Loop 6

Day 1

True Beginning Heaven's Feel Backnight 2

My awakenings always began with anguish.

I fell from an abyss where the sun does not shine to ground lit by the sun.

I went from darkness to light. It wasn't much different than being born through a birth canal.

A spark of life somehow appeared in the beaten to the brink of death body, rekindling consciousness in this world once again.

I writhed in sharp pain.

The moment I was reborn, the blood circulation, bone joints, nervous system, internal organs; everything I needed to live generated pain.

I am alive to suffer.

My already fried brain searched for normality within its damaged state, able to start functioning only through pain.

In short, my body finally gained human thought through agony.

It felt as if the hundreds that I had been multiplied into had been mixed in a palette.

Whatever clear identity I had was gone, as the countless, indistinguishable beings I had become mixed together.

To be resurrected from nothingness demanded that much of a price.

That cloudiness.

That no longer fathomable feeling absorbed and assimilated even agony.

My ego is gone.

Why be reborn, why do I have to go through this? Even those questions became things of the past.

I have attained the state of no-self.

It is an innocent paradise with no happiness, no sorrow, one that would never bear fruit to anything.

―――But, just that alone was painful.

...Tears come down my cheeks.

In the depths of this perfected land.

Why am I, why am I still connected to something so beautiful?―――

Once again, the first day began.

The woman had parted ways and my lovely Master, lady Bazett, lies sleeping on the sofa.

Or so she seems to be. She is actually dead.

The reason's obvious. She had her heart pierced by the Servant, Saber, right in front of the church.

Since she'll start breathing again eventually, there is no need to bother waking her up or covering her.

All I have to do is guard this place as her Servant.

“Well, I'm bored out of my mind. Maybe I'll screw around with her for a bit...”

Being honest to my own desires while never heeding the desires of others.

I'm the kind of Servant that puts my own pleasure first, so I'd rape Bazett's dead corpse.

The usual me would eat and rape her without thinking twice, and the room would be a mess before I realized it.

Of course, I'd only do that if she hadn't been my Master.

If she were to wake up while I'm doing her, she'd be a pain in the ass to deal with later.

I was used to getting hated and getting killed, but getting cried at? That isn't love.

With nothing else to do, it's the first time I'm looking for a simple way to kill time.

Click, click, click.

Click, click, click.

Panels slide around, matched to the ticking of the clock.

Speeding up the tempo, I became seriously focused on the game.

“―――, ah―――”

I heard a sultry breath from the sofa.

Lightly shaking her head, Bazett glares at me as if I were her enemy.

“Yo. Wide awake, eh, Master?

I hope you're not about to tell me that your memory's fuzzy again.”

“...My memory is clear. I know that you are my Servant, that I am using this mansion as a safe house, as well as that I am a Master.

I also remember my memory being uncertain when I awoke here previously.”

“Glad to see you're quick on the uptake. Hmm, right. So let's go out and join the Heaven's Feel already.”


My memory before coming to this mansion is vague, but I remember completely what happened afterwards. This includes being defeated and killed by other Masters.”

“―――Well, well. You can't even remember what really matters but you still end up remembering the useless stuff.

So, who cares? You're alive right now, just leave it at that. Don't worry about the details.”

“I cannot. Do you really think I can just put up with this absurdity?

...Answer me, Servant. We were defeated. Why are we still alive?”

“Why? 'Cause we came back to life. Okay, to be precise, we just went back to the first night.”

Bazett shows no signs of surprise.

I guess she must have been thinking over what happened from the moment she woke up.

That kind of ability has to be called a rarity.

The problem is, she doesn't realize she has that gift. Nah, more like she just looks down on herself.

Not my job to tell her about that, anyways.

“...Oh really. If that's true, my Servant is quite the big shot.

Revival of the dead requires the use of either time travel, control over parallel worlds, or negation of nothingness sorcery.

Are you telling me that you are a Heroic Spirit that can work such miracles?”

Why are you looking at me like that?

You don't believe me? No, actually, you're making fun of me, no doubt about it.

No ma'am! Lowly little old me can't do something that friggin' nuts!

“Alright, just think of it as an imitation.

You'll come back to life even if you die. As long as our contract is still active, you can start over as many times as you want. No matter who you lose to, you can keep starting from scratch, just like you are now.”

“...I do not understand the theory behind it, but I do understand that we are being reset... no, we're in a loop.

I have no idea what Noble Phantasm is at work, but I will put that aside. At nighttime, you will be resurrected―――no, that would be incorrect. If you die, you will skip back to the time you were alive in this place.

The result is that we escape death because we are still alive.”

“A type of Noble Phantasm that interferes with or alters destiny?―――Yes, that would be an appropriate power for a Heroic Spirit.

I see. This would account for the weakness of its owner.”

So you couldn't accept that I was that weak, huh?

Okay, I did get killed without showing any of my good points, anyone would get fed up after that.

“Yup, that's right. Feel free to die whenever you feel like it.

Oh, one more thing. If you're going to get killed, try your best to do it at night. I can't fight unless it's dark. See, I'm not energetic during the daytime.”

“...I see. So the condition for the loop to take effect is that it must occur in the evening.

Yes, that Noble Phantasm would be too powerful without a weakness of some sort.”

Boss, you're getting it all wrong.

...Whatever. It all comes down to the same thing.

“...Very well. I will only be active during the night.

I will be sleeping here during the day. Therefore, I expect that you will restrain yourself from doing things without my permission.”

“Gotcha. But the same goes for you, lady. Never go out during the daytime. I'm really weak when there's light out, and if there's no Master around to protect me, I'm going to get killed real fast.”

“...I understand. For some reason, it feels as if our positions have been reversed, but I do have a grasp of your abilities.

Your combat ability is nil, however, your special abilities are unique. I will do the fighting. You, on the other hand, can use that special Noble Phantasm as support.”

“Mmmf. I appreciate the offer, but aren't you taking things a little too far, Master?

I mean, I can fight a little. I'll say flat out that I can't beat a Servant, but if I really feel like it I could at least buy some ti-”

“Buy some time with what you showed me in the last fight? I do not expect you to be of any use in a battle. You just need to stay around.”

“Oh... Hey, I'm fine with taking it easy, but you're never going to win this way. I really don't think you're going to be able to separate a Master from a Servant again and again.”

When it comes down to it, fighting in the Heaven's Feel means beating a Servant.

Without taking down a Servant, you're not going to be able to kill its Master.

Except there is no way a human being is going to be able to match up to a Servant.

That's why I'm saying I'll help her out, even though I really don't want to bother.


“There is no need to separate them.

I will defeat the Servant.”

Bazett claimed with an unshakable confidence.


...Now that's a surprise.

Here I thought I was immune to these things, but that one just sent a chill down my spine.

“I have a more pressing question.

You said that we would be revived as long as we were killed during the evening. Is there some sort of cost to this?

For example, losing my magical circuits? Or is there a limit to the number of times you may use your Noble Phantasm?”

“Huh? Nah, there's no cost. You don't have to give up a dime. My element is emptiness. As long as there's nothingness, we'll keep coming back to life.

Just relax and keep going until you're satisfied.”

“...I am now certain. So, I will not lose as long as my pact with you is in effect.”

Right, right. 'Course, you won't win, either.

“Then, this leaves me with one last problem... No, never mind. I shouldn't be voicing any discontent with such favorable conditions... what am I thinking...”

“? What now? Something else on your mind?”

“tch... Um, I have a stupid question.

It is marvelous to be revived like this after dying. It is an advantage that borders on cheating, correct?”

“Except, erm...

Would it be in any way possible to get rid of that pain while being revived? Even if I can escape death, whenever I think that I will have to pass through that pain in the future, I get squeamish, or how should I put it...”

“Say what? Lady, you're not scared shitless whenever you get revived, are you?”

“I-I am definitely not...! It only feels uncomfortable and eerie!

...I do not know whether that place is what people call "hell." What I do know is that it was hideously repulsive.

By their nature, the dead are mindless. Those who are deceased normally would not feel any discomfort at all, but to one possessing a mind, that is the foulest pit imaginable.”

“Oh――――――yeah, that's right.

Can't help that. I don't feel a thing though. It's like, when I realize it, I'm here. Guess it's just the difference between humans and Servants. But, y'know...”

You're going to have to put up with that much.

Come on, normally you'd be dead.

“But, umm. Miss Bazett, I believe you're being spoiled?”

“...I-I know that! I was not being serious!

If that is the price of resurrection, then I will try to withstand that level of torture.”

“Right, right. You're gonna be going there a lot from now on, so you better get used to being on the receiving end while you still have the time.”

“Hmph, do you think I will let myself be killed countless times? The next one to be killed will be Servant Saber. I will definitely strike her through the chest, just like she did to me.”

“That's my Master.

Okay, so, let's go continue the good fight while you're still ablaze in enthusiasm.”

I stop talking and aim for the door.

Honestly, I don't give a shit about the Heaven's Feel. But, I'm also a sore loser.

I want to find and kill my enemies now, right now.

I'll kill those bastards that hurt me.

I'll kill those bastards that didn't do anything to stop them.

I'll kill everything, I'll murder every single living human I see.

If I don't, I'm not going to be able to stay insane.

If I don't, I won't be able to bear with sanity.

“What is it? Are you not going, Master?”

I held back my erupting heart and turned back towards Bazett.

Maybe my thirst for blood reminded her of something.

Bazett was looking at me the same way as when she accused me of killing people in that bloody house.

“...So it is true, I am careless. How could I forget to ask the most important question?”

Don't even have to bother wondering why.

You forgot because you didn't want to remember.

“Answer me. Just what Servant are you?”

A question filled with hostility.

To that I answer―――grinning like a little girl waiting for her sweetheart,

“I am Avenger―――the Servant of Vengeance.”

A class that shouldn't exist, its name proclaimed with hatred and joy.

She is attacking in an extremely fast combination.

A right straight that actually made me feel sorry for the enemy, mercilessly crushing the monster's skull. Hard to believe it came from a human being.

Probably out of revenge for having had ten of their pals killed already, more prey come leaping at her.

The moment right after she punches with her right fist, cursed claws take the opportunity to strike at her seemingly immovable position―――!

She dodges just by lightly turning her head, while simultaneously driving her right leg into the monster's head.

Sharp and heavy.

The head flies off like a ripe tomato.

Not even bothering to visually confirm that, Bazett turns around to face the newcomers arriving from behind, once again intercepting them with lethal timing.

―――It's almost as if she were a spinning-top fitted with a blade.

Responding in every direction, clearing the attackers away... a deadly dance that shows no mercy for its target.

“Well, damn. I'm not needed at all.”

I was doing pretty well on my own while watching her, but while I was slicing up one of these guys, Bazett pulverized around three.

And I mean literally pulverized. With those thiiiiin legs and her fists, she is totally scattering flesh and cutting through bone.

Seriously, I'm impressed. To think human hand-to-hand combat would improve this much.

It seems like there are runes of hardening carved on her fists, legs, knees and toes, but the basic bodywork for that must have been an art perfected for use by "human beings."

Way different from us when we go berserk, letting instinct take care of the rest.

Bazett's technique is the legacy of the old days of blood and sweat.

How many years of effort went into being able to use it? I mean, she's a girl, whoops, a ripe young woman. Weren't there other things she could have learned? I guess not.

To the walking weapon by the name of Bazett, these monsters aren't fit to be called enemies.

They're no better than hapless sheep, a pack of game to be hunted. Forgive them, Lord.

By the way, who the heck is this Lord?

“―――I see. Are these the "unknown things" you spoke of before?”

Sighing heavily, Bazett puts away her leather gloves.

Miss Walking Weapon, what the hell? You beat almost 20 monsters to death and all you do at the end is make one big sigh...!?

“...They are most likely a type of familiar.

Their level of intelligence is low, and they have no use other than to kill humans. However, they are fitted for use in large numbers.

It is evident that there is an 8th magus, whose identity is not yet known to us, that was not picked as a Master... I cannot allow a magus that would use this sort of familiar to attack people indiscriminately to run wild.

Do you have any ideas regarding this?”

“Who, me?”

“Err, I dunno anything about the guy you're talking about, Master. Well, we'll run into him eventually, right?”

After all, we've got plenty of time.

This isn't going to end regardless of what we do, so we ought to bump into each other one of these days anyway.

“...Very well. Also, I would like to apologize for doubting you earlier. The disturbance in this city was mainly the responsibility of these monsters. You had nothing to do with this.”

“No problem. I'm used to getting all the bad rap. Besides, we're all villains of the same stripe.

The only difference is who killed first.

My job's already been done for me, these guys are running around killing everything in town.”

I like being able to take it easy, but y'know, a job is a job. Really can't let other people take it away from me. My whole meaning of life is on the line here. If I go unemployed, I can't live.

“―――Stop it. I do not know which Heroic Spirit you are, but as long as you are my Servant, I will not let you drag bystanders into this war.”

“Look, lady, I haven't killed anybody today, have I? Like that guy with the cart before? I just watched him off while drooling, y'know?

And I really wanted to munch on some oden and meat, too. But I'm an obedient little puppy, listening to what my owner says. C'mon, pat me on the head.”

“That is what you normally ought to be doing. Why should I praise you for that?”

My owner's being mean.

One of these days you'll only have yourself to blame when I move on to the rebellious stage.

“More importantly, I want you to clarify something.

I know what your Noble Phantasm is, but I have yet to hear your true name.

I know I may be late in asking this, but what hero are you?”

“Told you that in the beginning, didn't I? I think it's your own fault for not remembering, but―――ah ha. Your memory's still fuzzy, huh?”

“That is―――yes, that is true. There is no point in hiding it any longer.

Avenger. I do not remember forming a contract with you. I had assumed that it would recover given time, but circumstances proved to be more difficult than I had imagined. I cannot wait forever for my memory to come back.”

“Okay, so you want me to give you the laydown again, right away.

But look, the stuff I know is what you probably figured out already?

You summoned and made a contract with me to be your Servant.

Before I could tell what was going on, I was in that mansion, leashed and being bossed around by you.

Now, back then I did give my true name―――well, not that it's a big deal if anybody hears it.”

“Not a big deal...? What do you―――”

“See, I don't have my own name. Don't have a clue to what my name was when I was alive.”

“That's ridiculous...!? The fact that you are a Servant makes you a Heroic Spirit! There is no such thing as a nameless hero...!”

“Yup. That's why I have a title. I just don't have a name as a human being. I can tell you the name other people call me. Is that good enough?”

“...Of course. When our contract was being formed, I should have heard your name.

Thus, I must have judged that I trus... no, I believed that you possess a power suitable for achieving victory in the Heaven's Feel.

So, what was this name that I have approved?”

“Angra Mainyu. The name of an old tradition from the middle of nowhere.”

Yeah, don't really need to hide it.

First off, it wasn't that big of a deal, so I just gave her a straight answer.

“Angra Mainyu―――that, that name...”

Isn't the name of a hero.

Or, isn't fit to be a hero.

It isn't a name you'd give to a person to begin with.

Yeah, yeah. Your face is just telling me all of the above.

I understand how my dear Master feels. It's not as if I live up to my namesake.

Angra Mainyu. The name of the most powerful demon in ancient Persia.

The greatest nemesis in Zoroastrianism, embracing all evil, that kept fighting for 9000 years against the god of light, guardian of the good of humanity.

The god of evil, you could say.

The bad part is the friggin huge scale. Overseeing half of the entire world? Give me a break. This name is a bother.

...Honestly, something of a smaller genre - say, the god of desks or pots - would have been a much better fit.

The tale of Zoroastrianism revolves around the discord caused by the two gods of good and evil. It's the first religion to introduce the duality of angels and demons.

Of course, I've never seen an angel in my life, and I'm not exactly acquaintances with any demons.

I was just one villager that idolized those teachings. Apparently, just one good deed was enough for me to get treated like a hero and elevated to Heroic Spirit status after death.

“Don't get the wrong impression. It's not like I'm the real god himself.

I just happened to be close enough to warrant getting the name as a pseudonym.

My stats are low for a Heroic Spirit, and, as you already know, I'm a useless third-rate loser.”

“I'm well aware of that. There is no point in still making excuses for that.”

Hahaha. ―――Nice subtle bitterness there, Master.

“But―――Angra Mainyu―――no, the Servant I summoned should have―――”


Had a more different, endearing name?

Bazett Fraga McRemitz wondered to herself.

“...Hmm, different and endearing, huh.

What, was there some other spirit you wanted to summon? Had a strong, handsome Heroic Spirit in mind, not a bozo like me, eh?”

“Ah―――N-No, not at...”

"Not really," she adds quietly.

Yeah, you're being reeaally obvious. Had some other guy on your mind... okay, so I already knew that, but who would have thought you'd be so picky about your Servants, too!

Feh. Ah, so our contractrelationship was just a compromise. And I was being relatively serious about it too. Ah, whatever.

“That's an interesting face you got there. So even you can make that kind of face. Well, it's sort of a disappointment, but it's just like I thought.

So, what kind of guy is your type?”

“W-Why are you bringing this up? We are not been talking about my taste in men! I was only thinking about the difference between you and another Heroic Spirit.”

“Now look, that's the same thing as talking about men. Most important thing when looking for a familiar is the user's personal tastes, so normally a female Master would summon a hot stud, right?

Ah. What, you wanted to summon a woman? ......now that's deep stuff. Could it be that you've got that suit on because it's practical and you swing the other way?”

“I don't let personal feelings interfere with my work. I made my contract with you because it was the correct course of action. Feelings towards the other sex are irrelevant to that.

...However, I do admit that I said something misleading. Yes, I did intend on summoning a particular Heroic Spirit.”

“Yep, keep going. If you're going to admit that much, just spill it all out. You've got nothing to lose, so let's just lay it all out in the open, shall we?

So, Master. Which Heroic Spirit were you going to summon?”

“..."Going to summon" is not the right phrase.

I had no guarantee that I would be able to summon him, and a part of me did not believe he had really existed.”

She starts trailing off.

Must be going over some old memories.

Berating herself, the emotional state of the woman standing in front of me is regressing fast.

“Now I get it. Can't summon a hero you don't believe in. But, you wanted to meet the guy, huh?”

“...Perhaps. It is embarrassing, but I am not sure myself.”

“...When I was a child.

I, ah... I had not been interested in anything.

I could not understand what others considered "fun." Often this put my parents at a loss as to what to do with me.

...Then my father told me, "You go through each day as if it was work." He always apologized to me with sad eyes.”

“The ones who suffered had only been my parents, probably.

Unable to sense the guilt my father held, I wasted my youth as tediously as ever.

The majority of my childhood memories are of plain days like that.

...But, there was one thing that enthralled me.

I still don't know why it alone was special. In the study, I discovered a book that could be found anywhere in the country. Reading those old legends always made me sad.”

“―――Old legends, huh? So that's it.”

Someone she didn't believe in but still wanted to meet.

One of the many phantasms that young children dream of and forget in maturity, tossed away in great number, huh?

“...Yes. It was only when I was in this fairytale that I could become like other children my age. It was the tale of a hero, one that was vivid even to a child.

But the story had an ugly ending. It wasn't a tale that should be celebrated.”

“...Yes, they all say it was a story of bravery, but I always saw it as something else. Back then, I thought to myself that I wanted to save him.

...I wondered if it really was okay to wish to save him, even though I couldn't do anything.”


To be fair, the desire to "save someone" exists in all human beings, that much I can admit.

Heck, I can even feel it myself.

Now, the definition of "saving" is going to be different from person to person. But as long as that desire is just a wish, it's not something that others can condemn.

The problem here, though...

Should it be okay to wish to save him?

Is that the little girl didn't understand something that obvious.

There's Bazett, who turned something that anybody can do into a "wish."

Then there's the mythical hero, the only one the little girl looked up to.


Don't ignore it.

Bastard, next time I meet you, you're dead meat.

“You're not selfish enough. That's your wish? Funny how the Holy Grail's always being used cheaply.”

Wicked laughter.

Honestly, the idea of using one fairy tale against another is damn amusing.

“T-That's my childhood and nothing more. We were talking about which Heroic Spirit I would choose, yes?

If I had a catalyst for that particular hero, that's the one I'd be inclined to summon. That's it.”

“Hahaha, but you ended up summoning a bum like me. You've got no luck with men, eh!”

Cackling again.

Seriously, she definitely looks like she hasn't gotten any luck with men.

“Avenger. My current desire is to secure the Holy Grail and bring it back to the Association. I have no personal wishes to make with the Grail.”

“Yeah, I know. You aren't that resourceful.”

After all, you can't make a wish with something that doesn't exist.

Zero times anything is still zero.

“...It's your turn, Avenger. I told you, now you tell me. What is your wish?”


Nuts, she turned the tables on me.

Actually, like my Master, there's no wish I want to make using the Holy Grail.

Sadly enough, there's just one thing that spontaneously fascinated me not too long ago.

“My wish?

Hmmm, if I had to choose, I'd say that I want to finish a picture.”

Heheheh, she looks at me like I'm a clueless idiot.

When we get back to our hideout, she's going to find that puzzle I was working on and yell at me for a more serious answer.

“―――Wait. Did you feel a strong burst of magical energy just now?”

“Sorry, don't have no magical energy detection. But if you want to know where it came from, I just saw it. Something just shined on the roof of that building.”

Bazett is quick to react.

She picked Rach off the ground and, throwing it over the shoulder, ran towards the Center Building without as much as asking me to follow.

Obedient as I am, I chase after Bazett.


It's still bugging me. Just what is that?

Bazett is carrying some kind of a tube.

I thought that, surely, there's a weapon inside, but she just dropped it on the ground during that last free-for-all.

I can't help but wonder about that funny container if it's being carried right in front of me.

“Hey, what's that?”


Bazett is looking for the back entrance into the building. From what I can tell, she's pretty tense.

“Oh come oooon, tell me. What is it?”

I'm being persistent, too.


Maybe my sincerity got through to her. Bazett stops moving and shows me the container.

Length of observation: approximately one minute.

After showing it to me,


“Yeah, I get it. There's a tea set inside, I bet.”


Whoops, pissed her off.

Wrinkles forming on her forehead, she reluctantly takes the lid off.

Several balls plop out.

Size-wise, they are about the same as track and field shots, and about the same mass, I'd guess. Looks like it can hold no more than five, but right now there are only three.

I see, I see. It all makes sense now that she's shown me what's inside.

To think she was carrying this relic. I tremble in your presence, Bazett Fraga McRemitz.

By the way...

“What're those?”

The mystery had only deepened.

“I am not going to dignify you with an explanation. But I'll have you know that this is not a tea set, at the very least.”

She puts the spheres back inside and remounts the cylinder on her back.

So she can't trust me and won't tell what her trump card is, I see.

Moving on.

“You sure are a strong one. Got enough muscles to support that chest of yours on your shoulders? For somebody not using them at all, they're friggin' huge, y'know?”

I tell her the objective truth, as observed with my keen eyes.

Bazett stops dead in her tracks, turning around slowly, like a rusted doll...

“―――How charming. Your wittiness is occasionally accurate and daring enough to make me really remember what murderous intent is.”

Now this is more like it.

This is how a Master and Servant should be.

The anger she's radiating could end up with me dead if she figures I'll revive anyway.

There is nobody on the rooftop.

Only the sound of powerful wind is there to greet us.

“...I see that we are too late. There are certainly signs of someone being here, but it is impossible to find out where they escaped to.”

Bazett is looking down at the city from the edge of the roof, something in mind already, I bet.

What am I doing?

I'm wiping off the blood remains on the floor with my feet.

This is the highest place in Shinto.

Just how close is the moon? Had there been a ladder or stairs, you could probably reach it.

Even though most of the humans are gone, the city lights are still on.

I gaze at all the life below, covered in dazzling prosperity.

―――Not that I'm bored.

It would be no good to let myself be particularly impressed by anything, but for now, there's nothing wrong with this scenery.


Out of the blue.

Bazett appears next to me.

“Whaaat? Find anything interesting?”

“I saw multiple monsters of the type we encountered. From here, it seems that we can locate the familiars in Shinto visually.”

Your eyes are looking obsessive.

Instead of enjoying the city scenery, apparently she was glaring at the monsters wandering around Shinto.

“So what? Are we gonna find the familiars' master by watching them all night from here?”

“That is not realistic. The familiars appear to be expendable. As they do not return to their master, we will not discover his stronghold by observing them from here.”

“Yeah, let's not do anything pointless. Glad to know my Master's got some smarts. But going by what you're saying, oh, don't tell me...”

“Avenger. I want to wipe out those monsters.

To do that, I need your help.”


I knew this was going to happen.

Shit, why did you have to be such a goody-two-shoes?

This is making me want to tear you apart.

“Got to admit, it makes more sense than ordering me to not drag in innocent bystanders though. You fine with this, Master? I thought winning the Heaven's Feel was your objective.

Yeah, if it was a matter of the master of these guys being in the way, I could understand. But I see this contradiction here with you wanting to wipe them out because they're going around killing people. I mean, you decided that you were going to be a bad girl, but now you want to be a good girl? That's awfully convenient.”

Now then, I'm not trying to hide my hostility at all. It's pretty clear that we'll end up in a duel soon enough, the way things are going.

One arm behind my back, I materialize my favorite dagger.

That prediction I made... about killing each other at least once... is about to become reality ten minutes later. I'd make a good prophet.

My policy is to wait for the opposition to come at me before I attack.

It really is a pity, but we should do this at least onc―――huh?

“You are correct.

Yes, it is true that my objective is not to save others.”

There is some hesitation.

She wisely recognized it...

“However, I do want to correct what is wrong.

Now that I know, I can't look the other way.”

She spoke like she was trying to tell herself that.

“......Oh ho. Now why's that?

Because killing people is bad?

Because letting them get away is bad?

―――Or could it be that saving people is more important than the Heaven's Feel?”

Probably all of the above.

That's why Bazett is confined by these contradictions.

If she thinks that she is right, she wouldn't look so pained. While trying to hold back her inner contradictory magus,

“Reasons are not needed for doing what one believes is right.

...No, I think that reasons must not exist. If one feels their actions to be right...”

"The words of reason and gain should not be used as shields," is probably what she's trying to say.

“...Uwah, self-righteousness. Shit, got to be careful of that.”

“Yes, I do not need you to tell me that. I already know.”

Had to get serious on me, didn't you.

That's what she believes to be the "right" way of life.

On the other hand, the current Bazett Fraga McRemitz is subordinate to the reason that is the Association.

It'd be fine if she was tough enough to get a good balance between both, but...

“Well, that's a wonderful ideology, but you don't have to take it that far.

There's nothing behind it. Keep wooing it all you want, but you ain't going to get anything in return. Say, why don't you think about joining a power that would give you some perks?”

“...As I said before, I am also a member of the Mage's Association.

I, of all people, could use something in return. But that has nothing to do with it. I just want to live as correctly as possible.”

Why do you want to live correctly?

That's said when a person doesn't think he's living correctly.

So he struggles to show that he's cleaning his sinful hide, even if only a little bit, by making the right actions.


“―――Seems just like little Miss Serious.

Basically, you want to be a virtuous person.”

What a clumsy―――miserable way of living this human has.

“...Yes, that is probably true.

But it was a wish that could not be granted. I am a person that is only appreciated for destroying. Virtue belongs to those that are loved by others, that are able to give to others.

It is something that I will never gain.”

To contribute to society. To save people. That's what virtue is.

All she can do is destroy.

A person that is unable to fix cannot truly gain trust, is what her eyes beseeched me.

“You're out of the ballpark, lady.”

“No. I cannot throw away my belongings to save the destitute nor can I make a new organization. In the end, I am but a single cog, unable to ever get away from being an insignificant individual.

...A person like me should not be able to earn any great virtue.”

“―――Oh, please.”

Ack, I got seriously angry there.

Not good... I'm actually getting into a serious conversation.

“That alone is totally wrong. You can't buy virtue with cash.

Virtue is the stuff of the soul. That's not something you earn. You develop it inside of yourself, suffering all the way long.”


It's the same for any human, no matter how insignificant, no matter how powerless, no matter how worthless.

It's a function at birth, no different from any other, refined by the will to move forward.

...In it, there is no line drawn between good and evil.

It was only those that sought their peak as living beings that the door to enlightenment opens to.

“Do you mean that virtue―――one's value is not dependent on the evaluation of others?”

“Huh? Nah, if you're talking about value, it's all based on how other people see it.

That's why we have virtue, that's why we try to improve ourselves. Parameters that are there to hook you up with somebody that'll buy you for more than your worth.”

Improvement of inner space is linked to the improvement of external space by results.

You cling to being a "good person" as much as a braggart with a complex about being alone, and feel ashamed about what you have done.

You don't want to be hated, so you try to be good. So then you start thinking that you're so self-serving.


“―――There's nothing wrong with that. It's okay to be proud of the desire to be accepted by others. Somebody that feels the same way will definitely accept some other person the same way.

If that general strategy of yours is actually for your own sake, then there's nothing wrong about it.”

The devotional virtue of enjoying life with others is in it.

Sure enough, she hasn't gotten to that point yet, and I doubt she'll ever realize it before she dies.

Anyway, this woman's clumsy.

And yet she seems resourceful enough to accomplish anything, just like now.

Bold, yet retrospective.

Self-reform that keeps putting you on detours.

Knowing that you're wrong, screaming that it isn't a big deal, you struggle desperately towards the brighter path.

Yeah―――I offered a hand to that kind of human, didn't I?


I had not expected such a remarkable viewpoint from you. Can I interpret this as meaning you have no complaints about my strategy from now on?”

“Yeah. Guess there's nothing wrong with being a hero of justice?

Feels good, too. Not so bad to be saving people from dying horribly every once in a while.”

Just hearing "hero of justice" makes me want to vomit, but that's best word for it.

“...I did not expect that. I had a feeling you would despise the word "hero" more than anything else.”

“Hate it. But I like where it's going.”

“Say what?”

First off, it doesn't change what I do.

We wander around the city at night, kill other Masters and kill those monsters. Only the priorities are now even. You could still say it is my range of action.

There is still plenty of life in Fuyuki.

Until my Master gets full, the grail isn't going to run dry.

Never attaining victory, the two of us, who know no death, will overcome only defeat.

“Right, let's keep on doing this until you're satisfied, Master.

It's a part of the learning experience. Enjoy it until you get bored of it.”

Alone, I count the ravaging winds.

From this tower, the closest to the heavens, the lights of the city look like fakes.

The Heaven's Feel will keep on going.

Murders, my only amusement, will keep on going.

Even tomorrow, we'll probably be defeated and revived yet again.

Until then, until Bazett decides to change her plan, I'll stick with her for the time being.

Here is a far and deep, hollow sky.

Everything gained is all going to be an illusion in the end.

“Let's keep on doing this until you're satisfied, Master.

It's a part of the learning experience. Enjoy it until you get bored of it.”

Having said that, my Servant looked elsewhere.

For whatever reason, his disposition changed, he ceased talking and is now quietly gazing at the nighttime scenery.

...Servant Avenger.

A type that is not found among the seven classes, an exception that sometimes occurs in the Heaven's Feel. Avenger is one of those.

The notion of a Heroic Spirit meaning vengeance is a contradiction in itself, but the title of Angra Mainyu is an even bigger mystery.

It is common among heroes to be recorded in history by the titles they gained later, and not by the names they were born with.

The story that I told him of the hero of my homeland was also one of them.

But, the tone of the name Angra Mainyu is just too ominous.

I must ask him one day what his real name is. Not that horrible one, but the name he was given at birth.

Below, I see dark shadows wandering across the city.

Even with the Kenaz rune, all I can tell from here is the general state of Shinto.

Fuyuki is divided into two by the Mion River. To see what is going on in Miyama, which lay past the big bridge, I have no choice but to cross it myself.

Those black monsters have to be hiding there.

...I wonder, what ritual are those monsters bound by?

I have never seen those type of familiars even in the Association.

Operating under orders, mysteriously, yet apparently possessing no intelligence of their own, their actual purpose is unclear.

Combat ability is fairly high. Like large hunting dogs or feral monkeys with amplified humanoid form.

A human without combat experience would be killed immediately with no resistance.

A human with ten years or more of involvement in martial arts and sports could put up a fight for several seconds provided the conditions were favorable or, alternatively, escape.

However, there are many.

In addition to that, their appearance is physiologically repulsive, with nails that stick out like blades and a bark-like, rough body.

If attacked by several of them, a human would not survive without firearms.


...That scream is just too discomforting.

A shrill voice that the ears couldn't withstand, totally different from the roar of a virulent beast.

If insects that herded together in the shadows possessed a vocal system, these are the kind of cries they would make, no doubt.

He... Avenger doesn't seem to mind those voices.

In the last fight, he dealt with those monsters as if it was simple work.

But even then, his abilities are not something I would rate highly.

His self-title, "the weakest Servant," is correct.

...But while it is correct, it would be a joke for any Heroic Spirit to have a hard time against this kind of small fry, wouldn't it.

“How is it a joke? I told you from the beginning that I was the weakest.”

“―――Wait. You can read my mind?”

“Nope. You looked like you were thinking that, so I just said it. Well, it'd sure be fun if I could. Your appearance definitely does not match what's inside, y'know?”

He laughs unrestrainedly.

This man's crudeness does not suit me at all. And he is weak. And he is all talk. Looks like I'm going to have to take the lead on the rematch with Saber.

...But it could have been worse.

This Servant excels at not dying.

He is "unkillable" to begin with, as he would simply revive after dying, and it may have been the very reason for the composure that allowed him to become extremely good at fighting defensively.

In that last fight,

I dealt with being surrounded by causing enemies to fall one by one in a matter of seconds.

He, however, had completely warded them off, while being surrounded, until I ran to support him.

His fighting style will not allow him to win, but it will not cause him to lose, either.

That―――I really don't want to admit it, but that is an outstandingly good match with my combat strategy.

Yet stronger wind blew past me.

From the corner of my eyes, I see the flowing hair of the Servant standing next to me.


A primeval shaman, enveloped by the prairie winds.

I witnessed that simple image of taking nature as it was, living and dying along with it.

“―――Avenger, what was...”

“About time to get going. You figured out where the buggers are hanging out, right? They're not much, but they're still alive, so slicing up a few ought to be fun.”

...It was only my imagination.

Avenger was only looking for where the monsters are.

“Ah, I get it. Don't have to think that hard.

Heheh, you're pretty bad yourself, Master. So in the end, aren't you telling me to kill any enemy I get my eyes on?”

Skillfully twirling his brutal knife, he hooks his lip upward as if truly having fun.

As long as he can kill something, he's happy.

Whether human or animal.

They were originally the same beast, anyway.


I glare at my Servant.

“Geh. Okay, okay, I take it back, I take it back. I won't kill people. I'll only kill Masters and those monsters, so don't look at me like that... Damn, this is no fun. Ah, what an anal-retentive Master... the only big thing she's got on her is her tits...”

Still chattering, he disappeared inside the building.

“―――He's the worst. No matter what I say, he still is the same.”

With a sigh, I leave the rooftop.

Above me is the ominous moon, below me is the depths of the city.

I have disgust and distrust for the Servant I am fighting with.

Nothing but anxiety in this Heaven's Feel so far.

...Yet despite that, I am becoming attached to that Servant, if only slightly more than yesterday.

―――The Servant that was gazing at the city.

Seeing his cold appearance, a thought crossed my mind, for no apparent reason.

That man is hopelessly evil.

...And yet...

At the same time, could it be that he loves the human world just as much?

Town・Day 1 Her holiday villa

Incidentally, I've overheard a rumor at a street corner.

On the outskirts of Shinto, in the forest beyond the church, there stands a mansion that nobody knows about.

The rumor spreads with surprising swiftness. It seems there is somebody that has confirmed the inside to be Western-style, as well.

“―――People sure are curious. The people that started this rumor, and the ones that went around every mansion to look for it.”

One of these curious fellows is right here.

Oh well, it's not like I have anything better to do.

“Ack, that didn't take long.”

The phantom Western-style building was quite easy to find.

By the way, I never did figure out why it was called a "haunted mansion."

I have no business being in a place like this.

Surely there is nothing inside, and it would be considered trespassing to begin with.


Town・Day 1 Murder at the empty mansion.

“Well, now that I have finally found it.”


There's nothing there. Don't do something pointless. Don't look at anything you don't need to.

Wait, no, it's close, but if you keep looking, at a slightly different place,

“...It looks like it's totally abandoned, anyway. I don't think I'd get in much trouble for just looking inside.”

I open the unlocked front door.

I walk down the hall, unused for many years.

I go up the long, long staircase.

I'm an idiot. No matter what I told myself, I just couldn't stifle my curiosity.

And now, here I am...

“―――Wow, it's so normal it's amazing.”

Here I am, going through all this trouble for nothing.

“...It sure is clean for an abandoned house. I wonder if there is a caretaker coming by to clean the place once in a while?”

I examine the dust on the floor.

Judging by the amount that has piled up, it's been around six months since the last time the house was used.

“―――You've got to be kidding me. I mean, this...”

No evidence remains here.

It was so cluttered, yet―――Where did it go?―――All traces of life have been completely erased.

There's nothing in the least suspicious here.

The unknown Servant and unknown Master never existed to begin with.

And that's why I did say there was no need to examine this place.


I feel dizzy.

For a moment, I saw a foreign image reflected in my eyes, but it soon vanished.

“...Huh? What the hell am I thinking. I wasn't really searching for anything in particular, anyway.”

The momentary flash of insight faded in an instant.

It must have been just an incoherent daydream.

Given that there's a caretaker, this is unmistakably trespassing.

I need to get out of here quickly. There's nothing here, anyway. Let's go search someplace else.

Emiya Residence・Day 1 Persimmon cooking

“Senpai? Do you have a moment?”

As I rest in my room, I hear Sakura's voice.

"Sure," I reply, and she comes in.

“Eh? Did I forget to bring out the laundry or something?”

“No, that's not it... Today's dinner... what should we do about it?”

“Huh? Ah, is it time already?”

I rise up.

Weekends mean that a lot more people are coming over for dinner, and we might not make it in time if we don't start soon.

“It was your turn today, right, Sakura?”

“Yes. If you have anything particular in mind―――Ah, but I should listen to Saber-san and Fujimura-sensei's suggestions, too.”

“Alright, I'll help you out.”

Now that my break has been interrupted, anyway.

It would be more meaningful to help Sakura out.

“But, you were resting, Senpai...”

“I've had my fill.

...Mmm, well, if you've become so skilled that you don't need my help, then there's probably nothing for me to do.”

“N-No, I haven't! I still haven't learned all secrets of the art from you!”

“Yep, and that's good.

Okay, then let's get cooking.”

“...Senpai... that smile is off-limits...”


“I-It's nothing, okay! Then please help me, Senpai!”

“Huh? This box is...”

Sakura notices something and stops.

...Yeah, that's the box of fruit Fuji-Nee brought over.

“We have two boxes of persimmons, we got to eat them all again...”

“Did Fujimura-sensei share some with us? How kind of her... Woow.”

“There's so much... is this all of it?”

“I think she has more over at her house.”

“Apples would have been gone pretty quickly if we just made pies. But persimmons... what are we going to do with these?”

Hmm...... It might just work.

I start picking them out of the box. The size should be about right.

“Sakura, let's use these as ingredients for today's meal.”

“What do you mean―――these? You mean the persimmons!?”

“Yeah. It's the second best thing to apples in cooking. Should be able to make something like a salad. So let's use these for today.”

It'll certainly be a first. It's about time I started exploring the culinary frontiers, though. The God of Cookery must have put these in our house to guide us.

“It does sound intriguing.”

“Then let's count out a few.――― First the firm ones, then the soft ones will be for dessert tonight.”


Sakura uses her skirt to carry the persimmons.

...How should I put this... it's a really feminine thing to do.

I'm actually a little envious of the persimmons now lying on her skirt.

“Senpai, what kind of menu were you thinking of?”

Sakura asks as she washes the rice.

I did say I was going to use them, but I can only stare at them now piled on top of the cutting board.

“...Now that I think about it, not that many dishes need persimmons.”

“Then shall we make some salad first? I think we have some daikon radishes.”

“Daikon and persimmons... sort of like raw fish with vegetables in vinegar... although it's still only a side dish.”

No matter how much I stare at them, no ideas come up.

I finally give up and look inside the refrigerator for more ingredients.

With a lot of ingredients, it's like solving a puzzle.

“This and this... We could even use this.”

“Bacon...? Oh, tsutsumi-yakifoil-wrap? Like asparagus or potato?”

Got to give it to her, it's pretty accurate for just glancing over the ingredients. It looks like she hasn't noticed the dumpling wrap or cheese, though.

“I'll be wrapping and frying them. I am going to cut the persimmons with cheese and fry it all in gyoza wrap.”

“Ah, then only salt will be the seasoning, right?”

“Right. Since both are―――somewhat sweet, adding stuff like soy sauce could easily spoil it.”

Either way, it's still a pretty simple dish.

We are yet to leave the side menu territory, though.

“That's awesome, Senpai. I wouldn't have thought of it myself.

Then tonight's menu will be...”

“Persimmon salad with dressing, persimmon fried dumplings, persimmon bacon wraps...”


Sakura's reaction is only lukewarm.

I know what she wants to say, the dinner table would indeed look pretty desolate with just this much.

“We can't put persimmons in the miso soup... Ah, how about mixing persimmon with rice for sushi rolls?”

“That's good, but we still don't have a main dish.

And so, Chef Matou...”

As I assume my didactic tone, Sakura straightens her back in attention.

“Yes, Chief Emiya!”

“Good reaction, thank you.

So, as I was saying, tonight being a Persimmon Special night, following with the concept...”

“Yes, the concept!”

Chef Matou's eyes are fixed on me, full of anticipation.

“In other words. The highlight, the main dish of tonight... I would like to leave it up to you, Chef Matou.”

“Yes, you have said what I had in―――wait, what!?”

Sakura is surprised at her recently-gotten big role.

“T-That's... Sorry, Senpai, I don't have any ideas...”

“Oh no, there's still plenty of choices. Okay, a hint. Today will be the Persimmonkaki Special night.”

“Um... hmm... Ah, could it be...?”

Sounds like she picked up on it.

Wasting no time, she gets out a package of seafood from the refrigerator. That's right, since it's the Persimmonkaki Special night―――


“Right, persimmons and oysters... it's just a pun. They are both part of the autumn taste, too.”

“I see, that's great, Senpai.

I have to say it's a little corny... but that's what makes you my teacher!”


That's a complicated way of speech that my student has adopted.

“Anyway, back to the main subject.

These oysters in the fridge... did you buy them, Sakura?”

“Yes. Although I prefer the live ones with the shell intact―――”

“The ones you could eat fresh by just sprinkling lemon on...? Yeah, not the kind of luxury we can afford. So what will you do about this one? Fry it?”

“Ah, I was thinking about gratin myself. But fried sounds good, too.”

Alright, we are all set with both concept and variety.

With the dishes planned, there shouldn't be any complaints. Even Fuji-Nee should be happy.

“Then let's divide this up. Salad and gratin will be yours, and all frying and baking will be mine.”

“Wouldn't this be too much for you, Senpai?”

“You'd be taking care of the white sauce, and more would be too much for you. Dishes requiring fire are best when done by one person.”

We skillfully divide up the workload.

Preparing food for this many people, we have to plan the oven schedule, and even with two cooks, it's quite a lot of work.

“Let's get started, Senpai!”

“Let's first skin the persimmons... ah, there are seeds, so you have to cut it the right way.”

“Okay! I'll do my best!”

Emiya Residence・Start of Night・Ritual window

Emiya Residence・Start of Night Things to do

Emiya Residence・Night Map Tip and chips

I'll take care of preparations for tomorrow's breakfast and the dishes that I've been putting off.

The breakfast stuff is done, and while I'm making sure the oily frying pans are sparkling clean, everyone's relaxing after the meal and playing cards in the living room behind me.

They've probably been at it for an hour already.

At first, both Saber and Rider were just learning the rules and it was pretty quiet... But now, far from that, the atmosphere has become completely different.

Rider reaches for the card on the right.

Rider reaches for the card on the left.

Rider draws the one on the left, as if it was only natural.

“Gah, she saw right through me!?

How, why, by what means!?”

There isn't much to it.

Minor details aside, they're playing Old Maid. Whenever Fuji-Nee makes a face like that, the game definitely isn't going her way.

“Geez, Rider-san's really just too good.

It must be mind reading, no, you must have a partner! For instance, you there, housekeeper! Why are you spending an endless 30 minutes washing that frying pan!?”

Fuji-Nee points her finger towards the kitchen.

However, Rider's sitting with her back towards me.

If anything, I could be helping Fuji-Nee cheat by watching Rider's hand.

“Yeah, whatever. Stop with the boring talk and enjoy the game. If you keep losing until the end and become the Grand Loser, you could just retreat back to the Fujimura Group.”

squeak squeak I'm rubbing the underside of the pan.

“Gu, guuuuuuuuh...!

Grrr. You're almost my younger brother, what are you saying? No way I'll be defeated. I'll keep going until victory is mine!

It's still a game of chance, play it a hundred times and the wins and losses got to even out!”

A howl echoes in the distance.

...Compare this and this, repeat a hundred times to determine whichever one is greater, what kind of game is that?

That is, in a game that balances both luck and skill, you can't judge skill by neither one nor ten rounds.

Skill is something that will be revealed over a long period of time, not just one match.

That said, Fuji-Nee's line of thought will destroy her.

Playing a hundred rounds won't result in a tie, it'll just make their respective abilities painfully clear.

Well, she seems to be an expert at deceiving herself with something like "I... Let's see, I guess about three more times would be enough."

Well, in any case.

Fuji-Nee, her face as easy to read as ever, has another card drawn by a very apologetic-looking Sakura, sitting to her side.

Needless to say, the game ends with Fuji-Nee in the last place.

“S-S-Something's fishy! Could Sakura-chan be a psychic, too? That's awful, why'd you hide it until now!?”

Now that's just funny.

“...Ahaha. Um, Fujimura-sensei, how about we try something else, instead of Old Maid?”

“......For example?”


She's probably trying to come up with something where revealing your hand through facial expressions doesn't matter as much.

Bluff and DaihinminPresident are the first ones out.

That said, after a nervous breakdown, going feral and messing up the whole place, the remaining difficulty is explaining the rules to the other two.

“Umm... How about Blackjack?”

“Oh? Very well, I accept your challenge.”

“And how do you play that?”

Sakura proceeds to explain the rules while pretty much just playing with Fuji-Nee.

There are fewer hands than in poker, and the game itself is just a slow accumulation of points - almost like a sword fight.

Even letting your emotions show shouldn't make you lose, but...

“Kyaaah, I'm going bust, going bust! T-This is the gambling bankruptcy stuff that people talk about, isn't it...!?”

Well, it's true that Blackjack isn't a great choice for people who don't know when to stop.

....Alright then.

The Blackjack round started with the score being reset to zero, yet the result is even more prominent than with the Old Maid.

“Ace of Spades―――I mean, Blackjack.”

That's right.

Fuji-Nee, her hand full of face cards, and Rider, making use of her own intelligence - both have managed to hold on, but in the end, Saber emerged victorious.

It's frighteningly addictive. Have a score higher than your opponent and you'll definitely win the round, crazed instinct tells you.

...Gradually, the rules shifted, but basically, Saber ended up facing the other three as the dealer.


In a fight with Saber, the Great Dragon, all three of them had a weakness.

I guess Sakura and Rider are two of a kind, they both have essentially zero luck. They keep drawing inferior cards, and never quite get enough points to be competitive.

“Wahh! I went over 21 again!”

It goes without saying that Fuji-Nee draws too many cards and destroys herself before she gets a chance to participate.

And yet, come to think of it, she is the only one to sometimes win against Saber.

“...She's up against naturally high luck, after all...”

And then there's her wild nature.

Just like a battle between a dragon and a tiger.

“Feh... Let's up the stakes, then, Saber-chan! You and me, one-on-one!

Total after ten games, the loser gives up dinner's main dish. What do you say?”

“...Hm. You sure went all out, Taiga.

In other words, the person that loses will have to remain hungry, constantly searching for food, is that it?”

“That's right. Hehehe, I wonder if it isn't too much risk for Saber-chan?

So, are you brave enough to accept this challenge?”

“...Hmm. The certainty of an after-meal game victory has already been sealed in my heart, yet...

―――Very well. For a challenge of this caliber, I will start playing seriously. My deepest apologies, but the one going on an empty stomach will be you, Taiga.”

Saber smiles with confidence.

“Huh!? You mean you've been taking it easy until now!?”

“Well, if I did not, I would have burned a lot of calories.”

But the thing is...

No matter who wins, I will likely have to bear the damage. Whichever one will be gaining weight, and whichever losing, it's inevitable that the one being starved will eventually revolt.

In the end, it will simply come down to one more main dish portion for dinner. As the household treasurer, I will not permit such an outcome.

“Alright, that's it for dangerous games.

Tea is ready, it's time for a break.”

Tea and tea cakes in hand, I make my way through.

Feeling the strength of Saber's assault, Fuji-Nee reluctantly stepped down. Thankfully, Saber promptly withdrew, as well.

“So did Saber dominate the game, after all?”

“Yes... Obliterated without a trace of competition.”

We chat while sipping tea.

Wait... why is everyone but Saber ignoring the teacakes?

“Hm? What's wrong?”

“Err, to the victor go the spoils.”

“I don't buy that excuse, Sakura. And it was Taiga who started gambling to begin with.”

“......Huh. So it wasn't just at the end, she was gambling from the start?”

“Yes. She said it will make a difference in the fighting spirit, that it isn't a true game if you don't wager something valuable.”


As I glance to my side, she is lying down with her back towards me, totally innocent.

“By the power of a landlord, I declare gambling illegal. It's communal property, and you aren't allowed to privatize it.


I stop her as she leaps up in joy.

“In order to teach her a lesson, she's kicked out for saying stupid things.”

“H-How could you say that, Shirou! Big Sis did not raise a child to be like this!”

“Oh, be quiet. Some teacher you are, coercing people into gambling. Have some regret for your actions.”

“Waahh, Shirou, you idiot!”

Fuji-Nee is stomping her feet like a child.

“That's enough. If you need something in your mouth, have some tea or whatnot and leave already.”

To reinforce my point, I take a teacake and put it in front of Saber.

“Also, I don't care about the details, but a promise is a promise. Fuji-Nee's dessert is now Saber's.

...And if this happens again, make sure to put the brakes on Fuji-Nee that time.”

“R-Right, I'll watch out from now on.

I apologize, I got carried away by gambling without realizing it.”

Saber reflects on monopolizing the supply of confectioneries. I wonder if she did regain her calm.

“Naive, too naive, Fujimura Raiga pampers Illya-chan like you could not imagine, Shirou! Saber-chan is also at fault! There were other people caught gambling as well!

Yep, and that's why I get a senbei.rice cracker

Munch, munch, down goes the cracker.


It's another common outrageous spectacle, but I did establish a new fact today.

In a gambling game of a hundred rounds, it takes merely ten for Saber to establish herself as a master.

Emiya Residence・Start of Night・Good Night

Day 2

Streets・Day 2 Familiar kid

Since I'm already loitering out in the city, I'll try walking across the bridge.

A clear sky.

The sunlight makes it just warm, and the breeze from the ocean cools my cheeks just right.

It is the start of the three-day long weekend, and it is just the right Saturday weather for the perfect picnic.

“Oh, looks like there's something going on over there.”

I see a group of children in the park.

There's quite a few of them. They brought bats, soccer balls... in fact, there's no way they could use all of the toys within one day. Having broken up into the East and the West, they are now competing against each other.

Feeling in the mood to just bask in the sun, I lean against the railing and observe the epic battle unfolding in the park.

After some twists and turns, it looks they decided that the match for the morning would be in basketball. Each force would select their finest and ensure the game rises above the ranks of a child's play.

Cheering, booing, excitement, disappointment.

Now that I look around, there are many people sitting on the grass, caught up in the thrill of the game along with the kids. Looks like I'm not the only spectator here.

“―――Ah, hmm.”

There might be the usual bit of danger with the Heaven's Feel, but having a little diversion like this isn't too bad.

I'm not having that much fun, but I'm not exactly bored, either... I don't think it's time that has to be earned through hard work.

A particularly loud cheer comes from the park.

The game is over. It was a tight race, but the team that controlled the game wasn't the one with the three over-sized primary schoolers. It was actually the one of the West force, with an extremely orthodox formation.

“I knew it. That kid got the flow of the game totally under control.”

The players on the winning team were all average, it was their leader that stood out.

The little commander didn't just issue accurate orders to his teammates. He also let out more than enough brilliance as an ace player.

Besides, being a foreigner, with bright blond hair, it would be strange if he didn't stand out.

The little blond commander seems to be their idol. He praised everybody's work with a smile, all the while being squeezed in by them after the game.

With that much attention, it would only be natural for him to start bragging, but he didn't. He really is the perfect boy.



For just an instant, our eyes met.

I've got good eyesight, but an eye to eye contact at that distance has to be just a figment of my imagination. Or so I thought.

“Huh? He's coming here.”

Excusing himself a bit, the blond boy went right towards the stairs leading up to the bridge, cutting straight through the park.

“Gooood morning!”


I accidentally make a mindless response.

“Oh? At this time of day, should I say "Good afternoon?" Okay, I'll do it again.

Good afternoon, Onii-san!”

“Uh, yeah. Good afternoon.”

I follow suit automatically.

The blond kid rewards me with a happy smile.Ni-pah



I seriously don't remember him.

I don't remember ever being greeted by a strange boy... to make matters worse, he came all the way from the park just to see me... I rack my brain, having obviously met him before.

“I'm really sorry. I don't know who you are at all. Sorry, have we met before?”

“Oh, you don't remember me?”

The boy looks at me with a surprised expression.

I feel really, really guilty, but I don't have a clue, sadly.

“Hmmm, I see... Onii-san, you seem to be the dense sort, I guess it'll take you a bit. But we have already met each other many times. Well, I might have been wearing something a little bit different, though.”

“You were wearing different clothing?”

No. If it was just clothing, I shouldn't have forgotten about a kid this distinctive...

“Hmmm. Not really clothing, but appearance? Weeell, when I say "back then," it does feel like I'm talking about someone else.

We are the same person. but there isn't much of a link, it seems.”

I'm getting even more confused.

The blond kid frowns, and continues reluctantly.

“I'll give you a hint. I am the person Onii-san probably hates the most.

That should narrow it down quite a bit, right? Onii-san, you have just as many people that don't get along with you as anyone else, but there shouldn't be many people that you hate.”

There isn't even a hint of sarcasm in the boy's voice.

Even knowing that he's disliked, his smile is still just as sincere.

His blood-red eyes look at me straight―――wait a minute...?

Red eyes and gold hair...yeah, I think I know one guy that fits that profile.


Nah, can't be.

It can't be, but that boy somehow looks... no, more like has similar parts to that guy.

“Um―――did he have a little brother, by any chance...?”

“Too bad, but I have no blood relatives. I've always wanted to have a sibling or a companion, though.”

An innocent, angelic smile.

“Ah, but please don't worry. Saber-san isn't my type yet.

Well, if I lose to her, something unexpected may still happen, but for now, I'm not pursuing her.”


The water in my brain has just evaporated.

So basically...

This blond boy is, that...

“I'm him. It was along the lines of:

《What an infantile mess. I refuse to put up with this nonsense.》

So it looks like I drank a youth potion. I really don't get myself.”

“―――No way.”

This can't be right. No, this really couldn't be right. No, even if there was some mistake, this really, really, couldn't be right.

I mean, how could he have been such a nice little kid when he was young...!

“Onii-san, I know what you're thinking. I did ask a lot of other people and got the same reaction. I know it's my fault.

...Why do I end up doing things that make people hate me...”

Hard to answer even though it's about myself, no, because it is about my own self, thus sighs the blond boy.

“Oh, everyone's calling me.

See you later, Onii-san. Oh, and you shouldn't do anything dangerous by yourself. Mmm, I think it would be a good idea to do a lot of other stuff first.

If you do that, I'll be able to go back to my old self, too.”

With a polite bow, the little blond kid is about to leave.

“Wai―――wait. What do you mean?”

“I'm sorry. I can't tell you. I was told by my Master that I couldn't tell you.

Remember? I have a past record. I was told to stay put until Lancer died, but there I went, off to see Saber-san.

―――Why do I have to end up doing that kind of stuff...”


That was during the Heaven's Feel half a year ago when he impaled Caster.


“Master? But Kotomine isn't here anymore. I know that for sure.”

Yes. Even if all the Servants are remaining, even if a Master is here that shouldn't be.

Only Kotomine Kirei is definitely dead.

“Yes, that's right. My Master is Kotomine.

But, Kotomine is certainly dead. He's already gone.

Because of that, Kotomine Kirei has nothing to do with this current situation. You should just think that I'm just part of the peanut gallery. Yep. I really have nothing to do with this incident.”

The blond boy runs down the stairs.

The children rejoice at the return of their idol.

As I watch the scene, stunned as I am, I lock the fact that that boy is HIM in my memory.

...Of course, not that it makes any damn sense.

Emiya's・Day 2 Rider, reading, and the jealous Sakura


“―――By the way.

Are you happy to be with me, Shirou?”


The sudden question causes my hand to stop halfway through turning the page.

“...It is nothing. Seeing you read with a difficult expression on your face prompted me to ask.

Please ignore it and continue with your book.”


It's been thirty minutes since I've started reading in Rider's room.

Sometimes I excuse myself into her room to read like this, but it's probably the first time she has tried to speak to me as I'm reading.

“Oh, I'm just not used to this type of printing, and I do like the atmosphere of this place.

How about you? Am I bothering you by being here?”

“I do not really mind.

And I am also used to seeing you frown whenever I look up to rest my eyes.”

“I see. In that case, I'll help myself...”

Shoving the mountain of books aside, I grab the next one.

I found one in English, but it was completely beyond me.

Let's try something normal next... So, what's with this all-out girly Harl[ruby text=publisher]equin romance stuff?

“...Hm, the summary looks interesting... Rider, do you read these kinds of books, too?”

"Was it any good?" is the message I'm trying to convey through my stare.

“I was not that much into it.

But I can only speak for myself.”

Hm, so not that great.

...Well, this one looks a little long, so I'll put it off until next time. Let's go with this short one about a swordsman.

“Ah, right. Rider, would you like some tea? I'll go make some.”

“...Ah, no... not really.

But if you are going to, then I shall join you as well.”

Was it unnecessary to interfere?

Since Rider's so into reading, then I should immerse myself into it, too, or just borrow a book and go back to my room.


“Mm? Yeah, sorry to disturb you. I'll go back to my room, so you can just...”

“As I have said, I do not mind your being here.

...Um, here is a simple question. What kind of books do you tend to read?”


This is a rare occurrence.

Maybe her book isn't that interesting?

“Well, I read everything, but I don't really get attached to anything in particular. The reason I'm here is because of your influence as an ardent reader.”

“In other words, you have no particular taste. I see, that is just like you.”

She laughs.

...I feel kind of like a kid being laughed at by an older woman.

“What, it's not that different from you, Rider.

These books are all over the place, nothing in common whatsoever. You have many interests, which means that you don't have a particularly high interest in anything.”

“A book I especially like?

Indeed, I can't say that I have a particular... genre that I like.

But speaking in your terms, Shirou, for me, "reading" itself is an interest.”


I clap my hands together.

Rider doesn't distinguish between non-fiction, novels, periodicals. Rider just likes books themselves, the type is unimportant to her.


I get this passing curiosity about what ultimate collection Rider might be hiding in the closet over there...

“...Oh no, hold your horses, don't be hasty. I'll need a lot more than my mortal self to ever see that...”

“? What is it, Shirou? For a moment there it looked as if you had something truly frightening flash through your head.”

“No, no. Anyway, you were saying that reading itself is your hobby.

But then, there must have been some particularly interesting books you've read? If so, please tell me.”

“...Let me see...

I would not go as far as call them "interesting," but there have been a few that were particularly well-done.

If you tell me a few books you were touched by, then I could give you some recommendations.”

“Mmm...? Books that touched me... that's a difficult request.”

A book that really left an impression on me... I can't really say I've had one like that.

I've never given myself much time for reading until now, and it shows.

“...Well, now that we have you, there's no shortage of reading material.

But Rider, reading's fine and all, but don't you have any other hobbies? You're good at sports, and it would be great if you could find one more activity that you like.”

“...An activity... hmm. I do think that my life is already sufficiently comfortable as it is.”

“Well, perhaps it is, but if it was more like...”

...Rider doesn't go out to Shinto on her own.

Perhaps, just perhaps, date-level arrangements are the only thing she would go out to Shinto for.

“Please do not worry. I am enjoying life in my own way.

....Well then, if I say that I am doing something when you are not looking―――would you believe me?”


Seeing her seductive smile, my heart skips a beat.

...If she says that she's doing something I don't know about with a face like that, I really can't help but imagine bad things.

“Hehe. Please relax. It's definitely nothing like sucking blood from the citizens of this city. I just have my own way of having fun.

I am a woman, after all. In other words, I am not as impenetrable a person as you and Sakura believe.”

That seductive smile turns into a happy one.

I'm just about to breathe a sigh of relief, when...

“Rider, are you there?”

“Is that you, Sakura? Please come in.”

Sakura enters.

I get up to make room for her as she comes in.

“Rider, I have something to ask... Oh? Senpai, you're here, too?”

“Yeah, I dropped in to read for a bit.”

“Yes. Shirou does spend time here like this on occasion. He seems to be taking my room for a library.”

Rider says that as if giving up in amazement.

But her voice was soft, so she must be not at all dissatisfied with such treatment.

And I am happy that she thinks that way.

“...Yeah, that's pretty much it. Please don't mind me, Sakura. I'm just reading my book... but...

If it's a serious matter, I can leave.”



Sakura looks at me, then at Rider.

“Senpai, can I disturb you for a moment?”

“S-Sure, what is it? Didn't you had something to talk to Rider about though?”

“That was so, but I remembered something urgent. So please come.”

“...? If that's the case, sure...

Rider, can I leave my book here? I'll continue with it when I come back.”

“Yes. You can leave it like that.

But Sakura. What was it that you wanted to ask me?”

“Eh... It's okay. I told you, I can ask that later.”


...W-What's with this tension...?

Rider is thinking about something with a grave expression―――

“―――I am truly sorry, Sakura.”


“Er, umm... Rider, why are you saying that?”

“I really am sorry.

Should I really say what I am apologizing for?”

“I-It's okay! Just stay here, Rider!”

“Then I shall do that.

―――Again, I am terribly sorry, Sakura.”

Sakura starts backtracking.

I don't know what Rider's apologizing about, but I guess receiving those apologies can be quite burdensome...

“...So, Sakura. What did you need me for?”

“Ah, right! S-So...!

P-Please come this way, Senpai!”

She drags me out.

And Rider, as if completely oblivious...

“Shirou, I know it is sudden, but I have changed my mind.

I will lend you that book, so please enjoy it at your leisure. I suddenly want to read by myself.”

“? But, Rider, just now ―――”

“Really, Senpai! Please come quickly.”

“Sakura, is it because of the dinner plans? Should I cook the fish, after all? Are the mackerels in the fridge not enough? Should we really use new rice?”


“It's not about dinner? Then is it about the archery club?”


Sakura finally stops.

Whatever her story is, she takes a deep breath and then,


She tilts her head in confusion.


“Ah... I'm sorry. What was it I needed to do?”

...Uh, that's what I'd like to ask.

“That's... quite a memory lapse.

Sakura, have you been working too hard lately?”

“N-No, that's not it, but...”

“No, that's definitely it. You can rest for today. I'll take care of dinner tonight.

Alright. I'll head back to Rider's room for the―――”

“D-D-D-Don't! S-Senpai, you're right, it's about dinner, right, let's get started on it now!”

...She's way too energetic.

I guess I was just mistaken about her fatigue.

“Sure, but isn't it way too early?”

“It doesn't matter! With four, five people, it is certainly a lot more than before, and it's autumn! The season of good appetite!”

“Ah, well... you and Saber might actually feel that way. As well as Fuji-Nee.”

“Right! A-And since it's an appetizing season, it'd be great if we did our best, too!”

"Ahahaha~," she laughs unnaturally.

...It feels like she thinks she'll lose something if she doesn't drag me into the kitchen right this moment.

“...All right. Tonight's dinner is important to you, right?

Then I'll do my best, too. First, let's go ask Rider what she'd like for dinner.”

“T-T-T-That won't do! Rider doesn't care about food, so it would just be awkward!”

Something's up.

Sakura's behavior is way too suspicious.

...But even then.

This is, how should I put it―――?

“See, look here. I actually brought your apron! It's a new one with a really cute fried egg and crab on it! I thought it would fit you so well, I went and bought it in secret!”

"Look, look, it really does fit you!" she says, overjoyed.

I really don't know why, but this in itself...

How should I put it... just looking at it makes me feel energized.

“All right. I still don't get what this is all about, but I now understand how you feel.

I'll lend you a hand, so let's make a festive dinner that will surprise everyone.”

“I-I did it! Thank you, Senpai! Please try on the apron!”

"Yay," she puts the apron on me, overflowing with joy.

...Alright then.

There's been a change of plans, but it's refreshing to see Sakura's smiling face.

I'll try all my tricks to make something grand tonight.

Emiya Residence・Start of Night Things to do

Emiya Residence・Night Map monster

I'm at the door to Rider's room.


I don't particularly enjoy this, but I must have Rider's input on the matter at hand.

I couldn't ask in the morning since the situation didn't present itself. It should be a little easier to have a serious face-to-face conversation flowing at this hour.

“Hey, Rider, there's something I want to ask...”

I speak out as I slide the door open.

We'll chat for a bit, then, depending on how it goes, I'll try asking about her real intentions.

“I see. To be honest, anything is fine with me as long as no harm comes to Sakura. Even if that means the Heaven's Feel takes on its full course and destroys the whole town in process.”


Not having Sakura around turned out to be a plus. She speaks her mind calmly and with no reservations.

On a second thought, that's definitely a minus. The intensity of her reply sends shivers down my spine.

“...I see. Um, so, not that Sakura would want to fight, but if she does, then you're saying you're prepared to go into battle, right?”

“If Sakura wants to win, then that's how it will be.

I will do everything I can. This time, we are prepared to win the Heaven's Feel. Just as the school was dyed blood-red, I am prepared to make an even bigger Blood Fort that would put Caster to shame.

Should you stand in the way, no exception will be made for you, either, Shirou.”


...This is problematic. If, although it's a really big if, by a stroke of really bad luck Sakura decides to make such a decision, I can't tell Rider that I won't go against her. Painful as it is...

If Sakura were to lose her way, then I will have no choice but to resist.

Rider knows this full well, and she didn't ask me to ally with Sakura.

“Alright, theories aside.

It sure is a surprise. I thought of you as a much more passive character than this.”

I did not expect to hear that she would sacrifice the whole town's population from her.

The image of Rider that I got over the last six months is that of a girl that has many interests, but simply does not act on most of them.

“Yes, I believe your analysis is right. I am not used to acting on my own, after all.

But, if a chance were to arrive, it would be a different story. If I have to fight, I will fight with all I have.

When it's time to kill, I will kill. No mercy. No pity. So that the opponent cannot rise a second time, so that he cannot ever think of challenging me again.”


...Seems like my body has literally frozen up.

Her mystic eyes, although hidden behind the glasses, seem to paralyze my extremities.

“...But I guess that's only when you have to fight.

No, even if Sakura were to fight, she would not permit such a thing. Am I wrong?”

“...That is right. But, Sakura's and my methods are fundamentally different. Saber has said that as well. When the time comes, I will have to make a choice.

I do not deny it. I do not have a noble soul like Saber does. If I had to fight, my own self will change and kill anyone around me as needed.”

...I get an unpleasant feeling of deja vu.

The signs of self-derision in Rider's reply...

Many ominous images flash through my head.

“No,――― that won't happen, Rider.

We've lived for half a year under one roof. Whether you like it or not, I can still have an idea of what kind of a person you are. You―――I won't let you bring yourself to that level.”

It's because of the nausea.

Foolishly, unlike my usual self, I let my feelings get the better of me.

“...Shirou. This is a good chance. I'll tell you one thing.

I am a monster. Just like in the tales you have heard, I am a mythical being that is feared by humans.

These hands have been tainted by blood. I have been challenged by many brave warriors, yet I have devoured every single one of them.

Although I may have the form of a human as you see me now, no one can deny that fundamental truth.”

“...I know the Medusa's myth.

But those were all intruders in the first place. You were always on the side receiving the attacks.”

It wasn't Rider's fault that she was turned into an ugly monster or that she was hunted by humans.

The female monster by the name of Medusa has always been a victim in the end.

“...And because of that, the Rider that I know will not harm anyone. You care for Sakura, and you watch out for the rest of us, too. You truly are a good person.”

“...That is because I am a Heroic Spirit of Medusa.

Servants, no, Heroic Spirits are summoned in the form they had at their peak. This current me is actually nothing more than just the monster that was called Medusa, but in a human form.”

“...But, since I am Medusa, there are sides of me that turn into monsters.

I am not a human as you imagine it.

I am truly the definition of a monster, a being who is endlessly monstrous, endlessly expanding... an inherently evil being, as far as humans are concerned.”


...I've actually thought about it before.

The difference between the female monster in Greek mythology and Rider's present form.

I simply assumed that the myth was wrong.

But―――such naive thoughts are no consolation in this predicament.

“I have killed. I have changed ever more with each death.

As my name became more famous, the number of humans who came to challenge me increased with it.

Humans, demons and heroes all coexist. Humans cannot win against demons. No matter how many thousands of soldiers are sent, humans just cannot go against monsters. To uphold this fundamental law, I have fortified my self as a monster to mature even stronger.”

The food chain between humans, demons and heroes.

Humans cannot win against demons, demons are defeated by heroes, and heroes are put down by humans.

Obeying that rule, the now-transformed monster Medusa endlessly murdered humans to grow stronger, only to be sacrificed to one lone hero―――

“―――That is what I am, Shirou. You do not know my real self.

You cannot imagine how many warriors this "self," secluded in its temple, has devoured as it matured over the years.

...Even for me, it's impossible to comprehend just what sort of a monster I could become.”

No matter how much I try to overlook it, her real self is that of a monster, Rider explains matter-of-factly.

I have neither right nor power to deny that.

“...Why... are you saying this now?

I have never looked at you in that light, and that will not change.

Just the same as Saber―――”

Just before, I thought I'd tell her not to fight needlessly―――hearing the confession it lead to, I fully regret it.

“...It's pathetic, but all I can say is, "Don't do it."”

“No, I am partly to blame, too. I wanted to tell you this and make you feel uncomfortable, as well.”

“But I am satisfied with this. The misconceptions you had of me all this time have made me happy and troubled at the same time.

Thus, just in case, I wanted you to know the whole truth.”

I no longer sense the dark shadows that have lingered up until now.

Rider, already her usual self, quickly bows her head.

“I am sorry to have made you worry, but please do not forget, Shirou. I will become a monster that eats humans when the time arises.”

In her voice I can sense a faint pleading tone.

“―――Okay. When that time comes, I will strengthen my resolve, too.

But that's entirely hypothetical. As long as Sakura is your Master, "that time" will never arise.”

I wonder how much of her feelings I understood.

Unable to look her straight in the eye, I leave the room.

Day 3

Streets・Day 3 Killing and a fancy bear


No later than she produced that joyful utterance, Illya dashed into the shop.

“Illya, don't run, or you'll trip.”

My voice can no longer reach her.

Well then, it seems I've been left all alone at the storefront, but...


I am pierced by all kinds of stares from around me. This is a boys-prohibited fancy shop, and the discomfort is nothing to joke about.

An urge to flee takes over me for a brief moment, but I can't just leave Illya behind.


“Shirou, you're still here? You're slow!”

Illya returned to lead me inside by the hand. Only with that did the stares from around me soften up a bit.

―――To begin with, we're here simply because she asked.

During one of her raids, Illya saw Saber with her usual stuffed lion.

And after teasing Saber for a while,

“I want one, too.”*

...And thus we're here to buy Illya a stuffed toy.

Saber's lion is a unique item - Fuji-Nee won it at a game center. I can't get another one like that.

So instead, I'm going to buy Illya a stuffed animal she likes.

“Hmmm, which one...”

Well, leaving that aside.

She does look charming, in her own way, as she examines all the various toys.

“Say, Shirou, I wonder what kind of relationship it looks like we have.”

“What kind...? Well, let's see...”

Siblings would be impossible. Our hair and eye colors are completely different, and we look nothing alike.

We're too close in age to be parent and child. Well, going with the most appropriate―――

“With such a cute girl, don't I look like an older brother looking after you?”

“Eh, cute? Really?”

“Yep, I do think you're cute.”

Flattery or not, I think Illya is cute just the way she is.

―――But then, that doesn't extend to the part about Berserker and saying things like, "I'll just kill you."

That's where terror surpasses it by a wide margin.

“Hmm, then escorting such a cute girl around must be quite troublesome for you, too.”

“What is?”

“Uh, what was that. People could mistake you for the kind of guy that likes little girls like me? Rin said something like that, but I forgot.”

―――Oh great. What on Earth did Tohsaka teach her?

...On the other hand, it's a perfectly logical assumption after seeing me walk around places like these together with Illya.

If I get spotted by a classmate, who knows what misunderstandings will happen?

Well, a rumor with no basis to it will stay just that - a baseless rumor, so I'd better maintain my dignity.

“Or, maybe you can really become mine?”

Illya clings tightly to my arm.

...I take back what I said. There's no way to do this in a dignified manner.

“N-No, that's impossible! B-Besides, it's wrong for humans to be the property of others!”

As gently as I can, I shake her off my arm, staying as discreet as possible.

“Hmph, fine.

Sooner or later, you're going to wish you became mine, and you'll regret this.”

“Haha. If that happens, good.”

Apparently dissatisfied with my answer, she puffs her cheeks and goes back to looking at stuffed animals.

Eventually, she finds something cat-like and turns back towards me.

“Hey, Shirou, how's this one?”

Would you call that a catman or something? At any rate, that's the toy she's holding out in front of me.

“...All I see is one lazy cat.

I really don't know what makes a stuffed animal good. But if you like it, then it should be fine?”

“What are you talking about? This will be your new body, shouldn't you take it seriously?”

――――Come again?

What did she say just now?

“Illya, wait a minute. Um, what was that supposed to mean?”

“Secret, secret. Ah, this one's cute, too~♪ It's like it's teasing me~♪”

Her eyes happily move on to the next toy.

“........................Perhaps it's time to make a run for it.”

I already hate myself for thinking that I couldn't leave Illya behind just a moment ago.

N-No, that surely was a joke, for sure!

......But to be on the safe side, I'd better splurge on some dessert on the way home, just to curry her favor, hahaha...

School・Day 3 Mitsuzuri Minori

“Hey, wait. Aren't you Emiya-senpai?”


I look back towards the voice trying to stop me.

And discover an underclassman that I'm sure I've seen somewhere.

“Huh? You are...”

“Mitsuzuri Minori, freshman. I'm a member of the archery club, as you might know.”

“Ah, you're Mitsuzuri's little brother. I knew I saw you somewhere.”

Now that I think about it, I've seen him around since early spring.

Sakura vouches that his archery skills aren't too shabby.

Mitsuzuri, just for the sake of it, criticizes him as being the opposite, but knowing how strict her family is, he's probably got quite a promising future.

“...How about you stop calling me "Mitsuzuri's little brother"? Out with formalities. Just "Minori" or "you" will do, Emiya-senpai.”

“Okay, so just "Minori"?”

“Yes. Bet both of us could use the simplicity.”

I wonder if he's being impolite on purpose or because he just is.

Either way, I can't say he makes a good first impression.

“So, what do you need, Minori? Is that all you stopped me for?”

“I need nothing from you. But, don't you think it's an eyesore to have someone just lounging about in the archery club? Since you are a former member, I thought I'd ask what you were doing.”

“I was checking something out. You're going back home after the club, right?”

“Don't act as if you know everything. I was going to drop off some stuff in the classroom first.”


I see.

But even then, this is the seniors' hallway. I don't think there are any freshmen classes here.


We both keep our silence.

Minori seems to have something on his mind, but he's certainly not saying it.

...Strange... he seems to be the type that would spill it out without restrain.

“So, how's the archery club? What do you think of the captain, as a member?”

I want to hear the freshman's perspective, not that of Mitsuzuri or Fuji-Nee.

“Well, I think Captain Matou is doing a good job.

It's hard to progress when there are a lot of novices like me, but surely everyone can grasp it by next year.”

“I see. I was worried Sakura might be overworking herself, so hearing that from a current member is a relief.”

“......What are you talking about, you've quit the club. She doesn't need your concern. Sounds as if you still have some lingering affection or something, ugh.”


He's full of hostility.

Perhaps Mitsuzuri's little brother is really upset by the fact that I've quit the club halfway through.

“Hey, did you come to pick a fight with me because I quit?”

“I don't really care. Despite having a fair bit of skill, you've still quit, so you must have had a good reason.

...It's a refresher when you show up, and my sister seems to be in a better mood when you come, too. So it ain't bad.”


I don't get it.

Then why all this hostility?

“If that's all, then do you mind? I still have stuff to do around the school.”

“Ah... no, wait just a second.

I don't have any business with you. However―――

Sister said that you'd know more about this.

Stuff like... um, captain's hobbies, likes... I would like for you to tell me some.”


Nooow I get it... Uh, this is the one time I wish I didn't...

“So I thought I'd ask. If you don't know, s'all good, too.”

“Er, well, I kind of do. But what are you going to do with that? If you're going to use it for something silly, then I'll have to end this here.”

“...Not that I have to tell you.”

“Same. I don't feel like answering to you, either.”

“...feh. Just like she said, a shrewd fella.”

The boy curses me softly.

His attitude is a little stiff, but Minori seems to be a reasonable guy otherwise.

“You see... The reasons are entirely personal. I won't misuse it. I'm just going to refer to it as I buy a gift.”

“Ah, I see. In other words, you like Sakura, right?”

“I-It's not that I like her or something.

But the fall tournament starts soon, and I wanted to do something for the captain, since she looks so tired.”

He answers calmly.

Except that his burning red face is about to set me ablaze as well.

“Hmm. I see, I see.

―――So, what is it about Sakura that you like?”

“...Hey, are you even listening to me?”

“Sure am. And that's what I'd like to hear about.”

“Sincerity, zero. I don't want to talk.”

"Hmph," he turns his face away.

And again silence.




“...........................There isn't really a reason. She's a beauty, that's all.”

It seems like he gave in to the silence.

Mmm. I'm sure Mitsuzuri loves to make fun of a character like this.

“Beauty, eh? That's one big compliment. Now, don't you think Mitsuzuri is beautiful too?”

“Wha, she's incomparable! My sister isn't even a girl to begin with!”

―――Oh wow.

That's one bombshell of a statement to make while Mitsuzuri's anywhere within a kilometer-wide radius from here. This man is not to be underestimated.


“Uh, no, I misspoke... please don't tell my sister I said that.”

“Yeah, no need to even ask.”

She'd shoot me to death first if I did.

I'm putting my life first before the possible hilarities that could ensue.

“Let's go back to the main topic, Minori.

So, what about the captain do you like?”

“..................Um... maybe her maturity?”

“Hmm, hmm. Anything else?”

“...Sometimes, the way that her cheeks become red when she'd spill some tea without others noticing. Or maybe her gentle spirit when she's having fun... I find that fascinating, albeit rare.”

“Right, right... Okay, my turn next.

Sakura's current hobby is cooking, she likes obanyaki from Edomaeya, and the stuff she wants... some kind of casual clothing, I guess?”

I'm not too sure about the last one, but I think I've heard something like that from Rider.

“...You... is it okay to tell me all that?”

“It can't be helped. I've heard so much, it's only fair that I tell you.”


The third bout of silence.

But since it doesn't look like there will be any accomplishments after this, I'll end it here.

“Alright then, good luck with the tournament.”

“Yep... No, I don't need to hear that from you. I'll do my best on my own.”

And Minori is on his way.

...Well, what do you know.

I knew Sakura is popular, but to think that even Mitsuzuri's brother...

“...Her maturity, eh...?”

Caught me off-guard, what can I say.

Maybe it's just Minori-kun, or maybe that's how the underclassmen see it... Either way, Sakura has become one fine senpai―――

Emiya Residence・Start of Night Things to do

Emiya Residence・Night Map Stray tiger


Another long, tiring day. Just a normal day, as always, but all the events today really tired me out.

I take a bath and brush my teeth.

I turn down the gas, lock the doors, and that should be it.

“Huh? I wonder if Fuji-Nee went home.”

It'd be bad if I locked everything up while she's still here.

...No, wait, she has the house key, and it's not like she'd leave everything wide open when going home.

Escort her home...? Nah, she has a scooter now, that'd be pretty hard.

Besides, the Fujimura Group members might come to greet her on the way. If so, she should be well protected.

“It's okay, let's just go to bed...”

Good night, may tomorrow be another good day...




Did we ever have such fun things in this house?



W-Who is it?! All of a sudden?!

“Why are you sleeping so peacefully, Shirooou~!”

“Ouch! You're Fuji-Nee, aren't you!?”

“Ahaa~, you thought Saber-chan would do something like this? Don't say that, Shirou. It's been three hours since the pizza and I'm hungry!”

“Don't act so proud of yourself! Not even Tohsaka would kneedrop me as I'm sleeping...! Wait, you haven't gone home yet?”

“Not yet. The night is still young~”

...The clock says it's not quite ten o'clock yet.

By that time everyone's asleep, which is overly wholesome.

At least one person is up until the date changes.

“Everyone's falling asleep already, Onee-chan is bored~”

“Sakura's been busy with the club, Rider and Saber need to rest out of necessity, and everyone's tired. I am too...”

“Boring boooring~”

...We've got a spoiled brat here.

I wish she would focus this chaotic energy of hers on school or at least the Archery club.

“Nah, Fuji-Nee couldn't focus her energy like that.

Um. Yeah, anyway, Fuji-Nee, just go home and go to sleep already.”

“Mm~, I'll go home if Shirou plays with me.”

“...Play what with you? You want to play cards?”

I'm drowsy, but I'm not so sleepy that I can't endure this.

A midnight game with the two of us, I'm not sure if it makes me feel nostalgic or lonely.

“Mmmmm... is that stirring you up?”

“Anything is fine, but it needs to be doable with just two players... Poker or Speed?”

“Mm~... there's still a better chance of winning at Speed.”

“Guess Doubt was never your thing.”

I can tell a lie as soon as a card is dealt, after all.

Tohsaka and Sakura are both surprisingly good at this game, they're able to escape sticky situations quite well.

...Well, that aside.

“Mm~, I'm not that interested in it.”

“Yeah... Saber and Sakura would get fired up if they were here, but they're both sleeping.”

Going to wake them up would be too awkward.

I can't say that it's because Fuji-Nee is feeling lonely with a straight face―――

“It's been a long time since us two talked about things on our minds.”

“...Is there something on your mind? That you want to tell me.”

“Various things, topics you've been avoiding, like your future.”

Ah... Fuji-Nee touches on a painful spot.

That's right, Fuji-Nee is worried about my public and private matters, so I can't handle this sloppily.

“...Understood. I realize that we need to talk about it eventually, so go ahead.”

“It'd be difficult to talk about in front of Saber-chan or Sakura-chan, and you don't come to the guidance counseling office when called.”

“First of all, I don't think I've ever been called there... Right.”

Standing up from the futon.

"Huh?" she looks up at me with confusion...

“Hm? What's wrong, Shirou?”

“I'm going to make some tea. Is genmaicha fine?”

“Sure sure, and bring my mug, please~”

When a conversation starts getting long, it's best to have some tea.

Ah... right, the hot water in the pot's already cooled off.

I can't make tea unless I boil it again.

“I could boil it quickly in a kettle...”

I was going to be quick, but it took longer than I expected. My apologies to Fuji-Nee for the wait.

“...It was my idea in the first place. Well, I won't get smacked for making her wait a bit.”

In addition, she suddenly showed up tonight and woke me up with a kneedrop. I certainly wish she'd done that a little differently.

...That would be a luxury, Fuji-Nee has acted that way since way back when, and she'll continue to be like that.

“...But back then, I used to retaliate.”

So we had pretend martial arts, and you didn't win until the other tapped out from an armlock.

Back then Fuji-Nee was bigger than me. I wonder who would win if I went at her with all I have now.


Even though I've gotten taller, that doesn't mean I could beat her now.

While I was thinking about Fuji-Nee, the water got to the boiling point.

I quickly prepare the genmaicha, pouring it into Fuji-Nee's tiger-striped cup and mine.

“Now then, let's see how patient she was.”

If she sneaked into Saber's room in the meantime, it would sure be a relief, but it could become problematic.

“Hey Fuji-Nee, the tea...”

I start to say, but stop myself.

While I was getting the tea, she has already dozed off. And right on top of my futon, no less.


I went through the trouble of making this tea, only to see it go to waste.

She came into my room uninvited, said she wanted to talk, then when I take my eyes off of her, she falls asleep.

“...Truly. This big sister of mine just can't be helped.”

I put a blanket over her so she doesn't get cold.

And the tea... I brought it here, I'll help myself to it.

My bed is now occupied. I'll have to suck it up, take a blanket and go sleep on the cushion in the living room or something.

“Mm... mmmm, Shirou... mu~nya~nya~...”

Fuji-Nee talks in her sleep happily.

“...See you then. Good night, Fuji-Nee.”

See you tomorrow.

Tonight, I'll probably have a nostalgic dream.

Day 4

Streets・Day 4 Shin-chan and the sea

“Ah, Shinji.”

A little before ten in the morning, the port is still empty, and there's no one but Shinji just standing there.

“Fishing... no, that's not it.”

Empty-handed, he just stares at the sea absent-mindedly.

“Hey, Shinji...”


“What are you doing? Are you waiting for someone?”

“...Shut up. Leave me alone.

Everyone hates me, anyway. Nowhere do I appear, and even if I do, it's a minor role, and when I come to fish to relieve some stress, idiotic things happen to me!”

“So, Emiya, what do you think? Sakura appears ○× times, whereas I only appear three times.

Amazing... even if you count with one hand, you still have fingers left over. Isn't it totally unbalanced? I mean, there's no such a thing as a little sister that's better than her brother...”

And he just moves to a far corner of the port.

...He curls up like a pillbug into a ball, and I think he may be about to lose it.

He'd probably welcome a cardboard box to cover himself up.

Seeing him down like this, I try to hold back the tears welling up in my throat.

“Hey, don't be so down. You can do it, Shinji! Get up once again, Shinji!

Not recognizing your own unfortunate situation and not reading the mood are your strengths! You know it!”

And so I try my best to cheer him up.

“...I don't wanna. I'm tired... I'm naturally emo. I'm definitely a Matou.

My grandfather, father, and even my father's little brother could only sulk like this, because sulking fit them.”

And he curls up even more.

Well... it takes an extraordinary person to behave in such a manner at a place as pleasant as this.

“...Would you just go away, already?

I'm waiting against fate.

It's my last chance to become a main character.

Empty-handed Emiya is not the one I need.”

He gives me a, "Shoo, shoo." I am unwanted here.


Mmm... I can't really think of anything else to try right now.

Let's come back here later.

Lancer・Harbor Lancer

Lancer・Harbor Lancer's Heaven I

A clear sky.

The autumn mood is covered up by the intense sunlight.

The soft ocean breeze gently caresses my face. Only the screeching of seagulls breaks the peaceful silence of the docks.

Without argument, this is a perfect location.

Fuyuki harbor seems like a place that would be favored by families or couples going out for a walk, however...

With the arrival of this gangster-looking guy, a boundary field seems to have appeared around this place...!

“To be honest, it actually does fit with the scene.”

In fact, the harmony is downright frightening.

Like a swordsman naturally becoming one with his surroundings, this scene has to involve a pro.

As a token of admiration, I'll get a can of coffee from the vending machine.

“Hey, are they biting?”

“Yep, little by little. A pile of mackerel, four black porgies, and three filefish for now.”

“Guh... What? No way. You can catch those at the docks?”

“It's the ocean, ya know. 'course there's a large variety.

Well, anyhow, it's a bit of a mix, but hey, it's a rare one.”

A rare mix, indeed.

As I pass over the canned coffee, I sneak a peek at his fishing bucket.

There is actually even more variety in the catch than Lancer said.

“Lots of mackerel.”

“For some reason, they bite right after I lower the hook. Oh, I also caught an octopus not long ago.”

That fishing rod has been enchanted.

At this rate, he could rule the sushi world using this rod, this guy... wait a moment.

Looking carefully, there is a critical problem.

“Lancer, you'll be fishing all day long, right? Don't you have a fishing stand?”

As the name suggests, a fishing stand is something that supports the fishing rod. It's an indispensable piece of equipment for long fishing trips.

Fishing rods are fairly heavy, and in some cases even a slight vibration will cause the fish to flee.

If one is to fish using a rod for half a day or more, a stand is a must have.

“Ah... Sounds handy, but I ain't got no need for one. Just looking at the rod, the line and the ocean makes me happy.

'course, I get even happier when a fish bites.”

As Lancer keeps grumbling, his fishing rod remains motionless.

Lancer's arm strength is simply astonishing.

And not just strength, but machine-like precision over a long time, as well.

“So you're saying you don't want to rely on any modern equipment. Is that how you ended up with that fishing rod?”

“Ah, it's all because of one generous dude!

I spent all day curing him of his cowardice and he gave me this as a token of appreciation. For some reason, I never saw him again!”

Lancer laughs out loud.


Lancer-sensei, that "cure" sounds more like threatening.

“Right, that dude was called Matou or something.”

“Ah, that Shinji!”

Now that I think about it, no wonder that guy always wandered by the docks alone...

“...So now that you got it, you're making sure it gets put to good use. Is it every day that you get so absorbed in fishing?

...I mean, I'm definitely relieved to know that you've settled down. But, is fishing really that exciting?”

“One could say that it's a fun exercise.

I am quite proud of my fishing skills. I am the best Servant at fishing.

That eminent Greek hero, the bootlegger from some stray road, and that meager prince who can't even hold a rod - they can never enter the men's angling world.”


It felt like a crevice opening up.

I sense an imminent storm approaching this small dock.

“Is it all right to talk about them like that? You know, trouble often starts from your mouth, Lancer.”

“Hmm? Are you talking about retribution for talking behind people's backs? It wont go out unless you don't keep your mouth shut.

In any case, I don't care if it does. I'll take up a fight any day.”

No intention to start a conflict, but willing to accept any challenge. Is that Lancer's attitude?

"Yo," Lancer lifts up the rod.


“Yep, mackerel.”

Not satisfied with his catch? Lancer removes the hook and tosses the fish back into the ocean.


The conversation ends here.

There's no place that's harder to cope with than a fishing ground with nothing to talk about.

“Sorry for bugging you. I'll leave you to your catch.”

“Right. Thanks for the coffee.”

I leave the docks behind.

People... They can't understand each other if they don't communicate.

To me, the dock is filled with boredom, but it's also Lancer's favorite place to be.

The docks are as joyous as a summer day.

Let's pray the tranquility won't be ruined by those senseless intruders...

Emiya Residence・Start of Night Things to do