Alone, Again

Carmilla: ...Master, Master.

Carmilla: Wake up, Master. I said, wake up, Master.

Carmilla: ... ...

Carmilla: Which is your desire, Master; the Iron Maiden or the Brazen Bull?

Fujimaru 1: What are you talking about?!

Fujimaru 2: Where am I?!

Carmilla: No idea. How should I be expected to know such a thing?

Carmilla: Yet, quite clearly it is a pleasant place. Your pet and companion are here as well.

Fou: Fou!

Mash: Are you awake, Master? ...We're trapped somewhere.

Mash: It appears we're in some sort of Reality Marble– I'm unable to contact Dr. Roman either.

Carmilla: It doesn't just appear to be, it most certainly is. This is my castle, after all.

Mash: What do you mean, "your castle?"–

Carmilla: That's right, this is the Castle Csejte. It's best that you don't wonder off somewhere.

Carmilla: The chances of escaping this castle are a mere one in one thousand. You really ought to relax and wait.

Mash: But...

Carmilla: At any rate, I know this castle and I'm not going anywhere.

Carmilla: I am quite comfortable here, after all. The smell of blood here is so, so dear to me.

Mash: Ugh. ...What should we do, Master?

Fujimaru 1: Let's move on.

Fujimaru 2: Let's escape.

Carmilla: ...Wait a moment, Master. Did you not listen to a word I said?

Fujimaru 1: Of course.

Fujimaru 2: I heard every word.

Carmilla: In that case, surely you know that you won't find any lies or deception in my words.

Carmilla: Ask your companion, there. Have her tell you the blood-splattered legend of Elisabeth Báthory.

Mash: ...I'll admit, it's exactly as Carmilla says.

Mash: The only person to ever to escape here was a one single maiden out of a thousand.

Mash: I do believe your safest choice is to wait here...patiently.

Fujimaru 1: We've been imprisoned.

Fujimaru 2: There's no help coming for us.

Carmilla: ...!

Mash: You're right. After all...if this is Castle Csejte, we have been imprisoned...!

Mash: The longer we wait, the more likely we'll be sacrificed...

Carmilla: Ugh. J-Just how foolish can this woman be? Do you understand? This is MY castle.

Carmilla: How could I be locked inside my own castle? Such self-injurious action would never be...never be...

Carmilla: ...ok, it's completely possible.

Carmilla: To drain the blood from a beautiful maiden. To skewer a hateful rival. If it were for that purpose, it is a possibility.

Fujimaru 1: ...Let's get out of here.

Fujimaru 2: ...Okay, we're escaping.

Carmilla: ...As infuriating as it is, I'd have to say that is the proper choice. For the moment, I think I shall follow your orders.

Mash: What about traps...?

Carmilla: Do you think I would bother with such trivial matters? All I did was give the order, "Don't allow anyone to escape."

Carmilla: As to what manner of security measures were taken, do you think I would bother myself with that?

Mash: ...Uh, well. Do you have any advice on how to escape?

Carmilla: None whatsoever. Why do you look at me that way? You are a mere commoner—Eek!?

Carmilla: A hand extending from the wall?! What is this? A haunted mansion?

Mash: It's a Golem! The wall has transformed!

Mash: I'll destroy it! Stand back, Master!


Carmilla: ...I'll admit, I do regret my actions a little bit. Not knowing anything can be quite a scary thing.

Carmilla: But, I will say this. Master, if you ever make a mockery of my foolishness, it's the Iron Maiden for you.

Mash: Ummm, I don't see an exit anywhere...

Fou: Fou!

Mash: Fou? Don't rush ahead like that...!

Fou: Fou, fou!

Fou: Fou!

Mash: Master, stay close by! It's an enemy!

Carmilla: But this is no Golem. Yes...It appears we finally meet the true foe.

???: –I hate you!

???: –I cannot stand you! I will never, ever forgive you!

Carmilla: Mere phantom of this castle... You weakest of the weak, lowest of the low! How dare you stand before me!

Young Girl: What did you say? ...Just because you are a noble... you killed me...How dare you...How dare you!

Carmilla: That's right. Being a noble is my way of life. I am afraid to say that I am not the type to be tormented by guilt.

Carmilla: I am evil. Utter and thorough evil. Void of salvation, I am a ludicrous beast that died in sheer despair.

Carmilla: However, I am not so foolish to have regretted my evil and lost sight of what lies before me.

Carmilla: It was perfectly logical to curse me, but to invite these ones in as well was foolish.

Carmilla: You will receive pity if you were to only curse me, to curse all of those living, then you're no better than me.

Carmilla: In that case—I shall crush you, without a shred of mercy.

Carmilla: Even if you are a phantom, I will wring every last drop of blood from you!


Carmilla: ...Hmph! The hem of my dress has been torn. That was somewhat of an inconvenience.

Carmilla: Let us be on our way, Master. The exit shouldn't be far.

Carmilla: ...

Mash: What's the matter, Carmilla?

Carmilla: Nothing at all. Only a slight headache. ...Master, let me ask you this.

Carmilla: This is just an "if." If the door does not open... and we are truly locked in this castle, what will you do?

Carmilla: Would you give up in despair? Or would you–?

Fujimaru 1: I would find another exit.

Fujimaru 2: I would not give up.

Carmilla: ...I see. I figured you would say as much.

Carmilla: Even in such a desperate situation, you'll continue fighting without giving up.

Carmilla: Just because you've been imprisoned, you're not the type to lie down and give up.

Mash: An enemy! It's a–Shadow Servant...!?

Carmilla: Oh, dear... I am imprisoned again. Again, I am all alone.

Carmilla: Again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again there is no one to rescue me...!!

Carmilla: No! No! Stop...! I don't want to go back to that place! No! No! Noooo!

Fujimaru 1: Pull yourself together!

Fujimaru 2: I will rescue you this time.

Carmilla: ...! Master...

Mash: Here it comes...!

Carmilla: –So it is. Now, I am your Servant.

Carmilla: Even though it was my fate to become imprisoned, it is illogical that you should be imprisoned as well.

Carmilla: Master! Mash! Listen to me closely. This is merely "darkness!"

Carmilla: It is a darkness that envelopes this castle, preventing escape. It is the final barrier, the absolute ruler.

Carmilla: I cannot overcome this alone. But now, I have you with me.

Carmilla: To battle! Now is the time for me to make these ones pay for what has been done!


Mash: We destroyed them! We can open the door...!

Fou: Fou!

Carmilla: ...Well done. You have successfully escaped.

Mash: What about you, Carmilla?

Carmilla: Never mind me. You go on. You should return to Chaldea.

Carmilla: This place is nothing more than a world of my own imagining.

Carmilla: As long as my fate has been determined, there is no hope of my escaping this place.

Carmilla: You see, for me to escape imprisonment would be a rejection of my life, my fate, my everything.

Carmilla: However–You are different. I must help you. Even if the chances are one in a thousand, I must help my Master.

Carmilla: ...Do not worry. This is a dream. Merely a nightmare. You will forget all of it when you awake.

Carmilla: In matter of fact, what if...

Carmilla: What if, I had met someone like you when I was "Elisabeth."

Carmilla: What if, I had reached out to a beacon of light like you. Then I–

Carmilla: –Oh! You're awake! Master.

Carmilla: ...Why, you look as if you were struck by a popgun. Did you have a strange dream?

Carmilla: That's right. It was just a dream. Put it out of your mind. More importantly, it is still night time.

Carmilla: There is still time before morning comes. Go back to sleep once more.

Carmilla: And this time–have a pleasant dream. Good night, Master.