Loop 8

Day 1

Town・Day 1 Her holiday villa

Town・Day 1 Return of the wise man

“...That's right. What the hell am I doing?”

I keep saying the town is strange, but what's really strange is this recklessness of mine.

There's nothing remotely suspicious about it, and not one particle of me feels like staying around here.

Alright, let's head back to the part of town with actual people in it.

Town・Day 1 Spearman at work (flower shop edition)

As I'm walking around with no particular goal in mind, looking for clues...

“Oh. Emiya, what a surprise. What brings you here?”

I suddenly come across Mitsuzuri.

“What do you mean? It's not like there's something odd about taking a walk in the park.

Just something to pass the time. Aren't you here for a walk, too?”

“Me? I don't have that much free tim―――Ahh, that's right. You have lots of free time, eh?

Alright, then I have a job for you. Go see someone as a former archery club member.”


“Remember Saeda-san, third year?”

“Kind of. A rather restless girl with a ponytail, right?”

“Right. She was suddenly hospitalized, and visiting her on behalf of the archery club ended up being my responsibility.”

“What's the injury?”

“Haha. As usual, you only worry about somebody else's problems.

Don't worry, it's nothing serious, just acute intestine inflammation.”

“And so I need to get flowers, get-well gifts and stuff―――Well, the present captain Matou is busy with something, and so I volunteered as the former captain.”

“Mm... huh?”

The florist's storefront caught me by surprise.

...Before, it was filthy―――that would be kind of rude, but it certainly didn't feel very clean.

But now, it looks like a completely different store.


Oh, the new clerk's coming, enthusiastic much?

A tall man in an apron suddenly emerges from the back――――


He really looks like someone... that I... know...

Haha, no way. That guy a florist? It's probably just a coincidence.

But he's actually looking at me with a smile―――

“Oh, it's you, kid. What's up?”

...It's him, no doubt about it.

“Ah... Um, I mean, can I ask what you're doing?”


“Can't ya tell by just looking? Part time, it's a part time job. A youngster like you would know, it ain't that mysterious.”

“First of all, the way that apron suits you is a mystery...”

“Don't say that. Can't knock on a stranger's door and expect their hospitality to include food and drink, not in this era. Gotta pay off at least the drinking allowance, ya know.”

“...Is that right? Sounds like you have it rough, too.”

“Yeah. But still, there's a side benefit. This place is like a lure if I put some effort into it.”

"Whaddaya think," Lancer points to the storefront.

What's the side benefit?

“...Do you know him, Emiya?”

“Someone I'd rather not know as well as I do, actually.”

“Hmm. You two seem rather close, though.”

“Welcome, miss. Are you looking for a flower?”

“Eh―――Ah, I need a bouquet for a hospital visit... Can I browse for something in my budget?”

Mitsuzuri quickly puts up two fingers.

Nodding, Lancer starts picking out flowers skillfully.

...He really does act like an actual florist.

“Flowers for a hospital visit, you say. You look like a student of Homurabara. Was it a friend of yours that this misfortune has befallen?”

“―――Um, a fellow club member. The archery club, to be exact.”


“Guh... in this day and age, when people have no sense of duty or honor, dedication to offer a flower to a fallen compatriot is something to be admired.

I couldn't quite get along with bow practitioners before, but sounds like you'd be just fine!”


It seems that this man mistakenly sees the "archery club" as some combat group whose members watch each others' backs in a bloody battle.

“I'm moved. I mean, to tears. Passing away in the care of a woman like you must inspire him, too - it's more blessing than a warrior could ever hope for!”

“Uh, she isn't dying. What we want isn't a floral tribute... Ahh, what the heck are you making!?”

I stop him as Lancer swiftly picks out a burial flower collection.

...But to be honest, his bouquet did show a pretty good sense of style.

“A warrior... Do you happen to practice martial arts, too?”

“Hm? Well, more or less, be it swords, bows, or even tanks. Spears are my specialty, though.”

“Sojutsu? The ancient martial art?”


"What kind of ancient art is that supposed to be?" his expression seems to ask.

“...Um, Mitsuzuri. I think, uh, you should leave it at that.

That aside, Lancer, mind making us a get-well bouquet instead?”

“What's with that attitude, Emiya? Are you saying I shouldn't be interested in martial arts?”

“Haha, this fella had a lot happen, bet he's still holding a grudge. One persistent guy he is. You're alive now, how 'bout ya call it off?”


I have a dreadful hypothesis.

Lancer is the kind of guy that goes, "It ain't no murder if no one found out" after stabbing someone's heart.

“Emiya. I don't know what it is, but being a sore loser isn't nice. You may have given up the bow, but please don't lose the martial artist's spirit with it.

Sulking over something so trivial, what's with that.”


Brushing it off with a, "you're alive, so what's the problem" - this world ought to be one big coliseum with fountains of blood and gore.

“But you know, I've never met a spearman before. Actually, I practice with a naginata myself...”

“Ah, now that you mention it, isn't that your specialty?”

“Yeah. It has a strong reputation as a kind of martial art suited for weak girls, so it's not very popular with guys.”

“Oh. Something like a halberd, basically... But, you know, there's no such thing as gender among warriors. It's only about whether you're fit for the job or not. And at any rate, my own spear...”

“Hey, wait. That's...”


A two meter long spear is being easily swung around by a florist's gentle hands.

As if transformed into a whip by a flick of his wrist, the spear roams freely about the shop―――

“That's right, it's been passed on to me by a certain female warrior. Too bad it's not well known in this land.”

Not a single petal fell in the flower-filled shop, and nothing but the desired flowers were plucked out.

“...Strange stuff, wow... I mean, it sure is an unusual technique.”

An unusual guy whipping out a spear to cut some flowers, more like it.

“Well, young lady, perhaps you and me could be Spear Brothers?”

“Oh, n-not at all! A skill this magnificent, someone like me could not stand to compare.”

“Nah, more so than skill, the utter lack of common sense needed to wave about a spear inside a flower shop...”

Huh? Not you, too, Mitsuzuri?

“Um, where did you happen to study spearmanship? I'd definitely be... ah, happy if you could spare some time to tell me about it.”

“I have as many old stories to tell as there are flowers here, if not more――― Right, all done.”


Lancer hands over the finished bouquet.

“It's soft and tender... as if expressing its creator's feelings. And with such an amazing skill of his...”

Mitsuzuri keeps admiring the bouquet.

“―――Hm, it really is great.”


“Flowers look their best especially in the hands of a beautiful martial artist. What a sight for sore eyes.”

Lancer laughs as he brushes off his apron.


“That ain't flattery. Just the truth.”

“Aha... But, you know, it's all fine with me.”

Mitsuzuri smiles happily.

I've known her since she came to Homurabara, and this is the first time I see her act girl-like.

“Well, this one's on me.”

He gives surprised Mitsuzuri one more flower.

“Um, this is?”

“For you, who remembers her comrades in arms―――amber color, wonder if I guessed right?”

“Uh, um, it's really not... I was just a little surprised.”

“Which reminds me, I didn't ask your name. I'm... well, just call me Lancer. That's the name I go by nowadays.”

“O-Okay. I――― My name is...”




“What? Why are you here!?”

“Hehe, I work around here, actually. And so the scent of flowers and Ayako caught me―――”

“Ah, the flowers, right! So you came here to pick some...”

“Oh no, I just went out to have lunch, and it was more for you than the flowers, Ayako.”

“What does your lunch have to do with me!?”

...Time for another of Rider's bad habits to show up.

Seems that she took a liking to Mitsuzuri, and is now closing in as if already on a date.

“All I want is a NORMAL love!!”


Hey, miss! The flowers! Come back!”

She's running away―――.

Today was the day I learned a lot about the side of Mitsuzuri I never knew existed.

“...So what's with dragging me along for shopping, I wonder?”

Emiya Residence・Start of Night・Ritual window

Emiya Residence・Start of Night Things to do

Night・Streets at night (battle)

Night・Peace and quiet (I)

Nothing that noticeable on this end of the residential district.

There is just no one walking outside, but there's nothing out of the ordinary otherwise.

“There are certainly no abnormalities... but I do feel that something is not quite right.”

More like the facts are contradicting each other.

We can hear the peaceful clamor of families enjoying their post-supper evening. The eve at Miyama is still lit up by the lights coming from these houses.

So then why is it that on a normal evening like this, we haven't passed by anyone else?

“Well, there's no danger, so who cares? On to the next one, let's go.”

I turn my back towards the oriental end of the residential district.

“――Ah. Saber, somebody just went inside that house. Looks like he just came back from work.”

The apparent shadow of a person smoothly entered his dwelling without even ringing the door chime.

“Is that true? I didn't notice.”

“Ah, so you couldn't see from over there. Oh well, at the very least, we did come across one person.”

Now that the missing piece has been found, we should go somewhere else.

Night・Return of the wise man

Day 2

Streets・Day 2 Cleaning with everyone

―――It's revenge.

The Tohsaka residence cleaning strategy that could never be fulfilled by just one person. Sweet revenge...!

“Right, four people is perfect.”

“Two warriors in the vanguard, two magi in the rear?”

“An attack formation... maybe I should have become a cleric instead...”

“Do not worry. Rider and I will both be there.

We will not leave the two of you in danger.”

This isn't just cleaning, we're discussing a pretty risky adventure here.

One could think we're talking about a haunted mansion infested with evil spirits.

“However, this aura... It brings out the memories of my warrior past and the mystery of ancient castles. I am tingling with excitement.”

“...Unusual as it is, but I do agree.

I, too, feel a longing not unlike that of an aged parental home from this house.”

“But monsters, in Tohsaka's house...?”

“...Oh no, there's gotta be some, a certain one being the prime example.”

...It's starting to look more and more like a dungeon.

Ack, maybe we'll run into treasure guarded by some kind of demon, something like a dragon or a giant.

“...Alright, not much to discuss here.”

“Ah, I have the key.

Ummmm, to unseal was...”

“Sakura, calm down and do like I taught you. It should be no problem for you now.”

“R-Right, it's all fine...!”

“It is now open. Let us go, Shirou.”

“After you, Sakura.”

Rider gently pushes on Sakura's shoulder.

“Right, um... E-Excuse us for intruding.”

“Shouldn't it be more like, "I'm home"?”

“I guess I can only say that at Senpai's house...”

“―――I see. Then please excuse us too.


Rider, coming in last, is looking around the entranceway.

“Huh...? Senpai, there are signs of repair still left on the door. And the tiles are kind of dirty also...?”

“Hm? Yeah, isn't it fine if it's been repaired?

We'll be cleaning the tiles in a moment, it's all good.”

The entranceway tiles have speckles of milk all over them.

“Ah, I'll take care of the kitchen, then.”

“Then, we will do the heavy lifting.”

Rider takes out an apron.

“Please do. You'd better change as well, Saber, you'll be covered in dust soon.”

“I will. I shall be over there.”

...Alright then.

Cleaning a mansion as big as Tohsaka's is going to require an extra bit of effort from all four of us.

“―――Thank you for waiting.

Where should we start?”

“...Uh, the "demonic castle adventure" comedy is over already.”

“Was there a custom of cleaning with your armor on in the old Britain?”

“No, this is my own precaution.

This is a magus' workshop. You never know what kind of danger might be lurking around.

I have already learned my lesson once at my former guardian's workshop. Since then, the lesson remained deep in my mind.”

To make even Saber wear full armor... Something unthinkable must have happened back then.

“As well as never stealing food again.

The moment I ate it, it became torture. Not just water torture, more akin to syrup torture. I was already prepared to die.”

“...That's called "suffering the consequences."”


Rider beckons me over.

“What is it, Rider?”

“If Saber wanders around the house like that, she may well end up breaking fixtures.”

“Yeah, I wonder if it wasn't the royal court magus that actually learned the lesson after letting her roam in the workshop.”

“...Hey, Saber, hold on a moment.”

“What is it?”

“Since we're dividing up the work, how about we leave the basement to you?

Rider and I will clean one floor each.”

“Understood. I will follow your plan.”

...Great. If it's anything like a stone storeroom, there shouldn't be anything to break.

Rider and I secretly breathe out a collective sign of relief.

“We should probably move this over here.”

“All right, let's put it―――here.”

The three-person sofa is easily lifted off the ground like some kind of stage prop.

“You're a great help, Rider.”

“...That is because I am the strongwoman.”

“Yeah, we really appreciate it.

Alright, I guess I'll do the bedding.”

“Should we dust the furniture, too?”

“...Maybe not. They all look antique, let's ask Sakura to do the equipment.”

“Roger that... And also, Shirou, what have you been sprinkling around since earlier?”

“Used tea leaves.”

“Tea leaves?”

“Yeah, if you do that, the hairs should come off the carpet easier.”


“You sprinkle plenty of well-dried leaves around, then pick them all up with a vacuum cleaner.

...Just like that... see? The hairs get picked up together with the tea leaves.”

“Tricks of the trade, I see.”

Just like that, the cleaning goes along, smooth and quiet.

Kitchen matters should be safe in Sakura's hands.

...And apart from that... Well, Saber went to the basement...

“...This is...

...Let's see, I did ask Rin about it once.

Just prior to Heaven's Feel, she was going to summon me here―――”

“But ended up summoning Archer instead.

...What did she use as the catalyst, anyway?”


“Dumbbell? Sandbag? Expander?

........................Are these the catalysts?”

“...Mm. I wonder just what kind of servant did Rin intend to summon...?

An open family-size bag of protein in a place like this... and creatine? Amino acids...?

So the swordsman that Rin had in mind―――”

“......Too bad, Rin.

Looks like the stars had other plans for the two of us.

But I can certainly see summoning a muscular Archer with these catalysts.”

“Perhaps... she thought that I liked to train a lot?

One worthy of being Saber should, daily, with a barbell...”



A sword isn't something you wave around with force.

A Noble Phantasm already has natural strength hidden inside, applying too much brute force will only hinder it.”

“Indeed, but with this walking exercise......”

“Hm, a stationary bike, a Bodyblade, even a balance ball...

Ooh, even a pull-up bar. Well, in that case, I definitely should also...”

《Saber, what are you doing?》

“Saber, what are you doing?”

I call out to her distant self.

...Well, it sure looks like I unintentionally caught her in the middle of having quite a bit of fun.

“――――――Shirou, this is...”


“These are the catalysts Rin left behind.

I was testing them all one by one, just in case they absorbed magical energy, transformed, and can now exert some evil influence.

Things left in a magus' workshop could gain a will of their own through magical energy, and then attack any intruders, I've seen it happen―――”


I try to imagine being attacked by a pull-up bar.

...Definitely not something you'd get out of alive, that.

“...Oh no, Saber, those are Tohsaka's training tools. Not magical ingredients or catalysts or something.”

“...Is that so?”

“There's no need for large-scale rituals anymore, so she's probably just using the place as a storeroom. But she sure has all sorts of them.”



“In that case, I'll continue with the cleaning. Should I put these training implements back in their respective places?”

“Yeah. No need to go overboard in the basement, though.

I'll leave the perimeter to you, but do you mind some help over there?”

“No, I will be fine by myself.

Please take care of the rest of the house, Shirou.”

One bow, to which I reply with a nod.

Alright, next up―――Tohsaka's room, I guess?


Sakura is reading something in Tohsaka's room.

But as soon as she heard me coming, she hurriedly closed the book.

“Sakura, what were you reading?”

“I-It's not like I was looking for Nee-san's diary to read it?

A letter written in English fell out while I was straightening the sheets, and I just happened to look over it.”

“That's too bad. It was Tohsaka's fault for not keeping her correspondence safe. But a letter in English?”

“Yes, this one here...”

The envelope that Sakura has given me has the airmail border on it.

“From overseas, is it. Who's it from?”

“From...... that...”

“Ugh, that...”

...A letter from the Mage's Association.

Tohsaka is the magus overlooking this region, so it's not that odd for her to receive direct instructions, orders and whatnot.

“Nee-san has it tough, too.

Look, she's been dropping letters and documents all around.”

“...She'll end up losing something like that, eventually.”

Envelopes with seals ripped wide open and other stationery is piling up.

“Kiritsugu has never been approached... wait, he was free, no surprise.”

“They never came to our house, either. Got to give it to Nee-san...”

Putting the letter back inside the envelope, Sakura slips it back into the sheets it came from.

I know she's just being cautious, but wouldn't it be better to leave it on her desk?

“Ah, I've got to write her a letter, too... I did promise, after all.”

“Like the current state of affairs and stuff?”

“Yes, she did say to let her know if something were to happen.

I'll write it myself. Is there something you want me to pass on to her?”

“Uh... Can't think of anything right away.

How about I give you my comments later?”


I'll be writing it after dinner, once I think it over. You can come to my room around then.”

A promise to deliver a message to a distant foreign land, just like that.

Leaving Tohsaka's room to Sakura, I'm off to the neighboring guest room. Turning towards the hallway,


I notice her looking around the room with distant longing in her eyes.


“...Ah. I'm sorry, Senpai. This room has a nostalgic atmosphere about it, and I got lost in my thoughts for a bit.”

“...I see. Still remember the past?”

“Well, almost none of it.

Seems like I had a room of my own, but it's gone now as well.”

“...I see.”

“Oh, but―――”

She picks up a picture frame from the table.

“I do remember the events around this time quite well, actually.”

“Tohsaka gave you that hair slide, didn't she?”

I heard that the ribbon Sakura clips to her hair was actually given to her by Tohsaka, a long time ago.

“It was my favorite ribbon, made by Nee-san herself.

Hair and hair slides are female magus' final trump cards, so she made me a special one.”

“And then gave it to you when you were separated.”

“Yes, Nee-san tied my hair, too.”

...I see.

So Tohsaka at least gave her sister, whom she would never see again, a precious parting gift―――

“...That Tohsaka, she's never this nice in daily life, and yet...”

“And then, she charged me a reasonable 3-carat emerald, at 3% annual rate, interest paid in installments, "bonus" payment possible.”

“Really now, a loan shark at that age... wait, whaaaat!!!?”

Tohsaka, you were a scrooge even at that age!

“So, thinking as a child.

With an interest rate of 3%, compounded annually, wouldn't that make it a 4 or 5-carat emerald after 15 years? And when she says "installments," does she mean 12 times a year, 24 times a year? What about early repayment? Can I substitute with a diamond―――?”

“Hold on, how did this degrade to a discussion about loans!?”

“Ah, Nee-san was always like that, actually.”

“...Tohsaka, you. How mean. Guess I've experienced but a tenth of her dreadful potential myself―――”

“Hehe. By the way, Senpai, that's not really it.”

Despite all the hardships of life, Sakura's smile was as cheerful as ever.

“You see...

She gave out a lot of loans to people close to her.”


“Were she to forgive this one, wouldn't there still be others?

Nee-san didn't like that.

Since I was important to her, she kindly gave me a large loan.”

“That's what I was thinking when she told me with a deadly serious face, "You will definitely pay it back, Sakura."

Ah, it's a big loan that's too much for me to repay, Nee-san will remember me forever.”

“So that's why she keeps lending you money, too, I think.”

“S-So that's how it was... And I thought that it was just shameful, bothering her with requests for money all the time...”

“Ah, but on the other hand, lending her money is even more impressive, actually?

If you don't get her to sign something like an IOU, she won't fully honor it later.”

I have a feeling you'd need more like a notarized document or a court order... you're dealing with Tohsaka here.

“I've got to keep learning, and, just once, "I've made a loan to Nee-san!"

I so want to say that.”

“...Probably will, at this rate. Keep this conversation a secret from Tohsaka, okay?”

“Right, she'd definitely get mad if she knew.”

"Haha," we share a bit of a laugh.

I have a feeling I've come to understand one of Tohsaka's more complex sides a bit more now.


《Sakura, there's something I want to ask you―――》

“Ah... That's right, there's still cleaning to do!”

“Oh crap, at this rate, the sun will set before we're done...”

“Alright, let's make this extra efficient, Senpai!”

“―――Anfang Mittelstand.”

“......Did it work? Rider?”

“Yes, well done.”

And thus the Tohsaka household cleaning comes to an end.

“Good work, everyone!”

“The three of you were a great help, I'm much obliged.”

“Oh, it's nothing. You, too, Shirou, good work today.”

“Yes. After all, you ended up helping everyone anyway.”

We leave the now empty Tohsaka residence behind us.

Who knows when its master will come back. But until then, keeping it sparkling clean is our job.

Emiya's・Day 2 Plushie

“Hey, Saber... eh, not here?”

Strange... I followed Saber all the way here from the living room. She should be there.


As I hold my chin to think, I think I hear sounds coming from inside...?


Giggles can be heard from across the screen door.

“Hey, so you are here. I'm coming in Saber, say something if you don't want me to.”

Having warned her, I slide the door open. As I thought, she was there all along.

With her back stretched and expressions several times more gentle than normal, Saber is holding the plushie I bought for her a while back.

It seems like Saber didn't notice me entering. She's still smiling at the plushie.



Looks like she still hasn't noticed me. As I call out to her the second time, an expression of pure shock appears on her face, and she begins to panic.

For reasons not known to me, Saber hurriedly searches for something around her. She then stuffs the plushie under the sheets beside her, and, taking a deep breath, finally faces towards me.

By now, she has returned to the regular Saber.

“―――Yes? Do you need anything, Shirou?”

“Ahh... Nothing... Umm―――About that... What were you doing just now?”

“Nothing, nothing in particular.”

Answering right away.

No, it really didn't look like nothing, and on top of that, didn't she just hide the plushie?


“But what, Shirou. Are you saying you saw something?”

Unable to calm down, her eyes are asking "You didn't see anything strange just now, did you?"


...Alright then.

If that's the case, I'm going to tease her, just a little bit.

“Yeah, didn't see anything. Like Saber smiling at the plushie, playing with the plushie, or talking to it as if it was a little kid and whatnot.”


“Yeah, it's okay. I won't tell everyone about Saber sleeping with the plushie, either.”

Of course, I've never seen her doing that. But it seems like it hit the mark.

Did I push it too much? I'll go on just a bit farther.

“Oh, it's nothing, there's nothing strange about people speaking to dolls or plushies. It's proof of one's kind nature. I can sympathize with your child-like behavior.

Even normal adults collect dolls, take care of them and so on, although it can't really be said to be a high class hobby... W-What...?”

―――For some unknown reason, wind started to blow from within the room.

“Is that so, Shirou?”

There's a faint smile on Saber's face.

The wind seems to be coming from the direction where Saber is standing.


Emiya Residence・Start of Night Things to do

Emiya Residence・Night Map Airmail

...Speaking of that, she did mention something about sending a letter to Tohsaka.

“Are you there, Sakura?”

“Senpai? Sure, come on in.”

She answers as if not lifting her head up from something.

“Excuse me.”

It looks like she's in the middle of writing a paper.

There is a somewhat large piece of paper on the desk.

“As I thought... You're writing that letter you were talking about, right?”

“Yes, I figured I'd make a report on the current state of affairs for Nee-san. Just hold on a minute, I'll be done soon.”

Tohsaka is currently in London.

She's not exactly available on a moment's notice, so an opportunity to send a letter like this must not be wasted.

...This would have been much easier with email, but Tohsaka stubbornly refuses to do anything with computers.

“......Say, shouldn't Tohsaka be coming back before long?”

“Not in a few days, I think. She said that October looks dubious, and that she'll definitely let us know when she's about to leave.”

“I see. I guess the chances of her coming back before the 11th are pretty low.”

Things aren't going well. If only Tohsaka were here, we'd be able to find the missing piece in this puzzle... or if not, at least the clues leading to it.

“Heh. What, you really want Nee-san to come back this much?”


Looking somewhat delighted, Sakura asks.

“T-That's not really it.

We can actually have some peace while she's gone. I-I don't really object to that, even though she's been away a lot this year.”

“Hoho. So it's okay this year, but you won't endure it next year. Isn't that how you actually feel, Senpai?”


In short, Sakura is getting more difficult to deal with, day by day.

Even without the older sister around, the younger one is becoming a pretty strong lady. With an environment this unique, experience must be just piling up.

...And now if Tohsaka comes back cranky... I wonder what's going to happen.

“...Well, if Tohsaka comes back, there'll be neither rest nor quiet, let's leave it at that. On a serious note, I want to ask you something.

Could you just write "We need to talk" in the margin of the letter?”

“Eh, just that and nothing else? Nee-san might overlook it if you don't put some love into it, you know?

Or if it doesn't sound urgent enough, it's not impossible for her to just ignore it.”

“...Can't argue with that, she definitely could.

Alright, since this is relatively minor, just tell her to call when she gets a chance. That we need help with something... No, wait, she's too busy for that to work. I'm sure she has her own problems to deal with, and I wouldn't want to be a nuisance...”

“......Yeah, I guess so. And even if she could come, I think there's a good chance it might just make things even worse. She's doing whatever she wants in London, and she won't restrain herself here. Yeah, let's not do that.”

That was close.

You never know what kind of debt you might be getting yourself into when asking Tohsaka for help.

Being forced into servitude at her residence for a year is not unlikely.

“Senpai? Is that all?”

“Huh? Oh―――um, the first one should be fine. Just ask her to call. If she doesn't see it, that's fine. We don't need her lousy help, we can do this ourselves.”

“"...ourselves." Right.

Okay, got that down. Well, I'm sending this off to Nee-san first thing tomorrow!”

Sakura's hands shift into high gear, putting the letter in the envelope and using a cute seal on it.


I was getting some evil vibes from Sakura's motion just now... but I guess that's just me.

“Alright, please do.”

“Okay. Please look forward to it, Senpai.”

That smile really bothers me, for some reason.

...I get a feeling I've just triggered a switch that should not have been touched...

Day 3

School・Day 3 Sakura, Mitsuzuri, and the archery club

I'm at the Archery range on a holiday.

As it's not restricted to just our school, at times there are local kyudo practitioners using it too.

It's the only range within the city, after all.

“Excuse me.”

“Hello, Senpai.”

“Hey, Emiya. Did you finally give up and decide to come back?”

Sakura and Mitsuzuri are at the dojo.

They're both in their school uniforms. I guess practice hasn't started yet.

“No, sorry, I'm empty-handed. What are you two doing here?”

“Eh? Oh, we were just having a little chat, since club activities begin in the afternoon. The things that the club should do for the cultural festival and stuff.”

Yeah, now that she mentions it, I do keep hearing about it.

It must be that the club's program for the festival is not yet decided. And archery isn't that much of a teamwork-inspired activity, anyway.

“Please come in, Senpai. There are a few things we could use your advice on.”

“Oh? Okay then. Please don't mind me.”

“Well, then. It looks like Sakura, as the new captain, must take up the flag.”

“Yes, so I thought about that...”

“There's not much opposition within the club, but going through the whole process sure is tough.”

Mitsuzuri sighs.

The archery club is by no means a small group.

In the past, there were troublemakers like Shinji and me, and surely that's still true for the current underclassmen.

“Yes... And I was wondering if it's something I can really put together...”

“If you can't do it, then no one else can.

Neither of us here can tell you what to do... But, still... hmm.”

Mitsuzuri tries to encourage her, but trails off. The cultural festival is a fun thing to do, after all; no point in forcing anyone.

But first of all...

“Have you decided what you want to do at all?”

“Nope. There's a bigger problem to be resolved first. The club's team spirit... or rather, Matou's self-confidence.

Matou has become a great archery club captain, but as a festival leader, she totally lacks any kind of experience...”

“...I'm ashamed to admit it... but the only times I remember everyone being noisy together were at Senpai's house...”

Sakura looks on dejectedly.

...She's never run wild before... er, pot, meet kettle.

"Yeahhhh," the three of us are lost deep in thought.

The silence is broken up only by the painful ticking of the clock.

“Well, if you have a good idea in mind, please tell us, Emiya.

We still have time.”

And so the morning concludes with a dark atmosphere.

Overcoming Sakura's weakness... Hmm...

Emiya's・Day 3 Iron and the second button



The clothes hanger that usually has my set of school uniform on it is missing the upper half.

“Dry cleaning...? No, I definitely didn't.”

I should probably solve this here and now.


It's not here, either―――

But then, it's not like I have a habit of tossing it aside at the entranceway, either.

And if it did end up here, Sakura would probably have hung it up for me.

“Right... I should ask her.”


...Huh? The door's half open.

That's not what I came here for, but, on a sudden impulse, I take a peek inside―――


...My cheeks start burning.

Holding my jacket as if it was the most precious thing in the world, she's hugging it to her chest.



The scream of a herbivore that just had its escape route cut off rings out from inside.

―――I slowly open the door. Sakura, her face crimson red, jumps back on the bed.

Er, I don't think you need to run that far...

“You look like you've just seen a cockroach or something.”

“I-I was just a little surprised―――Ah, ahaha.”

She's squeezing every bit of laughter that she can out of herself.

I can sympathize. Had I been in her shoes, I might have run out all the way to the storehouse and locked the door behind me.

...Well, anyway...

“Ah, about my jacket... Have you, by chance...”

“Y-Yes. I was repairing the button that fell off.”


I've put the front button that came off into my pocket, thinking that I'd fix it later, but then forgot all about it...

“Wow... you actually noticed that?”

Unlike on a gakuran with gold buttons, Homurabara's uniform has them hidden inside, and it's pretty hard to tell. I'm impressed.

“Yes. I caught a glimpse of your shirt peeking out from underneath on Friday.”

“That much... even I had forgotten about it.”

Sakura's still as amazingly perceptive as ever.

“Thanks. I really appreciate it.”

“Ah―――Senpai, wait.”

She quickly snatches the jacket out of my hands.

“I'll put it back in your room after I iron it properly. How about I do the trousers, too?”

“Wow... really? Would you...?”

I can do nothing but bow my head.

“Alright, then I'll bring the bottom part later.

But isn't it too much for you to do laundry as well as the ironing?”

She just tilts her head in question.

Seriously? Ironing stuff like dress shirts brings the term "pain in the butt" to a whole new level.

“Mmm, really? But there's still Saber-san's, as well as Nee-san's. Yours shouldn't take too long.”

“Well, now that you mention it―――men's clothes do take less time.”

For a number of reasons, I'm excused from the laundry chores. With a female camp this strong, not at all surprising.

...In fact, just going into the change room requires utmost care.

“Right, Sakura. If it starts to pile up, make sure to ask Saber or Rider for help.”

“Yes, Rider's already helping me.”

“Then I guess Saber needs to pick up the slack.”

“She surely is very meticulous. She might even get into it.”

I can't help but imagine Saber poring over every wrinkle with the iron in one hand.

“Should we really let her?”

“She wants to help out, too... Ah, would you mind if I taught her myself?”

“Please do it as gently as possible.”

“If I tell her that Rider can do it, I'm sure she'll learn just to not be left behind.”

Ahaha, the atmosphere lightens up.

“Well―――I'll go bring the trousers.”

“Right―――Um, Senpai.”

Sakura stops me with the jacket still on her lap.

With a slight blush on her cheeks―――

“Senpai... you're already graduating in March, aren't you?”


“D-Did... did you already decide who you'll be giving the second button to at the ceremony?”

―――Turns out our school has the custom, too.

Seeing how it is still a ways off, I haven't even thought about it.

“...I haven't.”

“...Ha, haaa, that's good.”

“There's not really anyone other than you.”

If you really want it, that is.

“Ah, um, I don't really deserve it!”

“Don't say that. I'm already in your debt, even just now with the uniform and all.”

“T-That's, um... N-Never mind, it just crossed my mind! Right! I'll get the iron set up, so the rest is up to you, Senpai!”

She promptly shoos me out of her room.

...Looks like I'm not supposed to pry any further.

I guess I'll go back to my room and get my pants, then―――

Emiya Residence・Start of Night Things to do

Night・Streets at night (battle)

Night・Peace and quiet (II)

We go down the opposite side of the residential district from the Emiya household.

From the entrance of the neighborhood to the hill that Tohsaka's house is on, there was nothing out of place.

“I know it's out of the blue, but what do you think of the difference between Rin's and Sakura's houses, Shirou?”

“Now that you ask, I haven't really thought about it.

Why, all of a sudden? Did you notice something strange?”

“Eh? N-No, this has nothing to do with the patrol. It's just something I have wondered about before, but it is difficult to ask in front of the people involved.”

“Difficult to ask, eh? Something to do with magic?”

“...Nothing like that, not really.

You see, Sakura's house is, in every respect, larger. However, Rin is the supervisor of this land.

I just don't think that the lord having a smaller estate than the vassal matches up.”


Saber's not one to worry about money. Rather, she's the type that I would prefer to be more fussy about money.

But I think this is more the case of a "former king" having a particularly strict evaluation criteria for her colleagues.

The person that governs a piece of land must have an appropriately furnished estate, is the way a member of royalty would think.

Moving on.

“So I'm wondering... I can see that Rin doesn't want to take advantage of her status, but this is also a matter of a lord's duty. Before it gives rise to unnecessary quarreling, shall I advise her to either expand the Tohsaka household or, perhaps, annex the Matou residence instead?”

An advice like that may well end up with a sisters' quarrel that will leave the whole Fuyuki in ruins.

The scary thing is, Tohsaka would probably agree with Saber's point.

“Please don't. Besides, this lord rules from the shadows, no?

It would be bad if she stood out too much, so I think she tries to live modestly.”

“Hm... now that you say it, that does seem to be the case.

Rin's choice of modest lifestyle must be to hide her position as the head of the Tohsaka family.”

“Yep, that's right. So don't you tell her, "Rin, you sure manage to live in poverty," or anything of the sort, as the damage will be done to me instead.”

“Yes. Then, as Rin's friends, let's pretend not to notice her efforts.”

Tohsaka is blessed to have such an understanding ally.

Of course, she understands the wrong thing, but it's all fine as long as the result is the same.

“On that note, how about we go back? There doesn't seem to be anything unusual here.”

After a long detour, the moon marches on.

Before it gets straight overhead, let's do what needs to be done.

Night・Return of the wise man

Day 4

Emiya's・Day 4 The secret to finger pressure massage is devotion.

“Oo~~h. Aa~~h, Aooow~n.”

I hear some inane sounds.

From the living room?

“Sounds like Fuji-Nee... what's she up to?”

A girl shouldn't be making these sounds in broad daylight.

...Well, Fuji-Nee's not a girly age anymore.

“...and so the girl loses her delicate side...”

Tohsaka said the never-aging mentality is a knack she developed when it was just three of us not crowding things.

But, Fuji-Nee is steadily growing old by herself...

And, just as I thought, together with Fuji-Nee in the living room―――Sakura?

“Ah, Senpai.”

“It's Shirou, feels good-nya~, roar~”

“Make it either a cat or a tiger.”

With an unearthly sound, the wild beast undulates.

I wonder what the hell is Sakura doing... shoulder massage?

“Umm... Fujimura-sensei was feeling tired, so I'm giving her a shoulder massage.”

“Sakura-chan is such a gentle girl, and so attentive. I really wish I had this younger sister~”

...It must feel quite good, and it shows.

The stripes on her shirt are loosening up, and at this rate, she'll be like butter soon.

“Is that right? A bumbling sister like me...”

“But, with a selfish little brother like Shirou, I'd never get a shoulder massage.”

That's mistaking the facts, Fuji-Nee.

You forgot what you've done to me before.

“Back in the day, you used to get massaged to oblivion, no?”

“...Did I really?”

“Sure did. My massage technique was honed on your shoulders.”

Oddly enough, when I tried the same on Kiritsugu, he didn't like it. Maybe he didn't have a stiff constitution.

So, I ended up having to struggle to the death with Fuji-Nee's stiff shoulders.

“Fujimura-sensei got a shoulder massage from Senpai, too?”

“Now that Shirou got some strength, he could make it feel good and sort out all the stiffness in a snap, too... I am so sad.”

"Is that right?" Sakura nods.

...Geez, I didn't grow up just to be able to massage Fuji-Nee's shoulders.

“So it was... that's great.”

“Yeah, I didn't like doing it, but having started, I took my job seriously.”

Once the procedure got going, I didn't slack off until Fuji-Nee told me she was fine.

I couldn't just be lazy and get out by saying I was tired midway through.

“See, that's the way he is. When was the last time you were kind enough for a massage, I wonder?”

“...Don't remember.”

“Of course, it's not like I could just ask any guy for it, and it's been so stiff lately.”

“Oh, really? Ah, here's a stiff spot.”

“Ahh, right there. Wheoow, ahhhh.”

Fuji-Nee gradually loosens up.

...Though it's nothing like that, somehow, the scene itself just looks lewd.

“You really are fatigued, Fujimura-sensei.”

“This job can really tire you out. May not look like it, but I'm being a good teacher, too.”

“Fujimura-sensei is a good teacher all the time.

And I'm glad to help a teacher like her, too.”

Sakura keeps massaging with glee.

“Mm, and besides, your technique is great, Sakura-chan.”

“Oh, not at all.”

“Nya, I hereby declare, feelings this good are not fit for a maiden.”

What's with the embarrassing lingo?



“I get it, you massage Shirou all the time, don't you?”

―――S-Stupid tiger, what are you implying!?

That Sakura would, for me―――

“Ah, n-no, of course not!”

“I was right, wasn't I? Oh you, Shirou, getting a nice gentle message from Sakura-chan eeevery night. So that's how you got so good at it.”


“But what you really want from Sakura-chan is a full body massage, every nook and cranny, is that why you're blushing so hard, Shirou?”

"Hehehe," she giggles.

Getting a massage from Sakura... T-That would make me stiff and tense instead...!

“T-Tell her, Sakura?”

“No need to hide it, big sis understands... Auggh!”

Sakura's face is bright red as well, I wonder why?

“Ouchhh, that's not it, Sakura-chan!”

“W-We don't do anything naughty like that!”

“Ah, Sa-Sakura-chan, not there, my vital meridian point, don't push it!”

“I'm saying, it's nothing like that, I don't massage every nook and cranny of Senpai's body, nothing of the sort!”

“Ouchhhhhhh, ow!?”

Fuji-Nee lets out a shriek like nothing before.

―――Sakura, just what did you poke in all the confusion?

“Augggh, Sakura-chan, any more and I'm dead!”

“S-Senpai, please say something!”


...Things got serious, this is no time to be zoning out.

“Well, it'd be nice to get a massage from Sakura, but...”

“Uh... Ah...”

“See, Shirou does want it――― Aiiee!”

Fuji-Nee got carried away, and got restrained once again.

...Scary. Same as Tohsaka, Sakura must be a master of some mysterious Chinese martial art.

“Ow, ow, ow-augh!”

“...Sakura, it's all fine, but... killing Fuji-Nee might be bad.”

“Eh... Oh, sorry.

I was putting just a little too much strength into it.”

That's what she says. Fuji-Nee, free at last, hasn't moved for a while.

...I see, better watch your mouth while Sakura is giving you a shoulder massage.

“...Ugggh, to think that Sakura-chan could possess such technique... that was a mistake.”

“Are you all right? Shall we keep going, Sensei?”

“Ah, but I think it worked. Foot massages and whatnot don't hurt, and so they don't work, you know?”

Moving her head side to side with a creak, she stands up.

“Mm, thanks, Sakura-chan. It's much better now.”

“Oh no, I wasn't that well prepared.”

“One of these days, make sure Shirou's every nook and cranny, nice and soft―――”

“Aaa, n-not that again! Poor me!”

“So how many times did I tell you, Sensei!? About Senpai and me!”

“Gack! W-What pressure point technique...! D-Death is upon tiger!”

...Fuji-Nee crumbles with maybe pain, maybe happiness on her smiling face.

Entering Buddha's realm or maybe Nirvana, a peaceful death.

“...Sakura, do what needs to be done.

I'm off to finish dinner then.”

“Yes, Senpai!

―――Hehehe, Fujimura-sensei? Shall I show you some love?”

“Eeek! Sakura is scary!”

Emiya Residence・Start of Night Things to do