Diarmuid Ua Duibhne

Twin-Spear of the Rose

Fou: Fou, Fou.

Fujimaru 1: Good Fou, good Fou

Fujimaru 2: (Backrub, backrub)

Fou: Foou... (purr)

Mash: Master, it seems like Diarmuid wants to talk to you.

Diarmuid: Master, thank you for granting me an audience. I must say this army is fantastic.

Fujimaru 1: What is fantastic?

Fujimaru 2: What do you mean?

Diarmuid: How no one reacts to my face. Until now, I had to be careful merely walking around.

Mash: Oh. I see, it's about your beauty mark, Diarmuid?

Diarmuid: Yes, it's more like a curse than a mark of love. Nothing good ever came out of this beauty mark.

Diarmuid: ...Well, even though I did not have any regret about the love I felt because of it.

Diarmuid: Apologies, we've strayed away from the subject. Master, what I want to talk about are my Noble Phantasms.

Diarmuid: Currently, I'm using two Noble Phantasms... “Gáe Dearg” and “Gáe Buidhe”–

Diarmuid: But perhaps due to using two Noble Phantasms, neither one demonstrates its true potential.

Diarmuid: In other words, their power is sealed.

Diarmuid: If I can release their power somehow, I think I could be a bigger help–

Mash: I'm painfully aware of the feelings of not being able to fully utilize your Noble Phantasm.

Mash: Why don't we have the Doctor investigate and see if there are any clues.

Dr. Roman: Hmm, so sealed Noble Phantasms...

Dr. Roman: Usually, there is some kind of clue in the era that the Heroic Spirit was living in, but–

Dr. Roman: Hmmm. I am not picking up anything.

Dr. Roman: It was such a long time ago when Diarmuid was alive... We may not be able to trace it completely...

Dr. Roman: Either way, there is a chance that you actually sealed the Noble Phantasms yourself.

Mash: What do you mean?

Dr. Roman: It could be a malfunction during summoning, or the Servant is subconsciously restraining himself–

Dr. Roman: I'm not really sure. But if you want to unleash his Noble Phantasm, why don't you just dive into his heart. It's risky though.

Diarmuid: It's... Risky?

Dr. Roman: Because [♂ he /♀️ she] as your Master and several Servants have to tag along.

Diarmuid: ... ...

Diarmuid: I cannot let my Master take a risk. I decline your suggestion.

Dr. Roman: That's what he says. But what does Fujimaru want to do?

Fujimaru 1: We should go look. I'm sure it's fine.

Diarmuid: Oh, Master! You are so generous. How lucky am I to serve under such a wonderful Master!

Fujimaru 2: Let's see how awesome our man Diarmuid can be!

Diarmuid: I'm flattered that you say that but... Why did you just call me “our man Diarmuid”...

Diarmuid: I'm a little embarrassed.

Dr. Roman: Fine. Well then, let's get ready.

Diarmuid: So this is what my heart is like...

Dr. Roman: It's your mental landscape. Diarmuid, you will lead us to finding clues about your Noble Phantasms.

Diarmuid: Understood. Well Master, let us proceed right away.

Mash: Do you have any ideas where to?

Diarmuid: Of course. I know this landscape very well. There is a forest nearby where I used to hunt.

Diarmuid: ...It's also the place we passed when I ran away with her.

Mash: Her, does that mean–

Diarmuid: Yes, exactly whom you think. Gráinne... A woman I used to love.

Diarmuid: ...There are a few suspicious presences. Is this why you told us to come with Servants?

Mash: Master, be careful. There seems to be enemies.

Mash: ...They're coming!

Diarmuid: I see. White blood cells, so to speak– Something like guardians of my own mental landscape.

Diarmuid: I feel bad about destroying them, but I have no choice. I'm charging in. Come on!


Diarmuid: We are finished here!

Mash: Yes. We got them all on our end, too.

Diarmuid: I guess we are lucky the enemy was not formidable... Hmm?

Mash: What happened? The light was...

Diarmuid: I see. I think I understand now.

Diarmuid: By defeating the enemies in my mental landscape, the true brilliance of my Noble Phantasm is restored.

Diarmuid: Master, I'm sorry to ask you but I would like to ask for your assistance a while longer.

Diarmuid: Well, let's move onto the next spot.


Diarmuid: This place... Well, although the furniture is different, it reminds me of the castle of the king I used to serve.

Dr. Roman: By King... Do you mean Fionn mac Cumhaill?

Diarmuid: ...Yes, he is the one. This is the place I used to drink with the king and my fellows.

Diarmuid: !?

???: Diarmuid...

Diarmuid: This voice... Are you the Knights of Fianna!?

???: The king is not here. Fionn mac Cumhaill is not here.

???: The king is calling. If you don't see Fionn mac Cumhaill, the brilliance won't return.

Diarmuid: The king is in this world?

???: At the same time, we will stand in your way.

Diarmuid: ...You are threatening us. What is going on?

???: We are not your true allies. We are mere gatekeepers within your mind.

???: Though, our capabilities are exactly as you remember. Show us your skill, Diarmuid.

???: The skill of someone who deserves to be called a Knight of Fianna in the past, and the future!

Dr. Roman: I guess we have to fight.

Diarmuid: ...Understood. Master, please give me your orders!

Fujimaru 1: Let's win!

Fujimaru 2: Let's fight!

Diarmuid: Understood! As you wish. Diarmuid Ua Duibhne– Here I go!


Diarmuid: My spear's brilliance has returned once again!

Mash: One more should do it. Let's keep going!


Diarmuid: If the king is here, he should be in this forest...

Fujimaru 1: Bad memories?

Fujimaru 2: You look glum.

Diarmuid: Yes... This is the place where I died.

Diarmuid: I came boar hunting with my king, Fionn mac Cumhaill, and I was killed by the boar– A demonic beast.

Diarmuid: What happened after that, I don't need to tell you. I was not granted the king's healing.

E:???: Certainly! That's right, that's absolutely right, Diarmuid!

Diarmuid: My king?

Fionn: Yes, I'm your king, the all too perfect mac Cumhaill. But... Your attitude hasn't changed at all.

Fionn: What a strange man you are. Don't you feel any hate towards me?

Fionn: Yes. In this forest, at this place, I refused to share water after you had collapsed..

Fionn: I could have saved you under the circumstances, yet I abandoned you on purpose, you see?

Diarmuid: That is because of me– It was my fault.

Fionn: Hahahahaha. You are a truly loyal knight. But I think that's a lie.

Diarmuid: What? No, it's not true!

Fionn: You need not bite your thumb. I'm sure your new Master completely understands that.

Fionn: For one thing— You don't regret it.

Fionn: Even if you are summoned to a Holy Grail War somewhere, you'd not hope to overturn this unfortunate death.

Fionn: If you trace the cause of this misfortune, it was actually caused by my queen, Gráinne.

Fionn: You loved Gráinne, and you also reconciled with me.

Fionn: Therefore, you should accept this ending– That's what you are thinking, right?

Diarmuid: O-Of course. My king, I–

Fionn: However, while you feel you weren't wrong, your true self regrets and resents!

Fionn: Why did I not give you water back then? Why did I not heal your wounds?

Fionn: What should you have done back then, and such!

Diarmuid: Augh... Shut up! You are not the king!

Fionn: Haha, correct! I'm a materialization of your resentment. What you were ashamed of and had sealed away–

Fionn: The “something” that you cowered and ran away from, so you can keep pretending to be a knight.

Diarmuid: ...Augh! These...are my true...feelings!?

Fujimaru 1: Let's fight together!

Fujimaru 2: Things happen.

Diarmuid: Master!

Diarmuid: Right, doesn't matter who I was in the past, I'm a Servant now. My duty is to serve my new Master and eliminate the enemies.

Diarmuid: O' Evil Fionn mac Cumhaill, created by my own mind. As a knight, it's my duty to kill you!

Fionn: Ha! Nonsense, you are spineless!

Fionn: Why don't you show me if your fragile heart can survive from being crushed by your own overwhelming guilt!


Fionn: —Yes. Yes I know of this.

Fionn: Diarmuid, the resolution in your spears, the clarity of your art.

Fionn: Our pride and joy, Diarmuid Ua Duibhne's battle art.

Fionn: Then, I only have one more thing to ask of you. ...Do you have any resentment, my knight?

Diarmuid: ...I must have some. But I will leave that here right now.

Diarmuid: I have gained “something” more than that from my king. Something precious– Something I should not lose sight of.

Fionn: Well done. Considering you tend to get lost, you found the correct answer quickly this time.

Fionn: ...Well, tendency to get lost is something I am guilty of myself.

Fionn: ...The powers of Gáe Dearg and Gáe Buidhe are properly released.

Fionn: Move onward, Diarmuid. Grasp victory in your hand!

Diarmuid: I appreciate it, King. I do appreciate it...

Diarmuid: My lord and Master. Thanks to you, my spears have returned to my hands.

Diarmuid: I have no more hesitation. Using these twin spears, let us defeat our enemies.