Avalon le Fae Synopsis

Character List

This list is an internal document written before Fate/Grand Order Lostbelt 6’s production.
The text here will be different from the characters as officially released.

Chaldean Team


A traveler observing Fairy Britain and experiencing the different history of the Lostbelt.
They’re a visitor from the world outside, and as such, they’re in no position to save or doom the fae.
They’re only there to help the Child of Prophecy and bear some of the burdens of her development.


Idea A: She thinks she got lost from the team on the capes of Cornwall, but she actually rayshifted to a past before the Queen’s Era.
She gets involved in the past events of Askr the Savior and is put to a long sleep so she can meet Fujimaru again.
During this whole period, she is protected by Faerie Knight Galahad (Habetrot).

Idea B: After she got lost from the team on the capes of Cornwall, the fae use their dust of forgetting to make her lose her memories and offer her as a present to Morgan → Under Morgan’s command, she becomes Faerie Knight Galahad, an enemy of Chaldea.
On this option, she’ll only rejoin Fujimaru in the last chapter.

Arthuria (Caster)

The chosen one fated to correct the British Lostbelt. The savior in the prophecy.
At the end of her pilgrimage, she will construct the Holy Sword.
She will meet and grow close to Fujimaru, a human who carried the weight of other worlds.
She has Glam Sight and secretly doesn’t care or wants to save Britain or defeat Morgan.
She doesn’t like people, be they human or fae.

Arthuria (Saber)

A figure Arthuria Caster often sees in her (Pan-Human History) dreams.


A faerie without a Purpose. Actually a reincarnation of Einsel, the chief of the Mirror Clan.
She was an outcast faerie until she was saved by the protagonist and started serving as a knight faerie.
She became a knight because she idolized Arthuria and wanted to emulate her. → She would never be a knight if she didn’t take Arthuria as an ideal. Gareth’s tragic death was traumatic to Arthuria but Gareth herself was proud of it.
Unable to accept the doomed future she once saw, she fought against this despicable fate down to the last second, despite knowing she wouldn’t be able to change it.


A human from the British Lostbelt. The strongest human knight.
The leader of the Round Table, an anti-queen organization made by humans.
His period of activity doesn’t match his physical age, for reasons that will be explained later.
Melusine is his swordsmanship teacher and his foster sister.

Diarmuid (British Form)

A Lostbelt faerie. Cnoc na Riabh’s trusty adjutant.
He makes it clear that he doesn’t know much about Pan-Human History (not because he can’t learn, but because he doesn’t want to). Barghest killed his brother.

Cu Chulainn (Caster)

The only Servant summoned in Britain to take the side of Pan-Human History.
Cu Chulainn (Odin Install).
Goes by the name of Grimm (II) the Wise.


Appears since the earliest chapters as a Servant of Pan-Human History.
Chaldea's and Arthuria's supporter. His ultimate goal is Britain's salvation.

Tom Tit

Earth Clan. Faerie. No need to make unique sprites, Andersen’s sprites work for him.
Lives in Norwich. Later moves to Londinium and dies when Londinium is set on fire.

Fae Team

Morgan (Camelot the Sin Capital)

The king of the British Lostbelt… but not its ruler.
Feared and despised by all fae in Britain.

Barghest (Manchester)

Opposes Chaldea as Morgan’s loyal knight.
All her actions are dictated by an unexternalized desire to protect.
She later expresses an understanding of Chaldea’s point of view, but when she was about to switch to their side…

Baobhan Sith (New Darlington the Pleasure City)

Morgan’s daughter. Sees Arthuria as her rival because of it. Also becomes a recurring obstacle to Chaldea because they’re Beryl’s enemies. Is having a lot of fun with what she does, but it’s all for Morgan’s sake.
All her actions are dictated by a desire for entertainment. Like Morgan, she’s hated by all Fae in Britain.
In the end, she loses all hope in herself and throws herself into the Great Pit.

Melusine (Dozmary Pool)

The strongest and fastest Faerie Knight. When she gets to the battlefield, it’s over.
All her actions are dictated by an unexternalized desire to destroy (and be destroyed).
Initially portrayed as Morgan’s ultimate weapon, but she was actually waiting for an opportunity to talk with Chaldea, leading to a somewhat mutual understanding.
Aurora’s lover. In the end, she kills her love (Aurora) and loses her faerie status, ultimately transforming into the remains of a dead dragon.

Woodwose (Oxford) *will need a unique sprite

The chief of the Fang Clan.
(* The Fang Clan is the faerie tribe most fit for combat, and the only ones with the power to repel the Moss colonies. For that reason, they are the cornerstone of the national defense.)
An almost 3 meters tall wolfman. Male.
Wears a high-brand suit. Make it fancy since he is a clan chief (the fae equivalent to a baron). A woodwose is an England faerie described as a huge man covered in hair who would drown and devour women.
Woodwose is as strong as a Faerie Knight, if not stronger.
More fae than any other fae, considered an atavistic A-rei.
Morgan’s strongest hand-to-hand warrior. The one who slayed the Moss King.
The feudal lord of Oxford, the city of restaurants.
He’s a glutton and loves human cuisine, but considers humans disposable tools. He’ll drop multiple hints to the idea that he’s always hungry.
He publicly claims to be Morgan’s loyal retainer, but at this point, he’s already fed up with her (think of the irritation a son feels at an overly strict mother. Less “affection flipped into hatred” and more “backlash out of worry that she hates him”).
As the chief of the Fang Clan, he hates to see how Barghest gets more attention than him.
He’s a kind and tolerant pupper in his interactions with other fae.
All his actions are dictated by a desire to be loved. After deluding himself into thinking Morgan wouldn’t love him anymore, he was tricked by Aurora’s sham love.
(What made it feel like he lost Morgan’s love was her lack of praise. He got a lot of praise during the period of constant war including the Moss campaigns and the caterpillar slaying, but there was no war in the past 100 years, meaning he got nothing. The Faerie Knights hogged all the spotlights.)

He knows very well how much Morgan hates typical fae behavior, and for that reason, he defies his own nature and skillfully performs typical human behavior. That’s why he’s so annoying over proper manners.
The fae’s main criticism of him is that the Faerie Knights are stronger and that he became all bark and no bite, but Morgan and Oberon know that Woodwose is actually the strongest individual in Britain.
(In-story, Oberon will say “Woodwose is past his retirement age. Beating that rusty old fart in a fight will be piece of cake.” but that’s an attempt to lower Chaldea’s guard. Oberon can’t let Chaldea get too strong, so he thought this would be a great opportunity to lower their numbers a little. Though Woodwose was ultimately even more insanely powerful than Oberon expected.)

Falling for Aurora’s honey trap, he ultimately kills Morgan with his own hands.
After doing the deed, he realizes how deeply he loved and admired her, so he dies acknowledging his mistake.

Spriggan (Norwich) *will need a unique sprite

Chief of the Earth Clan.
Head honcho of the Knocker Company, which handles all the fashion and architecture in Lostbelt Britain.
The feudal lord of Norwich, an advanced port town that uses fae labor.
Norwich prides itself in its equality between humans and fae, and might even seem utopic at first glance, but we learn that behind the scenes, the weaker fae and humans are consumed and discarded much like how it happens in modern cities.
Appearance-wise, he’s a man with the airs of a gentleman. He claims to have lost his ability to grow giant. Rumors say he’s a low-grade faerie who tricked and killed the real Spriggan to steal his land. That faerie’s name is Capless.
…but that’s what he wants them to think. He’s actually human. He’s pretending to be a faerie (he hires fae to preserve his appearance and lifespan).
He was a hanshi samurai sent to England as an exchange student at the end of the Edo Period. In England, he was spirited away and wandered into Fairy Britain.
His support for Morgan is strong but not absolute.
He grew Norwich into Britain’s largest city so it can still survive even if her Camelot is in ruins (in fact, the fall of Camelot wouldn't even hurt him in any way, he would just gloat about how busy he was about to get).
He’s as much of a bystander observing the pieces moving in the board of clan conspiracy as Oberon, but since he prioritized his own profits from beginning to end, he lost sight of the bigger picture.
After Britain’s collapse, he is out of means to handle the Beastly Calamity’s invasion. In the end, he gathers all the treasure of Norwich in his finance office and locks himself with it, then dies when the castle collapses.
The way he spends his last moments trying to protect his gold and treasure is exactly like the spriggans in Pan-Human folklore.

Ainsel (Lake District)

Mirror Clan. The prophet. A sympathizer to both fae and humans. Everyone’s favorite.
People think she chose to remain silent, but in reality, she was already killed by one of Aurora’s stratagems before the start of the story, as Aurora was jealous of her popularity.

Muryan (Gloucester) *use a special version of Kazuradrop’s sprites (story-only, no battle sprites)

The survivor of the Wing Clan. The last of her kind.
Kazuradrop’s faerie version… but I think you can just put Kazuradrop’s First Ascension sprite without any alterations. Think of it as a sneak peek.
(Muryans are ant fae from Cornwall traditions. The folklore says that their main characteristic is that they start human-sized but get smaller every time use their transformation ability until they’re stuck in ant size.)
Always devising and popularizing new ways to use humans for entertainment.
First impressions make her look like a cruel and ruthless hedonist, but once you get to know her, you see that she’s a bookworm who takes her job very seriously.
Despite her evil, she has no tolerance for laziness and apathy (not in the sense that she acts hatefully toward lazy and apathetic people, but in the sense that she makes them improve their ways).
She secretly wants revenge because the Fang Clan ate the Wing Clan to extinction.
She gets a flashback to when a human hid her during the Fang Clan’s genocide of her people. Because of that, Muryan has her own form of love for humanity. An evil and twisted form.
Her clan is just waiting for extinction since she has no fellowmen left.
She takes Koyanskaya as a house guest and they start concocting evil plans together.
After manipulating Chaldea into wiping out the Fang Clan, she learns the truth about the British Genesis and what the curses actually are, causing her to be killed by the British Isles’ spokesman. The public never finds out about her death.
→ Her losing her Purpose and killing herself here is another good option.

Cnoc na Riabh (Edinburgh) *use a special version of Medb’s sprites

A honey chocolate faerie.
King Clan. Queen. Physically identical to Medb (Cnoc na Riabh is the name of Medb’s grave).
I’m pretty sure her battle sprites will be Medb Second Ascension, so how about we differentiate them by having a new jacket over Medb’s Second Ascension outfit?
Maybe change the color of her dress (on the battle sprite as well)? Is that a thing we can do?
She has higher hero levels than Medb. That’s because Cnoc na Riabh is not in a relationship with anyone and doesn’t have the spare time to afford living for love like Medb did.

It’s obvious I want to fall in love with someone! I love the idea of love! But that can wait until I defeat Morgan and make Britain mine. It’s important to keep your priorities straight, don't you think?

She and Arthuria Caster grow to become rivals who can openly point out each other’s faults.
She loves living in luxury. She desires anything of value.
She’s an enemy of Morgan.
She hates humans because her predecessor was betrayed by humans (or at least she poses like that. Her predecessor was taken down because she loved humans. Having inherited her soul, Cnoc na Riabh also loves humans at her core. Love flipped into hatred.)
The King Clan is a special clan that puts the fae who lost their home and purpose under its control. A second home for refugees, if you will. She can share her power with other fae, but the power she grants doesn’t return to her. Like a faerie version of The Happy Prince.
She’s a tyrannical queen, but she follows a creed that her subjects must be granted the bare minimum of joy. That’s Cnoc na Riabh’s Purpose. She has a great ambition to defeat Britain’s newly-arrived ruler Morgan and take back the kingdom.
In the end, she learns the name of her Pan-Human History counterpart and dies laughing about it.

Aurora (Salisbury) *will need a unique sprite

The face of the Wind Clan.
A faerie so charitable and beautiful that the fae say “our true queen is Aurora, not Morgan or Cnoc na Riabh”.
The faerie stereotype taken to its extreme.
Physically 20-24 years old.
Long wavy blond hair, prim features, and an untarnished white one-piece dress.
She ideally would want to look 16, but for some reason, she aged all the way to adulthood.
(Fae normally don’t age or grow)
Aurora avoids mirrors because she doesn’t want to see her adult form.
And her mental state gets pretty ugly every time she looks at Melusine, who takes the appearance of Aurora’s ideal faerie… her own previous self.

Pure darkness on the inside. Disturbs the board out of pure vanity to be more popular than anyone else. The embodiment of apolitical narcissism. P Prefers multiple momentary loves over one true love.
Something to the effect of

I’m ready to run away with you anytime.”
“No, I couldn’t stand to have you as the only one pampering me!”

She spreads the calamities under the excuse that neither Morgan nor Cnoc na Riabh have the resolve to carry the lives of all fae on their shoulders. After killing both of them, the responsibility falls to Aurora, but Aurora refuses all this boring work, completely negating all of Morgan’s and Cnoc na Riabh’s efforts thus far.


Senji Muramasa

Alternatively Count Peperon. The rising star of the design industry.
A mysterious individual who stands at the top of the rankings in Norwich, the city of fashion and architecture. I have no idea who he could possibly be. He meets his fate saving the protagonist from Beryl’s trap.


Joins forces with Muryan in Gloucester.
Her goal was to obtain Melusine’s fur but Melusine is too perfect to lose hair (no piece can be removed from the whole).
Watching the end of Britain and the fae’s final moments (humans dying everywhere because they’re trying to help the fae while the world is crumbling) was a somewhat sentimental experience for her.
The next chapter will conclude her story!

Minor Fae

Nameless Faerie

A nobody faerie girl from the Wind Clan (the fairy type of faerie).
In the British Lostbelt, the fae eventually turn to Moss and disappear if they’re unpopular, purposeless, or nameless.
This faerie lived a modest, ordinary, and sinless life, but due to her lack of a name, she lost the place she called home and drifted to Cornwall, the forest at the furthest ends of Britain.
The faerie looks after the protagonist in the earlier stages of the story when they’re stranded in Cornwall.
During this period of time, she receives Arthuria’s name, as Arthuria wants to run away from the heavy duty imposed on her.

  • (The exact timing will be marked by her nameplate changing from “Nameless faerie” to “Faerie”, but no one will make any explicit mention of Arthuria giving her name to her)
    The first act will end with the fae turning feral upon discovering the protagonist’s party contains humans. She helps the protagonist and Arthuria out of the forest, but upon reaching her limit, she turns to Moss, attacks the party, and is defeated. She was a faerie girl who loved flowers.
    Draw her unhappy-looking, admirable, a kind of plain.
    She wasn’t given any name at the time of her birth, but her true name is Hope.
    A faerie of salvation born before Arthuria Caster.
    She was meant to be the last autopurification system created by the fae rather than by Britain, but the role was too heavy for her to handle.
    The last hope in the collapsing Britain.
    The first act will make her look like a minor tutorial partner who dies early, but she’ll be an ultimately super important character. About as important as the boy under the bridge in Olympus.

Aurora's Associates

They know how Melusine obtained her current appearance.
In the end, they enter the room when Melusine is killing Aurora and violently reprimand her, calling her a fake faerie with no consideration for others.

Treasure trio

Homeless wandering merchants. Bandits but not really.
They all have generic goblin designs, but only one of them is a kingdom faerie. The other two are Pan-Human History fae who wandered into the wrong world. Even fae can be changelings.


A Pan-Human faerie. Wag’s older brother.
Ever since he came to Fairy Britain, he’s been through some harsh days because he has no friends and is persecuted for being an outsider, but he chooses to survive a life of crime if that’s what it takes to protect his brother.


Rob’s younger brother. A pure and cheerful imp. Both in Pan-Human History and the Fairy Britain, he was always called an incapable baby and never loved by anyone.
He’s always smiling. He can smile his way through any kind of bullying so as to not worry his brother, the only person who will take his side.
His life in Fairy Britain has been nothing but suffering but he never complains.
He is like that out of concern for his brother but in his last moments, he drops the lies and voices the true feelings in his heart.


An aloof and attractive goblin. He hides his eyes. A Fairy Britain imp.
He realizes how valuable and dangerous Mash is before Rob and Wag do, but pretends he saw nothing.
He knows he’s an outlaw and takes pride in this lifestyle. For that reason, he can’t forgive himself for opening up to a sales product and makes the choice to return to the petty bandit life alone.


Fang Clan. The feudal lord of Sheffield.
A powerful faerie, so much so that he was a Fang Clan chief candidate competing against Woodwose.
A lion-themed faerie. He considers humans inferior but doesn’t mistreat them.
Arrogant and unreasonable personality. Not the most broadminded man. Unshakably meritocratic.
He has unusual origins, being a Fang Clan faerie born in Norwich, the city governed by the Earth Clan.
He frequently mentions he disliked the noisy Earth Clan blacksmiths and the salty sea breeze but this is the only way Boggart can cope with being driven away from his hometown.
He shows intent to revolt against Queen Morgan and is planning to recapture Norwich.

Old blacksmith (Ector)

An Earth Clan blacksmith.
Ector is the name of King Arthur’s childhood foster father in Pan-Human History.
His hair is one of those big fuzzy balls. His bangs are long enough to cover his eyes but always leave one of the eyes visible in the illustration. Make his beard just as long and fuzzy. Please.
By the way, I’ll also need a bloodied version of his sprite, and a short-haired version with both eyes visible for when he was a Black Knight (when he saved Britain long ago in a team with Morgan, Habetrot, and Grimm).

Salisbury bar’s shopkeeper

Mike. He’s from the Earth Clan but his beard and mustache are short. He looks like a human in his mid-twenties.
He was originally a negative and abject nerd, but meeting da Vinci got him strangely pumped and full of energy every day. He wears an apron since he’s a shopkeeper.
Additionally, he figured out that da Vinci’s lifespan is almost over, and that’s another reason why he didn’t want her to overwork herself.

He appears both in part 1 and part 2 but his main role is in the collapse arc.
Before the coronation, when they start talking about how da Vinci is going to leave the next day, he’s there behind the counter going

“Don’t take Davinci away from me.”
“Without Davinci, I’ll go back to being plain old me.”

while he neurotically sharpened his knife.
Later, he gets a scene after the start of the world collapse, when Salisbury has gone postal from internal strife.
When da Vinci returns to the burning Salisbury bar to pick up something she forgot, Mike approaches her from behind with his kitchen knife.
Mike’s self-centered faerie instincts get him saying “You should stay here. Yeah. You’ll get to live a little longer than you would if you go outside”, but he ultimately chooses to let da Vinci go.

Oh, but Davinci won’t be Davinci if she’s not free. Her strive to go as far as she can is what makes her Davinci. I always thought Fairy Britain was a dream world, but I was wrong. Real dreams are beyond our reach. Goodbye… my angel. Thank you for these dreamlike days.

With tears in his eyes, Mike watches da Vinci walk away.
The image of her leaving needs to be overlapped with the image of the Boarder running into the horizon from da Vinci’s Noble Phantasm.

Enshrined Deity Cernunnos

One of the three prophesized calamities. The Curse Calamity.
The only god in the British Lostbelt. It died 12000 years ago.
Was originally a 4-meter tall carefree beast with deer antlers.
After death, the curses (negative emotions) of the fae turned it black, and those 12000 years' worth of curses enlarged it into the Mud Giant form he appears with.
About 2000 meters tall.
Primitive curses made manifest. A giant and repulsive stationary object.
It shrieks as it crawls out of the Great Pit.
It is humanoid, but its arms droop down, barely ever moving. Its feet won’t be visible.
It’ll be stretching out of the Pit of Curses, so it won’t be visible from the waist down. I want it to look like it probably has legs but we can’t be sure. Something close to those white ghosts with oversized drapes you often see in manga.
Leave only some faint light where its eyes are supposed to be and the antlers as vestiges of what it once was.
Since it spent 12000 years rotting at the bottom of the ocean, putting some coral and algae on him is a valid idea.

Demonhound Barghest

One of the three prophesized calamities. The Beastly Calamity.
An amalgamation of every malignant faerie in the British Lostbelt.
A giant dark dog. About 20 meters.
Since it is an amalgam of Black Dogs, it has leeches circulating its skin.
The drool on its mouth, the grease leaking from its body, and the blood it spills when wounded are all flammable.
The Demonhound Barghest roaming a city is a sign that the path it walked will be swallowed by fire.
It is basically the king of the Black Dogs, the fae from English folklore.
That said, instead of taking the form of a hunting Doberman, this Black Dog will be more like a lion with its muscular, strong build and its snub nose.
Its main meal is not meat, but rather the flames that come out when life burns.
It is not slaughtering humans and fae to eat their flesh, it’s doing it to produce its food.
It invades and ruins the major British cities one by one to satiate its hunger and destructive urges.
An Elemental Eater. It feeds on not only fire but the five major elements. The only way to fell it is with weapons created by civilization.
In that sense, it’s a disaster that can’t be defeated by the British Lostbelt.

Plot Plan

This document is version 2 of the plot plan composed using the blueprints crafted in early 2020 as a basis,
thus produced after Fate/Grand Order: Cosmos in the Lostbelt had reached its halfway point.
It contains more characters than the 2018 alpha draft did,
and the staff had already been informed this would use an ensemble cast and would be divided into Act 1, Act 2, and Conclusion.
Players who already finished the chapter may enjoy this as a digest.

Chapter 6 - General synopsis

Regardless of how its humans and fae are, Britain is a beautiful land and must be portrayed as such. A place no one would want to leave.

  • That's what will bring out the special feelings when it finally crumbles.

The capriciousness and offensiveness of the fae are modeled after the humans. The Wind Clan in particular, since they developed information transmission, meaning they need to be strong and scary in a more modern way. Because they're the only ones with an internet-based society in a world stuck in the medieval civilization level.

I'm only explaining what's going on with the fae here, but when writing the actual script, I must also depict the human side, no matter how briefly.

10/24/2020 update* Added a B-plot starring Mash. Added new characters* Habetrot, Boggart, and Wryneck.

10/26/2020 update* It's not looking like I'll manage to fit the Mash plot in under 300kb, so I'm reconstructing after removing one-third of it. Removed the Wryneck arc.

00 - Chaldea~Storm Boarder

The title card here will use the same model as the previous main story chapters.

They detect an abnormality coming from the British Lostbelt which is bound to involve all of Earth.
Chaldea takes the Storm Boarder to clear the British Lostbelt.
The Storm Boarder breaks through the wall of light surrounding the British Isles.

While the Storm Boarder lands on the lulled ocean next to the West coast, they take a good look at the isle floating on it and the Yggdrasil-like Fantasy Tree (empty on the inside, burn marks on half of it).
(The vessel can’t enter the island because approaching it causes all machines to stop or malfunction)
(Holmes and Nemo, the Pan-Human Servants, try to enter the isles but their Saint Graphs start to disperse. They discuss how the simplified summons for combat could still work but operating regular Servants will prove difficult.)

  • Upon disembarking, Mash’s Ortinax also goes inoperative.

Fujimaru’s party rides the Shadow Boarder to the shore and then needs to disembark on foot.
Starts with only Fujimaru, Mash, and da Vinci, but at the shore, Mash’s shield (the Round Table) reacts.
They discuss how it seems possible to summon one Servant but no more.
They argue about how they shouldn’t be able to summon a Pan-Human Servant but try anyway.
// The twist will be that only Round Table-related characters can be summoned. Morgan being a reimported product gave them the immigrant permit.
Tristan appeared (because Cornwall is Tristan’s homeland).
Tristan will be an ally this time.

01 - Misty Cape~Cornwall

From this point onward, the game will stop using the default title card, replacing it with a unique picture book-flavored title card. I’ll be naming the chapter to sound like fairy tale titles in a picture book’s table of contents. Only city names, land names, and character names.

The coast is covered in thick fog. As dense as the fog in Pacific Rim’s intro.
“This is looks nothing like the Cornwall Peninsula I know”
The difference frightens Duke T.
Amidst that, they encounter the Moss. Followed by the first battle.
// Make each Moss about as strong as a boss. After all, all fae are natural spirits of Earth, meaning their average is on Yu Mei-ren’s level. Here begins a hellish battle against FGO’s first trio of mob enemies with Break Gauges.
The party moves on, astounded at how strong the Moss were, but fail to leave the coast, and they progressively lose track of their names and objectives with time, until the three go on separate ways and exhaust themselves (Tristan never strays away from his Master, but he also exhausts himself).

Later Oberon appears to help and you can hear his conversation with Blanca, the moth.
On the verge of Fujimaru losing consciousness, he says “Don’t you mention you’re human” with a wink.
(This is where Mash and da Vinci stray away)

When Fujimaru opens their eyes, they’re in a tent made of grass.
Cornwall* A village where many different fae gather.

“Are you awake?”, asks Mash… except nope, it’s Arthuria Caster.
Fujimaru reflexively says “Mash?”, and Arthuria rolls with it, going by the name Mash.
Fujimaru gets called Lysander (Oberon put this nametag on him).
“Hello, I’m here too…”, sadly said Tristan.
“My name is Loves Isolde… No, that’s not it… Tristram… I think.”, he introduces himself. “I get a feeling I am Sir Lysander’s follower.”
Lysander, Tristram, and Mash are
A Wind Clan faerie (nameless) joins them as a temporary party member to show them around the place (because she’s the weakest in the village, status-wise).
They’re in a village of fae from all 5 Clans discounting the Wing Clan.

They’re weaklings who ran away from their respective Clans, and the village will soon disappear.
The fae think Lysander is a stray faerie and welcome them as one of their own.
Since Lysander doesn’t know anything, the fae pity how much they forgot and kindly explain Britain’s political balance.

  • Exposition of the 6 Clans and their conflicts
  • Queen Morgan’s politics (oppression)
  • “We are weaklings gathered together for being hated”
  • But they fear nothing because everyone will soon be wiped out by the upcoming Calamity.
    Lysander’s party befriends the fae.
    Tristram is nervous, in contrast to Lysander and Mash’s lack of a sense of danger.
    Sir T* “They may seem like weakly creatures for you two…”
    Sir T* “But fae are terrifying by default. Even that nameless faerie could defeat three of myself.”, he points out how high faerie stats are (exposition directed at the player).

Friendship blooms even then. The nameless faerie gets along great with Lysander and Mash.
Mash says “If not having a name makes you this sad…” and there she lends her her original name, Arthuria. Arthuria hated her role so she gave away her name very easily. The nameless faerie takes it as a “treasure” and keeps this secret only to herself. // The player camera doesn’t reflect the fact that Arthuria gave away her name here.

However! Everything changes when Lysander lets it slip that they’re human.
The faeries go into a frenzy, capture Lysander and Mash, throw them in a cell, and start mistreating them as a pair of treasures.
Excessive hospitality. The fae start telling each other “There’s only two of them, there’s not enough for everyone.”, “We need to split them into even pieces so everyone can have theirs”.
Lysander shudders but has no means to escape. The fae are so abusive and violent that they can’t think of them as the same people from a few days ago.
When it’s finally the day to split Lysander into pieces, the fae get into a stupid argument over nothing and start killing one another.
Cornwall village becomes the scene of a tragedy.
This leads to the Nameless Faerie, the only one that didn’t go violent, letting Lysander out of their cage and guiding them outside of the village, to the national highway at the end of the fog.
The trio + the nameless faerie run away from the village turned into a feast of carnage.
The more they proceed through the path of the foggy mountain pass, the more debilitated the nameless faerie gets.

“You can find a big field past this hill.”
The nameless faerie’s words are kind but she ultimately turns Moss and attacks Lysander.
(She’ll say something like “I took you this far because I wanted to have all for myself, obviously!” but she’s making things up on the spot. She doesn’t mean any of that.)
Out of other options, the two fight back.
After the battle, the faerie-turned-Moss just stands there without crumbling, as if she wanted to say something (she’s saying “thank you for giving me a name” to Arthuria).
The two can’t bring themselves to deliver the final blow, so Oberon shows up with an “Excuse me”.
He first appears delivering the mercy strike to the faerie-turned-Moss with one rapier swoop.
The nameless faerie disappears in tears, saying “Why did it turn out like this? I was seriously trying to help you.” * In the finale, the only light praying for Arthuria’s safety inside the Abyssal Worm will be this faerie who received the name Arthuria.

Oberon’s introduction scene, in a sense. Lysander remembers the last person they saw in the foggy cape.
“My name is Oberon. Faerie King Oberon. Cool, aren’t I?”, he delivers with a shy and handsome smile.

Oberon announces that he is a Pan-Human Servant, that he was summoned by the land, and that he had been waiting for Chaldea.
After a quick infodump update from Oberon, the conclusion is that should get out of the fog before thinking about any other problems.
With the fog growing thinner, Lysander clearly remembers who they and Mash are.
LysanderFujimaru runs through the hills pulling Arthuria by the hand.
Upon climbing the hill, Fujimaru gets to see the fogless British Isles. Chapter ends with a British Lostbelt visual showing the twilight sky and Camelot the Sin Capital distant in the background.

  • 2D assets

Foggy coast
Cornwall community (I keep calling it a village, but it’s actually on a refugee camp level)
Foggy woods
British field (the central field as seen from the Cornwall region)

  • Sprites

Generic fae of each Clan (Fang, Earth, Wind)
Nameless faerie

  • Battle backgrounds

Coast, foggy and fogless variants
A foggy variant of the already existing forest background

  • Unique enemies

Moss (small)

Intermission 1 (Mash POV)

Mash lost her memories and passed out on some faerie hill.
A wolf is nearby to protect her.
That’s when a trio of faerie merchants appear.
(Horses can’t be used, so the fae are pulling the cart)

Faerie* “HAH, I knew it! I figured we could find one or two around.”
“Now we can survive the winter!”
“What’s all this iron she has? Is she with the Round Table?”
“Who cares? Whatever she did before, she already forgot.”
“Yeah, if she doesn’t know her name, there’s nothing we can do to help her.”
“Since she has no home to return to, we’ll be nice and give her a new place to live.”
“As our product, that is.”
Mash is put on the cart and taken away.

  • New assets

Wolf sprite (Cu Chullain Alter’s familiar)
Faerie trio

02 - Salisbury

Intro, a dream-like flashback scene.
Tintagel, Arthuria Caster POV.
The story of her departure from a stable on Tintagel’s coast. The Child of Prophecy.

“Gloucester. Salisbury. Oxford. Norwich. Orkney. A journey of pilgrimage to ring six bells and prove you are king.”
(The location of the 6th bell is considered a mystery)
It resembles Arthuria walking towards the Sword of Selection.

Shift the camera to the player.
The protagonist’s party walks Britain’s national highway. Oberon guides Fujimaru, Arthuria, and Tristan to the biggest city in the southwest region* Salisbury.
They arrive without much trouble (along the way, Arthuria gets a lecture on Servants and Pan-Human History, leaving her (pretending to be) starry-eyed with (fake) amazement).

You can fit one minor battle right before arriving in Salisbury.
Fujimaru and Melusine pass by each other in the city streets (foreshadowing that Melusine is affiliated with Salisbury).

Oberon introduces them to a bar.
Puts everything on his tab. Everyone loves Oberon so they accept it with a smile.
They reunite with da Vinci, now a bartender.
Oberon temporarily leaves the party, saying “Since you rejoined a useful ally, I guess I’ll be going my own way. Sorry, but I got a lot of other things piled up to do.”
At night, they talk to da Vinci and decide on the next plan.
They decide to set base there in Salisbury, considered “the safest city”, and gather information on Mash while they tried to arrange an audience with Aurora, the boss of Salisbury.

The next day, they go to Salisbury’s cathedral.
They get to meet Aurora easy as that (Oberon working behind the scenes).
Aurora is kind and cooperative but doesn’t permit ringing the bell.
“Ringing that bell would mean that I have acknowledged you. Words don’t suffice for that. I’ll need to prove whether or not you’re worthy of ringing it.”
And with that, you have to play through several quests.

  • Helping Salisbury finally get started on its first farm
  • Intermediating quarrels between humans and fae across the city
  • Hearing the news about the feudal lord of Sheffield (a feudal lord who opened rebellion against Morgan~his city was destroyed by the Faerie Knights)

Also a major moment with the rebel elements living in Salisbury. Child soldiers that Aurora raised to believe in an empty cause of human liberation. Arthuria is internally dumbfounded.

The final quest comes in the same infodump that reveals about the captive humans.
Quest* Free the humans captured by Morgan.
To free all humans apprehended under the control of every fief. Mash could be among them.
Aurora says she can’t make any public moves to help the prisoners, but if they manage to escape, Salisbury is prepared to keep them hidden.
Fujimaru’s party goes to help them and battles Morgan Soldiers.
It turns out to be a losing battle against their sheer numbers, but that’s when the Round Table Army appears.

Seeing the Round Table Army gets Arthuria blinking fast for a bit. Because their interior is very comforting.

Thanks to the Round Table Army, the guards retreat. Everyone celebrates.
Seeing the human liberators for the first time fills Fujimaru, da Vinci, and Tristan with enthusiastic interest, but Arthuria takes a step back to watch from a distance.
Mash wasn’t found among the captured humans.
When the Round Table Army is about to escort the people to Londinium, a Faerie Knight blocks their path.
Faerie Knight Gawain’s debut scene.
Battle, you can’t get a solid hit in. This is Tristan’s last scene.
However, Tristan’s final act of resistance allows at least Fujimaru’s party to escape.
The Round Table, on the other hand, is obliterated.
The remaining humans promise to behave and beg to be spared.
“Do you think a human that attempted to escape has any value as a slave?”
Faerie Knight Gawain is cold-blooded.
The humans get collars that transform them into Gawain’s dogs.

Fujimaru’s party manages to barely escape the human farm, but the non-nonsense pursuer dispatched by Gawain put them in a predicament.
When all hope is lost, Oberon appears and helps them run away.

  • 2D assets

Salisbury’s town (make the cathedral visible)
Inn’s cafeteria, inn’s room
Salisbury’s cathedral, interior
Aurora’s room
Human livestock farm (pre-existing background, just tweak the French town)

  • New sprites


  • Battle backgrounds

Human livestock farm, normal and flaming variants
British meadow

  • Unique enemies

Morgan Soldiers* Fae working for the Morgan Army. Use either a Fire Spirit recolor or just the unaltered sprite.
Earth Clan Faerie* The Earth Clan fae working for Faerie Knight Gawain. You can go with werewolves if you’re not making a new one.
High Queen Knight* Knights directly under Morgan. They’ll all have the same design but completely unique names and abilities. For this chapter, use Grant the War Horse.

Intermission 2 (Mash part)

Cart trip from the southern region to Sheffield.
The three fae are brutish but pure at heart. Their journey with Mash lasted about 7 days.
Faerie* “At this time of the year, you can’t take the roads to Norwich. Mira’s territory spreads too far.”
“I hate the idea but we’ll have to go to Gloucester. Argh, sucks to have to bow my head to that pretentious Muryan!”
“Forget Muryan, did you hear about the big fuss in Camelot? You won’t believe it, some bandit broke in there to lop Queen Morgan’s head off.”
“Oh yeah, I heard he singlehandedly beat up a ton of soldiers and got to the throne room. Even Sirs Gawain and Tristan failed to stop him, they say.”
“But then Sir Lancelot flew in and killed the shit out of him, was it? Rumor is that he got dropped into the Great Pit.”
“Yeah, sounds like a thing Sir Lancelot would do.”

Mash progressively learns about Britain’s current political balance through the fae’s conversation.
Mash still hasn’t gotten her memories back so she lacks the powerful conscious drive to regroup with Fujimaru.

  • A flock of Moss attacks, leaving the merchants backed against the wall* Mash saves them.
    Mash raises her friendship level with the fae.
    They start to see how precious she is. “But she’s still a product…”, they dejectedly add.

03 - Wales Forest

Fujimaru’s party escaped the human livestock farm.
With Oberon’s help, they go to Wales, the Autumn Forest west of Salisbury.
(In a carriage Aurora had prepared for them)
The forest where Oberon lives.

Before, Oberon had already been established as someone who calls himself Faerie King despite not having a penny in his pocket, but in his forest, he can prove he’s a king.
New information Oberon tells:

  • The Round Table is a human rebel army.
  • In contrast, the Faerie Round Table is the symbol of Morgan’s domination of Britain.
  • Morgan governs Britain through the overwhelming power of the Faerie Knights.
    Through this exposition, Fujimaru reconfirms that Morgan is tyrannically oppressing the fae.

“And there’s more. Morgan is plotting an attack on our Pan-Human History.”

Oberon tells that Morgan’s ultimate goal is to turn all of Earth into a fairyland. Da Vinci believes it. Their conclusion is that they have to stop Morgan, both for the sake of the fae and of the humans. Camera fades to black.


Meanwhile, in the Camelot throne room.
The camera finally goes to Morgan’s side.
The lords of every Faerie Clan (except Cnoc na Riabh) and the Faerie Knights are summoned to Morgan’s castle.
(Morgan can only summon those who accepted her invitation)
Infodump on Britain’s current situation.
The continued spread of the Moss, Cnoc na Riabh on the north (Mebd. She announced her rebellion against Camelot), Londinium on the south, and Chaldea’s appearance.
The first signs of the Calamity and the prophecy of the true king are gradually appearing.
The lords exchange insults during a debate about what to deal with first.
As the meeting is not going anywhere, Beryl takes the scene. The lords stop their petty quarreling in the presence of Beryl, an outsider.
Ultimately, Morgan decrees that Chaldea’s Master must be brought to the throne room alive and if the girl from the King's Prophecy is with them, take the chance to bring her too.

The conversation ends and the camera goes to Darlington, where Beryl and Baobhan Sith live.
A conversation in Darlington after Beryl and Baobhan Sith watched a slaughterhouse show.
Baobhan Sith ignores the decree and goes out to kill Arthuria. Because she takes Arthuria as a rival due to the rumors she’s Morgan’s daughter.


Wales Forest.
In the forest, Fujimaru’s party was fending off the beasts that threatened the bugs (Black Dogs).
One mysterious miniboss named Husk shows up mixed among the Black Dogs.

The empty cocoon of the mouthpiece born in this forest, which he cast off when he became able to stand up.

Somewhere along their lives in the forest, Fujimaru asks Arthuria about her current feelings… about the pilgrimage to save Britain.
She gives a positive-sounding answer… “It still doesn’t feel real to me, but since people have such high expectations about it, I have to try.”
That said, her prospects at the moment were beyond grim. She couldn’t even say she had many difficulties in store because still had no idea what to do.
And that’s when Oberon delivers news.
“So, they have this human auction in Gloucester. And I hear they got a first-class new product.”
Fujimaru and da Vinci think it could be Mash and head out to rescue her.

  • 2D backgrounds
    Wales Forest
    Camelot throne room
    Baobhan Sith’s room

  • 3D battle backgrounds

Wales forest

  • New sprites


04 - Gloucester

They move 20km away from the Wales Forest, arriving at Gloucester.
Approaching Gloucester, the rules change again.
You can't bring strength from outside into this Faerie Domain. You can only perform strength obtained inside Gloucester.

Gloucester is a busy city. It's almost as much of an entertainment district as Darlington, and intentionally so, since Gloucester and Darlington are sister cities.
The city of the fae who live uninhibited lives.
The current fad of the city is creating brands. It became a world where humans and fae are judged and envied by the value they add to their products without using their unique abilities.
Fujimaru's party meets Baobhan Sith in a brand store avenue. Arthuria and Baobhan Sith still don't know each other's brand value at this point and they don't reveal it here.

In the auction venue, they find Mash captive… except nope, it's Muramasa.
Fujimaru* “That's a grandpa!?”
Muramasa* “Sure is, sorry for being old (genuinely mad)”

After some silly antics, they decide to compete in the auction to save him.
Baobhan Sith smugly introduces herself as Morgan's daughter and the faerie with the most resplendent dress.
Muryan, the show host, announces who Fujimaru and Arthuria are and appraises that they have more brand worth than Baobhan Sith.
First battle between Baobhan Sith and Arthuria.
This is Faerie Knight Tristan's official introduction scene.
It is established this is a duel of magecraft, not of strength, so Arthuria scrapes out a victory.
Baobhan Sith resorts to violence, in violation of the city's trend, but Muryan doesn't allow it. Muryan shelters Fujimaru's party in her hand.
→Arthuria is shy but gets strong-willed when it's time to fight. Gareth watched Arthuria's defiant posturing from backstage. Gareth's stalking begins here.

This is where Muramasa rejoins the group.
He tells the story of how his duty as an Apostle of the Alien God was to go after the Lostbelt King's head, but after an epic mid-air battle against Lancelot, he got beaten to a pulp and sold to Muryan.
“Since you helped me, I gotta repay the favor. I never thought this job was a good idea, anyways.”

Later, they go to Muryan's room.
Muryan is relatively cooperative in her conversation (at this stage, Muryan is still evaluating whether Fujimaru's party was an asset or a hindrance).
Fujimaru first asks if she knows anything about Mash.
Muryan* “I can think of one situation that might be related.”
Fujimaru* “And what would that be?”
Muryan* “The feudal lord of Sheffield's hobby is to wed human women.”
Muryan tells Fujimaru all about the city of Sheffield and its feudal lord Boggart.
She doesn't mind supporting the Child of Prophecy, but Arthuria still hasn't proven herself enough to make her oppose Morgan. If she can get any of the other lords on her side, she’ll consider.
They have to leave Muryan's room without ringing the bell.

Da Vinci wants to know how she knew they were from Chaldea but refrained from asking the question.
After Fujimaru's party leaves, Koyanskaya enters the scene. Hints that Koyanskaya and Muryan are allied.

When leaving Gloucester, Arthuria receives presents from the lower fae.
She can no longer escape the wishes and expectations people have for the Child of Prophecy.

  • 2D backgrounds

Gloucester City (a city drawn with a perspective that doesn't make sense)
Auction hall
Muryan's room (you could use the same generic room design for all Faerie Clans)

  • 3D battle backgrounds

Auction hall, stage platform

05 - Meadow ~ Oxford

They return to the Wales Forest for a break before the next destination.
They find signs of a battle along the way. After hearing all about the campaign against the Moss, they help a group of fae attacked by Moss (a group going to the Great Pit to throw garbage).
The usual good deed that goes uncompensated. Gareth watches it from afar.
Fujimaru is starting to notice Gareth's stalking (not fully aware yet).

Arrived in Wales.
Arthuria proclaims that she'll take the Child of Prophecy deal seriously.
Fujimaru answers they're rooting for her.
Arthuria feels joy and relates to how Fujimaru is also someone with a duty imposed on them.
Da Vinci* “Then we'll set Wales as our base of operations.”
Oberon vetoes the idea.
“Staying always the same place is a bad call. You're the center of attention right now. Well, if you really want a base, that's up to you, but my forest is not made for this kind of thing. It won't hold out for a day under attack. And you should be thinking about gathering more companions before you think about a base. I recommend Norwich for that.”

The party crosses the meadows, following Oberon's advice.
Along the way, they find Oxford, the headquarters of the Fang Clan, but ignore it for now.
“Woodwose is dumb. He won't try to evaluate our worth like Muryan did. The only way we can possibly ring that bell is through the use of force.”
He also tells that the place used to be the Wing Clan's fief, but the Fang Clan stole it.
This chapter will be mostly walking. Deepening their friendship during the journey.
Oberon talks about the good parts of Pan-Human History and Arthuria talks about her feelings toward Britain.
(Sounds like a nice conversation but both are saying the opposite of what they mean, which is “I don't like this place. It disgusts me, even.”)

  • 2D backgrounds

British meadow (Camelot and the Great Pit visible in the distance)

Intermission 3 (Mash part)

The main episode of Mash's B-plot.
Mash is taken to Sheffield. Says goodbye to the faerie merchants.
Chronology-wise, this is between Fujimaru's Salisbury and forest episodes (around one month away from the present events).
The faerie Boggart purchases Mash to be his bride.
She (re)encounters Habetrot, who will make her wedding dress.
A wolf accompanies Mash to protect her.
Boggart maintains his public image as a violent man but is a complete gentleman in private.
Mash sees the iconic sceneries of Britain's beauty and maxes out on fond memories of the faerie city.
Boggart refuses the orders of a messenger from Darlington (to hand out fae and humans) and antagonizes Morgan.
But he's not doing it without a plan. That was because he heard from a mysterious informant (Beryl) that Mash has a weapon capable of killing Morgan.

As for why would Beryl do that, it's because it would indirectly make Mash suffer.

Boggart steals the Black Barrel from Mash and gets to use it with what he learned from Beryl.

The Black Barrel erases part of the city (and with that, Sheffield's strongest point, its status as a fortress, fades away)
Not only did Sheffield's town fae melt, but also the castle fae began to faint due to the Barrel's iron curse.
Boggart doesn't notice any of it.
He's shown his true colors now that can eliminate Morgan's army and later Cnoc na Riabh's army (more like, he became a prisoner to his instincts).
Mash's heart is broken.
“Why do people need to hurt each other in such a beautiful world?”
Something to that effect.

Morgan's army and Faerie Knight Gawain invade from the molten fortress walls.
Gawain is challenged by a mysterious knight* Diarmuid.
On the opposite side, a jammed crowd tries to escape by the back gate until Lancelot flies their way.
Mash is in her moment of depression but finally has her awakening here, exclaiming that she will save everyone despite her low spirits.
She regains her name and identity.
Mash goes into Servant form and duels Lancelot.
Her shield blocks Lancelot's Arondight. But when she thinks she can't do anything more than just block… the shield of summoning responds to Mash's feelings and summons Fionn mac Cumhail.
Mash & Fionn vs Lancelot.
What linked the summon to Fionn specifically was Diarmuid (faerie)'s presence.

Mash somehow manages to escape with a few fae.
A blaze rises from the castle. Mash returns to the castle to save Boggart.
Fionn* “You can leave the matters in my hands. You ask me to hold out for an hour, but for a beautiful madam such as you, I can last until morning!”
Mash leaves Fionn to handle Lancelt and goes to the castle.
But she's too late. Faerie Knight Tristan is almost done slaughtering Boggart.
Habetrot urges Mash to escape.
Morgan's army continues to invade and the castle collapses.
Two options* Save Boggart or retrieve the Black Barrel.
Mash saves Boggart. In a sense, this is an attempt to run away from the Barrel.

And then Habetrot retrieves the Barrel.

Mash's party reunites with a horribly beaten Fionn and escapes Sheffield with a final act of help from the faerie merchants.
They evacuate to a cave. Mash listens to Boggart's parting words.
Fionn ponders about the mysterious knight fighting Gawain (Diarmuid).
After entrusting the Sheffield refugees to Boggart's closest associates, Mash inherits Boggart's will and departs to save Norwich.

Additional 2D assets

  • Sheffield's main avenue, day and night-battlefield variants)
  • Sheffield's castle, reception hall (used as a throne room), normal and night-collapsed variants
  • Sheffield's castle, guest room (the room given to Mash), day and night variants
  • Sheffield's castle, hallway, day, night, and night-collapsed variants
  • Sheffield, front gate, day and night-melted variants
  • Sheffield, back gate, night and battlefield variants

Additional assets, sprites

  • Boggart
  • Habetrot

Additional assets, battle units

  • Habetrot (no Noble Phantasm)
  • Mash with her Part 1 3rd Ascension appearance and her early Part 2 stats (NPC only)

06 - Norwich (I)

They go to Norwich, a city built on the East coast of Britain.
A city of fae tainted by human values. For better or for worse, it's a fun, complex, and ugly place.
The blacksmiths violate the British law that forbids the creation of iron weapons. Arthuria is in awe.
The Earth Clan is fully supportive of Arthuria (or rather, of the King's Prophecy). The “Down with Morgan” sentiment is widespread… and yet no one realizes the scrawny lass before them is Arthuria.
This is also where the Round Table Army buys weapons. Spriggan, the treasure lover that he is, engages in commerce with both Morgan and the Round Table Army.

That said, requesting an audience with Clan Head Spriggan is suicidal.
While studying their options, the party receives an invitation to a luxury mansion.

  • Count Peperon's introduction scene.
    Fujimaru's party accepts Count Peperon's hospitality. During their exchange of information, there is a commotion about a huge pack of Moss climbing ashore in the port.
    They were astoundingly numerous and accompanied by a giant “hand” no one had ever seen before.
    Fujimaru's party engages in combat but is outnumbered. When all hope is lost, Mash and Fionn save them, and together, they defeat the “hand”.

Fujimaru and Mash are finally reunited, but that's when Morgan activates Water Mirror, her remotely-operated Greater Magecraft. Mash takes the Water Mirror's hit to shield Fujimaru and Arthuria and is sent somewhere away from Norwich.
Fujimaru is heartbroken, but that's when Habetrot gets her introduction scene.

“You don't have to worry. I guarantee you'll meet again. And her Prince Charming needs to stay in dignified shape for that moment.”
Fujimaru manages to regain their calm after Habetrot assures Mash is unharmed.
Arthuria has complicated feelings about what she just watched.

Regardless of the circumstances, the Child of Prophecy solved the Calamity assailing Norwich.
Spriggan appeared before Fujimaru's party to address how they saved the city in a time of crisis.
Spriggan allows Arthuria passage to the belfry and leaves things up to her decision. “If you want to ring the bell, I won't stop you.”
Arthuria ultimately can't do it. (Because ringing the bell is starting a war. She's not determined.)

Spriggan invites Fujimaru and Arthuria to Camelot.
Da Vinci, Oberon, and most other companions are against it, but Fujimaru is unbending on their policy of “We need to know her in person before deciding on anything”. Arthuria rolls along while internally panicking.
Faerie Knight Gawain arrives to take them there (Spriggan had deployed her to capture them, but since they offered no resistance, this is now a regular escort mission).
Oberon leaves the party here, not accompanying them to Camelot.

End of Act 1.

2D backgrounds

Norwich the Coastal City, avenue
Norwich the Coastal City, pier
Count Peperon's mansion, dining hall

New 3D assets

Norwich pier
Norwich town (also one flaming variation)

07 - Camelot the Sin Capital

Chaldea's party and Gawain circle around the Great Pit to reach Camelot.
On the way, they encounter a huge flock of Moss and have to fight together with Gawain.
When fighting with Gawain, the player gets to learn about Gawain's absurd Skills and ATK from their own inputs.
Following that, a flock of Moss (Large).
Those are too much even for Gawain, so the Queen's Army shrinks back.
That's when a knight in pale cyan armor arrives.
She flies from Camelot like a fighter jet and exterminates the flock of Moss (Large) in an instant.
The faerie soldiers scream in praise and admiration.
It's Lancelot, the Faerie Knight lauded as the most beautiful faerie in Britain.
Lancelot is taciturn. “I eliminated the Moss as the queen ordered. You continue the escort on your own, Sir Gawain.”, she says before flying away.
The provoked Gawain clicks her tongue (hints suggesting Lancelot and Gawain don't like each other).

Two days later, they arrive at Camelot.
Cnoc na Riabh's army is forming rows in front of Camelot's main gate (facing north) to intimidate Camelot. Fujimaru's party catches a glimpse of Cnoc na Riabh standing in the middle in an imposing pose with her arms crossed.
Aside from fae, the northern army also has some chained giants being used as living weapons.

They go inside Castle Camelot.
The words “Only those without sin may pass” atop the front gate have been covered with paint.
On their first step inside, the magical energy reader gives immense numbers.
Magical energy gathered from all over Britain is assembling on Camelot's throne.

  • The red herring is that this is the magical energy pool for Morgan's Rhongomyniad. The truth is that the magecraft that keeps the fae alive is still active and this is the magical energy necessary for that.

They get an audience with Morgan in Camelot's throne room. Beryl also gets his introduction scene with a big grin.
Morgan openly proclaims she will not help Pan-Human History. “We are enemies.”

Her message to Fujimaru is “If you want Pan-Human History back, defeat me.” and to Arthuria is “If you want to save Britain, fulfill your prophecy”.
Morgan is a queen who defends the law and values decorum, so she won't kill invited guests.
“I guarantee your safety until you leave Camelot. The feudal lords are forbidden from attacking you for as long as you don't ring the bells.”
“This can't be happening”, Beryl is perplexed. (Why is she not taking the chance to end things here and now?!)
Fujimaru and Arthuria are irresolute. Is Morgan really an enemy?

The party is driven out of Camelot. Oberon meets them outside.
Although Morgan said “until Arthuria rings the first bell”, that can't be trusted with Beryl still around. The party rushes away from Camelot. However, they unwittingly invade a chocolate hill in the northern domain.
Everyone rejoices. “It's candy!” “Well, it tastes decent!”
Oberon watches them with joyful giggles.
Gareth, the stalking faerie, panickedly arrives to stop them.

“Whah, stop, you'll be in serious trouble if you eat that!”
But it's too late. Now that the party already ate chocolate, they became addicted and forced to obey Queen Cnoc na Riabh (Gareth's understanding of how it works).

  • It has no curse or compelling power. It's just that the charm of processed chocolate is too powerful on the British, who only know sugar from fruits. It's a literal “sweet trap” for the regular fae.)

Moss show up in the chocolate field, as if hidden to pray on unfortunate travelers.
Gareth finally joins the fight to help Fujimaru's party since (her mind is stuck on the assumption that) they can't fight to full capacity due to the chocolate's toxins.
Naturally, you can compose your party like normal. Gareth is entirely unhelpful.

After the battle. Gareth sulks at her lame performance.
They ask why was Gareth stalking them.
Gareth tells she is a rogue faerie who still doesn't know what she's the faerie of, but the party's actions so far lit a fire in her heart, so she wants to be like them. She dreamed of being the king's vassal, and that is the origin of Arthuria's first vassal* Gareth, the knight faerie.

While everyone is enjoying this light-hearted chapter, the warrior Diarmuid, a northern faerie general, appears accompanied by the loud stomps of a neighing warhorse.
They're all arrested for the crime of eating chocolate and taken to Cnoc na Riabh's campground.

  • 2D assets

Camelot gates
Camelot castle town
Chocolate plains

  • Sprites

Zoomer-like northern faerie soldiers?

  • Battle background

Chocolate plains

  • Unique enemies

Moss (Large)

08 - Cnoc na Riabh

Intro with a flashback to a scene of the past.
In Gloucester, Arthuria and Cnoc na Riabh meet each other.
Arthuria considers Cnoc na Riabh her only rival and friend.

End of the flashback, the camera returns to the protagonist’s POV.
They interact with the King Clan and Cnoc na Riabh in the farmlands of the northern fae.
“I’m the only king. You and Morgan are only stones in my path.”, she says. Despite her hostility, Cnoc na Riabh doesn’t eliminate them.
Cnoc na Riabh also makes light of Arthuria, not seeing her as a real obstacle yet.
Cnoc na Riabh deals with Morgan by not answering her messages, not through open rebellion.
That’s why the Faerie Knights weren’t mobilized. But they are prepared for war when she inevitably raises the flag of rebellion.

Until then, Cnoc na Riabh wants to get other fiefs on her side or wear off the enemy forces.
“Are you still taking this whole ‘King’s Prophecy’, ‘human ally’ deal seriously?”
“It’s my duty…”, Arthuria gives an evasive answer.
“Why don’t you join the Round Table Army to oppose Morgan?”, Fujimaru suggests. Cnoc na Riabh rejects it with an absolute no. Fujimaru’s party still doesn’t know why.
Fujimaru’s party is freed because their loitering is still turning Morgan’s forces unstable at this point.
Cnoc na Riabh advises Arthuria to be more imposing, warning her that no one will want to follow a feeble king. F R I E N D S H I P!
Also, Fionn says goodbye here. His big idea is to help the northern army in order to get us on Cnoc na Riabh’s good side (his real reason is that he can’t leave Diarmuid’s side).

  • Fionn’s contributions and shared information cause Cnoc na Riabh to slowly open up to Pan-Human History

On the way back from northern to southern Britain.
“Let’s find a safe space for a break.”, says Oberon.
“To fight or to run. It’s an important choice. It’s best to sit down and think about it, right?”
But where is safe?
The only places thus far where they have been able to relax were the autumn forest and Salisbury, but…
“I don’t recommend my forest. Didn’t I mention before it was a bad choice of home base? It also kinda freaks me out how much you trust the queen’s verbal promise that she won’t attack.”
Salisbury then? All the way back to the Storm Boarder? The discussion is cut short by
“I know where is the safest place for you.”
“The base of the humans—the ruins of Londinium.”


Meanwhile, the chief of the Fang Clan—Woodwose—is in Oxford.
He’s trying to come up with a solution to the citizens’ complaints that they don’t have enough humans.

“Why must the queen ration our shipments of humans?”
Woodwose is dissatisfied with the current state of human livestock.
“They don’t need to be anything more than breeding machines.”
The reason why they are like that is that humans need emotion to operate their creativity, and that’s what feeds the fae, but Woodwose is of the opinion that they can’t afford to demand quality during this shortage.
Because the Moss grows more numerous by the day and his army is in need of reinforcements.
“Or does the queen believe that the Faerie Knights are all she needs? How much do you think we of the Fang Clan have fought for you throughout the years?”
He snaps at the news that Morgan pardoned Arthuria and Chaldea and assembles a raid squadron against his soldiers’ protests. “We shall eliminate them for her!”
…One of Oberon’s bugs watched the whole scene.

  • 2D assets

Cnoc na RIabh’s farmlands, inside the camp
Oxford’s main avenue (all buildings are restaurants)

Intermission 4 (Mash section)

The story is set in the British Isles from millennia ago.
Mash wakes up on the eastern coast before Norwich was built there.
There she finds two fae, the aggressive Tottrot and the Arthuria-lookalike Aesc.
Mash realizes that this is Britain from a past before the Queen’s Era.
She meets Aesc, who will later be known as The Savior.
Here begins an adventure to discover Britain’s past and secrets.

09 - Londinium

Following Oberon’s advice, they take the eastern detour to Londinium and arrive there (Woodwose’s army came to intercept them on the western route and found no one. On further chase, the squad stops by Gloucester and is never seen again.)
The city is indeed in ruins but has a dense and armed community.
Arthuria is once again blinking in surprise. She thinks out loud that Londinium is a very beautiful place. It’s all ruins everywhere, but Arthuria finds it beautiful.

  • That’s because the humans here work for others’ sake and rarely lie. The fae fight for the humans and the humans fight for the fae. It’s not like Salisbury, where they raise human-only insurrection cells to fight for human rights.
  • This is also the chapter set out on making you love Oberon, with the community stating they only assembled thanks to Oberon gathering all the good people together. This is the only place where Arthuria falls for the mindset of “doing it for the sake of the people here”.)

The rebel army welcomes Arthuria, full of hope in “Child of Prophecy”.
Percival finally debuts here. Gareth becomes his apprentice.
Oberon reveals that he is the rebel army’s sponsor. Percival considers Oberon the head of the rebel army, but Oberon humbly states Percival is the leader.
Arthuria begrudgingly becomes the face of the rebels, unable to disappoint all those eyes filled with hope.

Debate* “Which bell do we ring first?”
Salisbury is the easiest, which also means it can be saved for last. It’s very likely Aurora will cooperate.
They agree that the best call is to start at the most challenging place before everyone starts tightening their security.
“It’s Gloucester or Norwich.”, says Percival.
“What about Orkney?”
“Too far away, and it would be difficult to pass through Cnoc na Riabh’s army. Most importantly, there’s no one in Orkney. It wouldn’t clear our ‘get another feudal lord’s approval’ condition.”
Oberon convinces everyone to raid Norwich.

  • 2D assets

Londinium square
Londinium strategy room
Londinium control tower (later to become its belfry)

  • Battle backgrounds

Londinium square

10 - Norwich (II)

A battle to ring the bell.
A joint operation between the Round Table Army and Count Peperon.
Spriggan wants the Round Table Army and the Queen’s Army to fight each other, so he employs poor security and lets them ring the bell.
Arthuria is not confident in her decisions but remembering how the human rebels smiled through their suffering, she finds the determination to ring the bell (this wasn’t an emotional heat-of-the-moment outburst).
The bell (of the end) is heard throughout all of Britain.
Arthuria’s abilities tangibly increase (one of her Avalon le Fae limiters is removed)

  • Make it easily noticeable both in story and gameplay that Arthuria will win if she rings all 6 bells.

  • Intermission* the queen gives the order to investigate Spriggan’s responsibility and to eliminate the rebels Arthuria and Chaldea.
    Hints that the war is finally about to begin.

11 - Defensive battle of Londinium

The battle against Woodwose’s Fang Clan commences.
Since no Faerie Knight appeared yet, they safely arm their defenses.
But things didn’t go the way the rebel army wanted. They thought that the Child of Prophecy emerging would bring them new companions from all regions, but they still haven’t gotten a large boost in their numbers. Their idea didn’t pan out.
Obe* “People have grown to oppose the queen’s politics. If they don’t want to join our fight regardless, it must be because the rebel army doesn’t have a winning chance.”
He says that as long as the Faerie Knights are alive, there’s no hope for Londinium’s Round Table.
Their only option left is to ring the next bell, but Arthuria is indecisive.
That’s because now that they’re in an open war, ringing a bell means conquering the city.
That’s when Oberon receives urgent news.
“The queen’s army went to the Wales Forest?”

  • 2D assets

In front of the Londinium castle, open battlefield

  • Battle backgrounds

In front of the Londinium castle, open battlefield

  • Unique enemies

Fang Clan soldiers (variants of any previous enemies)

12 - Wales Forest (II)

Fae Knight Gawain set the place afire. Oberon’s domain is being purged for the sin of helping Arthuria and Chaldea.
Fujimaru’s party rushes in but the forest is unsalvageable.
The bugs are completely dead and the refugee fae are dying ablaze.
Arthuria has never been angry before, but here she loses it. She wrecks the faerie army Musou-style (this scene resembles the events in Tintagel).

Meanwhile, Percival and Gareth encounter Lancelot.
Gareth learns that Percival and Lancelot know each other.

Second battle against Faerie Knight Gawain.
The flame burning the forest. The king of the black dogs. Gawain’s name reveal (from here on out she’ll be called Barghest).
It’s almost a good match, but we’re still lacking in power.
They discuss the need to retreat, but that’s where Oberon gets to show off.
“We’ll beat Barghest right here, right now.”
“The starting shot of an anti-Morgan movement needs to be the defeat of one of the Faerie Knights.”
Oberon finally draws his sword so he, Percival, and Gareth jump in at once to strike back at Barghest.
Barghest asks Fujimaru’s Chaldea a question* “I can understand the Child of Prophecy’s reasons, but why do you outsiders to this world protect the fae? Didn’t you come to destroy this Lostbelt?”
Barghest scowls at the answers “I’m saving them because I want to” and “the world ending tomorrow is no reason to ruin their today” (she is weak against this kind of unabashed virtue).

Barghest sheathes her sword, saying that her mission is over, and orders her soldiers leave.
Although the forest was burned to ash, this was very productive for the rebel army.

Also, that’s where Fujimaru notices something wrong with the bodies of the dead fae. The corpses don’t rot.
They learn that dead fae don’t deteriorate, their bodies stay in place indefinitely; and that the knocked-down trees they’ve been seeing everywhere were the corpses of dead fae.

  • 2D assets

Wales Forest (night, on fire)

  • Battle backgrounds

Wales Forest (night, on fire)

Alpha Draft

Lostbelt 6 Outline


A brief anecdote. The story of a lonely planet.

A strange phenomenon where the still-bleached Earth started crumbling at multiple points.
The bleaching was essentially the anesthesia for a resurrection surgery. If it’s undone now, the planet will split. The President of Earth is just as surprised as we are.
The cause of this is in the British Isles. We move the British Isles, the Sixth Lostbelt, which rejected everything that tried to enter until now.

Chapter 6: The British Isles, December 1st, 2018

Main story information and foreshadowing to present

None in particular.


Defeating Faerie Queen Morgan and her retainers, the Fae Round Table.
Creating a Holy Sword. Amputating the land’s Vortigern.
Rescuing Merlin from his prison tower.
Grand Saber Arthuria Avalon’s introduction scene (Only an introduction. She won’t fight.)

Crypters, Alteregos

Beryl will do his Beryl things and his arc ends without him having done anything decent.

Mash’s emotional state

Confronts Beryl and Galahad.
What can she hope to accomplish now that she’s hurt by the human malignancy and the corruption of human history?
The whole journey so far led Mash to one conclusion. How to measure good vs evil and how to measure loss vs gain.
Defending is another form of attacking. No life in this world is exempt from responsibility.
A Holy Knight is born.

Goredolf’s development

A perfect dad. While he’s still in his role of overreacting hamster, he can get things done when needed.
All Chaldea staff members and players will already be loving him by this point.
This should be where the death flags finally start appearing.

Visual concepts

A constantly pink sky with an aurora. An island split in two by the aurora. (The sky will turn blue in the last chapter. This is where Merlin’s last words in the Christmas event will come into play.)
The Tower of the Furthest Ends is visible on the horizon.
A castle under seawater.
The garden of Avalon.
The inner sea of the planet (Earth’s interior. Soft and sparkly) (where Excalibur will be forged), Albion the Spirit Cavern.
Londinium, the immoral capital (Covered in dark smoke because it’s a city made by humans. London.).
The Fae Knights who wear the Saint Graphs of the Knights of the Round Table, and the Queen Knights (themed after moths, fishes, horses, and whatnot).

Image colors

Rainbow and the color of the Rhongomyniad light behind the throne in the 6th Singularity.


A historical drama starting from the foundation of a small nation and ending on its downfall.
A power struggle between 3 sides: humans, fae (Morgan), and fae (Oberon).

The British Lostbelt deviated from history during the Ulster Era of Celtic Mythology.
What would have happened if the fae had destroyed all worlds (except the Celtic one) before the Celts entered their age of humans and heroes.
(That’s what we want them to believe. In reality, it’s a world where fae survived the Catastrophe (Sefar). The fae didn’t make Excalibur, the special anti-threat weapon designed for the sake of humanity. The fae made new humans out of nostalgia.)
Later, the last few surviving humans were collected (reserve bug catching), raised as pets, and remained part of fae society all the way to 2020.
Although humans are gradually being elevated from pets to citizens, treating them as pets is still the norm.

LB6 will be a road movie. Think The Wizard of Oz.
The story of a girl leaving her stable and going through all kinds of adventures until she reaches the center of the world and makes a star.
It’s set in a world lacking something important (the Holy Sword).
Since this world doesn’t have the invisible revelation of order or any other source for the magnetism that ties people together, everyone lives only for their own self-interest.
Instead of thinking about good or evil or social justice, they all act thinking about their loves (what they want to do) first and foremost.
For that reason, the goodest men can hurt others without a second thought and the evilest men can sacrifice themselves for a partner.
An ensemble cast with a chain of misunderstandings that can only lead to tragedy.

Existing assets to use

Grimm (Odin’s identity reveal. This is Cu Chulainn (Caster)’s moment.)
Galahad, the Knight of Heaven (found the Holy Grail)
Gawain, the Knight of Earth (founded the Royal Court)

Evergreen oaks are necessary for fae survival. All three sides of the conflict with have their own Tree.
One in Atonement City Camelot, the capital where any sin can be forgiven.
One in Londinium, the immoral city where the egoistic humans gather.
And one in Oberon, the prince of the Fae Clan and leader of the anti-fae faction.

New assets to produce

Tuatha Dé Danann:
The tribe of goddess Dána. The giant Fomoire is the chief. They’re a force from an island northwest of the British Isles.

Divine Beast Cernunnos:
A character in Avalon le Fae’s history before the events of the game. Originally a Celtic god in Britain. A god tricked by the fae and tributed as a horrendous blood offering.

Dethroned King Lot and the Green Knight:
A Nightcall created by fusing two fae.
He is the king of the perished nation of Orkney, the father in Gareth’s family, and a Gawain-killing machine.

Faerie Knight Gawain, Tristan, and Lancelot:
The Knights of Rounds serving Morgan. Dog, curse, and fountain.

Arthuria Caster:
LB6’s main character and the one introducing us to her world.
Not as strong of a heroine as the ones before her. An ordinary hard worker who sucks at dealing with situations, fails a lot, and is always stumbling. Her only good quality is how fast she gets back on her feet.

She has a habit of saying “Sorry for being weak. I’ll try harder. I’ll try harder.”.
Fighting scares her. Hating and being hated wears her down. She’s happy with her normal life.
→ But she still went on her journey to make the Holy Sword. Because everyone has high hopes for it. Because she knew people were working hard behind the scenes to ensure her success. Her whole life, she has been saying “don’t worry, I’ll do my best” with a smile in response to requests she knew to be beyond her capabilities.
A heroine everyone has been always asking to do this, do that, save the world, etc.
But instead of being sad and pathetic about it, she’s rather carefree and unaffected by other people’s opinions.
One of her quotes will be “I want to find my purpose somewhere along this long journey” → At the very end, at the scene that decides the fate of the world, she says with a blushing smile:

Castoria ;-;

In the end, I couldn’t find it. Teeheehee.
And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Everyone has amazing accomplishments under their belts and I really think that’s awesome, but in the end, all of us having fun makes me happier than me having fun on my own. I understand how mundane this is compared to a dream to be special or admirable. But this dream is like a shining star to me.
(She uses the roundabout expression “like a shining star to me” instead of the more assertive “this is a shining star” period. That’s because she still doesn’t understand the nature of a shining star. She’s a growing girl who still has a lot to learn. And her end has come before she learns any of it.)
I was always failing but that was not a big deal.
I was lonely but that was not a big deal.
I couldn’t find my star, but I managed to make one for myself! Hehe!
(She then fades to nothing flashing a smug smile to all who took care of her. Psheew~)