Smile of the Goddess

Atalante: Master, I need to talk to you.

Atalante: You see, I want to go out to sea. There's something that I left on that Island.

Atalante: If it's no problem, I'd like to leave now–

Mash: We're lucky we have a ship, but what did you leave behind?

Atalante: Oh, a statue of Artemis–the Lunar goddess.

Atalante: I made it by hand, but I couldn't take it with me during the battle.

Mash: I see.

Atalante: We were born from the gods, and they give us power. We must never fail to be grateful.

Atalante: ...Well, despite their great power, some of them can be a little strange.

Atalante: It's their charm point, and their weakness.

Dr. Roman: Yeah, you've had a rough time because of it–

Atalante: There should be a cave on the other side of this forest. Let's go.

Atalante: ...The stench of animals. Mash, ready your weapon– and prepare for combat.

Mash: Right!

Mash: This is–a chimera!

Atalante: A demonic beast left behind in this world... Its luck ran out when it met a hunter, though.

Atalante: I will make good use of its meat and pelt.


Atalante: What a headache... Let's keep going.

Mash: Are we almost at the cave?

Atalante: Yeah...Okay, this is the entrance. Let's go.

Atalante: ...Hey, Master, do you have any wishes for the Grail?

Fujimaru 1: Not really.

Atalante: Hmm. I see...

Atalante: Well, given the state of the world that makes sense, I guess.

Atalante: But the Grail's power is omnipotent. Perhaps you should come up with a wish.

Fujimaru 2: To restore the world.

Atalante: ...Hmph. That's exactly the right wish. But it's also the wrong answer.

Atalante: When you get the Grail, that wish should come true on its own.

Atalante: A greedy answer isn't necessarily the wrong one. Keep that in mind.

Atalante: ...To tell the truth, I have a wish of my own. It's a simple wish, and I know it will never come true–

Atalante: But I still can't give up on it. That's why I pray to the gods.

Atalante: I protect my vows to the gods. ...Or so I thought...

Mash: Atalante is looking off into the distance...

Dr. Roman: Yeah, that goddess was pretty... impactful.

Atalante: ...Enough talking, I suppose. It's time for combat.

Atalante: Master, stay back. ...Let's go!


Atalante: We should be almost there... Oh, good. This is it.

Mash: That's the statue of the goddess?

Atalante: Yes, it's handmade. Impressive, right?

Fujimaru 1: If you just add Orion there.

Fujimaru 2: Needs more Orion.

Atalante: Y-You want me to make one of him? Hmm... He's the type of person I hate most.

Atalante: He's lazy, lustful, and never learns. He's only interested in having fun, and doesn't care for others.

Atalante: ...He did look like he was having fun, but that fun is far too different for my tastes.

Atalante: Not my type of man at all. If I had to pick between him and Jason, I don't know what I'd do.

Mash: I-It's that bad?

Atalante: Let me ask you, Mash. If Jason and Orion were the last two men in the world, who would you marry?

Mash: Huh? I'd um... Well...

Atalante: See what I mean...huh?

???: Hehehe, that's not a nice way to talk about someone's boyfriend, is it...Atalante?

Atalante: ...Hyah!

Mash: T-That voice!

Artemis: Hey guys!

Orion: Hello, I know this is a surprise but I am back... Speaking of which, Mash are you busy later?

Artemis: Hehehehe. Even if it's the truth, denying it is proof of my love!

Artemis: So let's do this! If I win you'll never get my blessing again.

Artemis: I don't know about my Brother, though!

Atalante: That's crazy!


Artemis: Ugh, I lost. I guess my love still isn't strong enough!

Orion: Huh? You've got more love? Seriously? What you've got is already crushing me...

Artemis: Well, if I lost, I lost. You may retain my blessing!

Atalante: Thank you Goddess, I will continue to treasure this statue.

Artemis: Okay Orion, let's go back!

Orion: Mash, at least hold me tight against your chest... BRWRAH!

Atalante: Well. That was an unexpected interruption, but we made it through...

Atalante: Thank you, Master. I owe you.

Atalante: Now let us return. Want to take that chimera meat with us?

Atalante: You must be sick of rations. No? I see...

Atalante: Then this boar pelt... No, huh? Hmph. This is difficult.

London Child

Atalante: I'm sorry, Master. May I have a word?

Atalante: ... ...

Fujimaru 1: What is it?

Fujimaru 2: You look depressed.

Atalante: ...I want to go to this London place you visited. Will you help?

Mash: –We're here, but why are we here?

Atalante: I heard there was a child Servant.

Mash: Jack the Ripper. Yes, she WAS a child... I think.

Mash: To think that's who she really was... What a shock.

Atalante: That's not exactly right. She's simply one aspect of Jack the Ripper.

Atalante: Jack the Ripper is a black box, filled with the beliefs, hypotheses, and ideas of people everywhere.

Atalante: Even without knowing the real killer, as long as you know the name you can summon the appropriate Servant.

Atalante: ...In that sense, she's similar to Hassan-i Sabbah.

Atalante: In a normal Holy Grail War, one of almost 20 of them can be summoned via the concept of “Assassin”

Mash: You sure know a lot. I am surprised.

Atalante: I've crossed paths with them. I hope that child disappears completely...

Mash: Huh? She should've disappeared already–

???: –Hehehehe.

Mash: !?!?!?

Dr. Roman: It's weak, but I'm picking up a reading around you! Be careful!


Mash: What...was that?

Atalante: Remnants of a Servant. Best to destroy them.

Jack: Hehe, hehehe, heheheheh.

Atalante: There's more!

Mash: This feeling... It's her! Fall back, Master!

Atalante: –Rest in peace, Jack!


Mash: ...The reading in this area is gone. Doctor, are you picking up more?

Dr. Roman: Hold on, I'm expanding the search radius. ...Ah! Yes, I've found something similar...

Atalante: Let's head there, then. Master, Mash, follow me!

Atalante: For a Servant, past Holy Grail Wars are more like hazy dreams than distant memories.

Atalante: No matter how strong a past bond might be, it will inevitably fade.

Atalante: ...Of course it will. Fighting a hundred Holy Grail Wars is like leading a hundred lives.

Atalante: More than anything, it ceases to feel real. You stop being able to cling to just one life.

Atalante: It doesn't mean we're choosing a noble death. We're simply abandoning a pallid life.

Atalante: So we forget them–like they were the dreams we once had. But some things cannot be forgotten.

Atalante: That battle, to me, was one of them.

Jack: Hehehe! Hehehe! Mommy! Mommy!

Jack: –Mommy!

Mash: This voice!

Atalante: I thought you might not have completely disappeared... Jack the Ripper.

Jack: Yup. I mean, this world is wavering.

Jack: So even we, who should no longer be here, can look for her once more.

Atalante: ...Stop it, Jack. You won't find your mother in this world.

Atalante: Even if she did exist, she wouldn't accept you as her daughter.

Jack: Shut up! You don't know anything about us!

Atalante: You're wrong. I do know you... However...

Atalante: I don't understand you. I can't understand you. You don't want to be understood.

Atalante: You will try to fulfill your wish. I will stop you. That is all.

Jack: Okay, got it. Then– it's time to die!

Mash: ...Here it comes!

Atalante: Sorry, but I must finish you off. I truly am sorry.


Jack: Wah...wah... That's so mean...

Atalante: –You're right. I'm mean. Still, I wanted to save you.

Atalante: I really, really wanted to save you. No matter how broken you were.

Jack: ...I see. Hehe, you're weird, Mommy.

Jack: We were...saved...already–

Mash: Whew... We beat her.

Atalante: ...No, we didn't.

Atalante: As long as London exists, she'll keep coming back.

Atalante: Until we restore history to its proper form.

Mash: Huh? But she–

Atalante: Jack is special. When history is restored, she'll pass on as she should.

Atalante: ...That's what I want to believe.

Atalante: Master, my wish is to save all the abused, unhappy children in this world.

Atalante: What do you think?

Fujimaru 1: That's a good wish.

Fujimaru 2: That's a hard wish.

Atalante: Thank you for not laughing.

Atalante: It may be hard. No, it may be close to impossible.

Atalante: But still... I can't give up on my wish.

Atalante: Even if it becomes an eternal chain which binds me forever–

Atalante: I will keep fighting. Let's go, Master.

Atalante: First, we have to save the world so that the children can live.