Artoria Pendragon (Alter)

Generations of Alter

Dr. Roman: A Rayshift into the heart of the Fuyuki Greater Grail? It's not impossible, but why?

Mash: I'm told it's a urgent request from Saber. Right, Senpai?

Dr. Roman: Haha, we can't turn down a request from the corrupted Saber, can we? That King of Knights is merciless.

Dr. Roman: But the space inside the Greater Grail isn't stable. If you do a Rayshift, you'll likely get punted back out.

Dr. Roman: Well, I'm sure Saber has something in mind. Let's get started.

Dr. Roman: Mash, take care of Fujimaru. If things get dangerous, let me know right away.

Mash: That's the plan. Let's start the Rayshift, Senpai.

Mash: Are we in...France? I thought we shifted into the Greater Grail...

Mash: Doctor? Doctor? Come in... Doctor?

Fujimaru 1: We can't contact him?

Mash: ...So it seems. He said it was spatially unstable, but where are we—

Fujimaru 2: I think Roman's slacking off?

Fou: Fou!

Mash: Fou agrees, but...I can't be sure. I can't even establish a connection.

Mash: The inside of the Greater Grail is like a singularity, and the connection won't be stable, he said. But where are we—

Saber Alter: We're inside Greater Grail in a fragment that doesn't exist. Think of it as a place that recreates beings that became the singularities.

Mash: Saber? You arrived first?

Saber Alter: So you came too, Kyrielight? ...Alright, I suppose. Thank you for answering my wish, Fujimaru.

Saber Alter: I'm amazed you believed in me enough to Rayshift inside the Greater Grail.

Fujimaru 1: I want an explanation.

Saber Alter: There's no need for one. What you need are strong Servants.

Saber Alter: I'm simply granting you that wish.

Fujimaru 2: If it's what you want, Saber.

Saber Alter: ...I see. If that's how you feel, then I won't hold back.

Fou: Fou, fou!

Mash: Master, Saber, footsteps on the road ahead! It appears to be enemies!

Saber Alter: Let's start with a warm-up. We'll wipe them out, Fujimaru.


Mash: That Shadow Servant... Um, Saber, is this place—

Saber Alter: Good guess Mash. This is one of the endings you passed by.

Saber Alter: It's only a temporary recreation, "but for the purpose of combat," this is not an illusion.

Fou: Fou, fooou!

Mash: More enemies! So this next Servant is—

Saber Alter: Fear not. You defeated them once, and this time the fate of the world isn't at stake. Enjoy the dance of death.

Mash: I-I can't see it that simply! Death is really scary!

Saber Alter: Of course, enjoy the fear I'm saying. The Heroic Spirit who entrusted himself to you would have.

Mash: Huh?

Saber Alter: Fujimaru, conserve your energy because the next one's the big one. Defeat this one with 60% of your strength.


Mash: Master, we've arrived at the throne room. ...Oh, I knew it—

Jeanne Alter: —Tsk, I wondered why "I was here" suddenly. So this is why.

Jeanne Alter: How truly upsetting. What is this? More of that nightmare?

Jeanne Alter: Whose idea was it to drag out a fake who's already been defeated once?

Jeanne Alter: Was it that Master there? Or that girl? No, that's not right.

Jeanne Alter: Only a Heroic Spirit as tainted as me could come up with a bad idea like this.

Jeanne Alter: Am I wrong? You, Britain's tainted King of Knights?

Saber Alter: —You're talkative. Did Jeanne d'Arc talk a lot as well?

Saber Alter: No, I'm sure she did. She was happy to be called the Maiden of Orleans.

Saber Alter: I'm sure she liked to talk. What can I say, she had the mind of a peasant.

Jeanne Alter: —Huh? What's your problem? Are all Britons idiots?

Mash: (Senpai, the air is choking with danger! There was no room for talking, anyway!)

Saber Alter: Of course. We're here to defeat this woman.

Saber Alter: Fujimaru, you are an inexperienced Master. Fight stronger, more terrifying foes and polish your skills.

Jeanne Alter: Oh, so that's it. The kind King of Knights has prepared a trial for that Master.

Jeanne Alter: Very well, I accept. But be careful, I'm vulgar and very violent—

Jeanne Alter: And after what you did to me last time, I'm ready to rip your head from your neck!

Mash: Master, she's serious! Be extremely careful!

Saber Alter: A splendid yell, flag-bearer. I'm glad I chose you as an opponent.

Jeanne Alter: What? Trying to be a friendly? Disgusting! You think we can be best friends just because we're both evil?

Saber Alter: No, I simply chose a worthy opponent to crush. I've no emotional attachments towards you.

Saber Alter: But I will say one thing...

Saber Alter: Shadow of Jeanne d'Arc, born of the Grail, you said we were both tainted beyond measure—

Saber Alter: But from where I stand, you are far more tainted than me.

Jeanne Alter: Hehe—That's my line, mere clone of that coward King Vortigern!


Jeanne Alter: ...Okay, okay, I lost, I lost.

Jeanne Alter: I don't have a grudge against your Master, so I'll be a good girl and disappear.

Mash: Enemy Servant annihilation confirmed... Whew. That was a tough fight...

Saber Alter: ...Sympathy for two people who fell to evil, huh? I can't deny that.

Saber Alter: I chose to rule by violence and instinct, and you chose to rule by fear and reason.

Saber Alter: The more a Heroic Spirit was bound by ideals in their former life, the more they possess a twisted side like us.

Fujimaru 1: Saber...

Fujimaru 2: You and that Jeanne are different.

Saber Alter: That's just what you believe. But—a Servant obeys their Master.

Saber Alter: As long as you believe that, I won't be a fool and believe otherwise.

Saber Alter: Also, your skills have improved a bit Fujimaru.

Fujimaru 1: Of course!

Fujimaru 2: A little, but yeah.

Saber Alter: Glad to hear it. Let's return to Chaldea.

Saber Alter: Women like Jeanne and I are only useful like this. If there's a next time, I'll find you another strong foe.

Dr. Roman: You're back! What happened to you two?

Dr. Roman: Communications went dead, and for a moment the Humanity Foundation value for Fuyuki and France reverted to negative!

Fujimaru 1: A lot happened.

Mash: ...It's as Senpai says. So much has happened and it's hard to explain.

Fujimaru 2: I'm tired and going to my room.

Fou: Fou, fooouu...

Dr. Roman: I-Is that so? Sure, I guess. You two look exhausted, and things are okay for now.

Dr. Roman: Okay, I'll call an end to this Rayshift for now... But something seems strange.

Dr. Roman: You guys didn't go to an amusement park or something without me, right? ...Nah, no way!

Dr. Roman: There's no way you could just Rayshift to the Greater Grail, and fight a bonus stage with powerful opponents you've already encountered!

Fou: Fou, fooouu...

Two Sides of a Coin

Saber Alter: Another chance has come, Fujimaru. Rayshift into the Greater Grail.

Mash: A-Again? Last time it was evil Jeanne, so this time...

Fujimaru 1: Thug Emperor Nero?

Fujimaru 2: Good-goody Lancelot?

Fou: Mm, kyukyu, kyui!

Saber Alter: You'll see when you get there... Though to tell the truth, I don't know myself.

Mash: You don't? You mean you can't pinpoint who it is we'll be fighting?

Saber Alter: No, I have chosen the opponent. What I'm saying is—

Saber Alter: I don't know who that person is. It seems like that one is fundamentally different than the other Heroic Spirits.

Mash: Fundamentally different... Was there someone like that? Oh, I feel like Elisabeth might be different.

Saber Alter: That one is just a weird. ...Well, you'll sense it when we arrive.

Mash: These are the Roman plains? I was sure it would be another throne room...

Fou: Fooouu!

Mash: Th-This rumble...a giant? No, it's an army of giant golems!

Mash: What is that? They're burying the horizon! It's like the Great Wall of China is advancing on us...

Mash: They're heading right for us! Saber, is that our opponent?

Saber Alter: ...I think not, but I don't know. That golem army might be the same as that one.

Saber Alter: Either way, we're busting through the wall Fujimaru. They don't see us as enemies.

Saber Alter: They're just like a massive steamroller that crushes everything before it.

Saber Alter: There's nothing to be gained by fighting them, and there are too many to defeat.

Saber Alter: Concentrate on a few and open a gap in the wall!


Mash: Wow... It's like a tsunami.

Mash: Those giants have no will of their own, but there seems to be a will guiding them.

Mash: "End all civilization on this planet." I'm not sure, but that's what their command sounds like...

Fujimaru 1: That's an exaggeration...

Fujimaru 2: I feel it...

Saber Alter: They certainly won't halt. —Do not be afraid. Fujimaru, we shall pierce through the second wave as well.

Saber Alter: Our real target lies beyond this wall of giants. We shall see if Mash's instincts were correct!


Mash: We made it past the giants! That's the Heroic Spirit Altera, the one we saw in Rome!

Altera: ...So a lifeform besides me appears in my dream? Answer me. Who are you?

Saber Alter: That's what I want to know, white Heroic Spirit. Mash called you Altera, but—

Saber Alter: Are you really Altera? You don't seem like the conqueror they called the Scourge of God.

Altera: ...You disturb my dream, and then insult me? You are...Britain's King of Knights, yes?

Altera: I am Altera. My appearance and this blade are proof of that.

Altera: —Answer me. What makes you doubt the truth that I speak?

Altera: If your answer displeases me, I'll show no mercy. I'll incinerate you and this world.

Mash: (Senpai, she seems to understand us more, but she sounds a lot more angry!)

Mash: (But I understand that feeling.)

Mash: (If this is Altera's dream, it would be embarrassing for others to see it!)

Fujimaru 1: Sorry, we didn't mean to pry into your dreams...

Altera: ...It doesn't matter if you intended to or not. The fact is, you're humiliating me.

Fujimaru 2: You've got some crazy dreams.

Altera: ...I know. Even I don't know why I have these dreams.

Altera: But—that's why I can't forgive you. You have peeked into my inexplicable dreams.

Altera: Answer me. Why do you mock me so?

Saber Alter: ...Why, you ask? I finally understand now after coming here.

Saber Alter: Oh great conqueror and Heroic Spirit Altera. You have become a paradox.

Saber Alter: Some kings conquer to satisfy their people. Some kings rule to satisfy their own greed.

Saber Alter: Each definition of kingship varies. Everyone has their own ideology, and justifiable goals.

Saber Alter: But—you are different. You are a conqueror and a destroyer.

Saber Alter: Some kings bring destruction in their conquest, but no king brings destruction after a conquest.

Saber Alter: That is not a king who rules man. That is a Demon God who denies the world of man.

Saber Alter: I ask again, Heroic Spirit Altera. Are you really—a Heroic Spirit like us?

Altera: —I have no answer for that. As the head of the Huns, I simply fought and slew our enemy.

Altera: It was you people who called me a king, a hero, a God of War.

Altera: Or would you, a fellow Heroic Spirit, deny me? Just like me, you can only destroy.

Altera: —I don't like you. I don't like you at all.

Altera: Begone from my dream. This plain of destruction is mine alone. I don't want to see any humans!

Mash: Wow... All the Mana in the atmosphere is being drawn into her blade!

Mash: So that is the Sword of Mars, the Noble Phantasm that can incinerate the world!

Saber Alter: Excellent. Altera herself was a disappointment, but that Noble Phantasm is a worthy foe.

Saber Alter: If it's going to swallow all the Mana in the world, it will be an excellent opponent.

Saber Alter: My heart is that of a dragon. The Od in my body shall resist the breath of the World.

Saber Alter: Let's go, Master! It's time to see whose Noble Phantasm is the strongest!


Altera: That...sword...was tempered inside the planet itself... It's a true Divine Weapon?

Altera: I know it...I know this pain... That's...What era was that—

Mash: Heroic Spirit Altera annihilation confirmed. Did

Saber Alter: So it seems. I thought she was like Jeanne, another Heroic Spirit twisted by the Grail, but—

Saber Alter: It seems she was twisted from before. Enough that she herself didn't know who she was.

Fujimaru 1: What are we going to do about this?

Fujimaru 2: Saber, the world's collapsing!

Saber Alter: Don't worry, this is Altera's dream. Since she disappeared, the dream will wake up.

Saber Alter: Our minds will return as the world ends. It may leave a small aftertaste, but do not fret.

Mash: S-So we're experiencing a simulation of the end of the world... This is the kind of bad feeling I don't want to know...

Saber Alter: Forgive me. I tried to be of use to my Master, but this time I failed.

Saber Alter: Once this world ends, let us meet again. Don't worry Fujimaru, it wasn't a complete waste.

Saber Alter: Battling Altera increased my own power. I shall show you an even more powerful slash in our next battle.

Mash: Oh, Saber just left without us! Senpai, we, um...

Fujimaru 1: We'll wait until it's completely white.

Mash: I-I knew it—!

Fujimaru 2: Mash, close your eyes if you're scared.

Mash: I-I can't! Closing my eyes just makes me more scared!

Mash: I'm done doing favors for Alter! Senpai, next time, think more about your actions, okay!