Artoria Pendragon - Lancer Alter

Unwakeable Dream, Unending War

Mash: Is this a–

Mash: battlefield? But from what era?

Dr. Roman: Huh? What? Where are you guys?

Fujimaru 1: Right here.

Fujimaru 2: It looks like some battlefield?

Dr. Roman: You've got all your arms and legs, right? Yeah, the both of you have proper vitals...

Mash: I'm not sure what's going on, either. Doctor, how's it going on your end?

Dr. Roman: Let's see. According to my observations... You haven't made it to the Rayshift coordinates.

Dr. Roman: It looks like something interfered with the Rayshift process. Hmm...

Dr. Roman: Well, not interfered... If I were to phrase it properly–

Dr. Roman: Like Fujimaru was pulled somewhere suddenly, willingly?

Fujimaru 1: What? Really?

Fujimaru 2: I really don't remember that.

Mash: Wait a second, Senpai. There's someone over there, at twelve o'clock.

Altria: ...Master?

Mash: Lancer... Altria, right? Senpai, did you summon her?

Altria: I don't have time to talk. They're coming.

Dr. Roman: I'm picking up something moving towards you! Judging by their momentum, they probably think you're enemies!

Mash: Senpai!

Fujimaru 1: No choice. Get ready for battle!

Mash: Yes, Master! They're human troops without any magical energy reaction, so–

Altria: Don't hold back. Take them all down.

Mash: B-But we're up against–

Altria: ...Here they come. Get ready.


Mash: Battle complete. Hostile forces...have, uh, been eliminated? What's...

Altria: This is my battlefield. Though it might've been altered in this dream.

Altria: I wanted to make use of my lance, as much as possible, so I asked Master something I shouldn't have.

Fujimaru 1: You did?

Fujimaru 2: I don't remember.

Altria: I got permission from you subconsciously. Sorry about that.

Altria: My special characteristics as a Servant are what brought this about, I imagine.

Dr. Roman: Characteristics? Like a Reality Marble of some sort? But she doesn't have that kind of Noble Phantasm...

Altria: This inquiry bores me. Now–

Altria: Let's fight. All the easy ones are done with.

Mash: ...A magical energy reading! I remember this feeling...

Dr. Roman: I have something closely resembling its values on record! No doubt about it, this has to be her other self!


Dr. Roman: –There's another of her with a Holy Lance Rhongomyniad?! W-What's with double Rhongomyniads!?

Altria: How interesting. The only one good enough for me is myself.

Altria: Let's go, Master. At any rate, if we don't defeat her, you can't return.

Mash: !?

Fujimaru 1: Guess we have no choice.

Fujimaru 2: Mash, get ready for battle!

Mash: ...Yes, Master. Starting combat with the enemy Servant.

Altria: It smells of battle. Yes. I can't be satisfied by just taking out weak opponents.

Altria: A warrior that fights with all they have. That is my desired opponent–


Mash: ...W-We managed to take her out. The battle is over...

Dr. Roman: Whew... So it's over... I worked up a sweat just watching.

Altria: ...

Mash: Altria?

Altria: ...Hmm.

Fujimaru 1: Maybe you wanted to fight by yourself?

Fujimaru 2: Maybe we shouldn't have interfered?

Altria: No– I am your Servant, nothing more.

Altria: My strength includes yours. I don't really consider this fight one-vs-many and unfair.

Altria: ...Though questions remain, so I can't say that I'm satisfied. But that was good enough for now.

Altria: In any event, let's get back to your fight.

Altria: Give me a good battlefield to fight on, Master.