Loop 48

Day 1

Caren Quo Vadis

Caren V/(Angra Mainyu)

Her performance doesn't falter even for a moment.

The performer, as if welcoming a visitor, just flashes a brief smile.

I sit down on the dilapidated bench.


So as to not sink into this affection, I close my eyelids.

Endless days of thinking about who to hate.

The boundless hatred, however, was unable to decisively pick out anyone.

That is the fate of the artificially formulated malice.

Unable to become the demon they had hoped for, it reflects the image of humans like a mirror.

"All the evil in the world," what a joke.

That's just another name for humanity.

Look at the mirror you've created.

All of our sins are fabricated by people.

Be happy, child. You can reproduce all evil.

I wasn't afraid of the maliciousness, I continued to fear the weakness of myself who exalted that maliciousness.

Feel joy in throwing rocks.

Make numb the feelings, paralyze morality and become something ugly.

In this a cruel world.

We cannot live without hate.

We will remain uncured for all of eternity.

Looking into ourselves, we see a herd of repulsive carnivores.

Our teeth bite and shred anything that comes in.

As if no different from a tank of monsters. If anybody looked into the depths of themselves, they would vomit at the filthiness of living.

And yet...

―――What are we denying it for?

A creature simply of filth, defies its original purpose and continues to suffer.

A silent anguish. A contradictory contrivance possessing good and evil. The grating of gears becomes fireworks that bloom and die.

In the dark night, a small guardian of no purpose that continues turning.

In this nothingness.

To me, it was dazzling.

What a misunderstanding. A self-righteous utopia.

Ugly things are ugly.

The only beings who manage to find beauty in them are humans.

And even that is washed away in the blink of an eye.


I'm fine with it.

Radiance only lasts a moment, and that is fine.

In the midst of this eternally existing evil.

No matter if it is a lie, if you can embrace this emotion, the light will surely be with you.

...That's right.

Since antiquity, stars have been thought of as the guardians of people.

You reach out your hand and continue to gaze at that eternally elusive moment―――

That's why, at the very least.

While I'm still human, I'd like to do something human.

I didn't leave anything.

In this false nothingness in which I could save nobody, somehow, I wish for a hint of meaning.

...That's right.

You are correct, Emiya Shirou.

Even if my eyes were seared by the sinfulness of that misrecognition and sentimentality.

I, too, wanted to yearn like you do for those things you felt were beautiful.

All I wanted was to yearn for them―――

There is a curtain of stars in the sky.

The long musical performance ends, and a dry sound rings throughout ruins.

Crack, crack, crack.

It isn't the sound of a fire crackling.

The dry sound is coming from my hands.

In short, I was clapping for some reason.

And, while I clap, the woman before me stands up.

Without the usual sour look on her face,

“...That's good. I'm grateful for your attention.”

For a first time, she puts on a feminine smile, one meant to bid farewell, no doubt.


What's up with that?

Always standing there like she wants something, and yet something so trivial is enough?

So even a whim like this can make people smile, huh?

...I'm beat.

It looks like I really need the ability to read the mood.

“Yo. Today was surprisingly long.

It's already way past sunset, are you alright?”

“I am. Because your heart is calm, that is. If you keep your distance, there's no problem.”

“That's not what I meant. You've been pedaling for hours. I was only asking if you were tired.”

“Ah, I see. My body is not tired. If you wish, I could keep this up all day.”

“Ooh, that's amazing. Amazing, but I'll pass. I am really not that bored.”

The few-hour long performance left me immersed in my juvenile sentimentality.

If I listened to this for twenty four hours straight, I would surely regress to childhood.

“―――Even so, I wonder what's up.

I guess this place has been totally abandoned.”

I look around the chapel.

It's the only run-down place in the brilliant, prosperous city of Fuyuki.

Among the all-inclusive cast, there is but a single person missing.

Kotomine Kirei.

He is the only one not included in this "reproduction."

Because in the fifth Heaven's Feel, that man "surviving until the end" was not a possibility included in any of the outcomes.

...On surviving the fourth war, he was promised certain death in the fifth one.

Using that, the girl before me intervened in the "reproduction." Kotomine isn't here, but the role of Heaven's Feel supervisor remains.

That is how Caren Ortensia slipped into the vacant spot.

“Hey. These four days aren't real―――are they? Is the church in reality like this too?”

“It hasn't fallen that far into ruin.

I think I would be cleaning it up around now.”

“I see. Then who is the you that is here?

I thought for sure the actual you would be coming.”

“I'm someone who wasn't there originally, so I can't interfere as an entity. I just inserted Caren Ortensia into this closed garden.

I am limited to an existence of four days, but in exchange, I can exist here without the need for loops or retries. At the same time, when the four days expire, I will disappear.”

“Something like a Servant, then.

Definitely the real thing, but as soon as your summons comes to an end, you disappear without being able to inherit your memories?”

“That is correct. Talking to you here will have no effect whatsoever on the me that is outside.

...People like Emiya Shirou and Tohsaka Rin, who were there from the start, will retain memories in the form of dreams or deja vu, but my memories will stay here.”

“Hmmm. That's basically dying, isn't it? Aren't you scared at all?”

“...When you are dreaming, do you feel reluctant to wake up?”

“Well, no. I see, so your very sense of reality is weaker.

Yeah, I can see that messing with your head. In a sense, you're like a ghost, aren't you?”

“...I am not an illusion. We cannot touch each other, but I am a real entity nevertheless.

You, of all people, should know that well. How many times have you been pierced with my claws now?”

“I see. Now that you mention it, that's the kind of relationship we had, isn't it

...Mmhmm. So isn't it kind of hard for you now? You seem rather vague.

I imagine it must be unbearable.”

“I-I am putting my utmost effort into enduring it right now.

...Please do not worry about me. I'm used to putting up with it, and since you are weakened right now, I'm keeping it in check one way or another.”

...Geez, what a bothersome relationship.

Even though she appeared as as a guide, she has a handicap that makes her unable to get close to the person to be guided.

I cannot get close to her as anyone but Emiya Shirou.

And even that―――has become rather unclear since I started coming to this church for no reason whatsoever.



And then, silence.

Somehow, my primal instincts tell me that things will become real bad if I keep talking.

She... doesn't seem to care.

Up until now, it has been her who hated silence.

Nevertheless, it was I who couldn't stand the silence today.

“Say, what does "Ortensia" mean?”

I ask all of a sudden.

I couldn't care less about the answer, by the way.

“In my country's language, it refers to the hydrangea flower.”

I get a questioning gaze in return.

I don't really have anything to comment on.

“Oh? That's a nice name, isn't it.”

I say something I don't really think.

“Yes. I do not remember my mother at all, but I like this name.

The name Caren I received from the language of my father's country.”


I wish I had not asked.

I was being sarcastic.

Hydrangea flower.

The sight of snails oozily gathering underneath the leaves is particularly befitting someone like her.

Nevertheless, she smiled, saying that was beautiful.


There's nothing left for me to say.

There is nothing that I want to say.

I didn't come here wanting to do something.

I must be off.

Any more than this, and I'll be leaving more than I should behind.

I stand up.

Making my intentions clear, I turn my back to her.

“Hey. Soon I'll stop coming to here, you know――”

There is no need to say. No need to ask.

No need to wonder why.

“Are you going to live like that from now on, too?”

I am curious at the obvious reply.

“...Yes. I do not know of any other way.

If it is my fate, then I am simply to abide by those rules.”

Hydrangea flower.

A beautiful song of silver.

An early dawn prayer battered countlessly by rain.

“Don't make me laugh. What, you're fine with being a living sacrifice?”

“It may be harsh, but it is a meaningful sacrifice.

I don't grieve for the irrationality of the fact that I am alone. Victims of possession will be saved by my body.”

Only those other people will be saved by that.

It won't be just the anguish of cutting open flesh.

The organs, destroyed from the inside out, will become altogether useless.

Those dull golden eyes, too.

Along with her right thigh, which is incapable of even running.

Even her pliant fingertips that were playing a prayer just now.

Sooner or later, they will all cease to function ever again.

And yet she says she is fine with that.

Taking it all in like some kind of idiot.

“―――Crap. That's why I wish I hadn't said it.”

Oh yeah, that finally reminds me.

There should be some resemblance.

This woman bears not her own color, like a white flower.

“gh, nng―――!?”

I feel her erratic breath on the tip of my tongue.

I grasp the arm that is trying to escape, hold down her head, and press my lips to hers as if biting down on them.


Her legs kick the floor. I don't care. It's going to be a battle of strength then. I entwine her legs and get closer to the beat.

It is more entangling than embracing.

Entwining the woman's flesh, arms, legs and torso.

Everywhere beneath her robes is soft. Pressing down, my fingers readily sink into her breasts, stomach and buttocks. Hah, I thought she had barely any flesh, but she's actually pretty fine.

“..., ah―――”

Our bodies pressed together, I force my lips onto hers, contorting the shape, and pour all of my foreign self into her mouth.

“No, don't...!”

I grasp her jaw and force her teeth open.

To melt her from the inside, I pour in my sopping heat.


Though it is only a mouth, the fact that it's the inside of a living being does not change.

We make sloppy sounds and exchange tongues.

Our taste sensing organs greedily sample each other's fluids.

“Hah... Nn, nnaa, nn...!”

Her breath is mixed with resistance and embarrassment.

Though a truly feminine response, it's not as if I wished for that.

What I wanted was desperate and meaningless destruction.

I let our fluids bubble and entwine together, our tongues on the verge of dissolving.

Wheezing from lack of oxygen, her attempts to breathe stimulate my tongue and send a numbing sense of lewdness down my spine.


I tussle and get jostled in her mouth, pouring in everything and stealing away everything.

“Haa―――nn, kh―――kh!”

There is neither love nor pleasure.

It is simply an action to violate the woman, a pact to force her into submission.

To a demon, intimidation is that kind of a thing.

To drag out her soul and to drive in my life force.

Not to switch it out, but to stain completely.

A sexual act beginning with the desire to destroy that human being.

In the case of a creature who knows only hate―――I guess you could call it lust.

“Hah, ah...! Please let go of me, I already said we can't touch each other...!”

She struggles to untangle the arms that I've seized.

It's not just an act of self-defense.

It's dangerous to even stay close. If we keep touching like this, the woman's endurance will falter and she will likely pierce through me.

“Control yourself. It's not like you're some cat in heat, stop getting all turned on by yourself.”

“...What are, you...”

"planning to do," or something cute along those lines.

No need to even say it at this point.

“What do you mean, "what"? I'm going to violate you now.”

“...Why? You said you have no such desires before.”

“Who knows. It seems to be the same as an appetite. Kind of like eating when you're hungry. I was simply―――”

Something finally snapped inside me, and I just had to hold this woman.


I twist the seized arms.

I hold that hated woman to my chest.

“No... with the current you, my body, it will...”

Give in and murder me, huh?

Something like that matters not at this time.

If you're going to kill me, then kill me. If I'm going to die, then I'll die, I'm fine with it.

“Yeah, okay. You have to take what you're given, right? I'm like you, too. We're two of a kind, and I'm going to have you keep me company until the end.”


I pick up her bandaged body and ascend the stairs.

“Ah... ya, ah, hah...!”

The woman seems to be restraining her body with all her might.

Making no effort to resist my hold, she grits her teeth painfully.

...My mind fills with violent emotion.

All the human reasoning I've managed to keep together until now is collapsing.

Just as this woman holds back the effects of possession, I am stopping my mind from crumbling altogether.

The woman's problem is simply her body.

On my end, the issue is my troublesome heart.

She is only concerned with the transfiguration of her body. The fact that I'm about to violate her doesn't seem to bother her at all.

Like a scapegoat harlot. Complying with all desires.

“――――Your body's gonna split open, huh?

Alright, it's a contest of endurance. It'll be interesting to see who breaks first.”

...The moment I said it, it finally hit me.

My brain feels like it would crack at the hatred and desire.

If she says I can mess her up, I shall grant that wish.

Up the narrow staircase to the woman's room.

As expected, a wholly uninteresting, gray room.

―――Haa... haa... haa...―――

The woman idly falls into disarray.

Perhaps enduring the pain of being ripped from the inside, or maybe fearing the terror being introduced from the outside.

There's no point in guessing.

Regardless of which it is, the agony will only intensify.

“What a boring room.

But, I see―――that light was from your room, huh?”

―――Ah... ha... ah... ah... ha―――

She doesn't have the strength to resist, either.

The woman is desperately trying to bear the pain while being held.

“Don't put on such airs. You were looking from here, weren't you?

Emiya Shirou being skewered, his entire body being devoured, and even becoming nothing more than a freshly-severed rubber ball-like head.

What was going through your head as you saw all that? I doubt the answer is "nothing."

Whenever Emiya Shirou died, he was surrounded by demons.”

“Hah... What, are you, trying to say?”

A hoarse voice.

It's as if she's a feverish patient on the verge of death. And yet she cuts in despite that.

“Nothing, really. I'm just asking if you're a chaste sister, not blaming you.

I'm just stating the truth. You were―――always looking from here at the sacrificed scapegoat, and getting all hot and bothered by yourself, weren't you?


Her drooping head snaps up.

Is it shame or anger, I wonder.

The woman's face dyed red, and she glared at me appearing as if on the brink of tears.


I throw her onto the bed.

The robes are in the way.

It's just not attractive when she's lying down. If anything, it's a nauseating stench of divinity.

“An... no, Emiya Shirou. You, really...”

The golden eyes show fear.

After having her body be entrusted to others a countless number of times, what has this woman to fear now.

“If I do it right, it'll feel good.

And besides, masturbation is your area of specialty, isn't it? So having it done by me should fall somewhere in the same category.”


There is no objection.

The woman does not oppose.

...My face itches with irritation.

I scrape hard at my cheekbones with my nails,

and stare straight at the offering before me.

―――kh... ah, haa, haa, ha―――

It seems like her breaths are filled with lust.

I haven't even started yet, and she's already trying to suppress her aroused body.

―――Fu... Ah, aau, uu...―――


I unknowingly match the rhythm of the rise and fall of the woman's shoulders.

...What is this?

What is that before my eyes?

It's utterly ridiculous.

The unsightly bandages. The corpse-like body. An albino predestined for a short life.

The combination of all these factors, and the alluring display of flesh.

No doubt, all that would make even someone impotent demand the act of procreation.

―――Ha... ah, haa... haa, ah―――

All the cells in my body are abuzz.

The demon possessed female body, as if the fallen Sabbath herself.

Forget about her mind, even her body has long since succumbed to sexual desire.

The color of her vivid limbs, the scent of her sweaty body, the sound of her sensually distressed breathing.

This extravagant dish throws all five senses into madness.

―――gh... fuu, nngh, ha...―――!

The breathing echoing in the stone room is full of pain.

Even having no voice, it pleads "please stop" to the observer.

She stops that plea and fear in her throat, and gazes at the sinner before her.

"Up until now."

"I've lived like this time and time again," she seems to indicate.


Her face stiffens.

Her hot breath is close, and so is her flesh. Close enough to stick out my tongue and lick her all over.

“Nn, ...ah... c-cold... even though we've yet to touch... you're, painful, cold―――”

The more severe the pain becomes, the more strength the woman gains to refuse me.

Under the surface, this power relationship is backwards.

This woman does not have to endure the suffering.

That way, I would be skewered as usual and she probably wouldn't be humiliated.

“Ha... haa, haa, haah, nn...!”

Yet, she sees to endure the agony to the end.

...Caren does not refuse.

As if praying, "You are the one who is suffering."

This harlot sees to throw herself onto the pyres like a holy woman.


I laugh.

How could I not laugh?

“Ah... just now... on my shoulder, your tongue―――?”

Rather than just the shoulder, I snaked my tongue around her entire arm.

The best way to check the flavor is to taste with the tongue.

“Hii...! Ah, yaa, aa...!”

It smells like blood. What ran along her arm was probably intense pain.

It's got nothing to do with me. The woman's body is even mellower than it looks. My tongue threatened to melt from the softness alone.

In short, it feels good to the point of driving me crazy.

“―――Ha. That's silly, what's with that?”

The warmth from the restrained body transmitted to the one pressed against it feels like it could melt my skin.

“Hah―――Haa, haa, hah, ah―――”

She grits her teeth and withstands the pain.

How unbelievably warm.

Though it should be no different from a dead body, this is almost like...

“You nasty woman―――aren't we just like the flames of hell?”

I'm on fire.

This fine meat is fitting to be skewered.

“Ha―――au, uu...!!”

I grab the woman's legs.

So as to further expose her genitals, I lift one of her legs up.

I don't know about stuff like a woman's body.

All I know is that it serves to irritate the engorged and hardened sexual organ that's already about to burst.

Rather than being hot, my crotch is more or less in a state of paralysis.

That grotesquely erect thing is bloodshot and fearsome to the point of making me want to cover my own eyes.

“Ha......! No, fuu...uu...! Hah, you can't, w-wait...!”

She says while trying to suppress her ragged breaths.

But there is no need to wait.

The woman's body has already been accepted.

“If you don't like it, then just let it go. Don't forget, you could kill me at any time.”

If it's unbearable, you should just hurry up and expose your body so you can relax.

“Nnh... N-No, that's n-not it... I'm fine with taking in your body, but―――”

Disordered breathing.

In a sweet voice like she can't wait another second,

“Hah... but... still, it's, no good... ah... I'm, not at all―――”

It seems she needs a slow caressing and tender foreplay.


The fire is lit.

Well, that backfired.

“Nn... ple...ase... loosen, the body... Emiya, Shirou―――”

As I said, it's just something I didn't know.

I just want this woman. To think of anything else is a pain.

“Nn...! Ah, uah, ha...!”

I apply myself to the crack of her anus and thrust into the woman's genitals.

A denying spasm of muscle.

The woman arches sharply, like a bow, as if just having been shocked.

“Nn, kuh...! D-Don't, pleas-... ha, ―――fuu, nn...!”

I only applied force into the insertion.

Just a thrusting into the swollen genitals, using nothing but the muscles in my legs.

Neither technique nor breathing required.

Only a forceful piercing of stubbornly folded pleats of flesh.


There is no pleasure to the insertion.

The feast begins now.

Just now, only an unpleasant, snapping sense of paralysis ran up the sides of my body.

“Haa, hah, ah―――...It's i-inside...”

...A stupefied voice.

The woman wonderingly eyes her own body.

Her gaze slowly goes from the base of her neck, past the valley of her breasts, and then from her navel it travels to the pulsating connection between the two bodies.

“Hah... cold... gh, hah... Are you, all, right...?”

What's that supposed to mean?

I've never heard of anything like a tainted demon being turned into ashes for violating a holy woman.

“Ha. "Are you alright" should be what I say when I'm done with you.”

“Nn, hyah, ah...!”

Firmly, I thrust in further.

The slender woman's vagina is as tight as I expected. As I move, she suffers, and my thing revels in the tightly engulfing sensation.

“Hah, haa, haa, fua, aaaah...! Au, ha, such...!”

It's a simple back and forth motion.

There isn't a bit of pleasure.

The woman still fears, and the intercourse remains but a connection of flesh.

The entangled pubic hair still feels rough, more than anything.

There is nothing that has melted together. Nor anything is clinging together. The secretion of sexual fluids remains at nominal rate.

What a disappointment. I would have thought this woman's flesh and juices would be like unstable, tainted meat.

“...Fine. You'll stop caring soon enough.

Come on. How long are you going to stay scared. You're the one who's going to kill me first, right? Even though you look like this now, you should be the dominant one here.”

“Hah, ah, gh......! ...N-No... I'll, never, kh―――!”

"...Become possessed," is what she seems to want to say.

...I put force into the thumb holding her leg.

No matter the strength of her will, slowly but surely, her body transforms into that of a soft, blubbery woman.

“N-No...! ...Fua, ah, cold, gh, again, i-it's coming inside again―――!”

I thrust in.

The back and forth movement begins again.

“―――Hah―――Nn, na, nn―――......!!”

The woman fears surrendering herself to pleasure.

Probably because if her reasoning becomes weak, she'll be possessed in no time.

She bears the pain and pleasure of having her body violated to stop herself from killing me.

What stupid talk.

Just let yourself go until your mind becomes blank and end it already.

“Ah, haa, ha, ah―――Haah, ha...ah, e―――even though, cold, nn, ha...ah, also, hot―――”

Arms intertwine.

Her breath becomes hotter, and the woman's vagina, the bubbling and seeping juices, and the feeling of wanting to come filling into the middle of my rod, melt together harmoniously.

“...Ah... au...uu, ha―――ahah... Nn...!”

The pleats that take in my manhood turn into silk.

The undulation of her vagina translates into her lifted leg.

The woman's insides which can squeeze as many times as she thinks to tighten.

With obscene sounds, I cover her body with the fluids that pour out.

Her limbs are glistening.

“No, again, inside―――fua...ah...!”

The inside of limbs that rupture with a quiet creaking.

“Ah, Aaaah, haaa...!!!! ...Incredib-... Inside me, you, are―――...!”

There's no way this isn't painful.

To this woman, this act is probably more violently painful than any other.

“Ha―――Nn, fuah, nn―――!”

A painful groan.

As I hear the woman's gasps, the ooze whirling around my testicles builds up.



I don't know what is annoying me.

I drive into the flesh urged on by the ooze, and then, at that moment,

“Gu, tsu―――!”

An unbearable, foreign impulse tears through.

“Haah, no, overflow...ing―――! Stop, don't, do it, s-so hard...!”

The tip of my meatrod presses against the ceiling.

Stimulus brings more stimulus, her folds overlap, wholly engulf my manhood, and torture the sensitized nerves.

My rock-hard meatrod feels like it is being pleasantly bound by soft lips.

“Ah, haa, haa, ha, ah...!”

But her anguished cries grow deeper.

My ears hear the woman's voice, and the sound of tearing flesh.

At this rate, the woman's limbs will likely burst open sooner or later.

“Hah, uuh, nn, hn―――that's right, calm down, nn―――It's al...right, I can, stil―――take it, okay...!”

What's with that?


I want to kill.

I want to break her to pieces... Irritated, I crush that thought.

“Ha―――right, it goes to, your head...”

This pleasure.

The face of a woman in anguish.

“Hah, nn―――! ...Haa, ah... fu...au, nn......!”

It could all end with a single thought.

The woman was at her limit from the start.

Once the guy reaches climax, she ought to be nearing the peak too.

...An act like this is nothing but pain to her.

What purpose is there in taking it in like this.

“Haa...ah, that's, it... more, as you like, do, me...!”

There's just one thing that annoys me.

Whether she feels pleasure or not is all the same to me. I embraced her for the purpose of consuming her to begin with.

But―――the woman has no shame nor pleasure.

She just takes it in.

The sensation of her soft vagina. Instead of closing, she offers to wrap around me.

“Tsu―――ah, gu......!”

Irritation becomes intense pain and destroys our limbs.

“Ha...ah, ya...aa...”

I lose strength.

I suddenly stop caring about everything, and my desire for her halts to a standstill.

“Ah... eh...?”

The abandoned woman's body.

The heat-filled woman's body that desperately endured the pleasure is being done to perfection.

...It's a luxurious meal that would leave me unable to ever eat anything if I just leave without tasting it.


I pull my body up.

I really feel like throwing up.

As the passion left in my core continues to smolder, I try to keep the welling malice down, not having been satisfied one bit.

“Ah... Emiya, Shirou...? ...Ah... with this, is it over...?”

There is only relief.

The woman is freed from her austerities and her ragged breaths begin to subside.

That's fine. That's fine, so what am I doing.

From the start, I only wanted to embrace this woman.

I didn't care about her pain or anything.

If the deed is now done, it should naturally have brought relief, so why...?

“...Hah... ah, ha... thank goodness, somehow...”

"I endured it," is perhaps what she wants to say.

The woman, whilst still unable to move her limbs, scans her surroundings.


I don't get it.

Looking around restlessly with her golden eyes,

“...Um... were, you alright...?”

She said while pondering my insignificant body.

“――――――Psh. What's with that.”

That was pretty much like a bolt of lightning.

It was a kind of irritation that felt as if it could cleanly split you from the top of your head to the tip of your toes.

Even whilst gritting my teeth, my chest is filled with the intense heat, putting me on the verge of vomiting.

“...It's because you showed care for me.

...The pain in my body is also the pain in yours... The reason I was able to resist possession is because of the Emiya Shirou's self that you used―――”

The golden eyes look dimly in my direction.

Those messed up eyes.

Covered in wounds, her limbs are now useless, too.


What the woman was frightened of...

Was it simply being unable to see my appearance?

That is the true nature of the woman before my eyes.

The dedication to throw herself onto the pyres.

The love for humanity that makes her care for others even after being raped.

The squirming private parts. A brightly, wetly glistening slug.

―――There is no part of this woman that is beautiful.

“Hey. What about you, is this right about your limit?”

My cheek is itchy.

I scratch the cheekbones with my fingernails.

“...Yes... I don't think I could have endured any more than this, so―――I'm glad I didn't pierce through you here.”

That's too late.

She should have pierced through me before I noticed.

“Too bad, from now on is the good stuff. Up until now, it was just the lust of Emiya Shirou.”


I rake my nails along my cheekbones as if to peel off skin.

Rather than violating the rules, this is more like abandoning the game.

Just for now, I shall deny all that I am.

“Nh, eeh―――!!?”

The woman's body springs up.

Just being close to a demon makes the flesh fall into a possessed state and begin to tremble.

“N-No―――! Hah, w-whe...n, ah―――!

Aah, st... stop, it, I-I can't, take, that...!”

A different kind of fear.

Finally, she fears not only for others but also herself.

“Hah, aah, ah―――!”

I grab the woman's body.

Unlike before, her fear now extends to her body.

I lift up her pale back and buttocks while severing her muscles with a crackle.

“Ah, zu―――! So, fast...! Why, if you do something like this, you'll... ah...”

“The one you should be worried about is yourself. From now on, it's going to be something else. No losing yourself midway through.

To the point of death―――”

You should keep your gorgeous figure.

“!!!!!―――ah, haa, fu...! Don't, my body, it's throbbing and... becoming, strange―――don't, going to kill... ah, q-quick, let go of me―――!”

The body becomes stiff, but there is no need to force it open.

I push my towering genitals against the crack in the sopping flesh.

“Ah...! Don't, put it in, don't―――fua, ah, nn, ya...!”


Electricity runs through.

It's not the stimulus from her warm and smooth flesh.

Just now was the severing pain of a part of my body being taken by this woman.

“Ha―――awesome, if it weren't for that...”

“Ah... fua, ah, ah...?”

The stimulation is not enough.

I violate the woman, and the woman takes a part of my body through demonic possession.

A wholly mutual destruction, the only question is if the insides will disappear, or just overflow.

Take all you want. As long as the shape of the woman's body doesn't get destroyed from overindulgence.

“Hah, nh...! Tsa, ah, b―――urned, ah, again, and, again, hot, ah, insides, throb...ing...!”

Ragged breaths spill from me as well.

In my brain, sparks go off.

Each time my hips thrust and pull out, another crack forms in my skull.

The meatrod that is stirring up the woman's womb gets skewered repeatedly.

“Haa, ah, my womb, being gouge...d―――Nn...!”


There is only pain.

There's still no pleasure.

It doesn't matter, as long as you're stimulating my mind, it's all fine.

“No... Ah, ahah, ah...!”

“HAA, HAA, HAA, HA―――!”

The pained breaths distort her eyes.

“Hng, aah, aaaahaah...! No, stop, just sto...p, ah, ha―――!”

I want to hear it more.

Scream uncontrollably.

The mincing pain is excruciating, and I don't even think to stop the saliva from pouring forth.

“Hah, please―――ah, fa, ha―――my body, it's going to bur-, st... stop, my head, is blank, so―――strange, it's too, strange...!”

The plea has an opposite effect.

Why is it/that each time/I hear the woman's screams/I want to/tear her to pieces?

The pierced meat of a mature peach.

The woman suffers, lifts her buttocks up while refusing, and swings her hips just slightly as if responding.

“Ee, fah, ah, haa, hah...! Aah, I'm sca...red, I'll, break, in two―――Ah, nghaaaaah...!”

The balance starts to collapse.

What used to be nothing but pain now has real pleasure mixed in.

“HA―――HAH, HA―――!”

The continuously rubbed vagina becomes an even hotter raw, viscous substance.

The dripping of bodily fluids, the secreted lust that is soaked endlessly with every thrust.

“Mh, haah, ah―――auh, you, pull out, yet...!”

Through what isn't fear, but pleasure, the woman continues to suppress the evil spirit.

The woman's back squirms like a leech to the movement of my hips.

The feeling of having my meatrod screwed in, the intensity of thrusts causes her to moan sweetly.

“Hah, ah, AH―――! I can take it, for just a, bit, longer, so―――Ah, hah, more―――it's so h, hot, it won't, fit all the way, in my womb...!”

The numbing sense of friction.

The feeling of an intensely tightening vagina, altogether different from the first time.


I'm breaking into a grin. There would be no pleasure if not for that. To hell with the pleasure of being wrapped around. I only want the screams, if it were not the struggle for life, it wouldn't be sadism.

“Haah, ah, nkuh, nn...!”

Ahh―――it feels like fangs could grow in from this pleasure.

The expansions and contractions that deeply constrict and try to excrete my inserted manhood.

“Haah, haah, ha―――ah, haa... haah, ha...!”

The pleasure melts my body each time I do this.

The anus that squirms to each thrust. Each movement of those muscles is lewd to the point of making me want to let it all out.

“...! Ha, wrong, this is, wrong...! No, stop, stop, stop...!”


The difference between pain and pleasure becomes indistinct.

The desire to violate this woman alone sets me and my sexual organs into action.

“No...oo....! I have, to, bear it, or―――ah, fuah, I'll go, mad―――With that, I really... don't know what, will, happen...!”

Beats me.

If I could stop then I would have stopped, for starters―――

“What are you talking about, you failure of an exorcist? This is what it means to be swarmed by monsters.”

“Ah―――fua, ah―――!”

―――I thrust my hips with the welling urge to ejaculate.

I moan in response to the reaction of the resisting vagina.

―――I let out the seething hatred and dig in my nails.

I drool on the back that I make swell with crimson lines.

―――I leave violating the woman to my twisted five senses.

All of the senses surrounding around me melt away like a song.

“No―――ow, it hurts, it hurts, ah, fua, ah...!”

There is no more pain, nothing at all.

Again and again I thrust into the ceiling.

“Ah, aha, it hurts, but, go deeper, nah, ha, ah...!”

Has she fallen into the depths of pleasure?

Rather than reacting to being possessed, the woman responds solely to the surging pleasure.

“I'm already, nn, ah...! I'll overflow, I'm going to overflow―――more, no, stop, aah, more, stron...ger―――!”

“        ”

There's a sound from her throat.

The woman's body goes rigid, enduring orgasm countless times.

Over and over again.

Each time our bodies crash together, the slimy fluids foam and stick, fully soaking her inner thighs.

“Ah, aaaaah, ow, it hurts, An...gra, any more, and, you'll...!”

How convenient. If it's a matter of one or two hands transforming, I'll just rip them off and swallow right there then.

If her insides leap out from her abdomen, I'll stick my face there and devour it, keeping her human form.

“Hah, aaaaaaaah, ah―――! ...Ha. Haa, ha...aaaah, a―――ah, ――――――”

The pace doubles.

My genitals expand with each thrust, as if attempting to fill her up from the inside.

My seething hot meatrod that dances in the vagina. It strengthens the pleasure given to the woman who says she can take no more.

Her body is on the brink of collapse.

But even before the changes from the inside come, she is attacked by fangs from the outside.

I can't suppress it.

I can't suppress this mysterious impulse.

I open my mouth, ready to tear into that flesh.

“ah... I, I'm, being eaten―――”

Fascinatingly enough,

being startled has brought me back to my senses.

“HA―――DAMN, IT.”

I realized it at the last moment.

...This counts for nothing.

I was just doing it on a whim, but―――I truly wanted this woman.

“Ha, ah... it's fine... I, won't stop it, anymore.”

That's not sentiment I can share.

Both of us are well lubricated by now, but our feelings differ.

“Ah... yu...n, ah, one, more, time―――”

Interlocking sensations. Ones that match sex, but they are sensations that cannot be the same.

“Ah.. it, hurts... An...gra...”

“        ”

The woman is already at her limit.

I'm already at my limit.

I can no longer hold back the desire to burst forth that is pooling around my testicles.

“Ha, ah...! Aah, no, ah...!”

About to climax, the woman's vagina encloses clamps down on my manhood.

Something semen-like is about to spill out.

“Fuah, ho...t, AAaAAh...!!!”

But I pull away from the woman's body before I have a chance to pollute it with that poison.

That's fine. This woman has a greater role to fulfill. I can't consume her here.

“Hah... ah―――W-Why, Angra, Mainyu...?”

A foolish thing to say.

I had conveniently forgotten something that should have been realized at the start.

"Is there nothing you find beautiful―――?"

Of course.

No matter what, I must not be captivated by anything.

Because if I feel affection, then I will be able to do nothing more than kill.

The temperature drops.

Having done the deed, I hurry to rebuild my broken shell.

Thankfully, I had not gone all the way through, so repairs should be complete soon.


She seems to have avoided any fatal damage, as well, and is looking at me with her usual sullenness.

“...I'm going to ask you, just in case.

Just what is it that you were trying to do?”

“Nothing, really. It was nothing more than a whim. I've done what I wanted to, all that's left is to go away.”

One hell of a murderous intent.

The sort of glare that would likely result in me being stabbed if there were any sharp objects around.

Thus, it would be best to leave as fast as possible.

“Well, just think of it as being bitten by a dog or something.

Either way, this is the end. I won't have any more to do with you, so you could even think of this as a parting gift.”

I leave the stone chamber.

I retreat before having my true colors revealed any further.

“Stop. That isn't even an excuse.

...I'll change my question. Why did you stop?

I thought I would be consumed at that rate.”

“Bah, that's what you wanted!?

But I apologize, I slipped out of consciousness, so I don't remember.”

“Avoiding the worst, I see... I, who posed you the question, was utterly foolish.”

The woman lets me pass, clearly not in the mood to ever see me again.

..................Now then,

before her mind changes and I get punished,                         so that the two of us,

never meet again, I depart.

“―――Ah. But come to think of it, why'd you do that, anyway?”

A simple question.

“Nothing, really. I just thought it would be good to be gifted with your child.”

A quiet reply.


I force my suddenly heavy legs to move and go towards the stairs.

“Now that is a joke. I am the one and only.

It would be a problem if there were more than one me.”

“I agree. You don't seem to have any abilities worth recognizing in the first place, anyway.”

That's for certain.

I bring our chance encounter to an end while smirking at the unforgiving woman's words.

“See ya. You felt pretty good.”

“Why, thank you. Now go and repent, beast.”

―――With that, the guidepost to the surface disappears.

No more will I, the regular visitor, appear here again.