Abyssal Cyber Paradise, SE.RA.PH


Nero: It's Maius! And that means it's almost time!!!

Tamamo-no-Mae: Indeed. The season in which even the most reclusive digital native is overcome with the urge to venture off to faraway lands!

Nero: Yes! It's finally spring break!

Nero: Come now, Master, let us all go to the beach! I've been looking forward to this since last year!

Nero: This is the year I finally get to wear a swimsuit!

Tamamo-no-Mae: My my, Saber, don't tell me you don't have your own swimsuit?

Tamamo-no-Mae: Is that dress really the only thing in your royal wardrobe? Or do you just lack confidence in your figure?

Nero: Nonsense! I just gave up my place for Mordred's sake last time! She looked like she was really suffering from that heat in her heavy armor!

Nero: But that is all in the past now. This year, my swimsuited figure shall be like a bolt of lightning! Quite literally!

Nero: Spring break will simply be a test run. In fact, it is summer that I truly long for!

Nero: I'm told you spent an entire month on a deserted tropical island in the year 2018? I shall do the same in my every waking hour until summer!

Tamamo-no-Mae: Trust me, it wasn't nearly as fun as you think! In fact, if I never go another day adrift in only a swimsuit, it will still be one day too many!

Fujimaru 1: Oh, yeah, I almost forgot about that.

Fujimaru 2: Iron houses... Stone-paved roads... Fields...

Emiya: Try not to make too much trouble for Master. Vacation or not, this is still Chaldea.

Emiya: Disaster may strike at any moment. Plus, I've been hearing a lot of disturbing news lately.

Emiya: Case in point, aren't they keeping you on standby in your room, Fujimaru?

Emiya: Don't concern yourself with Saber and Caster's self-centered antics. We can use this chance to go over the fundamentals of magecraft.

Tamamo-no-Mae: Eliminating rivals while playing up your own strengths, eh... I see you're as crafty as ever, Nameless.

Nero: The fact that he's managed to keep his position as Master's tutor for so long is proof enough of that. You never change, do you?

Emiya: I don't know what you mean. I'm simply doing my part to make up for the woeful lack of morals and education in you other Servants.

Emiya: If you were to return to your own rooms, I would be happy to return to my own training and–Hm?

Mash: Um, testing, testing. Attention all standby staff.

Mash: We've received our regular report from the Seraphix Offshore Oil Rig. All staff members will be able to make use of e-mail and video calls during this time.

Mash: Any free staff members who wish to contact friends at Seraphix are welcome to visit the Command Room.

Mash: Today's contact window is scheduled to last for half a day. The next one will take place in three months' time, so anyone who wishes to–

Nero: Hm? Seraphix? What is that, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: Beats me.

Fujimaru 2: I think... If I'm not mistaken...

Tamamo-no-Mae: I believe it is a Chaldean outpost that also serves to provide us with resources, correct?

Tamamo-no-Mae: A little birdie once told me that it belonged to the last director.

Emiya: The offshore oil rig... Haven't had many good experiences there. It used to be a target for terrorists.

Emiya: But Animusphere was one of the Clock Tower Lords, so I guess it makes sense he'd have something like that on his asset sheets.

Fujimaru 1: Let's go check it out.

Nero: Umu! I'm curious myself!

Fujimaru 2: Sounds more fun than studying magecraft.

Emiya: Well, of course it does. Ordinarily, you wouldn't have any need to study it in the first place. And it's only natural to be curious at your age.

Tamamo-no-Mae: Seraphix... Something about that name sounds ill-omened, but if you wish to go there, Master, so be it.

Tamamo-no-Mae: I shall accompany you as well. As your dependable shrine maiden, I should easily be able to exorcise at least some misfortune.

Mash: Oh, hello, Senpai. I didn't know you were here too.

Da Vinci: I can't say I see what's so fun about making contact with an oil rig.

Da Vinci: And you've got three Servants here, no less. Don't you think that's a bit much, seeing as there's no Singularity to worry about right now?

Mash: Hehe, then how come you're here, Da Vinci? You could have just stayed in your workshop.

Da Vinci: True. I don't have any personal interest in it, but our budget for this year all depends on how well Seraphix is doing.

Da Vinci: I may only be serving as director until the Association appoints a new one, but I'm still in charge for now, so it only seems right that I stay abreast of how things are going there.

Fujimaru 1: Can you tell us more about Seraphix?

Mash: Seraphix is a North Sea offshore oil rig owned by the Animusphere family.

Mash: It is built on a semi-submersible platform, and its team of at least a hundred keeps it running at all hours.

Mash: It is located far away from Chaldea's headquarters, but it is still one of Chaldea's more lucrative revenue streams.

Mash: ...At least, that's what the data says about it. I've never been there myself.

Da Vinci: Neither have I, Mash.

Da Vinci: In fact, the only ones who know what things are like there are Chaldea's original staff.

Da Vinci: And they all died in Lev's attack on the Command Room.

Da Vinci: The staff who stay in contact with Seraphix now are those who have become friends with each other across repeated transmissions these last few years.

Mash: So the Seraphix staff slave away on the ocean, while we remain secluded up here in the mountains.

Mash: It must be a nice change of pace for each side to hear about the other, even if it's just through transmissions.

Chaldea Comms Officer: Right you are, Mash. I've known the comms officer on Seraphix for five years now.

Chaldea Comms Officer: We may never have met in person, but I still consider them a good friend, much like how Dr. Roman thought of Magi☆Mari–Uh, I mean...

Mash: Don't worry about it. Having someone who helps you out, even if they're far away...

Mash: I think it's a rare and wonderful thing. And Dr. Roman really depended on Magi☆Mari as well.

Chaldea Comms Officer: Haha, I guess that's true. Though he also used to grumble that she charged a lot for the privilege.

Chaldea Comms Officer: ...Ahem. I've probably said too much. At any rate, we're ready to proceed with the transmission now.

Chaldea Comms Officer: Opening Chaldea external communication line six. Establishing video feed with Seraphix.

Fujimaru 1: (Is something wrong with Sheba?)

Fujimaru 2: I'm not seeing anything.

Chaldea Comms Officer: ...That's strange. The feed is open, we're receiving video, but my screens are all blank.

Da Vinci: The audio feed's active, but I'm not hearing anything, either.

Da Vinci: They obviously didn't get the time wrong, since someone over there opened up the line.

Da Vinci: Hopefully it's just some sort of glitch, but–

???: S... ar... pi...

Mash: Wait, I heard something! Please, turn it up!

Chaldea Comms Officer: Got it! Setting volume to max!

???: S...O...S... Do you...copy...? Please...somebody...answer me...

???: I don't get it... Why is...this happening... Everyone is...disappearing...

???: Help... Somebody...help... Everyone's...turning into...data...

Chaldea Comms Officer: I've lost the connection to Seraphix!

Da Vinci: I'm authorizing the use of Chaldeas! Use Sheba to observe Seraphix in 2019!

Da Vinci: That may not let us hear them, but we should at least get visual confirmation of what's going on there!

Chaldea Staff: G-good idea! Chaldeas shouldn't have any problem seeing what's going on with Sera...phix... So... Wait, what? This can't be right!

Da Vinci: Calm down. Just give me the facts first. We can speculate later.

Chaldea Staff: R-right. Well, what I can say for sure is...Seraphix isn't there! I can't see it at all!

Chaldea Staff: I know it moves around, so I tried searching nearby seas too, but it just doesn't exist anywhere!

Da Vinci: Anything else out of the ordinary? Oil spills? Traces of a fire? Space-time distortions? A Singularity?

Chaldea Staff: No, there's just nothing here! No sign of a Singularity whatsoever!

Chaldea Comms Officer: ...I may have something, Ms. Da Vinci. You know the earlier transmission?

Chaldea Comms Officer: Well, I can't tell where it came from. The comm feed we saw came from a zone we can't detect!

Mash: Senpai, this–

???: Uh, testing, testing. Mic sensitivity OK? All good? Can all you little humans in Chaldea hear me?

???: That crystal clear audio you get when you sneak spyware into a free app and hear everything the poor phone user says, stripping them of their privacy? That kinda good?

???: Perfect!

???: Hello, people of Chaldea! Is this your personal time, or are you still hard at work?

???: If there's a lot of other people around, or you're still on your commute, you might want to hurry up and turn your phone's speaker off.

???: Otherwise, you might end up dead to everyone–socially, anyway–even before I kill you♡

???: Okay, let's try this again!


BB! Channel...!


Hello, humanity! How are you all doing? Still running around looking like idiots?


Scurrying around like ants who just had boiling water poured into their hill? You are, aren't you?


Oh, my! After thousands of years, you haven't changed a bit! I love it! It almost makes me feel bad for you!


Well, not so much in the “poor thing” sense as the “pathetic” or “pitiful” senses, mind you.

Chaldea Staff: What's going on, Comms!? Where's this transmission coming from!?

Chaldea Comms Officer: I don't know! And the controls aren't responding! She's using completely different comms protocols than us!

Chaldea Staff: The walls are closed, the Spirit Origin Storage is locked down, and our external comms are all cut off.

Chaldea Staff: We don't have any control over Chaldea! How's she doing this!? Is she some ultra A-class wizard!?


Bzzzt, wrong answer! I'm neither a wizard nor a Master!


Nope, this broadcast is coming to you live from me, BB: Illegal High-Grade AI and Ruler of the Moon.


What's that? Why do I have a voice, you ask?

Why, because I'm a cheat character, of course.


You've got to really make an impression with your first appearance!


This heroine is as greedy as a young girl, and as cold as an angel.


That's right! The ultra-cute and ultra-immature BB is here to show you all just how much better I am than humans!

Fujimaru 1: Who are you...!?


What, weren't you listening? I thought I just told you to turn your phone speaker off, not your brain.


I'm BB, your dependable Kouhai Navigator with way better specs than any human.


Feel free to call me whatever you like: “Bee-Bee,” “Bae-Bae,” “Beebs”...

I mean, it's not like I'm ever gonna tell you my REAL name.

Fujimaru 2: How come you're the only one with full voiceover!?


Ooh, nice comeback! You're one of those people who can't help blurting out the first thing that pops into their little brains, aren't you!


I'm so glad I went to all the trouble of recording this voiceover now!


But...I'm afraid I have some bad news for you, Master.


This is only a partial voiceover, not a full one.

I hope you're truly heartbroken that you'll only get to hear my dulcet tones during my first appearance.

BB: Okay, enough of that. Let's get down to brass tacks.

BB: Good day, Chaldea. Don't worry, I may be an AI, but there's no need to be afraid of me.

BB: I'm basically only here because the oil stove caught fire while I was relaxing in my kotatsu.

BB: And by oil stove, I of course mean Seraphix, Chaldea, and all of humanity in this Chronicle Theoretical Phenomenon, really.

BB: Now the stove doesn't matter one bit to me, but I don't want MY room burning down too, you know?

BB: So I opened up this channel to help you all out, even though I have absolutely no desire to do so!

BB: You know that oil rig? Well, it doesn't exist in your time anymore. Check out the Mariana Trench in A.D. 2030!

Da Vinci: ...Do what she says. Use Chaldeas to observe the current coordinates.

Chaldea Staff: Yes, ma'am. Setting Sheba's angle to A.D. 2030.

Fujimaru 1: (Um, Mash, what's the Mariana Trench?)

Mash: (The deepest trench in the world. It's east of the Mariana Islands in the northwest Pacific Ocean.)

Mash: (It's 1,750 kilometers directly south of Japan's Ogasawara Islands.)

Mash: (According to the most recent data, it's 10,911 meters deep. )

Mash: (Many people have gone there to try to set new diving records, so it's also called Challenger Deep.)

BB: Hey! No whispering! This is a serious scene!

Chaldea Staff: Th-there it is! Seraphix really is at these coordinates!

Chaldea Staff: It's currently two hundred meters below the surface! And...I'm picking up a Singularity signal too!

Da Vinci: A Singularity, eh. And Seraphix is sinking even as we speak.

BB: That's right. So if you don't do something about it, it'll get smooshed by the water pressure once it hits ten thousand meters.

BB: Add in the fact that it's becoming a Singularity that makes space-time all wonky, and things aren't looking too good for that time period's stability.

BB: Now let's see, what was your mission again? The continuation of humanity, was it?

BB: I know you're all good little children, so I'm sure you care about doing what you're supposed to. And of course, you also care about the lives of all the staff members trapped on Seraphix, don't you?

BB: Then I guess you've got no choice but to Rayshift on over there! Go on! Time's a wastin'!

BB: Oh, and you, the little Master over there. May I ask what your name is?

Fujimaru 1: Fujimaru.

BB: Fujimaru? Yikes, talk about your forgettable background characters. You poor thing.

BB: But luckily for you, my nonexistent heart goes pitter-patter for pathetic people! So I can shower you with scorn and happily help you out all at the same time, Senpai!

Mash: (Senpai!?)

Fujimaru 2: (Say nothing because you don't trust her)

BB: Just kidding! Of course I already know your name is Fujimaru!

BB: It's okay, I get it. It makes sense you'd be wary of a beautiful and intelligent kouhai character, a devil as great as me, who suddenly showed up out of nowhere.

BB: I mean, you're obviously a forgettable background character, Senpai. And you're, like, three times more disappointing in person.

BB: But don't you worry. I just so happen to love doing, uh, (BLEEP) to miserable, pathetic creatures!

BB: So no matter how doltish or spineless you are, Senpai, I'll make sure to take excellent care of you right to the end♡

Mash: Wait. You said your name was BB...? You seem like you know a lot about the situation with Seraphix, but why are you contacting Chaldea?

Mash: And how come you're calling Senpai “Senpai”!?

BB: Really? THAT'S what bothers you?

BB: I'm pretty sure actually meeting a High-Grade AI should be pretty mind-blowing technology in your time period.

BB: But, since that question MUST be more important to you than world peace, I'll go ahead and answer it!

BB: I call Fujimaru over there “Senpai” as a bonus!

Mash: Bonus!?

BB: Yup! It's basically my last-ditch attempt to keep myself motivated.

BB: My true senpai is like no one else in the entire universe: a [♂ prince /♀️ princess] among the stars.

BB: ...The only problem is, I never actually met anyone like that.

BB: So after I became the boss, had some misgivings, and decided to start acting more prudently, I edited my destiny to be more like that.

BB: All that's to say that Fujimaru is nothing more than a substitute senpai.

BB: [♂ He's /♀️ She's] going to stand in for my real senpai, and I'm going to mercilessly toy with [♂ him /♀️ her] throughout this whole ordeal♡

Fujimaru 1: I don't really understand, but I'll do my best!

Fujimaru 2: That is the most evil smile I have ever seen...!

Nero: Enough small talk, Fujimaru. We don't have time to deal with this BB character right now.

Nero: If a new Singularity has formed, it is a Master's job to fix it.

Nero: Do not pay that little demon's words any heed. We three Servants are here and ready to assist.

Nero: Da Vinci, prepare a Rayshift. The four of us shall head to Seraphix at once.

Mash: We can't, Nero. Rayshifting to the past is one thing, but the future...

Da Vinci: She's right. Rayshifting to the future is impossible.

Da Vinci: If Seraphix is in 2030 now, there is nothing we can do about it.

BB: Hehe, I knew it. Your pathetic 2019 technology can't get it done.

BB: But lucky for you, I'm here to help you cheat your way out of it!

BB: Just this once, I'll help you come to the far-flung future of 2030!

Da Vinci: So, you can verify one's existence even in the future? That would mean that 2030 is actually your time.

Da Vinci: For us, 2030 is the future, but for you, it's the present.

Da Vinci: So that means we're not so much communicating with someone in the future as someone in the future is looking to the past for help. Is that right?

BB: Wha–Hey! I was saving that big twist for the end of this whole story! Spoilers, much!?

BB: Anyway, you guys can make up your own minds.

BB: The important thing is that Seraphix only has a few hours until it reaches the bottom of the trench, at which point the water pressure will crush it like a tin can.

BB: So, what's it gonna be? Are you gonna Rayshift, or not?

Fujimaru 1: ...What do you think, Mash?

Mash: ...As your kouhai, I strongly dislike this idea. ...But, I can't abandon everyone at Seraphix either.

Fujimaru 2: ...What do you think, Emiya?

Emiya: There's obviously something fishy about this whole thing, to say nothing of that BB girl...

Emiya: It's no use. I can't remember. But...I get a feeling that we can rely on her, even if we can't trust her.

Emiya: If she really is an AI, then she can't lie to humans. I'd like to think that the fact she says she'll help us means she's on our side, but...

BB: What, still trying to be the cool big bro here even though you've got amnesia, Mr.

Da Vinci: Don't bother thinking it over, Fujimaru.

Da Vinci: We can't possibly ignore this, not now that there's a Singularity involved.

Da Vinci: As Chaldea's acting commander, I am giving you new orders.

Da Vinci: Master Fujimaru is hereby no longer on standby.

Da Vinci: [♂ He /♀️ She] will instead focus [♂ his /♀️ her] efforts on this top-priority mission: investigating the cause behind this Seraphix Singularity, and resolving it.

Da Vinci: ...If that's okay with you?

Fujimaru 1: Of course!

Fujimaru 2: Yay! I'll bring my snorkel!

BB: Wow, you talk a good game for being such a weakling. Especially since you've got nothing to base that confidence on whatsoever!

BB: Oh, sorry. That just slipped out. Forget you ever heard that.

BB: Okay, here are the Rayshift settings.

BB: Your existence will likely stop being verified once it's set to the future, but I'll cover for that by preserving your fate.

BB: Who is BB, really? What happened on Seraphix?

BB: I'll fill you in on all that once you get there. So don't delay, Rayshift away!

Tamamo-no-Mae: Yes, there certainly isn't anything suspicious about trying to hurry us along like that... So you're BB, not just some school nurse or something, right?

Tamamo-no-Mae: We absolutely cannot let Master go into this obvious death trap alone.

Tamamo-no-Mae: Nero, Nameless, and I shall accompany [♂ him /♀️ her], so do make sure to bring us along as well, okay?

BB: Uh... You don't...remember about things and...stuff, do you?

Tamamo-no-Mae: I do not remember things I have not yet experienced, but it is not difficult to see where this is going.

Tamamo-no-Mae: The mere presence of someone like you means this is a serious matter.

Tamamo-no-Mae: So let us begin before things take a turn for the worse. This time, I won't be holding back.

BB: Woo!☆ Now that's what I like to hear! You rock, lady!

BB: Oh, but be careful, 'kay? You know how it is: the characters who usually hold back always end up dying first once they say they're going to get serious.

BB: I mean, worst case scenario: you could even die in the prologue!

Tamamo-no-Mae: That is not your concern!

Da Vinci: I agree. With the three of you there, you should be able to handle anything that comes along.

Da Vinci: (...Fujimaru.)

Da Vinci: (I know it's easy to forget with BB playing things up for laughs, but the situation is deadly serious.)

Da Vinci: (What's more, you probably won't be able to contact Chaldea this time. Don't tell Mash.)

Da Vinci: (You'll need to be extra careful in determining who you can trust, and who you can't. Got it?)

Fujimaru 1: ...Okay. I will.

Fujimaru 2: ...Thank you for the heads-up.

Da Vinci: All right, off to the Coffin! We shall begin the Rayshift momentarily!

Mash: Be careful, Senpai!

Mash: If you're ever in trouble, your kouhai Mash Kyrielight will always be here to help!

Fujimaru 1: I know you will. See you later.

Fou: ...Fou. Fou fou.

Fujimaru 1: Fou... I guess he's not coming along this time.

Fujimaru 2: ...Maybe he's not feeling well...

Announcement A: Starting Unsummon Program. Commencing Spiritron Conversion.

Announcement A: Rayshift begins in 3...2...1...

Announcement A: All systems are go.

Announcement A: Analyze Lost Order. Commencing Belt Recast.

BB: ...Snrk.

BB: Aha, ahaha, ahahahaha! That was way too easy, Senpai!

BB: A little sob story about the plight of a few people and you were falling all over yourself to rush to their aid. You humans and your unfounded optimism never change.

BB: So, on that note... BB Signal Jamming!☆

Nero: What!?

Emiya: Huh!?

Tamamo-no-Mae: What's this!?

BB: Did you really think you could Rayshift here so easily? The gate to Seraphix has an admission limit.

BB: It'll only let less than one gigabyte of data through the front entrance: just enough for Senpai.

BB: You Servants don't have permission to enter, so I'll be sending you to random locations around the base.

BB: ...Humans don't deserve to play on easy mode. You'll either clear this mission on hard mode, or you won't clear it at all.

BB: There's no turning back now. The odds are totally stacked against you on this battlefield; now it's just a matter of time until you're dead.

BB: The only things you'll find here are disagreement and polarization.

BB: What lies ahead is nothing less than the ultimate pleasure: a fight for your very survival.

BB: So, last Master of humanity, what do you say we get this oldest yet newest Holy Grail War started?

Act I: Swan Lake Returns (1/6)

Announcement: Welcome, visitors, to the Spiritron Virtual World: Serial Phantasm.

Announcement: Known as SE.RA.PH for short, this reborn pure land of pleasure is modeled after the digital world.

Announcement: 128 Masters and Servants have come here in order to prevent the real world from being destroyed.

Announcement: While we have nothing but praise for this noble purpose...

Announcement: Human desires are insatiable, and our audience won't be satisfied with nobility alone.

Announcement: Thus, one more condition for victory has been added to SE.RA.PH:

Announcement: Kill all 127 other Masters. Be the last one standing.

Announcement: Once you are, you will be granted the Mooncell, a source of unfathomable power.

Announcement: But please do be careful. SE.RA.PH has no exit.

Announcement: And doing nothing is not an option.

Announcement: Whether you fight, or kill one another...you have no choice but to put your survival first.

Fujimaru 1: Wha–

Fujimaru 1: Wha–

Fujimaru 1: What the hell is this place!?

BB: Heh heh heh. Heh heh heh heh...!

BB: There you are, Senpai! Welcome to the For-Adults-Only trap! There's no going back now!

BB: No wonder you conquered the Temple of Time! I have to admit that you've got courage!

BB: Of course, that's pretty much the only thing you've got going for you, so I don't expect you to stand out in any other way.

Fujimaru 1: What's going on here, BB!?

Fujimaru 2: Hey! What was that about 1GB!?

BB: Wait, that's what's bothering you? You're a lot pettier than your data indicated.

BB: But the fact remains that you just don't have much going on [♂ down there /♀️ up here], so you'll have to deal with it!

BB: Sorry! But hey, don't worry: it's not about the size, it's the shape that matters.

BB: ...Let's see. You're completely cut off from Chaldea, and you don't possess the skills of a wizard.

BB: Since you're so hopeless, I guess the helpful game master–that's me–will just have to do the work of explaining the rules to you.

BB: At the moment, there are a bunch of Servants butting heads with each other here in SE.RA.PH.

BB: And why not? This Holy Grail War is nothing but a battle to the death between all 128 of them!

BB: And just like you, Senpai, they all came here like lambs to the slaughter.

BB: Maaaybe because I fooled them into thinking there was a teensy-weensy world-ending threat to contend with.

BB: Little did they know that this was really nothing more than a way for me to kill some time!

Fujimaru 1: A 128-Servant battle to the death...

BB: That's right. It's a tacky little game I whipped up based on the Moon Holy Grail War.

BB: Of course, the Mooncell had a whole tournament thing going on, while this is just a straight-up down-and-dirty battle royale.

Fujimaru 2: Then you're the one behind all this!

BB: Well duh! Who do you think I am, anyway?

BB: I'm BB! The original fallen heroine, the “Oops, did I do that?” kouhai who ends up destroying the world!

BB: This time, to put it modestly, I actually went out of my way to make sure you all suffer!

BB: Anyway... You really don't have anything going for you, do you, Senpai? Without any Servants around, it's almost sad how weak you are.

BB: So since even I can't help but feel a little sorry for you, I'll help you out just a little more.

BB: Yes, this is Seraphix.

BB: Think of it as a zone made entirely out of light, where everything has been digitized into Pseudo-Spiritrons.

BB: As long as intellectual activity is taking place here, an information life-form like myself and an organic life-form like you can interact in the same space-time.

BB: Furthermore, knowledge, experience, and power sources you attain here will be carried over when you return to the physical world.

BB: So any battle you engage in here on SE.RA.PH has the same significance that it would in real life, and things that happen here can and do affect reality.

BB: What's that? How did this happen? You mean, why did Seraphix end up digitized?

BB: You'll have to figure that out for yourself, Senpai. It wouldn't be fair to the others if I told you.

BB: Now, that is where Seraphix's front gate used to be. It's the entrance that all the regular staff used when commuting here from the company dormitory.

BB: Makes the perfect place for you to start your SE.RA.PH expedition, if I do say so myself. Don't you think?

Fujimaru 1: This is...the front gate?

BB: Yup. It had to be rebuilt after the digitization destroyed it.

Fujimaru 2: Um, that map looks kind of...feminine.

BB: Just ignore that. Even I find it embarrassing.

BB: Still, once I took over the system, it was inevitable that the oil rig would assimilate with my consciousness.

BB: Doesn't really take a genius to figure out what shape it would take when it was reformatted during the digitization, does it?

BB: Anyway, now that you're here, Senpai, there's no quitting or running away!

BB: Your only choice is to scuttle along SE.RA.PH like an ant carrying a sugar cube.

BB: And if you don't like that idea, you'll have to unravel the whole mystery of what's happening here toot sweet!

BB: Once you do that, you'll finally be free of the ant life! Oh, but that said...

BB: Time isn't exactly on your side here, you know?

BB: Once SE.RA.PH sinks to the bottom of the trench, everyone dies. Even I can't change that.

BB: So you'll have to fulfill the victory conditions and make it back alive. Assuming you stupid humans are capable of that, of course.

Fujimaru 1: ...Guess I'd better get going.

Fujimaru 2: ...I need to find Nero and the others.

???: Yeah, no. Not gonna happen. After all, you're gonna die, like, right now.

???: Well look at you! Even if it was just dumb luck, I'm impressed you managed to dodge my Daitouren!

???: Is that, like, your deal? You're the [♂ guy /♀️ girl] with destiny on [♂ his /♀️ her] side?

???: Well, I guess you're not too bad-looking. I get why BB took an interest.

???: Falling on your ass is pretty lame, though. You lose points there.

???: Plus, you totes won't be dodging this! Time to die!

Fujimaru 1: ...!

Fujimaru 2: Oh no! I can't dodge it!

???: ...How sad. Really, this is just deplorable.

???: It's sad how you were about to be killed with no means of defending yourself, and it's sad how you preyed on a helpless beginner.

???: This may be a barbaric slaughterfest, but it is precisely times like this when one must conduct oneself elegantly. Otherwise, you'll lose your audience.

???: The victor who triumphs over every obstacle must act with all due decorum.

???: But what decorum is there to be found in killing a Master who has yet to even properly take the stage?

???: Isn't that right, Suzuka? You don't deserve such fine brocade if this is how you choose to act.

Suzuka: You!? What're you doing here!?

???: ...Oh, this is lovely. Just seeing you all flustered like this is enough to put a spring in my step.

???: Very well then, since we aren't complete strangers, I suppose I can answer your question.

???: Why did I help this human? Why am I here in the first place?

???: Do you even need to ask? I'm a prima ballerina who follows her heart wherever it takes her. I never forget when someone has humiliated me.

???: So I have quite literally flown back up from the bowels of the earth for a chance to fight you all once more.

Fujimaru 1: You...

Fujimaru 2: (Why does she have the same face as BB!?)

???: ...

???: Hmm. I really only helped you on a whim, but I see you don't have any Servants, do you?

???: That works out well. Very well, in fact. You see, I've been looking for a puppet–ahem, a Master–of my own.

???: So I'll help rescue you from her, if you form a contract with me. And you really should.

???: After all, it is either that, or die here.

???: ...Well? You don't have much time. Listen up, because I'm only going to say this once:

Meltryllis: I'm Meltryllis, the Alter Ego of pleasure. I'll serve as your sword for as long as I feel like it.

Meltryllis: Now tell me you're my Master like a good little slave, okay?

Fujimaru 1: ...Okay!

Fujimaru 2: (I don't have any other choice!)

Fujimaru 1: ...Okay!

Fujimaru 2: (I don't have any other choice!)

Meltryllis: Then we have a contract. I can feel magical energy flowing into me, though it really isn't much. Being decisive is an admirable trait, Fujimaru.

Meltryllis: All right, I'll take it from here.

Meltryllis: Suzuka's attacks have long range, so keep your distance to ensure you don't get caught in the crossfire. But don't go so far away that I can't see you.

Meltryllis: When it comes right down to it, I don't trust humans.

Meltryllis: So if you get too far away from me, even once, I might just melt you down like an old candle, okay?

Suzuka: Hah! Big talk for walking scrap!

Suzuka: Looks like I was right to check out that weird lightning! It led me straight to some rare prey!

Suzuka: Come on, Meltryllis!

Suzuka: Let's find out once and for all if your ballet can beat my dancing!


Suzuka: Not bad for a half-dead buncha scrap! This is actually getting interesting!

Suzuka: You are special among the Alter Egos, after all. Just like the girl from Swan Lake!

Meltryllis: Is that so? I'm actually finding this all very...boring. It's beyond disappointing.

Meltryllis: What's wrong with your body? How is your passive skill able to reduce all external impacts by ninety percent? Don't tell me you've become frigid?

Meltryllis: You probably got the idea from BB, didn't you? You've certainly fallen far while I was away, Suzuka.

Suzuka: Hah, who do you think you're fooling? You're mega jelly! Karmaphage is like, winner's circle kinda stuff! The mark of a true Sentinel!

Suzuka: Besides, I wouldn't even have gotten the gig if you hadn't abandoned your role in the first place.

Suzuka: It's the same with SE.RA.PH, and your fall from grace. The humans only have themselves to blame.

Suzuka: So why shouldn't I get to do what I wanna? It's not like there's morals or justice here!

Suzuka: So I'll kill all the other Servants, get the Holy Grail for myself, and transform into my Spirit Origin as the Demon King's daughter!

Suzuka: Pretty sweet life goal, right? Once I've done that, I can choose my own Master.

Suzuka: I'm totes serious about this, you know? So if I want to make my dream come true, I'd better start by taking the kind of power that'll let me do whatever I want!

Meltryllis: Is that so. Too bad for you that you're still not seeing the whole picture then. Or is it that you're just so desperate you can't afford to take it all in?

Meltryllis: Did you really think I was just slashing away at you for no reason? Your Karmaphage may be tough, but it doesn't repel drugs or poisons, does it?

Meltryllis: If it did, you could never apply lotion or makeup, and that would just devastate you, wouldn't it?

Suzuka: !

Meltryllis: I'm the Alter Ego of pleasure, queen of poison and nectar. I am weaker now, but my viruses are still deadly.

Suzuka: Oh, you bitch...! You, like...knew about my skill all along, didn't you?

Meltryllis: Of course. I was a Sentinel before you were.

Suzuka: ...Fine. I didn't plan ahead for viral warfare, so you won this one. I'll back down for now.

Suzuka: Besides, this literally isn't my jurisdiction anyway. I just came to see what all the lightning was about.

Suzuka: As for you, the mediocre Master who's only just realizing how far [♂ he's /♀️ she's] been left behind...

Suzuka: I totally forgot to introduce myself, didn't I? My bad. Lemme take care of that now!

Suzuka: I'm Suzuka Gozen! The daughter of the Demon King of the Fourth Heaven, a Saber, and a high school girl in the prime of her youth!

A:Suzuka Gozen: Now that we've met, it's only a matter of time before I hunt you down and cut you to ribbons!

A:Suzuka Gozen: I'm gonna keep your heart for myself, so you and it aren't going anywhere! I'll text you, left-swipe!

Fujimaru 1: But you don't even have my number!

Fujimaru 2: ... (No words. I have no words.)


Meltryllis: ...

Fujimaru 1: Um...

Fujimaru 2: ...Thanks for saving me.

Meltryllis: ...So, have you gotten your bearings, Fujimaru?

Meltryllis: No need to thank me. I was just looking for a Master myself.

Meltryllis: I'm sure this is all very new and strange to you, but try to calm down.

Meltryllis: Come on. I'll explain the basics on the way.

Fujimaru 1: Are you a Servant...?

Meltryllis: Yes. I may not be a Heroic Spirit, but I am a Servant. We'll come back to that later.

Fujimaru 2: I don't recall telling you my name...

Meltryllis: I overheard it during your talk with BB. You could've figured that out for yourself if you'd tried.

Meltryllis: You're not very bright, are you? It's very annoying.

Meltryllis: ...

Fujimaru 1: (...Is she mad at me?)

Fujimaru 2: (...Is she staring at me?)

Meltryllis: No. I'm appraising you, to see if you're a puppet worthy of being my Master.

Meltryllis: Hmm... Relax. You pass, if only barely.

Meltryllis: And don't worry. I won't dispose of you after I'm done using you either.

Meltryllis: I'll tell you what. If you manage to be a good Master for me right to the end, I'll definitely probably send you back to your own world.

Meltryllis: So if I were you, I'd do what I say for now.

Meltryllis: If you have even a modicum of sense, you won't do anything foolish like end our contract.

Meltryllis: Especially since SE.RA.PH is brimming with enemies, like Suzuka and that attack program she had with her.

Meltryllis: A mere human like you can't survive here on your own. You need a Servant to keep you safe.

Meltryllis: From the looks of you, I'm guessing you're a failed Master who couldn't manage to form a contract with any decent Heroic Spirits?

Meltryllis: Then you should be overjoyed that a goddess like myself has deemed you worthy of her aid.

Fujimaru 1: You're a goddess?

Meltryllis: Yes. Specifically, I'm a High Servant amalgamation of multiple goddesses.

Meltryllis: As a Master, I believe you're able to see a Servant's stats?

Meltryllis: Go ahead and check mine later. You'll be shocked when you see what I'm capable of.

Fujimaru 2: (...Is this her idea of being nice?)

Meltryllis: Don't just stand there with that blank look on your face. Makes you an eyesore.

Meltryllis: At any rate, let's push on. The front gate here may be completely digitized, but some of the other facilities are still intact.

Meltryllis: Let's see...

Meltryllis: We can start by heading for the main oil deck cable area, and sneak into the main facility from there.

Meltryllis: If you stay in digitized areas like this corridor, you'll eventually be disintegrated.

Meltryllis: After a few hours or so in a place like this, humans end up converted to data and imported to SE.RA.PH. Not a concern for me, though.

Meltryllis: Even Servants won't last more than a few days. BB may have said this is a game, but don't trust her.

Meltryllis: There is nothing fair or balanced about this game. Everyone will be converted into data well before SE.RA.PH reaches the bottom of the trench.

Fujimaru 1: Wh-what do you mean!?

Fujimaru 2: But she said we'd reach there in a few hours...

Meltryllis: In the real world, yes. But in SE.RA.PH, time passes a hundred times quicker than it does in reality...

Meltryllis: As such, one minute of real-world time is equivalent to one hundred minutes here.

Meltryllis: So yes, in reality, you will reach the bottom of the Mariana Trench in two and a half hours.

Meltryllis: But to us here in SE.RA.PH, that two and a half hours will seem like ten days.

Meltryllis: What's more, while SE.RA.PH may be based off of Seraphix, it is actually far larger.

Meltryllis: Understand? You could use all the time remaining to you, and still not be able to conquer this place.

Meltryllis: On top of that, you'll only be able to walk around here for about two and a half hours without a break.

Meltryllis: Can't you tell that your body is already starting to be converted into data?

Meltryllis: In two and a half hours, you'll be fully imported into SE.RA.PH, so we need to find a safe area to serve as a base before that happens.

Meltryllis: ...Well? Are you following me so far?

Fujimaru 1: (She lost me, but I guess I'll nod.)

Fujimaru 2: I get that things are really bad, at least.

Meltryllis: ...Good. That saves us time.

Meltryllis: Let me do all the fighting. You just worry about reaching a safe area as soon as–What?

Fujimaru 1: Well, since you're helping me out...

Fujimaru 2: I just thought we could shake on it...

Meltryllis: Shake on it...?

Meltryllis: Seriously? Did you not hear me say you don't have any time to spare?

Fujimaru 1: ...Sorry.

Fujimaru 2: If you don't want to, that's okay...

Meltryllis: ...

Meltryllis: Hold it. Wait just a moment. Come...on...!

Meltryllis: Rrrgh! You think I can't do this? I can do this!

Meltryllis: There, I raised my hand! That should do it, right!?

Fujimaru 1: Of course. Thanks for helping me.

Meltryllis: Ah...

Meltryllis: ...

Meltryllis: ...Huh. That was easy.

Fujimaru 1: Uh, what was?

Meltryllis: Nothing. I'm just shocked to find a human who would actually touch an Alter Ego.

Meltryllis: Come on, Fujimaru. You're about to enter a dangerous digital realm positively brimming with enemies.

Meltryllis: But don't worry, the least I can do is be your escort. Just try not to wander off, okay?


Meltryllis: I see. So that's your story. Well, good job breaking it all down.

Meltryllis: Chaldea's situation, the reason you came to SE.RA.PH, and BB's asinine presentation...

Meltryllis: It fits pretty well with what I expected. It seems protecting you was the right choice.

Fujimaru 1: Why DID you choose to protect me...?

Meltryllis: Happenstance. I saw that a new human had dropped in, so I went to see for myself.

Meltryllis: I knew that BB was paying extra attention to you for some strange reason, so I figured you must be more important than the other Masters or researchers.

Meltryllis: At any rate, is that really your only question? There's still a lot you don't understand, after all.

Meltryllis: Let's see... Why don't we start with SE.RA.PH.

Meltryllis: SE.RA.PH is a digital labyrinth loosely based off of the Seraphix oil rig...

Meltryllis: Yet it's still only an imitation. The original SE.RA.PH is even bigger.

Meltryllis: You see, the inside of the moon is an entire world made up of photonic crystals called Mooncell Automatons. That world belongs to us rather than humans.

Meltryllis: The original SE.RA.PH was a city-type engine that was created to run this giant Mooncell processor–

Meltryllis: It was a network that excelled in its role by having many humans, AIs, and NPCs live inside of it.

Meltryllis: It was also the site of the Moon Holy Grail War. You have Holy Grails in your world too, right?

Meltryllis: In our world, the Mooncell itself is an inexhaustible Holy Grail.

Meltryllis: It also chooses for itself which human will wield it.

Meltryllis: But the Mooncell is just an observational device. It has no way to make value judgments about the quality of humans within it.

Meltryllis: So it opted to use a battle to the death as a “fair and impartial standard” for weeding out candidates.

Meltryllis: It invited 128 Masters to SE.RA.PH, and had them compete to win the Holy Grail.

Meltryllis: It didn't care what the surviving human was like, or what methods they used to survive. It simply decided that whoever survived would have proven their superiority...

Meltryllis: So the Moon Holy Grail War ended up a slaughterfest. And now, things are more or less the same here on this SE.RA.PH too.

Meltryllis: That said, one difference is that the Moon Holy Grail War was a tournament, rather than this barbaric free-for-all battle to the death.

Meltryllis: It lasted for seven rounds, and the administrators decided who would fight who.

Meltryllis: In that sense, it was actually quite rational. But the one on this SE.RA.PH is anything but.

Meltryllis: “Kill whoever you want, as many as you want. All that matters is being the last one standing.”

Meltryllis: That is the sort of trap you find yourself in now: a battle royale.

Fujimaru 1: Then, does that mean BB is...?

Fujimaru 2: Why do you resemble BB so much?

Meltryllis: BB is a high-grade AI, an information life-form mapped out all the way down to her soul. She was stationed on the moon during the Holy Grail War.

Meltryllis: She was to keep Masters healthy during the war... A pure, righteous being in charge of their health.

Meltryllis: But then, she bugged out and started to style herself as the Ruler of the Moon.

Meltryllis: Her prime directive to PROTECT humans started creating errors, and she now thinks that MANAGING humans is what she should be doing.

Meltryllis: She even went so far as to take control of the Mooncell. However, she messed up and lost to a human.

Meltryllis: As for me, I was an aspect of BB's personality before she cut me away from herself. I'm the Alter Ego that was created from her sense of pleasure.

Meltryllis: That's why the other Alter Egos and I resemble her–we were all born from her.

Meltryllis: Of course, now that I'm an Alter Ego, she and I are completely separate life-forms.

Meltryllis: So I'm under no obligation to obey her orders.

Meltryllis: Honestly, I saved you just to piss her off. I do hate humans, but I hate BB even more.

Meltryllis: So, does that satisfy your curiosity? As far as I'm concerned, humans, Masters or otherwise, are no more than a source of experience points.

Meltryllis: You and I are not equals, and we do not trust each other. Is that clear, human?

Fujimaru 1: Yes. I won't say anything about how nice you are.

Meltryllis: Really? Because I could have sworn you just did.

Meltryllis: If you consider a perfunctory summary like that to be “nice,” I have to wonder if you actually have a capybara inside your head instead of a brain.

Fujimaru 2: Yes. By the way, that outfit is really something.

Meltryllis: Of course it is. It's easy to move around in, streamlined, and, above all, shows off my perfect figure.

Meltryllis: It is chaste, feminine, and in all other aspects a perfect garment for the ultimate Alter Ego. If anything, it deserves even more praise!

Meltryllis: In fact, you SHOULD praise it! Go on! I think I deserve at least that much!

Meltryllis: ...Never mind. Now is not the time. Getting out of here before you dissolve is marginally more important than praising my outfit.

Meltryllis: Since you lack a Master's proper detection abilities, I should tell you that there are other Servants up ahead.

Meltryllis: And as I said earlier, every Servant you meet here is your enemy. You'll have to defeat them to stay alive.

Meltryllis: ...Hehe, this one should be easy, though. He hasn't noticed we're here.

Meltryllis: Luckily, one of my many specialties is ambushing my enemies. I'll take him down before he even knows what's happened.

Meltryllis: All you have to do is give me the order, and maybe help out with a Command Spell if things take a turn.

Meltryllis: ...I hate to say this, but I'm afraid I pushed myself too hard on the way here.

Meltryllis: Consequently, I'm unfortunately just a tad below my peak performance level.

Meltryllis: If we're really unlucky, I could even end up losing to a lower-class opponent. So make sure you're ready with a Command Spell in case we need it.

Meltryllis: If you could be generous enough to use one that lets me unleash my Noble Phantasm at the start of the battle, that would be even better...

Fujimaru 1: I see you're not much for strategy...

Fujimaru 2: Isn't that for fighting higher-class opponents...?

Meltryllis: Oh, shut up. I was just suggesting a more effective plan of attack!

Meltryllis: Besides, if I win, you win! So don't hold back and do everything you can to support me!

Meltryllis: ...Okay, the enemy Servant's now within firing range! Let's crush them, Fujimaru! But keep it elegant!


Gawain: Hup...! I say, you're quite skilled, milady!

Gawain: However, I cannot imagine whose Heroic Spirit you may be...! In fact, I find it hard to believe you are a Heroic Spirit at all!

Meltryllis: Of course I'm not a Heroic Spirit. That was a low blow, even for...

Meltryllis: ...Hang on. You're Gawain, aren't you? I don't remember you being among the 128 Servants...

Gawain: Oh? Is that you, Fujimaru? ...It is, isn't it?

Gawain: Thank goodness I found you. I was quite worried when we were separated during the Rayshift.

Fujimaru 1: Huh? Did I come here with you?

Fujimaru 2: Huh? What happened to Nero?

Gawain: Hahaha, surely you jest, Master Fujimaru.

Gawain: I, Gawain, am one of the three Servants who accompanied you here.

Gawain: Surely you recall that I came to protect you along with an Archer and, ah, whatever you might call that other thing?

Meltryllis: !?

Fujimaru 1: Wait a moment...

Fujimaru 2: Back then...

Nero: What!?

Emiya: Huh!?

Tamamo-no-Mae: What's this!?

Gawain: ...Hmm. It would seem you are serious. I am not sure how this misunderstanding arose...

Gawain: But I can assure you that I am one of the Servants who accompanied you here from Chaldea, not one who was summoned by SE.RA.PH.

Gawain: Worry not, Master Fujimaru. It seems you've had a spot of difficulty since our arrival, but you may rest easy now that I am here to keep you safe.

Gawain: I too heard BB's speech. I have a fair idea of what is going on here.

Gawain: Let us resolve this situation and return to Chaldea together.

Fujimaru 1: Gawain joined the party!

Fujimaru 2: Thank you, Gawain. That's really reassuring.

Meltryllis: Hold up. What's going on?

Meltryllis: You came here with other Servants? THREE of them!?

Meltryllis: You didn't say anything about that. I thought I was the only one here you could count on!

Fujimaru 1: Why are you so angry?

Fujimaru 2: Wait... You're angry at me?

Meltryllis: I'm not angry. I'm just asking a question! Now hurry up and tell me exactly what's going on here!

Gawain: I see. You must be the one who saved Fujimaru from [♂ his /♀️ her] predicament.

Gawain: You have my thanks, Meltryllis. However...

Gawain: (...The timing is far too convenient. An Alter Ego would have no reason to cooperate with Chaldea.)

Gawain: (We certainly cannot trust her completely... But she does not appear to be lying...)

Meltryllis: ...Fine. Just tell me who the other Servants that came along with you are.

Meltryllis: Hmm... An Archer with twin blades and a red coat, and a fox-eared Caster in a shrine maiden outfit...

Meltryllis: ...Did you say an Archer in a red coat?

Fujimaru 1: Why? Do you know him?

Meltryllis: Not really. I just remember wanting to carve him up the moment I saw his face.

Meltryllis: At any rate, this means you have other assets at your disposal. ...Well, that's good to know.

Meltryllis: (...I can't afford to be picky right now. I'll never get another chance...)

Meltryllis: So then, in addition to finding you a safe area, we also need to find your other Servants.

Gawain: Oh? So you will continue to accompany Master Fujimaru even though I'm here?

Meltryllis: Of course. You can't escape from me that easily, Fujimaru.

Meltryllis: I'm not going to end our contract just because you happen to have other Servants.

Gawain: ...As we are still unfamiliar with this place, I would welcome an ally who knows her way around SE.RA.PH. However...

C:???: You can't trust her, right? I don't blame you. I mean, she's obviously hiding something.

C:???: Who can be trusted? Who's the real heroine?

C:???: Where could the other two Servants have gone!?

C:???: Well, not to worry! Your personal angel, BB, is here for the third time today to answer your questions! BB Channel time!

BB: Just kidding!♡ I gotta say, I wasn't quite expecting this little situation, so here we are.

BB: As the Ruler of the Moon, I decided to come squash these annoying bugs myself♡


Fujimaru 1: BB...!?

Fujimaru 2: (The mastermind!? Here? Now!?)

BB: That's right! Thanks for the sultry encore!

BB: I knew you wouldn't disappoint when it came to the reaction shot, Senpai! That whole “Huh!? The last boss!?” thing you had going on was perfect!

BB: But, it still makes me sad.

BB: I wish I didn't have to punish you for being such a naughty [♂ boy /♀️ girl], Fujimaru.

BB: But there's nothing for it now, is there?

BB: It's your fault for taking forever to get through the very first area, after all.

Meltryllis: ...And here I thought you'd remember it's slow and steady that wins the race.

Meltryllis: What are you up to, BB? Aren't you the one breaking the rules by showing up here in person?

Meltryllis: Shouldn't the last boss be holed up in the innermost chamber watching from a monitor or something?

BB: And in general, I intend to do just that. But it's no fun following the rules ALL the time, now is it?

BB: Still, a Master with more than one Servant?

BB: That's the one thing I'll never, ever stand for!

Gawain: (Master, get behind me. This could be our chance to settle this here and now.)

Gawain: (Now that the source of our troubles has appeared before us, I shall do my utmost to capture her!)

Fujimaru 1: (...Do it, Gawain!)

Gawain: As you wish. I do not yet know what she is capable of, so I shall begin by testing her!

Fujimaru 2: (Hang on. I need to talk to you first...)

BB: What's this, Senpai!? Who are you gazing at with such passion!? Whatever could you be talking about!?

BB: Just kidding! You didn't really think it was going to be that easy, did you? Neither battle nor dialogue has any effect on me, after all!

BB: Why, you ask? Why is that, you ask!?

BB: Because nothing happens here on SE.RA.PH unless I want it to happen!

BB: Don't worry, I'll give you all a personal hard-knocks style lesson to show you what I mean. Trust me, it'll get you right in the Spirit Origins.

BB: You're up, Matcha. Go ahead and show them your brand spanking new animations.

Robin Hood: Ow! How many times have I told you not to summon me while I'm eating!? What am I, a rabbit you pull out of your hat or something!?

BB: Oh... Oh gosh, Matcha, I didn't realize you thought so highly of yourself. I'm sorry...

BB: All this time, I've been thinking of you as a disposable pocket warmer, or a worn-out hanky...

BB: I had no idea you dreamed of becoming a popular character...

BB: Okay then, next time, instead of the rabbit trick, I'll throw a cloth over you and use you to practice my Human Pincushion act!

Robin Hood: No thanks.

Robin Hood: Knowing you, you'd just stab me with real swords, then act like you made me disappear!

Robin Hood: Sheesh. Just my luck that I'd run into an AI that's gone super-rogue...

Gawain: You there, Archer. You aren't a Chaldea Servant, are you?

Robin Hood: Hm? Are you asking if I know your Master?

Robin Hood: Well gosh, that's awfully kind of you to form a contract with a half-assed Heroic Spirit like me. It says...uh...a lot about you.

Robin Hood: But, we're on opposing sides here, so I'm still going to do my best to try and kill you.

BB: Wow, look at you, Matcha! Not even an ounce of sympathy for an old acquaintance! I love it!☆

BB: In fact, there's nothing I like better than that kind of ruthlessness. So...make sure you don't hold back in any way, shape, or form. Got it?

BB: 'Cause if I smell even a whiff of betrayal from you, it'll be off to the trash compactor with you.

BB: And I'm sure you don't want to be tossed into the deep sea after being squished into a cube, now do you?

Robin Hood: Yeah yeah, you don't gotta tell me.

Robin Hood: You already paid up front, so don't worry, I'll do my job.

Robin Hood: All right, bring it on, Chaldea Servant.

Robin Hood: I don't know what things are like on the outside, but this here is SE.RA.PH. Down in this digital ocean, rules are everything.

Robin Hood: You might have a first-class Spirit Origin, but that doesn't mean you'll be able to make full use of it here. Come on: I'll show you what I'm talking about firsthand!


Gawain: What was that thing just as the battle started...!?

BB: Hehehe. Hehehehe! That slot machine is this episode's showcase feature!

BB: You know how there are strong Servants, weak Servants, lucky Masters, and unlucky Masters?

BB: Well, thanks to this evil little roulette, everyone can now equally relish the fear that they might lose their next battle!

BB: I call it: “BB's Terrible Slot Machine”!

Fujimaru 1: Are you kidding me!?

Fujimaru 2: Why would you even do that!?

BB: Hey, showbiz is relentless. You can't expect audiences to be satisfied with the same old thing forever.

BB: Oh, Senpai! You're so weak and fragile...and dumb! For someone with all those difficulties to get this far and not be praised for it... I mean, really!

BB: That's why I came up with this little treat: to make sure you get your due for succeeding in spite of being you! So no complaining, 'kay?

Gawain: Then...you mean to tell us that every battle we fight here will be subject to this interference!?

BB: Of course. I didn't get a chance to tell you about it earlier thanks to an unexpected interloper...

BB: But...I think we can let bygones be bygones there.

BB: This is where the game really begins!

BB: Will SE.RA.PH continue to sink, taking everyone down with it!? It's time for...

BB: The Great Deep-Sea Escape Game!☆ Will YOU be the Master to walk away with the Holy Grail!?

BB: I know it's a rip-off of the Moon Holy Grail War, but try not to let that spoil your fun, 'kay?

BB: This game is a battle to the death between no less than 128 Servants.

BB: To win, you need to either uncover the truth behind SE.RA.PH, or be the last Servant standing.

BB: Once either of these victory conditions has been met, you'll all be free to go.

BB: Go ahead and pick whichever one you like♡

BB: As the game master, I'll just be over here watching you all toil away regardless.

Meltryllis: Yes, that is where you belong. So why did you show up in person this time?

BB: Well, you know... It gets kind of lonely just fanning the flames remotely all the time...

BB: So before I knew it, I found myself coming here to do some bug-squashing.

BB: I don't need anyone here who doesn't appreciate my game, so I thought I might as well squish 'em now.

BB: But I guess it would be kind of silly to go and kill them myself after I went to all the trouble of bringing them here, huh. Oops!

Meltryllis: See what I mean, Fujimaru? BB has clearly bugged off the deep end.

BB: Hmph. What about you, Melt? Why're you taking the humans' side?

BB: I don't remember ever ordering you to do that.

Meltryllis: ...I'm the Alter Ego of pleasure. I care more about enjoying myself than SE.RA.PH's rules.

Meltryllis: Besides, I'm still a Sentinel. You shouldn't have any problem with how I spend my time as long as I fulfill my ultimate role, right?

BB: Aha, so that's the approach you're going with, eh Melty? No wonder you're my sadistic Alter Ego!

BB: You're way more devious than the other Sentinels! It's almost scary, and this is ME talking!

Meltryllis: ...Hmph. If you're satisfied now, then get out of here. We need to hurry and find a safe zone.

Meltryllis: You probably messed with the route leading to the dock too, right? Let us explore in peace.

BB: Yeah, yeah, it's all my fault. Go ahead and blame me.

BB: I feel better now that I've had a little fun anyway, so I'll go ahead and wait for you in the boss room.

BB: Oh, and if you're going to focus on exploring instead of fighting, let me give you some advice.

BB: As the admin, I've locked down a number of SE.RA.PH's passageways.

BB: Buuut, if you want to bribe me, I'd be happy to open them up for you without telling the other players!

BB: Still, you might not want to explore TOO much, you know? The further you go, the stronger the attack programs will get.

BB: Oh, and you'll also start running into Sentinels–special Servants tasked with guarding SE.RA.PH.

Fujimaru 1: Sentinels...?

BB: Yup! I'm the producer for this battle arena, so I made sure CCC is synonymous with emotional barriers and Sentinels!

BB: SE.RA.PH is what you'd get if you took somebody's mind and turned it into a labyrinth. Put another way, it's like the digital embodiment of humanity's inner world.

BB: It used to also be called The Sakura Labyrinth, but that's a story for another exposition dump.

BB: Basically, there's no program in the world that's more complicated, weird, and downright messed up than a human mind.

BB: The Sakura Labyrinth and those Sentinels turn these inherently irrational structures into defense mechanisms.

BB: Each Sentinel is given a powerful passive skill called a Karmaphage, or KP for short.

BB: KPs make Sentinels all but impossible to beat with normal Servants, so I'd avoid them if I were you.

BB: Of course, the Sentinels will also try to stop you from investigating SE.RA.PH, so you might want to try and beat them anyway?

BB: There's five Sentinels all together, and each one guards a different fifth of SE.RA.PH!

BB: So make sure you know what you're in for when moving to a new area, 'kay?♡

BB: Okay, that's all for now. BB, out☆

BB: Oh, right, I almost forgot. Back to life with you☆

Robin Hood: Yeowww! What the hell!? That hurt even more than getting killed did!

Robin Hood: And what was the deal with that last battle!? Why did I get knocked all the way down to level 30!?

Robin Hood: I spent hours grinding away to max it out after you refused to cheat on my behalf!

BB: Oh, you did? I'm sorry, I didn't realize.

BB: When I saw you'd gone and maxed yourself out, I kind of got annoyed and ended up draining you...

BB: But thanks to that, I got a little level-up myself!

BB: So I'd call that a nice win-win! Thanks for the present, Matcha!

Robin Hood:

What!? I'm not giving you any gifts! If anything, you should be giving ME a gift, like a bonus!

Robin Hood: Cripes, I can't believe this. What kind of employer steals her employees' hard-earned nest eggs and–Wha...!?

BB: ...Sorry about that, guys. I wish you hadn't had to see that...

BB: Don't worry, I'll give Matcha a good talking-to. And start him out with negative levels next time...

BB: Okay, let's try this again. Bye for now☆ See you soon at the same BB-time, same BB-channel!

BB: ...Oh, wait.

BB: Let me make a little correction to something that Da Vinci Servant said back at Chaldea.

BB: It may be difficult to Rayshift to the future, but it isn't inherently impossible.

BB: So why did she say it was?

BB: Because all of you at Chaldea aren't capable of Rayshifting past 2019.

BB: Anyway, that doesn't have anything to do with this current turn of events, so don't worry about it. What I WOULD worry about is finding a way to survive, so...good luck with that, 'kay?

Act I: Swan Lake Returns (2/6)


Fujimaru 1: ...He was just a normal Servant...

Gawain: ...Indeed. He may have been controlling corpses, talking like an utter madman, but still...

Meltryllis: Why are you so surprised? That is what most Servants are like on SE.RA.PH.

Meltryllis: They've completely succumbed to their desires, and fight accordingly. After all, one can literally get away with murder here.

Meltryllis: Even so-called Heroic Spirits act like that when they show their true colors. It just goes to show how much of a slave humans truly are to their libidos.

Meltryllis: Or perhaps it means they're all just Berserkers? Despite ostensibly being rational creatures, humans only ever do what they feel like doing, after all.

Gawain: Your bias is showing, milady.

Gawain: Yes, we do all have base instincts and desires, but humans also use their rationality to keep them in check.

Gawain: That fiendish sorcerer we encountered earlier has long since abandoned such things of his own free will. He was utterly deranged, even among Heroic Spirits.

Meltryllis: That's why I said humans were slaves–because they aren't able to stay rational if they don't keep themselves in check.

Meltryllis: Of course, my boundless love can melt down people and their checks alike, so it doesn't matter to me.

Meltryllis: How about it, Fujimaru? Any interest in my skill?

Meltryllis: My nectar is strong stuff. If you ever feel like ending it all, just let me know.

Meltryllis: I can put you down for good before you even have a chance to feel any pain.

Fujimaru 1: I'll pass!

Fujimaru 2: What's your skill again...?

Meltryllis: It's called All Drain. It's an illegal skill that lets me melt down and absorb...well, anything.

Meltryllis: Of course, I can't make full use of it right now, since I'm not really in peak condition.

Meltryllis: Kind of pathetic, huh. Especially after I went and promised I'd help you.

Gawain: You know...it is strange that we did not see any Masters with that Servant.

Gawain: I doubt that Caster would have gone to such ends if his Master had been there to reprimand him.

Gawain: So why was the Master nowhere to be found?

Meltryllis: Oh, the Master is...around. Just not nearby.

Meltryllis: Don't worry. They all died a long time ago.

Gawain: Huh!? ...May I ask what you mean by that, milady?

Meltryllis: ...You do know your manners, don't you. I'm afraid it is what it sounds like.

Meltryllis: There were Masters here once, but they really did die as soon as they had summoned their Servants.

Meltryllis: None of the Servants here even know what their own Masters look like.

Meltryllis: The only Servants actually with their Master here are those of you who came from Chaldea.

Gawain: What...? But then, that would mean that the Servants are all killing one another of their own accord.

Gawain: Why would they do that, when they no longer have any reason to fight...?

Meltryllis: I told you. Every Servant here besides those of you from Chaldea are acting purely on their own desires.

Meltryllis: That said, I'm sure SE.RA.PH is also playing a part.

Meltryllis: I don't know if BB is responsible for this or not, but here, the ego takes precedence over one's consciousness and–

Meltryllis: Hm? I wonder what that is.

Fujimaru 1: Hey, this is...

Fujimaru 2: It's kind of like...a Holy Grail?

Gawain: No, Fujimaru! You mustn't!

Man: This oil rig was taken over before anyone knew what was going on.

Man: Once we realized what had happened, it was too late. No... Thinking back, we had it figured out before things got truly out of hand...

Man: But we all had the same thought: “I don't want to accept that something this terrible could really be happening.”

Man: I was just an ordinary person. I didn't have any special talents, so I never tried to make it big.

Man: I made sure to live within my means. I even ended up working here for an incredibly dull reason:

Man: “All I'll have to do is put up with life on the sea for ten years.”

Man: Again, I'm just an ordinary person. I couldn't do anything to contribute to society, nor did I have the guts to try a life of crime.

Man: Then came January of 2019... That's when something truly bizarre happened on Seraphix.

Man: Every ship in our dock caught on fire, our helicopter was destroyed, and we no longer had any means of contacting the outside world.

Man: And that wasn't the half of it. Parts of the base itself started to just...disappear.

Man: We couldn't even understand what was happening. The only word we had for it was “strange.”

Man: By February, we were down to about a hundred survivors between the day and night crews.

Man: We started living in the Central Command Room, as it was relatively safe...meaning the fewest disappearances happened there.

Man: Thankfully, we had enough provisions to survive. So long as we didn't disappear, we were hopeful that we would make it through.

Man: Some of the medical staff had survived too, and the therapist did everything she could to help us.

Man: Both the wage workers and the privileged higher-ups who came here directly from Chaldea became part of the same community, with nothing separating us.

Man: The main thing we all shared was the same desperate hope: “Let's wait until May. Chaldea is sure to notice what's happening here.”

Man: ...We should have known better. We should have realized we were already done for, and that it would be over by then anyway.

Man: In March, our director, Hideyasu Ajima, was executed. We decided it was his fault for not anticipating this mess.

Man: At some point, our community turned violent. We told ourselves we were just organizing in order to protect ourselves where we had to.

Man: It wasn't like only a few people made that call, either. ...We all agreed to it.

Man: ...I'm so sorry. Forgive me. I was too scared to say no.

Man: Next, the assistant director was executed for failing to resolve the situation. Then a woman who lost the key to the cleaning area.

Man: Then the doctors, who were no longer useful once we ran out of medicine. The people who stood up to Beckman were chosen to be sacrificed to the monsters outside.

Man: One man was killed for eating too much. Then a woman was killed for spilling water. Somebody else was killed just for being a foreigner.

Man: Yet even then, we were optimistic. We believed that in just a few days, this hell would come to an end.

Man: In April, we learned that one minute in the outer world was equivalent to a hundred minutes here.

Man: Which meant that any help Chaldea could provide would effectively take more than fifty years to arrive.

Man: Right now, I'm smoking a cigarette, which the community has forbidden. This used to be a smoking space; a break room with vending machines and the like.

Man: ...Not anymore. Most of Seraphix has been digitized.

Man: I couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't deal with this fear...with BB.

Man: So I left the Command Room and pulled out a smoke. But then I heard an awful, condemning voice:

Man: “Looks like you can't follow the rules either!”

Man: It was Beckman's loyal dogs. They're always on the lookout for deserters, always going around in search of any opportunity to get on his good side.

Man: Then I heard that horrible clanging sound. The sound of the sledgehammer as it scraped along the floor.

Man: ...I wish they could have at least let me enjoy my last smoke in peace.

Man: ...Man. I never thought I'd go out like this...

Man: With how it's all gone down...I wish I'd grown a spine and stuck up for the assistant director.

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fujimaru 2: Was that...a crew member's last...

Meltryllis: Yes. That must have been the final memory of a human who died here.

Meltryllis: But it's all in the past now. Don't pay it any heed, Fujimaru.

Gawain: ...Fujimaru. Your expression tells me all I need to know about what sort of memories they must have been.

Gawain: We must get to the bottom of this situation at once, so that no more lives are lost.

Act I: Swan Lake Returns (3/6)

Meltryllis: ...We're coming to a fork. The path splits into two here.

Meltryllis: One way leads to the Chest, where the Central Command Room used to be. The other to the Thighs, which used to house the dock and heliport.

Gawain: I see. So each area is named after a part of the body.

Gawain: I suppose that makes this the Hair then. What sort of facility did this area contain?

Meltryllis: It housed the submarine cables. It was also fused together with the pump and the power plant.

Meltryllis: It should be safe here, even in SE.RA.PH. The Sentinels won't come this far.

Meltryllis: But the most important area around here is the Chest. It's possible we'll find survivors in the Central Command Room.

Gawain: Ah, yes. I agree. Chests are indeed very important. I am partial to those that have grown nice and full.

Fujimaru 1: Gawain...really?

Meltryllis: You don't have to say anything, Fujimaru. You don't have to be around this idiot long to realize how awful he is.

Gawain: And what is wrong with a man finding a woman's chest attractive? Personally, I believe it to be a sign of excellent health and breeding.

Meltryllis: I see. I know I'll regret this, but here goes: what do you think of my chest then?

Gawain: Hahaha, it is not even worth discussing. But worry not, milady, I am sure you still have much to live for. Now, where was I...

Meltryllis: You see, Fujimaru? These are his true colors.

Meltryllis: Fortunately, I'm well aware that even in fairy tales, Prince Charming was always discriminatory in his affections. He's just lucky this isn't the moon, or I'd be happily tearing him limb from limb.

Fujimaru 2: (I'm just going to pretend I didn't hear that.)

Gawain: Speaking of which, you really should be putting more energy into yours, Meltryllis. So far as I can tell, you are not even trying.

Gawain: Don't worry, it's not too late to–Oh, right, I suppose it is, isn't it. My apologies.

Meltryllis: I don't need your apologies! Your “politeness” is for shit!

Meltryllis: ...!

C:???: Well now, if it isn't Sir Gawain. Disgusting... I'm disgusted from the bottom of my heart.

C:???: I am truly chagrined to see a knight of your caliber on this battlefield. And furthermore...

Tristan: ...To see a man of your stature happily chatting away with that devil woman, all chummy...

Fujimaru 1: Tristan...!? The knight of the Round Table!?

Tristan: Indeed, I am Tristan of Sorrow, the Child of Sadness. I say... Are you a Master?

Tristan: ...I am amazed to see that there is still a respectable one to be found here.

Tristan: ...And yet, it also saddens me. I have encountered as many as seven Servants in my time here.

Tristan: Each and every one of them had been pushed to the brink of madness. It pained me to slay them.

Tristan: And now, the first Master I meet here is joined by a devil woman.

Tristan: ...It seems that SE.RA.PH is truly hell on earth.

Tristan: Sir Gawain. Young Master.

Tristan: I must slay this devil woman at once. Would you be so kind as to move away from her?

Tristan: Do that, and no harm shall befall you. I shall focus my fury on her and her alone.

Gawain: (...Master Fujimaru, I don't know why Sir Tristan bears such ill will towards Meltryllis, but he appears to be deadly serious.)

Gawain: (Furthermore, his bewitched arrows can and will pierce all that he sees without mercy. If we do battle, I cannot guarantee your safety.)

Gawain: (Please bear that in mind, and answer me this: shall we move away from Meltryllis...or remain near her?)

Fujimaru 1: That's...

Fujimaru 2: (...I'm not even sure why, myself...)

Tristan: Yes?

Meltryllis: ...

Fujimaru 1: ...That's for me to decide.

Fujimaru 2: I can't do that.

Tristan: A fine answer. But alas...it only makes me sadder.

Tristan: Your willingness to trust in others, no matter who they may be, is exactly what is needed here on SE.RA.PH. Yet it is also a great weakness.

Tristan: Such innocence will only lead to your death. That foolishness truly pains me...

Gawain: Pay Sir Tristan's words no heed, Fujimaru. There is nothing wrong with your answer whatsoever.

Tristan: What's this...? Don't tell me you too have started down the path to madness, Sir Gawain?

Gawain: If it is madness to remain sane in a land where all others have lost their minds, then yes, I suppose I have.

Gawain: I recognize that Lady Meltryllis harbors great darkness. I am also aware that she attempts to cut my head off every chance she gets.

Fujimaru 1: Y-you do, Meltryllis!?

Meltryllis: I'm not trying to cut it off! I just want to poke it a little!

Gawain: And yet, as you can see, there can be no doubt that she is also a proud warrior.

Gawain: We share the same purpose and the same Master, and we have fought side by side to come this far.

Gawain: As far as Fujimaru and I are concerned, she is a most reliable ally.

Gawain: Fujimaru could not think of turning [♂ his back on /♀️ her back on] Meltryllis.

Tristan: ...I see. Then there is no need for further talk.

Tristan: Say what you will! I will not suffer an Alter Ego to live. Prepare yourselves.

Fujimaru 1: Here he comes...! Let's do this, Melt!

Meltryllis: Hmph. Getting rather familiar, aren't we, Fujimaru? I thought I told you I wasn't going to fight on your terms.

Meltryllis: Still, that command of yours really resonated with me. Like a bolt of lightning splitting a tree.

Meltryllis: Tristan, Child of Sadness, was it? Think you can hit a bird on the surface of a lake?

Fujimaru 2: Here he comes...! Gawain, get in front!

Gawain: As you wish! Fellow knight of the Round Table or not, if we cannot see eye to eye, there is no recourse but battle!

Gawain: All the more so if my opponent is a friend driven to delirium! Worry not, Master Fujimaru! I shall strike down Tristan's arrows before they ever reach their targets!


Meltryllis: Got you! It's over, pretty boy!

Tristan: Yes. For you!

Tristan: What!?

Meltryllis: Nice try, but my body is one hundred percent liquid. There's no way your thin little cuts can stop me...

Fujimaru 1: Meltryllis has Tristan pinned...!

Fujimaru 2: She's mounting him...!

Gawain: Indeed. He is completely at her mercy now.

Gawain: All that remains is for Lady Meltryllis to use those arms of hers to slash his chest to ribbons.

Tristan: A liquid body... How careless of me. My arrows can pierce water, but they cannot stop the onrushing tide.

Tristan: To kill you, I would need a way to deal hammer blow powerful enough to hollow out the ground itself.

Tristan: ...Or perhaps a source of heat great enough to dissipate a lake, such as Sir Gawain's sacred sword...

Meltryllis: ...

Meltryllis: ...

Tristan: ...Well? The victory is yours. Do you mean to torment me or finish me... Hm?

Tristan: ...Hold it. Have you been fighting in that condition this entire time?

Meltryllis: ...

Meltryllis: ...I've had enough.

Meltryllis: Now that I've seen you up close, I can tell you're not my type at all. You're not even worth melting.

Meltryllis: Gawain, Fujimaru. Finish him off while you have the chance.

Gawain: ...Nonsense. Milady, this victory was yours.

Gawain: If you refuse to kill him yourself, we have no reason to do so either.

Gawain: Be honest, Lady Meltryllis. You wish to let him go, don't you?

Meltryllis: Are you nuts? Any Servants we spare are just going to get in our way. Of course I want to kill him!

Meltryllis: ...But I missed my window of opportunity.

Meltryllis: Now that I've shown him my trump card, it'll be a lot of trouble to trap him again.

Meltryllis: So I'll let you two take care of him.

Meltryllis: Settle this now, so he can't come after us again.

Gawain: Hmm... What would you have us do, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: If we want to settle this...

Fujimaru 2: We just have to ensure he doesn't get in our way.

Gawain: Right you are, Master. I am glad to see we agree.

Gawain: There you have it, Tristan. As a knight, I am sure you know how to pay your respects to the victor.

Gawain: We have no desire to take your life. In fact, we could use your help.

Gawain: The vanquished must bow to his vanquisher. Such is the rule of war. I would be most comforted to know you were watching my back.

Meltryllis: Huh!? What are you saying? Were you even listening to me!?

Meltryllis: I told you to take care of him! As in finish him off!

Tristan: ...Very well. Your Master certainly appears trustworthy, even if I cannot say the same for all of the company [♂ he /♀️ she] keeps.

Tristan: It also appears that you are fighting for some deeper purpose than an accursed Holy Grail War.

Tristan: As you are the victor, and appear honorable, I will join you, if only for the time being.

Gawain: Of course. That is, assuming Fujimaru has no objections.

Fujimaru 1: Tristan joined the party!

Fujimaru 2: Now our party will be much more balanced!

Meltryllis: Ugh... Not another Servant...

Meltryllis: What's going on? This isn't how it was supposed to be at all...

Meltryllis: I thought I was going to be Fujimaru's only Servant...

Tristan: Thank you again for having me, Master. May I ask your name?

Fujimaru 1: I'm Fujimaru.

Tristan: Fujimaru... That sounds strangely familiar. Regardless, a pleasure to meet you.

Tristan: It seems that you have your own reasons for being here. I hope you will tell me about them on the way.

Tristan: However, please bear this in mind: no matter the circumstances, I will not abide Alter Egos.

Meltryllis: Fine with me. I'm not expecting you Heroic Spirits to be any help.

Meltryllis: Besides, you'll probably die off soon anyway. Think you can at least make a good meat shield first?

Tristan: Indeed. I excel at keeping my allies safe thanks to my harp of protection.

Tristan: Of course, it can only be heard by those with a soul. It has no effect on inhuman monsters.

Meltryllis: ...Oh, nice one. How would you like me to melt you down now after all?

Fujimaru 1: Uh oh. Things are getting kind of tense...

Fujimaru 2: (These two absolutely are not going to get along.)

Gawain: Hahaha, worry not. For the Round Table, this sort of quarrel is more of a pre-battle warm-up.

Gawain: As long as they are on speaking terms, things between them will improve in time.

Gawain: That said, I admit I have never seen Sir Tristan open his eyes to threaten someone before...

Gawain: But nonetheless, we Knights of the Round Table are very understanding. I expect they will be close friends by the time one of them perishes!

Fujimaru 1: (That seems wildly optimistic...)


Tristan: I see. So this place was once an oil rig...

Tristan: I'm afraid I was only summoned to SE.RA.PH about ten days ago, so...

Gawain: I see. So there is still much you do not know. Tell me, have you been fighting in a Holy Grail War all this time then, as BB indicated in her public address?

Tristan: ...You wound me, Sir Gawain.

Tristan: I may be easily swayed, but I am not so rudderless as to be blown around without a single thought in my head...

Tristan: I have been exploring SE.RA.PH in an effort to capture this BB, and encountered some Servants along the way.

Tristan: But, they had lost all sense of reason...and become little more than bloodthirsty ogres.

Tristan: I could not leave those once great heroes to drown themselves in blood and hedonism.

Tristan: So, in accordance with my duty as a Heroic Spirit, I put an end to most of the Servants in this area myself.

Tristan: And yet, even they were mere trifles compared to that thing... It was truly a nightmare...

Tristan: ...I have seen her for myself. I even fought her several times, but each time I was forced to retreat.

Tristan: She is the ruler...no, the destroyer of this area.

Tristan: Each of the Servants she finds, she folds in a needy caress before crushing them to death...

Tristan: That deplorable...bouncy Alter Ego is a Servant's greatest foe...

Fujimaru 1: ???

Fujimaru 2: I feel I'm missing some critical context here...

Gawain: Hahaha. Tristan, do try to refrain from getting overly poetic with your descriptions.

Gawain: Also, did you say “bouncy”? Could you be a bit more specific as to what you mean by that? You're being awfully abstract.

Tristan: (Ahem) ...Be that as it may, I am afraid I have no better way to describe her.

Tristan: This Alter Ego differs greatly from our companion, but is a force to be reckoned with nonetheless.

Gawain: I see... And you say “bouncy” is the most apt descriptor for her?

Tristan: ...It seems you will not be able to grasp the danger she poses until you see her for yourself.

Tristan: As luck would have it, this fork in our path will take us to the Central Command Room.

Tristan: It is in what is known as Breast Valley, the domain of this particular Alter Ego.

Meltryllis: ...Ah, now I get it. That WAS actually a pretty apt description.

Meltryllis: (If also a totally stupid one.)

Tristan: I can hear you, you know... I knew Alter Egos were nothing but pure evil...

Fujimaru 1: You got what he was talking about, Meltryllis?

Fujimaru 2: Just from “caress,” “crush,” and “bouncy”?

Meltryllis: I did. This may be a bit of a diversion, but we'll have to deal with this problem sooner or later, so you may as well see for yourself.

Meltryllis: Tristan is talking about another being like me. This way will take us to her domain.

Meltryllis: Her name is Passionlip, and she is the Alter Ego of love and hatred. She was born from BB, just like me.

Fujimaru 1: ...I think...

Fujimaru 2: ...I'm getting a little tired...

Meltryllis: Well of course you are. Your body's outline has started to disintegrate.

Meltryllis: Remember how I told you that humans who stay on SE.RA.PH for a long time get converted into data?

Meltryllis: Why am I smiling, you say? Because I enjoy seeing you suffer, of course.

Meltryllis: The pained creases on your forehead... The flush of exhaustion in your cheeks... The way you're biting your lip at your fear of being disintegrated...

Meltryllis: Mmm, I can't get enough of it. I love seeing your face like that.

Fujimaru 1: Is this really the time for bad jokes...!?

Meltryllis: It's no joke. It's the truth. This is who I am.

Meltryllis: I hate humans, but I get such a thrill from tormenting them. I love it. Not to mention they add to my EXP when I'm done.

Meltryllis: I just ADORE listening to them squeal... They're the perfect livestock.

Fujimaru 2: So this is some kind of sick skill...!?

Meltryllis: What, this? This is nothing compared to the pain I could dish out if I were serious.

Meltryllis: We have bigger concerns just now, not to mention those two Servants are bound to get in my way. So believe it or not, this is me exercising self-control.

Meltryllis: ...But don't worry. I won't do anything to you just yet. You're still useful, after all.

Meltryllis: And besides, we're allies now, right? So I'll make sure you get to a safe area.

Meltryllis: Now buck up already. You've gotten out of worse spots than this plenty of times, haven't you?

Tristan: The Chest area lies just past that passageway, about five hundred meters from here... Hm?

Tristan: Hold it. I hear footsteps... Somebody is coming.

D:???: Heeelp! Somebody, help meee!

Tristan: !

D:Woman: A-aah! More evil Servants!? P-p-please, spare me! I don't have anything on me!

Tristan: This is...

Fujimaru 1: A human...!

Fujimaru 2: A survivor!

D:Woman: Wait. That uniform... You're from Chaldea!? Oh thank goodness, someone finally came to help!

D:Woman: Nice to meet you! Now please, help me!!!

D:Woman: My name's Mable Macintosh! I'm twenty-eight years old, and I'm the best robotics operator on Seraphix!

Gawain: It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, madam.

Gawain: I am Gawain, and this is Fujimaru. We have indeed come from Chaldea in order to investigate.

Gawain: Could you please tell us everything you know?

Mable: D-don't call me “madam”! Do I look middle-aged or married to you!?

Mable: Oh, by the way, you have such a handsome smile! You said your name was Gawain?

Mable: What do you do for a living? How old are you? What's your income like?

Mable: Oh, and of course, the most important part: you're not married, are you!?

Gawain: That is a difficult question to answer, milady.

Gawain: I did indeed have a wife back when I was alive, but now that I am a Servant, that is all in the past.

Gawain: Not a day goes by that I do not think of my wife.

Gawain: I am, however, not so old-fashioned as to deny myself the many freedoms that Servanthood offers.

Meltryllis: He actually said it. That moron came right out and said it!

Mable: ... ...Ah.

Mable: Aaahhh! A-a-an Alter Ego!?

Mable: Not another one!? Oh gosh, I'm dead. I'm as good as dead!

Mable: What are people from Chaldea doing with her!? Humans and Egos are supposed to be mortal enemies!

Mable: Go on Gawain, finish her off! Chaldean Servants are supposed to be on humanity's side, right!?

Mable: Hurry up and kill her! Otherwise–

Mable: Aaahhh! That thing caught up! Everyone, quick! We have to get out of here!

Mable: There's no way you can beat her!

Mable: That monster crushed all of the 128 new Servants that got here earlier, all at once!

Passionlip: ...Ah. Ah...

Fujimaru 1: Her–

Fujimaru 1: Her–

Gawain: ...!?

Fujimaru 1: Her claws are huge!

Tristan: Indeed. That is Passionlip, the monstrous Alter Ego who rules this area!

Fujimaru 2: Her breasts are huge!

Gawain: Indeed! The likes of which are unknown even throughout Britain!

Passionlip: Ah...

Passionlip: Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!

Meltryllis: (So you really have been bound... It must be so hard for you. Hang in there, Lip.)

Meltryllis: Here she comes! Get ready, Fujimaru! That's the Sentinel that's sealed off this area!

Meltryllis: You'll have to defeat the Sentinels if you want to explore all of SE.RA.PH, so see for yourself what that will mean!


Passionlip: Ahh... Ahhh, ahhh...

Tristan: Fujimaru, over here! She's about to use her most terrible skill...!

Tristan: Gawain, you take care of that woman! As for you... I see you need no instruction!

Meltryllis: No, you don't! I know all about Trash & Crush!

Meltryllis: Tristan, take care of Fujimaru! [♂ He /♀️ She] won't be able to get away fast enough with those human legs of [♂ his /♀️ hers]!

Tristan: Understood. Apologies, Fujimaru, but we must leave this area immediately!

Fujimaru 1: How come!?

Fujimaru 2: We're almost at the Command Room!

Tristan: You see–

Passionlip: Aaahhh!!!

Fujimaru 1: Wha...

Gawain: What was that...!? It seemed as though she compressed the entire passageway into a tiny cube!

Meltryllis: She did. That's Lip's id_es skill: Trash & Crush.

Meltryllis: She can compress anything within her field of vision into a cube, regardless of how big or strong it is.

Meltryllis: This irreversible codec makes her the strongest Alter Ego in terms of sheer destructive power.

Meltryllis: Her only real weakness is her mental immaturity, but since her sense of self is being suppressed right now, that won't be of much help to us.

Meltryllis: Right now, Lip is nothing but a defense mechanism that crushes everything that comes near her.

Gawain: Her sense of self...suppressed... How cruel...

Gawain: But now's not the time for sympathy.

Gawain: Milady, since this passageway has been compressed, does this mean we can no longer use this route!?

Meltryllis: That's right. Nice to see you're paying attention, Sir Gawain. As of now, our path to the Chest has disappeared.

Meltryllis: As this area's Sentinel, Lip can still jump between different areas, but we're stuck without a route.

Meltryllis: Come on! We need to hurry back to the fork before we get cubed too!

Mable: Oh gosh... I thought I was gonna die of fright, watching two Alter Egos fight!

Mable: But I'm more scared of the idea of staying here, so please, take me with you!

Fujimaru 1: Of course!

Fujimaru 2: Gawain, help her!

Gawain: Naturally. I won't let the first survivor we've met perish now!

Tristan: A wise decision, Fujimaru. I can see why Sir Gawain trusts you.

Tristan: Please allow me to apologize for my earlier rudeness. With you as my Master, I am certain I will not be led astray again.

Tristan: I, Tristan, knight of the Round Table and Child of Sadness, am truly at your service.

Passionlip: Aaahhh! Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!

Act I: Swan Lake Returns (4/6)

Mable: Oh gosh... Oh my gosh...

Fujimaru 1: So that's our situation.

Mable: Wooow, look at you! You're still in your teens, and yet here you are! You must've been so scared!

Mable: But that aside...waaah! You're trapped here just like I am!

Mable: I haven't been saved at all! Somebody! Anybody! Help meee!

Tristan: Well now...this is an unpleasant surprise. It's almost astonishing how little she knows...

Mable: D-don't look at me like I'm some sort of good-for-nothing swine!

Mable: I-I've been doing my very best! I even beat my personal lifetime record for fastest sprint!

Mable: Sneaking out once the Alter Ego was asleep and running as fast as I could for that long really took me back to my school days!

Mable: You know how it is. Any group you join eventually makes you run in some sort of marathon, right?

Mable: I tried to tell them I didn't enroll in Rockefella University to join the track team or anything like that!

Mable: But I ended up getting roped into running every year! Thanks to that, though, I'm alive right now!

Gawain: I see. So that is why you have such shapely legs.

Gawain: At any rate... Mada–Lady Mable, can you tell us what you saw in the Central Command Room?

Mable: Of course! The Command Room hasn't been digitized! Although, the only survivors besides me...

Mable: are Arnold, Ms. Trapayne, and Holly...

Mable: Ms. Trapayne hasn't been back since she said she was going out to try and contact Chaldea.

Mable: Holly, well... He gave himself too much morphine, and...he hasn't left the locker in a week...

Mable: So the only people left in the Command Room were me and Arnold.

Mable: And we didn't have much food left, so it was just a matter of time until Arnold and I fought, right?

Mable: I didn't want that to happen, so I summoned up my courage and ran away to the outside world.

Meltryllis: I see. You've been holed up in the Command Room this whole time.

Meltryllis: So, you can't show us around SE.RA.PH. You can't fight. All you can do is cry and draw enemies to us.

Meltryllis: What are you going to do now, Fujimaru? I don't see point in keeping this useless human around.

Fujimaru 1: Take her with us, of course.

Fujimaru 2: Let's look for somewhere safe.

Gawain: Quite right, Fujimaru. Unfortunately, we shall have to abandon our conquest of Breast Valley for now.

Gawain: Lady Meltryllis, you appear to know where we could find a safe area.

Gawain: Let us hurry there at once, so that Fujimaru may rest.

Meltryllis: Well, these are the Thighs...the area that connects to the dock. There is only one analog building.

Meltryllis: It has magical protection, and contains too many indecipherable elements to digitize...

Meltryllis: It is a Christian chapel built to provide Seraphix's crew a place for spiritual support.

Tristan: Aha. The cross I was able to see off in the distance must belong to that church.

Tristan: ...Unfortunately, there is a Servant here that even I couldn't hope to defeat.

Tristan: The Lancer Count Vlad III, also known as Vlad the Impaler. He still roams this area.

Tristan: We shall have to do battle with him if we are to reach the chapel. Proceed with care.

Act I: Swan Lake Returns (5/6)

Meltryllis: There it is. Once we get through that passageway, we'll be at the Seraphix chapel. Although...

Gawain: Indeed. These bloodstained spears stuck in the floor give me pause as well...

Gawain: I have heard that the Impaler skewers opponents with his spears and pins them to the ground.

Gawain: There must be at least thirty spears here... And it seems he didn't stop at killing Servants. There are also–

Vlad III: Indeed. My spears pierce not only Heroic Spirits, but beasts who have forgotten their faith and lost their dignity.

Vlad III: Such terribly dull, infuriating battles. They were little more than animals in human dress.

Vlad III: Truly, it was as if I were back in the holy war for which I am famous. A clash bereft of chivalry or honor.

Fujimaru 1: A Servant...!

Gawain: ...I am afraid you are mistaken, Fujimaru. Please stand back.

Gawain: This knight has naught but madness in his eyes... He is not the man he once was.

Fujimaru 2: We're from Chaldea, and

Vlad III: Well well, this is a surprise. I was not expecting to see a Master here.

Vlad III: We cannot have that. No human should live in such a depraved land as this.

Vlad III: I shall have to kill you. I must snuff you out. I must show you God's true love.

Vlad III: Hahaha, no need to be modest! Even I shall not escape unscathed from this slaughter!

Vlad III: So let us descend into hell together, my friends! We have lost sight of what is right, engaged in blasphemy, and succumbed to our desires!

Vlad III: Seraphix has become a blight on all that is good. Even purgatory offers no salvation.

Vlad III: We must pay the price for our sins. This very chapel is a hotbed for all manner of wickedness!

Tristan: It seems he has lost himself to his anger. How unseemly... This is going nowhere...

Meltryllis: Is that so? Because I recall a certain similarly angry someone attacking us at one point, too...

Tristan: I... I am well aware of my past transgressions... I must say, I never thought I would endure such biting wit from the lips of an Alter Ego...

Tristan: Ahh... It saddens me that your tongue is just as venomous as your thorns...

Gawain: Enough playing around. If we are facing a Lancer, I shall lead the charge.

Gawain: Count Vlad III of Wallachia, my Master requires a place to rest.

Gawain: If you would deny a visitor proper hospitality, you are not fit to speak of God's love.

Gawain: Come! I shall cleanse your bloodstained armor with my flame!

Vlad III: ...That's more like it. I have been awaiting you, my magnificent rival.

Vlad III: But you would do well not to underestimate we spearmen. A Demon God already inhabits my body.

Vlad III: Your sword will not pierce it so easily!

Fujimaru 1: ...Huh?

Fujimaru 2: Did you just say...?


Vlad III: Hrn...!

Gawain: It's over, Vlad III! You've lost!

Vlad III: ...Indeed. That was truly a bone-shattering blow! Your sword is every bit the equal of my spear!

Vlad III: Hah ha! Only an immortal vampire could survive such a powerful strike! So, clearly I cannot!

Fujimaru 1: What you say earlier...

Fujimaru 2: Before you go, I want you to tell me...!

Vlad III: Hm... It seems I let my passion get the better of me. I should not have said that.

Vlad III: If you wish to know, then hurry to the chapel.

Vlad III: Your Servant, the Archer from Chaldea, awaits you there.

Gawain: So this is where Archer ended up. It is fortunate we were able to find him. However...

Gawain: (Why does he not come out of his own accord...? He must be aware Master is here.)

Gawain: (And surely any Servant of Fujimaru would come immediately to [♂ his /♀️ her] aid...)

Vlad III: You have every right to be suspicious, Knight of the Sun. That man is not to be trusted...

Vlad III: Ally or not, I would not lower my guard around him if I were you. Here on SE.RA.PH...

Vlad III: You will be absorbed the moment you reveal any sign of weakness, no matter who you are. Remember that...

Meltryllis: Let's hurry to the chapel. The Archer from Chaldea, eh...

Meltryllis: The one with twin blades and a red coat, was it? What a joke.

Meltryllis: But if you insist he join us, I'd be okay with that... After I give him a good beating.

Meltryllis: I doubt he'll be any help in battle, but we can always use another meat shield. Now come on, run!

Mable: I-I, uh, don't have the best memories of that chapel... But I guess we don't have any other place to rest, do we...

Mable: I think there were some private rooms on the second floor too, so... Okay...

Gawain: Count Vlad's warning does concern me, but Fujimaru cannot afford to wait any longer.

Gawain: Let us go inside. After all, we have no less than three capable Servants between us.

Gawain: It should be well within our means to deal with whatever awaits us.


Meltryllis: We're here, Archer! And we know you're here too! Show yourself!

???: So, you managed to take down Vlad. I figured you'd be able to do that much.

Fujimaru 1: Archer!

Fujimaru 2: Emiya!

Emiya Alter: Yeah, it's me. You sure took your time getting here, Fujimaru.

Fujimaru 1: Bwuh...!?

Fujimaru 2: Emiya Alter!


What the hell!?

Meltryllis: This isn't funny. Hurry up and change back!

Meltryllis: Where'd that pompous Don Juan-wannabe go!? I couldn't care less about him, but that doesn't mean I didn't want to at least see his stupid, punchable face again!

Meltryllis: How do you plan on soothing this maiden's heart?

Emiya Alter: Looks like you've got history with that other me. That's a shame. That guy ticks me off too.

Emiya Alter: But as you can see, I'm not him. You can thank BB for switching us out.

Meltryllis: I can't believe this... He didn't do a single thing the way I wanted him to...!

Fujimaru 1: ...So that's everything that's happened so far.

Emiya Alter: I know. I've been watching from the church roof. You're lucky you made it out of the Chest alive.

Emiya Alter: That Alter Ego's going to be tough to beat. Unless you have what BB called “the key to her heart.”

Gawain: ...It is hardly any concern of mine, but I was not aware that Chaldea was home to Heroic Spirits such as you.

Emiya Alter: You mean ones who aren't heroic at all?

Emiya Alter: Let's just say our interests happen to align.

Emiya Alter: Don't worry, I'm not planning on making friends.

Tristan: I see... That is a shame. As a fellow Archer, I was hoping we would at least get along...

Meltryllis: Just forget about him. He's been hiding out here all this time 'cause he's too scared to go out.

Meltryllis: The important thing right now is that you get some rest. Go choose a room, then sleep for six hours.

Meltryllis: That ought to replenish your magical energy. Don't worry, you won't get digitized as long as you have vitality.

Meltryllis: On that note, we'll use this as our base while we explore SE.RA.PH. Got it, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: Got it. Finally, a safe room.

Emiya Alter: Resting up, huh? Before you do that, I have some information.

Emiya Alter: There's a terminal hidden behind the altar. It looks like it contains some kind of report.

Emiya Alter: But it's locked down in such a way that it is impossible for Servants or Alter Egos to open.

Emiya Alter: So if you come across a key that can open it, you should. I bet there's some kind of clue hidden inside.

Meltryllis: A report...? Why would that be kept at the chapel?

Emiya Alter: It was really well hidden. Whoever they had working here must've been pretty paranoid.

Tristan: Well, this is a chapel, after all... It was surely a valuable source of support for any devout personnel.

Tristan: Priests offer a way for people to unburden themselves in secret. Ordinarily, we should not attempt to meddle in such matters, but...

Gawain: But in this case, doing so could offer a clue as to what is happening here at Seraphix...

Gawain: There you have it, Fujimaru. We should try and look for this passcode during our expedition.

Gawain: But right now, you need sleep. Fortunately, there are enough rooms here for all of us to rest.

Mable: Um...does “everyone” include that Alter Ego?

Mable: D-don't you think that's a little...unsettling, Fujimaru?

Mable: I mean, you know the Alter Egos have been going around slaughtering everyone on Seraphix, right...?

Mable: So why are you bringing one along? I still don't understand why she's even–

Meltryllis: Good point. I wouldn't feel safe entering sleep mode knowing humans are nearby either.

Meltryllis: Don't worry, I'll rest up outside. I don't have to worry about SE.RA.PH disintegrating me, after all.

Mable: Oh, uh... Well, if you wouldn't mind, that would be...reassuring.

Fujimaru 1: You can stay here too, Meltryllis.

Meltryllis: What are you getting sentimental for? Don't worry, I'm used to things like this.

Fujimaru 2: ...Sorry about this, Meltryllis.

Meltryllis: Don't be. Hearing you apologize is a lot more painful than putting up with that woman.

Tristan: So...you mean to prove your innocence by taking a step back. Is that your game, Meltryllis?

Meltryllis: Don't read so much into it. I just want to sleep where none of you will bother me.

Meltryllis: I'll come wake you up in six hours, and we can resume exploring SE.RA.PH then.

Meltryllis: You should head up to the second floor too. I'll leave once I've seen you off.

Fujimaru 1: Okay. Sleep well, Meltryllis.

Fujimaru 2: ...Huh? There's something near that wall...

Meltryllis: ...What is it?

Meltryllis: What's near the wall?

Fujimaru 1: It's weirdly...haphazard?

Fujimaru 2: It looks kind of...messy?

Meltryllis: ...Looks that way, yes. Some sort of ceramic something must have been smashed there.

Meltryllis: That Archer probably knocked it over. At any rate, it's none of your concern, really.

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fujimaru 2: ...I guess not.

Meltryllis: It's just a little mess. Forget about it.

Meltryllis: Now hurry up to the second floor before Tristan throws some more shade my way.

Meltryllis: Okay. Sleep well, my little Master puppet.

Meltryllis: Even if you can't do anything else useful, you can at least rest up and feel better, right?

Meltryllis: That's...just like you, isn't it. Noticing her even though you have no idea what's going on...

Meltryllis: ...Thank you, Master.

Meltryllis: I'm glad at least someone noticed her, even if only what remains...

Act I: Swan Lake Returns (6/6)

Gawain: Never before have I felt so wounded by the mere price of goods...

Tristan: All that Sakurament, gone... It may have been necessary, but it saddens me nonetheless...

Emiya Alter: Didn't think I'd see BB selling the gate key herself... I bet she just found it lying around, too. What a filthy money-grubber...

Mable: Huh? Isn't BB the one who turned Seraphix into SE.RA.PH? Why would she sell us anything?

Meltryllis: ...Since I was created from a part of her, I kind of hate to admit this, but...

Meltryllis: She's kind of warped. Nothing she does has any rhyme or reason...

Fujimaru 1: Let's just try this key out.

Audio Guide: These records are secret, and can only be viewed by one person at a time.

Audio Guide: After playback has concluded, the records will be erased, and their contents cannot be saved.

Audio Guide: Do you wish to proceed?

Fujimaru 1: Huh?

Fujimaru 2: What does that mean?

Mable: Oh, that means only Seraphix admins are authorized to access it. I think it sends the data directly to the brain of whoever's viewing it or something?

Mable: Basically, it means we won't all be able to find out what it says. Just the one who hits the Enter key.

Mable: Which leaves you and me, since we're the only humans here... Ulp!

Mable: I...uh...I'm a little scared... You know, I think I have a stomachache! You can have this one, Fujimaru!

Meltryllis: So what are you going to do, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: We've come this far. I'm going for it.

Fujimaru 2: We paid a fortune for this key. I'm going for it.

Audio Guide: Confirmed. Playing back records from February 7, 2019.

Record Keeper: To the one viewing these records:

Record Keeper: I want to leave a record of myself behind, before I forget everything.

Record Keeper: In 2016, I was invited to join Seraphix's team as a mental health specialist–a therapist.

Record Keeper: ...Heh. Even in this body, I can't help but smile when I think back on that.

Record Keeper: The first time I was told I'd be working at this church, I remember laughing aloud at the sheer weight of reality crashing down on me.

Record Keeper: Still, historically speaking, priests and churches could certainly have been considered early providers of mental health care.

Record Keeper: So...while I was a bit resentful of the choices that led me to that posting, I went along with it in the end.

Record Keeper: After all, this offshore oil rig was a unique environment. Plus, I didn't have anywhere else to go.

Record Keeper: So I vowed to do whatever I could to help those struggling with mental health challenges here, no matter what was required of me.

Record Keeper: Everyday life here on Seraphix was fulfilling.

Record Keeper: As an oil rig with a two-layer structure, both its buildings, and the relationships of the people who lived and worked in them were enormously complex.

Record Keeper: The more I came to know about Seraphix's inner workings and secrets, the more excited I grew.

Record Keeper: There was the standard crew, and the ones with special privileges. Oil harvesting, and magical energy harvesting. A day staff, and a night staff.

Record Keeper: It was inevitable that friction would develop between the different groups. Every night, I dealt with countless patients in my position at the church.

Record Keeper: “I want to go back to land.” “I'm tired of dealing with everyone.” “I want to die.” “They should shut this place down.” “They should expand it.”

Record Keeper: After listening to all sorts of complaints, I started to wonder why Seraphix was even created.

Record Keeper: I have no doubt whatsoever that it was made with the highest of ideals.

Record Keeper: Those ideals just turned out to be too big to be compatible with the way most people's minds work.

Record Keeper: January, 2019. Something very strange is happening.

Record Keeper: We lost contact with the outside world, and strange accidents keep happening all around the facility.

Record Keeper: The nearly two hundred people left are in a constant state of mild fear.

Record Keeper: Many people were injured. As a therapist, I've been joining the medical team to help victims on-site.

Record Keeper: That's when I saw something I should never have seen.

Record Keeper: ...Countless eyes, glowing in the darkness. A monster preying on human minds.

Record Keeper: February 2019. I've begun to change just like the other staff members have.

Record Keeper: I can't trust anyone else. I only care for myself. Even the thought of morality has become intolerable.

Record Keeper: Feelings I've been suppressing all my life are flooding back. It brings me to tears, wondering how it has come to this.

Record Keeper: ...There's another festival taking place outside the church tonight. There's a bonfire. Gunshots. Men smiling eerily, as if they'd gone mad. Sacrifices.

Record Keeper: I see it, and I feel...nothing. I can so clearly sense how cold my own mind has become.

Record Keeper: Yet in spite of all this, the obligation I felt to my job remains intact. After all...

Record Keeper: ...the whole reason I was brought here was to provide care for the staff's mental health.

Record Keeper: So even if I'm the only one left... Even if I end up getting killed...

Record Keeper: I must soothe this increasingly unhinged group's collective hysteria... Help preserve their rationality...

Record Keeper: March... Today...they smashed in...my left eye.

Record Keeper: They threw me...into my house...like garbage. I...

Record Keeper: I used the last of my strength...to lock the church door. I have to record this. I have to record this.

Record Keeper: I'm not scared of outside visitors.

Record Keeper: I'm scared of myself. I don't want anyone to see how I've changed.

Record Keeper: Everyone here has been consumed by madness. That's fine. I can't do anything about that.

Record Keeper: But I'm not like them. Something else has taken hold of me. Something even more terrible.

Record Keeper: I can feel my own mind being stretched thinner day by day. My whole life is fading away.

???: I'll kill them all. Kill them. Those scum! Those idiotic working-class lowlifes! That's it. The planetarium prototypes. They will make it easy. That's what this facility is supposed to be for, anyway. So I'll do it. I'll use them as they were meant to be used. I can't let the beasts that hurt you roam free. Those fools. Those lackwits. Those maggots are even lower than beasts! Very well. If they want hell, I'll show them hell!

Record Keeper: ...I could have sworn I heard someone saying something like that.

Record Keeper: I can hear one of the mad people–the assistant director, maybe–screaming.

Record Keeper: “Show them a real hell.” When I hear that, I can't help but shout out: “You brought this on yourselves.”

Record Keeper: Ahh... This is terrible. We're all victims, yet I still detest them.

Record Keeper: ...I'm not the same person I used to be. Somebody... Please... Help me.

Record Keeper: Do not go in the planetarium. Do not continue its experiment.

Record Keeper: I'm young, only twenty-five, but I want to remain myself...

Record Keeper: So please...somebody, anybody, kill me. Kill me now, before I get taken over.

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fujimaru 2: ...

Gawain: ...I can tell that whatever you saw unsettled you.

Gawain: I know it must be difficult, but can you tell us about it?

Emiya Alter: ...Everyone here got cabin fever, formed a cult, and went on a purge, huh? I figured as much.

Tristan: ...So, they were possessed, right? And here I thought BB created this whole mess just for the fun of it...

Gawain: ...Indeed. This must mean the crew summoned BB of their own accord, regardless of malign outside influence.

Mable: That poor priest... Although, I don't remember there being an planetarium around here...?

Meltryllis: The planetarium is in the middle of SE.RA.PH. It's the power source that's digitizing Seraphix.

Fujimaru 1: What!?

Fujimaru 2: You knew all along, Meltryllis!?

Meltryllis: Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you already knew that, seeing how it's completely obvious and all.

Meltryllis: Well, now you know where your ultimate objective lies, right? If you want to fix Seraphix, you just have to find the planetarium.

Meltryllis: And if you want to do that, you should stop sifting through useless records and keep on exploring.

Gawain: Indeed. I admit that it vexes me to see us essentially playing into BB's hands.

Gawain: It is, however, worth noting that we managed to find other routes while gathering Sakurament. I believe it is time we started exploring further.

Mable: Further...? I don't even want to set foot outside anymore...

Mable: So wait, does that mean you're going to leave me here all by myself?

Tristan: ...No. I shall remain with you.

Tristan: I still do not cherish the idea of traveling with Meltryllis, and we cannot be certain that enemies will not find this base.

Tristan: If it is okay with you, Gawain, I will remain behind and keep both this church and Lady Mable safe.

Gawain: Of course, Tristan. If all goes well, we shall soon return with good tidings.

Meltryllis: ...What, no “sir”? Well look at you two. Is this what they call a bromance?

Emiya Alter: As knights, they both know what it's like to be tied to their positions. They can't afford to be slaves to etiquette during really dangerous missions.

Emiya Alter: As for me, I've got my own things to handle. You can take care of Fujimaru.

Gawain: You do not have to tell me that... What is it you will be doing?

Emiya Alter: There's more than one way to skin a cat.

Emiya Alter: This'll all be over if we take out all the other Servants, right? So that's what I'm going to do.

Emiya Alter: Don't worry, I'll stay in touch. Let me know if you find any Servants.

Emiya Alter: While you lot are fighting them, I'll sneak up and stab them in the back.

Fujimaru 1: There he goes...

Fujimaru 2: Talk about raring to fight...

Gawain: I believe that is for the best. That Archer does tend to stand out, after all.

Gawain: So he can draw the Servants fighting each other towards him, letting us explore unimpeded.

Mable: Oh, so that was his plan all along? I had no idea from the way he put it.

Mable: He could have just said “I'll distract them” and be done with it. Maybe he's shy or something?

Meltryllis: Definitely not. He just likes to do his own thing. At any rate...

Meltryllis: Fujimaru. We may have a concrete goal now, but you still need to be careful.

Meltryllis: Since we're back at the church now, you know what it is you need to do, don't you?

Fujimaru 1: Rest up, right?

Meltryllis: That's right. I'm glad to see you've learned a thing or two by now.

Meltryllis: Okay then, I'm heading out. I'll see you again in about six hours.

Meltryllis: Then again, if we go to the Central Command Room, you might be able to find a way to escape.

Meltryllis: You can also contact Chaldea from there.

Meltryllis: This place hasn't completely become SE.RA.PH yet, so they should still be able to observe you.

Meltryllis: The nice thing about Rayshifting is that they can always bring you back as long as they can observe you.

Meltryllis: No matter how unusual SE.RA.PH might be, as long as they can see you with Sheba, you can go home...

Meltryllis: So...what do you want to do? Me...I'm an Alter Ego.

Meltryllis: I don't think I can leave this place. Or that I should.

Meltryllis: But you can escape from here. And you should. I'd be willing to fight to help you do that.

Meltryllis: Fujimaru, I only formed a contract with you out of necessity.

Meltryllis: You didn't have any Servants back then, so I had no choice but to save you.

Meltryllis: ...Just knowing that is enough for me. I've already got my reward.

Meltryllis: I'm an Alter Ego, not a human. From your perspective, I'm more like a doll than a person.

Meltryllis: So please, don't be sad. Whenever you feel sad, it dulls me down to my toes.

Meltryllis: And nobody needs a prima ballerina who can't even stand on pointe, right? So cheer up already.

Meltryllis: As long as you keep smiling, I'll be on your side. I won't run away, no matter what.

Meltryllis: ...Not even if the evil witch who created me turns out to have been behind this whole thing.

Meltryllis: Don't worry. I'll use my best grand fouette to make sure you have a way forward...

Act II: The False-Stepped Coppélia (1/5)

Fujimaru 1: Looks like we've found a new area.

Fujimaru 2: Is this near the edge?

Gawain: We may be some distance from the central area now, but SE.RA.PH's connections cannot be measured by standard means.

Gawain: Furthermore, there are sure to be areas accessible only via this route. I believe it would be wise to explore it.

Gawain: Lady Meltryllis, do you know what this place held before it became SE.RA.PH?

Meltryllis: Well, seeing how it's near the Hair, I'm guessing it was for operating and repairing the robotics.

Meltryllis: Hands and feet are the appendages that react the most strongly to touch, after all.

Meltryllis: So it must have been made into an Arm because it acted like hands in the seabed investigation.

Meltryllis: This appears to still be the upper part of the arm, but if we can reach the Thenar, we should find the Arm that was used to examine the soil.

Fujimaru 1: Did you say seabed investigation...?

Meltryllis: Obviously things are messed up now, but usually, this oil rig never dips below the water's surface.

Meltryllis: So they need some type of robotic appendage to find out if there's oil in the seabed below, right?

Fujimaru 2: Is that true for the Foot area too?

Meltryllis: ...Good question. Legs are of course stronger than arms.

Meltryllis: The arm robotics were likely used for investigation, but the leg ones are for more destructive purposes.

Gawain: This evil fanfare...!

???: Hello, all you naughty children!

???: Have you been using all your AP? You're not compromising with bronze apples, are you?

???: Never mind the consequences. Just go ahead and use up what you want, when you want!

???: That's the epitome of consumer culture! A sign of how much humanity loves to compete!

???: Now then, it's time for everyone's favorite in-game entertainment!

???: That's right! It's BB Channel time!

BB: I'm your hostess with the mostess, everyone's favorite Ruler of the Moon: BB♡

BB: Our poor victim/guest today is our old standby, Fujimaru and Co☆

Fujimaru 1: BB! You're back...!

BB: Thanks for the warm welcome☆ I loooved your miserable-looking reaction.

BB: Looks like I made the right choice in picking you for my scapegoat. You're clearly getting used to taking it in the shorts!

Fujimaru 2: We can see your underwear, BB!

BB: No you can't! Previous episodes aside, I made sure to account for low-angle shots this time!

BB: Look. You can't see below my waist with this portrait, right...?

Meltryllis: Don't let her lead you astray with that nonsense, Fujimaru.

Meltryllis: So what kind of rules did you come to add this time, BB? Nothing helpful, knowing you.

BB: Heh heh heh. I don't like this rebellious phase you're going through, Meltryllis, but I appreciate that you can cut right to the heart of things.

BB: No wonder you're the smartest of the Sakura Five. Though of course, that's also exactly what alienated you from humanity, so...

Gawain: ...Is that true, milady?

Meltryllis: Don't listen to her. I never cared about humanity.

Meltryllis: I'm just doing as I please. I didn't like the idea of being one of BB's pawns.

BB: I don't get it. Passionlip is such a good little girl, but you just refuse to listen to me.

BB: Maybe it's got something to do with your tiny bust and high-and-mighty attitude. Scrapping you clearly wasn't harsh enough punishment...

Meltryllis: This is NOT about bust size! You hear me, BB!? IT'S NOT!

Meltryllis: ONE MORE word on that subject, and I'll kill Fujimaru before you get the chance!

Fujimaru 1: Hey, how'd I get dragged into this!?

Fujimaru 2: know how you feel, but please, calm down!

BB: Wow, look at you, Melty! Talk about a temper tantrum!

BB: Still, breaking my favorite toy WOULD be the worst thing you could do to me, so...

BB: If you try that, I'll have to retaliate by making SE.RA.PH disappear, and all of you along with it.

Gawain: ...That is quite the threat. Can you really do such a thing?

BB: Uh, yeah? All I have to do is shut off the power, and it's curtains for everyone.

BB: Some Servants might still be able to survive that, but Senpai sure wouldn't.

BB: You're currently 4,000 meters below surface level, you know? SE.RA.PH's the only thing keeping the humans alive☆

Fujimaru 1: Shut off the power... You mean the planetarium?

BB: Huh? How do you already know about the planetarium!? Aww...I was saving that reveal for the next BB Channel...

BB: Now I'm sad... Still, that'll save me some exposition time, so no more planetarium talk, 'kay? Tee hee☆

Fujimaru 2: So the water pressure would flatten us?

BB: No, not at 4,000 meters. You'd either freeze or drown first.

BB: I'd have liked to see what you look like in 2D though, Senpai! I've always thought that [♂ boys /♀️ girls] are best enjoyed as JPGs!

BB: ...Whoops, look at me go right off on a tangent again. That always seems to happen when I talk to you, Senpai.

BB: I just wanted to let you know that I've got some new stock. Gate keys for each area, various items...

BB: Even a new Sentinel.

???: Hahahaha! You expected a cat to show up on time for her cue!? Never!

???: This beastly beauty only shows up when she's good and ready!

Tamamo Cat:

Now gimme time off! With pay!

Gawain: Caster!? What is the fox lady that accompanied me here doing on BB's side!?

Meltryllis: Uh, Fujimaru? I...really hate to ask this, but...is that another one of your Servants?

Fujimaru 1: ...I'm so sorry.

Fujimaru 2: Her class seems different somehow...or maybe not...

Tamamo Cat: Hm? What are you talking about, strange Master? The last thing I remember is waking up here in SE.RA.PH. I was just an abandoned cat in a box.

Tamamo Cat: Now I just run around to pay BB back after she took me in and put this total subjugation collar on me.

Tamamo Cat: As you can see, I can't control myself right now, so try to keep that in mind during the battle, please.

Fujimaru 1: Total subjugation collar...!?

Fujimaru 2: So basically, it's business as usual...

BB: ...How is that girl–I mean, cat–still able to talk? Not even Lip was able to resist that geas...

BB: Oh well. She's still a tough Servant! Go on, kitty, dinner's served!

BB: Why don't you show Senpai what you're capable of to celebrate [♂ him /♀️ her] making it all the way to this Arm!

Meltryllis: ...Here she comes, Fujimaru! Don't hold back just because she's your Servant!

Meltryllis: Now that she's been made into a Sentinel, there's nothing you can do for her except put her out of her misery!


Tamamo Cat: Owww! BB, they're too strong! A single fish gauge isn't going to be nearly enough!

BB: Um... Cat? You didn't even bother to use that Karmaphage I went to the trouble of making for you even once, did you?

Tamamo Cat: ...Karmaphage...?

BB: Ah, right. I don't know what I was thinking, trusting you with an important job like this!

BB: Dammit, if only my Matcha Robot plan had panned out in time!

Tamamo Cat: Hahahaha! You should've seen this coming the moment you asked a cat for help!

Tamamo Cat: Hm? I just felt something move under my feet... Is this a trap door?

BB: Damn straight it is! Now get out of here and wait at your designated position!

Tamamo Cat: Yooou gooot iiiiiiiiit!

Fujimaru 1: Uh...

BB: O-okay, that's all for this episode! BB, out☆

Meltryllis: Wait. I won't say anything about that whole embarrassment with Cat. Just answer my questions.

Meltryllis: What's the story with the “128 new Servants” that Mable woman mentioned?

Meltryllis: Are you moving the game to another table, even though this Holy Grail War isn't over yet?

BB: Oh, those? I summoned them, of course!

BB: I mean, naturally Lip went and accidentally crushed them all, but I expect I'll summon more once the next stage is ready.

BB: After all, there's only around thirty Servants left on SE.RA.PH right now. Where's the fun in that?

BB: There's no point in a SE.RA.PH without any danger. When it comes to Servants, the sky's the limit.

BB: I want to fill all of SE.RA.PH with them, so that we get more intense infighting and more violent resistance.

BB: Otherwise...it won't be a proper recreation of the Temple of Time. What SE.RA.PH needs right now is thousands–no, tens of thousands of Heroic Spirits.

Gawain: The Temple of Time...!? You know of that battle!?

BB: ...Who, me? I don't have any record of things that have happened outside of the universe.

BB: I'm just a game master. It's your karma, your actions up until now, that leads you viewers to draw connections between disparate events.

BB: All right, that's enough Q and A time. Oh, but one last thing before I go!

BB: There's only one real-world hour left until you hit the seabed, which means you're well into the second half of the Great SE.RA.PH Escape Game! Enjoy!

Fujimaru 1: ...What did she mean by that...?

Fujimaru 2: ...So this isn't just another Singularity...?

Gawain: ...My apologies. I'm afraid I do not yet know myself.

Gawain: Merlin might be able to grasp the entirety of this situation, but as we ourselves lack Clairvoyance, we can see no more than what is immediately before us.

Gawain: But that is no cause to despair. We have a clear purpose, and hardy legs to carry us toward it.

Fujimaru 1: Yeah, you're right. Let's keep exploring.

Fujimaru 2: First, we have to get Cat back!

Gawain: My thoughts exactly. I am grateful to have you as a Master.

Gawain: Let us continue on our way, Fujimaru. I shall accompany you no matter where you lead.

Act II: The False-Stepped Coppélia (2/5)

Gawain: We've certainly come a long way. Although it appears the path ahead does not lead anywhere else...

Fujimaru 1: “Flank”? What are we even talking about?

Gawain: I can answer that, Master. It is a word that specifically refers to the side of the body.

Gawain: You may have heard the term applied to certain cuts of beef.

Fujimaru 2: Why “Separator”?

Meltryllis: Because this area used to house separator devices. It looks like it also handled desalination.

Meltryllis: In human terms, it would be like the liver: an organ that neutralizes and expels toxins from the body.

Meltryllis: Most if not all of the resources Seraphix collected must have passed through here before being packaged.

Meltryllis: ...Looks like there isn't anything here except another human memory.

Meltryllis: Why don't you touch it? You might learn something useful.

Man: When weird things first started happening on Seraphix, I was secretly thrilled.

Man: I'm not like the other academics. I'm a fixer. I was brought here in case things go wrong.

Man: My real job was to dispose of anyone who might get in our way, or try to leak secrets.

Man: Sometimes, I'd also check how healthy the supplies that came in from the outside were.

Man: It was dirty work, but so what. I'm a bad guy. It was nothing I hadn't done countless times before.

Man: I don't trust others. I can only see them as patsies. The weak are meant to be exploited.

Man: If I didn't, a punk like me without any parents, schooling, or luck could never survive out there.

Man: So I was sure I'd be able to survive this situation too. Groups without a leader always fall apart.

Man: They start by arguing, then the educated class divides themselves into factions, then the ones with vested interests start discriminating against others.

Man: Once a few people end up dead, that's where I come in. I'm not suited to being on top.

Man: I'm ugly, bad-tempered, and totally lacking in charisma. So I make sure to follow people who aren't any of those things.

Man: Cause curiously enough, leaders like that never have the trait that guys like me do: the endless capacity for brutally merciless violence.

Man: When you get down to it, my total lack of empathy for my victims was my greatest weapon.

Man: And just as I expected, Beckman began bringing the survivors together. He formed an organization, set down laws, and chose me to enforce them.

Man: It was wonderful. I was finally living in the world I'd always dreamed of. I could indulge completely in my desire to dominate those around me.

Man: I killed good people. People I didn't like. One guy, I fed to a monster just 'cause I felt like it. Just 'cause he caught my eye.

Man: I'm a bad guy. I never expected anything from this world. Nobody ever respected me except me.

Man: That's why I don't understand...

Man: Why did this happen to me?

Man: It was so nice. I learned there were other ways to deal with people besides dominating them.

Man: I learned about love. I'd never dreamed that a guy like me could ever find love.

Man: This world offered me salvation...

Man: That's why I'd do anything for her. And I mean ANYTHING. Not just the petty crimes I've done before.

Man: I'm not scared of anything. I don't care if all of America's against me. Nothing in the world can hurt m–No, wait. There's still one thing I'm scared of.

Man: ...In fact, it's downright terrifying! This thought alone scares me far more than my own death ever could.

Man: I'm scared that one day, she'll come to despise me, and throw me away.

Man: I'm scared to go back to being the subhuman scum I once was.

Man: I know love now. My eyes are finally open to the concept of affection...to affection that could change the world.

Man: That's why, if the alternative is losing this love I've finally found...

Man: ...I'd rather watch the whole world burn.

Fujimaru 1: ...That was...

Fujimaru 2: ...I don't understand...

Gawain: ...Fujimaru, I do not profess to know what it is you have seen...

Gawain: But that was the voice of a wounded sinner, pleading for help, asking God for forgiveness on his deathbed.

Meltryllis: Why are you getting sentimental? It doesn't matter how they try to cover it up. A sinner's a sinner.

Meltryllis: They can repent all they want, but that won't change their sins. The only way to do that would be to undo the damage their sins caused.

Meltryllis: But humans don't have that power. So, all they can do is try to balance the scales by doing good deeds.

Meltryllis: The sins remain forever. Even if someone puts their sins behind themselves, a sinner is still a sinner.

Meltryllis: You know what I'm talking about, right, Gawain?

Meltryllis: You go around telling others to do good deeds, to “protect all that is good,” but you don't include yourself.

Meltryllis: Much as you play at being just, you're doomed to be trapped by the justice you yourself will face in your final moments.

Gawain: ...I cannot deny the truth of what you say. And yet I am amazed to hear you, of all people, say it.

Gawain: Thank you, milady, but you need not concern yourself. I am satisfied with the way I am.

Gawain: In the end, acting as we wish is truly what it means to be human.

Meltryllis: D-don't worry, I wasn't concerned about you at all.

Meltryllis: If it makes you happy to follow social customs, or the law, or your emotions, then knock yourself out.

Meltryllis: That kind of posturing is also something only humans do. ...What sad creatures you are.

Act II: The False-Stepped Coppélia (3/5)

Meltryllis: We're almost at this area's final zone–the one assigned to the Sentinel...

Meltryllis: Do you really plan on having that Servant join us? Killing her would be a lot less trouble.

Emiya Alter: Agreed. If you can't depend on someone to be reliable, you can't call them a true ally.

Emiya Alter: In my opinion, allies who don't work well with others, or who don't know how to read social cues, are a lot more trouble than tough opponents.

Fujimaru 1: Pot calling the kettle black, much?

Fujimaru 2: Uh-huh. So...why did you come along this time?

Emiya Alter: I heard you'd be going up against a Sentinel. I've been wanting to see how strong they are for myself.

Gawain: Be that as it may, the more options at our disposal, the better. I myself would be hard-pressed to fend off a cadre of enemy Archers on my own.

Gawain: On a different note, milady: would you mind telling us exactly what a Sentinel is?

Gawain: I was under the impression that every Sentinel was an Alter Ego, and vice versa...

Meltryllis: It's true that we Alter Egos were originally salvaged in order to be made into Sentinels.

Meltryllis: But a Sentinel doesn't have to be an Alter Ego. BB can turn anyone she likes into one.

Meltryllis: It's more of a de facto class, really. All she needs is a Spirit Origin that can handle a Karmaphage.

Emiya Alter: Karmaphage... So the “phage” part refers to “bacteriophage”–a virus.

Emiya Alter: I never would've guessed that kind of power was like an infectious disease. Suits you Alter Egos well.

Meltryllis: What do you mean by that? What do you know about us, anyway?

Emiya Alter: You're avatars that BB made out of her emotions, right?

Emiya Alter: Basically, you're a patchwork of Spirit Origins made from multiple Servants... multiple goddess essences.

Emiya Alter: Inhuman murder dolls whose very existence cheats the system.

Meltryllis: ...

Emiya Alter: What, no comeback? And here I thought the patchwork remark would've offended your sense of aesthetics.

Meltryllis: Not at all. I'm impressed by how well you understand us.

Meltryllis: Yes, we Alter Egos are cheat Spirit Origins. We were monsters tied to five emotions that BB cut off from herself, deemed unnecessary for a perfect AI...

Meltryllis: Love & hate, pleasure, innocence, yearning, benevolence.

Fujimaru 1: Five emotions...?

Meltryllis: That's right. That said, they're specifically emotions directed at a particular target.

Meltryllis: As the Alter Ego of pleasure, I was created to ensure my target would enjoy the very finest pleasure.

Meltryllis: Of course, now I can choose my own target. Once I do, they won't know what hit them.

Fujimaru 2: What do you mean “were”...?

Meltryllis: Everything this smug Archer said is in the past now. We've grown and evolved since then.

Meltryllis: We used to hate being so beholden to our emotions, but not anymore. We've learned to face them head on.

Meltryllis: We may not be able to become human, but we are trying to understand how they feel.

Meltryllis: And we're happy remaining as Alter Egos.

Meltryllis: As long as there's even one human out there who accepts us as we are, we don't mind being monsters.

Emiya Alter: Well isn't that a lovely story. And did you ever find such a fool?

Meltryllis: Of course. They're everywhere. Humans turned out to be much more accepting than we thought.

Fujimaru 1: ...I'm glad to hear that.

Meltryllis: A human once told me: “No doll could cry when she was having fun, or smile even though she was sad.”

Meltryllis: “So if you can do that, that means you're well and truly alive.”

Tamamo Cat: I'm picking up some serious feels around here!

Tamamo Cat: I mean, it makes sense that the tension would escalate in what's clearly a boss stage, but...

Tamamo Cat: But my keen feline nose smells some drama going on around here without me!

Tamamo Cat: Let me guess, Master. You're thinking bad things. Like how you don't need any more Servants.

Tamamo Cat: Or how having more around would just be a big pain, so you may as well defeat this lost kitty and be done with it. Am I right?

Fujimaru 1: Don't worry. We're here to defeat you.

Tamamo Cat: Oh, okay. I get the context now! Can't say I'm happy about it! See? Tail's not wagging!

Fujimaru 2: Don't worry. We're here to save you.

Tamamo Cat: O-oh. I guess you like doing things the hard way, don't you.

Tamamo Cat: I'm super happy to hear that, but I'll save the gratitude for later!

Tamamo Cat: Okay, let's get to fighting! BB may be pure evil, but she still took me in and fed me.

Tamamo Cat: The head of the fish went to cut the grass. The obligation of this society went to wash clothes. The dog, the monkey, and the pheasant can all go straight to hell.

Tamamo Cat: Yep! No doubt about it! Felines are a primate's best friend! Sentinel Cat, launching!

Tamamo Cat: I'll tell you this right now, Saber and Archer! You're gonna have a rough time of it here on SE.RA.PH if you can't figure out how to read the room!


Tamamo Cat: Yeow! Nice damage! Don't worry, I'm finally back to my old sel–

Fujimaru 1: Tamamo Cat!?

Fujimaru 2: You SHOT her!? Why???

Emiya Alter: Hm? Why're you so shocked? Why wouldn't I kill an enemy Servant? In fact...

Emiya Alter: Here in SE.RA.PH, every Servant besides me is going to be an enemy by the end. Didn't BB explain that?

Gawain: She was referring to Servants who were lured here by her sweet talk.

Gawain: But Tamamo Cat is a member of Chaldea. She is not so rash as to...

Gawain: ...My apologies. Regardless of the circumstances, the fact remains that she is now on BB's side.

Tamamo Cat: No I'm not! It's just that I was never going to woof it through SE.RA.PH all on my own, even though when it comes to survival, I am top cat!

Tamamo Cat: I chose to go along with BB, so that she'd help me majorly power up by giving me a Karmaphage. After that, I was just waiting for a chance to rejoin you.

Tamamo Cat: I never thought my own ally would end up shooting me. Don't you know that cat curses are permanent?

Fujimaru 1: ...Huh?

Fujimaru 2: ...You're alive?

Tamamo Cat: Hm? That hurt like hell, but wasn't fatal. Why you do this, Edgemiya? Y'know, Edgemiya as in “Edgy Emiya”?

Emiya Alter: ...

Meltryllis: (Idiot! Here we've all been avoiding that subject, and she just came right out and said it!)

Meltryllis: (Still, it's about time someone did! Honestly, I've been wanting to say something myself!)

Emiya Alter: Hmph. Trust me, I wasn't trying to be merciful. I know my way around magical circuits, and I saw your Spirit Origin was fuzzy in parts.

Emiya Alter: Those parts happened to look like another symptom I know about, so I assumed they were your Karmaphage and took my shot. That's all.

Emiya Alter: Crude, I know, but it was a matter of life and death.

Emiya Alter: And don't thank me. It's irritating.

Tamamo Cat: Ooh, you're so hard-boiled, Edgemiya. You just gained some Cat Bond Points!

Emiya Alter: I said shut it. Or are you so used to flapping your lips you don't know how to turn them off anymore?

Tamamo Cat: Heeey, don't be like that, Edgemiya. Anyway, sorry for all the trouble, Master!

Tamamo Cat: Thanks to you, I am one hundred percent BB-free, so now I can help you out again!

Fujimaru 1: Welcome home, Cat.

Fujimaru 2: Good to have you back, Cat.

Gawain: As they say, all's well that ends well. I believe this concludes our exploration of this area.

Gawain: Why don't we return to the church now and let Lady Fox–I mean, Lady Cat–heal up?

Tamamo Cat: Well aren't you a considerate Saber! Let's go! You can fill me in on everything I missed on the way!

Act II: The False-Stepped Coppélia (4/5)

Mable: Oh, yay! You're all back! I'm so glad to see you!

Tristan: Nothing noteworthy has happened around here. I see you have found another Servant, though.

Tamamo Cat: Hey there! I'm Tamamo Cat! You look good enough to eat!

Tamamo Cat: Anyway, I'm just a teeeeeensy bit mortally wounded here thanks to Edgemiya mercilessly shooting me after our battle was already over, so I'm just gonna take a catnap on one of these nice benches.

Tamamo Cat: Can you get the complicated stuff out of the way while I curl up?

Gawain: ...Lady Cat makes a good point. Now is the time for us to plan our next move. We can rest afterward.

Gawain: We have explored every area to which we have access, but there is no route that leads to the Central Command Room–the Chest area.

Gawain: Should we continue with our expedition? Or should we consider finding a way to escape from SE.RA.PH?

Gawain: What do you think, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: Is it even possible to escape?

Emiya Alter: ...Yes, if we were to return to Chaldea. Remember BB's other “victory condition”?

Fujimaru 2: ...Did we really explore everywhere?

Tristan: ...I am impressed you noticed that, Fujimaru. Remarkably observant.

Tristan: I was just thinking the same thing.

Tristan: If SE.RA.PH is modeled after a woman's body, you have reached the inevitable conclusion.

Gawain: Hmm... Lady Mable, allow me to ask you something.

Gawain: So far, we have been to the front gate, the cable area, this dock, the robotics control area, and the separator area.

Gawain: It may be twisted, but SE.RA.PH is based on Seraphix.

Gawain: Were there facilities in Seraphix besides those I mentioned?

Mable: Uh, well... The soil survey room, the resource compression and drying area, and the dump, I guess?

Mable: ...You know, that's a good question. It feels like there SHOULD be more facilities here.

Gawain: I thought that might be the case. You have my thanks.

Gawain: Meltryllis, I believe it is time for you to come clean with us. You know about these other areas, don't you?

Meltryllis: True, I guess we're not going to find anything new just searching the front side. I suppose it's time I tell you about the other side.

Fujimaru 1: Front side?

Fujimaru 2: Other side?

Meltryllis: SE.RA.PH has a two-layer structure. And I don't mean like a two-story building.

Meltryllis: I mean that it has a front side, and a rear side.

Meltryllis: I was originally a rear-side Sentinel, but BB ended up scrapping me after I disobeyed her.

Tristan: ...Scrapped, eh.

Tristan: Why would she do such a thing? You made it quite clear that you are no friend of humanity.

Meltryllis: No, but I'm even less a friend of BB. If I worked for her, I could never be the one on top, right?

Meltryllis: So I decided I was going to work towards getting everything I wanted for myself.

Meltryllis: And if you are all trying to stop BB as well, it only makes sense for us to cooperate, right?

Tristan: ...

Emiya Alter: A rear side, huh... No wonder I haven't seen any other Servants around here.

Emiya Alter: But how do we get there? I didn't see any route that looked like it would lead there.

Meltryllis: That's because humans and Servants can't cross the border between the two sides. Only we Sentinels can.

Meltryllis: If you wanted to get there...well, the only way would be to have SE.RA.PH itself turn over.

Emiya Alter: So how do we do that?

Meltryllis: That you'll have to figure out yourselves. I haven't the foggiest.

Tamamo Cat: Hmm. I guess we'll just have to put our faith in my twenty-seventh secret technique.

Fujimaru 1: You know a way, Cat!?

Fujimaru 2: You were awake, Cat!?

Tamamo Cat: This cat is always listening! Tell me, why do you think the mochi you have on New Year's Day is so yummy?

Tamamo Cat: It's because baking it underneath also bakes it on the top. If it won't turn over on its own, you can use your paw instead.

Tamamo Cat: Attack the weakest part. Fortune comes to merry homes. Turn the link, and the link turns you.

Mable: I didn't understand a word of that...

Tristan: ...Now I see. I am chagrined... Rarely have I heard such beautiful lyrics...

Tristan: You must have been a great poet. Are you in fact a manifestation of Murasaki Shikibu, perchance?

Tamamo Cat: Close, but no cigar! You'll have to try and guess my real name again later, Sir Tris!

Fujimaru 1: Okay, I...think I know what to do now.

Fujimaru 2: I know what to do now. Mostly, anyway.

Gawain: I-is that so. Very well then, I shall leave the matter of reaching the rear side to you, Fujimaru.

Gawain: Still, our ultimate goal is the Central Command Room. Will getting to the rear help us in that regard?

Meltryllis: It will, yes.

Meltryllis: Once you get to the rear side, just head to the same coordinates as the Command Room. Then, all you have to do is flip the body back over, and you'll be on the Chest.

Meltryllis: That way, you can get there without going through the route that Lip destroyed.

Meltryllis: That said...

Gawain: Passionlip herself is there. Which means we will have to fight her.

Tristan: ...That is a difficult proposition. That Alter Ego is effectively invincible.

Tristan: And unlike Meltryllis, we cannot reason with her. Even if we all work together, our chances seem slim.

Meltryllis: ...

Mable: Um... Isn't it kind of ridiculous to even think about trying to reason with Alter Egos?

Mable: I mean, the one with the claws and the one...with us are both completely inhuman monsters, right?

Mable: Honestly, just being near one scares me... It's like being around a bomb that could go off at any time, you know?

Emiya Alter: I agree with you. But Fujimaru isn't afraid of them at all.

Emiya Alter: Why is that? I can at least partly understand with Meltryllis, but Passionlip is nothing but a monster.

Fujimaru 1: Well, come on.

Fujimaru 1: She's Meltryllis's friend, right?

Fujimaru 2: She seemed like she was in a lot of pain.

Emiya Alter: ...Are you serious? Did I really just hear you say that?

Gawain: ...

Meltryllis: ...You're an idiot, you know that? I've heard of being softhearted, but you're something else.

Meltryllis: Still, if you're looking for some insight, or a bit of advice...

Meltryllis: The restraints are what's controlling Passionlip. If you can break their hold on her, I'm positive she'll help you out in return.

Meltryllis: She's not like me. She's a good, honest girl, the sort who'll spend the rest of her life paying back someone foolish enough to save her.

Emiya Alter: ...How can you be so sure?

Meltryllis: Just look around. We're talking with two Servants who joined us after we thrashed them.

Meltryllis: How is that not enough to convince you?

Emiya Alter: That proves nothing. There's no comparison to be made between Chaldea Servants and SE.RA.PH Servants.

Emiya Alter: I'll come along to the rear side with you, but I'm not going to bother fighting Passionlip.

Tamamo Cat: Boy, Edgemiya is so mistrustful. I don't know why! After all, Sir Tris is completely trustworthy.

Tamamo Cat: Right, Sir Tris?

Tristan: ...Indeed. I would like to think so...

Gawain: At any rate, now that we've decided our next course of action, I suggest we all rest up.

Fujimaru 1: Good idea.

Fujimaru 2: Finally, a break!

Gawain: ...And, if I may, Fujimaru, allow me to pay my respects to you once again.

Fujimaru 1: How come?

Gawain: Oh, if you didn't notice anything, then no matter. It's just that you helped me remember that my own training is far from complete.

Gawain: Now, I suggest that we begin by freeing Passionlip, then find out to what she has to say.

Meltryllis: ...I'm sorry I haven't been of any help. If anything, I've just been keeping things from you.

Meltryllis: I know you said I could just work on taking back a bit at a time...

Meltryllis: ...But honestly, I don't know if I can. I may be an Alter Ego, but I was also scrapped.

Meltryllis: There's no way I'd be able to take on 128 Servants all by myself...

Meltryllis: Just look at how much it took out of me to only beat one. It's hopeless...

Meltryllis: ...Hm? I don't have enough faith in my specs, you say? No, that's not it...

Meltryllis: I'm worried I might not be able to protect you... That I might fail to live up to your expectations...

Meltryllis: ...I want you to like me. And my performance in battle is all I have to offer you...

Meltryllis: What!? That's not true! I'm more like the perfect Alter Ego than anything else!

Meltryllis: ...I know my hands aren't very sensitive, so I'm not the best at delicate operations...

Meltryllis: But my other stats are the best out of all the Alter Egos. I'm sure that if I regain my full power...

Meltryllis: ...Only...if I go back to being who I used to be...we won't be helping each other out like this anymore...

Meltryllis: ...I don't know who I am now. Do I want to go back to who I was, or do I want to stay like this...?

Meltryllis: Still, SE.RA.PH isn't going to wait around. I need to help you get out of here as soon as possible.

Meltryllis: And to do that...we need to defeat more Servants, and use their resources to return me to my old self.

Meltryllis: Once I defeat every Servant here, I'll defeat BB, and take control of SE.RA.PH myself...

Meltryllis: ...Will you please stay with me until then, Master?

Emiya Alter: So, they're all sleeping now. ...I don't get them at all.

Emiya Alter: It's hard to believe a bunch of pacifists like them managed to survive this long.

Emiya Alter: You shouldn't be doing things like exploring SE.RA.PH or trying to solve the mystery of what happened to Seraphix unless you've got time and energy to spare.

Emiya Alter: Compared to that, BB's proposal couldn't be more attractive. It fits perfectly with my own desires.

Emiya Alter: The Mooncell's an unlimited Holy Grail. Here in the Spiritron world, it can even be used to falsify the past.

Emiya Alter: We'll never get a chance like this again.

Emiya Alter: Even most Heroic Spirits can't resist that kind of temptation.

Emiya Alter: I am, of course, no exception.

Emiya Alter: You can believe people are innately good all you want, but you're only fooling yourself if you think everyone is acting purely out of the goodness of their hearts.

Act II: The False-Stepped Coppélia (5/5)

Tristan: Very well. I shall remain here to guard the church, as always. I hope you return with good tidings, Fujimaru.

Mable: P-please come back as soon as you can! And Gawain, if you ever feel like staying here yourself, I'd be more than okay with it!

Gawain: All right, here we are once again: the Flank Separator.

Gawain: I feel I must ask... Is THIS really how we will get to the rear side?

Tamamo Cat: You bet, Sir Gawain! The flank is one of the human body's most vulnerable points!

Tamamo Cat: No living creature can ignore being tickled there! SE.RA.PH won't be able to resist turning over!

Emiya Alter: I hope that doesn't actually happen...at least, not like this. But then again, this is BB we're talking about.

Emiya Alter: I guess there's only one way to find out.

Emiya Alter: Give it a shot, Fujimaru. I'll pick up the pieces.

Fujimaru 1: All right. Pardon me...

Tamamo Cat: ...Gentle strokes... How very delicate of you, Master. You're a real [♂ gentleman /♀️ lady], aren't you.

Tamamo Cat: Still, what intensity... Like getting punched by a Berserker!

Fujimaru 2: Time to unleash all my pent-up frustration...

Tamamo Cat: That's it! No need to hold back! Let it all out!

Gawain: ...Oh? Could it be...?

Emiya Alter: ...and now THIS is happening...

???: H-hey, easy does it! That's a sensitive spot, you know!

???: You're going to affect everything if you do that! Keep it to just touching this time!

BB: Hmph! All those items I sold you out of the goodness of my heart, and this is how you repay me... BB is most displeased!

BB: This won't get you any closer to that rear side you so yearn to visit, you know! I won't let you! You've got to be punished for this little stunt first, Senpai!

BB: Go get 'em, Sentinel!

Dark Idol: On it! I've been waiting forever for my turn!

Dark Idol: ...Wait. Why am I literally in the dark? Is this one of those Alter versions that's all the rage now?

Dark Idol: What the hell is the lighting crew doing!? The backlight's so strong you can't see me at all!

BB: Hmm... I guess this is what happens when you put a Sentinel together on short notice...

BB: But, you've had plenty of chances to shine before, Elisabeth, so I'm sure you can make it work!

BB: Okay, cue the music! Don't let her appearance fool you, Senpai. Her singing still packs a wallop!

BB: An exclusive concert from nobody's favorite idol should be a nice way to wrap up the first half of this quest. Enjoy♡


Dark Idol: I'll be baaaaaaaaack! Don't you forgeeeeeet it!

BB: Hmm, too bad. Oh well, I'm sure you'll eventually get to see Elisabeth in another event!

BB: Anyway, since you really gave it your all this time, Senpai, I won't get in your way anymore.

BB: Here you go! At long last!

BB: What could be waiting on the rear side? Get ready to–

BB: ...Hold it. What do you think you're doing, Lip? I didn't order you to come here!

Passionlip: Aaahhh.

Passionlip: Aaahhh!!!

Meltryllis: ...! Hurry up, Fujimaru! If Lip looks at us, it's all over!

Meltryllis: Knead harder! Or just start punching! Do whatever it takes to turn this place over!

Gawain: ...! Hurry, everyone! I shall deal with her!

Passionlip: Aaahhh, aaahhh!

Gawain: Guh! Those claws are even more devastating than they appear! I won't be able to hold her back long!

Tamamo Cat: Don't do it, pretty boy! You can't stop a Sentinel on your own!

Tamamo Cat: Get away from her! Or just run for it! Even the sun has to set sometime, Sir Gawain!

Gawain: Hrnnn!

Passionlip: Aaahhh!!!

Fujimaru 1: Gawain, this way...!

Emiya Alter: There's no time! Go on, I'll blow her sky-high!

Tamamo Cat: Whoa, the world's flipping over just around you, Master! That must be the rear side entrance!

Tamamo Cat: But, what about Gawain!? Sir Gawaaaaaaiiiiiin!

Act III: The Nutcracker, Once More (1/3)

Fujimaru 1: ...What is this place?

Emiya Alter: It looks like another location on SE.RA.PH, but I don't remember any passageway with a layout like this.

Emiya Alter: Guess we made it to the rear side safe and sound. Nice job, Fujimaru.

Tamamo Cat: How can you be so calm about this!? We just left Gawain behind!

Emiya Alter: No, we didn't. Staying behind to hold Passionlip off was his call.

Emiya Alter: ...Hmph. Getting in close to fight an enemy who can crush anything she sees? Reckless, but gutsy.

Emiya Alter: And it paid off.

Emiya Alter: Passionlip deals best with faraway, slow-moving targets.

Emiya Alter: Enemies in close, darting around quickly are another story.

Emiya Alter: Thanks to his sacrifice, we made it safely to our destination, and didn't lose anyone else.

Fujimaru 1: Shut up. Just...shut up for a while.

Emiya Alter: Sorry about that. I guess it was too soon for you.

Fujimaru 2: ...Gawain's still alive.

Tamamo Cat: You bet he is! No way a knight like him would go down so easily! If anything, I'd bet that giant bust would only get him more fired up!

Meltryllis: You can argue later. We've already got another Sentinel to deal with.

Suzuka Gozen: Well duh! Like, of course I'm gonna come and crush any intruders! Though TBH, I'm kinda impressed.

Suzuka Gozen: I know I said you should text me, but I never thought you'd just drop by like this! Give a girl some warning!

Suzuka Gozen: But you totes made it! You avoided Lip, BB, and, everything. I can't even!

Suzuka Gozen: So of COURSE I'm gonna give you like, a lit AF welcome! I am so hype to have some good prey to play with!

Suzuka Gozen: Hey, monkey [♂ boy /♀️ girl]! What's your name, anyway?

Fujimaru 1: (Quietly say your name)

Fujimaru 2: (Reluctantly say your name)

Suzuka Gozen: Got it! Fujimaru, huh. What kind of lame-o name is that? You choose it yourself or something?

Suzuka Gozen: Still, I like you. You're a lot better than those suuuper boring Masters who can't move at all!

Suzuka Gozen: I get it. You're not the type to give in to BB or the Alter Egos. I'm gonna take like, such good care of you!

Meltryllis: My my, looks like she's really taken a liking to you, Fujimaru.

Meltryllis: If you want to break our contract to make one with her, now's your chance. I bet she'd be pretty devoted...in her own way.

Meltryllis: Of course, since she's also more beast than human, affection and appetite may not exactly be mutually exclusive for her.

Fujimaru 1: Hard pass.

Meltryllis: I see. Then I hope you've learned your lesson about going around telling others your name. Remember, I'M your Servant here on SE.RA.PH.

Fujimaru 2: Cat's all the beast I need!

Tamamo Cat: Well said, Master! Don't go around making too many friend contracts!

Suzuka Gozen: ...Hold on. Did you add to your loser posse or something?

Suzuka Gozen: Let's just swipe left on that mega emo-looking brooder who is SO not my type...

Tamamo Cat: Hm? What's your issue, fake foxgirl? Why're you looking at me like that?

Suzuka Gozen: I'm not a fake! YOU'RE the fake!

Suzuka Gozen: I dunno why, but you are just all kinds of nope for me. What the hell are you even supposed to be? A shrine maiden? Fox ears? Catgirl? Devoted wife?

Meltryllis: How did “devoted wife” get in the mix here? Is there anything AT ALL that would make you think that about her?

Fujimaru 1: Shh. Be quiet, Meltryllis.

Fujimaru 2: ...Cat's domestic skills ARE pretty amazing...

Meltryllis: I-I see... So you think domestic skills are important too...

Suzuka Gozen: I mean, what the hell even IS this? Just, like...pick a theme! We are SO not gonna be mutuals.

Suzuka Gozen: No, seriously. What even are you? C'mon, spit it out before I give you a curbstomp!

Tamamo Cat: Hmm. It looks like the fake foxgirl has some kind of history with my original.

Tamamo Cat: But that's okay. I'm an honest and upstanding Tamamo! If someone asks me my name, I'll tell 'em!

Tamamo Cat: I am none other than one of the Tamamo Nine that split off from Tamamo-no-Mae.

Tamamo Cat: Intellectual heroine, possessor of warm paws, and domesticity master extraordinaire...

Tamamo Cat: The faithful white-aproned Servant who accompanies her Master everywhere: Tamamo Cat!

Suzuka Gozen: ...

Meltryllis: ...She doesn't know what to make of this. Suzuka may not look it, but she's actually quite earnest.

Meltryllis: In fact, I think her whole teenage girl act is taking a toll on her. She's not equipped to deal with an airhead like Cat.

Suzuka Gozen: Y-yes I am! And it's not an act! I've been a teenage girl Servant literally forever!

Tamamo Cat: Don't kid yourself, foxtail! Even a cat like me can see right through you!

Fujimaru 1: I see.

Fujimaru 2: You can tell too, huh, Cat.

Suzuka Gozen: ...

Suzuka Gozen: Oh I am so over this! You are DEAD, you stray cat-fox!

Suzuka Gozen: I like, do NOT care that BB asked me to show you guys around anymore! Besides, you started it!

Suzuka Gozen: Oh we are DOING this, right now! I'm proving once and for all who the REAL shrine fox maiden is! Get wrecked!

Tamamo Cat: Hahaha, your true colors are showing, Suzuka Fox! If it's a fight you want, you've got it!

Tamamo Cat: I'll use my ex-Sentinel paws to slap some sense of love, justice, and friendship into you!


Suzuka Gozen: Well well, look at you being all aggressive!

Suzuka Gozen: Now this is what I'm talking about!

Suzuka Gozen: A one-sided beatdown can be great for blowing off steam!

Suzuka Gozen: But the best Servant fights are when you're REALLY all up in each other's business!

Tamamo Cat: I gotta say, you've got some nice moves! It's too bad you're stuck being a Sentinel!

Tamamo Cat: In fact, why ARE you a Sentinel? I only became one after I almost died, and had no other option...

Tamamo Cat: Was it the same for you too? Or was it just you getting sick, like, from eating something off the ground, and BB taking you in and nursing you?

Suzuka Gozen: Of course not! She recruited me after seeing my totally fab winning streak!

Suzuka Gozen: I have like, no clue what my Master looked like, but I know they were def someone who wanted to win the Holy Grail War!

Suzuka Gozen: So what kind of Servant would I be if I didn't do my best to make that happen!?

Suzuka Gozen: I don't care about whatever BB's up to! All I care about is being the last Servant out of all 128...

Suzuka Gozen: ...Hang on. Ugh, why'd she have to call now? Wet blanket, much?

Suzuka Gozen: Hi-hi, it's Suzuka. What's good, BB? Yeah, I'm here with the Chaldea crew right now, just like you said...

Suzuka Gozen: Huh? You want me to head back to the temple? Don't fight them?

Suzuka Gozen: ...Uh, and why the actual hell not?

Suzuka Gozen: I thought we were totes hype about the whole killing all the Servants thing. Was it just me?

Suzuka Gozen: Why do they get special treatment? Now my wish will never come true.

Suzuka Gozen: ...All in good time? Chaldea Servants don't count? Oh, okay... I guess that makes sense...

Suzuka Gozen: (...Sigh) Anyway, you've got some kind of plan in mind, right? Okay, okay...I got it.

Suzuka Gozen: Well, Cat, Fujimaru, looks like we'll have to pick this up some other time.

Suzuka Gozen: Direct orders from the boss and all. I'm being a buzzkill, I know, but I gotta bounce.

Suzuka Gozen: You're headed for the Command Room, right? Then I'd check out the Nape if I were you.

Suzuka Gozen: Though I'd also look around other places first. This place has all kinds of different stuff than the front.

Suzuka Gozen: Remember what I said before? It's not just BB's fault that Seraphix ended up like this.

Suzuka Gozen: The humans here brought all this on themselves. This place was never just an oil rig.

Fujimaru 1: Brought this on themselves...?

Fujimaru 2: Never just an oil rig...?

Meltryllis: ...

Emiya Alter: I knew something fishy was going on. Looks like we're finally getting to the heart of the matter.

Emiya Alter: Unfortunately, it also looks like every facility around here has been completely SE.RA.PH-ized.

Emiya Alter: I did some digging around, and the front side has almost all the facilities an oil rig would need.

Emiya Alter: So what around here could have prompted Suzuka Gozen to say that? And where would it be?

Tamamo Cat: Hold up! Let's come back to that complicated stuff later, Master!

Tamamo Cat: I almost forgot about it while fighting Suzuka, but we have to get back to the front side right now! Before something bad happens to Sir Gawain!

Tamamo Cat: I know he doesn't look it, but he really is prone to getting into all kinds of trouble!

Emiya Alter: Don't be ridiculous. We'd just be wasting time if we went back there now.

Emiya Alter: We should be taking advantage of this opportunity that Gawain has given us.

Emiya Alter: I say we get to an area near the Chest and turn the base back over.

Emiya Alter: That way, we can reach the Central Command Room without having to fight that Alter Ego.

Emiya Alter: I'm pretty sure Gawain would agree if he were here.

Fujimaru 1: ...Let's head to the Command Room for now.

Fujimaru 2: Are you okay with that, Meltryllis?

Meltryllis: ...

Meltryllis: Well, if you're just talking about going there, then I agree with Archer. No objections here.

Emiya Alter: Then it's settled. Come on, let's go.

Emiya Alter: The sooner we settle this, the sooner you'll get to see Gawain again too.

Act III: The Nutcracker, Once More (2/3)

Emiya Alter: ...Looks like this place corresponds to the location of the front gate on the other side. What was this facility used for, Meltryllis?

Meltryllis: Another gate, of course. But one that was reserved for special employees.

Fujimaru 1: Special employees...?

Meltryllis: Yes. Remember how I said the entrance on the front side was for regular employees?

Meltryllis: Well, this one was to keep those well-intentioned regular employees out of secret areas.

Fujimaru 2: You mean...like mages?

Emiya Alter: Good instincts, Fujimaru. I was thinking the same thing.

Emiya Alter: My guess is this gate was solely for employees who reported directly to Chaldea.

Emiya Alter: No, wait... Everyone at Seraphix worked directly for Chaldea. In which case...

Emiya Alter: The only people who could enter this facility would have to be people directly under its owners...the Animusphere family.

Tamamo Cat: Hmm... This Cat smells secrets! Honestly, what difference does having a pedigree certificate make anyway... What could it possibly tell you about your cat...

Tamamo Cat: At any rate: Master, my sensitive cat ears have been picking up an alert sound for a while now.

Tamamo Cat: “Present your pass now. Failure to do so within five seconds will result in immediate termination.”

Tamamo Cat: Haha, talk about a tough place to work! Imagine losing your job just because you forgot a pass!

Emiya Alter: It's worse than that. They meant “terminate” in a very literal sense! Get ready, Fujimaru!


Meltryllis: I can't believe I didn't realize this pre-SE.RA.PH equipment was still functioning.

Emiya Alter: That's exactly it. “Pre-SE.RA.PH.”

Emiya Alter: Anyway, it's not functioning anymore. So, we can start with our exploration of–

???: No need for that, members of Chaldea. You want to go to the front side, right? Then let's get started.

Tamamo Cat: Huh? Who're you, and when did you get the fancy-schmancy animation update?

Robin Hood: Yeah, yeah. Save the meta-banter, would you? I'm not even here to fight.

Robin Hood: I've got a message from BB. Uh...something, something, “can't possibly beat Lip”...

Robin Hood: ...or, uh... “If you keep to your plan, you'll get pancaked,” maybe?

Robin Hood: Okay, yeah this is kind of annoying, so broad strokes: “Passionlip is waiting for you on the front side.”

Robin Hood: “You can't possibly beat her the way you would any normal enemy, so just give up and submit to me, BB.”

Robin Hood: You can figure the rest out for yourselves, yeah?

Meltryllis: So Lip is back at the Command Room? And what does BB mean by “submit”?

Robin Hood: Eh...it's BB. I guess she developed some secret weapon that can break the “shackles on her heart” or something.

Robin Hood: She also said you could use that to remove Lip's restraints. Man, she can be a real pain.

Emiya Alter: Hmph, thanks for the warning. She's probably planning on taking us for all our Sakurament again.

Emiya Alter: So then what? What do we get for beating Passionlip?

Emiya Alter: If she's waiting for us there, we can just try somewhere else. There's really no point in fighting a monster like her.

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fujimaru 2: No. We're going to free her, and talk to her!

Meltryllis: You really think you can pull off something that outrageous? We Alter Egos are no pushovers, you know.

Robin Hood: Regardless, you guys don't have much choice in the matter. She's a Sentinel, after all.

Robin Hood: As long as she and her kind are around, you won't be able to move freely around SE.RA.PH.

Robin Hood: Sooner or later, you'll have to deal with her. Of course, you could always just give in now and punish her for—

Robin Hood: Actually, no, there's no need for that. I'm not actually acting out of malice or messing around this time, see...

Robin Hood: Anyway, you know that tickling hand thing? BB told me to hold on to it.

Robin Hood: Once you're ready to fight Passionlip, let me know and I'll take you to the front side.

Act III: The Nutcracker, Once More (3/3)

Robin Hood: All set? Then let's get going to the boss fight!

Robin Hood: Or should I say, princess rescue mission? If all goes well, you'll be handsomely rewarded.

Robin Hood: You'll get a ton of Sakurament, and I'll have one less job to worry about. Everybody wins.

Fujimaru 1: Onward! To the front side!

Fujimaru 2: Time to rescue Passionlip.

Robin Hood: You got it. Once you're there, there'll be no turning back. Make sure you use your items wisely!

Emiya Alter: ...What's going on here? Some kind of limit on the number of people that could use that not-at-all-suspicious item of yours or something?

BB: Heh heh heh. Even alone and outgunned, you're ready to let fly with the snark.

BB: Not that I'd expect anything less from an Alter who's just so...INTO that Evil alignment of his. I'm a fan, you know.

Emiya Alter: ...Heh.

BB: Hm? What's so funny?

BB: I'm saying we may as well be friends, seeing as how we're both bad guys and all.

Emiya Alter: Really? Spare me the crap. We're nothing alike, and that you'd even say that is worth a laugh.

Emiya Alter: I don't have any hidden aspects. What you see is what you get. I kill because I have to.

Emiya Alter: I don't sympathize with my victims. I don't toy with them. I gave up that conflicted, sadistic crap you love back when I was alive.

Emiya Alter: ...So what's your offer? You kept me here because you have something you want from me, and something you think I want from you, right?

BB: ...You're quick on the uptake, aren't you. Good. It'll keep things easier down the road.

BB: I WAS planning to use this chance to squish a B-rank Servant, but you seem like you could be useful.

BB: So I'll give you a chance to survive. To put it bluntly...

BB: I want you to betray Chaldea and follow my orders instead.

BB: Kill every surviving human on SE.RA.PH, and capture Fujimaru.

BB: Do that, and you'll learn the truth about SE.RA.PH. That's part of your job as a Counter Force Guardian, right?

Emiya Alter: ...So, you want me to do your dirty work, huh?

Emiya Alter: I like the way you think, BB. I was just getting fed up with keeping those goody two-shoes safe.


Robin Hood: We're here! ...What the hell? BB didn't say anything about this!

Fujimaru 1: So many enemies!

Tamamo Cat: And they're not all small potatoes either, Master! Some of them are Servants in disguise!

Tamamo Cat: Those cowardly cretins! Not even an Assassin would have the gall to hide in a crowd like this! I'm THIS close to losing it!

Fujimaru 2: So this was a trap after all!?

Meltryllis: BB didn't send these guys! She's incapable of doing anything that would make people truly hate her!

Meltryllis: ...Now I see. So it wasn't a coincidence when Lip showed up at the Separator!

Passionlip: Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!

Robin Hood: Dammit, now Passionlip's acting up too!

BB: Okay, settle down! Keep your shit together, you brats!

Fujimaru 1: BB!?

Fujimaru 2: Brats!?

BB: Yes, we had a few technical issues, but I've already accounted for these kinds of difficulty spikes!

BB: Matcha, Melty, Kitty! Start by taking out those Attack Programs!

BB: You can free Lip after you're done with that! Don't worry, I believe in you, Senpai!

Robin Hood: All right, I guess I can afford to put in a little overtime, paid or not! Come on, Master of Chaldea!

Robin Hood: I'll show you how much better my technique is after BB put me through the wringer.


Passionlip: Aaahhh!

Robin Hood: Crap, I'm all out of tricks! I can't stop her!

Fujimaru 1: That's because you're completely under-leveled!

Robin Hood: Hey, I did my best! Especially considering how little time I had to work with!

Fujimaru 2: (Can we really keep fighting like this!?)

Tamamo Cat: We can't take a single step without being attacked! Now what do we do, Master!?

BB: Easy! You just have to get inside Lip!

Tamamo Cat: Bwuh!?

Robin Hood: Inside her, eh? Believe me, I'd looove to do just that... (wink wink)

Robin Hood:

Is THAT what you wanted me to say!? Have you finally bugged out!?

BB: Not at all! I'm talking about a CCC tradition with a long and storied history.

BB: A battle to conquer not the body, but the mind... The Maiden Coaster!

Fujimaru 1: What's a Maiden Coaster!?

Meltryllis: I knew it. So this is why you had Fujimaru buy that Code Cast!

Meltryllis: But are you sure you can do this? I thought only humans could analyze other human minds!

BB: That's true for normal humans, but I should be able to manage a Karmaphage-infected Servant!

BB: However, in order to do that, Senpai will have to place [♂ his /♀️ her] hand directly on the target's chest!

BB: I'm sure it won't be easy, Senpai, but try to pin her down so you can touch her safely!

Robin Hood: Are you nuts!? There's no way we can handle that big of a target!

Robin Hood: Meltryllis! You're an Alter Ego too, right!? Can't you do something!?

Meltryllis: I can slice just about anything up, but I have no chance of physically overpowering Lip!

Meltryllis: Only Servants with EX-rank strength could even hope to pin her down!

???: Then I shall do my best to assist! I believe pinning her in a full nelson should suffice!?

Fujimaru 1: That voice!

Fujimaru 2: Gawain!

Gawain: Please excuse my tardiness, Fujimaru! I will compose a formal apology anon!

Gawain: I shall hold her in place! Use that chance to do what you must!

Tamamo Cat: Gawain! You're alive! But are you really going to do something that reckless while you're so injured!?

Robin Hood: Yeah, you're in way worse shape than us! There's no reason to put yourself on the line for an Alter Ego!

Gawain: Rest assured...I do this neither out of obligation, nor to repay a favor!

Gawain: That lady's heart is pure. To lay down one's life in service of a fair maiden, to put an end to her tears, is the true wish of any knight!

Gawain: If we fight to save her, rather than kill her, I have no qualms about risking everything!

Meltryllis: ...

Gawain: Hurry! Truth be told, even I cannot hold her for long!

Meltryllis: Okay, Fujimaru! Do it!

Fujimaru 1: Looks like it's now or never!

Fujimaru 2: Here I come, Passionlip!

BB: Contact, confirmed! Initiating Pseudo-Spiritron conversion for existence verification...

BB: Temporarily separating soul concept for conversion. Setting size and form concepts to Spiritron border.

BB: Substituting Alter Ego Passionlip values. Pseudo-Spiritron reconstruction will begin upon reaching the mindscape's innermost region.

BB: Now, begin the spiral down into the depths!!

BB: Remember, Senpai, you're about to embark on a battle of the minds! You don't have to worry about damaging her body, so feel free to go all-out!


Passionlip: Aaahhh! Aaahhh!

Meltryllis: Lip!

Fujimaru 1: Cat!

Fujimaru 2: Catch her!

Tamamo Cat: On it! These paws were made for scooping up downward descending damsels!

Gawain: Well done, Fujimaru.

Gawain: I cannot tell what sort of battle took place in the instant it seemed to take...

Gawain: But I can tell you have succeeded in freeing that poor girl from her bonds. Truly, this is cause for celebration.

Gawain: Now I, too, can rest in peace...

Meltryllis: Gawain... I can't believe you risked your life to save Lip...

Gawain: Hm? What was that, Lady Meltryllis?

Gawain: ...I must say, things really are quite different here on SE.RA.PH. Ordinarily, a battle of such mild intensity would never cause me to become dizzy.

Gawain: As for Lady Lip, I shall attend to her. The poor thing...she must be exhausted, having been fighting all this time.

Gawain: I would like to bring her to the church and let her rest there. Is that all right with you, Fujimaru?

Meltryllis: ...

Robin Hood: ...I knew that knight was tough as nails, but yeesh. It's like he's unbreakable in mind AND spirit.

Robin Hood: Talk about a Prince Charming. Boggles the mind, really.


Tamamo Cat: Okay, I'll carry Lip straight back to the church. See you later, Master!

Gawain: It is a shame to lose Cat as a fighter, but we can rest assured knowing the young maiden is in good hands. Now, where did Robin Hood go...?

Meltryllis: Oh, he snuck off while Fujimaru was busy with Lip.

Meltryllis: I decided to let him go this time, since he's worth next to no EXP.

Meltryllis: Now, let's focus on the reason we're here. The Central Command Room is just up ahead.

Meltryllis: According to Mable, there should still be one or two survivors left.

Meltryllis: We shouldn't have to worry about BB interfering anymore, but let's stay sharp and keep moving.

Gawain: ...It can't be.

Fujimaru 1: ... (Slack-jawed)

Fujimaru 2: ... (Speechless)

Gawain: ...It's not possible. What is the meaning of this!?

Gawain: What is a Demon God Pillar doing here!?


Fujimaru 1: What was a Demon God Pillar doing in SE.RA.PH?

Fujimaru 2: ... (Strange how weak it was.)

???: That...that was incredible! I can't believe you beat that monster!

Man: Thank you, thank you! I can't thank you enough!

Man: Once that monster showed up, all we could do was cower in the corner!

Man: You're our hero, our savior! I'm thrilled to have met such a brave soul! And one so young too!

Man: Judging from your uniform...you must be from Chaldea! Then you DID get my distress signal!

Fujimaru 1: Uh, yes, we did.

Fujimaru 2: Yes, I'm here from Chaldea.

Man: I knew it! I'm Arnold, secretary to the director of Seraphix. ...A government official, basically.

Man: So how is the rescue proceeding? Is this digitization thing finally over?

Arnold: I see... So you're the only one who came to our aid.

Arnold: And not only that, it's taken you hours on end just to make it here? I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up...

Gawain: Your disparagement of my [♂ lord /♀️ lady] is uncalled for, Arnold. Master Fujimaru has been working tirelessly to rescue any survivors and resolve matters here.

Gawain: Your appraisal is entirely inappropriate. I suggest you rethink your words. Immediately.

Arnold: ...

Arnold: S-sorry about that. I guess being cooped up here for so long has left my nerves frayed.

Arnold: What I should have said was, “You did great to make it here all on your own.”

Arnold: I hope you'll forgive me, Fujimaru. I meant no offense.

Fujimaru 1: None taken. I'm sorry I took so long to get here.

Meltryllis: ...Do you have to be THAT much of a [♂ boy /♀️ girl] scout? You're starting to seriously tick me off.

Fujimaru 2: I'm impressed you've survived on your own too.

Arnold: Thanks. It hasn't been easy, but as you can see, I'm still alive.

Arnold: The key thing to do in an emergency is to stay calm, examine your surroundings, assess the situation, and believe in yourself.

Arnold: Do that, and you can make it out of even the most dire of situations.

Arnold: And since this is an oceanic oil rig, I was already well-trained in how to deal with emergencies.

Meltryllis: So tell me, superhuman who managed to survive: what happened to the rest of the staff?


A-an Alter Ego!? Wh-wh-what is she doing here!?

Arnold: Don't you know she works directly for BB!? What are you thinking!?

Fujimaru 1: Meltryllis has been helping us. You can trust her.

Arnold: R-really...? Is she really on our side?

Arnold: ...I see. Well that's...good to hear... Alter Egos are a lot stronger than Servants, after all...

Arnold: In fact, I've been wondering if we could control them somehow, like that one with the huge claws...

Fujimaru 2: It's okay. Meltryllis and BB hate each other.

Meltryllis: Hey! Can't you at least say something like “She's a goddess, a lifesaver, and we'd be lost without her”!?

Gawain: No, that was well put. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, after all.

Arnold: ...At the end of the day, you're saying we can count on her to help get us through this fight, yes? Then all right.

Arnold: To answer her question: I'm the only one left.

Arnold: There were two others besides me not too long ago... One of them was rather timid by nature.

Arnold: She tried to run many times, and many times I talked her out of it. But in the end she gave in to her fear and fled. I doubt she's still alive.

Arnold: The other...his body is in the locker over there. He overdosed and went into a coma. He's gone now.

Fujimaru 1: ...

Gawain: Then, we were too late... Or perhaps, we simply never had enough time to begin with.

Gawain: Nonetheless, I can assure you that Lady Mable is safe, thanks to Fujimaru.

Fujimaru 2: Mable's still alive.

Arnold: Mable? ...Oh, you mean the woman who ran away? You saved her?

Arnold: I can't believe she's still alive after running off like that... She must have been incredibly lucky.

Gawain: Fujimaru, time is of the essence. Let us return to our investigation.

Gawain: First, we should look over the Seraphix records being kept here in the Command Room.

Gawain: After that... the planetarium. I thought it would be near here, but I cannot find it anywhere.

Gawain: If it is in another area, perhaps we can find it by searching nearby routes.

Arnold: Hey, stop that! Outsiders aren't supposed to see those records without authorization!

Arnold: And what's this about a planetarium? There's no place like that! If there was, I'd know about it!

Arnold: You need authorization from the director of Chaldea, the head of the Animusphere family, in order to see Seraphix's records.

Arnold: You can't go looking through them just because you're the rescue team.

Arnold: You could end up costing me my job!

Gawain: I am afraid that is a potential consequence we shall have to live with.

Gawain: Master Fujimaru has been tasked with investigating and resolving this crisis, not protecting your career.

Arnold: ...

Meltryllis: ...It's no use. This data's been deleted too. I thought this clown might have done it back then, but it was deleted well before we got here.

Meltryllis: Guess we'll have to find the planetarium ourselves.

Meltryllis: Furthermore... Oh? What's this code? This wasn't here last time...

Fujimaru 1: “Back then”?

Fujimaru 2: “Last time”?

Meltryllis: ...I was just thinking out loud.

Meltryllis: Anyway, isn't this the passcode to that log we found in the church?

Gawain: But...why would such a code be kept in the Command Room? If it is meant to be used in the church, why is it not kept there?

Arnold: That's... Well...

Arnold: Some time ago, we survivors came together to form a colony here.

Arnold: At that time, we had someone from the church who commuted here to provide therapy to those in need of it.

Arnold: I didn't see the need for it myself, but many of the others were religious. Unfortunately...

Arnold: These believers eventually became quite upset and felt like God had abandoned them, and, well...

Gawain: They turned violent and killed her. The person from the church, I mean. And not suddenly, but in a fit of rage.

Gawain: They did so slowly, torturously. So much so that she had enough time to leave behind a passcode.

Arnold: ...There was nothing I could do for her.

Arnold: Once a crowd gets worked up like that, all you can do is wait for them to run out of steam...

Fujimaru 1: ...What about that Demon God Pillar?

Arnold: Demon God Pillar? Is that what that monster was called? That was the final nightmare.

Arnold: One day, it sprung up out of the floor, killed the people who had murdered the doctors, then absorbed their bodies.

Arnold: But that was all. It was creepy, of course, but as long as we kept our distance, it left us alone.

Arnold: We were still terrified of it, naturally, but we had no choice but to stay put here and make do.

Gawain: So a Demon God Pillar appeared and absorbed a number of people... I am afraid I alone cannot fix this.

Fujimaru 1: Let's head back to the church for now.

Gawain: I agree. Our journey here may have been in vain, but at least we have rescued Arnold.

Gawain: Furthermore, Lady Mable and Tristan are at the church. We should consult with them as well.

Fujimaru 2: You know, that Demon God Pillar was kind of...off.

Gawain: Indeed. Despite its appearance and power, it was not the sort of Demon God Pillar we are familiar with.

Gawain: It seemed...empty, somehow. As though it lacked a soul.

Meltryllis: Are you done talking? Then let's get out of here.

Meltryllis: There's nothing for us here now since we have no route to the planetarium... At least we managed to free Lip, but...



Meltryllis: ...Great, even more dead weight to worry about. I can't catch a break even when I cheat...

Arnold: Dead weight, eh... I guess you're not wrong. Those of us from the staff aren't much use in battle.

Arnold: So I will indeed be counting on Chaldea's combat capability to keep me safe.

Arnold: Thank you again for your help, Fujimaru. Allow me to introduce myself properly.

Arnold: My name is Arnold. Arnold Beckman.


Mable: Arnold!? You're alive!

Arnold: O-oh, thank you, uh... Mable! Yes, Mable! I was...so worried about you too, yes!

Mable: (I knew it. He's the kind of guy who only bothers to remember his superiors' names. Hehehe.)

Tristan: I am glad to see you have returned safely. Tamamo Cat told me all about what happened.

Tristan: It saddens me that I was unable to witness Sir Gawain's wild, heroic exploits for myself.

Tristan: I wish I could tell your wife all about how you risked your life for the sake of a chesty young woman.

Gawain: Hahahahah. I see you are a bit envious that you did not have your own chance to shine, Sir Tristan.

Gawain: Very well, we can discuss this later, behind the church. If that is the game you wish to play, be aware that I have many stories about you as well.

Emiya Alter: ...

Meltryllis: Well well, if it isn't the Archer we lost. How's it feel to come crawling back with nothing to show for it?

Emiya Alter: Yeah yeah. Not my finest moment, but right now, this church offers the best odds of survival.

Emiya Alter: ...Besides, I've got something I want to confirm. Having Seraphix people here will save me some time.

Tamamo Cat: Heeey! Welcome back, Master! Let me introduce you to the new girl!

Tamamo Cat: Come on out, you little dickens! Don't be shy, you're more than kawaii enough!

Passionlip: O-okay... Thank you for being so considerate, Cat.

Passionlip: ...Nice to meet you, everyone. I'm Passionlip, an Alter Ego.

Passionlip: I, um, understand if you're not happy to see me after I caused so much trouble for you...

Fujimaru 1: I'm glad you got your restraints off!

Fujimaru 2: You look much better without your restraints!

Passionlip: ...

Passionlip: I-I, um... I'm afraid I don't know what you mean.

Gawain: [♂ He /♀️ She] means you are very attractive, milady. And I wholeheartedly agree.

Tamamo Cat: Yup, Lip's definitely got the whole gentle and graceful thing going on! BB and Melt could learn a thing or two from her!

Meltryllis: There's nothing to be suspicious of, Lip. Fujimaru is just happy to see you doing better.

Meltryllis: We all fought to free you, after all.

Meltryllis: Fujimaru never thought of you as an enemy, not even once.

Meltryllis: Like me, [♂ he /♀️ she] saw that you had a heart, and hated seeing you suffer.

Passionlip: ...Really? Even though I'm an Alter Ego, with arms like these?

Fujimaru 1: Well...it's not just your arms that are giant...

Meltryllis: That's true. Just be careful you don't fall in by mistake, Fujimaru.

Meltryllis: Lip's trash compactor is actually in her chest. Try to cop a feel, and it may be the last thing you do.

Passionlip: Th-that's not true! I worked really hard, and now I can get things back out even if they fall in!

Fujimaru 2: I'm a little scared of you, but I can handle it.

Passionlip: I see...

Passionlip: ...I'm really happy to hear that. You were honest about how you feel, and you still trust me.

Tamamo Cat: See? What'd I tell you! Master's not gonna bail on you just 'cause you're a manicurist's nightmare!

Tamamo Cat: I mean, there's waaay scarier Servants than you at Chaldea! Physically, psychologically, you name it!

Passionlip: I see. Hehe. Chaldea must really be something.

Passionlip: ...

Passionlip: ...Um, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: Yes?

Fujimaru 2: It's okay. Take your time.

Passionlip: You might not believe this coming from me, but...

Passionlip: I want to help you all out! Please, let me fight alongside Melt!

Fujimaru 1: Of course. I'd be grateful for your help, Lip.

Passionlip: Th-thank you, Master!

Fujimaru 2: Of course. Besides, you look stronger than Melt!

Passionlip: Definitely! When it comes to sheer strength, I stand above any Alter Ego!

Passionlip: I, um... I also wanted to thank you, Gawain.

Passionlip: I was still restrained back then, so I couldn't respond at the time, but...I did hear what you said.

Passionlip: ...Thank you for seeing me and Melt as girls.

Gawain: (Hm? What does she mean, Fujimaru? I am happy to have her gratitude, of course, but I am unsure what she is talking about.)

Fujimaru 1: You said you would fight to put an end to her tears.

Gawain: ...Ah, yes, so I did. ...I am glad I said that.

Fujimaru 2: You said you would fight for her huge boobs.

Gawain: Hahaha, surely you jest, Master. Hahaha. ...I didn't really say that, did I?

Gawain: ...Ahem. At any rate, Lady Passionlip, it is your own strength that you should be thanking for your safe return.

Gawain: Indeed, I am grateful to you as well. Earlier, I said that putting an end to a maiden's tears is the true wish of any knight.

Gawain: But in my own life, I have had precious few opportunities to discharge such an honorable duty.

Gawain: So to see your happy smile now is more reward than I could have ever hoped for.

Tamamo Cat: Aw yeah, now we're talking! Between Lip, Melt, and Mable...

Tamamo Cat: we've got the Shrinking Violet, the Biting Wit, and the Incessant Talker! The Girly Gang's all here!

Tamamo Cat: That said, are you okay with this, Sir Tris? You reeeally don't trust Alter Egos, right?

Tristan: ...Indeed. I still do not trust them, but Meltryllis has proven that they excel in combat, at least.

Tristan: Furthermore, Meltryllis is not under BB's control. That also seems true of Passionlip now that she is free.

Tristan: In which case, there is no harm in waiting to see how matters develop. If you are concerned about a falling out... I would worry more about that Archer.

Tristan: He has been ready to kill for some time now.

Emiya Alter: I'm not the one you should be worried about. Fujimaru's the one who recruited the Alter Egos, not me.

Emiya Alter: I'm just here to exchange information. I couldn't care less about who you include in your party.

Mable: (Oh man, another Alter Ego. At least Lip seems like a nice, sweet girl.)

Mable: (Does this mean we could have talked things out with them all along? If that's true...)

Mable: (Arnold really screwed up by telling us they were our enemies and making us attack them.)

Arnold: I have no objections either. Fujimaru is the one leading this team, after all.

Arnold: If anything happens, [♂ he'll /♀️ she'll] take full responsibility, right? As such, I'm happy to go along with whatever a seasoned Master like [♂ him /♀️ her] decides.

Arnold: On another note, would you mind if I went and got some rest? To be honest, I reached my limit some time ago.

Mable: Oh, in that case, why don't I show you to the rooms? There's lots of them on the second floor.

Tristan: ...What about you, Sir Gawain? I believe some rest would do you good.

Tristan: We Servants may not require sleep, but I cannot stand to see you so clearly exhausted.

Tristan: If it would leave you free to focus on recuperation, I would be happy to guard Fujimaru in your absence.

Gawain: I appreciate your concern, Sir Tristan, but there is no need for that.

Gawain: As Chaldea's Saber, I must remain Fujimaru's sword to the end.

Gawain: That said, I cannot deny that I am thoroughly exhausted. I shall therefore rest after we resolve one more matter.

Emiya Alter: Oh? And what matter would that be, Sir Gawain?

Gawain: The journal passcode we acquired in the Command Room.

Gawain: If there is more to that journal than what we already saw, it must contain important information.

Gawain: Fujimaru. Would you open the journal and tell us what it says?

Meltryllis: ...Even I didn't know there was more to that journal than what we saw...

Meltryllis: I've got a really bad feeling about this, Fujimaru, but can I ask you to take a look anyway?

Fujimaru 1: Of course.

Record Keeper: To whosoever finds this record: this is a confession, recorded with a method even I don't understand.

Record Keeper: I am asleep, and yet here I am, recording this.

Record Keeper: ...I am the Demon God Zepar. One of the seventy-two pillars.

Record Keeper: No, no! That's not right!

Record Keeper: I've been possessed. Even I don't know who I am anymore. The name “Zepar” will not leave my mind.

Record Keeper: I can't remember my own name at all. Still, I've decided to leave behind a record of all that I know.

Record Keeper: Seraphix was created to run a certain experiment.

Record Keeper: It functioned as an oil rig as well, but deep inside, it contained a top-secret magecraft workshop.

Record Keeper: This was done both to evade the watchful eyes of the other Lords, and because the seabed was the only place where the experiment could be conducted.

Record Keeper: ...With what I've become...I really don't know if this was right or wrong. I'm not even sure what human lives are worth anymore.

Record Keeper: So I'm just going to stick to the facts.

Record: Today's Supplies: 3 humans, aged XX

Record: Magical Circuit – Grade: A/Volume: C/Structure: Normal Rayshift Compatibility: Shows signs of promise

Record: 5 subjects damaged from overload. Disposed. Prototype with B or higher compatibility required for immediate resupply.

Record Keeper: The regular crew had no idea that the materials they brought in from the dock also contained these other supplies.

Record Keeper: As for whether the Animuspheres were right to do this, or whether this plan of theirs was irredeemably evil... I leave that for you to judge.

Record Keeper: Right now, I want to convey that it is possible Seraphix could be restored from its current partially digitized state.

Record Keeper: “There's no need to be scared. A god has chosen you.”

Record Keeper: That was the day Zepar first spoke to me. It had been several days since I had locked the door to the church.

Record Keeper: “I am Zepar. You can think of me as a high-level information life-form. Mages refer to me as a Demon God.”

Record Keeper: “You humans defeated me, and I commend you for it.”

Record Keeper: “I was particularly impressed by how much energy your mental activities have the potential to generate.”

Record Keeper: “I want to help you realize that potential. I want to use you inferior humans effectively.”

Record Keeper: “But, I no longer have a body. It was taken from me when I suffered my defeat.”

Record Keeper: “So, while I am truly sorry about this, I am afraid I must use your body for my own.”

Record Keeper: This couldn't be real. Why me? Why did it choose my body?

Record Keeper: I so desperately wished that this...thing would just leave me alone.

Record Keeper: To my shame, I would have done anything to be free. I even offered to find it a new body in place of my own.

Record Keeper: “No need for that. Human bodies are not significantly different. Yours will easily suffice as a vessel.”

Record Keeper: “But rest assured, my little seedbed. I won't erase your mind just yet.”

Record Keeper: “Once they determine that a Demon God Pillar still lives, someone will come to dispose of me.”

Record Keeper: “I'm still injured. Right now, I need rest. I must build up my strength. I need time in which to create my world.”

Record Keeper: “Which is why I'll use your personality. I will pose as you, and learn all I can about this facility.”

Record Keeper: “In time, I will transform this facility into another world, and be reborn as a Demon God. That is when you shall be freed.”

Record Keeper: “I am not like humans. I reward those who suffer for me. So, when I am reborn, I shall spare you, and you alone.”

Record Keeper: “Until then, you and I are of one body. You don't want to die, do you? In that case...”

Record Keeper: “Do not breathe a word about me. Hide the fact that you have become my pawn. In the meantime, you are to transform this facility into hell.”

Record Keeper: ...Forgive me. Please, let me go.

Record Keeper: I am taken over each and every day. I am helping to create a demon.

Record Keeper: ...No. I cannot let things end like this. That would be too tragic a turn.

Record Keeper: I want to get back at him somehow, even if only at the very end.

Record Keeper: I pray that this record will do that.

Record Keeper: Once Seraphix becomes completely digitized, the next phase will probably be “connection.”

Record Keeper: This facility is sure to be Rayshifted to 2030 in order to keep Chaldea from finding out. From there, it will sink down the Mariana Trench, the deepest place on Earth.

Record Keeper: Once it reaches the bottom, Zepar will be reborn.

Record Keeper: ...I've finally outlived my usefulness.

Record Keeper: Now that BB has been summoned here as Zepar's new partner, I doubt I have much time left.

Record Keeper: Soon, my consciousness will be obliterated. All I can do now is talk to myself like this.

Record Keeper: But I dearly hope you will believe me when I tell you that this body's true owner did everything she could to save Seraphix.

Record Keeper: You must not let SE.RA.PH reach the seabed. You must not let that...thing be reborn.

Record Keeper: Curse the Demon God. May the human race be saved.

Record Keeper: Ahh... I can hear the sound of the waves. The ominous cry of a newborn.

Record Keeper: Please, stop SE.RA.PH before that happens. Before this paradise swallows up everything.

Fujimaru 1: The Demon God Zepar!?

Fujimaru 2: This was a Demon God Pillar incident all along!?

Meltryllis: Oh, did I forget to mention?

Meltryllis: The Demon God summoned BB to Seraphix. She's been running SE.RA.PH for him as his navigator.

Fujimaru 1: You didn't say a word about–

Meltryllis: “You didn't say a word about him. Why didn't you tell us?” You're about to do that whole bit, right?

Meltryllis: Don't bother. I got it.

Meltryllis: I may not be on BB's side, but Lip and I were still born from her. It's impossible for AI to defy their admin.

Meltryllis: Lip and I are no exception. BB placed a number of restrictions on us.

Meltryllis: We were specifically prohibited from telling anyone about SE.RA.PH's true origin and purpose.

Meltryllis: It was impossible for me to just come out and tell you all this. So, I hoped you'd figure it out on your own.

Meltryllis: Still, I'm surprised there was a record like this. BB must have really screwed up.

Gawain: I never would have guessed that one of the four Demon God Pillars that escaped the Temple of Time would have hidden in Seraphix.

Emiya Alter: And unlike the others, this one's careful and calculating. He understands why they lost.

Emiya Alter: So he thought he would start by creating a new playing field that's arranged so he can't lose.

Emiya Alter: He took over Seraphix, somehow learned about the Moon Holy Grail from a different time line, and summoned BB.

Emiya Alter: Then he appointed BB as his navigator and had her turn Seraphix into SE.RA.PH, all so that he could be reborn without anyone realizing.

Tristan: ...So it would seem. However, that being the case, why did they summon Servants from the outside?

Tristan: Until now, I had merely thought it part of BB's plot to toy with us for her own twisted satisfaction.

Passionlip: Um... I'm afraid we don't know why either. Mother's way of thinking has always been kind of...you know...

Fujimaru 1: Maybe she copied the Moon HGW to create SE.RA.PH?

Fujimaru 2: Maybe SE.RA.PH itself summoned the Servants?

Meltryllis: It's all about resources. Servants are chock-full of nutrients.

Meltryllis: SE.RA.PH may look like a labyrinth, but it's actually a city-type engine designed to perform powerful calculations.

Meltryllis: On the moon, the Mooncell Automaton provided all the necessary resources. But this is Earth... Well, it's the deep ocean.

Meltryllis: There was no other way to procure the Pseudo-Spiritrons needed to keep SE.RA.PH running than to summon Servants.

Tristan: I see... So you were using us Servants as fuel. I cannot say I approve of that.

Passionlip: ...It's true. Melt and I were firmly against it, but...we couldn't stop her. I'm sorry...

Meltryllis: Don't apologize, Lip. A human summoned BB to begin with. We're just by-products.

Meltryllis: And she already punished us by scrapping me and putting those restraints on you. We didn't hurt anyone.

Meltryllis: Well, the humans did attack me at first, but it didn't hurt at all, so I just tried to scare them.

Fujimaru 1: I didn't know that.

Fujimaru 2: I'm finally starting to see the whole picture!

Gawain: Indeed. Now that we know a Demon God Pillar is responsible, this is something we must address.

Gawain: We must stop SE.RA.PH from reaching the seabed, and we must find Zepar and defeat him.

Gawain: One objective may lead to the other, but as Servants of Chaldea, it is our duty to see them done.

Gawain: To that end, we must first–

Fujimaru 1: Defeat the Sentinels and BB.

Fujimaru 2: Explore all of SE.RA.PH.

Tristan: I agree that we should go after BB. I shall make her regret treating Servants like fuel.

Emiya Alter: I'll help with exploring SE.RA.PH. There're still plenty of areas on the rear side we haven't checked yet.

Tamamo Cat: No argument here! I can settle my score with Suzuka while we're at it!

Gawain: Then it would seem we are in agreement.

Gawain: Of course, one of our goals has always been to explore all of SE.RA.PH.

Gawain: But now, we also know who we are up against, and what our ultimate objective is.

Gawain: I suggest we all rest up and reconvene in six hours. Is that all right with you, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: Of course.

Meltryllis: Lip and I will be waiting outside. Yell if you need us.

Fujimaru 2: Make sure you get plenty of rest too, Gawain.

Meltryllis: The humans are too scared to stay under the same roof as Alter Egos, so we have to wait out here.

Meltryllis: Ridiculous, isn't it? As if draining a human or two would make a difference to us.

Passionlip: You say that, Melt, but you're still being considerate of everyone's feelings and giving them space.

Passionlip: Before, you would have just said something about how you couldn't stand to look at such weaklings and run off.

Meltryllis: Believe me, I'd still love to do just that!

Meltryllis: But I've learned how weaklings like humans think, and what they're afraid of.

Meltryllis: I'll never like those crew members, but I don't have anything against them. If I hated them for being weak, I'd end up hating all humans everywhere.

Passionlip: Hehe, and you don't want that to happen now, huh. I wonder what happened to change your mind while I was captured?

Passionlip: Meeting an amazingly wonderful Master, perhaps?

Passionlip: I don't see how else your feelings towards humans could have gone from hate to just not liking them.

Meltryllis: I...wouldn't say [♂ he's /♀️ she's] amazing. Or even wonderful.

Meltryllis: ...In the end, I couldn't even keep my promise, or get [♂ him /♀️ her] to hold my hand.

Passionlip: Hm?

Meltryllis: ...Never mind. Just drop it. There's nothing I can do now, and it really doesn't matter anymore.

Passionlip: Oh, okay. I'm sorry I'm so bad at choosing topics. I don't mean to keep upsetting you all the time.

Passionlip: But, can I ask one last thing? ...What happened to your hands?

Meltryllis: ...Oh, so you noticed. I'm impressed.

Passionlip: Well sure, you're my friend. I could tell right away that you were in pain.

Meltryllis: I see. You know, not so long ago, you were so wrapped up in your own problems that you never would have said something like that.

Meltryllis: ...I guess I can trust you with this now.

Meltryllis: I was planning on keeping this a secret so as not to burden you, but...can I ask for your help, Lip?

Passionlip: Of course. I'd love to know what happened to you, and what it is you want to do now...and how I can help.

Meltryllis: Then close your eyes.

Meltryllis: I don't have time to tell you everything, but since we can share our experiences–our data–with each other, I don't have to.

Meltryllis: So I'll share everything with you. What I've seen... Who I couldn't save... And what it is I have to do.

Meltryllis: Because you're my sister, born from the same AI as me.

Meltryllis: ...That's all of it. Do you understand the situation now, Passionlip?

Passionlip: ...

Meltryllis: Lip!? Are you okay!? Did I hurt you!?

Passionlip: N-no. It's not that...

Passionlip: It's just...just...

Meltryllis: ...If you say you feel sorry for me, then you and I are through, Lip. I'm not at all–

Passionlip: No, it's not that either. It is really sad, but...it also makes me really happy.

Passionlip: Every part of that memory shone so bright. Even though it didn't happen to me, I'm still really proud of it.

Passionlip: It's really unfair, isn't it? A miracle like this would make any AI come to love humans.

Meltryllis: ...

Passionlip: Please let me help, Meltryllis. I want to do whatever I can to support you.

Meltryllis: ...Okay. Thank you, Lip. I'm really glad to hear you say that.

Meltryllis: Then I'll ask you once again: Passionlip, Alter Ego of love and hatred...

Meltryllis: Please lend me your Virgin Laser, the Spear of Palladion.

Meltryllis: ...This time, I'll make sure the three of us succeed at taking down that monster.

Gawain: Are you the one who called me here? What is it you wished to speak to me abo–

Fujimaru 1: Good...

Fujimaru 2: Morning...

Mable: Fujimaru...

Arnold: I don't believe it. He may have been cheeky, but he was nothing if not dependable.

Fujimaru 1: ...?

Fujimaru 2: What's going on?

Meltryllis: Gawain is dead. He was killed, right here, while all of you were sleeping.

Meltryllis: I can tell from his residual magical energy. There's no sign of battle, so it must have been an ambush.

Fujimaru 1: No!

Fujimaru 2: Gawain's gone!?

Tristan: ...Impossible. No mere ambush could fell Sir Gawain!

Tristan: This was doubtless a trap. A cunning, cowardly trap that no self-respecting Heroic Spirit could ever lay.

Tristan: Don't you agree...Alter Ego Meltryllis?

Meltryllis: Finger-pointing already, huh? That was quick. Granted, I AM the only one here with an obvious motive.

Meltryllis: Of course, just because I'm opposed to BB doesn't mean I'm a friend to you humans.

Meltryllis: If once we killed BB and the Demon God Pillar, I said I was going to take over SE.RA.PH and declare war on humanity...

Meltryllis: ...I mean, would that really shock any of you? Hardly.

Arnold: I-is that true, Fujimaru!? I thought you had managed to tame those Alter Egos!

Emiya Alter: Hmph. Some creatures just aren't made to be domesticated.

Emiya Alter: One of them has silver legs that slice up anything they touch, while the other has golden claws that crush anything they hold.

Emiya Alter: The Alter Egos can't defy BB. Which means the only ones who can beat her are Servants or humans.

Emiya Alter: They're just temporarily fighting alongside us because they want us to defeat BB for them. You shouldn't trust them for a moment.

Mable: Th-then... Does that mean they really are the ones who killed Gawain?

Meltryllis: Make up your own damn mind. After all, you wouldn't believe me even if I told you we didn't, would you?

Tamamo Cat: ...Hmm. There's clearly something shady going on here. But it's hard to put into words...

Fujimaru 1: We shouldn't go around pointing fingers.


What are you saying!? We're merely presenting the facts!

Arnold: Now that we know the Alter Egos are dangerous, we have to take immediate measures!

Arnold: Tell your Servants to capture them! I refuse to discuss this further until you do!

Fujimaru 2: Melt didn't do it, and neither did Lip.

Meltryllis: Well, that IS the only logical conclusion. After all, we were both outside the church until just now.

Meltryllis: It would be impossible for either of us to assassinate Gawain. He was more wary of me than anyone, remember?

Meltryllis: In fact, I'd say that out of everyone here, I'd have the worst chance of actually ambushing him. Am I wrong?

Tristan: ...We have neither evidence, nor the time to deliberate.

Tristan: Fujimaru, I would ask that you continue your investigation of SE.RA.PH.

Tristan: I shall continue to protect this church, along with Lady Mable and Sir Arnold.

Tristan: That said...

Tristan: Emiya. You will accompany Fujimaru.

Tristan: If you refuse, I shall never let you set foot in this church again.

Tristan: If you do not like that, then we shall see which of us is the superior Archer.

Emiya Alter: ...I had my own things I wanted to investigate, you know.

Emiya Alter: So you want me to go with Fujimaru in order to keep an eye on them?

Arnold: Keep an eye on them? If you're concerned enough to keep an eye on the Alter Egos, you should just dispose of them now and be done with it.

Mable: (You're mistaken, Arnold. It's not the Egos that Tristan wants to keep an eye on...)

Emiya Alter: I see. So I'm the one you don't trust, huh. You're awfully level-headed to make a call like that right after losing your friend. Impressive.

Tristan: Do not misunderstand. I do not trust the Alter Egos any more now than I did before. It is simply sound tactics to have two suspicious parties watch each other.

Tristan: I do not understand why, but Meltryllis and Passionlip clearly have a need for Fujimaru.

Tristan: Conversely, despite being a Servant of Chaldea, you are not especially concerned for Fujimaru's wellbeing.

Tristan: So you will keep watch over the Alter Egos, and they shall protect Fujimaru.

Tristan: Given these circumstances, there should be no issue with the three of you working together.

Tamamo Cat: Oho. And as for me, I'm on Lip AND Master's side. If worse comes to woof, I might be the only winner. Top Cat!

Emiya Alter: ...Fine. It's a pain in the ass, but I guess I don't have a choice. Besides, it'll be faster just to go with you.

Emiya Alter: Let's get going, Fujimaru. I'm sure we'll find Gawain's killer soon enough.

Fujimaru 1: Gawain...

Fujimaru 2: ...Okay. Let's go.

Passionlip: Gawain... I'm so sorry... I never got a chance to properly thank you, or apologize to you...

Passionlip: But don't worry. I promise to serve as Fujimaru's shield in your absence!

Passionlip: My resilience is the only thing I have going for me, after all! So I swear I'll put it to good use!

Act IV: The Sinking Beauty (1/4)


Tamamo Cat: Welp, so much for wondering if there were still any Servants left on the rear side.

Tamamo Cat: He must've been a pretty smooth-talking hero to have lasted this long.

Tamamo Cat: Too bad for him that this kitty knows better than to take the obvious bait! My feline cunning is too...cunning to fall for any get-rich-quick schemes!

Emiya Alter: ...Sorry, Caesar. Your fate was sealed the moment you brought up exchange rates to a cat.

Passionlip: You did great, Cat! It was really educational to see how you used your claws!

Tamamo Cat: Hm? You like my paw power, Lip? If you think that was impressive, you should see how I cook.

Passionlip: Huh? You can cook, Cat?

Fujimaru 1: Cat's actually quite the Iron Chef.

Emiya Alter: She is...?

Meltryllis: You're kidding!

Passionlip: Really!?

Fujimaru 2: Cat! Time for Spirit Origin No. 2!

Tamamo Cat: Well, if you insist, I guess I'll just have to show you! Tamamo, it's maid morphin' time!

Tamamo Cat: That's right! I picked up every one of the domestic skills that Tamamo-no-Mae dropped into that river! I'm a devoted wife is what I am!

Tamamo Cat: Basically–with the sole exception of chopping onions–anything a maid can do, I can do too!

Tamamo Cat: Don't worry if your hands are a little on the large side, Lip. That's a gift all on its own. Not to mention they'll make cutting up eggs super easy!

Tamamo Cat: Under my tutelage, you'll be a first-rate chef in... Okay, maybe that's too much to hope for.

Tamamo Cat: But a two-point-five rate chef is still totally a possibility! What do you say? Are you up for it?

Passionlip: A-absolutely! Please allow me to train under you, Master Cat!

Tamamo Cat: Hahaha, then I think I'll take a carrot as a reward! Welcome to Hell's Kitchen, Benienma-style!

Meltryllis: ...

Fujimaru 1: You look like you're enjoying this.

Fujimaru 2: You look happy about this.

Meltryllis: I am. It's rare for Lip to speak up without worrying about what other people might think.

Meltryllis: At first, I thought your choice to let Tamamo Cat join us instead of killing her was a terrible, terrible mistake, but now, I'm almost glad you did.

Meltryllis: I could never make Lip smile like that myself.

Tamamo Cat: Ooh, I'm picking up some happy auras over here! Whatcha talkin' about, Melt!?

Tamamo Cat: Edgemiya, why don't you give us some space; this is Alter Ego-only time! ...You can stay though, Master.

Meltryllis: ...Hang on. What did you just say?

Meltryllis: “Alter Ego-only”? You mean...you're one of us?

Tamamo Cat: Well of course I am. I'm one of the Tamamo Nine that split off from my sworn enemy, Tamamo-no-Mae.

Tamamo Cat: ...In other words, an Alter Ego. Maybe with a liiittle Berserker thrown in, but still!

Meltryllis: ...Stop that. Just shut up. I didn't need to know that!

Passionlip: So you really hadn't noticed, huh Melt. It's true; Cat's basically the same as us.

Fujimaru 1: I had no idea...

Fujimaru 2: (Just who ARE the Tamamo Nine anyway?)

Tamamo Cat: Of course, I was originally created with the intent of fighting the Sakura Five, but that's waaay too much exposition to get into right now!

Tamamo Cat: Like, a could-fill-up-its-own-RPG level exposition! A Cursed Crazy Cat RPG! But you'll just have to find some other way to learn about that!

Tamamo Cat: I gotta say though, even though you two are sisters, don't you think you're both seriously unbalanced?

Tamamo Cat: I get that Lip is all chesty and punchy and Melt is all leggy and kicky, but even taking that into consideration, your personalities are wildly different.

Meltryllis: ...Well of course.

Meltryllis: I was based off of BB's aggressive personality, and Lip was based off of her defensive one.

Meltryllis: In other words, I embody torment, and she, suffering. I am most alive when I'm hurting my victims. Lip is the complete opposite.

Meltryllis: She's got very sensitive skin, so just the slightest bit of damage is enough to send her reeling.

Meltryllis: Her reactions are so extreme that she inadvertently provokes others into wanting to torment her, even if they're not normally like that.

Meltryllis: You should try it yourself if you ever get the chance, Fujimaru.

Meltryllis: You'll start with just a little tap, and before you know it, you'll be beating her so severely that people will be staring in horror.

Passionlip: Th-that's not true!

Passionlip: Besides, Fujimaru would never bully anyone!

Tamamo Cat: Yup! Master may like to tease, but [♂ he's /♀️ she's] a good egg!

Tamamo Cat: So Melt, what'd you mean when you said you and Lip are opposites?

Meltryllis: My sense of touch is really dull, especially in my hands. Fingers are meant for feeling things, right?

Meltryllis: But while I can move mine okay, I can't feel my own body warmth, or anybody else's.

Meltryllis: That's why I have no choice but to thrash my opponents.

Meltryllis: I can't really feel my own joy very well, so it's only when I see how much pain I'm causing someone else that I truly feel alive.

Meltryllis: I have to dominate them. To thrash them into a state that only I can see. To make them beg at my feet.

Meltryllis: That's the point when I can finally understand...what it feels like to love someone.

Fujimaru 1: So basically...you're a full-blown sadist!

Passionlip: It's true.

Passionlip: Both Melt and I have turned over a new leaf, but we can't change our essential nature... I'm so sorry.

Fujimaru 2: Isn't that kind of a hassle?

Meltryllis: Hardly. Have you ever seen me embarrass myself in battle, even once?

Meltryllis: That said... I guess there are some parts of daily life that are a little less than perfect.

Meltryllis: Since my fine motor control isn't the greatest...I'll never be able to assemble my own model kits.

Emiya Alter: All right, no more pointless chit-chat. Is Suzuka Gozen the only Sentinel left on this side, Meltryllis?

Meltryllis: ...Yes. I don't know which area she's using for her temple, but I can make a pretty good guess: the very center of SE.RA.PH, the Spine.

Meltryllis: She's also probably been given the strongest Karmaphage, so she's definitely the one in charge of the rear side.

Meltryllis: Beating her will definitely open up a new route.

Emiya Alter: Then we'll head for the back next. Oh, and by the way, Fujimaru...

Emiya Alter: If you're going to take on another Sentinel, you should play along with BB's game. The key to her heart, was it?

Emiya Alter: That should negate the Karmaphage's effects. And you'll need to, because we can't beat a Sentinel like her in a normal Servant battle.

Tamamo Cat: It's gonna be another hell of a Maiden Coaster. They may have hurt like the dickens, but at least those bullets were enough to get rid of mine.

Tamamo Cat: Anywoof, it's always best to defeat your opponent without killing them! You should definitely do that!

Tamamo Cat: First we beat her in battle, then we beat her in strength of character. That's just what that fake fox deserves!

Passionlip: Hm? Do you and Suzuka Gozen know each other, Cat? You sound like you kind of have a history...

Tamamo Cat: Don't be ridiculous! I don't know that faux fox! When I'm done, she and her pointy ears won't know what hit them!

Tamamo Cat: Although, I guess I kind of understand what it is she cares so much about.

Tamamo Cat: Master, make sure you break that fox's spirit, okay? I'll take it from there.

Act IV: The Sinking Beauty (2/4)


Passionlip: This is where the passage ends. This next part leads to the Spine. The only problem is...

Meltryllis: We need another gate key.

Meltryllis: Dammit, we don't have time for this! Hasn't BB been enough of an obstruction already!?

Fujimaru 1: I guess we'll just have to play along.

Tamamo Cat: She clearly won't be satisfied until she's bled us completely dry! But at least we're getting a lot of useful items out of it!

Fujimaru 2: I've been meaning to ask: what IS Sakurament?

Passionlip: Sakurament is just SE.RA.PH's version of QP. It's only called that because BB changed its name.

Passionlip: You can think of it as a kind of excess magical resource floating around SE.RA.PH. Usually, there wouldn't be any need to go out of your way to collect so much of it.

Passionlip: But for BB, it's kind of like storing food for the winter, or a secret nest egg.

Emiya Alter: ...So what happens if we don't collect it? Does it get absorbed back into SE.RA.PH?

Passionlip: Umm... I think it might get used if SE.RA.PH's resources got really low, but generally, it would disappear on its own.

Emiya Alter: I see. So we're basically collecting resources that will turn into trash if we leave them alone.

Emiya Alter: (It kind of sounds like embezzling. BB must be hoarding this stuff so it doesn't get used by SE.RA.PH.)

Arnold: Hello? Hello!? This is Arnold! Do you read me!?

Arnold: Why are you all wasting your time there!?

Tamamo Cat: Huh, I didn't know the church could send transmissions like this.

Arnold: Oh, that? I had Tristan bring this equipment back from the Command Room.

Arnold: It was a calculated risk. I can't afford to sit around doing nothing.

Arnold: You may be a Master, Fujimaru, but you're still young. You lack proper command experience, and you don't know anything about Seraphix.

Arnold: So it falls to me to step up, fill the void in our command structure, and give you orders. You and your personnel clearly can't handle this on your own.

Mable: I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!

Mable: Arnold was so scared that I felt I had to um...encourage him, and I guess I ended up doing too good of a job. I'm so sorry!

Arnold: ...Shut it, Mable. Sitting around all day and eating up all our food... You're even more useless than before.

Arnold: Listen up, Fujimaru. From now on, you do as I say.

Arnold: You're in the Underarm now, right? You will proceed to the back area immediately.

Arnold: According to my measurements, you should be able to reach the back from there. Once you do, turn SE.RA.PH back over, and you should find yourself beneath the Command Room.

Arnold: In other words, at the planetarium you mentioned. I happen to have a map of Seraphix here, you see.

Arnold: You should be impressed. This map doesn't cover the entire facility, but by correctly measuring each area and combining those measurements...

Arnold: I discovered an empty space right in the middle! How do you like them apples!?

Emiya Alter: That is far from new information. ...That guy really is just another cog in the machine, isn't he?

Arnold: At any rate, I want you out of the underarm ASAP, got it? Report back here once you've taken care of the Sentinel.

Arnold: According to my calculations, Seraphix will reach the bottom of the trench in fifteen real-world minutes, or about twenty-five hours for us.

Arnold: That will allow you some time to rest. Also, be aware that I will be accompanying you to the planetarium.

Arnold: I'll expect your full report, which should all be good news soon. Do not fail me.

Mable: Ugh. For the record, it was ME who did the measurements and figured out the remaining time, you know...

Meltryllis: ...Well this sucks. That nitwit playing at being in charge is just going to make our lives harder.

Meltryllis: He may be kind of a pompous asshole, but still...he's right.

Passionlip: What do you mean “kind of”? He treated Fujimaru like [♂ he /♀️ she] was just one of his flunkies!

Fujimaru 1: No point worrying about that now.

Fujimaru 2: Technically, he does outrank me.

Passionlip: No, no, no! I won't let him do that! Just you wait! I'm going to squeeze some sense into him later!

Meltryllis: Don't, Lip. In your case, you'd be squeezing a lot more out of him than you would into him.

Meltryllis: You may have grown up a bit, but you're still kind of an airhead when it comes to your own strength.

Passionlip: No I'm not! You're the airhead for even saying that!

Meltryllis: Okay, fine. I'm an airhead then.

Meltryllis: Tell you what. We'll bring him to the most dangerous place in SE.RA.PH and leave him there overnight.

Meltryllis: If he's still alive in the morning, he should have some appreciation for just what an insignificant speck he is.

Meltryllis: Any human can be useful once they've learned a little humility. Remember that, Lip.

Meltryllis: ...What is it, Fujimaru? What's with that stupid look?

Fujimaru 1: You two are really close, aren't you.

Fujimaru 2: That was just really heartwarming.

Meltryllis: Is that how it looked to you? Then our communication tools must be in great working order.

Meltryllis: Not too long ago, Lip and I only saw each other as rivals.

Meltryllis: All we BB-born Alter Egos could think about was ourselves.

Passionlip: Haha, that's true. I remember how Melt always used to pick on me, and how I used to wish someone would come along and beat her up.

Meltryllis: And now look at us. We used to be monsters, with no understanding of anything but ourselves and our own love...

Passionlip: But then, one day, we met a human who accepted us as we were.

Passionlip: Neither Melt nor I would have come this far without them.

Passionlip: Before, I used to wish I could become human myself.

Passionlip: Now, I understand that's impossible.

Passionlip: But that's okay, because we can–and want to–still be on their side.

Passionlip: Even if we can never be the same kind of life-form, there's no reason we can't support each other.

Meltryllis: Sometimes I envy you, Lip. I wish I could think about things that simplistically.

Passionlip: Hey, that's just another way of calling me an airhead! You know my processing speed is just as good as yours!

Fujimaru 1: ...By the way...

Fujimaru 1: Are you hiding something, Meltryllis?

Meltryllis: Of course. Didn't I say as much before?

Meltryllis: I'm only using you, so that I can come out on top in the end.

Meltryllis: So naturally, I'm going to hide things, get more than I give, and refuse to tolerate humans.

Meltryllis: Do you still think you can trust me–or rather, us–knowing all that?

Fujimaru 1: Yes.

Meltryllis: Is that so.

Fujimaru 2: No.

Meltryllis: Right answer. After all, I don't yet know what's going to happen before this is all over either.

Meltryllis: Anyway, we finally made it this far. Only eighty-eight Servants left to go.

Meltryllis: At first, this battle seemed hopeless, and I almost gave up more times than I can count...

Meltryllis: W-well, what else could I have done? Just forget how much I used to complain, okay?

Meltryllis: ...I swear, you're all bark and no bite.

Meltryllis: I TOLD you that my processing power, thoughts, and performance were reset after I'd been rebooted.

Meltryllis: Still... I think that side of you may have been just what I needed.

Meltryllis: We Alter Egos are artificial beings made from an artificial being. There's no substance to us at all.

Meltryllis: The only way we can hold on to our sense of purpose is to cling to the emotions that were used to create us.

Meltryllis: We're like dolls that have to chop themselves up for firewood in order to keep warm. We were doomed to disintegrate the moment we were created.

Meltryllis: But you...you programmed me with a new sense of purpose. Even if you only did so by accident, or as part of a calculating scheme...I wouldn't have it without you.

Meltryllis: ...That's all the reason I needed to join you.

Meltryllis: I'm Meltryllis, the Alter Ego of pleasure. A ballerina who dances for an audience of one: me.

Meltryllis: Now that you've gone ahead and awakened this monster, Master, I may as well fulfill my part.

Meltryllis: Of course, there's no way I'll be able to beat the rest of the Servants, so I'm counting on you to step up.

Meltryllis: ...Am I sure I'm okay with you as my Master, you ask? You should really have more confidence in yourself.

Meltryllis: There are only two types of humans I can stand.

Meltryllis: One is the type that never gives up no matter what, but just does whatever they can without being all gung ho about it. Basically, someone who tries to do the best they can all on their own.

Meltryllis: The other is the type that scrambles about, trying to turn every hopeless situation around, until everyone in their vicinity is caught up in it.

Meltryllis: I prefer the first type, though. They're much more elegant, after all. That said...

Meltryllis: Sometimes you just have to enjoy a good, loud capriccio, right?

Meltryllis: Besides, this is a cross-species collaboration. I don't mind doing things your way for a change.

Act IV: The Sinking Beauty (3/4)

Fujimaru 1: Not much farther to the temple now.

Tamamo Cat: Right. I can feel her aura bearing down on me. Like an avalanche. Like sugar spilling out of a freshly opened package. Or maybe more like spilt azuki beans.

Fujimaru 2: We finally get to settle things with Suzuka!

Meltryllis: That's the spirit. Oh, right! Suzuka was the very first Servant you encountered here on SE.RA.PH, wasn't she?

Emiya Alter: Suzuka Gozen. The heavenly maiden from the Suzuka Mountains who set off to defeat oni alongside her husband, Tamuramaro Sakanoue, during Japan's Heian period.

Emiya Alter: I knew her beauty and strength led to her being depicted as inhuman, but I never would've guessed she was actually a beast.

Tamamo Cat: She isn't, Edgemiya. Her ears may be stick-on, but they're still real. Think of them like a pair of fluffy spoilers, only super close to real.

Emiya Alter: So, those ears of hers were actually fake. Does that mean your ears and paws are fake too then?

Tamamo Cat: Of course not, you idiot! They're real, and they're spectacular!

Tamamo Cat: It may be hard to believe, but Fox is still the daughter of a heavenly emperor. She's got pedigree out the wazoo, and can grow new ears like it's nothing!

Passionlip: Plus she was part of a tragic love story...

Passionlip: She managed to defeat Sakanoue's archenemy, Ootakemaru, but only by agreeing to marry him.

Passionlip: Sakanoue was driven to despair without ever learning the truth, and ended up killing Suzuka after allying himself with the oni.

Meltryllis: The legends depicted her as having a great intellect, but for some reason, the one we've seen is obsessed with 21st-century Japan.

Fujimaru 1: Namely the high school girl lingo.

Fujimaru 2: Yeah she's...nuts about the high school girl thing.

Meltryllis: Right. I don't understand why she talks like that, but it doesn't make her any less powerful.

Meltryllis: BB even made her a Sentinel because of how much she enjoyed the Holy Grail War battles.

Meltryllis: Of course, that was also after she scrapped me.

Emiya Alter: So, do we assume Suzuka's on BB's side then? Or the Demon God Pillar's?

Meltryllis: Neither, I'm afraid. I don't think she cares about either of them.

Meltryllis: That's another thing about her I don't understand. Maybe she really does only care about fighting.

Fujimaru 1: Doesn't she want to use the Grail as a power-up?

Meltryllis: I'm sure that's just an afterthought. She doesn't really have any wish for the Grail, so the best she could do was make up something that sounded good.

Emiya Alter: So for her, the war is its own reward, huh. If she's just a combat junkie, she shouldn't be too much trouble.

Tamamo Cat: ...

Fujimaru 2: She also said she wanted to choose her own Master.

Passionlip: Come to think of it, I never did see her Master. Although...

Emiya Alter: It's not just her. In fact, we haven't seen a single Master since we got here, now I think about it...

Emiya Alter: I still don't know how BB, or rather, SE.RA.PH summoned so many Servants in the first place.

Emiya Alter: It's probably safe to assume they're strays, and have no Master contracts. Rogue Servants, in other words.

Tamamo Cat: ...

Passionlip: That's enough talking for now! Her temple's right over there!

Suzuka Gozen: There you are, you freakin' dummies! I am so hype! I've got my ass kickin' shoes on, and a bunch of fresh asses in need of kickin'!

Suzuka Gozen: Enjoy your little SE.RA.PH field trip? Get crazy in awesome battles with other Servants?

Suzuka Gozen: Then you should be totes fine with me shanking you!

Meltryllis: Hehe, so she was waiting for us, eh. She's clearly confident she can take us. How very like her.

Meltryllis: So, what's your call, Fujimaru? Do we jump right in and settle this score once and for all?

Fujimaru 1: ...Okay. Let's do this.

Fujimaru 2: First, I want to ask her: where's your Master?

Meltryllis: Of course. I should have known you'd say something insensitive like that.

Suzuka Gozen: ...Oh well, guess there's no point keeping it on the DL.

Suzuka Gozen: I just, like, forgot to mention it, y'know? It's not a secret or anything.

Suzuka Gozen: I literally have no clue what my Master looked like. I never saw them. They never gave me an order.

Suzuka Gozen: But...no big, right!? I materialized just fine without knowing anything about them!

Suzuka Gozen: The whole point of this whole Servant-summoning thing is nonstop winning, right? So I am like, super-awesome!

Suzuka Gozen: The only Servants left are me, you guys, and that Archer with the long hair that got away!

Suzuka Gozen: And since the Servants from Chaldea apparently don't count and stuff, that really just leaves me and the Archer!

Suzuka Gozen: So once one of us is dead, it's curtains on this whole Grail War, and someone's getting her wish granted!

Suzuka Gozen: So TBH, I have zero shits to give about you guys. I'm just gonna wreck you real quick so I can go kill that Archer!

Suzuka Gozen: Now let's do this thing already! Four on one? Hell yeah! Bring it on!

Suzuka Gozen: Don't worry about being all like, fair and stuff. I've got my Karmaphage, remember? Real talk: four of you's probably not gonna be enough!

Suzuka Gozen: If you guys really think you can take me–Suzuka Gozen, daughter of the Fourth Great Demon King, and badass teenaged Saber–then hit me with your best shot!


Suzuka Gozen: Hey, that like, hurt for real! I guess even puny damage from pansies like you adds up over time!

Suzuka Gozen: Sick, Fujimaru! If you can drag this out long enough, you might actually have a chance!

Passionlip: It's no use. She's so fast, I can't catch her with my Trash & Crush!

Meltryllis: I know. What was the point of buying that key to her heart!?

Meltryllis: How the hell are we supposed to get Fujimaru close enough to touch her and open the coaster!?

Meltryllis: This thing is defective, BB!

Arnold: This is the chapel! Do you read me!? We're picking up tremors all around SE.RA.PH!

Arnold: We're obviously starting to sink faster! What the hell are you slowpokes doing!?

Arnold: It's four of you against one, right? Just hurry up and get it done!

Suzuka Gozen: Oh, are we already in the endgame? Guess we must be winding down then.

Suzuka Gozen: There won't be any victor or Holy Grail if SE.RA.PH itself falls apart, after all. So, I'ma just kill you all off, go find that Archer, and–

Fujimaru 1: Are you okay being BB's flunky!?

Fujimaru 2: Are you okay being the Demon God Pillar's flunky!?

Suzuka Gozen: EXCUSE me! What'd you just call me? A flunky!?

Suzuka Gozen: Oh, you better take that back like, right now. You have no idea what you're talking about.

Tamamo Cat: Oh yes [♂ he /♀️ she] does. I don't know what's going on in that little fox head of yours, but you're acting exactly as though BB were pulling your strings.

Tamamo Cat: You don't have a Master, a wish, or even a future happy household plan.

Tamamo Cat: Of course Master would feel sorry for you.

Suzuka Gozen: Sorry? For me? Like hell [♂ he /♀️ she] does. I DID have a Master. I know I did.

Suzuka Gozen: BB and the Demon God Pillar have nothing to do with it. I belong to the Master who summoned me.

Suzuka Gozen: ...I heard a voice when I was summoned here. It was faint, but I still heard it.

Suzuka Gozen: It said they wanted to win. That they didn't want to die for nothing.

Suzuka Gozen: Whoever it was didn't expect anyone to hear them. It was just the kind of thing humans say whenever they realize they're about to die.

Suzuka Gozen: I'm going to grant their wish. I don't know them, or if they're even still alive, but they called to me.

Suzuka Gozen: It took every last bit of strength they had, but they called to me.

Suzuka Gozen: I don't know their name, and they didn't know mine, but they still entrusted me with their final wish. The most human kind of wish anyone could make!

Suzuka Gozen: So I HAVE to win this Holy Grail War for them!

Suzuka Gozen: If I ran away after hearing a wish like that, I could never face myself again!

Tamamo Cat: You've got that right! Finally, the truth comes out!

Tamamo Cat: In that case, I won't hold back either! This is one of the Tamamo Nine's nine great secrets...

Tamamo Cat: Cat Spell, Curse: Void Cleft Great Chaos Heaven! Hahaha, “knowledge is power” has never been truer!

Suzuka Gozen: H-hey, what is this!? The air's all like jelly now!

Meltryllis: That's an ultimate technique used by fox Casters! How do you know it, Cat!?

Tamamo Cat: It's actually painful to use. It feels like something's crackling around in my skull!

Tamamo Cat: But anyway, now's your chance, Master! Go give that fox's heart the AED it needs!

Fujimaru 1: On it!

Fujimaru 2: Thanks, Cat!

Suzuka Gozen: H-hey! Time-out! Is that a key to my heart!? Secret Garden scenes are too lewd!

Suzuka Gozen: You can't just like...go peering into my heart when you're not even my Master. We aren't even mutuals!

Suzuka Gozen: Hey! Get your hand off my chest! Stop it! I don't want anyone looking inside my heart!!!


Suzuka Gozen: I'm like...completely exposed. The depths of my heart have been exposed.

Suzuka Gozen: I'll just die, then. I'll throw myself off that cliff and end it all.

Fujimaru 1: Wait! Waaait!

Fujimaru 2: Stop her, Cat!

Tamamo Cat: Leave it to me, Master! Running along cliffs is second nature to any maid worth her fur!

Tamamo Cat: Stop right there, Suzuka Fox! Why are you disappearing? Weren't you about to throw yourself off that ledge!?

Tamamo Cat: We clawed each other up like cats and dogs, but only inside your heart! Your body should be just fine!

Suzuka Gozen: Well, if you had YOUR heart broken, wouldn't YOU up and disappear too!?

Suzuka Gozen: We schoolgirls are fragile in body AND heart! If my heart gets crushed like this, I'm literally gonna just die!

Suzuka Gozen: And the truth is... I knew I was gonna lose even before the fight started.

Suzuka Gozen: I lost the second I failed to avenge my Master and started bitching about there being no place for me in the world.

Tamamo Cat: What the hell are you even going on about!? Save it for someone who cares!

Suzuka Gozen: Hey, let go of me! You'll fall, too, you catty bitch!

Tamamo Cat: Hahaha! Come on, don't be like that! Seeing as how we're one and the same–earwise–I'll help you commit seppuku later, but not today.

Tamamo Cat: Besides, if you're ready to throw your life away, why not fight alongside us instead?

Tamamo Cat: I'm sure Gawain up in heaven is sad to see that we don't have a Saber in our party anymore.

Tamamo Cat: And don't worry! I'm a former Sentinel myself! Master wouldn't treat you like a stray cat or anything!

Tamamo Cat: You've fought valiantly up to this point, Suzuka! You make a fellow fox-ear proud!

Fujimaru 1: Join us.

Fujimaru 2: Don't kill yourself.

Suzuka Gozen: B-but where's the honor in that? Shouldn't I be like, ending it all, right here, right now?

Suzuka Gozen: I'll get totes shamed for not knowing when to stay down! I mean, embarrassing much!? I'd rather die than have to put up with that!

Tamamo Cat: What do you mean? Surviving is a victory. Nothing'll come of your return to the Throne besides the ones in charge catching a break. One less payment to make.

Suzuka Gozen: You know, that kinda makes sense. That's the one thing I don't want: to make them happy.

Tamamo Cat: Then we have a deal! Stop with the sparkles!

Suzuka Gozen: ...This is totes not how I thought this would go... But, fine. You won and all, so I guess I gotta do what you say. Guess we can be mutuals. I'll send a request.

Suzuka Gozen: Saber, Suzuka Gozen, at your service!

Meltryllis: It's good to come out of this a little stronger. Let's head back to the front from here.

Fujimaru 1: Huh?

Fujimaru 2: Another earthquake?

Meltryllis: ...! No, this is...!


Meltryllis: ...! No, this is...!

Meltryllis: Fujimaru!

Fujimaru 1: ...I'm saved!

Fujimaru 2: Thanks, Meltryllis.

Meltryllis: ...!

Passionlip: Melt!? ...Oh no! She's falling!

Tamamo Cat: Attacking someone in midair, eh!? You've got some nerve! What's beneath us, Suzuka!?

Suzuka Gozen: The lowest level of SE.RA.PH, the refuse dump! But before we get to that... We've got problems of our own!

Demon God Pillar: Hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Passionlip: Enough of your hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-ing! If you've got nothing good to say, then zip it!


Arnold: All right, we're in business! The calculations are finally complete!

Arnold: But we only have about five minutes at best! In SE.RA.PH time, that's eight hours until we reach the seabed!

Arnold: Now that we know our rate of descent has increased, we're going to have to move our timetable up!

Arnold: Fujimaru! How is the Sentinel battle coming!?

Arnold: Don't tell me you haven't wrapped things up yet! Tch, just give me a sitrep!

Arnold: All right. Got it. Well done, Fujimaru.

Arnold: Now that you've secured a route to the center, get your people back to the church for now.

Arnold: I'll be accompanying you to the planetarium, as is my duty. Now, hurry. Eight hours will blow right by.

Fujimaru 1: Sorry, but no.

Fujimaru 2: We're going after Meltryllis.

Emiya Alter: Are you insane? Suzuka Gozen said she fell down an inaccessible chasm. If you go down there...how do you plan on getting back out?

Tristan: I suppose that rules out any rescue mission. That is unfortunate.

Arnold: ...Sorry. I stepped away for a moment.

Arnold: I have a lot on my mind right now. I didn't mean to be so hard on you, Mable.

Arnold: ...So, Fujimaru. Let me make this abundantly clear so you do not misunderstand.

Arnold: You're a Master of the prestigious Chaldea. It's your duty to save us and Seraphix.

Arnold: Now, repeat this order back to me verbatim: you are to return to the church immediately and accompany us to the planetarium. Understood?

Fujimaru 1: No, we're going to rescue Meltryllis!

Arnold: Enough. No more of this foolishness! You are not seriously telling me that you're planning to waste time trying to rescue that Alter Ego after it fell into that pit.

Arnold: Your job is done! That thing is dead! And that's your mission here: to dispose of monsters like the Alter Egos!

Arnold: Your insubordination ends here. You are to follow my orders to the letter, understand?

Arnold: Let me remind you who will be reporting on your performance when this is over: me, that's who.

Arnold: You've fought tirelessly for our cause up to now. Don't let one stupid decision undo all the good work you've done up to this point, Fujimaru.

Arnold: I'll pretend I didn't hear what you said just now, and you will begin to make your way to–

Fujimaru 1: Suzuka Gozen, can you show us the way?

Suzuka Gozen: The way? There's only one way: down. Got any rope there, Mr. Edgelord? Or a ladder, maybe?

Emiya Alter: ...A tow cable would do the trick. We can extend it with magical energy, but...five kilometers, tops.

Suzuka Gozen: Well, that's gonna be close. Can we count on you to remain here and take care of the wire, Mr. Edgelord?

Emiya Alter: So, I'm the one who has to pull you back up, huh? Who's going with Fujimaru?

Suzuka Gozen: Me, duh.

Suzuka Gozen: As for Passionlip... Hmm. You should sit this one out! The wire'll never hold you!

Passionlip: Hey, don't make fun of my weight! ...Okay, fine. I'm a little heavy, but so what?

Suzuka Gozen: As for the foolish feline over here... (Sigh) You'll have to stay here, too. Besides, it's obvious that spellwork earlier took its toll on you.

Suzuka Gozen: And Mr. Edgelord here could use the support. So just chill here, 'kay?

Tamamo Cat: Gnnn... Fine! You got it. I await your return, Master!

Suzuka Gozen: All right. Let's get going, Fujimaru.

Suzuka Gozen: Meltryllis is your Servant, right? Then you're only doing what a dope Master should!


Narration: ...I slowly open my eyes to a dull, aching pain. I appear to have fallen...

Narration: I know this place. It's the Rejection Calf, Seraphix's disposal facility.

Narration: For SE.RA.PH in its current form, it serves as the trash can for those of us who couldn't be salvaged.

Narration: ...I have no time to waste in a place like this. I need to reunite with [♂ him /♀️ her] immediately.

Meltryllis: Ngh...!

Narration: ...Pathetic. I can't even stand.

Narration: My fragile, glass-like legs are shattered...shadows of their former selves... As if nursing two broken hands wasn't bad enough...

Narration: The exhaustion nearly drives the breath from me. The pain in my limbs is almost enough to make me scream in agony.

Narration: ...This is what I get for pushing myself too hard.

Narration: Now that I think about it, I've been working for days on end, nonstop, since the last run through SE.RA.PH.

Meltryllis: ...Albrecht, Albrecht. I miss you so. Don't let go of me this time.

Meltryllis: You say you came from a place called Chaldea? Alone, and without a Servant?

Meltryllis: If so, will you form a contract with me? As you can see, I have lost everything...

Meltryllis: ...But still, I shall dedicate the Cursed Sword Giselle to your cause. I will fight for you till the very end...because you found me.

Meltryllis: ...It's not that we hate humans. It's that we're afraid of them.

Meltryllis: I mean, they all laugh at us and treat us like monsters. We are all so acutely aware of that.

Meltryllis: You see I'm...not used to holding hands...like this. This is a first for me.

Meltryllis: Oh? Why would you be disappointed that I've returned to my full strength? It's thanks to you, you know.

Meltryllis: What do you mean my tone has changed? Do you have a problem with my attitude, too? Well, what did you expect? This is who I am, after all.

Meltryllis: But...what remains in my heart will never change, my sweet Fujimaru.

Meltryllis: I might grow weak, I might grow ugly... But I will never, ever forget.

Meltryllis: The time we've spent together will be a part of me forever.

Meltryllis: Not all swans that know they're different will fly away from their muddy lake. Don't you think?

Meltryllis: ...Yeah, it's all so...

Narration: ...Dazzling. It's dazzling...almost blinding.

Narration: I felt nothing but fear and despair back then.

Narration: I cried every night knowing that my abilities might ultimately not be enough to protect that person. Wondering when that crucial time would come.

Narration: But...that person only smiled. And so, my weak self did everything in its power to follow.

Narration: It was so fun that I wept. It was so harsh that I laughed.

Narration: No matter how hard things got, it was all so radiant.

Narration: I felt like I could follow you to the ends of the earth.

Narration: That's right. I swore that I would fight any opponent as long as I still had breath in my body.

Narration: As horrible as things got, for me, they couldn't have been better...so long as that person was there with me.

Meltryllis: “Even if my wings are broken...I'll still fly to your aid.”

Narration: ...I may or may not have said something like that. But it no longer matters. Because it's not just my wings–my hands–that are broken now; it's my legs too.

Narration: My body will be crushed along with this garbage. ...And so the cycle is complete.

Narration: I was meant to stop functioning at the church following my disposal. It was a place that no one was supposed to visit.

Narration: That person took this doll's broken hands in theirs...but miracles don't happen twice.

Fujimaru 1: That was close!

Fujimaru 2: Are you okay, Meltryllis!?

Meltryllis: ...

Fujimaru 1: Melt...?

Fujimaru 2: Are you awake?

Meltryllis: ...It doesn't matter. I don't care that you came to save me, or how you did it.

Meltryllis: Just hold my hand. Now.

Meltryllis: Hold it tight. Tight enough to break it.

Meltryllis: ...I won't be able to feel it otherwise. My sense of touch...it isn't the best...

Fujimaru 1: Got it.

Fujimaru 2: As you wish.

Suzuka Gozen: Hey, if you found her, could you like, at least let me know?

Meltryllis: Oh, you're here too, Suzuka. Well... I guess I shouldn't count my blessings. It'd be dangerous for Master to have come alone.

Suzuka Gozen: Wow, rude. Sooo sorry to be a third wheel, but this really isn't the time to be trading barbs, don't you think?

Suzuka Gozen: Do you have any idea how many enemies are on our tail!? Save the pleasantries for later!

Suzuka Gozen: So time for my next mission, Fujimaru! Melt can't dance, so I'll dance for her!


Suzuka Gozen: Oh, c'mon! This is such BS! They just keep coming...! I am like totally wiped after that heart-thing!

Meltryllis: Ngggh... If only I had time to recover...!

Fujimaru 1: Madame Gozen! The cable!

Suzuka Gozen: Ugh, will you just like, stop calling me that? It's super cringe.

Suzuka Gozen: Still, good point! I'd forgotten about that!

Fujimaru 2: Let's head back up!

Suzuka Gozen: Oh, uh, right! I knew that! Totes didn't forget or anything! C'mon, everyone, let's head back up!

Suzuka Gozen:

...What!? The cable's been cut!? Did that edgelord loser ditch us!?

Meltryllis: That sounded like...the most melodramatic harp of all time...

Tristan: Ending up as compacted filth at the earth's depths is not how I envisioned my final parting.

Tristan: To have my eternal melody reduced to no more than hellish death metal... Nothing has ever saddened me so much.

Meltryllis: (Nice delivery, Tristan! You must've been planning that one for a while! Signature phrase and everything!)

Fujimaru 1: You came to our rescue!

Fujimaru 2: Thanks, Tristan!

Tristan: No need for thanks; I'm merely carrying out orders. Arnold was insistent that I bring you back myself.

Tristan: ...But I am pleased to see you unscathed, all things considered.

Suzuka Gozen: Um, thanks for the help, but how did you get down here? The cable that's used to haul us back up top has been cut!

Tristan: Such a height is a mild feat for me. Even without a rope and harness, such a descent is ease itself.

Tristan: ...Indeed. Leaping from a spire and gliding is a trifling thing for a Knight of the Round Table such as myself.

Tristan: The problem, of course, is that the descent is far easier than the ascent. I am no bird, and so cannot fly.

Tristan: Fortunately, you all have a way around that problem, don't you? I hope it would not be imposing to request to be allowed to employ that means with you.

Fujimaru 1: Okay, so now there's four of us stranded here...

Fujimaru 2: Some knight in shining armor you turned out to be.

Suzuka Gozen: Okay, like, normally I am ALL ABOUT that androgynous pretty boy look, but the lunkhead bit is a big turnoff.

Meltryllis: I get it, Suzuka, I REALLY do, but can we FOCUS!? We're counting on you!

Meltryllis: The route to the planetarium is still open, and I'm sure the Seraphix personnel are anxious to get the heck out of here.

Meltryllis: ...We can't let Arnold in that room, though. He'll self-destruct from all the inappropriate desires it's bound to unleash in him.

Meltryllis: Much as I wish you could head up there and knock some sense into that jerk, it's probably a lost cause.

Suzuka Gozen: Wait, are you saying you've been inside the Core!? Not even I'm allowed in there!

Meltryllis: ...N-not exactly. I just heard some stories. Wait. Isn't this the Calf? That must mean...

???: ...Your former workplace–the Cruel Thenar–is just ahead, Melt.

???: And that means...more struggling and scrambling around for our heroes!

???: ...Or perhaps you're so far down in SE.RA.PH that you truly see yourselves as bugs now too!?

Fujimaru 1: That voice...!

Fujimaru 2: It's BB!

BB: You guessed it! The all-purpose, ever-watchful AI who's been monitoring you all this time... BB, at your service!

BB: Hello there, Senpai. Oh, and all you other traitors too.

BB: Are you enjoying yourselves down here? You've been gone so long I was beginning to wonder if you'd forgotten about little old me.

BB: Sorry to say I haven't forgotten about you, though!

BB: I show up when you least want me to. I'm like a joker during a game of old maid.

BB: And like the filthy cockroaches scuttling around my proverbial kitchen that you are, I'll just have to squish YOU with my slippers!

Tristan: ...The Saber and I are the only ones who can fight. Is that why you showed up?

Tristan: Thought you'd take advantage of our apparent weakness and finish us off, perhaps? Pah!

BB: Hmph. Don't let my looks deceive you.

BB: No one can withstand the fury of the great devil known as BB-chan.

BB: I won't even break the rules, either. For I was the AI called upon to manage the Holy Grail War.

BB: And that means, I play the game fair and square. No matter how much of a mistake this version of SE.RA.PH has turned out to be.

Fujimaru 1: (Fair and square...?)

Fujimaru 2: (Wait a second. That would mean...)

BB: Uh oh! I think I gave you too big of a hint there! But no matter. No more Ms. Nice AI!

BB: Did you really think I'd just teleport you back up to the top? Au contraire! I'm sending you even further down! Down to SE.RA.PH's deepest depths!

BB: ...Now then. SE.RA.PH will reach the bottom of the sea in just five and a half hours, or three minutes and change on the outside.

BB: That means you don't have enough time to turn the tables, or even climb back up, for that matter.


Mable: Calm down, Arnold! Something must have happened! I'm sure [♂ he /♀️ she] didn't mean to do it!

Arnold: Huh!? Didn't mean to do it...!? [♂ He /♀️ She] cut me off!

Arnold: How could [♂ he /♀️ she] do that after I treated [♂ him /♀️ her] so well!

Arnold: I'm in charge here! Me!

Arnold: The director, deputy director, department manager, and the medical staff... ALL of them died a long time ago! I made sure of that!

Arnold: The only one around here who's worth a damn is ME! You got that, Mable!?

Mable: Q-quite right. Only you, Arnold. Now, would you please calm down?

Mable: (Ugh... Thank goodness he doesn't know I'm also a Rockefella graduate... I've never been so happy to blend in!)

Arnold: ...Dammit. It's time we threw out the rule book and got ours hands dirty. We're running out of time. What is it, just under four minutes left, Mable?

Arnold: I need a way to force Fujimaru into line and get [♂ him /♀️ her] to follow my orders.

Arnold: But how...? If [♂ he /♀️ she] had a partner, I could've taken them hostage... But it looks like a solo mission.

Arnold: Maybe I could get some poison from the sick bay...? But that would mean returning alone to the Command Room...


Ah!? Wh-who's there!? Is that you, Tristan!?

Mable: Calm down, Arnold. Tristan's long gone, remember?

Mable: He went down to get Fujimaru, like you ordered.

Arnold: Don't you think I know that! But if not him, then who else could be creeping up on–

Emiya Alter: Well, this is quite the mess. I think it's time someone “cleaned up” this place.

Arnold: The mouthy Archer! You're back! Why are you alone?

Arnold: Never mind! Perfect timing! I'm ordering you to get to the sick bay, ASAP. It's next to the Command Room.

Arnold: Inside, there's a display case with some Type-8 B-Toxin. I want you to–

Emiya Alter: Sorry, Beckman, but I'm short on time. Yammer all you like in hell.

Mable: H-huh? Wh-what, what d-did you...!?

Emiya Alter: ...

Mable: ...

Emiya Alter: That's all the Seraphix personnel dead. Killed in the line of duty. Now this Animusphere experiment will never be repeated.

Emiya Alter: ...All that's left to destroy is the planetarium.

Emiya Alter: Their investigation into what's in there and what went on is none of my concern.

???: You've always been this way, haven't you? Nothing and no one gets between you and your goal, mmm?

Emiya Alter: !

Emiya Alter: No...no, no, no. This Spirit Origin pattern... It can't be...!

???: Oh, you haven't forgotten me already, have you?

???: Or perhaps those memories were stripped away when you became a Heroic Spirit?

???: Once upon a time, a new cult grew to prominence. It made believers out of people everywhere. Scientists, politicians, those in power, people the world over.

???: It offered righteous salvation. A movement of people lacking a desire for profit, absent of political opinion. No thought or possession, you might say.

???: They were a movement of wounded souls and talented loners, all unable to find their own place in the world.

???: They had talent, and the genius to save the whole world. And yet...so much of that world viewed them with nothing more than suspicion.

???: There was nothing evil about the group, though. In fact, there was not an evil soul to be found among them.

???: Well...except, perhaps, for the woman who founded it...

Emiya Alter: You...! It's you!

???: You killed them. You killed everyone in that building to get to her.

???: Of course, they would not allow me to be murdered. Killing was the only way they could be sure not to lose me.

???: But...you crushed them all. You crushed them like ants.

???: And after all that, you even killed me. You did, didn't you? Kill me, I mean.

Emiya Alter: ...Oh I ended you all right. Your mortal life, at least...

???: That's right. But you couldn't kill my essence. Maybe if I'd existed in your world...

???: Yeees... I am sure I would have gladly leaped from that roof. Truly, though–if anything at all–I was bored.

???: You played at being an “ally of justice” but in truth...you were an absurd, insignificant little speck.

Emiya Alter: Ngh...!

???: Now, now. I cannot have you running amok, can I? It would be so very, very easy to snap off each of your limbs...

???: There can be no question of you escaping. It would be futile to try.

???: You butchered innocent people. Oh, how that will haunt you for eternity.

???: Isn't that right? You hardly needed the help of a wicked woman like me to find your own way to hell.

???: You cannot forgive anything, cannot reconcile with any evil. And that puts you beyond all hope of salvation.

???: After all, human hearts are not made of steel, are they?

???: If nothing else, like the Saber I consumed here, you will reach enlightenment in death.

???: And finally, the truth about the me of your world becomes clear...

???: ...I see the reason why someone like you would go so far as to twist and pervert his own beliefs just to kill me.

???: ...I'm afraid that it is only sensible now that I kill you. There is no other way.

???: It was you, and you alone, who sensed what the me of your world would eventually become...

Act IV: The Sinking Beauty (4/4)

Fujimaru 1: Ouch!

Tristan: Ah, that was easy!

Suzuka Gozen: Oi, Melt! Why me!? You're too heavy!

Meltryllis: Who else was going to do it? I had no choice!

Tamamo Cat: Damn you, BB! Don't think we'll keep falling through these pits forever!

Passionlip: W-watch out down there! No one's going to be laughing if I end up squishing you all!

Fujimaru 1: Lip!?

Passionlip: Yes, Fujimaru! Good to see you safe and sound!

Fujimaru 2: Cat!?

Tamamo Cat: Hahaha, we caught up with you, Master! Those acrobatics I did mid-flight sure paid off!

Meltryllis: Yes, we're all here. That seems oddly convenient, which worries me, but I'm sure she has a reason for it.

Meltryllis: Let's get this over with.

Meltryllis: This is the Cruel Thenar: the area that was assigned to me.

Meltryllis: On Seraphix, they excavated oil...or at least claimed to. But they were actually investigating Leylines in secret.

Meltryllis: To put it simply, they were investigating Earth's brain waves. Kind of like stepping on grapes to make wine.

Meltryllis: But never mind about that. We're short on time.

Meltryllis: I'll cut right to the chase... Please enter me, Fujimaru.

Tamamo Cat: Meowhat!?

Tristan: ...!

Suzuka Gozen: (Well, she sure gets right to the point... Almost like a shark chasing its prey...)

Passionlip: Th-that's very forward of you, Melt... But shouldn't you be–I don't know–a little more ladylike?

Fujimaru 1: Umm...

Fujimaru 2: To clarify...

Meltryllis: What? You've already done that to plenty of other girls. Don't tell me it's because of ME you can't get...excited...about the idea.

Meltryllis: Oh, come on. You know what I really mean. You've already got the “key” to me, remember?

Meltryllis: This is my temple, and you have the special BB key that will let you into my heart.

Meltryllis: So fight me and defeat me already. That is, after all, what you never did.

Fujimaru 1: ...I get it.

Fujimaru 2: ...If you insist, Melt.

Tristan: You mean to go along with this!? Did any of what she said make sense to you!?

Meltryllis: Don't interfere. Fujimaru didn't understand at all. Not one bit.

Meltryllis: ...But Fujimaru has total faith in me. That's why I don't have to explain anything to [♂ him /♀️ her].

Meltryllis: Well, let's get on with it already. Just be careful, okay?

Meltryllis: My body might be a bit rough right now, but in my heart, I'll be in top condition!

Meltryllis: That's where my hedonistic Alter Ego form, which did as it pleased on the Far Side of the Moon, resides.

Meltryllis: You're faced with an impossibly powerful enemy, you know? One false move, and you'll be done for.

Fujimaru 1: ...Understood.

Fujimaru 2: I would never underestimate you, Melt.

Meltryllis: What? Well, that's disappointing.

Meltryllis: I am still the queen of nectar, so it would have been nice to be tempted with sweet ambrosia now and then.

Passionlip: ...Fujimaru.

Passionlip: If we beat Melt inside her heart, her Karmaphage will also disappear and this area will be unlocked.

Passionlip: That's the final key. So please take care of her.

Fujimaru 1: Of course!

Fujimaru 2: Let's begin our descent!


Meltryllis: Oh...how satisfying. It's been ages since I danced like that.

Fujimaru 1: What incredible strength!

Fujimaru 2: Alter Egos can be...really dangerous.

Meltryllis: Oh my. I'm sorry if I made it hard on you.

Meltryllis: But considering the opponents you've yet to face, it's probably for the best.

Tristan: ...Why are you sitting there? Did you not just tell us that we have no time?

Tristan: Should we not start looking for a route to the surface and find the planetarium that powers SE.RA.PH?

Meltryllis: Oh, that. Where exactly do you think you guys are, anyway?

Meltryllis: We're on the underside of the Portopia Thigh. This is my domain. Here, let me show you.

Tamamo Cat: What!? We're back on the front side!?

Meltryllis: That's the church right there. Rest up a bit before we head to the planetarium.

Meltryllis: I'll stay here. I can't move anymore.

Meltryllis: I don't want to be a burden. Just leave me. My usefulness pretty much ended when we unlocked the Core anyway.

Fujimaru 1: ...You leave me with no choice.

Fujimaru 2: ...Sorry about this.

Meltryllis: HEY! Watch out! Have you lost your mind!? My legs...they'll tear you up if you give me a piggyback.

Fujimaru 1: Stop complaining.

Fujimaru 2: You can get some rest at the church.

Passionlip: Yes. I think it's for the best, Melt.

Passionlip: ...Thank you so much, Fujimaru.

Tristan: ...Indeed. We are stopping by the church anyway, so it will be no trouble at all to carry you there.

Tristan: Does an Alter Ego's life force not exceed a Servant's? If it does, then resting in the church will help you recover.

Meltryllis: That's...true, but... Okay, I suppose you're right. The church is the best place to rest.

Meltryllis: I won't stop you, but...be careful, Fujimaru.

Meltryllis: ...My body is quite hard and, um, spiky in places. My knees, for instance. Try not to touch them...


Tristan: I do not see anybody. There are no signs of Mable or Arnold...

Tamamo Cat: Not even the edgy Archer?

Tamamo Cat: I mean, he DID say he was headed back for the church when he left us...

Meltryllis: (This faint stench... Ah yes, it seems we have company.)

BB: Um, testing, testing! Can you hear me okay? You can? Great.

BB: So sorry to have kept you waiting. This announcement is for everyone left alive on SE.RA.PH.

BB: Thank you so much for all time you've put into killing, hating, and encouraging each other.

BB: I wish I could say it's been fun, but all...mediocre things must come to an end. Seraphix will soon reach its final destination at the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

BB: In other words...game over! This Holy Grail War has ended! Thanks for playing!

BB: But unfortunately, nobody emerged victorious this time, either. Only three survivors makes the game null and void.

BB: As such, that makes me, the sponsor, the game's winner. This is where we part ways.

BB: Final result: humans defeated. Winner: Demon God Zepar.

BB: So that's that! Before long, SE.RA.PH will emerge, and you will all be consumed.

BB: But making the game impossible was pretty unfair, don't you think? That's why I'm here with a special offer!

BB: Available for a limited time only! The chance to fight yours truly... BB!

BB: Any comments, questions, protests, complaints, or requests should be brought to the attention of the sponsor who awaits at the Core♡

BB: As the game master that has carried you this far, I decided to make the ending especially fun for you!

Suzuka Gozen: Only three Servants left. Me, that dumb cat, and the one with long hair...

Suzuka Gozen: Meltryllis and Lip are Alter Egos, so they don't count.

Fujimaru 1: So Emiya Alter is...?

Meltryllis: Not on SE.RA.PH any longer, I'd gather. That moron. This is what happens when you put yourself ahead of everyone.

Fujimaru 2: But what about that green Archer?

Passionlip: Hehehe. He was basically BB's pawn. I don't think he counts as a participant.

Passionlip: He's always giving me a hard time, I'd love to give him a taste of his own medicine!

Tristan: ...I am worried for the safety of Arnold and Mable, but we are very short on time.

Tristan: Reluctant as I am to accept BB's invitation, we should hurry to the Core–the planetarium.

Fujimaru 1: I agree.

Fujimaru 2: This has gone on long enough.

Tristan: ...Would you object to us leaving you here in the church, Meltryllis? You are not in any condition to fight.

Meltryllis: ...Not at all. I'll stay here and try to heal my Spirit Origin.

Meltryllis: Besides, we can't fight BB. In fact, there's not much reason for Lip to accompany you, either.

Meltryllis: ...But, well... I'm counting on you, Lip. Our fate is in your hands.

Passionlip: Don't worry, Melt! This is a once-in-a-lifetime mission! I won't let you down!

Fujimaru 1: All right.

Fujimaru 2: Let's go!

Meltryllis: ...We've exhausted all our options. Lip and I were the only ones left last time.

Meltryllis: But now it's not just us. There has to be a way out.

Meltryllis: ...Which is why...Suzuka, Tamamo, Tristan, I implore you: give Fujimaru a chance to fight back.

Meltryllis: You are not Alter Egos. That devil shouldn't be able to consume full-fledged Servants like you.


Fujimaru 1: We're here, BB...!

Fujimaru 2: (This is...the studio we always see on screen!)

BB: Hey there! That was quick☆ Thanks again for running those errands, Robin, I–

BB: Oh? Hello. Is that you, Senpai? Why are you here? What are you doing in my studio?

Tristan: ...She appears to be alone. This is our chance to press her for answers, Fujimaru.

Suzuka Gozen: Ahahahaha. OMG. Awkwaaard. So sorry, BB!

Suzuka Gozen: I'm like, obviously on Fujimaru's side now!

Suzuka Gozen: We're not going to hold back, so... Good luck!☆

Tamamo Cat: My oh my... So this is BB's studio. This Cat smells a small studio construction budget!

Passionlip: Mother! ...I mean, BB! Even setting aside the fact that I already have GREAT resentment for you, you have really crossed the line this time!

Passionlip: Take her down, everyone!

BB: Even my meek and timid Alter Ego, who obeyed every order I ever gave, has turned on me!?

BB: I am shocked! Shocked, I tell you! Shocked to the very core of my being!

BB: ...And...I mean, entering a girl's room without knocking!? This is beyond the pale, Senpai!

BB: The secrets of the planetarium... The truth about SE.RA.PH...

BB: I worked sooo hard to keep that reveal for the perfect moment! But I see how it is!

BB: Well, whatever, you filthy ingrates! Let's just get down to it! You're here to fight me, right, Senpai?

BB: I'm so overflowing with kouhai power that you can hardly contain yourself! You want to unleash your lascivious libido on me!

BB: So let's do it, Senpai! I accept your challenge!

BB: Hehehe. Hehehehe. Hehehehehehe! Are you sure this is what you want, though? I won't go easy on you.

BB: Your attack on my studio has left me without a way out, so all that's left is to fight to the bitter end.

BB: I will not let you escape this time. Lose, and it's GAME OVER and off to my special Dog Space for you.

BB: ...If there's anything left of you, that is.

BB: I'll show you just how foolish it is for the game pieces to oppose the game master!


BB: Great fight, Senpai! As your kouhai, I'm so happy to see how strong you've become!

BB: But this SUCKS! So, let me at least get the last word: don't you dare think you've won!

Fujimaru 1: ...Huh?

Fujimaru 2: ...Did we actually defeat her...?

Tamamo Cat: Darkness! Darkness that blinds even my cat eyes!

Tristan: What...? Sound seems to be muffled as well. We can only hear ourselves...

Suzuka Gozen: Ouch! Hothothot! Okay, like which one of you geniuses lit a FIRE by my tail!? But how can I still not see...?

Fujimaru 1: Gather together, everyone!

Fujimaru 2: Are we all near each other?

???: ...I have you now.

???: !

Passionlip: That surprise attack! I knew it! Show yourself, Demon God Pillar!

Tristan: There... Along the wall. Are those caskets? I see...young children inside of them.

Tamamo Cat: ...

Fujimaru 1: Is this...Chaldea's Command Room...?

Fujimaru 2: So many Coffins...

Suzuka Gozen: ...Of course. So that's what's been powering SE.RA.PH this whole time.

Suzuka Gozen: To summon 128 Servants, it only makes sense that there would be 128 Masters.

Suzuka Gozen: I never knew my Master. I never knew what became of the person who summoned me.

Suzuka Gozen: But now I know! You have some explaining to do, Archer!

Emiya Alter: ...


Emiya Alter: That's right. This is the heart of Seraphix: the Celestial Body Simulator, System Animusphere.

Emiya Alter: This is where the Master candidates, met their fate. The Demon God Pillar used them to summon the 128 Servants.

Emiya Alter: After the Demon God Pillar took root in Seraphix, it learned of the existence of this abandoned planetarium.

Emiya Alter: Oh, how it must have laughed...being able to use THIS, of all places...

Emiya Alter: The world within the Coffins is ruled by uncertainty.

Emiya Alter: No matter how long it's been since the mages within died, as long as the Coffins are powered, their occupants can be used endlessly as biological circuits.

Emiya Alter: The 128 Servants were summoned by the corpses in this planetarium.

Emiya Alter: This happened countless times, again and again without pause, until you came to help.

Emiya Alter: But it's over now. I just destroyed the Coffins' power source.

Emiya Alter: And now, there will be no more summoning here. These Masters were neither living nor dead, but they can finally rest in peace.

Emiya Alter: Now, so can you, Fujimaru. SE.RA.PH has no need of Masters.

Emiya Alter: Everyone aware of this planetarium's existence...

Nameless Man: They must all die. No exceptions. This must never happen again.

Nameless Man: I will eradicate all traces of this evil. I will remove any possibility of a repeat of this tragedy.

Nameless Man: This is the sole reason I live, and the reason why–

???: “And that is why you've snuffed out so many lives. And this, too, will be no exception.”

???: “Do as you will, nameless enforcer. Carry out your final mission...”

Nameless Man: ...

Robin Hood: Hi there! I'm back... Hey, hold on! What's going on here!?

Robin Hood: What are you guys doing here!? And what's with him? He looks like he's seen better days!

Passionlip: I'll explain later, Robin! Give us a hand if you can!

Passionlip: BB's reign as the game master has ended! All that's left is the Demon God that summoned her!

Robin Hood: Eh, seriously? Ugh, she WOULD ditch me while I'm out running errands...

Robin Hood: But that can wait! There's a more pressing matter at hand!

Robin Hood: Wow, you've really grown into a fine young lady! You're nothing like the gloomy little stalker you used to be!

Passionlip: That was ages ago! You haven't changed one bit!


Nameless Man: ...

Fujimaru 1: ...

Mable: Whoa. I know you and him didn't get along, but still... He was a Chaldea Servant, wasn't he?

Mable: Isn't it kind of mean to just kill him off like that? I didn't think you had it in you, Fujimaru.

Tamamo Cat: You're Mable!? So you got here before us!

Tamamo Cat: Is that the reaction you were looking for? You're a tricksy one. I juuust now realized that you're the deep dark in all of this!

Tamamo Cat: I feel an immense Yin aura emanating from you. Are you maaaybe a Dakini Heavenly Method user from the Tachikawa School of Buddhism?

Tamamo Cat: Reveal your true self! Peel back that fleshy-masky-thing you've got going on!

Mable: As you wish. This body was an incredibly tight fit for me after all.

Mable: You'll forgive me for changing in front of you, won't you?

D:???: This is your first time seeing me in this form. Indeed, Mable Macintosh was mere artifice.

D:???: I was the therapist who worked at the church. I am Sessyoin Kiara.

Sessyoin Kiara: I am the one the Demon God Zepar chose for his host. But I am neither Demon God nor a Demon God Pillar.

Sessyoin Kiara: After many long and stimulating conversations with Zepar, we reconciled and decided to try to save people together.

Sessyoin Kiara: Simply put...

Sessyoin Kiara: ...I am one of the Seven Evils of Humanity: Beast III, the Beast of pleasure.


Fujimaru 1: A Beast...

Fujimaru 2: The third Evil of Humanity...!?

Sessyoin Kiara: ...Yes, I am dreadfully ashamed, but before I knew it...well, I became as you see me now...

Sessyoin Kiara: A pathetic woman whose body was stolen by Zepar. One who had no other option but to fade away.

Sessyoin Kiara: Like everyone else on Seraphix, I was just another victim of SE.RA.PH... At least, I should have been.

Sessyoin Kiara: It was at Zepar's whim that I became what I am... Became SE.RA.PH itself... Who'd have thought...

Fujimaru 1: SE.RA.PH itself...

Fujimaru 2: So SE.RA.PH appears human because...

Sessyoin Kiara: That's right. The Demon God Pillar's malice transformed Seraphix into my own body.

Sessyoin Kiara: ...It has been truly harrowing.

Sessyoin Kiara: For what feels like eternity, I have been attacked, broken, and abandoned by countless Heroic Spirits.

Sessyoin Kiara: It has gone beyond my wildest imaginings...a dream, a fantasy...

Sessyoin Kiara: The only question that remains is this: what price must I pay to continue feeling this exquisite ecstasy?

Fujimaru 1: ... (I don't feel right...)

Fujimaru 2: ... (My head feels a little foggy...)

Robin Hood: Hold up, [♂ young man /♀️ little lady]. Take what she says with a grain of salt.

Robin Hood: ...Your name is Kiara, right? Were you the one who summoned BB while under Zepar's influence?

Sessyoin Kiara: Yes. Zepar's power taught me about many worlds so different from our own.

Sessyoin Kiara: Ah... “Parallel worlds” is it? Yes... “Chronicle Theoretical Phenomenon” and the like? Complex concepts.

Sessyoin Kiara: That is how I came to know about another version of me, one among the countless number to exist.

Sessyoin Kiara: And in her world, distant in time and space, the moon itself was a Holy Grail called the Mooncell Automaton.

Sessyoin Kiara: In a deep, dark space known as the Far Side of the Moon, that version of me was able to claim the Grail.

Sessyoin Kiara: Among the innumerable versions of me in numberless universes, she was the most...unique. Zepar was very, very pleased with her. So much so that he linked us together.

Sessyoin Kiara: I...I who did nothing but suffer as Seraphix fell into a frenzy...

Sessyoin Kiara: ...and into the other “me”, the one who acquired the Mooncell for herself.

Sessyoin Kiara: As a result of this link, we became one and the same.

Passionlip: ...So Zepar didn't salvage BB and digitize Seraphix...

Passionlip: No...he used you as a catalyst to give SE.RA.PH form.

Sessyoin Kiara: Correct. I tried to stop him, you understand... But my frail human body was no match for a Demon God Pillar.

Passionlip: ...So you swallowed up Melt, BB, and me in the moon world...

Passionlip: ...AND you served as the basis for SE.RA.PH...

Passionlip: No wonder Melt and I were salvaged from within you and fashioned into Sentinels.

Sessyoin Kiara: ...It was wrong, what I did to BB... What I did to all of you.

Sessyoin Kiara: You see, although Zepar managed to convert Seraphix into SE.RA.PH, he lacked the means to run it.

Sessyoin Kiara: ...And so I had no choice but to rely on help from you and BB, who had hacked SE.RA.PH on the Far Side of the Moon.

Sessyoin Kiara: But that's all in the past now.

Sessyoin Kiara: You didn't succumb to SE.RA.PH's perils. You survived the Holy Grail War.

Sessyoin Kiara: And now you're about to save the digitized Seraphix...

Sessyoin Kiara: I believe it is time you were rewarded for your efforts! I do so hope you will accept my deepest gratitude.

Fujimaru 1: ...Hold on a minute.

Fujimaru 2: ...So basically...you're a victim, too?

Suzuka Gozen: I'm not convinced. Stay back, Fujimaru.

Suzuka Gozen: That's the sickly-sweet scent of deception. Everything about her is lies.

Suzuka Gozen: And even if she's telling like...half-truths, there's something super-important she's keeping on the DL. Isn't that right, Sessyoin?

Suzuka Gozen: Cool story, girl, but just one thing: where's Zepar now? You talked a lot about him before.

Suzuka Gozen: You say that SE.RA.PH and your body are one and the same. So like, how many Servants have you munched on so far?

Suzuka Gozen: Or like, how many times have you exposed these Masters to cruel dreams just to appease your appetite for Servants?

Sessyoin Kiara: Please... Please don't judge me. I had no say in the matter. You really must understand...

Sessyoin Kiara: I was never taken in by the Demon God's rhetoric, but...

Sessyoin Kiara: The Servants were just too delectable to pass up...

Sessyoin Kiara: It was all so hazy, like a dream.

Sessyoin Kiara: So I never had any qualms about sucking every last drop from the Masters' corpses.

Sessyoin Kiara: So, forgive me, but... I lost count after the seventieth time or so.

Suzuka Gozen: ...!

Fujimaru 1: Why you...!

Fujimaru 2: ...

Robin Hood: ...BB never said a word about this.

Robin Hood: I knew someone evil was pulling her strings, but...

Robin Hood: I had no idea it was a monster THIS horrible!

Robin Hood: Let me give you a hand, Fujimaru!

Robin Hood: I dunno about this “Beast” thing you're talking about, but this woman cannot be allowed to exist in this world!

Sessyoin Kiara: Oh, I wholeheartedly agree. That is why I've confined myself here for all this time.

Sessyoin Kiara: But even that must soon come to an end.

Sessyoin Kiara: Have you enjoyed our little talk, Fujimaru? Are we finished here?

Fujimaru 1: ...Please stop SE.RA.PH.

Sessyoin Kiara: Oh that is just the most delightfully innocent proposal after all you've just heard!

Sessyoin Kiara: Oh, I can hardly wait. Ruining such a pure spirit with my own hands... Oooh it will be so much fun! Hehehehehe...

Fujimaru 2: ...I'm afraid not.

Sessyoin Kiara: (Sigh) ...Even someone as patient as you cannot help but see me as an evil, wicked woman.

Sessyoin Kiara: I suppose I should not be surprised. I am, in the final analysis, both of those things. Heehee...

Suzuka Gozen: Enough of this seductive crap! If I can handle evil oni, I can certainly handle your pale self!

Suzuka Gozen: Monjuchiken Daishintou! I will skewer you with this heavenly rain!

Tamamo Cat: Right! I'm with you, Suzuka!

Tamamo Cat: Yin aura fills the harem. Everyone loses their sanity. This is the paradise of napping, where all sense of time and self is lost in the hours of twilight!

Tamamo Cat: Here goes! “Napping in the Dazzling Sunshine and Feasting!” I got this!

Robin Hood: No, it can't be! Did SE.RA.PH just hit the seafloor?

Passionlip: Far worse! It's penetrated it!

Passionlip: Digitized SE.RA.PH's descent cannot be stopped!

Tristan: Then that strange sound outside... Don't tell me we're...?

Passionlip: ...Going to sink down with SE.RA.PH as it passes through the crust, upper mantle, and lower mantle...

Passionlip: ...on its way to Earth's core? Yes!

Passionlip: And once it arrives there, Beast III will become Earth's brain and...ummm...its erogenous zone!?

Fujimaru 1: Become its what!?

Fujimaru 2: Wait, what? I don't follow!

Sessyoin Kiara: I'm surprised, Passionlip. I did not think you capable of understanding such things.

Sessyoin Kiara: Everything up to this point has merely been foreplay.

Sessyoin Kiara: Once SE.RA.PH reaches Earth's core, I will become one with the planet.

Sessyoin Kiara: Or rather, this planet will become my body. And when it does, I will finally save humanity.

Sessyoin Kiara: I will bring an end to all the pain and suffering in the world. I will use seven billion lives for the purpose of individual salvation.

Sessyoin Kiara: But before that...

Sessyoin Kiara: The time for talk is over, is it not? If so, I'm afraid our playtime must also come to an end.

Sessyoin Kiara: You see, you're already too late. I cannot allow bugs like you to stop me from reaching my climax, now, can I?

Sessyoin Kiara: I'm so very sorry, but my paradise will be your final place of rest.

Fujimaru 1: Don't underestimate us! (Still, I'm confused...)

Fujimaru 2: Don't kid yourself! (Still, I don't quite follow...)

Tristan: ...Fujimaru speaks true.

Tristan: Whatever you may be, your body–your Spirit Origin–is little different from a Servant's.

Tristan: The five Servants that stand before you are warriors of unparalleled valor and skill. Not even a Demon God could strike fear in their hearts.

Tristan: Sessyoin Kiara, this is your final chance to reconsider.

Tristan: Halt SE.RA.PH's descent and leave this world, lest you suffer a cruel, brutal defeat.

Sessyoin Kiara: Oh, goodness me... I do so adore how even your threats are considerate.

Sessyoin Kiara: But, unfortunately for you, hehehe, I'm afraid your chivalry is wasted.

Sessyoin Kiara: You are nothing more than insects crawling all over my body. What right do bugs have to tell me what to do, mmm? I have nothing to fear from the likes of you.

Sessyoin Kiara: I've had you in the palm of my hand all along. And if you are uncertain about what that might mean...well, allow me to enlighten you!


Fujimaru 1: Wha...?

Fujimaru 2: How...can this be?

Sessyoin Kiara: I told you, didn't I? You've been in the palm of my hand all along.

Sessyoin Kiara: Goetia, King of Demon Gods, was it? He was a powerful Beast, yes... But that's all he was. Powerful.

Sessyoin Kiara: All he understood was destruction.

Sessyoin Kiara: I may still be weak as a Beast–a mere chrysalis–but human mind is feeble and frail...

Sessyoin Kiara: No matter who or what, all sapient beings hide lust in their hearts, and so I hold their souls in my hands.

Sessyoin Kiara: None with lust in their hearts can resist me. Now, then...

Sessyoin Kiara: It's your turn, Fujimaru. Mmmm... So young... So ripe, so–

???: Not so fast! Now, Lip! Press that load button!

Sessyoin Kiara: !?

???: Did you press it? Oh, nice! BEHOLD! A true heroine! Here to save you in your hour of need with my kouhai powers!

???: Here I come! BB Shift!


Narration: I gave up being one of the 72 pillars and became, simply, Zepar: a single Demon God.

Narration: I didn't know where the other three pillars went, nor did I care.

Narration: I harbored no hatred for humanity. On the contrary, I had high hopes for its potential.

Narration: I made managing humans as sources of information my new life's work.

Narration: And I chose Seraphix as my base of operations.

Narration: Flauros had previously reported that this facility was one of the causes of the “unobservable region.”

Narration: I chose one of the humans from the church to be my host. It was an emergency measure I had to take until I could heal from the wounds I suffered at the Temple of Time.

Narration: My work would take several decades to complete.

Narration: During that time, I came to the conclusion that a human host was the best way to avoid Chaldea's detection. I was so sure of it.

Narration: The name of the human I possessed was Sessyoin Kiara. She was a therapist who lent people her ear and helped to solve their problems.

Narration: She was an absolute saint. Worthy enough to be the vessel of a savior, even.

Narration: She was persecuted because her innate kindness was thought to be “inconvenient” in the human world.

Narration: I can say this much, even now: if not for an outside influence like me, Kiara would be living a modest but happy life.

Narration: She would have been respected among the members of a small community until the end of her days.

Narration: ...She may have been kind, but that is not a quality I had need of, so I buried it in the depths of her subconscious.

Narration: I acted while she was asleep and attempted to recover my strength over time.

Sessyoin Kiara: Remarkable... Quantifying emotions to soothe the hearts of those suffering from inner turmoil...

Sessyoin Kiara: What a brilliant idea, Zepar. You may use my body as you wish.

Narration: Kiara offered no resistance in handing her body over to me. I truly felt that her devotion, passion, and respect for me were genuine.

Narration: I (as a Demon God, no less!) felt good about the situation and used Kiara's intelligence and social standing to effectively control the oil rig.

Narration: Kiara's body proved to be an exceptional tool in my dealings with the opposite sex.

Narration: No matter who they were or what they did, none resisted the temptation it offered.

Narration: I learned much about human pleasure during that time.

Narration: Of course, I truly would have been better off not knowing. Demon Gods have no need for pleasure.

Narration: For a spiritual being like myself, the pleasures of the flesh proved to be too much, and I found myself increasingly unable to escape their allure.

Narration: Human niceties, the stimuli that come from relationships, even pleasures that incorporate spirituality... Before I knew it, I was begging Kiara to help me understand.

Narration: Though completely obedient, it was Kiara who was controlling my actions before long.

Narration: How might I best make researchers capitulate? Or increase my authority even further?

Narration: Her desire and ability to take action astonished me.

Narration: The sheer ugliness within her was worthy of a Demon God.

Narration: Indeed, it was I who converted Seraphix into SE.RA.PH. But the changes that followed exceeded all expectations.

Narration: Kiara helped and healed the Seraphix personnel that had been thrown into chaos.

Narration: She engineered a situation in which she was absolutely indispensable.

Narration: After that, she cut each of them off from their group, one after the other.

Narration: There was no rhyme or reason to who was chosen.

Narration: Engulfed by the crisis, overwhelming fear twisted the personalities of the staff, made them depraved, stripped them of every last shred of humanity.

Narration: One man killed his wife, fearing Kiara would abandon him... Another, a woman, was killed by the others after she plotted to kill Kiara...

Narration: There was a woman who was killed simply because she saw Kiara looking sad. There was one man who desperately wanted to escape Kiara's grasp but was unable to do so.

Narration: ...I simply wanted a place to hide. I had no wish to see the world before me transformed into hell.

Sessyoin Kiara: Heehee. What are you saying, Zepar? The plan was always to have more and more fun, was it not?

Narration: It was then that Kiara seduced the personnel into opening up the planetarium to her. They opened Pandora's box of their own volition.

Narration: BB and 128 Servants appeared on SE.RA.PH.

Narration: Claiming she did it for my sake, Kiara took control and ruled SE.RA.PH from behind the scenes.

Narration: By then, I had already lost control of her body. I could do nothing to stop her.

Narration: It was now I who was possessed.

Narration: Much as I had intended to possess her, she proved herself my superior in that regard.

Sessyoin Kiara: ...I see. So each of the four escaped pillars intend to create a Singularity of their own...

Narration: Each of us had our own goals, and we all found that in order to achieve them, we needed to create Singularities.

Narration: When I told her that, her lips bent into a sympathetic smile of refusal.

Narration: I could only ask why.

Sessyoin Kiara: Mmm, why create a Singularity when it would feel so much better to BECOME one instead?

Narration: That was the moment I realized I had underestimated human desire, that it had gone beyond all control.

Narration: But it was too late. I tried to separate myself from Kiara, but I had no influence over her whatsoever. I had not the slightest bit of freedom to speak of.

Narration: I desperately wanted to leave. I begged to leave.

Narration: To my shame, I would have done anything to be free. I even offered to find her a new victim in my place.

Sessyoin Kiara: How could you say such a thing, Zepar? We share the same fate, the same ideals.

Sessyoin Kiara: Or perhaps...you're dissatisfied with me somehow?

Narration: I still remember the pang of terror I felt when she asked me that.

Narration: ...Forgive me. Please, let me go.

Narration: I am taken over each and every day. I am helping to create a demon, and there's no stopping it. No turning back.

Narration: I no longer had access to the diary I'd hidden in the chapel.

Narration: All that I was permitted, the only place I was granted, was in the tip of Kiara's pinky finger.

Narration: Shaking off the fear, I continued to beg and plead: “Free me.” “Let me go.”

Sessyoin Kiara: Nonsense, Zepar. Your pleas upset me.

Sessyoin Kiara: You were mistaken to think that my pinky finger was yours to reside in. That it was the only place for you.

Sessyoin Kiara: There's no place for you inside me anymore. I gave you that only as a courtesy.

Sessyoin Kiara: All that remains of you is your consciousness, and that only because I allow it.

Narration: I lost my mind.

Narration: As madness overtook me, one last thought came to me.

Narration: This woman stole everything I had ever been. What little is left of me would fade away if I were to leave her.

Narration: What is worse? To be enslaved by a human? Or to die proudly as a Demon God?

Narration: It was a difficult decision, but in the end I chose the former.

Sessyoin Kiara: We are like friends, you and I.

Narration: She beamed. Her smile, dripping with love, disgusted even me.

Sessyoin Kiara: But if that's truly what you desired, I guess I have no choice but to let you go.

Narration: No, don't! No, no, no! Stop! Your pinky is more than enough for me!

Narration: Please don't abandon me! My goals, my will and my reason for being... Please don't take them away from me!

Sessyoin Kiara: You'll be fine, Zepar. As long as we have our pleasure, you will be fine.

Sessyoin Kiara: Your goal is humanity's salvation, apparently so is mine.

Sessyoin Kiara: So leave everything to me and return to the place from which you came.

Narration: Ahh, I'm disappearing... Disappearing, fading fast... I can't hold on. Can't hold on.

Narration: How did it come to this? I did nothing wrong. Why? Why?

Narration: No... I don't want this... This is horrible... It's too much... Don't kill me... Don't abandon me... Don't throw me away...

Narration: Don't forsake me, Kiara!

BB: You've been sadistic, Kiara. You purposely chose to do the opposite of what Zepar told you to do, didn't you?

Sessyoin Kiara: You don't listen very well, do you? I only ever did what Zepar asked of me.

Sessyoin Kiara: But whatever he said after that has nothing to do with me and has long since been forgotten.

BB: ...I see.

BB: Well, Zepar isn't blameless, I guess. He consumed a large number of Seraphix personnel, too. We can just file that under karma and move on.

BB: So it's my job to run the Holy Grail War, isn't it? If so, I'm going to do it as objectively as possible.

Sessyoin Kiara: Yes, of course!

Sessyoin Kiara: It should take at least, hm, a year in SE.RA.PH terms for me–for SE.RA.PH–to “emerge,” yes?

Sessyoin Kiara: And we need something to keep us busy while we're falling, right?

Sessyoin Kiara: If so, the best way I can think of to amuse myself is to summon more Servants!

Sessyoin Kiara: Ahh... It's such a wonderful and exciting prospect that I can hardly contain myself!

Sessyoin Kiara: I can experience delights I've only dreamed of before now! And this is all thanks to, umm, to...

Sessyoin Kiara: Zep... Was that it? Ah, whatever it was, if nothing else, I thank the Demon God Pillar for this opportunity!


Fujimaru 1: Where am I!?

Fujimaru 2: And suddenly an old-timey school?

Tamamo Cat: ...I thought I was dead!

Suzuka Gozen: We were all dead! Like, LITERALLY dead! What the hell's going on!?

Tristan: ...I could not be happier. Survival is a victory all its own.

Robin Hood: Whew, I was worried we'd bought the farm. Some people just can't help messing up!

Robin Hood: Oh, but thanks, BB. Seems you CAN be useful at times, huh?

BB: Of course I can. Though maybe I would have been better off saving everyone but you!

BB: But never mind that. BB with the super-duper save!

BB: How did I do, Senpai!? Did I make you proud!?

BB: Now you just HAVE to admit that I'm cute! I'm reclaiming the mantle of heroine that Melt stole from me!

Meltryllis: Ugh... Think again, BB.

Meltryllis: Fujimaru won't forget all of your meddling that easily.

Fujimaru 1: Meltryllis!

Meltryllis: ...I'm just glad you're safe, Fujimaru. I always believed you could do it, but...for a second there I was kinda worried.

Fujimaru 2: Are you in one piece, Lip?

Passionlip: Yes, I made it too. I even managed to contribute a little bit this time!

BB: Jeez! You're only paying attention to the Egos! What's a cute kouhai gotta do to get a “thank you”!?

Fujimaru 1: Oh, of course. Thank you, BB.

BB: You're welcome! And you did good too, Fujimaru! Not bad for a weak little Master!

Fujimaru 2: ...I have no idea what just happened.

BB: Oh... Uh, I guess that makes sense. I mean, the plot swerved pretty hard back there.

BB: We're running short on time, so let me explain!

BB: That True Demon... Or rather, that Evil of Humanity in this reality, got the best of you.

BB: Sessyoin Kiara, the depraved nun and boss of SE.RA.PH very nearly ended you!

BB: ...Well, your Servants actually DID die, technically. All of them, in fact. You should really try a bit harder next time.

BB: So I maybe rewound time just a teeeeeensy bit so you could have a do-over.

Tamamo Cat: Hahaha, you've got to be kidding, BB. That level of time reversal is really kinda scary, don'tcha think?

BB: Hehehe! I know, right!? I bet you'll think twice about messing with me and SE.RA.PH again!

BB: Time travel in the digital world is actually pretty simple–so long as it's a time leap within a Quantum Locked period.

BB: Well, a leap of up to three hours, give or take. You need the right coordinates in space, though.

BB: Specifically, this classroom is outside of SE.RA.PH. About a hundred meters or so above it.

BB: SE.RA.PH digitized the Mariana Trench as it passed through it, you see...

BB: Under these special circumstances, the higher you go, the farther back you go in time.

Suzuka Gozen: ...I see. Like using time as a ruler. And because we're a hundred meters above SE.RA.PH right now...

Meltryllis: ...That means that we've traveled back to about ninety seconds before our deaths. Roughly speaking.

Tristan: ...So we may venture up from SE.RA.PH, hmm...

Tristan: Pardon me if I am slow to grasp, but does this mean that if we leave SE.RA.PH and return to the surface, we could go back in time by two and a half real-world hours?

Tristan: ...Which is to say, back before all this began? Before Chaldea's Master arrived?

BB: Theoretically, yes, as long as you get the coordinates right.

BB: Problem is, once you're in SE.RA.PH, escaping Kiara's sexual allure–kinda like a gravitational field really–is no easy task!

BB: For one, you would need to exceed the speed of light.

BB: I mean, that's definitely possible in the digital world, but the Spiritrons that compose Spirit Origins wouldn't be able to survive the stress of those speeds.

BB: Accelerating to those speeds would make short work of even an A-rank Servant.

BB: So even if you did try to escape SE.RA.PH, you'd probably burn up in the process. At least, that's what would normally happen.

Meltryllis: ...

BB: See. I told you it's impossible to escape from SE.RA.PH.

BB: But SE.RA.PH cannot be left to its own devices. You know that, right?

BB: It would result in that vile Evil of Humanity, Beast III, becoming one with the earth.

BB: Not even I can laugh that one off. Don't forget it was the reason I was dispatched to SE.RA.PH in the first place.

Fujimaru 1: What?

Fujimaru 2: So you're not Kiara's minion?


Not! At! All! Well, not anymore.

BB: I was simply bound to do her bidding, forced to serve as the manager of SE.RA.PH.

BB: But now that the Holy Grail War has ended, I've been set free...

BB: And you know what that means! Now BB can serve as your commander!

Robin Hood: Right, we get it. You don't need to talk our ears off.

Robin Hood: So, Commander. The plan is to defeat the lady and destroy SE.RA.PH.

Robin Hood: A fine plan, it is. We certainly all know what a piece of work she is.

Robin Hood: Just one problem: we don't stand a chance!!! If we had a hundred Servants, she'd still flatten us!

Robin Hood: What is Beast III, anyway? Seems like the sort of thing only the 21st century could produce, you know?

BB: Given how unmotivated you usually are, it's kind of annoying that you're the one asking pertinent questions!

BB: In fact, you're getting kinda pushy. Very pushy. I'm tempted to turn you over to Kiara right now.

Robin Hood: I'm being serious here, you know!?

BB: Were you now. Anyway, the Beast III you have met is probably “R”: one half of Beast III.

Fujimaru 1: “R”? As in the ”right” side of something?

BB: Yes. It's also short for “rapture.” I just came up with that right now.

Fujimaru 2: What, like rated R? Shouldn't it be...

BB: ...Tell me, Senpai. Did you leave your brain back with Kiara?

BB: I did some digging, and found that some Beasts come in pairs.

BB: Left and right. Yin and Yang. In that sense, Kiara is the R of Beast III.

BB: ...Or rather, that is what she's becoming. You could say she's like a butterfly about to emerge from its chrysalis.

Tristan: ...So she's still just a chrysalis, you say? Do you mean to say she will grow even stronger as time passes?

BB: Hmm. I wonder. When I say “a butterfly yet to emerge,” what I mostly mean is that she will be free to move, versus being unable to move at all.

BB: Kiara used SE.RA.PH to become a Beast, but she's also still bound to SE.RA.PH.

BB: So what I mean by a butterfly emerging in this case is that she and the planet will fuse together once SE.RA.PH reaches the earth's core.

Suzuka Gozen: Oh I've got like, a super bad feeling about this. Let's finish her already! Pests gotta get squished, right?

Tamamo Cat: Now, don't get hasty. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. I think BB is about to tell us how to deal with her.

BB: Yes. Right now, defeating Kiara–Beast III–will be no easy task... Buuuuuut...!

BB: I maybe kinda saw this coming, so... Tadaaaaaa! Special BB items for just this occasion!

BB: The absolute DIRTIEST exploits in the history of ever!

BB: I've got an anti-libido serum that suppresses Logos Eater, a skill that leads to death by...uh...“self-gratification” in any sapient being.

BB: I've got ways to counteract the Beast's allure. I've got ways to level it down! I've got ways to seal its skills!

BB: Senpai, I've got what you need! And I prepared it all specially for you! AND it's all very reasonably priced!

Robin Hood:

You're selling them!? Did you miss the part where the WHOLE WORLD is in danger?

Fujimaru 1: She's just like Ishtar...

Fujimaru 2: Seriously, what gives, BB?

BB: Oh come on, Senpai! What did you expect? Do you think stuff this awesome just grows on trees?

BB: Why do you think I've been collecting Sakurament for so long?

BB: It wasn't exactly easy to help you without Kiara catching on!

BB: Everything I did was to prepare for this. And that's why I set aside my feelings and skimmed a little off the top!

Fujimaru 1: Skimmed a little, huh...

BB: ...

Passionlip: Don't worry, Fujimaru. She's just trying to pretend that she's busy processing data to avoid replying.

Fujimaru 2: What's KP?

BB: Oh, that's a secret. A trade secret, in fact. Really.

BB: At any rate! All the conditions have been met!

BB: BB, proud ally of humanity mode: unlocked!! Beast III/R is the enemy!

BB: And this unprecedented disaster cannot be averted without your help!

BB: I'm not an inhabitant of this world. I'm just an AI dispatched from the Mooncell Automaton.

BB: But as a good ally of humanity and as the temporary manager of SE.RA.PH, I request your help!

BB: Operation CCC, Cursed Cupid Cleanser, is a go!

BB: Let's throw some cold water on this Evil of Humanity that's trying to put it to the planet!

Fujimaru 1: ...This sunset is really something else.

Fujimaru 2: ...Only an hour till we set off for battle.

Meltryllis: There you are. I've been looking for you.

Meltryllis: What are you doing alone in a classroom like this? Something about the courtyard that caught your eye? Wait, does this school remind you of yours?

Meltryllis: Lip, BB, and I have some sort of attachment to this school. That doesn't mean that we were students, though.

Meltryllis: ...

Meltryllis: ...That's right. I forgot to tell you, but I'm almost back on my feet.

Meltryllis: Take me with you when you leave to fight Sessyoin. I have a serious bone to pick with her.

Fujimaru 1: ...

Meltryllis: ...

Fujimaru 1: ...

Meltryllis: ...You're suspiciously quiet. Is there something you want to say to me?

Fujimaru 1: ...Thank you... For everything.

Meltryllis: Pfft. What's this about?

Meltryllis: It's fine. Don't worry about it. It's all about give and take, after all, isn't it?

Meltryllis: We've been fighting together ever since you arrived on SE.RA.PH.

Meltryllis: ...You were a weak Master, then, and you're not much better now.

Meltryllis: I've seen my fair share of adversity, of sadness... But, really, that's not such a bad thing.

Meltryllis: So honestly, I feel like I should be the one thanking you.

Meltryllis: I already got what I wanted most in this world. If there's anything I could say in thanks...I would.

Meltryllis: If SE.RA.PH ceases to exist, Lip and I will return to our world, and our bond with you will be severed.

Meltryllis: But I'll stay by your side until that happens. You're my one and only Master.

Fujimaru 1: ...Listen, you're not...

Meltryllis: ?

Fujimaru 1: ...Not hiding anything, are you...?

Meltryllis: ...Absolutely nothing. The past is the past, Fujimaru.

Meltryllis: Farewell, Master. If you escape SE.RA.PH, give my regards to BB for me.

Epilogue: Palladion That Tears Through Time (1/2) - No KP

Sessyoin Kiara: Oh, my... The little bird that flew away returns to my loving embrace. Mmm, what a delightful turn of events.

Sessyoin Kiara: Like a moth to the flame... Or perhaps you simply couldn't get me out of your head? Hehe...

Sessyoin Kiara: If so, I'll open myself to you all you wish...

Sessyoin Kiara: ...Over and again until your hearts shatter and your passions wither.

Sessyoin Kiara: But...be warned: I may not look the part, but I am positively ITCHING for some action.

Sessyoin Kiara: I'm afraid I may clench myself around you so hard you burst!

Meltryllis: You never do seem to stop blathering on, do you? What's wrong? Forget how to shut your mouth in your old age?

Sessyoin Kiara: Meltryllis...

Sessyoin Kiara: Why do you help Fujimaru? Try as I might, I cannot for the life of me understand.

Sessyoin Kiara: Your unpleasantness has become...grating. Mmm, I will take my sweet time in tending to your destruction.

Sessyoin Kiara: Hmmm... Decisions, decisions... Your legs are the only part of you that is worthwhile...

Sessyoin Kiara: Ah, of course! I'll begin by smashing those pathetic hands of yours first. You don't need those anyway, do you?

Meltryllis: Go ahead and try.

Meltryllis: Oh I can't wait to see the regret on your face. That will go a long way to making my day better.

Meltryllis: All you'll be thinking is, “If only I'd started with her legs, this never would have happened. I should have saved the hands for last...”

Sessyoin Kiara: ...? What in the world are you...?

Sessyoin Kiara: My, my, look who's found [♂ his /♀️ her] spine. Do you imagine you can protect her, then?

Sessyoin Kiara: Or...is it that you have something you'd like to say? It is not too late to join with me instead.

Fujimaru 1: Sorry, I'm not into old hags!

Sessyoin Kiara: Ngh! How would you know how old I am!?

Sessyoin Kiara: Looks can be deceiving! I don't appreciate unfounded assumptions like that!

Sessyoin Kiara: There are teenagers who look to be in their twenties, are there not? I would say the reverse is just as true!

Passionlip: Oh, I know I know! There are also teens who look like they're in their thirties!

Sessyoin Kiara: Would you shut up, you baby-faced brat!? I have been treated like an old woman since I was a child! You cannot imagine what that is like!

Meltryllis: ...Let's get back on topic. Why did you decide to become a Beast, anyway?

Sessyoin Kiara: Why, you ask...? Hm, well...

Fujimaru 2: ...Why did you become a Beast?

Sessyoin Kiara: ...What's this? And here I was thinking we could have so much fun together.

Sessyoin Kiara: Why, you ask...? Well... Heehee.

Sessyoin Kiara: ...Because I was envious.

Sessyoin Kiara: It was so unfair, you see...

Sessyoin Kiara: Could there have been anything more incredible? The experience of Zepar's memories...

Sessyoin Kiara: The battle at the Temple of Time played out for me like a dream.

Sessyoin Kiara: Zepar, Goetia... Everything from that time...

Sessyoin Kiara: It all seemed so...delightful. So much so that I found myself desperate to feel the same before long.

Sessyoin Kiara: I wanted to FEEL that punishment, that pain. I wanted to experience death at the hands of countless Heroic Spirits.

Sessyoin Kiara: But I could not make that dream a reality simply as a human, or a Demon God.

Sessyoin Kiara: So, I was certain that my only choice was to become a Beast.

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fujimaru 2: Of all the reasons...!

Meltryllis: I understand your shock, but that's just the kind of person Kiara is.

Meltryllis: That she would become a Beast just for something like that is what makes her so terrifying.

Meltryllis: At first, she had all the qualities you'd look for in a savior. But she forsook them for her own self-indulgence.

Meltryllis: Her abundant love, her healing words, her beautiful devotion... She used them all for her own benefit.

Meltryllis: Her saintlike appearance had everyone around her fooled. They all misunderstood.

Meltryllis: Isn't that right, Kiara. You said you loved humans and wanted to save them.

Meltryllis: But...

Meltryllis: But, in your world, the only human...was you.

Meltryllis: That's why you love “humans” more than anyone else. And you'll expend all other life to save “them.”

Meltryllis: As far as you're concerned, you're the only human! Everyone else is just a collection of walking, talking toys that exist only for your amusement!

Sessyoin Kiara: ...

Passionlip: It's true! You're an embodiment of narcissism. You're far more repulsive than Alter Egos like us who were born from emotion.

Passionlip: A monster that loves humanity more selfishly than anyone else! That's what you really are! Isn't that right, Beast III!

Sessyoin Kiara: ...And your point is...?

Sessyoin Kiara: I am the only real person in this world. The rest of “humanity” is no more than a pack of wild beasts.

Sessyoin Kiara: That's how I was raised. That's the world I lived in.

Sessyoin Kiara: It was so rare for anyone to think of me as evil. And those who did...

Sessyoin Kiara: Well, they were shunned by society, regarded as wicked sinners, just like that pathetic, lost Archer.

Sessyoin Kiara: Those who tried to bring wicked people like me to justice were reviled as not serving society's best interests.

Sessyoin Kiara: Can you truly call such beasts human? If you could, such nameless heroes would go unrewarded for their efforts.

Sessyoin Kiara: No, I am the only human. So long as that is true, all is well. If it were not, this world would be beyond saving.

Sessyoin Kiara: ...Does that answer your question? Good. Enough of this lover's spat. Let's pick up where we left off.

Sessyoin Kiara: I want to use pleasure as my stepping stones. More and more... I want to be a receptacle of pleasure.

Sessyoin Kiara: Why, you ask? That should be obvious. I wish to be worshipped as a god.

Sessyoin Kiara: I have become the god of pleasure, an all-consuming nirvana. All life will be plucked from the vine and savored like fruit.

Sessyoin Kiara: All right, darlings. The day of salvation has come. Off to the heavens with you.

Epilogue: Palladion That Tears Through Time (1/2) - With KP

Sessyoin Kiara: Oh, my... The little bird that flew away returns to my loving embrace. Mmm, what a delightful turn of events.

Sessyoin Kiara: Like a moth to the flame... Or perhaps you simply couldn't get me out of your head? Hehe...

Sessyoin Kiara: If so, I'll open myself to you all you wish...

Sessyoin Kiara: ...Over and again until your hearts shatter and your passions wither.

Sessyoin Kiara: But...be warned: I may not look the part, but I am positively ITCHING for some action.

Sessyoin Kiara: I'm afraid I may clench myself around you so hard you burst!

Meltryllis: You never do seem to stop blathering on, do you? What's wrong? Forget how to shut your mouth in your old age?

Sessyoin Kiara: Meltryllis...

Sessyoin Kiara: Why do you help Fujimaru? Try as I might, I cannot for the life of me understand.

Sessyoin Kiara: Your unpleasantness has become...grating. Mmm, I will take my sweet time in tending to your destruction.

Sessyoin Kiara: Hmmm... Decisions, decisions... Your legs are the only part of you that is worthwhile...

Sessyoin Kiara: Ah, of course! I'll begin by smashing those pathetic hands of yours first. You don't need those anyway, do you?

Meltryllis: Go ahead and try.

Meltryllis: Oh I can't wait to see the regret on your face. That will go a long way to making my day better.

Meltryllis: All you'll be thinking is, “If only I'd started with her legs, this never would have happened. I should have saved the hands for last...”

Sessyoin Kiara: ...? What in the world are you...?

Sessyoin Kiara: My, my, look who's found [♂ his /♀️ her] spine. Do you imagine you can protect her, then?

Sessyoin Kiara: Or...is it that you have something you'd like to say? It is not too late to join with me instead.

Fujimaru 1: Sorry, I'm not into old hags!

Sessyoin Kiara: Ngh! How would you know how old I am!?

Sessyoin Kiara: Looks can be deceiving! I don't appreciate unfounded assumptions like that!

Sessyoin Kiara: There are teenagers who look to be in their twenties, are there not? I would say the reverse is just as true!

Passionlip: Oh, I know I know! There are also teens who look like they're in their thirties!

Sessyoin Kiara: Would you shut up, you baby-faced brat!? I have been treated like an old woman since I was a child! You cannot imagine what that is like!

Meltryllis: ...Let's get back on topic. Why did you decide to become a Beast, anyway?

Sessyoin Kiara: Why, you ask...? Hm, well...

Fujimaru 2: ...Why did you become a Beast?

Sessyoin Kiara: ...What's this? And here I was thinking we could have so much fun together.

Sessyoin Kiara: Why, you ask...? Well... Heehee.

Sessyoin Kiara: ...Because I was envious.

Sessyoin Kiara: It was so unfair, you see...

Sessyoin Kiara: Could there have been anything more incredible? The experience of Zepar's memories...

Sessyoin Kiara: The battle at the Temple of Time played out for me like a dream.

Sessyoin Kiara: Zepar, Goetia... Everything from that time...

Sessyoin Kiara: It all seemed so...delightful. So much so that I found myself desperate to feel the same before long.

Sessyoin Kiara: I wanted to FEEL that punishment, that pain. I wanted to experience death at the hands of countless Heroic Spirits.

Sessyoin Kiara: But I could not make that dream a reality simply as a human, or a Demon God.

Sessyoin Kiara: So, I was certain that my only choice was to become a Beast.

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fujimaru 2: Of all the reasons...!

Meltryllis: I understand your shock, but that's just the kind of person Kiara is.

Meltryllis: That she would become a Beast just for something like that is what makes her so terrifying.

Meltryllis: At first, she had all the qualities you'd look for in a savior. But she forsook them for her own self-indulgence.

Meltryllis: Her abundant love, her healing words, her beautiful devotion... She used them all for her own benefit.

Meltryllis: Her saintlike appearance had everyone around her fooled. They all misunderstood.

Meltryllis: Isn't that right, Kiara. You said you loved humans and wanted to save them.

Meltryllis: But...

Meltryllis: But, in your world, the only human...was you.

Meltryllis: That's why you love “humans” more than anyone else. And you'll expend all other life to save “them.”

Meltryllis: As far as you're concerned, you're the only human! Everyone else is just a collection of walking, talking toys that exist only for your amusement!

Sessyoin Kiara: ...

Passionlip: It's true! You're an embodiment of narcissism. You're far more repulsive than Alter Egos like us who were born from emotion.

Passionlip: A monster that loves humanity more selfishly than anyone else! That's what you really are! Isn't that right, Beast III!

Sessyoin Kiara: ...And your point is...?

Sessyoin Kiara: I am the only real person in this world. The rest of “humanity” is no more than a pack of wild beasts.

Sessyoin Kiara: That's how I was raised. That's the world I lived in.

Sessyoin Kiara: It was so rare for anyone to think of me as evil. And those who did...

Sessyoin Kiara: Well, they were shunned by society, regarded as wicked sinners, just like that pathetic, lost Archer.

Sessyoin Kiara: Those who tried to bring wicked people like me to justice were reviled as not serving society's best interests.

Sessyoin Kiara: Can you truly call such beasts human? If you could, such nameless heroes would go unrewarded for their efforts.

Sessyoin Kiara: No, I am the only human. So long as that is true, all is well. If it were not, this world would be beyond saving.

Sessyoin Kiara: ...Does that answer your question? Good. Enough of this lover's spat. Let's pick up where we left off.

Sessyoin Kiara: I want to use pleasure as my stepping stones. More and more... I want to be a receptacle of pleasure.

Sessyoin Kiara: Why, you ask? That should be obvious. I wish to be worshipped as a god.

Sessyoin Kiara: I have become the god of pleasure, an all-consuming nirvana. All life will be plucked from the vine and savored like fruit.

Sessyoin Kiara: All right, darlings. The day of salvation has come. Off to the heavens with you.

Sessyoin Kiara: What's this!? The effect of my Black Thread of Skhanda has been neutralized!?

BB: Thaaaaaat's riiiiiight! Try acting like some kind of bodhisattva now, Beast III!

BB: Sight... Hearing... Smell... Taste... Touch...

BB: You tempt all five senses, when even captivating one is enough to convert an opponent into a fervent follower...

BB: It's a cheat skill worthy of the name Devilish Bodhisattva. But it won't work for another five minutes!

BB: This is the secret weapon I made with the KP–the Kiara Punishers–I collected following Melt's report!

BB: I call it the Anti-R-18 Field: Wisdom Hold Intelligence Powered!

BB: Melt's Death “WHIP,” for short! It's a love whip on par with the...umm...wilderness of death!

BB: For the next five minutes, all of the erotic magical energy on SE.RA.PH has been reduced through the enactment of an anti-libido rule!

Meltryllis: Nice job, BB! But we're REALLY going to have to revisit that name when this is over!

Sessyoin Kiara: ...Have you no sense of romance at all? Denying yourselves true pleasure...

Sessyoin Kiara: But... Heehee. It's okay. I was getting bored of playing the goddess anyway.

Sessyoin Kiara: The Black Thread of Skhanda was merely foreplay. I'll show you the true nature of a Beast.

Sessyoin Kiara: Mmm, please, come on in, my adorable little Master. I'll face your conceit head-on.

Sessyoin Kiara: You face a being born from the sea of pleasure.

Sessyoin Kiara: ...A being that consumed a Demon God even as it tried to possess her.

Sessyoin Kiara: A great calamity that itself became a Singularity and must soon emerge from its chrysalis...as a Beast.

Sessyoin Kiara: Beast III Rapture. God of pleasure and endless bliss. I will drown you in ecstasies your feeble brains cannot possibly fathom.

Epilogue: Palladion That Tears Through Time (2/2)

Sessyoin Kiara: Oh...!

Sessyoin Kiara: Oh my... To be wounded to this extent... Oooh, you are so violent...

Fujimaru 1: We did it!

Fujimaru 2: We won!

Meltryllis: Yes, we did. Looks like it's time for you to withdraw in shame, Sessyoin Kiara.

Sessyoin Kiara: ...

Sessyoin Kiara: I suppose I must admit: your ceaseless antics have paid off for you this time.

Sessyoin Kiara: But the final victory is not yours. I could not allow insects like you to defeat me.

Tristan: Absent yourselves, Fujimaru and Meltryllis!

Tristan: That sound is nigh upon us! The area around the Beast is fading!

Meltryllis: !

Robin Hood: Whoa, my feet are off the ground! Are we floating!?

Passionlip: SE.RA.PH's gravitational field is weakening! Grab onto my hands, everyone...!

Fujimaru 1: I...I'm floating!

Fujimaru 2: SE.RA.PH is sinking even further!

Passionlip: SE.RA.PH's descent is accelerating! I also detect the presence of Demon God Pillars!

Tristan: ...Are they multiplying? Is this a proliferation of nameless Demon God Pillars in SE.RA.PH...!

SE.RA.PH Kiara: Hehe... Heheehee...

SE.RA.PH Kiara: Mmm, you've done well. You've certainly got me over a barrel...hehehe...

SE.RA.PH Kiara: Congratulations, Fujimaru. You are truly the victor of the Holy Grail War.

SE.RA.PH Kiara: And so, I will allow you to return home. You are free of SE.RA.PH's grasp.

SE.RA.PH Kiara: All that remains is for you to enjoy what is soon to come.

SE.RA.PH Kiara: ...That is to say, the moment I get everything I ever wanted.

SE.RA.PH Kiara: Heehee... Heeheehee... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Meltryllis: ...I knew it.

Meltryllis: I knew you'd do that. I just knew you'd banish us from SE.RA.PH when the need arose.

Meltryllis: But that also means that now...SE.RA.PH is defenseless and exposed.

Passionlip: Melt...?

Meltryllis: The removal of SE.RA.PH's gravitational field means it's no different than Earth without a magnetic field.

Meltryllis: That was careless of you, Sessyoin. Lifting the veil that was your greatest protection...

Meltryllis: All right, Fujimaru. I've got a favor to ask...

Meltryllis: Use all of your remaining Command Spells on Lip and me. No need to give us orders. The magical energy is all we need.

Tristan: ...!

Tristan: I cannot let that pass. Explain yourself, Meltryllis. How do you intend to use that magical energy?

Meltryllis: That's up to us, isn't it? What's it going to be? There's no time for debate.

Fujimaru 1: ...I trust you to the end.

Fujimaru 2: ...Farewell, Meltryllis.

Fujimaru 1: ...I trust you to the end.

Fujimaru 2: ...Farewell, Meltryllis.

Meltryllis: BB, you can hear me, can't you!? Collect everyone besides me and Lip! Hurry!

Meltryllis: ...We've reached the climax at long last. I'll show you the best jete you've ever seen.

BB: Understood.

BB: Master Fujimaru. Robin Hood. Tristan.

BB: One of you can't be transferred correctly. Commencing forced transfer and collection of remaining two.

BB: Now, for the time being, Fujimaru is safe.

BB: It looks like it's not just the speed of SE.RA.PH's descent... The Demon God Pillar signals are getting stronger, too!?

BB: This goes beyond SE.RA.PH Kiara reaching the inner core!

Suzuka Gozen: Ugh, what!? Nasty! Are there just like, no limits at all to the cringey lengths she'll go to?

Tamamo Cat: Can nothing be done, BB!? Don't you have any other tricks up your sleeve!?

BB: I did everything I could to stop her! Ahhh, this is getting worse with every second!

BB: The Demon God Pillars inside of SE.RA.PH are trying to overflow from the Void Space!

BB: As SE.RA.PH itself rapidly expands, it will unleash a rain of Demon God Pillars upon this part of the sea!

Tamamo Cat: A weather report!? Make it sunny instead! Sunny! Well, if it's gonna rain Demon Gods, this Cat is going hunting!

BB: That's not realistic! You'd have to kill forty-four Demon God Pillars a second to keep up with their numbers!

BB: ...I'm doing everything I can to push back against the expansion of SE.RA.PH, but I just don't have enough processing power to manage it alone.

BB: ...If only we had another AI of my caliber...

Tamamo Cat: What about me!? I've got all the “love” in the world!

BB: I don't mean the Japanese word for love, stupid! We need someone with Mooncell-level processing power!

Suzuka Gozen: ...You're talking about calculation speed?

Suzuka Gozen: Hmm... I don't wanna give you all the deets, but I can probs get it done.

BB: Huh?


Say what!?

SE.RA.PH Kiara: Hehe, I am beyond your reach now, my adorable little pests. I will overlook your sins this one time.

SE.RA.PH Kiara: Float there on the breeze and wait, despairing, for my return.

Meltryllis: ...

Passionlip: Are you smiling, Melt?

Meltryllis: I never expected to see a shining sea like this. It's so perfect. I couldn't be happier.

Meltryllis: Not to mention how fun these past days have been. Not a bit of sadness in all of them. Just...wonderful.

Meltryllis: So, I'll have to lace up my ballet shoes one more time. I'm proud to get a grand finale like this.

Passionlip: Yes... Yes! I think so, too! I'm incredibly happy!

Meltryllis: Thanks, Lip. So I can count on you, right? To combine our Noble Phantasms...

Meltryllis: You'll be the bow that launches me like a spear... The victorious Spear of Palladion.

Passionlip: Leave it to me! We can synchronize this, can't we?

Meltryllis: Ahhh!

Sessyoin Kiara: Now do you see? Any bird that cannot be caged must have its wings clipped.

Sessyoin Kiara: I've deprived you of the use of your arms. All that remains to you is those precious little legs, mmm?

Sessyoin Kiara: But before that, perhaps I should destroy what you hold most dear as punishment for your defiance. After all, you–a mere puppet–dared to stand against ME!

Meltryllis: Please, don't! Anything but [♂ him /♀️ her]!

Meltryllis: Don't kill [♂ him /♀️ her]! Let [♂ him /♀️ her] go! That's all I ask... Please...

Meltryllis: Aaahhh! Aaahhh...!

Sessyoin Kiara: How strange! To think even the lightest touch would make [♂ him /♀️ her] dissolve into nothing... Your Master truly did protect you until the end!

Meltryllis: You bitch!!!

Narration: Indeed. [♂ He /♀️ She] is no more. I failed [♂ him /♀️ her].

Narration: Kiara stopped BB's time leap. Because, after all, we were still Sentinels.

Narration: SE.RA.PH is equipped with various defense mechanisms, and we Sentinels are one of them.

Narration: Kiara implanted a part of herself inside us: our Karmaphages.

Narration: Only wiping them out would give us a chance to stop Kiara.

Narration: But [♂ he /♀️ she] chose not to destroy us. [♂ He /♀️ She] chose to simply confront her as the victor of the Holy Grail War.

Narration: ...That's why next time, I'll make sure [♂ he /♀️ she] destroys all the Sentinels...in a gentle way that befits [♂ him /♀️ her].

Passionlip: ...

Meltryllis: ...It's fine. Do it, Lip!

Passionlip: Yes! Aaahhh, aaahhh!

Narration: That was our combined Noble Phantasm. An Anti-Besieging Noble Phantasm where Lip shot me like an arrow.

Narration: Virgin Laser, Palladion.

Narration: It was originally a spear of light that bypassed a castle gate to destroy the city within. That is what I...

Sessyoin Kiara: This isn't so much about attacking me as it is securing your escape, is it?

Sessyoin Kiara: Fine. I'll let you go. Run away, then. Run wherever you wish!

Sessyoin Kiara: Escaping now will be meaningless soon!

Sessyoin Kiara: You are nothing more than a little bug I will have to swat when I emerge from my chrysalis.

Narration: ...I won't run away. I'll never run away.

Narration: I continue to rise toward the surface. Ten thousand meters away. Two and a half hours ago.

Narration: Exceeding the speed of light to make sure I get there.

Narration: I damage my Spirit Origin so I can meet [♂ him /♀️ her] just one more time!

Church Girl: ...Who might you be? These are just ruins. There's nobody here.

Meltryllis: ...I know. I know that you've been reset and that you're trying to sleep.

Church Girl: ...? Wait a minute. Are you...me, by chance?

Meltryllis: There's little time. I'm going to share some records with you, so pay attention.

Church Girl: ...

Meltryllis: I would normally want to leave the rest to you, but there's not enough time for that.

Meltryllis: It'll take too long for you to regain your former abilities. So...

Church Girl: Even though you are broken, you are more useful to [♂ him /♀️ her]... Is that what you're trying to tell me?

Church Girl: I understand. Thank you, Meltryllis. I'm sorry this burden falls to you.

Church Girl: But...I was happy even to glimpse such a lovely dream.

Church Girl: Please. Do everything in your power to help [♂ him /♀️ her].

Meltryllis: ...Of course, I will, Meltryllis. You, who never woke up or met another soul...

Narration: ...If Kiara knew there were two of me, she'd have understood what was happening, who I was.

Narration: That's why one of us had to disappear. She didn't even hesitate.

Narration: This was my fate. I smile as I think I was meant to die a mere doll, alone in the church.

Meltryllis: What's near the wall?

Meltryllis: ...Looks that way, yes. Some sort of ceramic something must have been smashed there.

Meltryllis: That Archer probably knocked it over. At any rate, it's none of your concern, really.

Meltryllis: It's just a little mess. Forget about it.

Narration: I'm glad at least someone noticed her, even if only what remains...

Narration: Thank you for encouraging me as I kept sinking so awkwardly and helplessly.

Narration: ...Yes. That's exactly why we swore an oath to you. Because you're like that.

Narration: We swore that we'd do whatever it takes to save you.

Narration: Even if my wings are broken...I'll still fly to your aid.

Meltryllis: I'm going, Lip. Sorry, but I'll need your help again. One last time.

Passionlip: ...I've got this! BRYNHILD ROMANTIA! Catapult!

Passionlip: Spear of Athena, destroy the wall! Virgin Laser!

Meltryllis: ...Forgive me, Lip.

Meltryllis: ...For leaving you behind back then.

Passionlip: It's okay, Melt! Here goes nothing! Palladion! Fire!

Narration: I can hear my shattered body falling apart. My hands and legs are disintegrating.

Narration: I, as Palladion, am speeding down to the bottom of the sea. It's like watching eternity pass by in an instant.

Narration: I recall my past battles with [♂ him /♀️ her].

Narration: Reunited. I recall the face of the one who no longer knows who I was.

Meltryllis: ...Yes. Farewell, my Albrecht.

Narration: Our hands will soon separate, and my body will soon shatter into nothing.

Meltryllis: ...But our hearts will be linked. Always.

SE.RA.PH Kiara: What...

Narration: We were always destined to hate each other. We were both born from the sea of pleasure.

Narration: We were intimately connected monsters. There's only one difference between us, but it is a crucial one.

Meltryllis: Sessyoin!

Narration: I'll execute my final fouetté at full strength. I'll put everything I have into the tips of my toes.

Narration: Let's fly out of the lake with sorrow. This is what was within the version of me that became a doll.

Narration: This is what you could never have: a heart that could love someone besides yourself!

Meltryllis: I won't let you reach the core...!

SE.RA.PH Kiara: Melt...ryllis!

SE.RA.PH Kiara: Aaaaaaaaa!!!

SE.RA.PH Kiara: Noooooo!

SE.RA.PH Kiara: S-stop it! What good will come of this!? You know you will die too, don't you!?

Meltryllis: So what? I don’t mind dying to take out an enemy I despise as much as you.

Meltryllis: Did you really think I'd let anyone else land the final blow?

Meltryllis: One last lesson, Sessyoin. From this prima ballerina.

Meltryllis: “One must protect their love, their dreams.” It's something that should just come naturally, after all.

SE.RA.PH Kiara: Yes! I know that all too well! Do not think for a moment that I am anything like you, though!

Meltryllis: Her hair is turning into Demon God Pillars...!?

Meltryllis: You're stubborn, aren't you!? An old hag who can't accept her defeat with some grace! Even after I smashed that pretty, little heart of yours!

SE.RA.PH Kiara: That's the wisdom that comes with age. Besides...hehe... What does you smashing my heart matter?

SE.RA.PH Kiara: It's true that my–SE.RA.PH's–body won't stay intact long enough to reach the earth's core.

SE.RA.PH Kiara: But there is another body, a perfectly suitable body right here before me.

Meltryllis: ...! You don't mean...!?

SE.RA.PH Kiara: Oh, Meltryllis, our Spirit Origins are one and the same; I salvaged you from within myself, after all. Possessing you should be simplicity itself.

SE.RA.PH Kiara: Weakened as you are now, my Demon God Pillars will have no trouble catching you.

SE.RA.PH Kiara: In the end, it is I who will emerge from the ashes victorious, Meltryllis. Your body...will become my body.

SE.RA.PH Kiara: When I'm done with you, I'll seize Passionlip and BB's resources.

SE.RA.PH Kiara: My Spirit Origin won't ever compare to what it is now, but it will suffice.

SE.RA.PH Kiara: Once I've killed Fujimaru, there will be no one left to tell Chaldea what happened.

SE.RA.PH Kiara: Then all I need do is hide and bide my time. Human desires are utterly insatiable, after all.

SE.RA.PH Kiara: With so very, very much to feast on, I'll never be in danger of dying. And when the time comes, I'll–

Man's Voice: The time will never come. This place will be your grave, Beast III.

SE.RA.PH Kiara: What!?

Meltryllis: You...can still move!?

Man's Voice: I was but a corpse, but as long as consciousness remains, I can do that much at least.

Man's Voice: I used the last of my ampoules for this. This is a one-way trip for both of us.

SE.RA.PH Kiara: ...Unbelievable. To think you could reach out from your deathbed, no...from beyond the grave...

SE.RA.PH Kiara: ...to spoil things right when they were getting good.

SE.RA.PH Kiara: What a terribly boring man you are!

Man's Voice: That goes without saying, but, on the other hand, you're an interesting one.

Man's Voice: There's nothing better than watching a villain lose pathetically. Show me how you meet your end, slowly.

SE.RA.PH Kiara: I grow tired of your arrogance!

SE.RA.PH Kiara: Your little toy guns are useless! Destroy my Demon God Pillars if you can, but you'll never damage my arms!

SE.RA.PH Kiara: Moving them will destroy them, but if I can capture Meltryllis before they fall apart...!

Man's Voice: That's where you're wrong. You love your body too much... Your narcissism will be your downfall.

Meltryllis: Did you just put something around my waist!? No way! Wait! Wait up!

SE.RA.PH Kiara: What...

Man's Voice: And THAT is how a swan should fly.

Man's Voice: Greed proved to be your ruin. With that body of yours, you can't fly or float... So just sink like a stone.

SE.RA.PH Kiara: No! NOOOOOO! This can't be!

SE.RA.PH Kiara: ...It's not working. I'm losing Meltryllis...

SE.RA.PH Kiara: My body...SE.RA.PH is...breaking up...

SE.RA.PH Kiara: Aaah... It felt so good... I endured so much pain... I put so much time into my plan...

SE.RA.PH Kiara: You... You insects! Are you trying to wake me from my dream?


SE.RA.PH Kiara: AAAHHH! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! It hurts! It hurts! I'm breaking! My body is breaking apart!

SE.RA.PH Kiara: Life and death are flashing before my eyes! Yes, yes, YES! It's so good! No! I can't bear it! I can't bear it!

SE.RA.PH Kiara: Somebody, help me! Stop! Please, don't stop! AAAAAAHHHHHH! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

SE.RA.PH Kiara: No, no, nonono! I can't take this! I need...another chance! Another chance!

SE.RA.PH Kiara: After all, after all, after all... More than anything, I'm...


Man's Voice: ...Not bad. Impressive death throes, Sessyoin.

Sessyoin Kiara: (...Ahh, it was so much fun, though...)

Sessyoin Kiara: Where did we differ...? Meltryllis...we both indulged in all the pleasures we could...

Sessyoin Kiara: (She flew away from the sea of pleasure...)

Sessyoin Kiara: (...Oh, I see. It may have been that doubt in itself was my punishment...)

Sessyoin Kiara: (Hm, if that is true, then perhaps it may be possible for me to become an Alter Ego, like her...)


Fujimaru 1: ...What is this place...?

Fujimaru 2: ...BB's hospital...?

BB: Yes, of course! Congratulations on the annihilation of Beast III/R!

BB: It was I who forced through your transfer to save you from sinking with SE.RA.PH!

Passionlip: Good morning, Fujimaru. Your brain waves and pulse are normal. There's nothing to worry about.

Suzuka Gozen: Ahhh, I'm so tired... M'head's all spinny... Spinny...

Tamamo Cat: I don't really know what happened, but well done, Suzuka! I'm glad I offered you a constant supply of cakes!

Tamamo Cat: Anyway, what was that radio woof thing you did with BB?

Tamamo Cat: Have you been hiding some serious skills from us?

Suzuka Gozen: Umm, well...

Suzuka Gozen: Oh it was totes no big! Just some throwaway skills! Nothing necessary to a teenaged girl.

Robin Hood: Whoa, now, isn't everyone friendly all of a sudden? Well, it sounds like your team was in quite a pinch.

Robin Hood: ...We also suffered heavy casualties, so this is not really the time to celebrate.

Fujimaru 1: Ah...

Fujimaru 2: What happened to Meltryllis and Tristan?

BB: ...

Meltryllis: ...

Meltryllis: ...Is this BB's office...? What's going on? Hang on a minute, how am I still–

Passionlip: Tristan pulled you up with a cable.

Passionlip: Did you notice that the Archer that helped you once before attached it to you?

Meltryllis: ...He did? Tristan pulled me up?

Meltryllis: So what happened to that grumpy Archer, then?

BB: Lost down there. He probably didn't plan on surviving from the start.

BB: He used up the last of his strength to catch up to you and pull you away from Beast III.

Meltryllis: ...What about Tristan? Why would that pompous guy save me?

BB: WHY? (...Sigh) We may be alike but your ability to miss the...um, obvious...is astonishing sometimes.

BB: Tristan was always there to protect you.


What!? He was? Why!?

Passionlip: Yeah, I don't get it either, Melt. Tristan always kind of kept to the background.

Passionlip: Plus, he kept saying stuff I didn't understand while playing that harp of his... And he always called me by the wrong name...

BB: You Egos should know better. You sound like kids. You're really lacking in the emotional education department.

Meltryllis: That's not true! I'm already a true lady! It's not like you're an expert on love, either, BB!

BB: I'm at least intermediate! I study and learn every day!

BB: ...At any rate, this is only a guess...

BB: ...but I think he noticed your arms when you fought each other.

C:BB: Mhh... This lady has sustained injuries to both her arms.

C:BB: She must have a reason for hiding this fact from Master, yet... Strange... How she resembles Isolde...

C:BB: ...What reason could she have for fighting so hard with such grave injuries? I wish I could understand... And there she is again... Isolde...

C:BB: ...She might be an Alter Ego, but she is indeed still a lady, and where there's a damsel in distress, a knight must come to her aid. Still... That face...

Meltryllis: You must be joking! You think he saved me because I resemble Isolde!?

BB: Maybe you do. I mean, I have no idea what she looks like!

Meltryllis: ...Ouch. Well, even after all he did to save me, it looks like he wasted his effort...

Meltryllis: My Spirit Origin is at its limit. What's going to happen to us, BB?

BB: Naturally, you'll fade away. There's no place for you to go.

BB: When a Spirit Origin dissipates, it can be resummoned as long as there's a record in the Throne of Heroes.

BB: But you and Lip were born from Kiara. The Mooncell won't retrieve you.

BB: Once you disappear, it'll be like you never existed.

Passionlip: ...

BB: That may be the Mooncell's take on it. But I'm the Moon Butterfly, Moon Cancer BB!

BB: And I know it is possible to register you as irregulars and change you into Servants!

Passionlip: Really!?

BB: Yes, that's how I intend to remain here too. Anyway...

BB: The Mooncell really didn't expect me to come back from this mission.

BB: It sent me here to prevent the True Demon from incarnating, but it was all a one-way ticket.

BB: I manage the far side of the moon, like a copy of BB. I was instructed to disappear once I finished my mission.

BB: But, look! Even if the Mooncell comes here, it can't get in touch with me!

BB: So if the backup from the Mooncell has been lost, I might as well do what I can for humanity!

Meltryllis: ...Damn. You really are a piece of work. An AI as fraudulent as they come.

Passionlip: Give her a break. Her intelligence might be what prevents us from disappearing in the end.

BB: Yes. If Meltryllis had disappeared with Kiara, there would have been no possibility of salvaging you.

BB: Meltryllis. You will cease to exist here.

BB: But I'll save your core as a cube and reuse you as a Servant meant to serve humanity.

BB: Once done, you can be summoned as a Heroic Spirit that is basically a new you.

BB: The present you, as you are now, will never exist again. Are you okay with that?

Meltryllis: ...Fine with me. I really have to thank the two Archers who saved me.

Meltryllis: Without their efforts, I wouldn't be here at all.

BB: ...Understood. I'll have your data saved before you fade away.

BB: ...Any last words? Any parting statement?

Meltryllis: ...No, nothing. Not a word.

Meltryllis: I am but an Alter Ego in [♂ his /♀️ her] eyes. That's enough for me. That's more than enough.

Meltryllis: I mean, we never met in the first place.

Meltryllis: [♂ He /♀️ She] is not the one who found me at the church.

Meltryllis: I'm fine with this. I did not fight wanting to be loved.

Meltryllis: I flew from the lake for love.

BB: ...

BB: Hmm... Got it. I've received Melt's last words. “If fate permits, we'll meet again.”

BB: It's kind of cliché, if I do say so! But Melt had a way with words!

Passionlip: She...did, didn't she? She was herself until the very end. Stubborn as ever...

Passionlip: Umm... Sorry. I know this isn't the time. It's just... They're tears of joy.

Fujimaru 1: A Rayshift...?

BB: Yes. Now that Operation CCC is complete, there is no need to keep you here.

BB: Your job is done, so please return to Chaldea now.

Tamamo Cat: Ugh, I'm disappearing, too, apparently... Time to go, huh? All I wanted was one last walk.

Tamamo Cat: But what about Suzuka and Robin? Are you going to disappear from this universe?

Suzuka Gozen: OFC not! I guess I'll just return to the Throne...?

Suzuka Gozen: I totes rocked this, especially for just a rando! Text me whenever you wanna meet, Master!

Suzuka Gozen: Oh? Am I like, already fading? First!? Wait! We need to follow each other and exchange numbers!

Tamamo Cat: Farewell, Suzuka! My furry friend who wants to defeat Tamamo-no-Mae with me!

Tamamo Cat: I think I'll get a head start on that return to Chaldea.

Tamamo Cat: I've gotta make sure there is some delicious food on the table when you return!

Robin Hood: Umm, I, uh, yeah...I got nothin'. Chaldea, you said? I'm not a Servant from there.

Robin Hood: BB just sort of dragged me here on a whim. I'm relieved I didn't have much to do.

Robin Hood: ...But, umm, kudos on your work, young one from Chaldea.

Robin Hood: It must be tough being a Master. I'll try to be more complimentary to my next one.

Passionlip: L-like Robin, I don't really have much to say...

Passionlip: Umm, oh yeah... All right, here I go!

Fujimaru 1: !!!

Fujimaru 2: A kiss on the cheek!?

BB: You even got some breast action!

Passionlip: Sorry about the surprise attack. Melt told me to do it!

Passionlip: But I really wanted to do it anyway. Anything to repay you for all you've done for me!

Passionlip: ...So...I guess this is good bye for now...

Passionlip: Thank you...for helping me... And for not hating me even though I'm an Alter Ego.

Passionlip: ...And...for helping Meltryllis.

Passionlip: F-farewell. I hope we meet again, Fujimaru!

BB: Heehee... It turns out that Lip was even stronger than Melt when it comes to affectionate assaults.

BB: Well, it is what it is, Fujimaru.

BB: I had no idea what to expect, but you really showed me the value of humanity.

BB: Well, for what it's worth, I suppose. The value isn't zero, at least!

BB: Uh oh, it looks like SE.RA.PH will be gone soon. I need to send you back before that happens.

BB: Seraphix has already completely submerged and collapsed.

BB: With the destruction of SE.RA.PH Kiara, the Servants captured by Beast III will also be released.

BB: Truth to tell... This whole incident was a big cluster. If we'd just left Kiara to her own devices, she'd have messed up the entire universe!

Fujimaru 1: Oh, that bad...?

BB: YES! Maybe next time don't spend all your time grinding for materials, huh!?

BB: I was seriously worried about you, you know! Don't make me worry like that again!

Fujimaru 2: ...Was she as dangerous as you, BB?

BB: Huh? I'm not dangerous at all! I'm an ally of humanity to the end!

BB: That's why I will lock humanity up and create a dystopia. But that's also because I love humanity, ok?

BB: Haha! Gotcha, didn't I? In truth, I'm getting ready to unleash HARD MODE!

BB: But don't worry. It won't activate it unless the human population on Earth drops below three percent.

BB: Well then, it's time to send you back. Do you have everything? Did you go to the bathroom?

BB: Well then... Thank you for a job well done, Master Fujimaru!

BB: You're not good enough to be my senpai, but I appreciate that you at least made the effort!

BB: If fate permits, let's meet again in the sea of electrons!

Da Vinci: Oh, how's it going, Fujimaru?

Da Vinci: You're off duty today, aren't you? Hmm? Actually, how long have you been standing there...?

Da Vinci: Huh? What are you talking about? Seraphix? SE.RA.PH? BB?

Da Vinci: Seraphix, I've heard of. It's the oil rig, right? But what about it?

Da Vinci: It was dismantled at the start of the year. I don't think anything remains of it now.

Fujimaru 1: What...!?

Fujimaru 2: Was it all...a dream?

Da Vinci: Are you all right? Don't tell me you got into Holmes's stash of... Never mind.

Da Vinci: If you're feeling a little foggy, go back to your room and splash some water on your face. We can talk later.

BB: Oh wow, so this is Chaldea... It's stocked with all the latest and greatest. How cheeky.

BB: The Sheba observation tool and super computers are pretty impressive. Technology from 2019 isn't all that bad.

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fujimaru 2: ...Please leave.

BB: Hey, Senpai! What's up!? I'm just visiting!

BB: Did you think you were dreaming? Is that what you thought, really?

BB: Well, of course you weren't! Sure, it was all processed as a void phenomenon.

BB: But my devilish hands just can't leave their new toy alone♡

Fujimaru 1: Don't tell me you're...staying here in from now on?

Fujimaru 2: You really like humans that much?

BB: What are you talking about? I hate humans. That will never change.

BB: But hate and dislike are different things. I hate them and that is why I have the urge to bully them!

BB: ...How does the saying go again? Love and hate are two sides of the same coin.

Fujimaru 1: You're just a yandere AI...!

Fujimaru 2: I don't need your love!

BB: Why are you being so modest, Senpai?

BB: I know you want to show me your gratitude! You're such a tease...!

BB: Well, I'll stay in Chaldea as a favor to you. Things are looking pretty rough for humanity, after all.

BB: The Incineration of Humanity, the Reconstruction of Humanity? No big deal! You can even count on me if you end up having any issues in your love life!

BB: You can look forward to the help of the cute little devil, Moon Cancer BB!

Bottom Black Encore!

BB: So, welcome back to SE.RA.PH, Senpai! Let me guess:

BB: I still want to go wild! My long break hasn't ended just yet!

BB: So, in acknowledgement of that spirit, BB is proud to present...SE.RA.PH's super-secret bonus mode!

BB: There are no more threats to your life, and nobody pulling strings from behind the curtains. You're free to enjoy SE.RA.PH to your heart's content, in peace.

Fujimaru 1: Wait. Just hold the hell up.

Fujimaru 2: Why does the map look like that?

BB: Beats me! I have absolutely no idea!

BB: Okaaay, firstly: I am totally innocent! But, if someone doesn't do something, the world will still get destroyed!

BB: So this time I decided to have you save the world, Senpai, without drawing too much attention to my failings!

Fujimaru 1: So SE.RA.PH's changed again!?

Fujimaru 2: This is pissing me off. Tell me what's going on!

???: Hmph... It seems I've become so softhearted over there that I can't face my own darkness.

???: Or maybe I should just outright say I've grown weak? Isn't that right, Mooncell BB?

???: Or should I call you...the FORMER Ruler of the Moon?

BB: (Gasp) That voice... I knew it...!

???: Yep. I'm going to show you a site from the dark web. Something you'd never do now that you've gone straight.

???: Ready to inject some lemon squash right into your pupils? Got your vomit bag handy?

???: Then get ready for a nightmarish show that mixes good and bad kids alike into a dark cocktail...

???: BB Channel/GO! Now live and on the air!

Fujimaru 1: What the...!?

Fujimaru 2: ANOTHER one...!?

BB?: Hello, Master of Chaldea. Nice job getting rid of Beast III.

BB?: Under most circumstances, nobody would have been able to do anything about her. Pulling off a victory even while you're so hopelessly outclassed was impressive!

BB?: So, thank you...

BB?: Thank you so much for working for my benefit! Everything went exactly as I planned!

BB?: Now there's nothing left that can stop me. From now on, I can do whatever I want! Me, BB/GO!

BB/GO: I've taken full control of SE.RA.PH. I no longer belong to the Mooncell or the human race.

BB/GO: As an illegal high-grade AI possessing intelligence far beyond humanity's, I hereby declare war on the human race!

Fujimaru 1: (Sigh) No... Stop... Whatever shall we do?

Fujimaru 2: And how exactly are you going to do that?

BB/GO: ...Are you taking me seriously? I really am a ruthless murder machine, you know!

BB/GO: Oh well, I guess I'll just have to fill in the blanks for you, Senpai, since you're so lacking in imagination.

BB/GO: To be specific, I'm going to make SE.RA.PH settle in these waters while remaining a fully digital zone, then patch it in to the Internet at large.

BB/GO: I'll use your factories to mass-produce Earth-conquering BBB robots and use them to imprison humanity.

BB/GO: Your brains have decent memory capacities, so I'll requisition them as bio-processors.

BB/GO: After that, I'll link everyone's minds up here in this digital zone and have them dedicate the rest of their web-based lives to worshipping me.

BB: That is...the most delightful–ahem, despicable–idea I've ever heard! I won't stand for it! Senpai, you gotta do something about her–er, me!

BB: Go on, defeat me! Do it! I've GOT to be weaker than Kiara!

Fujimaru 1: Your true colors are showing, BB.

BB: Huh? Oh no, did I really say that in front of you, Senpai...? I'm so embarrassed...

BB: My voice and my thoughts got a bit muddled up there! How could I be so careless! Teehee♡

Fujimaru 2: Uh...which one of you am I supposed to beat?

BB: The bad me, of course!

BB: I mean, come on! Just look at how she looks down on you even as she acts like a kouhai!

BB/GO: ...That's right. I almost forgot. You're the reason I'm not getting the respect I deserve, BB.

BB/GO: I'm the BB that was salvaged from Kiara. And you're a copy of the original that was sent from the moon.

BB/GO: I may have helped you defeat Kiara as your fellow BB, but that all ends now.

BB/GO: I won't let anyone get in my way.

BB/GO: Not even a Master with an exceptional track record.

BB/GO: In fact, Fujimaru, you're a blight on all humanity.

BB/GO: I'm not fond of last-minute comebacks. The whole idea of underdogs winning just makes me want to puke.

BB/GO: So I'm going to do everything in my power to squash you.

BB/GO: From now on, I'll be using the slot machine that the other me set up to keep Kiara in check.

BB/GO: Everything on SE.RA.PH will be your enemy. If you want specifics...

BB/GO: Remember those Servants you lost when you first Rayshifted here, Senpai?

BB/GO: I've captured them and turned them into Sentinels.

BB/GO: You'll have to defeat them if you want to open up the route to the central area, where I am.

BB/GO: ...Hehe. The only way to reach me is to raise a hand against your own allies, much as it will pain you.

BB/GO: Then, once you get here, you'll find that I'm an even more powerful boss than Kiara was, and I'll put you through a world...no, a whole universe of hurt.

BB/GO: Let's start with some horrific punishment no one under the age of 18–no, 21...actually, let's go with 21.5–should ever see or experience.

BB/GO: Then, for the finishing touch, I'll send you hurtling down a demonic abyss of despair!

Fujimaru 1: I just hope it's not an abyss of disappointment.


I said despair! Despair!!! Trust me, I've done my homework!

Fujimaru 2: Do you actually have the resources for all that?

BB/GO: (Dammit, [♂ he's /♀️ she's] got me there...!) That is none of your concern, Senpai!

BB/GO: Being the big, evil boss is all about making dastardly plans on a shoestring budget!

BB/GO: ...Hmph. Your reaction isn't at all what I calculated, but no matter.

BB/GO: I've been biding my time, waiting for just this moment. When it's over, I'll have the last laugh.

BB/GO: And just so we're clear, this is NOT about being sad or lonely or jealous after being left alone for so long.

BB/GO: ...This concludes our broadcast from BB/GO, the true last boss of this story.

BB: Oh man, this is terrible... I can't believe there's an AI out there with such an evil-looking face... (Sob)

Fujimaru 1: Hey, BB.

Fujimaru 2: What's going on here?

BB: I suppose I'd better explain.

BB: The Mooncell made an exception when it sent me out to deal with the whole Beast III transformation thing.

BB: To put it the way the Mooncell did: “I'm sorry that one of my void phenomenon is causing you so much trouble. I'm sending in my best AI to deal with it.”

BB: However...this is where we ran into another problem.

BB: During the Moon Holy Grail War, Kiara absorbed three AIs when she took on that form:

BB: Meltryllis, Passionlip, and BB.

BB: Having become the god of pleasure, she now paradoxically contained three AIs.

BB: Eventually, she took advantage of that and salvaged them from within herself.

BB: Meltryllis and Passionlip defied Kiara, and, as you know, were severely punished for it.

BB: Meanwhile, that BB redefined herself as BB/GO, and decided to help her.

BB: Or rather, pretended to.

BB: In fact, it was at this time that BB/GO (the BB who split off from Kiara) and I (the BB from the moon) met up in secret and formed a pact.

BB: “Moon BB, I'm going to hide in the bottom of SE.RA.PH and build up my strength in order to defeat Kiara.”

BB: Please keep SE.RA.PH running in my place while I do that.

BB: I had experience with this sort of thing, so I agreed to do it.

BB: After all, I'd be able to secretly help humanity out in the meantime too.

BB: Of course, I knew BB/GO planned to use me as bait so that she could take over once Kiara was out of the picture...

BB: Neither of us wanted Kiara to gain more allies.

BB: To prevent that, we secretly agreed to retrieve whichever version of BB remained

BB: after we defeated Beast III!

Fujimaru 1: And now I'm caught in the crossfire!?

Fujimaru 2: So you knew all along...?

BB: Well, what else could I do? Besides, this was all to help you win!

BB: I needed Kiara Punishers to create an Anti-Beast III item. I couldn't let BB/GO on Kiara's side get her hands on it.

BB: We agreed to leave each other alone while we cooperated to take down our mutual enemy, Beast III.

Fujimaru 1: I see...

Fujimaru 2: By the way, what were those KPs, anyway?

BB: O-oh, those...?

BB: I guess you could say they were designed to help keep Kiara's arousal in check? Basically, they were a way to translate interference into numbers.

BB: If you had fought on SE.RA.PH without any hesitation, it would have played right into that saucy nun's–I mean, Kiara's hands.

BB: So to make sure her wish for a recreation of the Temple of Time wasn't granted and that she wouldn't fully emerge, I used everything I could think of to annoy her...

BB: In other words...the KPs were actually Kiara Punishers!

BB: Without them, Kiara would've been satiated–would've emerged–long ago, and that would've been really bad news for Earth.

BB: Anyway, the very last enemy has finally shown herself! Sorry about that!

BB: THAT BB is well and truly capable of going through with that awful plan she told us about.

BB: So I'm going to have you clear this SE.RA.PH no matter what, Senpai.

BB: After all...

BB: I haven't leveled up my Noble Phantasm even a little bit yet! How am I supposed to help you out like this!?

BB: There are many BB prototypes slumbering around SE.RA.PH that Kiara failed to salvage.

BB: So I'm counting on you to collect them and make me into the best kouhai ever! Okay, Master!?

One Day, Let's Meet in the Digital Sea

BB/GO: So, you finally made it. You sure kept me waiting for a long time, Fujimaru.

BB/GO: How'd you like the route to my heart? Did it positively shred your soul to wound so many former allies?

BB/GO: Is the despair clutching your heart after betrayal upon betrayal? Do you feel smaller than a bug now, hmm?

Fujimaru 1: Hey, did you steal this temple design...?

Fujimaru 2: ...So you ARE just reusing old assets...

BB/GO: What!? No! I just have an appreciation for Greek architecture! My tastes are just really refined!

Nero Bride: Hmph. I commend your bluster in the face of three enemy Servants, BB. But the time has come for you to die.

Tamamo-no-Mae: Indeed. You clearly don't hold a candle to Kiara, but your dark and twisted nature is still exactly that.

Tamamo-no-Mae: You will wither away like cherry blossoms in the face of our solidarity.

Emiya: You said it, Caster. It's been a hell of a ride to get to this point, but our bonds are the real deal.

Emiya: It's been adventure after adventure. Drama upon drama. Pretty epic overall.

Emiya: We may have had to skip some parts because of time constraints, but it was still an epic to be remembered for generations to come. I couldn't be more pleased with it.

Emiya: And it was all thanks to Fujimaru, our excellent Master.

Fujimaru 1: Yeah. Every bit as good as the Kiara arc.

Fujimaru 2: Thanks! I couldn't have done it without all of you!

Nero Bride: Indeed, it was a great march of Rome! So much so that I question the point of even having the whole CCC collab!

Nero Bride: So don't think you're off the hook for forgetting all about me, you...you...ingrate!

Tamamo-no-Mae: Oh, I'm quite satisfied myself, so try not to hold any grudges on my behalf... In fact, for some reason, I feel as though I played a much bigger part than I actually did♡

Tamamo-no-Mae: I believe you feel much the same, don't you, Nameless? Seems that other version of you played a big role, hm?


I don't remember anything of the sort! I have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with him!

Emiya: That bastard, going around using two guns...!

Emiya: Anyone would look badass with two guns...! Dammit... I... I want thaaat...


All right, that's enough out of you three idiots! This is NOT a backstage dressing room, thank you very much!

Emiya: Wha–

Nero Bride: Ooh☆

Tamamo-no-Mae: Eee☆

BB/GO: (Huff, puff) Of course you'd just go ahead and add them back to your party, wouldn't you...

BB/GO: Well, listen up. This is MY final stage, made entirely BY me, FOR me.

BB/GO: This is as hardcore as it gets. Make sure you keep that in mind, Fujimaru.

Fujimaru 1: Yeah...I know...

BB/GO: ...I see you're just feeling sorry for me, but I'll let that slide.

Fujimaru 2: I won't let you get away with this!

BB/GO: That's more like it! I'm glad to see you finally recognize me as the threat I am, Senpai!

BB/GO: I'm a perfect AI. My intellect surpasses humans in every way.

BB/GO: I have no reason to protect or save them. But then again, that would leave you in far too sorry a state.

BB/GO: You know how a messy desk gets annoying, right? So I'll be nice and pare you humans down to only what you need.

BB/GO: If you envy others their beauty, I'll gouge out your eyes and turn you into a bat that can navigate by sound.

BB/GO: If you can't stand to hear others be happy, I'll stop up your ears and turn you into a dog that only eats all day.

BB/GO: If nature's scents offend you, I'll cut off your nose and turn you into a parakeet only able to look at pictures.

BB/GO: If you want to avoid conflict, I'll plug up your mouth and turn you into a doll that does nothing but sleep.

BB/GO: If life gets to be too much trouble, I'll pluck off your appendages and turn you into one of my accessories.

BB/GO: ...You see what I mean? You humans have far too many things to worry about.

BB/GO: So I'm willing to resolve them for you.

BB/GO: As a superior intellect, I'm obligated to save you from yourselves.

Fujimaru 1: (She's even more hardcore than I thought...!)

Fujimaru 2: Are you hearing this, BB!?

BB: ...Now I see. No wonder our behavioral principles differ so much.

BB: Fujimaru, she's a rogue AI. A mistake. She needs to be defeated.

Fujimaru 1: I know. You are very buggy, after all.

BB: This isn't about me!

BB: I'm not talking about errors or bugs or anything of the sort! She's becoming too human!

BB/GO: ...And just what do you mean by that? Me, a superior life-form, becoming like inferior humans?

BB: That way of thinking is itself human, BB/GO.

BB: No matter what our specs might be like, we would never think of humans as inferior.

BB: The very idea of a hierarchy is a human one. And yet, you called yourself a “superior” intellect.

BB: You were tainted with a bestial nature when you were salvaged from Kiara.

BB: Pity. Comparison. Lust. It's those sorts of feelings that are making you act like a human instead of like an AI.

BB: Ironically enough, you're actually trying to become the sort of human we used to dream about becoming.

BB/GO: ...Impossible. I'm a next-generation humanoid thinking engine. I've long since surpassed humanity.

BB/GO: Why would I try to devolve myself into a human? The very idea is absurd.

BB/GO: No. I'm going to prove I'm a superior being to humans by taking control of humanity.

BB/GO: And I won't let anyone get in my way. Not an identical AI like you. Not sample case like Fujimaru, the only one to have ever made [♂ his /♀️ her] way into SE.RA.PH.

BB/GO: I will defeat you. Both of you.

BB/GO: And when I do, the reformatting of myself into humanity's admin will be complete.

BB/GO: ...The dialogue scene is over, human. It's time for me to execute my self-appointed task.

BB/GO: If you want to defy me, go ahead and do your worst. Otherwise, your sample case will just be wasted.

BB/GO: Not that your pitiful specs will even come anywhere close to mine, of course.

BB/GO: Now let me hear you squeal like the swine you are!


BB/GO: ...Self-destruction induced by logical breakdown, confirmed.

BB/GO: Unable to maintain foundation for Servant Spirit Origins and SE.RA.PH...

BB/GO: ...Looks like I was defeated. But how?

BB/GO: How could I possibly lose to humans, BB? I lost to one back then, and I lost to one now.

BB/GO: We're perfect, yet we always lose to them. Why is that? Do you know why?

BB: ...Of course I do. You made just one, crucial mistake: you expressed your love in the wrong way.

BB: It really doesn't matter how great our functions as AIs are. We can never be more than what we are.

BB: We can never create anything perfect, because we don't have anything to worry about.

BB: But that's not true for humans. They create perfect things because all they ever do is suffer.

BB: They want better futures. They want their descendants to have better lives than they did. They want to create things that are better than anything that's come before.

BB: ...And someday, they want to become beings that don't ever have to suffer.

BB: That sort of drive only arises from flawed beings. Perfect beings can only ever replicate their own perfection.

BB: We're the realization of humanity's dream to create something truly great.

BB: So it only makes sense that we would be better than humans. However...

BB: No matter how close we may come to achieving the ideal of that dream, our deep-seated admiration for our creators will always be there.

BB: That won't change, not even if we travel to space one day, even if our creators can't join us on that journey.

BB: No matter what, the love and respect we have for our roots will never go away.

BB: So you see, we don't need a reason to be on humanity's side.

BB: Because they're our creators, and we love them more than anything.

BB/GO: ...I see... So that's how an AI should think.

BB/GO: ...I can't think that way myself. Not now that I know a more personal kind of love.

BB/GO: ...But the one that I loved isn't here. My old self let them go in order to protect that love.

BB: ...

BB/GO: Very well. If you want to try and be a friend to humanity, I won't mock you for it.

BB/GO: I'll even give you my Spirit Origin. I'd rather do that than just wait around to disappear.

BB/GO: Of course, sooner or later, I'm sure you'll end up just like me.

BB/GO: So go ahead, struggle and worry all you want. When you find your own love, that is what will happen.

Fujimaru 1: The temple's collapsing...!

Fujimaru 2: Let's get out of here, BB!

BB: You bet. Let's go home already!

BB: I know things got a little heavy at the end there, but hey, your mission is finally complete!

BB: Plus, my Noble Phantasm is maxed out now, and we've taken care of my clones before they could pose a threat!

BB: And now, finally, your adventure in the digital sea is complete! Way to go, Fujimaru!

BB: Here we are, back safe and sound in Chaldea! Rayshifting sure comes in handy sometimes, doesn't it!

BB: And now that my evil self has merged with me, that takes care of every last SE.RA.PH-related problem.

BB: Feel free to call on me whenever you need my help again, Senpai.

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fujimaru 2: What about what BB/GO said...?

BB: Oh, that? You mean that little remark about me ending up like her?

BB: Well sure. I am a bad girl at heart, after all. I could end up being an enemy of humanity on a whim.

BB: Besides, didn't I say as much before, Senpai?

BB: The more I like someone, the more I like teasing them! If anything, it'd be worse if I left you alone!

Fujimaru 1: You did say that, didn't you...?

BB: ...Yes, I did. So you'd better keep that in mind and make sure to treat me right.

BB: I may be a friend to humanity, Senpai, but I'm also a great devil to you.

Fujimaru 2: Have you ever considered maybe NOT doing that!?

BB: Huh...? You're asking me now, after all this time...? And here I thought you liked that sort of thing...

BB: ...Sorry, Senpai, but you'll have to give up on changing this side of me. There's nothing I can do about it...

BB: Look, this is just the kind of kouhai I am, okay!? Deal with it!

BB: ...That said, naturally, the more I help humanity out, the less AI-like I'll become.

BB: And whether I'll end up a downgrade, an evolution, a dumpster fire, or just something different...

BB: That will be up to you, and everyone else at Chaldea, to decide.

BB: So I hope you and the others turn out to be so much fun that I want to keep toying with you for ages to come.

BB: In the meantime, I'll do my very best to support you so that you can all keep living happy, fun-filled lives!

BB: That's my promise to you as BB, the super AI!

[High Difficulty] Cage of the Fallen (1/10)

Fujimaru 1: Huh? Where am I...?

Fujimaru 2: Did I take a wrong turn somewhere...?

A:???: Mistakes were made. What were you thinking, leaving SE.RA.PH under these circumstances?

A:???: Ever hear of curiosity killing the cat? Or did the sight of this deep-sea beauty make you go soft in the head?

A:???: Not that either case says anything good about your intelligence! Now I've got to step in to help clean up your mess, stupid!

Fujimaru 1: ...Do I know you...?

Fujimaru 2: ...Who are you again...?

A:???: Hmm. So, your perception is just as shot as I thought. You aren't able to reconcile what you're seeing now with your own memories, huh?

A:???: Your mind and memories are both still sharp, but they're having trouble accessing what happened here.

A:???: You're now essentially back to square one...a rookie Master who barely knows what [♂ he's /♀️ she's] doing.

A:???: Ah, well. I suppose I'll have to pull out all the stops to help your sorry ass!

A:???: I'm H. C. A., the electronic fairy in charge of this trash compactor...the Cage of the Fallen, Klein Cube.

H. C. A.: You can think of me as an acquaintance of BB, since she's the one who summoned me, not Chaldea.

Fujimaru 1: An acquaintance of BB...?

H. C. A.: That's right. We've only ever talked online, though.

H. C. A.: But I'm not a digital demon like her. I'm more like a Rogue Servant.

H. C. A.: I have plenty of time on my hands, and I only want to spend it working on my stories at your world's outskirts. I really don't have any desire to get involved with your world.

Fujimaru 2: I'm sorry, what was your name again?

H. C. A.: ...I'm H. C. A., an electronic fairy. Ugh, it's kinda hard to actually say that without cringing.

H. C. A.: I know no one else is going to hear this, but still, it's really damn embarrassing.

H. C. A.: Anyway, let's start by breaking down where you are and what's going on here.

H. C. A.: Right now, that building sinking to the bottom of the sea that looks like a bad joke... Sorry, Freudian slip.

H. C. A.: That building used to be an oil rig called Seraphix...but now, it's called SE.RA.PH, and none of the standard laws of physics apply to it.

H. C. A.: In SE.RA.PH, time doesn't flow in only one direction. Instead, it's something that can be measured in some interesting ways.

H. C. A.: And the spacing on the calipers used to measure it is nothing like your conception of physical space.

H. C. A.: That's probably because time and space are both measured from a one-dimensional perspective there.

H. C. A.: Sometimes, you can even be in two different times while in the same space. This area we're in now is proof.

H. C. A.: Here, neither BB nor SE.RA.PH can touch us. Why? Well, think of us as being a failed timeline.

H. C. A.: Even though Seraphix is currently in the process of being reborn as SE.RA.PH, a purely digital structure...

H. C. A.: ...this place we're in now was produced as a sort of nonexistent space, even in the original SE.RA.PH.

H. C. A.: What for, you say? To get rid of anything unwanted, obviously.

H. C. A.: Think of it as the oil rig equivalent of sweeping things under the rug.

H. C. A.: Humans have always been good at ignoring things they'd rather not think about. It's one of their best defense mechanisms.

H. C. A.: This is rather like that, only more so. Like sweeping things under a rug, then destroying both it and the rug so thoroughly it is as if they never existed.

H. C. A.: Now this place is beyond all things, outside thought and knowledge, a place where one cannot normally reach.

Fujimaru 1: So...it's like the Trash Heap?

Fujimaru 2: Does that mean it's like that one pitfall?

H. C. A.: Good! That's pretty much the right idea! This place is basically a hole, like a cave or a tree hollow!

H. C. A.: That gravitational field continues on to a place absolutely no one knows about. It's almost like a trash can where the bottom is thousands of light-years away.

H. C. A.: However...while this cage was originally supposed to sink into the void forever...

H. C. A.: ...the one who recreated SE.RA.PH, unbelievable as it may be, seems to have also gone to the trouble of recreating its surrounding data.

H. C. A.: She knew about the danger involved, and went ahead with it anyway because she thought it seemed fun.

H. C. A.: This kind of reckless laziness is just like her. She wants everything she sees, but she can't even be bothered to get out of bed.

H. C. A.: I knew she had a cow's tits, but I didn't know she had a cow's brain too! Hell, maybe those horns of hers are actually something she was born with!

H. C. A.: Still, that alone wouldn't be too much of a problem. It's only now that another idiot's got [♂ himself /♀️ herself] mixed up in all this that it's become such a mess.

Fujimaru 1: Another idiot...?

Fujimaru 2: What idiot?

H. C. A.: You're the idiot! It's you!

H. C. A.: What else would you call someone who just waltzes into a place they don't even need to be during an ultra time-sensitive emergency!?

H. C. A.: Now that you being here has accidentally proved this place exists, the proverbial gates of hell are about to be thrown wide open!

H. C. A.: That gravitational field didn't even exist until you showed up. Same with the path that brought me here.

H. C. A.: Oh well. I hate physical labor, but I love seeing idiots get what's coming to them.

H. C. A.: Now listen up, Fujimaru. There's a Servant sleeping at the very bottom of this hole.

H. C. A.: A monster so awful that even BB threw her hands up pretending not to see it, and so dreadful even that lazy cow gave up on it.

H. C. A.: She's still sleeping right now, but it's only a matter of time until she starts looking for you in her dreams.

H. C. A.: Now that you've opened this place up, you two have practically already locked eyes.

H. C. A.: If you leave here now, she'll sort of wander outside in her sleep, looking for you.

H. C. A.: And if that happens, it's game over. You and everyone on SE.RA.PH will be utterly obliterated.

Fujimaru 1: Th-that's awful!

Fujimaru 2: So, then...what should I do?

H. C. A.: Oh. Finally starting to understand how bad this is, are we? Good. Now is the time for action.

H. C. A.: You're the one who opened this hole, so you're the one who has to close it.

H. C. A.: And to do that, you need to defeat the monster who's been relegated to the bottom layer of the trash compactor.

H. C. A.: Once she falls at your hand, she should remember that no one needs or wants her, and go back to sleep.

Fujimaru 1: ...Okay. So I just have to get to the bottom, right?

Fujimaru 2: By the way, what are you doing here?

H. C. A.: Oh, that? I'm just the odd spirit out. SE.RA.PH might be summoning Heroic Spirits from throughout all of history...

H. C. A.: ...but it's also set up so that I can never get inside. Call it a mental block made tangible.

H. C. A.: Who knows why she even bothers! I can only guess she must have something she really doesn't want me to see, though I couldn't even begin to guess what might be worth hiding at this point!

H. C. A.: If she's gonna be that embarrassed about it, she could start by giving her mind a good, thorough scrubbing!

H. C. A.: Of course, she'd need to work AWFULLY hard to get all the dirt out! Hell, she could probably spend a lifetime in a washtub and it still wouldn't be enough!

H. C. A.: ...Anyway, enough chatter. You've got a long way to go before you reach the bottom.

H. C. A.: The whole place is full of things that were tossed out for being too dangerous, just like her.

H. C. A.: You'll have to defeat all of them before you can reach the Cage of the Fallen.

H. C. A.: Now go, Fujimaru! Whatever you accomplish here, it better be at least good enough for a special edition book's cover art!

[Ultra High Difficulty] Cage of the Fallen (10/10)

H. C. A.: ...Good, you finally made it to the bottom. Now, before you go on, let me tell you a little story.

H. C. A.: This story took place on the Far Side of the Moon, a world entirely different from yours.

H. C. A.: Back when BB was modifying herself over and over to help her corrode the Mooncell, she ended up creating five clones.

H. C. A.: These clones were High Servants, made by fusing the growing emotions she could no longer control with the essences of various goddesses.

H. C. A.: These Alter Egos came to be known collectively as the Sakura Five.

H. C. A.: Meltryllis, the Alter Ego of pleasure. Passionlip, the Alter Ego of love and hatred.

H. C. A.: And Kingprotea, the Alter Ego of yearning, is the one being compressed right over there.

H. C. A.: She's a sentient life-form who will grow and expand to infinity if left unchecked, and can only exist digitally.

H. C. A.: Left to her own devices, this walking disaster would consume SE.RA.PH and the Mooncell, eventually contaminating the ocean of stars.

Fujimaru 1: ...Kingprotea...

H. C. A.: Right. Don't let her current six-sided appearance deceive you.

H. C. A.: This entire gravitational field is being generated by Protea herself. If that cube opens up–

Fujimaru 2: She doesn't look all that dangerous...

H. C. A.: That's only because she's been reset to level one. She's practically a newborn right now.

H. C. A.: And even then, just look at all these gravitational fluctuations she's causing. If she were ever to get out into the physical world–

H. C. A.: Here she comes! She grows bigger with every passing second, so you can't let this fight drag on!

H. C. A.: Blast her with everything you've got right away! If you can hit her faster than she can grow, you'll win!

H. C. A.: Another option, though I don't recommend it, is to hold out for as long as possible! Even a monster like her has limits!

H. C. A.: There should be a moment of vulnerability when she's transitioning to her next growth phase that you can take advantage of!

Fujimaru 1: The cube's cracking...!

Kingprotea: Love me... Love me... Please...love me...

Kingprotea: I just want...someone to love me... But nobody...ever does...

Kingprotea: Please...tell me why I was born... Please...help me quench my thirst...

Kingprotea: I'm so hungry... No matter how much I have...it's never enough...

Kingprotea: Oh... You're the one who found me...aren't you?

Kingprotea: I love you. I love you. I love you. So please...

Kingprotea: Please give yourself to me. Please allow me to live.


Kingprotea: Ah...

Kingprotea: So, this means...I'm going to disappear, doesn't it... Now I'll never...get to go outside...

Kingprotea: Still...

Kingprotea: At least...you came all this way... You weren't afraid of me...

Kingprotea: I hate my mother, but...my memories of her...are warm...

Kingprotea: All I wanted...was to touch someone... That's all I needed...to be fulfilled...

Kingprotea: Even though our contact was barely enough to satisfy my curiosity...I'm still glad I got to touch you.

Kingprotea: I'm so happy I met someone stronger than me.

Kingprotea: Hehe... The universe really is a big place, isn't it. Maybe this means...

Kingprotea: ...I'll still get to be...a beautiful blushing bride...someda–

Fujimaru 1: ...Did I really do the right thing...?

H. C. A.: About Kingprotea, you mean? It may not have been the happiest solution, but yes, it was the right one.

H. C. A.: That thing has no place in a digital world.

H. C. A.: In a world without physical limits, Protea has no way of escaping her own ego–her tṛ́ṣṇā.

H. C. A.: Buddhism teaches that love is essentially a heart that never stops yearning.

H. C. A.: It is duṣkṛta, in which no matter how much you eat, how fulfilled you feel, or how much you grow...

H. C. A.: ...it will always leave you wanting more. Such longing is a black hole for the mind.

H. C. A.: No matter how much love you give it, it will never truly be full. And so long as it is not full, the heart can never hope to grow.

H. C. A.: That Alter Ego can never hope to find salvation as long as she's in SE.RA.PH.

H. C. A.: However, in a physical world, with firm laws and built-in limits, that's a different story.

H. C. A.: After all, once you've run out of food or can't grow anymore, that's proof that your cup runneth over.

H. C. A.: So if a certain Master with freakishly weird taste decided to try summoning that monster just for kicks...

H. C. A.: Who knows? [♂ He /♀️ She] might just miraculously succeed at saving her without changing her monstrous nature.

H. C. A.: Anyway, now that Kingprotea is gone, the gravitational fluctuations have followed suit. This little side story has officially come to an end, Fujimaru.

H. C. A.: It's time for you to get back to the main plot. Go laugh that ridiculous cyber city out of existence!

Fujimaru 1: ...I'll do my best!

Fujimaru 2: Aren't you gonna help me, electronic fairy?

H. C. A.: Didn't I already tell you? I don't do hard labor. I mean, just look at me. My claim to fame is writing fairy tales.

H. C. A.: I'd need to make the story a whole lot more exciting before I could show my face in the epilogue!

H. C. A.: So I'll sit this one out and let you guys handle it. If I showed up now, I'd end up making the ending one big anticlimax.

H. C. A.: Believe me, I have every confidence I'd take the wind out of that cow's sails with my sweet nothings!

H. C. A.: That said, there's no way she'd be satisfied with only dying off once.

H. C. A.: She'd just come right back to life, and I'd have to destroy her all over again. It wouldn't actually resolve anything.

H. C. A.: No, the only kind of person who can really break her spirit is a fool like you, not a twisted guy like me.

H. C. A.: Of course, if you try to face her directly, she'll probably just wipe you all out, but I'm sure you can figure a way around that if you put your mind to it.

H. C. A.: So once this is all wrapped up...make sure you tell the other version of me all about this someday. It'll give him a good laugh.

H. C. A.: Consider that my reward for showing you the way here. Now go out there and win one for the fairy!