Even at the Cost of My Life

Bedivere: Good morning, Master.

Bedivere: What do you have planned today? I shall accompany you, no matter your destination.

Bedivere: Rayshifting? Perhaps training in the simulator?

Bedivere: After all, I am here on behalf of Miss Mash today. I will try my very best to be of help to you.

Fujimaru 1: Wait, what's wrong with Mash?

Fujimaru 2: Now that you mention it...

Bedivere: Miss Mash is having her medical check today. I understand she must remain in the exam room all day.

Bedivere: Medical checks are important. As you are aware, Chaldea is isolated from the rest of the world, and located in an extreme environment.

Bedivere: Our bodies and minds are under incredible pressure... We must always be aware of this.

Bedivere: Of course, we face the unprecedented threat that is the Incineration of Humanity.

Bedivere: And while the flames we face and the biting cold of Chaldea's environment are quite different in nature...

Bedivere: They can both be said to be exceptionally difficult environments.

Bedivere: That is the challenge that everyone here in Chaldea faces. Yourself included, Master.

Bedivere: As such, frequent checkups are of critical importance. Understood?

Fujimaru 1: Okay!

Bedivere: Very good. A most excellent response.

Fujimaru 2: Thanks for looking out for me.

Bedivere: ...Your words humble me.

Bedivere: Permit me to remind you once more: I am here as a substitute for Miss Mash today.

Bedivere: As such, please ask me for anything. I am your attendant, your butler. I am your Servant today in every possible sense of the word.

Bedivere: How about training in the simulator? Or observing and monitoring the remnants from the Singularities would be appropriate as well.

Bedivere: ...

Bedivere: ...Battling to gain something is what will lead to further growth for you, Master.

Bedivere: Battles for the sake of the Grand Order...

Bedivere: Or rather, battles to continue your survival, will eventually wear you down.

Bedivere: Your soul. Your psyche. Or speaking in modern terms, your nerves.

Fujimaru 1: Nerves wearing down...

Fujimaru 2: Modern terms? That's more of a medical term.

Bedivere: There is one thing that crossed my mind, Master.

Bedivere: Normally, I wouldn't dare mention something like this to others...but in your particular case...

Bedivere: I'm sure HE would be happy about it, without a doubt. He is that kind of knight.

Bedivere: While any such approval given would be...ex post facto, unworthy though I am, I shall eventually gain it.

Fujimaru 1: He?

Fujimaru 2: When you said knight...?

Bedivere: Yes. Actually...

Bedivere: My comrade, the man who is the epitome of freedom, Sir Tristan, heads out to a certain place in every free moment he has.

Bedivere: Occasionally, I accompany him. I believe it is a wonderful place to relax.

Bedivere: But please, keep that to yourself...

Fujimaru 1: I will!

Bedivere: Thank you very much.

Fujimaru 2: Where is it? The Rec room?

Bedivere: Haha. Is that where you think it is?

Bedivere: Let's head over there right away. I will leave a note for Sir Tristan.

Bedivere: Let's go!

Fujimaru 1: The sea...

Fujimaru 2: So it's not outside, but in the simulator.

Bedivere: You're less enthused than expected... My apologies...

Bedivere: Perhaps I built up your expectations too much... I must reflect on my presentation.

Bedivere: As you can see, this is a virtual creation in the simulator. We are not actually outside Chaldea.

Bedivere: Still, it gives me a sense of peace. I hope it works for you as well, Master.

Bedivere: Initially, even I was skeptical about whether or not this would work.

Bedivere: I accompanied Sir Tristan to watch him go fishing and listen to his ranting that was nothing but difficult to understand...

Bedivere: There was nothing in particular to do except to spend time just watching the sky and sea.

Bedivere: But...surprisingly, doing so felt peaceful, or rather, it calmed me.

Bedivere: And I wanted you to experience that same sense of peace, or at least calming effect.

Bedivere: ...Have I...overstepped my boundaries?

Fujimaru 1: No, taking a break sometimes is nice.

Fujimaru 2: No. Let's relax together, Bedivere.

Bedivere: Thank you, Master.

Bedivere: about this? Would you like to try night fishing?

Bedivere: Sir Tristan uses his Failnaught so skillfully to catch a great many fish.

Fujimaru 1: Darn, we don't have fishing gear.

Bedivere: Ah, but we do. I had Miss Da Vinci prepare us some.

Bedivere: In that much, I planned ahead. I am excited to provide you with the best fishing experience ever.

Fujimaru 2: Don't we need to have entered that data beforehand?

Bedivere: Do not fret. I requested Miss Da Vinci's help on that front.

Bedivere: I believe I open up the multipurpose window...

Bedivere: Now I equip the extra item...and we're all set.

Bedivere: Well, I'm sure there are other ways to do so, but I don't have as much experience with the simulator...

Bedivere: I understand Miss Jing Ke is quite well-versed in such things. She even brings things like alcohol with her, I am told.

Bedivere: But let's do it this way for today. After you, Master.

Bedivere: The bait is already on the hook, so please cast it out to sea with all your might.

Fujimaru 1: Hi-yah!

Bedivere: Wonderful. Excellent, Fujimaru.

Fujimaru 2: Arraaaghh!

Bedivere: Such bold and brazen movement...! Amazing!

Bedivere: Wonderful! Have you by chance tried fishing before?

Bedivere: And now...the main event.

Bedivere: Well, there is nothing special to do now. At night, when the boundaries between the sky and sea are blurred, we just listen to the waves...

Bedivere: And please relax. There's no need to feel rushed or impatient.

Bedivere: Please, sit back and enjoy this leisure time. I will watch your line, so please do not worry.

Bedivere: ...

Fujimaru 1: ...

Bedivere: ...

Bedivere: ...This is something that I've never said before...

Bedivere: Nor did Tristan say this...

Bedivere: But at times, I find myself thinking this:

Bedivere: Tristan was torn between the two Iseults. And his fate led him to lose his life by the water.

Bedivere: Or rather, his soul...

Bedivere: Perhaps that is why he cannot be apart from the water. Even now, he could be waiting for that ship with the shining, pale white sail...

Fujimaru 2: Bedivere, tell me a story.

Bedivere: ...Shh, Master. Empty your thoughts...your mind.

Bedivere: I am not saying you must enter an Eastern meditative state. Just...let yourself go. Calm. Peace.

Bedivere: Just watch the boundaries of the sea and sky to melt together, and doze into the blanket of night...

Bedivere: Let your daily stresses wash away.

Bedivere: !!!

Bedivere: Something's biting! It's splashing!

Bedivere: It must be a big one...! It's like Sir Kay swimming amongst the fishes!

Bedivere: This may be even bigger than that! I've never seen such an intense tug on a fishing line!

Bedivere: It could be a red snapper, mackerel, or even a tuna!

Bedivere: Let's reel it in, Master!

Bedivere: Just like humans take pictures of fish to record their greatest catches, we can capture its data and show it off to Miss Mash and Sir Tristan!

Bedivere: It's sure to make them smile!

Fujimaru 1: Okay, let's do this!

Fujimaru 2: Reeeeeel!

Bedivere: !!!

Bedivere: You did it! The fish just popped out of the sea!

Bedivere: ...That's...

Bedivere: The fish we caught is...actually, not a fish...

Fish?: Gueeeeeeeeeaaahhh!!!

Fujimaru 1: What the hell is this!?

Fujimaru 2: It's an enemy!

Bedivere: Oh I'm so embarrassed...

Bedivere: I must have made some kind of mistake when I set up the system. Doing something one is unaccustomed to can cause such trouble...

Bedivere: I pulled an all-nighter studying the manual...but I am no good at learning new things...

Bedivere: No, now's not the time for lamentations! Master, your commands!

Bedivere: I am prepared to make amends for my misconduct. Or, rather, I am prepared to accept whatever punishment you deem fitting. But first, we have an enemy to fight!

C:Bedivere: I swear by my Airgetlám that I will dispose of this immediately!

Fujimaru 1: Of course! Let's do this, Bedivere!

C:Bedivere: Switch On - Airgetlám!


B:Bedivere: Dead End, Airgetlám!

Bedivere: ...

Bedivere: Please, allow me to apologize once more.

Bedivere: Even thought it was only in the simulator, my most important job is to keep you safe...

Bedivere: It appears my efforts were fruitless once again...I'm sorry, Fujimaru.

Fujimaru 1: There is nothing to forgive, Bedivere.

Fujimaru 2: Nobody got hurt, so no problem.

Bedivere: Thank you very much. I am undeserving of such kindness.

Bedivere: Now...

Bedivere: It would be a waste to leave this, so let's eat it.

Fujimaru 1: Pardon?

Fujimaru 2: I don't really understand.

Bedivere: I have memories from my previous life. For instance, from Round Table analects, King Arthur, number eight:

Bedivere: “Food is all the same. Nutrition is nutrition, even monster meat!”

Bedivere: Now, Master...repeat!

Fujimaru 1: Oh right...

Fujimaru 2: Bedivere's kind of crazy like that!

Bedivere: What are you talking about? Master? Why are you backing away? Master!?

Bedivere: ...Once again, my apologies.

Bedivere: But I'm glad. You cleaned your plate completely. Now that I've learned more about your food preferences...

Bedivere: In order for you to enjoy my dishes more in the future, I will continue to hone my skills.

Fujimaru 1: By the way...

Fujimaru 2: Where are we...?

Bedivere: The seaside we visited is Sir Tristan's place of relaxation. Now we are at mine.

Bedivere: It's quite similar to a certain place in Britain.

Bedivere: ...

Bedivere: A place of peace... Well, admittedly this tranquil place is where I allow my mind to race.

Bedivere: It is a place that helps me renew my resolve and reinvigorate my soul. So it may be a stretch to call this place a place of peace.

Fujimaru 1: Bedivere?

Bedivere: ...

Fujimaru 2: Care to share?

Bedivere: ...Yes, Master.

Bedivere: Our Britain was a nation under constant threat of attack, never peaceful or stable.

Bedivere: Many fell victim to that strife, and I could do nothing to save them.

Bedivere: The Giant of Mont Saint-Michel. A fearsome giant was wreaking havoc on Mont Saint-Michel of Brittany...

Bedivere: ...and kidnapped Princess Helena, the niece of the King of Brittany.

Bedivere: Our King Arthur took Sir Kay and myself to hunt the giant down and rescue her.

Bedivere: On that be honest...I was of no help to the two of them.

Bedivere: King Arthur and Sir Kay defeated the giant in a gruesome battle and brought some peace to Brittany.

Bedivere: On the other hand, I...

Bedivere: ...I could not save the princess.

Bedivere: I was too late, powerless as I am. All too little, too late.

Bedivere: Princess Helena, known for her grace, had her young and promising life plucked away, and we found only her pitiful corpse.

Bedivere: I couldn't save the people dear to me.

Bedivere: First, Princess Helena. Then, the Battle of Camlann, my king...Arthur...

Bedivere: I failed...not once, but twice...

Fujimaru 1: ...Bedivere...

Bedivere: ...This reminds me of where Princess Helena drew her last breath.

Bedivere: Every time I stand here, it reminds me...that I am a powerless knight.

Bedivere: I am but a man who lost the two people he swore to protect.

Bedivere: This is the place where I vowed never to repeat those mistakes. Ever.

Bedivere: Master, I am a weak, powerless man who does not deserve to be numbered among the Knights of the Round Table.

Bedivere: And yet–No, because of that, I offer you this vow, knowing that my manifestation here was truly a miracle:

Bedivere: I shall protect you, Master, who fights these brutal battles to defend humanity's future.

Bedivere: No matter how powerful our coming enemies may matter how cruel the fate we face may be...

Bedivere: Your life...your heart...your body... I shall protect you till the very end.

Fujimaru 1: Thank you, Sir Bedivere.

Bedivere: ...Yes, Fujimaru.

Fujimaru 2: I believe you.

Bedivere: I swear that I will live up to your expectations, Fujimaru.