Anne Bonny and Mary Read

Capture Captain Kidd's Treasure

Mary: Master, Mash, we're here. Time to get off.

Mash: Okay Doctor, please check the communications system.

Dr. Roman: It looks fine. I can't believe we're looking for Captain Kidd's treasure! How exciting!

Anne: Do you feel in your element, Dr. Roman?

Dr. Roman: Well, my name is Romani Archaman. "Roman" for short.

Dr. Roman: Adventures like looking for pirate treasures are part of what makes humans "romantic."

Mary: Just before Kidd was caught, he told a fellow pirate the whereabouts of his treasure.

Mary: But he was a pirate, you know? Stories you hear from a drunk aren't all that trustworthy.

Mary: So nobody ever found where Captain Kidd's treasure lay.

Mash: How do you know where it is, Mary?

Mary: Oh, I found out later the treasure I previously gave up on belonged to Captain Kidd.

Mash: You gave up on it?

Mary: By chance, I ended up on this island a little before I became a pirate.

Mary: Since I was here, I decided to look around– and I found the treasure.

Mary: ...Yeah, I think it was treasure. I only saw it from a distance.

Anne: At a distance? You didn't get close?

Mary: ...There was a reason I couldn't, you see. Okay–Let's go!

Anne: Hehehe, I'm looking forward to this.

Mary: Um, first we have to get through this forest, I think...

Anne: Oh my, oh my. –There's something here.

Pirate?: Gweh... Money... Ladies... Treasure...

Pirate?: Gweh... Meat... Ale... Treasure...

Mash: I guess even pirate zombies are still pirates, huh...

Mary: Some things never change. Now let's send them on their way to heaven.

Anne: Amen!


Mary: There we go. Hmm... Hey, Master.

Mary: I feel a little bad for them... Is it okay if I bury them?

Fujimaru 1: Sure.

Fujimaru 2: Of course.

Mary: Thank you, Master.

Anne: You're very kind. Come on, Mary. I'll help.

Mash: I'll help too.

Mary: Okay.

Anne: –If I may...

Anne: May the saints of heaven preserve them, may the dominions welcome them, may their souls be taken up to heaven–

Anne: Take pity upon us, and save our souls. ...Amen.

Mary: Thank you. Sorry for taking so long. Most pirates end up thrown into the sea.

Mary: I thought it might be nice to actually have someone pray on their behalf for once.

Mary: Let's keep going!

Mary: Past these wilds is a cave at the bottom of the mountain. That's where the treasure is.

Anne: I'm amazed no one found it if it's that easy. Those pirates came so close.

Mary: Hmm, well it's probably–

Mary: Because of things like that wandering around.

Anne: Hehe, Mary. You need to tell us stuff like that ahead of time.

Mary: Yeah, sorry.

Mash: P-Preparing for combat!


Mash: ...Whew. We got them. What's a chimera doing on an island like this?

Mash: Those zombies back there acted a little strange too...

Mash: Um, Master...

Fujimaru 1: I have a bad feeling.

Fujimaru 2: I really want to run.

Mash: Me too, yes. Doctor? Doctor?

Dr. Roman: ...Zzz... ...Treasure...

Mash: Doctor Roman is asleep. When we get back, we should punish him.

Mary: Okay, we're here!

Mary: Good, looks like no one's been here but me.

Anne: So no one's touched it? That's great.

Mash: Um, so Mary. Why didn't you take the treasure?

Mash: Even if there was too much to carry, you could've at least stuffed some jewels in a bag...

Mary: Oh, well you see... “He” wouldn't let me.

Anne: He? Who?

Mary: Um... I think we'll see him any minute now... Oh, there he is.

Captain Kidd: Curse ye... Curse ye all...

Captain Kidd: None can have me treasure... It's mine... It's Captain Kidd's treasure...

Mash: C-Captain Kidd...! That's a ghost, isn't it?

Mary: That's right. He was here, so I gave up.

Mary: In life, I had no way to fight a ghost.

Mary: Though thinking back, maybe I should've brought a silver sword, or a cross, or some holy water...

Captain Kidd: No one can have me treasure... It's all mine... Not yours...

Captain Kidd: None can have!

Mary: Hi, I'm a pirate. I've come to take your treasure.

Anne: I'm also a pirate. That treasure's just rotting away here.

Anne: So, old man, give it to me♪

Mash: ...I'm very sorry, but that treasure is of no use to you now.

Mash: We're going to take it back and use it to help the living, the era, the world.



Captain Kidd: Oooooh... Impossible! M-Me treasure... Me treasure!

Captain Kidd: I-I-I! Damn it... Oh, damn it all!

Captain Kidd: That's right! I'm dead! I guess I've got no choice... But I hate it!

Mash: Whew... That was a hard fight.

Mary: Whew! Finally! Treasure time!

Mash: Y-Yeah! This is a little exciting.

Mary: Um... The ghost was over here, so... Found it! Look at all these chests!

Mary: Opening!

Anne: It'd be something if after all this, the punch line is "Try Again" or "Your experience en route was your treasure."

Mary: ...If that happens we'll bring his ghost back and torture him.

Mary: Okay... I'm opening it up.

All: ...Hooray!

Treasure of the Knights Templar!

Mash: More treasure?

Mary: Yup. But it's not pirate treasure. It's the treasure of the Knights Templar.

Mash: Oh, you mean the treasure that was hidden when the Templars were executed as heretics.

Dr. Roman: Pirates are definitely exciting! This time around, I promise to fully monitor you guys!

Anne: I hope so. Mary, I'm amazed you knew about the Templars' treasure.

Mary: Remember how we went to all sorts of places during our pirating years?

Anne: Oh yes. When we got to port, you would always go out exploring.

Mary: It was hard for you, Anne, because men would always follow you around even just walking down the street.

Anne: Aww, you're so mean.

Mary: Hehehe. Um, Doctor.

Dr. Roman: Yeah, what is it?

Mary: I know most of what there is to know about the Templars, but I'll let you explain.

Mary: It's too much of a hassle.

Dr. Roman: Yay! She shoved all the tedious work to me! Oh, well That's what a back-end support job is about.

Dr. Roman: The Knights Templar were a group formed by clergymen to protect pilgrims traveling through the Holy Land.

Dr. Roman: One of their missions was to guard the treasures of knights and believers on pilgrimages.

Dr. Roman: As more pilgrims and crusaders started going to the Holy Land, the Templars gained more wealth to guard.

Dr. Roman: They ultimately functioned as a bank, including loaning money. They were even entrusted with an entire nation's fortune.

Dr. Roman: But the Kingdom of France, heavily in debt, captured and tortured many of them.

Dr. Roman: France wanted to get rid of their debts and take the money.

Dr. Roman: Even though they canceled out their debts, a majority of the fortune France sought disappeared into the shadows.

Dr. Roman: The Templars are even said to have possessed a Holy Grail, but everything's been shrouded in mystery.

Mary: I heard the story from an old man who said he was a descendant of one of the Templars.

Mash: Um, can we trust him?

Mary: I'm not sure. He was drunk, and he kept switching between yelling and crying.

Mary: But the story itself seemed sensible. From what he said...

Mary: The Templars had heard from their spies that their lives were in danger.

Mary: So they loaded their treasure on a ship and hid it somewhere. Everyone involved in the transport was killed on the spot.

Mary: Their plan was to hide the treasure until the Templars could rebuild themselves.

Mary: The old man's ancestor left the Templars so he wouldn't be caught. Even the Templars didn't know where he hid.

Mary: But the Templars never recovered. His ancestors continued to pass down the word to wait for the Templars' reformation.

Mary: After about four centuries, they stopped caring. He sold me the story for a drink...

Anne: Sounds pretty sketchy to me.

Mary: Right. Sorry if it doesn't pan out.

Fujimaru 1: No problem.

Fujimaru 2: It'll be fine since it'll be fun.

Dr. Roman: That's right. It's getting to the treasure that's the fun part. There isn't much we could do with the treasure as we are now, anyway.

Dr. Roman: But it can boost our QP, and maybe we'll find something interesting! Let's go!

Mary: The old man said it was back here. But this is just a stone wall.

Anne: Was our lead a dud?

Mary: Sorry...

Fujimaru 1: It's too early to say.

Fujimaru 2: Don't give up.

Mash: No, wait a second. There's a tiny bloodstain on this wall.

Mary: Oh, you're right. Same with the others... I wonder why?

Mash: Doctor, please investigate the wall in front of us.

Dr. Roman: Roger. Investigating now. Hmm... I'm detecting a strong magical energy reading from the wall.

Dr. Roman: Anne, try blasting it with your gun.

Dr. Roman: You're a Servant now. Your bullet should get some response.

Anne: Understood. Here I go!

Mash: The wall started to move. These are... Golems!?

Mary: Woah. Come to think of it, I heard something about the Templars using black magic...

Anne: Was there such a tale? Well, let's just beat these guys.


Dr. Roman: The golems are all down, but I'm seeing more enemy responses up ahead.

Dr. Roman: Proceed with caution.

Mary: Sure thing, Doctor.

Mash: This makes me think the old man's story might be true. Let's go!

Mary: Whew! This side's clear, too.

Anne: Security's tight. I'm getting excited.

Mary: We probably won't find a Grail.

Mash: Maybe we will.

Mash: That is to say, I don't mean the Holy Grails we recover. I mean the true Holy Grail of legend.

Mary: That would be an adventure indeed. Master, do you want the Holy Grail?

Fujimaru 1: I want a future.

Fujimaru 2: I want peace.

Mary: I see. You aren't very greedy. Or maybe you are.

Mary: The future or peace... Those are really big wishes, so you probably don't have time to be thinking about smaller wishes.

Dr. Roman: As the guy paying for everyone's salary, that would be great. That aside, I'm picking up some life-form signals. Be careful!

Mash: Doctor, a fair salary is an absolute necessity to keep talented people around. Let's go!


Mary: Whew. Homunculi and zombies. Were the zombies people killed by the Templars?

Dr. Roman: If that is true, they must have been there a long time. Let's pray their souls find rest.

Mary: We're almost to the end. The treasure should be there!

Anne: Wow...

Mary: Ah...

Mash: This is...

Fujimaru 1: Treasure!

Fujimaru 2: Mounds of riches!

Mary: We did it, Master!

Dr. Roman: H-Hold it! Hold it! I-In that cave, I'm picking up a life-form signal that we have all become very familiar with!

Mash: Some say the Templars used black magic, others that they didn't.

Mary: Maybe they were, maybe they weren't. I'm sure there are tons of stories like that.

Anne: But would you normally go to these lengths?

Dr. Roman: A dragon!? Um... I can only say...well... F-Fight!!


Mary: We won. Victory!

Anne: Whew! I'm exhausted. I can't wait to take a bath.

Mash: It's pretty standard for a dragon to guard treasure, but I didn't expect the Templars to use one.

Dr. Roman: They're less like Templars and more like Temp-LATES, am I right?

Mash: Fou, when we get back, bite Dr. Roman on the nose. As hard as you can.

Fou: Fourururu!

Dr. Roman: I-I'm sorry! I thought that was a good one!

Mary: Anyway, this is a huge pile of treasure, Master. Yeah, I like it.

Mary: There's enough money here to easily buy a country or two. Any Grails?

Dr. Roman: Nope, I'm not picking up anything. But I do see magical energy here and there in the treasure.

Dr. Roman: Can you search for me?

Mary: Hmm, maybe it's this?This crystal skull.

Dr. Roman: A crystal skull! That's a rare treasure indeed!

Anne: What about... this? It's a set of weapons and armor.

Dr. Roman: Probably used by the Templars. Magically it's nothing special, but it's valuable as a treasure.

Mary: The right thing to do would be to return these to the Templars' followers, but we're pirates, so we'll just keep it, thank you very much.

Anne: Hehehe, this is also for saving the world.

Mary: Yup! Let's make good use of this to save the world. Right, Master?