Grendel's Second Coming

Beowulf: Anomaly during summons?

Mash: Yes...

Mash: The Doctor says that when you were summoned, there was a disturbance during this era in this spot.

Mash: That might be the reason why you can't unlock your second Noble Phantasm.

Beowulf: Something else was summoned at the same time... The answer's simple.

Mash: So–you think it's Grendel?

Beowulf: No doubt. I can't think of anything besides him that could influence the summoning process.

Beowulf: It's true there are nameless fire dragons out there...

Beowulf: But Grendel was the only monster with such fierce hate and glory in my life.

Beowulf: He was an evil creature who played with people's lives.

Beowulf: The kind of evil that reveled in the meaningless slaughter of people trapped in their dwellings.

Beowulf: I can understand fights over territory, or animals just fighting for survival.

Beowulf: But–Grendel had both reason and intellect and was simply evil.

Beowulf: That's why his very existence... is far more of a threat to me than that of a fire dragon.

Beowulf: Fire dragons are passive as long as you leave their treasure alone. But Grendel's a twisted monster who revels in evil.

Beowulf: If he revived as a side-effect of my summoning– I gotta kill him.

Mash: ...Then let's go. The last response was in the old castle up ahead.

Mash: If you take a look at it, maybe you'll figure something out.

Beowulf: Okay. Let's go, Master.

Beowulf: There are some things that shouldn't exist in this world. Grendel is one of them.

Mash: It's–deserted. Not a soul to be seen.

Beowulf: I can smell blood. It seems we missed our chance.

Mash: Ugh...

Beowulf: Mash, can you tell? Looks like every last human in this castle was slaughtered.

Beowulf: ...Damn. This isn't good.

Beowulf: The more human flesh he consumes, the more powerful and evil he gets. We have to crush him before he attains his perfect form.

Mash: But, where is he–?

Beowulf: Something's close! Mash, prepare for battle!

Mash: It's coming!


Beowulf: Damn... We didn't take it down!

Mash: W-Was that a chimera?

Beowulf: Grendel is a protean creature. He can change his form depending on the situation.

Beowulf: That's why I need Hrunting, because it tracks enemies.

Beowulf: Let's go after him. Follow me!

Beowulf: So, here...

Soldier A: H-Help me...

Mash: That...

Soldier A: Help me...

Mash: Wait, now!

Beowulf: Stop!

Mash: !?

Mash: Wh-Why–!?

Beowulf: ...Enough of this stupid farce, Grendel. Hrunting is eager to bite into you.

???: ... ...

Mash: What, a fake–?

Beowulf: Something like that! Let's go, Master. It's not a human, so don't hold back!


Beowulf: He ran away again. Listen up, young lady. Don't trust whoever it is you next meet in this castle.

Beowulf: Also, don't be surprised by who you run into. He can read your mind like a book.

Beowulf: When he appears again, he'll likely take the form of someone we know.

Beowulf: Brace yourself, it's gonna be painful.


Beowulf: Just a little more... Hey, come on out already!

Jeanne: ... ...

Nero: ... ...

Drake: ... ...

Mash: ...T-These are all fakes!?

Beowulf: Right. What looks like armor and clothes is hardened skin. The weapons are extensions of claws and hair.

Beowulf: Pretty nasty, right? That's why he's evil.

Beowulf: But luckily it looks like we can kill him before he starts talking to us.

Mash: He talks?

Beowulf: Only based on the speech in the memories he extracts.

Grendel: ...N-No. I'm this body yet.

Grendel: I don't know...why I was...summoned. But...I'll do what...I have to.

Mash: What on earth...

Grendel: I'll kill a cruel way. Every last cold blood.

Grendel: That's how it is. That's how it must be.

Grendel: That's what makes me Grendel. Like how I feasted on the human souls back in that castle!

Beowulf: Shut up. You probably just heard that from your mom. I'll make sure the two of you are nice and cozy together in hell.

Beowulf: Master, let's go!


Grendel: D-Damn you!

Mash: Ugh... I feel queasy... I know they're fakes, but the sensation when you hit them...

Mash: But it's all over now, right? There's no response. Let's head back.

Beowulf: ... ...Master, don't you think something's off?

Fujimaru 1: I don't know.

Beowulf: I see...

Fujimaru 2: Yeah, vaguely.

Beowulf: You've got a sharp nose. That's my Master.

Mash: What do you mean?

Beowulf: It's a vicious creature we're dealing with. Not the sort to accept death without a struggle.

Beowulf: ...Something smells. Can we search a little longer?

Mash: Okay... If you think it's a good idea, there's no problem.


Mash: He's nowhere to be found...

Fou: ...Fou!

Mash: Fou?

Fou: Fou, fou, fou!

Mash: ...Below us?

Beowulf: Oh, damn, I didn't notice. This castle has a cellar. Let's check it out.

Mash: I can't believe the cellar connects to a place like this...

Beowulf: So that thing faked his death and fled here. Which means–

Grendel: Ugh... D-Damn you...

Beowulf: We've got you cornered. Your mom's not here, buddy.

Beowulf: I'll send you to hell where you belong! I, Beowulf, will show you no mercy!

Grendel: I could say...the same... I've read the memory...of the one who killed you!


Beowulf: It's over, Grendel. You're a monster that's not meant to be summoned.

Beowulf: We'll likely never meet again. ...Dammit, I met the one I wanted to meet the least.

Grendel: Wh-Why... The one...who

Beowulf: Actually, you're the one I fear the most in this world. The fire dragon simply dealt the killing blow.

Beowulf: It was strong, but didn't frighten me. I also now have dependable allies, unlike then.

Beowulf: You're a fool to not see that.

Beowulf: Good riddance, masquerader. You should've had a bit more faith in your own strength.

Grendel: D-Damn you!

Mash: Seems we really got him this time!

Beowulf: Guess so. My Noble Phantasm is unlocked now.

Beowulf: In the future you'll face punks looking for a fight. When that happens, let me help you.

Beowulf: Well then, I guess we should head back, Master! Time for our triumphant return! Hah hah!