Darius III

Lord of the Destructive Storm

Darius III:berserk1–!

Mash: –And the giant king has risen up.

Mash: It's the valiant king of ancient Persia, the last king of the Achaemenid Empire.

Mash: The king who purged the traitor Bagoas, ruled justly, and battled his eternal rival, Iskandar the Conqueror.

Mash: He confronted the world's greatest king of combat, standing in his way as the giant man, a giant wall of infinite valor.

Mash: His name is Darius III. The only person in the world capable of defeating him is Iskandar.

Darius III:berserk2–!!!

Mash: Therefore he was invincible. He will crush any and all enemy soldiers.

Mash: From the left approaches a battalion of enemy soldiers, but...

Darius III:berserk1–!!!

Mash: He is completely invincible! He easily smashes the soldiers to dust.

Mash: From the right approaches a battalion of enemy soldiers, but naturally–

Darius III:berserk1–!!!

Mash: He is utterly invincible! He mows the soldiers down like grass.

Mash: Mighty Darius III. Valiant Darius III.

Mash: His ferocious onslaught cannot be stopped! Just like the King of Conquerors he used to fight when he was alive.

Fujimaru 1: Excuse me, Mash?

Fujimaru 2: What's with all the narration?

Mash: Oh, Senpai... You see, Doctor sent me a script or something...

Mash: He said we looked bored, so he told me to read this.

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fujimaru 2: Aren't we going to join the fight?

Mash: Well, we can try to help, but Darius has been like that this whole time–

Darius III:berserk1–!!!

Mash: He's been sweeping through these skeleton soldiers, so it's impossible to get near him...

Dr. Roman: He seems perfectly fine without our help. I wonder why he even came here in the first place.

Dr. Roman: I know Fujimaru had a feeling, that in this era–

Dr. Roman: Darius has some business here in the 1st Century Rome, an era no longer affected by the Grail. But...

Fujimaru 1: He is a Berserker, after all.

Fujimaru 2: I have no idea what he's saying, either.

Mash: Well... It is incredibly difficult to understand what he's thinking.

Fou: Foou...

Dr. Roman: At any rate, we don't know why the skeleton soldiers are here!

Dr. Roman: But he sure intends to defeat all the monsters here! So he should be satisfied once all of them are defeated.

Dr. Roman: We'll just have to trust that he won't be angry if we take some of his prey! All right–Shall we do this?

Fujimaru 1: You bet!

Fujimaru 2: Mash, prepare for battle!

Mash: Yes, Master! Preparing for battle!


Mash: ...The enemy still has much strength left. We must continue fighting, Master!

Darius III:berserk1–!!!

Mash: Ummm, looks like we just need one more push!

Fou: Foou!!


Mash: ...None of the enemy remains. The battle is over.

Mash: Nice work, Senpai. Darius has calmed down now.

Darius III: ...

Mash: Excuse me, Darius. Why did you come to this era?

Mash: Did you bring us here because you sensed something, and figured out why the monsters were showing up?

Fujimaru 1: This is ancient Rome, after all.

Fujimaru 2: Maybe there's someone here he knows?

Mash: Yes. I'm sure there's some phenomenon here that's related to him–

Dr. Roman: Ahh... Yes. So it seems. Well, there does seem to be some phenomenon related to him.

Dr. Roman: We've just finished a preliminary analysis, and the origin of the skeleton soldier and ghost spawning is

Dr. Roman: –the presence of His Majesty Darius himself!

Mash: What?

Fujimaru 1: How can that be?

Fujimaru 2: Oh! His Noble Phantasm!

Dr. Roman: Yes. Well, you see, it's the Noble Phantasm he carries. "Athanaton Ten Thousand."

Dr. Roman: That Noble Phantasm is based on his ten thousand elite soldiers who actually existed, and his legend of unyielding valor.

Dr. Roman: Along with the legend of their "immortality," they've actually ended up becoming indestructible...

Mash: Immortality–I see.

Dr. Roman: That's what's behind this. His Noble Phantasm is able to summon skeleton soldiers and ghosts.

Dr. Roman: This location is the recent battlefield where Nero's Roman Army and the United Empire Army clashed.

Dr. Roman: That's why the undead kept showing up.

Mash: I see... So... That's... What's... Happening.

Fou: Foo, fou...

Dr. Roman: Now, that's one crazy private army generator... Oh, well...

Darius III:berserk1–!!!

Dr. Roman: At least he seems satisfied now... Let's just forget about it...

Darius III:berserk2–!!!

Mash: ...

Two Heroes, To the End of the Battlefield

Darius III:berserk2–!

Darius III:berserk2–!!!

Dr. Roman: Whoa! Darius III is going even more wild than before! We're back on a 1st century Roman battlefield again!

Dr. Roman: I-Is this his own private army generator again? What about you, Master? Do you sense anything!?

Fujimaru 1: Hmm...

Fujimaru 2: His power is greater than before.

Mash: His attacks are faster than before! He's clearly on a rampage!

Mash: Watch your magical energy consumption, Senpai. A Berserker's full power will drain a Master energy fast!

Fou: Foou! Kyuu!!

Dr. Roman: A-Anyway, let's use the same strategy as last time!

Dr. Roman: At this rate, Fujimaru won't last at all. We have to eliminate the enemy before that happens!

Mash: All right, Doctor! Senpai!

Fujimaru 1: Mash, prepare for battle!

Fujimaru 2: Crush those that get past Darius!

Mash: Understood, Master! Commencing battle!


Mash: Not many enemies left now! Senpai, are you all right–?

Fujimaru 1: I'm still fine!

Fujimaru 2: I've still got the will to continue!

Mash: ...I'm sorry, Senpai. Hold out just a little longer, please!


Darius III:berserk1–!!!

Dr. Roman: Whaaaa? He's still excited after all the monsters are defeated?

Dr. Roman: Last time, he calmed down the moment they were wiped out, and we could just go back–

Mash: No, Doctor. I'm afraid this time the situation is different.

Mash: –There's a Servant here.

Alexander: It's been a while. When was the last time we met like this?

Alexander: Perhaps I'm one of the Servants you summoned? I can't be sure, since my connection has been severed.

Alexander: So it's pretty hard to figure out what's going on there, sorry about that.

Mash: !!

Fujimaru 1: Alexander!

Fujimaru 2: It's the younger version of King Iskandar!

Alexander: It's the opposite of what happened in Rome. Because you called to me so much–

Alexander: It seems I ended up being chain summoned by you. Maybe this place is still affected by the Grail?

Alexander: I do have to say, your determination sure is strong. Since I'm like this, I can't really grasp the impact of my later years.

Alexander: But I have nothing but respect for you. O brave king of Persia.

Alexander: –Darius III.

Darius III:berserk1!!

Dr. Roman: Sheesh! This guy just won't stop! Young Alexander, wh-what are we gonna do?

Alexander: He wants to fight me. In that case, I think I'll just have to face him.

Alexander: Since how we are summoned is reversed from last time, it would be fun to also reverse our roles in life!

Alexander: You'll be the one marching onward! And I shall be the one who stands in your way!

Alexander: The king who will eventually stand before me, no, who stood before me, Darius III! Come!

Alexander: Let's battle it out! Just how much I can fight in this form–

Alexander: I've always wanted to test it out! With you, my beloved rival!

Darius III:berserk2–!!!

Mash: Senpai, time for battle! Please hang on a little longer–

Fujimaru 1: You bet!

Fujimaru 2: I can do this! Prepare for battle!

Mash: Yes, Master!


Mash: We defeated...him? No, something is different about this–Senpai!

Dr. Roman: I can still detect Alexander's magical energy! Wait, he was eliminated for a moment, what's this?

Dr. Roman: Did he materialize again in the same spot!? But what's there is probably a different Servant!

Mash: Different? No, this feeling...

???: Wahahahahaha!

???: How amusing! My youthful self and my former beloved rival fought! Quite exhilarating! But the outcome was expected.

???: Not enough! What could that young pup accomplish by relying so much on Bucephalus?

???: My opponent is the dauntless giant king! None other than the last king of the Achaemenid Empire, Darius III!

Darius III:berserk1–!!!

???: Ooh! Ooh! You're quite pleased to see me, I can tell!

???: There are none that can stand before you, not even my youthful self!

???: You died and transformed into a Heroic Spirit! You magnificently assimilated ten thousand soldiers, King Darius!

???: If anyone can defeat you– It can only be me, Iskandar the Conqueror!

Mash: ...Uh?!

Dr. Roman: Iskandar! It's Alexander in his later years... Without a doubt, it is the King of Conquerors!

Dr. Roman: Th-That's one incredible, super-famous hero! I didn't think the influence of the Holy Grail was still so strong in this area!

Iskandar: No, this has nothing to do with the Holy Grail! Someone has relentlessly insisted on calling me!

Iskandar: Someone none other than you! Isn't that right, Darius, my greatest rival!

Darius III:berserk2–!!!

Mash: No use, there's no way to stop him now! King Iskandar, please–

Iskandar: Not to worry! Not to worry! This is why I showed up. Let's go at it with everything we've got!

Darius III:berserk2–!!!

Iskandar: Wahahahahaha!! What a joy! Let us cross swords again!


Darius III: ...

Iskandar: What's going on? Why did you suddenly turn into a tame kitten? Is that all you've got? How unsatisfying!

Fujimaru 1: Sorry, but this is as far as I can...

Fujimaru 2: I-I can't take it any more.

Mash: ...Senpai's magical energy is depleted. I'm afraid, anymore combat would...

Darius III: ...

Iskandar: ...I see. Well, to tell the truth, I have reached my limit as well.

Iskandar: Not only was I not properly summoned, I was forcefully materialized without a Holy Grail–

Iskandar: It only makes sense it turned out like this. Darius III, you are the enormous wall that stood before me.

Iskandar: Now that your magical energy supply is down, my voice probably won't reach you anymore–

Iskandar: But the next time we meet, let's face each other–

Darius III: ...

Mash: Servant Iskandar, elimination confirmed. –The battle is over.

Dr. Roman: Whew. He left without causing too much trouble. Thank goodness he's the understanding type. I'm so glad.

Mash: ...Yes, you're right. Any further combat is too much.

Fujimaru 1: I...can't...

Fujimaru 2: I'm...beat...

Mash: Oh! Senpai!? Quick, Doctor! Rayshift!