Dear Ancestor!

Bradamante: !!!

Bradamante: (Master, Master!)

Bradamante: (Look, over there! Can you believe it!? That's Lord Hektor!)

Bradamante: (This is amazing! Lord Hektor is an absolute legend!)

Bradamante: (He's one of the great heroes of the Trojan War, and one of the Nine Worthies spoken about in hushed tones throughout all of history!)

Bradamante: (He's also my and Ruggiero's ancestor! Oh gosh, oh gosh, oh gosh...)

Bradamante: (All this time I've been here, and I still haven't introduced myself properly... Oh gosh!)

Fujimaru 1: It's okay. Just try to relax.

Bradamante: (Exhale)... (Inhale)...

Bradamante: (Exhaaaleee)... Okay, I'm feeling a little calmer now!

Bradamante: Thank you, Master. This is the perfect chance to talk to him. I can't let it go to waste.

Fujimaru 2: Why not go rectify that now?

Bradamante: !

Bradamante: ...Okay, Master. If you think that's a good idea, then that's just what I'll do.

Bradamante: Here goes nothing!

Bradamante: U-um, excuse me!

Hektor: Hm?

Bradamante: Y-you there, the one with the shining helmet! Are you Lord Hektor, the great hero of the Trojan War!?

Hektor: Hmm...

Hektor: I don't know about the “great hero” part, but if you're looking for Hektor of Troy, you've found him.

Hektor: So what's up, little Bradamante? What can your old ancestor here do for you?

Bradamante: Well, you see, um...

Bradamante: I still haven't introduced myself properly since coming to Chaldea, so, um, I wanted to rectify that.

Bradamante: It's a pleasure to meet you in person, Lord Hektor!

Hektor: Hey, thanks. Pleasure's all mine.

Bradamante: Um, I was also wondering if, maybe...

Hektor: Yes?

Bradamante: I-if you wouldn't mind, um,'d like to join Master and me...

Bradamante: ...for tea!? Or some other beverage!?

Hektor: Tea, huh? Hmm... Well, it's not like I don't have time, but...

Hektor: (Honestly, I don't think we'd have all that much to talk about. But I can also see Master standing behind her with [♂ his /♀️ her] hands clasped together begging me to say yes, so...)

Hektor: Sure, why not? Nothing wrong with the occasional cup of tea, especially for happy occasions.

Hektor: 'Course, we didn't have tea back in this old man's time, so drinking was pretty synonymous with alcohol.

Hektor: Alcohol lasts forever, and it's high in nutrients, too. Plus, not every area has plenty of clean, fresh water to go around, you know?

Bradamante: Right! That's how the Kingdom of the Franks used to be! Well, really...

Fujimaru 1: Didn't that pretty much used to be the case everywhere?

Bradamante: Yes, that's what I've been told!

Fujimaru 2: So alcohol wasn't always a luxury good then.

Bradamante: Not at all. It was once as common and essential to daily life as bread.

Hektor: So that's how it was back in the Kingdom of the Franks too, huh. So, does that mean you didn't have tea parties back in your time, either?

Bradamante: That's right! We didn't!

Hektor: I see. (So why do you seem so happy about that?)

Bradamante: I occasionally got to enjoy Chinese tea whenever I'd meet with Lady Angelica of Cathay...

Bradamante: ...but we never had any cultural traditions surrounding tea of our own!

Bradamante: Back then, tea ceremonies and parties and whatnot were still very limited to the East.

Bradamante: Tea didn't become a cultural fixture in Europe until... Hmm, let me think...

Bradamante: I think Holland was the country that popularized green tea...

Bradamante: ...and the British Empire did the same for black tea relatively recently.

Hektor: The British Empire, huh?

Hektor: Hmm... Was that the one that started in the Isles of Britannia?

Bradamante: That's right!

Bradamante: Back when I was alive, it was known far and wide as the prosperous Kingdom of England.

Bradamante: It's also where Stolfo–I mean, Astolfo, one of the Twelve Paladins, was born.

Hektor: That Rider with the pink hair, huh? Well, whaddaya know.

Bradamante: In fact, he's actually a prince to England's royal family, though most of us tend to forget that, including him.

Hektor: No kidding! A prince so scatterbrained he even forgets he's a prince, huh? Hahaha, that's priceless!

Hektor: I know a scatterbrained prince myself, but it sounds like that one handily takes the cake, amazingly.

Hektor: Something tells me we'd get along nicely.

Paris: Achoo!

Paris: (Sniffle) That's weird. Can Servants even catch colds?

Nightingale: A cold, is it? Well that won't do at all, Paris.

Nightingale: You might need to get a shot. Come with me so I can take a look at you.

Paris: Aw maaan...

Hektor: The Kingdom of England, aka the British Empire from the Isles of Britannia, huh.

Hektor: Wait. Aren't the Isles of Britannia where–

Bradamante: ...Yes.

Bradamante: Britain is the island where Prince Aeneas of Troy's descendants ended up settling down.

Bradamante: And it's where they went on to found the glorious Kingdom of Britain.

Bradamante: But a few hundred years later...

Bradamante: ...the last king of Britain, Arthur Pendragon, King of Knights, lost his final battle...

Bradamante: ...and after the Saxons migrated, the Kingdom of Britain–

Hektor: That was when the last vestiges of Trojan lineage vanished from the face of the Earth. Right?

Bradamante: ...

Hektor: Well hey, what do they say in the East? Land outlasts kingdoms?

Hektor: Just because a nation is gone doesn't mean its people disappear. Not to mention its land, oceans, and rivers all stick around, too.

Hektor: It's no different with feelings. Losing a war sucks, but it doesn't mean everything's gone forever.

Fujimaru 1: Like, say...

Fujimaru 1: Bradamante and Ruggiero.

Bradamante: ...Hey, yeah!

Hektor: There you go. Troy might've lost spectacularly and faded away, but you're still here.

Hektor: And just look at how well you and this old man's other descendants turned out.

Hektor: I'm relieved, really. It feels good to see your blood, sweat, and tears still be around in later generations.

Hektor: Really, when you think about it, what would it say about us if we let a little war or two eradicate us completely?

Hektor: That's it. I can tell you grew up strong, little Bradamante.

Hektor: ...That being said.

Hektor: All of that goes out the window when we're talking about all of humanity possibly being destroyed.

Hektor: Man, as if dealing with a single nation going away wasn't enough of a pain in the neck.

Bradamante: You're right!

Bradamante: We can't let anyone bleach all of human life away! We have to restore humanity, no matter what!

Gareth: ...

Gareth: ...Oh gosh, that conversation between Sir Hektor and Lady Bradamante I happened to overhear was so inspiring!

Gareth: Now what am I going to do?

Mordred: Jack shit, that's what.

Mordred: You shoulda just kept on walkin', but instead, you had to stop and hide like some kinda idiot.

Gareth: Don't call me an idiot!

Mordred: I'll call you whatever the hell I want, idiot!

Gareth: Can't you tell I'm trying to be considerate and not interrupt their conversation!?

Gareth: Also! Doesn't Lady Bradamante...

Gareth: ...remind you of me?

Mordred: ...You think?

Gareth: I can just tell she's a really hard worker, you know?

Gareth: And Sir Lancelot, hehe, has praised me directly for my work ethic! More than once, even!

Gareth: So we're basically two peas in a pod!

Mordred: Haaa? (Special Translation: You really think so?)

Hektor: Hm? Something wrong?

Bradamante: I sensed somebody watching us!

Hektor: Eh, now that you mention it, I can feel a few eyes on us. Ah well, it's probably just some of our Chaldea compatriots, so I don't think it's anything to–

Bradamante: You! Are you watching us?!

Bradamante: Yes, you! Don't bother trying to hide! Come on out where we can see you!

Man in Shadow: Oh, uh...

Man in Shadow: I wasn't trying to hide, I promise. I was just kinda...stuck. ('Cause it was too awkward to go out.)

Mandricardo: But I don't want to give you the wrong impression, so... I'm sorry.

Bradamante: I know you! You're Mandricardo!

Hektor: Is that so.

Mandricardo: ...!

Hektor: Hm?

Mandricardo: I-I... Um... H-hey.

Mandricardo: I, uh, I really wasn't trying to eavesdrop, I promise. I just happened to pass by, that's all.

Bradamante: ...

Mandricardo: ...

Mandricardo: ...Uh, yeah, so.

Mandricardo: I've got, uh, you know, training and stuff, so... I'll get out of your hair now.

Mandricardo: ...

Mandricardo: ...

Mandricardo: Um... Can I ask you something?

Bradamante: Of course!

Mandricardo: Why're you following me? I was planning on training alone today (read: like always), so...

Bradamante: ...Are you sure?

Mandricardo: I'm sure.

Hektor: I'm only here 'cause Bradamante and Master grabbed my hands and dragged me here, by the way.

Bradamante: (Gasp) I-I-I-I'm so sorry, Lord Hektor! I wasn't even thinking!

Bradamante: I was just so anxious, and you're just so f-fatherly that I grabbed your hand without realizing.

Hektor: Hey, I get it. That kind of thing just happens sometimes.

Hektor: So, anxious, huh? I didn't know you cared about Mandricardo that much.

Bradamante: I... I, uh...

Bradamante: Ummm... Well...

Fujimaru 1: What is it, Bradamante?

Fujimaru 2: You know, you do seem kind of...fixated on Mandricardo.

Bradamante: Well, um... How can I put this... Gnnn!

Fujimaru 1: Do you two know each other or something?

Fujimaru 2: Weren't you guys enemies when you were alive?

Bradamante: Yes, we did.

Bradamante: King Mandricardo of the Tatars is the son of King Agrican, who was killed by the de facto leader of the Twelve Paladins, Roland!

Bradamante: He came across Lord Hektor's shield and armor over the course of his travels, and then tried to get his hands on the legendary sword Durendal...

Bradamante: that he could complete one of the Nine Worthies' armor sets and go after Roland, holder of said sword, to avenge his father's death!

Bradamante: In short, he's the paladins' sworn enemy! Which is why I...!

Mandricardo: ...

Hektor: Sworn enemy? Really?

Hektor: C'mon, that was a long time ago, right? Not to mention it was back when you were both still alive.

Hektor: Now you're both Servants–shadows of humanity sworn to serve the same Master.

Hektor: Do you really need to bring old quarrels into Chaldea, especially after they've long been dead and buried?

Bradamante: (Gasp of realization)

Bradamante: Y-you're right... It's just as you say, Lord Hektor!

Bradamante: I'm so sorry, King Mandricardo. I was way out of line. I hope you can forgive my foolish behavior.

Mandricardo: Uh, it's okay. Don't worry about it.

Bradamante: Of course you're not our sworn enemy.

Bradamante: Our only sworn enemies are Morgan the Witch, Great King Agramante, and Demogorgon the Demon God!

Bradamante: What you are, King Mandricardo, is...

Mandricardo: Yeah...?

Bradamante: Our rival!

Bradamante: You were the powerful warrior king who went toe to toe with both Ruggiero and Roland!

Bradamante: You were a fearsome rival in every sense of the word, and I owe you an apology for ever insinuating otherwise!

Fujimaru 1: (Heartily nod in assent)

Mandricardo: I-I, uh... I'm not really sure what you're going on about, but...

Mandricardo: S-so you consider me your rival, huh? Well, thanks. That's nice of you.

Bradamante: Once again, I ask that you please forgive my foolish behavior, King Mandricardo!

Bradamante: If there is anything I can do to make it up to you, anything at all, please don't hesitate to let me know!

Mandricardo: ...Uh, that's okay.

Mandricardo: Really, you don't have to worry about it. It's fine.

Mandricardo: (At this point, I just wanna hurry up and get back to my room already...)

Mandricardo: Having you apologize all over the top and formal like this is honestly weirding me out more, so... Let's just let bygones be bygones, all right?

Mandricardo: ...

Mandricardo: (D-damn, talk about a radiant smile...)

Bradamante: So you forgive me!!!?

Bradamante: Oh thank you, King Mandricardo! I had no idea you were such a kind and magnanimous man.

Bradamante: If only Ruggiero had had a chance to get to know you, I'm sure he would have also–

Energetic Voice: I see how it is!

Hektor: Hm? Isn't that–

Bradamante: Who goes there!?

Energetic Voice: Yesterday's enemy!

Energetic Voice: Is today's friend!

Energetic Voice: That's just what's going on here, right? What a wonderful expression!

Fujimaru 1: Gareth!

Gareth: That's right! It's me, Gareth!

Fujimaru 2: Uh-oh. If you're here in full armor, does that mean

Gareth: Hehehehe, your instincts are spot on, Master.

Gareth: Thanks to a series of increasingly unlikely coincidences, I heard everything while I was passing by! Just sit back and leave this all to me!

Hektor: Uh, there's really nothing to leave, since we're not arguing anymore...

Gareth: Lady the spirit of deepening our friendship, what would you say to a lancing duel!?

Hektor: Uh, I really don't think there's any need to go to that kind of trou–

Bradamante: !!!

Bradamante: That...

Bradamante: ...sounds like a wonderful idea! Would you be willing to join us, King Mandricardo!?

Bradamante: I would love to try sparring with you and Lady Gareth!

Mandricardo: N-nah, I'm good... (Glance)

Bradamante: (Glance)

Gareth: (Glance)

Hektor: Why're you all looking at me!?

Hektor: Don't worry about me. You're all young and full of pep, so go ahead and act like it.

Hektor: I'll just be over here watching from the side–

Bradamante: (Lord Hektor!?)

Gareth: (The great hero of Troy!?)

Mandricardo: (Lord Hektor, one of the Nine Worthies... is going to watch me!?)

Mandricardo: I don't have a lance, but will a wooden sword do!?

Gareth: Of course!

Bradamante: Certainly!

Bradamante: Master! I know this is short notice, but would you be so kind as to lend me your aid!?

Fujimaru 1: You got it!

Fujimaru 2: Gareth and Mandricardo vs. Bradamante and me, huh? Let's do it!


Bradamante: Here goes! Noble Phantasm, True Name release...

Bradamante: Bouclier d'Atlante!!!!

Narration: ...And, that was how it went.

Narration: After they finished working up a good sweat in the simulated training battle...

Narration: ...the youngsters all went on to take a tea break together, or so I'm told.

Narration: As for this old man, just listening in on their conversation is enough for me.

Narration: Turns out, there's something kind of nice about your descendants laughing and having fun with new friends.

Narration: Even a twisted, scruffy old man like me can't help but crack a smile.

Bradamante: Lord Hektor!

Bradamante: What are you doing over there in the corner? Come join us! Everyone's dying to talk to you!

Bradamante: Come on, over here!

Fujimaru 1: Go on, Hektor. It'll make their day.

Fujimaru 2: It's too soon for you to think about retiring just yet, Hektor!

Hektor: ...Well, all right. If you insist, Master.

Hektor: I guess I can tell you all one of my Aias stories.

Bradamante: !!!

Bradamante: J-j-j-just a moment! Y-y-y-you mean you were friends with Aias the Great, Lord Hektor!?

Bradamante: Oh my gosh! Then we need to get King Iskandar and Alexander down here, too!

Bradamante: Oh gosh, oh gosh, oh gosh!