Curse of the Argo

Circe: ...(Turns page)

Atalante: ...(Munch, munch)

Mash: Um...

Mash: (What's going on here...?)

Mash: (Why are Circe and Atalante lounging around on Senpai's bed...?)

Mash: (Well...maybe not exactly lounging so much as relaxing...)

Mash: (Circe is reading a book...and Atalante seems to be lost in some video...)

Circe: ...(Turns page)

Circe: Holy crap, seriously...? What's wrong with people these days...?

Circe: ...Hey, can you grab those for me?

Atalante: Absolutely not. (Toss)

Circe: Thanks! Man, these sticky note things are great.

Atalante: ...Hey. What was that person's name again?

Circe: Huh? How the hell should I know? I'm the Queen Witch, remember?

Circe: Maybe Hermaphroditus? Oh, I bet it's Clytemnestra.

Atalante: That's it. I could not remember for the life of me. ...Mm.

Circe: What is this stuff?

Atalante: Apple chips. They are quite good. If you eat two at once, it changes the flavor.

Circe: Oh please, don't be ridiculous. There's no way that could... (Munch)

Circe: Whoa... You're right. (Munch, munch)

Circe: Here Mash, you've gotta try these. You get a whole different flavor if you eat two at a time!

Mash: O-okay, thank you. I'd be glad to try some.

Mash: (Munch, crunch...)

Mash: (...I know I have no real basis for thinking this, but...)

Mash: ( this what most teenage girls do when they spend time together?)

Atalante: ...You there, witch. What spell tome are you reading?

Circe: It's Queen Witch.

Atalante: What a garish cover. The cover's array of pink fluorescent hearts makes my eyes water.

Atalante: And why is it so thick? Is it meant to be used as a bludgeon?

Circe: Remember that weird field trip we went on the other day? I just happened to find this when we stopped by that convenience store. Hehehe!

Circe: Check out all the bonus stuff they give you with it!

Circe: Matching aprons, adorable oven mitts, and a selfie stick with Cupid wings!

Circe: And...ooh, I'm sensing a lot of magical energy from this special marriage registration in the back!

Atalante: I see. Good for you. Enjoy your reading, then.

Nitocris: ...Circe! Get up already!

Mash: Oh... Hello, Nitocris. Thank you for helping Senpai out.

Nitocris: Of course. Though I must say, I didn't expect to come back to such a sad state of affairs.

Nitocris: How can you still call yourself a teacher, wallowing about like a pig?

Nitocris: It's deplorable... All the other witches from the great Age of Gods would be ashamed of you!

Circe: Ugh, lay offa me! What are you, my mother?

Nitocris: O-of course not. M-more of a conscientious younger sister.

Nitocris: At any rate, I know Medea already talked to you about this too...

Nitocris: ...but make sure you fill out the Caster bulletin and put it back where it belongs like we asked you to!

Circe: Yeah, yeah, I got it already.

Nitocris: Hmph...

Fujimaru 1: ...Who's turning into a pig now?


Aah! (Frenzied cleaning)

Mash: Oh, hello, Senpai. We were just changing shifts. You have a break now too, right?

Fujimaru 1: You okay, Circe?

Circe: H-hey there, Piglet! I'm doing better than okay! What a coincidence, running into you here!

Circe: If you're tired, I've got some kykeon all ready to go for an afternoon snack!

Circe: I've also got a remedy that'll double your fatigue now but make it all go away like magic in a few days if you like.

Atalante: When are you going to figure out that administering it in small doses only ends up increasing your target's poison resistance?

Fujimaru 2: Everything okay, Circe?

Atalante: I believe she is panicking about being compared to all the new Greek additions that have shown up as of late.

Atalante: Please do not be too harsh with her.

Circe: Stop that! Don't you look away like that just 'cause you're feeling awkward, Mash!

Mash: H-here, Senpai, why don't you have a seat? I'll go make some tea.

Fujimaru 1: Thanks, Mash.

Fujimaru 1: What're you watching there, Atalante?

Mash: ...I couldn't help but notice you've been watching it very intently.

Mash: I also noticed you tearing up at times, so I wasn't sure what to say...

Atalante: O-oh... This?

Atalante: This is an old video I found in Chaldea's library.

Atalante: It is so painful to watch that it took my breath away.

Atalante: It tells the story of children still too young to attend school who are forced by their cruel parents to go on a trip to procure supplies.

Atalante: It has everything. Trials, tribulations, tears, twists, triumph... I could watch it forever.

Atalante: Jason's journey to find the Golden Fleece was nothing compared to what these poor children endured!

Mash: That's...really saying something.

Circe: Aw come on, that's not fair to Jason.

Circe: You should know that, Atalante, seeing how you were one of the Argonauts.

Atalante: Hmph... You have always been too soft when it comes to sailors.

Atalante: That is why you are always so put upon.

Circe: Ghh...

Mash: Haha...

Fujimaru 1: Were Circe and Atalante always such good friends?

Mash: ...Good question. It does seem like they get along very well.

Circe: ...

Atalante: ...Did you hear that?

Circe: Well, maybe they have a point.

Circe: We didn't have a lot of contact in our own time, but that might have been for the best.

Fujimaru 1: I don't suppose you'd tell us about the time you two met?

Mash: A story from Greek mythology? I'd love to hear that as well.

Circe: Hmm. A story about the good old days, huh?

Atalante: I... I would rather...

Circe: Fine with me! Anything for my darling Piglet!

Circe: Though it was nothing grand enough to be recorded in poems or stories passed down through the ages.

Circe: Let's see... Our story begins long before the Trojan War was a glimmer in anyone's eye...


	– Aeaea Island –

Piglets: Oink, oiiink! (Squealing and sobbing)

Circe: There, there. I know it hurt. You must've been so scared. But it's all okay now.

Jason: Circe, tell me, what business does a famed witch have with us?

Circe: A warning! What else!? Listen up, Jason, captain of the Argo!

Circe: As long as you're staying on this island, you're free to fish anything you want from the sea, or to pick any of the fruit of this land.

Circe: But do not lay so much as a finger on this island's animals!

Circe: Remember, this island is my domain. If you, or any of your Argonauts, should break my rules...

Circe:'ll be lucky to escape with your lives, let alone a repaired boat!

Jason: ...Duly noted.

Jason: Damn, and here I thought I'd finally get some steak for the first time in ages... Guess it's back to wyvern jerky.

Jason: Hey! You two! Put those pigs back where you found them!

Fujimaru 1: ...Huh? Are you talking to me?

Jason: That's right. You're Fujimaru and...Mashaea, was it?

Fujimaru 2: Long time no see, Jason.

Jason: Huh?

Jason: The hell're you talking about, creep? We just saw each other this morning.

Jason: That goes for you too, Mashaea, or whatever your name was. Got it?

Mash: ...Mashaea? Senpai, when did we become sailors?

Mash: Does this mean we've joined Jason and become members of the Argonauts now?

Atalante: That is correct. is quite a shame...

Atalante: Had I known what would happen, I would have strangled this prey on the spot...

Piglets: O-oiiink!

Circe: So... You're the one who set a trap for my precious piglets!

Circe: ...Wait. Why would you even do that after I made some kykeon to welcome you all!?

Atalante: How stupid do you think we must be to accept a gift from the witch of Aeaea Island at face value?

Circe: Hehe, I believe you mean QUEEN Witch!

Jason: Exactly.

Jason: We didn't sail all this way just to have you poison us and make off with our treasure.

Circe: Hey, I wouldn't do that! For one thing, I'd never lay a hand on my own brother's treasure.

Mash: Treasure...? Do you mean the king of Colchis's most prized possession?

Fujimaru 1: No way... The Golden Fleece!?

Jason: None other.

Jason: After everything my crew and I have been through, you'd better believe we're going to be on our guard.

Jason: Though I guess it's no surprise you two wouldn't know that, since you only just joined us.

Mash: ...So then, we must be in the middle of the Argo's voyage to bring the Golden Fleece back from Colchis.

Mash: As I recall, during that voyage, Zeus got angry and hurled a tremendous storm at the Argo...

Atalante: Correct.

Atalante: Med–Queen Medea killing her younger brother, Prince Apsyrtus, was the catalyst for his wrath.

Atalante: Once he learned of this crime, Zeus flew into a rage.

Atalante: He struck the Argo with lightning, battered it with great waves, and plunged it into a storm so fierce the keel was nearly torn apart.

Jason: The only reason we managed to barely survive was my mastery of the sail and rudder...

Jason: well as the courage of my loyal Argonauts.

Atalante: ...I expect Castor and Pollux's pleas must have reached Zeus's ears.

Circe: ...

Fujimaru 1: ...So what happened to Medea?

Jason: She's inside the Argo's wreck over on the beach.

Jason: She shut herself up in the cabin after she killed Apsyrtus and hasn't spoken to anyone since.

Jason: The only exception she will make is for our rostrum oak from Dodona.

Medea Lily: ...

Circe: The oak from Dodona... You mean the talking wood that's only found in the land of Zeus's oracle?

Circe: So she'd rather talk to a piece of lumber than you or your crew? Aren't you ashamed of that!?

Jason: ...Ohhh, right. Technically, you're my aunt-in-law, aren't you, Circe?

Jason: And here I still haven't thanked you properly.

Circe: If you're gonna call me your aunt, then you'd better take good care of Medea.

Circe: ...I wouldn't have even let you near Aeaea Island if she hadn't been on your ship.

Circe: Zeus will eventually get over his rage, but the Argo will still be cursed.

Circe: It's only a matter of time until you run into more foul weather, or get stranded somewhere else. Just look how beat-up your ship is.

Circe: How many times have you wrecked that thing? Forget repairing it; you should just throw it away and find a new one.

Jason: Wha...!? Don't be ridiculous! I can't do that!

Jason: The Argo is my ship! It's going to guide me back to my home of Thessaly!

A:???: ...Now, now, easy there, Jason.

Mash: ...? Who's that...?

Fujimaru 1: (A young man in impressive clothing just showed up...)

Fujimaru 2: (Is that a human...or a demigod? Who is that?)

???: If you continue such drastic repairs, your ship will, in essence, become a new vessel.

???: Should that come to pass, would you still call it your beloved Argo?

Jason: Of course I could. It's the only ship worthy of being with me for my whole life.

Jason: I won't let it go no matter what, not even if it gets smashed from bow to stern.

???: Of course that's your answer. I suppose that is one way for a hero of the sea to live...

???: ...Now then. Circe, beautiful ruler of Aeaea Island, goddess of mercy with the wisdom and providence of Artemis...

???: ...I apologize for not introducing myself sooner. It is a genuine pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Circe: Oh? Well now, I can't remember the last time someone paid me the proper respects. Hehe.

Circe: I wonder who that is? No...hang on...

Circe: Those Ionian looks... That tropical accent...

Circe: And that expensive himation with the pattern reserved strictly for royalty...!

Circe: I know...who you are. I think I know your name, too...

Circe: You're...the king of Athens!

???: ...Indeed I am. I'm honored that you know of me. But right now, I'm just Jason's friend and fellow Argonaut.

Circe: Well no wonder the Argo's cursed if it's got guys like you on board!

Circe: I...I can't believe you have the guts to show your face before me, Theseus!

Mash: Theseus...! The heroic young king of Athens...!

Fujimaru 1: He's been on board the Argo this whole time?

Mash: I-I believe so.

Fujimaru 2: I've heard that name before.

Mash: Yes... I'm sure you have, Senpai.

Mash: He's the hero who made his way through the great labyrinth of Crete and defeated the Minotaur.

Circe: A hero, huh... Yeah, maybe.

Circe: Theseus did help my sister, Pasiphaë, wrap up one of her loose moral ends.

Circe: After he escaped from the labyrinth, I heard he took her daughter, my niece, Princess Ariadne...

Circe: ...who was, I would add, the spitting image of her mother, as his bride.

Circe: And yet, for some reason, I haven't heard anything more about Ariadne after that happened. Not a peep.

Circe: Instead, all I've heard is how the king of Athens recently welcomed a new queen to his palace.

Circe: ...Why is that, Theseus? What was so wrong with Ariadne that she couldn't be your queen?

Theseus: ...I still love Ariadne, even now. I'm more grateful to her than you know.

Theseus: But unfortunately, she had no intention of bearing me an heir.

Theseus: As a man, I could accept that choice and respect it.

Theseus: But as the king of Athens, this created a problem that I had to solve.

Theseus: Much as I wish it weren't, that is part of my kingly duty. I am so sorry.

Circe: ...Ghh...

Circe: I swear! What is it about my family that makes heroes everywhere just wanna mess with us?

Jason: ...That's enough, Theseus. Step down. I'm plenty calm now.

Jason: I trust you understand why I didn't want you and Circe running into each other?

Theseus: Yes, I do, Jason. I'm sorry for overstepping my bounds.

Theseus: I'll get back to supervising repairs on the Argo.

Atalante: ...Circe, Queen Witch, it is too soon for you to lose hope and curse us.

Atalante: You have Medea.

Atalante: She speaks of you often, and clearly has fond memories of you as her teacher.

Atalante: And right now, Medea wants nothing more than to see the Argo's voyage completed.

Atalante: I know she is not here asking you for help, but I also know that is what she wants.

Jason: Indeed. Atalante is absolutely right, Circe.

Jason: So I ask you now, as the leader of the Argonauts: please, help us return to the sea.

Jason: For my wife's–for Medea's–sake as much as ours.

Circe: ...

Circe: ...I guess my bloodline was just fated to be the plaything of gods and heroes alike.

Atalante: I actually did not care a great deal about all of that.

Atalante: I only wished that Medea's twisted romance would hurry and end, so she may find happiness again.

Mash: ...So then, Circe did go on to honor Jason's request and help the Argonauts.

Fujimaru 1: I'm impressed Jason pulled that off. Talk about a model hero.

Fujimaru 2: So, that's how you shamelessly sweet talk someone intogiving you what you want. Good to know.

Mash: So...what happened next?

Mash: According to myth, the Argo continued its voyage for quite some time after that, right?

Atalante: Indeed. And that is exactly what happened.

Atalante: However...Circe was dead set on getting Medea to resolve the situation for herself.

Atalante: She kept trying to wake her up to the disaster she had invited and face up to it.

Atalante: ...At least, that is what you were trying to do, was it not?

Circe: ...Yeah, it was. Not that it did any good.

Circe: My former pupil refused to see me, even after I came to the Argo in person.

Circe: She refused to open up, and wouldn't let anyone besides Jason come near her.

Circe: Honestly, I'm not even sure Jason's attempts to console her got through.

Circe: Eventually, I just ended up waving my wand to dispel the Argo's curse.


Circe: ...All right, listen up, brave Argonauts.

Circe: Let's go over the dispelling ritual one more time.

Circe: This elixir I whipped up will make ephemeral concepts corporeal for a short while.

Circe: Once you sprinkle it over the hull, it'll make its curse something you can touch–or, more to the point, hit.

Circe: If you can defeat the curse before the elixir's effects run out, the Argo should then be free of it for good.

Circe: But be warned: if you fail to defeat it, it'll get even stronger and come back to haunt this ship with a vengeance.

Atalante: So the curse will take the form of a monster, huh. I suppose it being only one monster would be too much to hope for?

Jason: If not, that's where Theseus'll come in!

Jason: Now that Heracles is gone, there's no one else on the crew who can match his might. Haaahaha!

Circe: Are you nuts? I'd rather die than ask Theseus for help.

Circe: So, before it comes to that...I'm willing to lend a hand myself.

Jason: You? For real? Are you sure you even know how to fight, grandma?

Circe: You're the last person I want to hear that from!

Theseus: I think it's wonderful that you'll be joining the fray.

Theseus: I only hope that the ship doesn't get wrecked again now that it's almost repaired.

Theseus: Also there're some ominous clouds making their way toward this island. If the seas start acting up, there's no telling what might happen to the ship.

Circe: It's the curse pulling those storm clouds here. How is that a surprise? Of course the gods aren't gonna be thrilled about this, you jagoff.

Circe: Nonetheless...I swear to Hecate that your sails will be filled with wind again.

Circe: Now come on, Jason, grab your sword and help us!

Jason: Grab my sword? I've got my hands full just keeping Medea's cabin safe!

Circe: Are you serious!? This is YOUR ship! You are sincerely dedicated to being a complete dick, aren't you?

Atalante: It is nothing new for him. If any monsters try to escape, I will take care of them.

Atalante: Fujimaru, Mashaea, I would appreciate your help as well.

Mash: R-right...! I'd be glad to!

Fujimaru 1: I don't think I'll be any help whatsoever, but I'll do what I can.

Circe: ...Good to hear.

Fujimaru 2: ...I'm worried about Medea.

Circe: ...

Jason: There, now that I've finished off this bottle of wine, let's get to the beach and do this thing!

Jason: Okay Argonauts, go forth and get our home back!


Atalante: Haaa!

Atalante: There, that takes care of all the monsters on the deck!

Atalante: Now we just need to take care of the ones in the hold. What are your orders, Jason!?

Mash: Well, uh, I'm afraid...

Fujimaru 1: Jason got hit by a barrel of apples and knocked out...

Fujimaru 2: Jason died a hero's death in defense of his ship, I hear.

Atalante: Again, hmm. Very well then, we will just have to finish this ourselves.

Atalante: Circe...? ...Ah...

Circe: ...So, you've finally shown yourself before me.

Mash: Huh? Medea's...commanding the curse monsters...?

Atalante: What... What is the meaning of this, Medea...!?

Medea Lily: Hello, Circe, Atalante... Did you come here to laugh at me while I was bawling my eyes out?

Medea Lily: Or perhaps to admonish me for my sins...?

Circe: ...Medea...

Circe: ...No, nothing like that. I'm here to celebrate this new chapter in your life.

Medea Lily: New chapter...?

Circe: Just as I will never again be seen merely as a priestess...

Circe: ...Medea, you too have become a woman to be feared as a witch.

Circe: So of course you're gonna mess other people's lives up something fierce. You can't help it! You're a witch!

Circe: Go ahead and seduce any man you want, then toss him aside when you're done!

Circe: That's one of the best parts of being a witch, you know. You should be proud that you're worth that.

Circe: Although, I gotta don't look all that happy about this to me.

Circe: I can see you're smiling while we stand here, but I can also tell you're crying on the inside, and I have to say I don't like that.

Medea Lily: ...

Medea Lily: These curses come from me... They're my sins made manifest.

Medea Lily: So I'll take them with me when I go.

Atalante: I cannot let you get away with that, Medea. Those curses will not stop until they sink this ship.

Medea Lily: ...

Fujimaru 1: Medea...

Circe: (Sigh)... How many times did I tell you to learn the medicinal arts too, Medea?

Circe: Hecate's medicinal arts don't just heal the body. They have a powerful effect on the heart, too.

Circe: But only if you spent time devoting yourself to the study of how the heart works while learning them.

Circe: If you do that, it's a wonderful way to tame the monsters lurking in your heart.

Circe: For a disciple of Hecate, I gotta say...I'm disappointed in myself for releasing such a half-assed witch into the world.

Circe: ...This is exactly why I didn't want to take on an apprentice in the first place.

Circe: But, now that we're here, I guess this scuffle's as good a time as any to teach you one last lesson!


Mash: ...(Gulp)

Fujimaru 1: So...what happened to the Argo then?

Circe: Nothing, Piglet. There were no more mishaps, happenings, or even minor inconveniences worth mentioning after that.

Circe: The Argonauts defeated every monster on board the ship and dispelled Medea's self-destructive curse.

Circe: After that, I thanked them, threw them a big kykeon farewell party, and sent them on their merry way.

Circe: And you already know the rest from the myth.

Circe: All right, you have your own stuff to take care of, right, Master? Go on then, get out of here.

Circe: That's it for today's kykeon party.

Atalante: ...

Mash: Um, Circe? I really do appreciate you telling us that story, but...

Mash:'re sitting on Senpai's bed...

Mash: Hey! Where do you think you're going with that pillow!? Put it back! Don't you click your tongue at me!

Circe: ...(Sulk)

Atalante: I have rarely seen your lips so loose, falcon witch.

Atalante: I never expected you to discuss your past in such detail.

Circe: ...Well, so what? Felt like it, so I did.

Circe: That's all water under the bridge for Medea and me anyway.

Circe: Hm...? What is it? Why're you looking at me like that?

Atalante: Let us say...hypothetically...

Atalante: encountered the hero of your dreams once more. What would you do?

Circe: Wh-what kind of stupid question is that?

Atalante: ...I am merely curious. I have no real experience in romance myself.

Atalante: And as such, I cannot imagine what it is to be driven mad by it, as Medea was.

Atalante: Granted, the odds of that happening are vanishingly small, and so likely not worth considering...

Circe: Hehe, oh, I wouldn't say that.

Circe: I'm not the same old Circe I used to be. You don't really think I'd make the same mistake all over again, do you?

Circe: In fact, you've got the whole thing back asswards. He's the one that would end up falling for me, the Queen Witch.

Fujimaru 1: ...Who's falling for who now?

Circe: Bwaaa!

Circe: P-Piglet! Where the hell'd you come from!? Don't scare me like that!

Circe: Huh? You're just going to the bathroom? You can't go in your own room 'cause you feel like someone's watching you?

Circe: K-kind of an overshare, isn't it!? Go on, get out of here!

Circe: ...Phew...

Atalante: So, you would make him fall in love with you... You are nothing if not confident, witch of Aeaea.

Circe: ...Hell yeah I am!

Circe: Hehe. Still, that said...

Circe: If I'd just stayed a hermit out on my island...I'd never have learned to be so recklessly confident.

Circe: So I'm grateful to Pig–I mean, Master for that.

Atalante: Hmm. That's nice. (Munch, munch)

Circe: Wha...

Circe: Hey, you're the one who started all this. Isn't it kinda rude for you to just shut down like that?

Circe: I guess you didn't really care after all...

Atalante: ...?

Medea Lily: ...The Oak of Dodona once told me something while it let me listen to the ocean wind through its knothole.

Medea Lily: It said love would paddle in from far overseas and drop an anchor deep within your heart.

Circe: ...Hmm... A divine prophecy, huh.

Circe: Whoever heard of a piece of wood being an oracle? Is it a dryad with a direct hotline to the gods or something?

Circe: Anyway, that said...I hope it's right! Wherever the tree gets its info from, I am definitely a fan of this prophecy.

Circe: I know there's a much better guy for you out there.

Circe: Jason might have the makings of a hero, but he's got a long way to go before–

Medea Lily: Um, Auntie...? That prophecy? It was about you.

Circe: Bwa?

Circe: ...H-hey, tree, who told you you could go making predictions about my future, huh!?

Medea Lily: The Oak also said...

Medea Lily: ...that a hero you would never forget would come visit Aeaea Island one day.

Circe: ...Stop that. I'm the Queen Witch, remember?

Circe: This isn't funny. I'm a disciple of Hecate herself. No way I'm letting Zeus pull that kind of stunt!

Medea Lily: ...Of course.

Circe: Hey, Medea, look!

Circe: The sailors are praying to Zephyr as we speak. It won't be long before you set sail again.

Medea Lily: ...I know.

E:Circe: ...Well, my defiant disciple, this is the last piece of advice I have for you.

E:Circe: Stay on my island.

E:Circe: The Argo's curse is gone. I've washed away its stain.

E:Circe: The Argonauts can handle the rest of their journey without you.

E:Circe: And nobody from Colchis would ever come looking for you here.

Medea: I'm sorry, Auntie, but I can't do that.

Medea: You saw what happened for yourself, right? Jason needs me.

Medea: Besides...

Medea: ...I don't want to be just a footnote in history like Ariadne.

E:Circe: ...I see. Well then, I guess there's nothing left to say but goodbye.

Medea: I guess not. Take care of yourself, Auntie.

Medea: Even though I'll be staying on, I pray you'll find the kind of love that would make me insanely jealous.

E:Circe: ...Hehe.

E:Circe: You never change, do you!