!”


I am interested in that disgraceful nickname she mentioned, but... Oh well, it's probably something along the lines of "monster" or "hurricane."

“...What are you grinning about? If you have something to say, just say it.”

“Alright, but don't get angry. This is just what I feel.

Umm, her name was Luvia right? Isn't that girl a lot like you, Tohsaka?

I think you guys get along well, Oow!?”

I saw them!

The stars I hadn't seen in a while!

“...Kuh, that ended too quickly.

If only I had lashed out like this back then, she wouldn't have pulled off that back-drop...!”

Her fists shake with self-satisfaction.

I see, so Miss Luvia's deathblow was a suplex.

“So, and why did that blow pay me a visit?”

“Hehe. When I heard the words I didn't want to hear the most, my body just responded on its own.”

...Like they say, one rotten apple spoils the barrel.

It seems that, due to meeting this Miss Luvia, Tohsaka's level of violence has risen considerably.

“...Hmph. I will say this before you make any weird misunderstandings. I will never ever get along with Luvia.

That girl hates Japanese people and loves bullying them. In the end, I threw down my glove as well.”

“Wow, throwing down your glove? That's really old-fashioned.”

But then again, I've heard people from over there act that way.

If Tohsaka were to have grown up in England as well, I don't doubt that she would hurl one of those at me.

“However, isn't that a little too extreme? Does that girl have a grudge or something against Japan?”

“Yes, that Girl... Luviagelita Edelfelt. It is said that the Edelfelts are a well-known and relatively prestigious noble house.

Although they are aristocrats, they hold mercenary-like precepts in their family. Whenever there's a conflict, they would happily show up and snatch the best parts away. They are said to be feared as, "the most elegant hyenas on earth."”

“......Say, don't you think this sounds more and more like a certain someone, Tohsaka?”

“Be quiet and listen!

And so, because they like fighting so much, they participated in a ritual in a far east island country out of idle curiosity.

This is a tale from over sixty years ago. A pair of twin sisters headed the Edelfelt family and although they were very famous magi, they were utterly defeated. The younger sister was killed in action, while the eldest somehow survived and returned back to her country.”


This entertaining story suddenly took a stark turn.


The twin heads of the family.

And also, a ritual that was performed sixty years ago in a far east island country.

“Tohsaka, you mean...”

“I'm referring to the third Heaven's Feel. As a result of that, Luvia hates Japanese people.

But then, we were also underestimated by them. It's said that the twin heads back then didn't get along with each other to an unusual degree. There's even a rumor that the younger sister died because she got into a fight with the elder sister.”

“...Oh yeah. If I recall, they built a western-style house somewhere over here due to an insinuating remark by the Einzberns. Something like a hideout deep in the forest.

That house was actually built for a single sister. Although siblings, it seems that they hated the idea of even breathing the same air.”

...A hideout in the forest...?

...Moreover, it was built just for one sister, that means...?

“A western house built sixty years ago... So, that Luvia girl owns a villa over here?”

“Ah. I see, I guess she would inherit it.

But wouldn't anything here have been abandoned ages ago? The Edelfelts apparently said they would never step onto Japanese soil again. So, I think they would have handed everything over to the Mage's Association.”


It's all falling into place.

I don't quite know what "it" is yet, but in any case, I've obtained another important piece of the puzzle.

“...I wonder if that was used as a magus' hideout?

Could this be related to the Master that Kotomine ambushed in the Heaven's Feel half a year ago?”

“That's right. The magus who was dispatched by the association and had his command spells stolen by Kotomine.

I've told you about how I found that hideout while searching for Lancer's Master, right?”

“Yeah. Also about the bloodstains and a hand from which the command spells were stolen... Wait, so if that hideout you found was the house that belonged to the Edelfelts, does that mean that there are two of them?”

“That's right. Those sisters built those houses in order to enter a battlefield in a foreign land, so they are famously known as the Twin Houses of Edelfelt.

Well, the one I discovered was near my house. I don't know where the other one is.”

“Wait. When you say it's near your house, you mean it's in Miyama?”

“Correct. The darkest place is right under the candlestick. Building a house under the very nose of the Tohsaka family, the supervisors of this town, what nerve.”

―――That's exactly right.

Looking back on it, that was definitely a mistake, but it's also the single biggest mislead for a certain "someone."

“What, are you interested, Emiya-kun?

If you like, shall we visit that place during the holidays next week?”

“―――Hm. If it sorts out this mess, that might not be a bad idea.”

I give her an absent-minded reply while holding back my dizziness.

Tohsaka's souvenir stories continue.

The story of Edelfelt though, didn't come up again.

Emiya Residence・Start of Night・Good Night

Day 2

Emiya's・Day 2 Light-hearted promise

“Shirou, did you do your homework?”

Says Fuji-Nee as she calmly eats her rice crackers.

See, even though Fuji-Nee is always lazy and laid back, deep down, she's actually a diligent and honest English teacher.

She gets energized when things get exciting around her, but she also calms down when it's tranquil, the usual party type.

“Yeah. It'll be all done by the time holidays end.”

“Really? That's good, but you won't show it to any other students, right? Copying the work of others doesn't count as your own, so you also have to reject anyone who asks to see your work.”

“I'll do my best.”

Nevertheless, I'm certain that anyone who would actually ask to copy my work is absolutely hopeless.

Because I'm wrong more than half the time.

If they do acknowledge all that and ask me anyway, I'll probably end up lending it... at their own risk.

“Good. It's not that you're going to get punished if you fail to do so, I'm just telling you not to think you're doing anyone a favor. The problem is, when those skills become necessary, the person who you helped will be all on their own.”

Like the teacher that she is, her view on this is serious.

Of course, her hand is already reaching out on the table in search of another pastry. Her eyes are still directed at the TV screen, however.

Rotating the pastry plate, Saber moves the crackers within the hand's reach.

Munchmunch, goes another rice cracker in the Tiger-sensei's jaws.


“What is it, Saber?”

“You and Taiga were talking about matters regarding the schoolhouse, were you not?”


Turning away from the laid-back TV-watching Fuji-Nee, Saber is now facing me.

“While it is not a particularly meaningful question, I would like to ask what kind of place is this schoolhouse that you and others regularly visit.

No, having visited it on several occasions, I am familiar with the building itself...”


What kind of place... I'm not sure how to answer that.

“I think it's just a regular school, nothing special.

Well, we may be putting a little less attention on club activities than other schools, though.”

“Just normal, is it?”

“Yeah, can't think of any other way to describe it. It's not like we have any prominent gangs or anything.

What else is there to say―――hmm?”

Taking a sip of tea, I suddenly thought of something.

Fuji-Nee is right there, so I whisper to Saber.

“...Hey, didn't you say that when Servants are summoned, they gain knowledge of their current location?”

“That is correct. However, I am not asking what a school itself is, I am asking what kind of a school is Homurabara.”


I see. If that's the case, I might still have a way of explaining it.

“Then, Saber-chan...”

Fuji-Nee, who was just watching TV, suddenly turns her head towards us.

“What is it?”

“If you're curious, why not come visit sometime?”

“Is that all right, Taiga?”

“No problem at all. I know you won't cause any trouble, Saber-chan. Well, we still can't let you walk around all by yourself, though.”

...Of course. We need someone to show her around.

“Hey, Fuji-Nee, who do we usually have showing visitors around the school?”

“Hmm... Well, whenever we have any important guests, it's usually the teachers that show them around.”

“Fuji-Nee, you need to think this through carefully.

We can't hand Saber to just anyone. It ought to be someone we can trust.”

While it may be best for Saber to go with Fuji-Nee, it doesn't really put me at ease.

Among others that I can count on to look after Saber, the ones who could possibly show her around include the student council's chairman, Issei, or maybe its advisor, Kuzuki-sensei.

“What are you saying, Shirou?”

“I'm saying that if Saber were to come to our school, we'd need to get a trustworthy person to guide her around.”

“So why does it absolutely have to be someone else?

Shouldn't showing Saber-chan around be left to you, Shirou?”

“―――Huh? Um, can I?”

Is it alright for a regular student to show a visitor around...?

“Of course. Unless you don't want to do it?”

“What are you saying? It's nothing like that.”

It's actually the exact opposite. I'd love to, if I could, it's just that I didn't think it was appropriate.

“Problem solved, then. Really, you're overthinking the oddest things sometimes, Shirou.”

“...Taiga, is it really okay?

I would rather not visit if it would cause you trouble.”

“Saber-chan, when an adult says it's all right, children shouldn't keep worrying about it.”

Wow, Fuji-Nee is in full-on adult mode this morning.

It's truly fortunate that only Saber and me are around.

“You're fine with that, right, Shirou? Then I'll leave the tour to you.”

“Yeah. I bet you'd prefer it was someone you knew, too, Saber?”

“Yes, indeed.”

“Also, Fuji-Nee. What are you grinning for?”

...Crap. Did I let my guard down?

Fuji-Nee had suddenly shifted from adult mode to tiger mode...!

“Because it's pointless if it's not you, Shirou.

Saber-chan's interested in Shirou's school, so anyone else just wouldn't be right, would they?”

“W-What are you saying, Taiga!?

I am simply curious to learn about the school, it is not like I am interested in Shirou's particular club activities or anything...”

“All right, all right, no need to be shy. Big sis understands everything.”

“No, you do not! Even so, would it not be rude to the person leading the tour if I were to be so picky!?”

“Taiga, I appreciate your proposal, but I do not entirely agree with the thought of always putting me and Shirou together.

I will be satisfied with just the opportunity to visit Shirou's school, no matter who the guide may―――”

...I have a feeling that one of those endless arguments has just begun.

If I just leave it like that, it'll probably go from bad to worse.

“Alright, let's end it here.

Now, when are we going?”

“Hm? That's right, I have some archery club business to take care of after this, so I'll ask then.”

“Gotcha. You okay with that, Saber?

A regular day... just won't work, I guess. We'll do it on a holiday, when we can take our time. If you're fine with me being the lead, that is.”

“Ah, yes... I'll be happy if you would show me around, Shirou, it's just that...”


She seems hesitant, and maybe even a little disappointed.

...Is it because of what Fuji-Nee said―――?

“......Then, let us make it the next holiday.

Please take care of the arrangements as soon as you can, Taiga.”

Good, it looks like Saber is content with this after all.

I touch my chest in relief.

Just like that, another promise is made.

As soon as everything's ready, I'll gather up my courage and take Saber to the school for a tour―――

Town・Day 1 Murder at the Twin Mansion

I head towards the residential area with neat rows of Western-style buildings.

Going uphill, I make a detour around Tohsaka's house into the woods.

The glaring sunlight blinds me.

I found the house I was looking for much earlier than I expected.


So these are the Twin Mansions?

The two European-style buildings look too much alike.

Even though I was just in Miyama, they make me feel like I've suddenly teleported to Shinto with a single step.

But if you look carefully, you'll notice that it's different from the one in Shinto.

...I don't recall ever seeing this place at night.

It's obvious that the female magus and her Servant were hiding out here.

“...It's empty... I think.”

Was I too late?

The second floor is too quiet.

If had I arrived at this mansion a little earlier, that female magus might have been sleeping in that sofa right about now.

“No, it's not that. There's no sign that anyone has used this room.”

I search around the room.

I spot three differences from the mansion in Shinto.

Half a year ago, there was a bloodstain splattered on the floor,

there was a trinket that had fallen near the bloodstain,

and a 16-puzzle left on the table.


The female magus named Bazett doesn't exist, but there are definitely bloodstains.

And come to think of it, there are two of them this time.

Is that female magus similar to a ghost that doesn't know she's already dead?―――

“So this wouldn't be her real stronghold, would it?”

The real coffin must be someplace else.

This is the very first place where it could fall.

Someone's wish.

A way to revive the Heaven's Feel.

But it would be useless to only gather the components.

The world doesn't move on account of parts being in the right place at the right time.

Though it would be nice if the world stopped or moved whenever we wanted it to.

But if they really wanted to start the war again, they would have to constantly be at the center of things to keep the ball rolling.

―――You, you must discover your significance.*

In order to grant that wish―――they buried the very thing that makes the world turn.

It might be better to just live on borrowed time.

In order to continue their daily lives, they would have had to continue that fake Heaven's Feel.

It's not as if time has folded onto itself just yet, but that power must have accumulated into this situation.

And it's because these four days still exist that Bazett Fraga McRemitz is able to continue her war.

Or, conversely, if the nighttime war keeps repeating, these four days of observation will perpetuate as well.

―――No, only one of us is fake here.*

Though, they did make one mistake.

These days of their lives would have repeated until the very end.

A painfully simple mechanism that runs on the same old, worn four days, without the need for any change or progress whatsoever.

Perhaps they thought it would be amusing to see it happen, and interfered on a whim.

Thinking that if it were never finished, it would never cease.

But the second they wished for something new, their doom would be sealed.

“Well, whatever. Now that I've confirmed that there was a Master here, all that's left is to set up the counterattack.”

Fortunately, there's already a Servant much more knowledgeable in female magi than someone like myself.

Shattering the God of War's blade is job for the Hound's spear.

I'll leave the house for now.

My spoils for conquering this little hideout will be the trinket that fell on the bed.


As I turn to leave, my eyes stop on the table once again.

I see a messy, neglected picture.

It looks like someone tried their hand at a puzzle that could never be finished.

Day 3

Lancer・Harbor Lancer

Lancer・Harbor Horn (definitely)

―――One conclusion.

To defeat the enemy that is yet to be seen, Lancer's cooperation is essential.

That's not to say that I wouldn't like to cooperate with the other servants.

If there is even someone who can defeat her at all...

...It isn't Saber, and certainly not myself. No, she can fall by none other than the spearman's hand.


I call out to him.

This, too, is a fragment of daily life that I have yet to see.

I explain the situation to the best of my ability.

About the return of the Heaven's Feel.

About Bazett Fraga McRemitz, who continues to fight at night.

About the fact that she needs to be defeated for everything to be resolved―――and that as her former Servant, Lancer is the trump card.


Lancer remains silent.

His response did not change even after he has been informed of the truth.

Just like before―――before?―――*he'll refuse, saying it has nothing to do with him.

So, before that,

“I'll return this to you. It originally belonged to the two of you, didn't it.”

I toss the earring I found in the mansion over to him.

―――That's not it, you idiot.*

“...Where did you find this?

You haven't met yet, have you?”

“She dropped one of them.

You didn't go to that mansion?”

“It wasn't necessary. Plus...”

In the middle of Heaven's Feel, who has the time?

―――Damn, I give up.*

“Anyway, I'll keep it for now. Is that okay for you to just give it to me like this?”

“This is for the best. Well, to be honest, I am reluctant to give it back.”

Rather pointless to be saying that though.


The earring has been returned to its owner.

If even a present like this doesn't work, there is not much hope in getting Lancer's help.

Just like before, I must think of a way to beat her with me and Saber―――

“Fine. When's the operation going down?”

“Let me think―――eh, Ehhhhhhh!?”

“The hell's your problem? If we're going together, I need ya to tell me when.”


A change of heart?

Lancer has agreed to cooperate.

“N-No, ah, thanks. The time is before midnight, at the courtyard in front of the church.”

“Got it, see ya there.

...Oh, one condition. I'll take care of my Master myself, so don't ya dare to butt in. You don't need to bring Saber, either.

I know her tactics, it'll be over in a minute.”

"See ya," Lancer goes back to his fishing spot.

“Ah―――no, wait a minute...!”

“What? Is there something else?”

“Um, no... I mean, is it really okay?

I know it's at my request, but didn't you swear not to kill women or masters?”

“Don't sweat the details. There's no fun in living the way you speak of.”


So he says.

Who was the one obsessing over those "details" in the first place?

“...Lancer, you know there will be consequences if you violate your geis. Will you be all right, breaking two oaths?”

I speak of the end of his myth.

Through a conspiracy by Medb, Cu Chulainn had his left arm sealed after being tricked into eating dog meat.

“Ain't really a geis, it just became that way.

Guess I never told ya, but what Culann's hound was protecting till the very end was his friend's honor, something like that.

...Talking to ya is tiring. Isn't it lame, to make so many rules for yourself, yet not protect anything in the end?”

With a cynical smirk, Lancer disappears towards the wharf.

...The twilight of Culann's hound.

As he was surrounded by Queen Medb's forces, the bards sang to him like so:

"Give me your spear, or I will spread the story of your shame."

In that era, the songs of the minstrels were treated as the truth.

As a matter of course, Cu Chulainn gave his spear to each of the minstrels. After falling into the enemy's hands, one by one, the spears snatched all that's dear to him.

There were three minstrels.

The first, for Cu Chulainn's honor,

The second begged for the spear by threatening to mock all of Ulster otherwise.

And the third...

Cu Chulainn lost his charioteer and his favorite horse... Still, the third minstrel sang again to give him the last one.

"There are no more spears to give.

For the price of my own honor, for the ransom over the honor of all Ulster, I have paid in full."

So said Cu Chulainn, raising his voice.

To that,

"I see, I see! So let me sing of the shame you bring to your friends and family."

The minstrel laughed and sang in reply.

Hearing this, Cu Chulainn laughed at the top of his voice and threw the last spear.

By the enemy's hand, the spear finally pierced the belly of the hound.


I'm still not sure why Lancer is willing to help, but everything is now fully prepared.

Under the dim moonlight.

Tonight at the church, a conclusion will be made.

Emiya Residence・Start of Night Things to do

Night・Streets at night (patrol)

Night・1 Ath nGabla

We finally met on the hill road leading towards the church.

Lancer kept his promise.

“Yo. Hey, you're just a tad bit early.”

His jokes might be casual, but his armor isn't.

It was half a year ago since I last saw him in full battle array.

...Ah, yes.

It has been half a year since the war ended.

“So, what's the plan? You said that we know our enemy's tactics, but do we have a counter-plan?”

Stopping the as of yet unseen Master's trump card, Fragarach, is the key to this battle.

“No, Fragarach cannot be stopped. 'Tis an extremely well-made counter-Noble Phantasm. In a fair fight, no matter what we do, we're gonna lose.

As far as trump cards go, you can say that Fragarach is one of the strongest.”

So Lancer says.

There is no way to defeat Fragarach. That thing is a missile that is released even before the clash occurs.

Thus, to defeat Bazett, one must not use one's own Noble Phantasm.

Should your own weapon be restrained, Fragarach's power will be effectively halved.

“That's all?”

“That's all. If I do not use my lance, Fragarach is just gonna be a low-level Noble Phantasm. Of course, if she keeps hitting me with it, the 'No Noble Phantasm' policy might become a tad annoying.”

Lancer's glance tells me that there's no way he would lose with this strategy.

...Indeed, amateur magecraft and regular ranged attacks, like arrows and knife-throwing, won't even scratch him.

His combat skill is also superior to Bazett's. Should he fight consistently, victory should not be a problem.


“That woman and I are gonna settle everything with our Noble Phantasms.

It'll be over soon, so just stay back and watch.”

Fragarach is undefeatable.

Despite this fact, Lancer still rose to the sword's challenge.

Up the hill, and towards the makeshift arena.

The dim moonlight muddies the view slightly.

Whether the moon is dark, or the stars are close tonight.

In the void of the night where one can touch the darkness with a stretch of hand, there were two figures waiting for our arrival.

No longer knowing how many times this had occurred before.

The lady magus, followed by a dark shadowAvenger, fixed her stare onto the enemy, as always.


As if she beheld a ghost, her sight became transfixed on Lancer's shape.

Lancer did not pay any attention to the magus. With his index finger, he was estimating the distance to his foe.

One, two, three, four...

Until just about ten meters away.

He's now at the throwing distance, pointing the spear point at the ground.

“, , , .”

Was that some sort of a spell?

A square with a rune at each corner appeared, but it did not feel like magecraft at work.

Not moving a step away from his position, Lancer levels the spear point back towards the opponent.

―――Your move.

No names were exchanged; the battle's aura spoke for itself.

“Avenger―――What is that?”

Bazett asks the shadow.

“A Servant. Isn't that obvious?”

“Impossible. I have not seen a Servant like this before.

Which class does he belong to, Avenger?

Not Saber. Not Archer, Rider, Caster, or Assassin. None of them.

Which means―――”

“Indeed. Blatantly obvious.

Come on, Master, can't you figure out who he is just by looking at that thing?

The shadow cackles.

But now.

The lady magus has lost all her fighting spirit.

Gazing at the enemy in front of her, she was about to burst into tears, not even sure why herself.

―――Then Lancer's cold words pierce her heart.

“Hey you. I'm gonna take your life now.”


She lifts her fists, as if she was afraid.

Her resolve is completely gone.

“Wait―――please wait, I―――don't have a reason to fight you.

You, too, have no reason for fighting me.”

“'Course you do. You're here to win the Heaven's Feel.

The fighting won't stop until all Servants are defeated.

And now, you and I are here to finish each other off.”

The shadow laughs.

A smile that says "that's right."

“No―――I, I won't fight you...!

No, won't fight you, won't fight you, won't fight you...!

Because, because―――you know me―――right...?”

“Nope. Don't recall knowing a loser like you.”

A simple sentence.

Her knees gave out, and she fell to the ground like a puppet with its strings cut.

“――――――Then, you are my enemy?”

There were no strings to seek help from; she stood up with her own will.

“Yes. You should know the meaning of the 'Ath nGabla' carved with runes.”

“...The warrior that set this seal no longer has retreat as an option.

All warriors who see this seal are also not allowed to refuse combat.

―――This is the curse of one-on-one combat passed down to us, the Knights of the Red Branch.”

That was the real reason behind the magic that Lancer had cast.

The lady magus resumes her battle pose. The spearman grips the cursed lance tightly with both hands.

...The air froze.

Lancer's Noble Phantasm is eagerly waiting for its master's call.

And on the other side, ten meters away from him, a lead-colored sphere is floating behind the lady magus' figure.

This is a mystery of Bazett Fraga McRemitz, sword Fragarach from the age of the gods.

Lancer is well aware of its abilities, and had also concluded that its limitless countering power cannot be defeated.

Yet, having made that conclusion, his grip does not weaken.

“――――――Your heart.”

The spearman's arms rippled with strength.

It is not a throw. Lancer's own body is being fused with his spear.

“―――"Come out last, cut first.Answerer"”

The sphere starts expanding.

The divine sword, protected by some mysterious power for some purpose, locked on to the spearman's heart.

“―――I'm taking it―――!”

The leap and revelation of the true name, all in the same instant.

The first to take to the air was the cursed red spear, Gae Bolg.

“―――Such a naive Servant...!”

Fragarach, the sword that alters light, rises to intercept it.

"The oath of Ath nGabla" leaves no room for hesitation.

Both are aiming to destroy the enemy with their greatest strikes...!

The points cross.

An attack that means death to both of them.

The spearman does not have a shield to deflect the sword, and the magus cannot dodge the lance.

However, if that is all there is to it, the lady magus will come out unharmed.

Just a little bit.

Should the magus' sword hit its target just a little sooner, the battle will be decided that very instant.

Fragarach, the sword that alters light.

What this sword gouges out isn't just the enemy's heart.

It severs the fate of the mutual attackers. It is a demonic sword of certain victory.

Because of this, it is impossible to be struck by Fragarach first.

The enemy has to use the trump card first. That's the prerequisite for releasing the Fragarach.

The enemy will always move first.

Accordingly, even if Fragarach defeats the enemy in one blow, the lady magus will be simultaneously destroyed by the opponent's Noble Phantasm.

What sounds like a certain kill is a mutual attack made with the premise of one's own death.

However, Bazett's sword reverses all of that.

It is released immediately after the activation of the enemy's Noble Phantasm, yet no matter how fast the opposing weapon is, it will always reach its target first, taking the enemy's life.

A Noble Phantasm that delivers the final strike in a needle-thin concentrated blast, that alone deserves praise.

But its truly dreaded power lies in its special ability.

Unleashed last, yet strikes first.

Like those words imply, Fragarach warps the idea of cause and effect, rewriting its own attack as the "event that occurred first."

And the result?

No matter how great a Noble Phantasm may be, the dead can not use it.

For one who is killed before attacking, all later actions would become void.

Fragarach's magic exaggerates this fact.

It is a curse that distorts the concept of fate.

That weapon is a demonic sword of reversal that can nullify any attacks.

With time as its blade, this weapon of gods has no equal.

And therefore,

Lancer, who had just released his spear, will not be made an exception――


The sword of the war god is approaching.

Once Fragarach is let out, it cannot be stopped.

When Gae Bolg meets Fragarach, the former will shatter. The spearman is well aware of this.

To survive an attack made by the sword of the war god, one needs to possess an auto-resurrecting Noble Phantasm, or more than one life.

In other words, "something that is resurrected after being killed" would be Fragarach's natural enemy.

Of course, Lancer does not have anything of the sort.

The spearman knew the conclusion of the battle he entered before it even started.

At that moment.

It was only a split second, but the man in front of me seems to have faltered.

“―――It's not like I wanna say this.

But I'm kinda in a pinch. I didn't think there'd be a time limit.”

What did he mean? I will never know.


“For God's sake, there's no point in dragging this on.

I don't wanna see her end up like this.”

His irritability was still fresh in my mind.

It is an old story.

《―――Perhaps... I wanted to be killed at your hands―――》

In a serene voice, as in a prayer, the witch from the realm of shadows smiled.

―――Oddly enough, that's when he received his demonic spear.

The witch was no longer human.

An elite warrior, an expert in sorcery, a slayer of men, gods, and spirits.

The only woman that the Hound of Culann ever looked up to had been stuck with a fate where even her death was no longer in her hands.

The witches' realm will one day be sundered from the mortal world, reduced to a land of the dead.

The reward for a human that stood too close to the gods was ascension to a plane that is neither of this world nor the next.

“I give up. Better die before that happens.”

In the gloomy castle's garden, the witch laughed.

It was the same hearty laugh that he was so fond of.

The beloved disciple, still but a youth, had finally arrived at castle by the shortest route.

Even so―――

“If only you were born a little earlier... Young, still young.”

The witch chuckled.

The beloved disciple, now a mature warrior.


He did not plan to linger in this world for long,

“Somehow, it seems I got sidetracked a lot―――”

...as a lone man, lamenting the woman he loved.

The war god's sword pierces the spearman's chest.


Sharp pain, a feeling he has almost forgotten, briefly fills him with energy.

Strength flows into the crumbling fist again.

―――The spear leaves behind but one regret.

The demonic spear only ever took away the lives of his loved ones.

His one and only close friend. His son that grew up in a distant foreign land.

But even before that, a single woman must have been murdered.

Thinking back, it was a life full of wrong turns.

Though it's impossible to swap one's life for another, the chance to save someone means the regrets of his youth could finally be left behind.

His lips curve into a resolute grin.

A grimace of a shattered heart on the spearman's face,

“Ah, but―――why don't I ever have any luck with good women?”

Only now is there a complaint about his fate.


And so the lady magus is confident in her victory.

The sword of the war god has hit its target before the enemy's lance.

At that moment, the enemy's attack became an "impossible event" will disappear back in time.

This is the world's fundamental law.

A natural result, protected by the absolute order called "time."


Yet there is more to unfold.

A law is defeated by another law.

The presence of the curse of time, the spearman being no exception,


Won over.

Like a flash of lightning, the sharp tip pierces through her ribcage. The moment it shoots through the heart, the spear becomes a thousand sharp thorns, destroying the lady magus' body from within.

“Ah―――this, spear.”

Her body breaks open.

Pain and surprise force out her sealed memories.

Fragarach may be the curse that alters the order of events, but this spear is a weapon that reverses the cause and effect itself.

The moment its true name is revealed, Gae Bolg has already pierced the enemy's heart.

Thus―――even going back in time to kill its master is useless.

For a spear that already held the piercing of the adversary's heart as the result, even the death of its master will not prevent this duty from being fulfilled.

...Yeah, that's how it was.

The dying brain can no longer recognize the enemy in front of her eyes, yet...

Two opposing laws clash against each other.

This man is the only opponent in this world that would revert the natural order―――

“I didn't say goodbye to you back then.”

She notices the spearman before her.

A little far.She's stretching her arm out desperately, yet he's still just out of her reach.

“...You forgot something. Here, I'll give it back.”

The spear is pulled out.

With a clank, something hard drops to the ground.

Unable to keep upright, the magus' body collapses.

Falling over into a pool of her own blood,

her pupils already fading,

“―――, ah.”

She found the jewel earring rolling on the ground.

Memory of the past.

It gave her the strength to reach out and grasp it tightly.

Her life force quickly running out, feeling the jewel in her hand became her last joy.

“I remember. This, you know...”

Lying on the ground, she tries to reach into her pocket.

But her arms can no longer move. The amulet stays hidden inside.

“Ah... hey, wait.

I.. I, have, one, too...”

She doesn't know what she's trying to say herself.

Only the fact that she can't show what's inside her pocket filled her with sorrow, until she no longer knew what she wanted to say all along.

The spearman is leaving.

Eyes full of sorrow, the magus happily repeats again and again,

“Wai...t... I, have one... have one...have one...have, one―――”

Ten seconds later, even that has stopped.

Time: one minute.

Lancer's prediction was painfully accurate.

“Yeah, that wasn't worth it...”

Stepping away from Bazett's corpse, Lancer lets out a heavy sigh.

The spear is now used to support his blood-covered body like a walking stick.


...In any case, the outcome is clear.

The only one left is Bazett's Servant, Avenger.

Without his Master, he shouldn't put up too much of a fight.

“Well done.

So, got anything left to take me on, Lancer?”

“I'd like to say... yes. But, look,

that just ain't happening with me like this.”

Lancer's body is fading away.

...The battle between Fragarach and Gae Bolg is one of mutual destruction.

Each received a blow, there's no reason why Lancer would be the only survivor.

“Sorry 'bout that. Please take care of the rest.

After all, my work here is done - right, kid?”

This must be the true man's spirit.

Muttering something about losing his face, he soon disappeared.


...But what now?

Bazett, thought to have restarted the Heaven's Feel, is now defeated.

There's no dramatic change yet, but we should be free from the four-day ties at dawn―――

“As if. Just killing Bazett ain't gonna stop the Heaven's Feel. At any rate, as long as I'm here, the girl's gonna keep coming back to life, over and over.”

The shadow laughs.

His Master is dead, yet Avenger seems to be unaffected.


“Hey, wait, don't worry.

It's a rare pleasure to see Bazett killed, after all. The long-awaited showtime is near.”


Bathed in moonlight,

appearing out of nowhere, those beasts are gathering around the church.

"Failed Failed Failed―――!"*

“Ugh...... wait, what the...?

They aren't going to attack...?”

The beasts aren't moving an inch.

Their glittering eyes are transfixed not on me, but on the Servant.

...Delighted by the failures of others, distorted by the perverted glee.

"Yes, Yes, Again, Failed Again―――!"*

“...Dammit. All because I got separated from the Master. Guess I'll have to join them now.”

Spoken like a condemned criminal, terrified of the ultimate punishment.

"No, please don't."

The Servant was actually begging me to help, then...

With a crunching sound, he was transformed into a hideous monster.

"Yes Yes Yes―――!"*

“Wha―――What the hell are you?”

It's the same thing.

The Servant Avenger's entire body is melting, morphing into the shape of one of those beasts―――

“Thus I've failed.

Look closely, Emiya Shirou. This is my true form. I'll keep losing forever. I'll keep dying forever.

But as long as I'm here, the Heaven's Feel will not end.”

"You Too, You Too, You Too...!"*

His body is shivering.

The thing that used to be Avenger, despite being startled by the surrounding beasts and bleeding profusely all over its body, manages to retain its sanity and keeps screaming.

“Listen, go to the Heaven's Cup ―――ha, kuh, yaa, guh, fill the nothingness. Stop. Fill the Holy Grail. Stop it,stop it. Erase all possibilities. Stop it stop it stop it, can't see can't see can't see anything...! Yes, come and kill the real me, stop it, stop it, don't come, if you came to kill me, I'll kill you, too...!!!!”

...The black shadow is being devoured by the beasts.

The ceremony did not take much time.

The beasts are disappearing one by one, and in the end, a new one,

lacking all signs of intelligence, a hideous creature is crouching in front of me.

“              ”

Our eyes met.

The creature tilted its head incredulously, and leaped back into the bushes without much hesitation.


...I'm the only one left in the square.

Bazett's body has disappeared without a trace, too. Returned to the first day, probably.

“...The Holy... Grail...?”

I've heard this before.

The Holy Grail. In the Heaven's Feel six months ago, there was a little girl that went by that name.

...That should be the last piece of this puzzle.

On the first day, at the break of dawn, the end about to be met,

in the winter castle where the little girl waits, the last path will be revealed―――