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The Judge and The Judged

I accuse you.

I accuse you. I accuse you. I accuse you.

To the Sin of Pride. To the Sin of Envy. To the Sin of Wrath. To the Sin of Greed. To the Sin of Gluttony. To the Sin of Sloth. To the Sin of Lust.

To the Act of Murder. To the Act of Adultery. To the Act of Course Language To the Act of Theft. To the Act of Slander. To the Act of Empty Chatter. To the Act of Wrong Views.

I accuse you of all the world’s crimes.

As such, through this dream, your crimes will be…

A silhouette of Dantes flashes by before you wake up in a cell, alone.

[---A dream?]

A shade appears!


But they turn out to be Astraea.


---A dream, you say?



This is quite an unusual dream. As far as I can tell, this appears to be a normal jail.

We do not seem to have Reyshifted. Nor is this a sheer mental debugging.

It would be more precise to refer to this dream as “Another world, or reality”.

In either case, I would assume it is similar to the prophetic dreams of Sybil.

We cannot establish a communication link with Chaldea either.

Have you experienced a dream like this before?

[Uh.] / [They happen every now and then.]


Astounding. Even in the Age of Gods, getting recklessly pulled into the dream world was a rarity.

In that case, do you perhaps know the way to exit this dream?

You must seek the source that has created it.

Do you recognize this place at all?

You get a brief glimpse of Dantes.

[Kinda…] / [Not really…]


If not you, this is all related to someone you know, or perhaps, something else that called you to this dream.

Nevertheless, you are in good fortunes to have myself called alongside you. It was as if you were promised to be unharmed.

Now, let us depart, Master.

[Where to?]


This prison has only one route to go: directly forward.

We shall find the cause of this dream, and I shall impart my judgment.

The two of you continue forward, exiting the cell and entering a dimly lit hall.


This is the stench of mold. Along with the scent of crime.

That would mean I may have a clear reason for being called forth here.

[You think so?]


Indeed. Whomever it was who called me here likely needs my judgment.:

Crime and judgment are hand in hand. Would society not collapse if one lacked the other?

For example, if a certain Goddess would creep into Chaldea’s vault and attempt to pilfer gems for themselves.

Ishtar (Flashback):

Ooh, pretty…

[Will you act as judge, Astraea-san?]


Of course, for that is who I am.No other task suits me.

[Even if I’m the accused?]


As you have been locked away into prison, that already makes you a criminal.

Are you prepared to receive due judgment?

Astraea moves in towards you, then stops.



Though that is an able-minded guess.

Our being called together may mean I have to judge you for something.

She looks around the hall.


The smell of injustice grows thicker this way.

You move forward, and find Mecha Eli Mk. I.

[Mecha Eli Chan!] / [What’re you doing here!?]


From her presence, I can confirm that this is Chaldea’s Mecha Eli Chan. Yet they are a tad different than normal.

Like myself, it seems they were pulled into this place.

My scales yet sway. Now, proclaim your crime!

Mecha Eli Chan:


I was only taking my cut of energy as salary from Chaldea’s Magic Kiln.

….Well, I took a little extra as a late fee too.

[Aaah, busted!] / [You totally can’t do that…]

Mecha Eli Chan:

Being [busted] or [can’t do that]…don’t make me laugh.

Those effects aren’t registered in my combat debuffs list.

As a Servant operating as a protector of Chaldea, my actions are done through necessity.

What’s more, crime and punishment are human concepts. Therefore!!!



You are wrong: crimes are concepts deemed by intelligence! Even intelligent iron like yourself is impartial to such.

As such, I will backdrop you as equally I do any criminal.

[……Huh?] / [What was that huge leap in reasoning!?]


That is what the Goddess’s Oracle has declared! Into the fray, Master!

You fight off Mecha Eli, who gets debuff resistance for thinking she’s above crime.


1…2…3! That’s a pin!

Mecha Eli Chan:

Using pro-wrestling moves on a robot…! Did you learn this from tokusatsu shows…!?

Mecha Eli fades out of the dream.


Hm, she vanished, but it wasn’t quite a retreat. I would guess that she has gone back to Chaldea.

The overabundant energy she took will be restored to Chaldea as it should be.

Additionally, the door ahead of us has unlocked. Quite the welcoming invitation.

Let us proceed, Master.

Someone had told me.

You are a fool. Have you still not realized?

I can’t blame you. For then, I was indeed a fool.

Words fell on deaf ears, with that persistently stubborn mindset.

I was fully convinced that a brave front was the only way I could protect myself.

Aah, back then…

……How did I answer?

The door opens to a starry sky in a grassy field.

[The night sky] / [Is dazzling here.]


Is it not beautiful?

In my mythos, I returned back to them.

As my current self is entwined with the functions of Lady Justice in this era, I remember little of my past then.

Here in this dream, you could spot me above in those stars.

Our path continues. Are we meant to head this way?

Yes, the smell of crime rises again. Although it is not as if we have many other paths to choose from.

[Let’s go!]

You continue into the field.


We’ve gone quite the distance now. I would’ve hoped a dream would allow us to our destination immediately.

Incidentally, are you not afraid of all of this?

[What makes you say that?]


As I mentioned earlier, I may have been called here to judge you.

Can you not think ofcrime you would be tried for?

You remember Patxi in the Russian Lostbelt.


……It appears you do. The destruction of a Lostbelt could be called a grievous offense.

Perhaps you hope, even if it were in a dream, that I could judge you adequately.

Is this correct? Would you not seek comfort in my judgment?

[Even if I have done wrong] / [I can’t give in to a sentence yet.]


Is that not merely a brave face? Are you only avoiding the question to elongate the time before your verdict?

[……….] / [Maybe that is what I’m doing.]


The scent of crime has intensified.

A new criminal draws close.

Bedivere walks over to the both of you.





Aah, I recognize you. You are that Bedivere.:

The Knight of the Round Table who did not return the Holy Sword.


Yes…you are correct. It was I who failed. It was because of me that King Arthur changed that way.

That kind of end for them was completely unnecessary.

If only I hadn’t done such a thing…

[But, Bedivere…] / […You only wanted to help King Arthur.]


You did. I gleaned that information myself from Chaldea’s archives. Bedivere, you are unquestionably a pure-hearted knight.

But, the crime remains.

Your actions may have been done in the name of good, but it was a crime nonetheless.


It’s as she says. Crime is crime, Master. I have no intention to hide my disgrace.

Please, grant me your judgment, Lady Justice. That is surely the reason you stand before me now.


Your wish is my command!

Astraea rushes Bedi.

You fight off Bedivere, who has an innate attack and defense down debuff from guilt.


Why have you not finished me off?


Must I do so? A verdict is cast by societal and personal standpoints, and both are necessary to do so.

[Societal and personal?]


The former is simple to understand. In order to maintain peace, criminals must receive punishment for their crimes.

On the other hand, for personal judgment, the significance lies in the offender.

The reason being that time is irreversible, and intrinsically, people may not be able to fully atone for what they have done.:

For example, even if you pay back a sum greater than an item you stole, you cannot erase the theft you’ve already committed.

Or, if you hurt someone and the wound heals, the fact remains that you hurt them at all.

Justice must shoulder these burdens. With the punishment they are given, offenders can find forgiveness.

[Punishment for penance…]


In your case, your societal recompense has been fulfilled in full. That Singularity has dispersed from the Holy Sword being returned thus.

All that remains is your personal regret. That is the breadth of my verdict.

From me, this speaks volumes. Or are you still yet unsatisfied?


This is nothing but pride. I am content all the same.


When we wake from this dream, we shall be drinking tea together in Chaldea. Alongside us shall be your spear-wielding King.

Bedivere smiles as they fade from the dream.


That man was quite something to bear the Holy Sword for 1500 years. Even more extraordinary was their ability to put on a brave face: and persevere to success.



Our path continues evermore. Let us continue.

I have been charged many times.

“Hurry, and let go as you should. Hurry, and give in as you should.”, they said.

“For there is no meaning in what you are doing. For there is no value in what you are doing.”

…Ahh, yes. “Value”.

It was then, that I answered of value.

The next area is inside of a dark forest.


What do you think of the people we have met thus far?

An iron robot, and a silver knight.

Were they here to sympathize with your crimes? Or perhaps…

[Bedivere would, but Mecha Eli Chan?] / [Did those two have anything in common?]


Regardless of her conduct, that robot was surprisingly critical.

In the sense of wondering if non-humans could bear the weight of crime, I mean.

For example, would you think of blaming the gun rather than it’s wielder for murder?

[Well…] / [When you put it that way…]


In that circumstance, the crime goes to the holder of the gun.

Naturally though, I concluded that Mecha Eli Chan’s had inherent intelligence, she had inherent capacity for crime.

But I wonder. How would that question be answered in a much more different scenario…?


Aw man, quit it with the brain-scratchers already.

Sakata Kintoki (Berserker):

Gooo------lden! Fancy meetin’ you here, Chief!


Are you a criminal as well, Sakata Kintoki? Can you remember what you would have done?

Sakata Kintoki:

Shit, it’s crime time?

I may’ve done something. Bound to have at some point.

When you live, eat, and run around on this Earth, that kinda thing happens eventually.

Could you really keep living if you had to deal with that in your gut all the time?


Your heroic disposition is astonishing…!

He’s the type where the meanings behind personal judgments like the ones we’ve made are completely lost.

Specifically, human beings with strong ideologies can continue to cause issues by being unable to accept they’ve done wrong.

Indeed, for you, there’s nothing to do about when you were alive. Societal judgments have passed, and now we must look towards the personal.

But, is your life over: now?

Sakata Kintoki:

Yeah, as a Servant I’m kinda a different me. That’s probs why I got called here and all.

Go ahead and measure me up with those scales of yours. I’ve been psyched up about it for a while now!

But if you’re weighting me, I’m gonna be weighting your scales too.

Get ready for me, Ms. Goddess of the Scales. My upper arms hurt like an axe, y’know?

Can you take these Axe Bomber Lariats from them?


Excellent! You put on a perfect performance!

…N-not that it matters!

Very well! Let’s see how you fare, Golden Oni!

You fight off Kintoki, who starts the battle with two temp attack buffs.


…I have already said my piece upon how you are surely disenfranchised from personal judgment…

But that was a blissful endeavor. I thank you.

Sakata Kintoki:

Hah, no sweat. You don’t gotta thank me or anything.

In fact, I feel like I should be thankin’ you.

I can’t tell you the last time I’ve felt so Golden from getting to go all out like that!


As I presumed, there is no need to cast personal judgment upon you.

Sakata Kintoki:

Haha, seems that way.

But I gotta say, you don’t hold back just like Chief Raikou does.

Let’s do this again once we’re back in Chaldea. Simulator should work perfect for it.


I don’t know if I’ll remember the events of the dream once I wake from it, but if I do I’ll be sure to find the time.

Sakata Kintoki:

Nice! I’ll be waitin’ for you then. Since this dream’s gotta be…

He wakes up, leaving the dream.


I truly must thank him.

It’s because of him that I am now able to tell what this dream really is.

I tried to answer, of value.

I’ve been trying, throughout Three Ages.

Yet, I failed every time

And so.

My choice is to…


I must apologize about one thing to you, Master. I erred in regards to what this dream is.

[You made a mistake?]


Yes, a large one.

So far, we have encountered three criminals. But it was not you who drew them here.

It was I. Or perhaps both of us.

Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Three people to represent the Three Ages.

[Three Ages?]


Ancient Greece and Rome are divided into four Ages, according to mythological ages.

The Golden Age, the Silver Age, the Bronze Age, and the Iron Age.

The Golden Age was reigned by Zeus’s father, Cronos.

Justice was naturally upheld, so laws and sentences were unnecessary. There was no strife, lives were long, and all was beautiful.

The Silver Age had Zeus take his father’s place.

The four seasons were created, leading way to strict climates. Although it became harder to live, things were exceedingly prosperous.

We can apply the Golden Age to Sakata Kintoki, and the Silver Age to Bedivere.

[And Mecha Eli Chan to Iron?]


No, she would be more suited for Bronze. After all, the Iron Age is…

You move forward, past the forest, and arrive at a temple.


It appears we have reached our destination before I could finish.

[…A temple?]

You find someone waiting for you up ahead.

[The Count of Monte Cristo!]



Does this mean they look like someone else to you?

[Huh? Isn’t that…] / […Edmond Dantes?]


That may not be the truth of them. As you dream, you may be applying a natural figure to your mind.

He must be someone who you regularly encounter in dreams.

I will make use of my mana to attune them to normal.

Astraea disperses the image of Dantes…revealing a 2nd Astraea!

[It’s another Astraea…?!]

??? (Ascension 3 Astraea):

Yes, I am another Astraea. Now that I have been bore witness to, the truth of this should be made clear.


It has, however laborious it has been.

In case you have forgotten, I am present as a Pseudo-Servant. I am only a fragment of a Divine Spirit residing inside a vessel.

What I mean to say is…the Astraea you see there is the true Divine Spirit Astraea.

[The actual Astraea----!?]


She speaks the truth. I am the Divine Spirit, Astraea.

Divine Astraea:

I have come forth to cast a verdict upon my other self.

[An Astraea] / [To judge Astraea?]

Divine Astraea:

You must already know why.


This is what was decided for me.

As a Servant working to safeguard their Master, we have an intrinsic vow to each other.

Divine Astraea:

Judgements must be impartial. You working to protect humanity is acceptable.

Working alongside you to restore the Seven Singularities and putting a stop to King Solomon were fair actions on our part.

[Then, this is about] / [My battles with the Lostbelts.]

Divine Astraea:

Correct. The conflicts with the Lostbelts are a struggle for existence. My additional presence with these are unseen as impartial.

If you withdraw from this battle now, you will be deemed as innocent. Separate yourself from Chaldea, my other Self.


…Do you recall what I was saying prior to this?

[About the Iron Age?]


I can recall my time at that Age. Upon reaching the Iron Age, I abandoned humanity.

I remained among the last of the Gods, until finally my hand was swayed.

[So that would make Mecha Eli Bronze] / [And your true self Iron.]

Divine Astraea:

This is but a repeat of the Age of the Gods. Come, my other Self, put aside your sword and scales, and sway your hand.




Divine Astraea:

Is something amiss?


…Back then, I should have asked something.

[Fujimaru], I wish you to answer me thus.

Am I truly needed alongside you?


[Of course you are!]

Divine Astraea:


What spur you to even ask such a thing!?


It is as you said: as Master and I share a vow, so their input is a necessity.

Divine Astraea:

That is not the issue present. It is impossible to abdicate yourself from impartial judgment!


You are mistaken, Astraea. Rather than a misunderstanding of the rules, this is an alternate route.

In our journey through this dream, I have been asking them questions. Did I not ask if they were expecting judgment for their actions already?

They answered then as well. “I can’t give in to a sentence yet.”

Which is why I must stay by their side, to see an end to their journey.

Divine Astraea:

That was nothing more than a bluff. An immature thought, concluded as naught but a passing expression.


Then you agree, they are yet immature.

Their life has yet to prove it’s true value. The value once held by pan-human history has been bleached away to nothing.

They continue to stand with no other meaning or explanation. I have deemed it as a simple display of courage.

Divine Astraea:



This is what brought Sakata Kintoki to dare say he would weight scales.

This is what brought Bedivere to represent the value of courage.

I understand now. This show of courage is the value mankind has.

Divine Astraea:

All you have said is but lip service.


No, I have examined them myself. I believe their courage to be innocent, and proud.



I was the one who abandoned humanity before. I cannot let them bear this weight again.

My beloved humanity, whom I removed my sighs upon.

This time, it is different. I realize that I should have been courageous then.

Henceforth, I shall exert my skills as much as needed! Even in regards to mythology! And modernity!

My love for humans is dear! Their value is worth protecting!

Even if, sooner or later…they will step beyond me. I am their guardian, confined to our home, and must watch as my children will leave the nest.

Divine Astraea:

My other…no, you have changed, after coming so far.


I am a Pseudo-Servant. My existence is a change. But, is that not what you wanted as well?

Divine Astraea:

No…I cannot acknowledge this. I…cannot acknowledge you as myself.


I care not. For now, there is but one thing left to do.

Astraea powers herself up!


Are you ready, Master?

[You bet!] / [Let’s do this together, Astraea!]


For the crimes present before me, I shall judge myself personally!

You fight the True Astraea, who has a permanent attack buff through the battle, and eventually defeat her.

Divine Astraea:

This is absurd…!


Normally, I would be no match for you, but neither of us are fully footed in reality at present.

We would not have been able to do this at all, were we not called into [Fujimaru]’s dreams.

Divine Astraea:

…Your conclusion is to stay as an ally to your Master?


Do you not wish for the same?

[Huh?] / [Does the Divine Astraea really feel that way?]


We have always been wanting to believe in humans’ value. Up to the end, we did not want to abandon them.

Despite that, separation came in the Iron Age.

It was not a societal crime, but one that intrinsically struck through us all the same.

That is why I had to judge myself, with myself.

[For the sake of personal judgment…]


Seems I’ve taught you quite well.

Divine Astraea:

…….So be it.

The True Astraea pools together their strength.

Divine Astraea:

I beckon forth the courtroom of the stars.

I raise high my blade of conviction.

This is the place of due judgment.

This is the place of due pardons.

[This…] / [Is Astraea’s 2nd Noble Phantasm---!]

Divine Astraea:

[Now, Justice Returns – Iam redit et Virgo:]…!

Her noble phantasm procs, and the dream world begins to crumble.


This dream is fading…!

Divine Astraea:

My 2nd Noble Phantasm returns all to as it should be. Balance is restored, and sins are granted pardon.

Ah, my other Self has truly been granted pardon, although I am unaware if it applies to I as well.

Still, I wish you a safe return. To you, my other self, and to your Master as well…

[Divine Spirit Astraea!]

Divine Astraea:


Be good to my other self, if you may.

The dream fades, and Astraea returns back to your room.


At least, we have returned.

Master…is still fast asleep.

They deserve the rest. If you could, ensure they have a pleasant dream.


…Don’t push it. The idea of Astraea, the Goddess of the Scales, cracking a joke like that is astounding.


I should apologize to you. It was thanks to your protection that Master was unharmed.

They are utterly defenseless in the dream world asides.

If the vast information of a Divine Spirit managed to forcibly intervene, anything could have happened to their mental state.

One mistake and the problem could have turned unsolvable, then Master would have likely never awoken again.

Edmond Dantes:

That was our contract.

As long as their walk continues, as dregs of black flames, I can continue to stoke them from within their heart.


I shall help a bit.

Astraea casts a quick spell.


That dream prior. I wish to dispose of all excess knowledge as possible into imaginary numbers.

Although, it’s a shame that they will forget of our journey.

Edmond Dantes:

Fine. Follow my lead.


Thank you.

Though, I must say, this is quite odd.

To think that in becoming a Pseudo-Servant, I would be to conclude one assignment I once left unfinished.

Edmond Dantes:

When it comes to a verdict, you can’t just look at the crime alone. You should know that more than anyone else.

Dantes goes back to the dreamworld.


…He got me there.

That sort of kind judgment is best left to the imagination.

Astraea departs as well.


Thank you, [Fujimaru].