EMIYA - Kiritsugu

You, Like a Smiling Flower

Narration: It was just another job.

Narration: To them, it was just another minute Singularity. To me, it was a threat to be eliminated as a Counter Guardian.

Narration: There's no need to go into details. A target emerged, and needed to be taken care of.

Narration: I simply do what I was meant to do: I search for the enemy, engage, and eliminate them.

Narration: The fewer people I engage with, the better. At least, that's a personal choice of mine.

Narration: Heroic Spirits. Heroes. Many of those are mere shadows of mass murderers.

Narration: In my opinion, they are all repulsive. I prefer not to be by their side when fighting.

Narration: But working completely independently is also difficult.

Narration: It must be because of my lack of freedom as a Servant.

Narration: Requiring Master to accompany us for Rayshifts is a pain. But I suppose that has turned out to be a blessing in disguise...

Narration: Fujimaru, or Master, is quick to understand. And so we were progressing smoothly. This time is no different.

Narration: The source of the minute Singularity... It could be a fragment of a Holy Grail, or a remnant of the original abnormality in the timeline.

Narration: But they are all simple to track. A majority of them can be eradicated and handled with a single attack.

Narration: Should it be a life-form, we kill it. If it is an inanimate object, we destroy it.

Narration: We seek it out, and then swiftly...

Emiya: ...This time around, it's quite clear-cut.

Emiya: It must be a remnant of the many things you defeated. It's not as powerful as what we encountered in the final Singularity.

Emiya: It's not alive. It's already dead.

Emiya: But it's taken in a shard of a Holy Grail.

Emiya: Which then it turned into a minute Singularity. What a pain. There are far too many Holy Grails...

Emiya: ...and, of course, shards in this Grand Order.

Fujimaru 1: Sorry to take up your time, Emiya.

Emiya: Likewise. Sorry to rope you into this.

Fujimaru 2: Thanks for finding it so quickly.

Emiya: Finding the problem and dealing with it swiftly is my forte. I should be the one thanking you.

Emiya: Now let's do it. I'm sure IT'S also tired of waiting for us.

Fujimaru 1: Commence battle!

Emiya: Understood, Master.


Emiya: It ends here, you worthless pile of nothing. I'm sure you're sick of living as an empty shell.

Emiya: Mission completed, Master.

Emiya: The minute Singularity has disappeared. We should hurry back to Chaldea.

Fujimaru 1: Good work, Emiya.

Fujimaru 2: We got it done quick thanks to you.

Emiya: It was nothing. I just did my job.

Jaguar Warrior: ...

Irisviel: ......

Jaguar Warrior: .........

Irisviel: ............

Fujimaru 1: Um...

Fujimaru 2: What are you two doing in front of Emiya's room?

Jaguar Warrior: Mrow!?

Jaguar Warrior: Hmmm hmmm hmmm, fweet tweet tweet♪ (Humming and whistling)

Irisviel: Um, it's actually a bit of a long story...

Irisviel: ...

Irisviel: It has nothing to do with the Holy Grail. I am...like a Divided Spirit that poured out of the Holy Grail...

Irisviel: That makes me unique among all the Heroic Spirits. But me standing right here is not related to that whatsoever.

Irisviel: ...We're just taking a peek.

Fujimaru 1: It's exactly how it looks!

Jaguar Warrior: When you're stalking prey, you hide in the darkness! This jaguar is sad to know you forgot the laws of the jungle!

Irisviel: That's not it. We're not out to kill anyone!

Fujimaru 2: Why don't you just talk to him?

Irisviel: Yes...you're right. We know that's the right thing to do...

Irisviel: But that man doesn't want to see us. Even when we speak to him, he just walks away...

Irisviel: Honestly, we've run out of options.

Jaguar Warrior: (Gasp!) Here he comes!

Jaguar Warrior: Deploying Noble Phantasm “Jaguar in the Black”! It'll make this whole place SUPER dark!

Jaguar Warrior: Come on, Miss Iri and Master! This way!

Jaguar Warrior: Be like glue, stick together and become one with the darkness...!

Irisviel: Ah! My shadow...!?

Fujimaru 1: Is that a Noble Phantasm you don't use in battle!?

Fujimaru 2: You sound like a boss.

C:Jaguar Warrior: (Hmmm...like the “Dancer in the Dark.” Perfect. Nobody can see us from the outside!)

C:Jaguar Warrior: (It's a nagual-like Presence Concealment. Behold, it can even hide friends other than Jaguar!)

E:Irisviel: (Wow, how wonderful.)

C:Jaguar Warrior: (Yep, yep. Miss Iri, you really are accepting and wonderful too, meow. You get a Jaguar stamp... Stamp! Once more for good measure.)

E:Irisviel: (Teehee. You flatter me, Jaguar Warrior.)

C:Jaguar Warrior: (By the way, it will only work for Jaguar during battle. Obviously, I can't hide an entire group in the middle of a fight!)

C:Jaguar Warrior: (Our prey is heading towards the Command Room. Come on let's TAIL him!)

E:Irisviel: (Roger that! Come on. Master, you too. Hold your breath and follow us. We're in this together now!)

Fujimaru 1: I guess I'll tag along.

C:Jaguar Warrior: (That's the spirit! Big Sis is glad to have an understanding Master. Here, I'll give you this wonderful dead spider as a reward!)

C:Jaguar Warrior: (Eh? You don't want it? But it's a paw-sitively perfect gift!)

Fujimaru 2: Chaldea has enough stalkers...

C:Jaguar Warrior: (Yeah, Jaguar thinks so too. I'm a teacher, after all. But they say: eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, and a Blaze for a Bunyan.)

C:Jaguar Warrior: (It's Emiya's fault for being so secretive. Even Big Sis thinks... No, that's not my point.)

C:Jaguar Warrior: (Even I'm concerned for him. What in the world happened to him to make him act like that.)

C:Jaguar Warrior: (What's with the dark, gloomy aura? If we leave him alone, he's definitely gonna die alone.)

E:Irisviel: (...Yes. I can't just sit idly by and watch that happen to him.)

Emiya: ............

F:Emiya: .........

Emiya: ......?

F:Emiya: ...

E:Irisviel: (It appears he was speaking with that Archer.)

C:Jaguar Warrior: (What were they talking about? Let's go ask!)

Jaguar Warrior: Mee-wow, Emiyan! The Emiyan who at least makes us feel kind of comfortable!

F:Emiya: ... (She appeared out of nowhere again...) Hello, jungle spirit. What business do you have with me?

Jaguar Warrior: Ah... You're one of the few people who treats me properly, as a spirit! I paw-sitively love that!

Jaguar Warrior: I'm compelled to send over a nice hawk carcass or something as a gift...but now's not the time. What were you HAWKing about!?

Fujimaru 1: That's...direct.

E:Irisviel: (Yes, that's the kind of bluntness I'd expect from Jaguar Warrior...)

Fujimaru 2: That was a lame pun, but hopefully he didn't notice her true intent.

E:Irisviel: (The Assassin... He left already, so hopefully it's not that obvious. Oh my, wait a minute...)

E:Irisviel: (Does that mean we lost sight of him!?)

F:Emiya: ...

F:Emiya: Oh, well.

F:Emiya: After all, no matter how chaotic and full of ulterior motives your actions are, at least it's all usually done with the best intentions.

Jaguar Warrior: Yep, yep. That's because I'm an animal.

F:Emiya: He asked about my magical energy consumption during battle. I answered as best I could.

Jaguar Warrior: Oh. That's insignifiCAT.

E:Irisviel: (Yes, that's quite ordinary.)

Jaguar Warrior: Whatever! I've GATO-go, first Emiyan! Or actually, maybe you should be second...?

Jaguar Warrior: Anyway, until next time! It'd be nice if you made some good ta-PAWS so that I can have a nice drink soon!

E:Irisviel: (Ah! Jaguar Warrior, wait, wait!)

Altria: Yes, I spoke briefly with him.

Altria: We spoke about what to be mindful when battling in groups. Other than that, nothing else significant...

Diarmuid: Yes. I did just speak with him.

Diarmuid: We talked about battles in the Singularity. It wasn't that long of a conversation.

Diarmuid: I actually had some questions for him of my own...but that should be for another time.

Lord El-Melloi II: We spoke on various topics in magecraft.

Lord El-Melloi II: He asked me a few things about grand magecraft and ritualistic magecraft, mainly about Mystic Codes.

Lord El-Melloi II: And about the magical energy consumed when using things like that...

Lord El-Melloi II: It was quite insignificant. It could have been covered in a few short words, really.

Lord El-Melloi II: He was likely...

Lord El-Melloi II: No, I'd rather not. This isn't something to involve myself in based only on speculation.

Jaguar Warrior: Argh. We lost him! Big Sis is a-paw-led!

Irisviel: ...

Fujimaru 1: Huh? Does Iri look relieved?

Fujimaru 2: She looks happy, actually.

Irisviel: Yes, you're right.

Irisviel: I'm just happy. I was worried that he was all alone in Chaldea...

Irisviel: That's what I've been concerned about this whole time. It's always been on my mind.

Irisviel: But maybe that was just my selfishness talking. No matter which “what if” version of him would appear...

Irisviel: To think that I would be needed...

Irisviel: I am such a greedy woman. I may not look like it, but I'm supposed to be a mature wife...

Jaguar Warrior: Ku...guwah!

Jaguar Warrior: For Master Iri to say words like “mature” and “wife” without hesitation...ahhh, she has so much adultness!

Irisviel: Oh, y-you think so? A-and what exactly is “adultness”?

Jaguar Warrior: This Jaguar is moved. I'm at a loss. But I haven't lost the game! NEVER SURRENDER!

Jaguar Warrior: Remember to always be a tough cookie, and grin and bear it!

Jaguar Warrior: Dammit! We're going to play again...fur real soon!

Fujimaru 1: It's gone...

Fujimaru 2: Um, for now, good work...?

Irisviel: ...


Narration: ...I managed to get away. Ugh, what a pain.

Narration: Divided Spirits like goddesses...two special Servants. Having their attention is nothing but trouble.

Narration: First Servant: Irisviel von Einzbern. Second Servant: Jaguar Warrior.

Narration: Those two seem to want to talk to me excessively, and it's obvious that they don't like me to be isolated in the way I prefer.

Narration: That is why I sought out other Servants to talk to. I am not used to conversing with heroes of the past.

Narration: I'm assuming El-Melloi II must have caught on, but he's not one to talk. He's that kind of man.

Narration: ...Now, are the two Servants satisfied?

Narration: It really is a pain in the ass...

Narration: But this is nothing new. This isn't the first time I felt the burning gaze of two Servants in Chaldea.

Narration: It's none of their business. I suppose their interest stems from knowing another version of me from some other version of history.

Narration: Or something like that. How stupid.

Narration: Whoever they know, he is not me.

Irisviel: ...Yes, you're right. A different person.

Irisviel: But there must be SOME sort of connection between us. Though you may not believe it...

Irisviel: And besides, my dear...

Irisviel: You're watching me...following me with those eyes. At times. Sometimes.

Emiya: How dare you enter someone else's room. You're like an Assassin.

Emiya: And stop reading others' minds. I know that as a Divided Spirit of a Holy Grail...which makes you a part of the powerful wish-granting device...

Emiya: ...reading one's mind may just be second nature to you. But it's annoying to me.

Irisviel: ...I'm sorry.

Irisviel: I never meant to annoy you. Nor do I wish for you to take an interest in the version of me in this world.

Irisviel: But...you know...to see you so alone...

Irisviel: ...is very painful for me.

B:Emiya: ... ...

B:Emiya: That's your problem.

Irisviel: You're right.

Emiya: ...Not getting involved with others is my decision.

Irisviel: Kiritsugu?

Emiya: Don't call me that. So...you do know that name...

Emiya: ...Please get out. A day may come when the two of us speak...

Emiya: But it is not today, Irisviel von Einzbern.

Irisviel: ...Yes.

Irisviel: I'm sorry, Kiri–

Irisviel: ...Assassin.

Emiya: A terminal of the Holy Grail. Transformed from an Einzbern homunculus.

Emiya: She'll be one formidable opponent.


Illya: I-I just saw Caster run out of Assassin's room, crying!

Chloe: You're right. It seems that way.

Illya: Wh-wh-wh-wh-what does that mean!? And why...why is my heart racing so much right now!?

Chloe: ...Who knows? Maybe because you're such a simpleminded brat?