Aŋra Mainiiu

Unlimited Raise/Dead

Dr. Roman: Hey there, Fujimaru. Sorry to bother you on your day off.

Dr. Roman: It's not really an urgent matter, but we've discovered that Sheba is trying to process a very heavy load at the moment.

Dr. Roman: One of the areas of observation is making Sheba oddly sluggish.

Dr. Roman: It's not exactly surprising, as Sheba is getting worn out in a number of places, but the issue is actually WHERE the problem is, specifically.

Dr. Roman: And we can't say for sure that it wouldn't affect our Rayshifting operations to the other seven Singularities.

Dr. Roman: So what we should do here is form a team of our best Servants...

Dr. Roman: ...and dispose of this bug that has been causing strain on the observation.

Fujimaru 1: What do you mean “bug”? That seems pretty vague.

Dr. Roman: Hahaha! Look at you, pointing things out and questioning them!

Dr. Roman: Allow me to rephrase. We've detected a hostile signal we believe manifested from a residual Spirit Origin.

Dr. Roman: Basically we found an army of Shadow Servants and want you to get rid of them.

Dr. Roman: It's a rather...large army. So far we count about two thousand.

Fujimaru 1: Two thousand!?

Fujimaru 2: That's a lot!!!

Dr. Roman: You'd think that. But the number is a little bit deceptive.

Dr. Roman: They are weak. Exceptionally weak. Even I could defeat one of them.

Dr. Roman: Of course, I'd need a rocket launcher fortified by magecraft to do it!

Dr. Roman: Anyway...these weak Servants are piling up like someone's getting rid of them wholesale.

Dr. Roman: And that's putting a bit of strain on Sheba, since it observes the density of Spirit Origins as well as number.

Dr. Roman: Even though the Servants are quite weak individually, the sheer number of them can cause problems.

Dr. Roman: And that can lead to observational errors in critical Singularities.

Dr. Roman: So I'd like you to head there and eliminate these Shadow Servants.

Dr. Roman: I'll leave choosing the team to you. Actually, all you have to do is to Rayshift to the location and summon your Servants.

Dr. Roman: The Servants should be able to handle these enemies without much direction from you, really.

Fujimaru 1: Roger that.

Fujimaru 2: So where're we going?

Dr. Roman: You'll be Rayshifting somewhere you're quite familiar with, actually.

Dr. Roman: It's Singularity X. I want you to go back to the Flame Contaminated City, Fuyuki.

???: You there, [♂ mister /♀️ miss}. Yeah, you, Master...the one changing into a Mystic Code and getting all pumped up.

???: I heard everything. You're gonna go and get rid of the bug that popped up in Fuyuki, right?

???: Hahaha. I'll let you in on a secret: that was my bad. So I wouldn't mind lending you a hand to straighten this little mess out.

Fujimaru 1: And you are...?

Fujimaru 2: (Did we have a Servant like him...?)

Aŋra Mainiiu: Hey! What're you lookin' at me like a freakin' dumbass for? It's me! Me! MEEE!!!

Aŋra Mainiiu: Oh, that's just great. All that hard work finally melted your damn brain, huh?

Aŋra Mainiiu: Can't remember names and faces anymore? Means you're losin' your marbles. Better rethink your whole way of living your weird damn life!

Aŋra Mainiiu: Startin' to show signs you're getting past your limits, so you better cut back on your workload or start getting your affairs in order before it's too late!

Fujimaru 1: I'm not THAT tired.

Fujimaru 2: You're that Avenger...

Aŋra Mainiiu: Yup. I'm the Servant who contracted with you without you knowing or wanting me to. I'm the third-rate Servant whose origins are...uh...vague.

Aŋra Mainiiu: Normally I just kinda peek into the outside world from Chaldea, but I hadda call you this time 'cause it's got something to do with me.

Aŋra Mainiiu: You're going to Fuyuki, right? I'm coming with. You can count on me. Heh.

Aŋra Mainiiu: See, this'll be my turn to SHINE! Why? Cuz these enemies are all WEAK AS SHIT!

Aŋra Mainiiu: Heh heh. As one weak-ass Servant, this'll be my one and only chance to up my kill count.

Aŋra Mainiiu: So, hey, hold off on calling all the other Servants. You know, the ones who aren't weak.

Aŋra Mainiiu: They get PLENTY of opportunities to look good. This is MY time to shine!

Aŋra Mainiiu: So let's DO this! Just you and me! Let's go fix the Doctor's mess for him!

Fujimaru 1: I...would prefer not to? (Taking Mash...)

Aŋra Mainiiu: Oh hey, thanks for the vote of confidence, dick! I'm not gonna let this go! I'm the man for the job here!

Aŋra Mainiiu: Also, probably not a great idea to bring Ms. Demi-Servant along.

Aŋra Mainiiu: That little biddy can only fight stuff that's as strong as or stronger than her.

Aŋra Mainiiu: And even if there's gonna come a time for her to lay the smackdown on something weaker than her, this probably isn't really the time for that.

Aŋra Mainiiu: Aaand I think that's a nice, cryptic note to leave off on, so I'mma hog all these enemies to myself.

Fujimaru 2: What could possibly go wrong?

Aŋra Mainiiu: Right, right!? The ones who're quick on the uptake always have an advantage, Master!

Aŋra Mainiiu: 'Course it's not really a good thing to be so damn gullible, either. But let's just say that's gonna be a lesson dearly bought for you!

Aŋra Mainiiu: Anyways, let's get to Fuyuki. You know how it goes: travels make for trials, and you never really gain anything without painstaking effort!

Aŋra Mainiiu: Don't worry. With me around, this'll all be over in a heartbeat! Won't even have to go searching around the flaming city!

Aŋra Mainiiu: Those things are gonna SWARM all over me! The moment we Rayshift there, it'll be freakin' pandemonium!

Aŋra Mainiiu: And, Master, it'd be great if you'd just sorta stand back and watch the carnage and look all grossed out.

Fujimaru 1: Eh...?

Aŋra Mainiiu: Okay, let's DO this! No more hesitating! Let's go straight to hell, Master!

Aŋra Mainiiu: I'm gonna show you a real, all-out fight!


Aŋra Mainiiu: Okay! Murderify this last irritating jerk and...victory! This city...is clean!

Aŋra Mainiiu: Huh? What're you griping about, Master? Not good enough? Frustrated?

Fujimaru 1: Actually...what was that black thing...?

Aŋra Mainiiu: Oh. That's me.

Fujimaru 1: ...Say what now?

Aŋra Mainiiu: Oh crap...I mean, it's like a...uh...a metaphor.

Aŋra Mainiiu: Those were all nameless things. Failures, losers, wastes of flesh...a mob of the fallen.

Aŋra Mainiiu: They're a bunch of idiots who only want to drag you down.

Aŋra Mainiiu: They're not out to do right for the world. They don't want to change the world. All they have is a grudge that is burned into their very being...an instinct that compels them to kill humans.

Aŋra Mainiiu: Don't let it bother you. Think of this as a bonus game, like some freaky whack-a-mole thing.

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fujimaru 2: What kind of hero was Aŋra Mainiiu?

Aŋra Mainiiu: Not a hero at all, actually! That's originally the name of the devil! Didn't you know?

Aŋra Mainiiu: But after a bunch of shenanigans, I ended up with a big fancy name and getup, and here I am!

Aŋra Mainiiu: The only thing that's crystal clear is that I'm an Avenger.

Aŋra Mainiiu: The opposite of a hero...an Anti-Hero who allows the hero to shine. A literal and figurative punching bag who was born from multitudinous blasphemies.

Aŋra Mainiiu: That powerful resentment never fades...and spirits harboring those feelings even after their deaths are what makes an Avenger.

Aŋra Mainiiu: But then again, I don't have any specific grudges, though there are plenty of folks who're really harboring grudges against me...

Aŋra Mainiiu: Oh, by the way, just to be clear, it's not about revenge, but avenging. I just want to make that clear so you get the distinction.

Aŋra Mainiiu: So...that's what makes my position as a Servant a bit odd compared to anyone else.

Aŋra Mainiiu: I'd probably not normally be able to be a part of your story.

Aŋra Mainiiu: If this were a movie, I'd just be an extra in the background.

Aŋra Mainiiu: I have neither a role nor a story, and even if I had, that story is long since over.

Aŋra Mainiiu: Even so, this whole mess was a result of my own carelessness.

Aŋra Mainiiu: That black thing we just saw was an entity that failed to become a part of me. It looked like it didn't die off completely.

Aŋra Mainiiu: So I did the admirable thing and offered to clean up this mess myself!

Aŋra Mainiiu: Honestly, I know it's a part of me, but how powerful of a grudge could the thing have!? There's nobody left in this city to kill!

Fujimaru 1: You really don't seem like a Heroic Spirit who'd terrorize like that...

Aŋra Mainiiu: Huh? What are you talking about? I AM terrifying. If I had the opportunity, I would kill you and have my way with you, maybe even in that order.

Aŋra Mainiiu: No matter how much we get along, any Avenger would slip a knife between your ribs the moment you turn your back on them!

Aŋra Mainiiu: ...Well, okay, some of the others might go about it a little differently...like that newbie wearing the black coat. Well, I'm sure there's some variance.

Aŋra Mainiiu: Didn't anyone teach you what an Avenger is and how to recognize one?

Aŋra Mainiiu: Those born from hatred speak of love... /and they would show compassion after experiencing cruelty...

Aŋra Mainiiu: Those born from love speak of hatred. /Those who experienced happiness meet their end through betrayal.

Aŋra Mainiiu: Avengers are usually one of those two. It's just the difference of whether they scorn love, or if they burn with pure hatred.

Aŋra Mainiiu: But what both of them have in common is that they have an attachment to humans. Ever hear that the opposite of love is indifference?

Aŋra Mainiiu: The moment it clings to humans, it loses all chance at becoming something more than human.

Fujimaru 1: So you're saying that they're ultimately the same as people?

Fujimaru 2: So you're saying that it's meaningless hatred?

Aŋra Mainiiu: Yeah, exactly! It's an endless cycle of “what goes around comes around!” You're pretty quick!

Aŋra Mainiiu: So, let's go back. No sense hanging around this hellhole any longer than we have to.

Aŋra Mainiiu: Once we return to Chaldea, I'll get back to hiding like the worthless Servant I am, so don't bother summoning me, okay?

Aŋra Mainiiu: And you take care of reporting back to the Doctor. I can't stand the guy.

Aŋra Mainiiu: Oh and one more thing...

Aŋra Mainiiu: This is just a little something to say thank you for being the oddball you are.

Aŋra Mainiiu: And maybe we should leave this place as is. Maybe take care of it once the other seven Singularities are done.

Dr. Roman: Good work, Fujimaru. Thanks to you, the strain on Sheba's been sorted out.

Dr. Roman: But you got back a lot faster than expected. Which Servant did you take along?

Fujimaru 1: Well...

Dr. Roman: ...Avenger. Aŋra Mainiiu, huh?

Dr. Roman: I've never talked to him, but I've been interested in him. He's the evil god of Zoroastrianism, you see.

Dr. Roman: But based on your story, that Servant isn't really Aŋra Mainiiu itself. No, he sounds like someone who had the role foisted on him.

Dr. Roman: Regardless, he was obviously helpful in resolving this. I'll go and thank him later.

Dr. Roman: So those Shadow Servants were linked to Aŋra Mainiiu, huh? No wonder they were similar.

Dr. Roman: So, yeah...I was collecting data on my end, too.

Dr. Roman: What I found was that the Shadow Servants you defeated had Spirit Origins very similar to Aŋra Mainiiu's.

Dr. Roman: I'm speculating here, but that Aŋra Mainiiu you had with you has a dormant skill that lets him keep going even after he's been killed.

Dr. Roman: Think of it like a sort of reset button. I'm certain it only works within Fuyuki, though.

Dr. Roman: He has a special ability that allows him to fight well beyond his own body's limitations. However, he's so out of control when using it that it ends up killing him.

Dr. Roman: But, should this “Annihilation Wish” be used not to destroy himself, but for some other purpose...

Dr. Roman: Well...he may be able to somehow escape that endless loop of dying again and again that he's trapped himself within.

Dr. Roman: And all this time, he'll be cursed by the endless mass of his own corpses that he's left behind.

Dr. Roman: However, it's...very unlikely he would ever encounter someone who could give him such an opportunity.

Dr. Roman: Because you know, he's really just kind of a worthless, cowardly jerk.

Dr. Roman: So to make a Heroic Spirit like him turn optimist? Well, that'd take a saint or something!

Dr. Roman: Or...

Dr. Roman: Maybe he encountered a plain old human...just an awkward sort of person who couldn't leave a Servant like him alone.