Made by God, Woven by Humans, and Returned to Soil I

???: “...Hey.”

???: “...Hey.”

???: “Are you going to go?”

???: “Are you going to disappear (be complete)? Are you going to die (be born)?”

???: “Then this is goodbye.”

???: “The next time we meet, I won't be myself anymore.”

???: “Wow...I'm envious.”

???: “Because you're probably not going to change a single bit.”

???: “Nobody can hurt you, and nobody can break you.”

???: “You will always be you.”

???: “Even if a god killed you, even if you loved someone else, or if you tried to break yourself, or if you turn back to soil...”

???: “This forest...this world...as long as humans and the land remain...”

Narration: ...pai... ...up, Sen...

Mash: Please wake up, Senpai!

Fujimaru 1: Morning Mash.

Mash: I'm glad you're okay.

Fujimaru 2: Fou!?

Fou: Fou? Fou!

Mash: You seem to have awoken from REM sleep...and now, good morning.

Mash: I was worried for a moment that your mind might have drifted off somewhere else again.

Mash: If you are still sleepy, please have some coffee at the cafeteria.

Mash: We've recently started receiving supplies from the outside world, so there may have been some quality coffee in the shipment.

Fujimaru 1: ...

Moriarty: Hahaha. Sorry to inform you, but I have a jack. That's four of a kind.

Nursery Rhyme: Oh, how wonderful! They all match! I have four queen cards!

Enkidu: A card that represents a sovereign...four kings. Does this mean that I have four of a kind?

Moriarty: ...Wait just a moment? Are the two of you cheating? Honestly? So I was the only one who tampered with the cards?

Mephistopheles: Oh my, oh my!? Have I been left out?

Mephistopheles: Oh, how disappointing that I was unable to be one of the possessors of FOUR of something! That number represents death in many Asian cultures!

Mephistopheles: As you can all see, I have five jokers! I have won the battle but lost the war!

Enkidu: I see...so five of a kind is possible...

Moriarty: Of course not! Having FIVE jokers isn't even a viable way to cheat!

Moriarty: At best, Mephy's crime is absurd! Knowing as he did that his skulduggery would not pass ANYONE'S scrutiny, he STILL undertook it!

Mephistopheles: Heha! Your words of praise slay me! Would you like a little clock as a token of my appreciation?

Moriarty: Absolutely not! I will have no part in your scheme of blowing me up to dispose of evidence of your cheating!

Fujimaru 1: What's with this weird combination of people?

Mash: You're right...it is strange to see these Servants together. Perhaps the Professor is scheming...

Moriarty: Now, now, young lady... Can you truly blame every strange thing that happens here on me?

Moriarty: I am not judging, of course. It is nice to be suspected of criminal activity. It is almost as if you trust me!

Fujimaru 2: Looks fun! I wanna join! Party tiiime!

Mephistopheles: Kuhahaha! It's wonderful to see you in high spirits, Master!

Nursery Rhyme: Yes, please join in on the fun, Master! The more the merrier for a tea party!

Mephistopheles: Then shall we resume our poker game? Shall we wager our very souls? Yes, we shall!

Mephistopheles: I shall wager Faust's soul, so I suggest you match with the Spirit Origin of your most beloved Servant!

Mash: What shall we do, Senpai? I can't see it going well if we stay here long...

Mash: Just based on past experience... I feel trouble on the way...

Enkidu: Oh, my apologies if you are concerned. I was actually the one who called them all over.

Mash: You, Enkidu?

Enkidu: You seem surprised.

Mash: Um, well...I'm sorry.

Mash: Setting Nursery aside, it's a bit of a surprise you'd call the other two here...

Moriarty: You would put me in the same category as Mephy? I believe I may cry...

Mephistopheles: Please do! Come now, cry your heart out! I am eager for the sidesplitting laughter that will merit!

Moriarty: Then laugh! Laugh until your sides rip open and your vitals spill out! Now, do hurry and explain yourself. We are getting nowhere as we are going now, Enkidu.

Enkidu: You're right. While Mephistopheles's whims are certainly amusing, I suppose this is not a particularly efficient way to operate...

Enkidu: I must admit...I have been interested in these people since the moment I was summoned here. I've been wanting to speak to them for some time.

Enkidu: There are, of course, others in whom I am interested, but these are the only ones who were available now.

Mash: Interested...?

Enkidu: Surprised?

Fujimaru 1: I assumed Enkidu liked to be alone.

Enkidu: You're right. I do not mind being alone.

Enkidu: But were I to simply remain alone until I expire, there would have been no point in my being reconstructed here in the first place.

Fujimaru 2: I have to admit, this IS an interesting group.

Enkidu: It is. Everyone here in Chaldea–the Heroic Spirits, mages, and even the staff–are all very...unique.

Enkidu: That is why I must study everyone here.

Enkidu: In order to optimize my systems in a place like this, it is sometimes necessary to become actively involved with others.

Mash: Optimizing...your systems?

Enkidu: That's right. I have been shaped to work here as ideally as possible. That is why I was created.

Fujimaru 1: What does that actually mean...?

Fujimaru 2: Please continue while we play poker...

Mash: Ah!? Master! We've received an urgent message from the Command Room!

Da Vinci: Hey, Fujimaru. Sorry for interrupting you right when you were about to go eat.

Da Vinci: We've gotten some strange readings from an area in a Singularity we already corrected.

Da Vinci: Hm? Is Enkidu with you, too?

Da Vinci: Well, that's handy. Can you all come here?

Da Vinci: Oh, hey. Is this the first time I've called Enkidu up here?

Enkidu: I don't mind.

Enkidu: That you've asked me here means we are dealing with THAT Singularity, correct?

Da Vinci: Exactly. Sensing–Well, having the capacity to accurately assess a situation is a sign that you are indeed a well-functioning machine.

Da Vinci: We picked up these strange readings in ancient Babylonia, east of Uruk.

Da Vinci: You know Ishtar's temple atop Mt. Ebih? It's somewhere in the forest near that valley.

Enkidu: ...

Mash: Enkidu?

Enkidu: Hm? What is it?

Mash: Uh, well...is everything all right? You just looked really grim there...

Enkidu: Oh, my apologies.

Enkidu: It's just that I heard a term that could cause a cascading system crash...a word that my systems prioritize for immediate deletion.

Da Vinci: Of course it is. After all, the Enkidu of myth was...

Da Vinci: Ah, well. No need to get into anything like that right now.

Da Vinci: Our readings are strange...a pattern we've never seen before, and we can't pinpoint the exact location.

Da Vinci: That's why I want to ask Enkidu, who possesses Presence Detection and is familiar with the area, to guide you. Would that be all right?

Fujimaru 1: That would be great!

Enkidu: Thank you. I am not sure how much help I will be, but please use my skills as you see fit.

Fujimaru 2: I'm getting a sense of déjà vu...

Mash: Remember, Senpai? That wasn't actually Enkidu back then.

Enkidu: ... Actually, that may not be necessarily true.

Mash: Eh?

Enkidu: Now that it's been decided, let's head out. If something has gone awry, we must fix it quickly.

Da Vinci: Right. Are you ready, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: Ready as ever.

Fujimaru 2: I'll let you know once we know what we're dealing with.

Mash: Rayshift successful. At least this time you ended up on solid ground, Senpai! Any problems, Enkidu?

Enkidu: No, we're all right.

Enkidu: ...This breeze brings back memories. The color of the sky hasn't changed either.

Mephistopheles: Yes. I see that wistful gaze on Master's face as [♂ he /♀️ she} gazes skyward... Perhaps Master was expecting yet another free fall?

Mash: !? M-Mephistopheles!?

Moriarty: Hm. Falling from the sky, hm?

Moriarty: This is exactly the sort of place a shady man like myself can shine!

Nursery Rhyme: In any story where someone falls from the sky, the most important detail would be WHO does the rescuing. Master, you must choose carefully.

Mephistopheles: Heh...hehehe...!

Mephistopheles: Rest assured, Ms. Mash! As you can see, Master has arrived unscathed!

Mephistopheles: If there is a problem at all...it would be that WE have accompanied Master! Heeheehee!

Mash: Professor and Nursery...why are you there!?

Moriarty: Well, I've been examining the Rayshift system rather thoroughly, so it was no trouble sneaking the three of us along for the ride, as it were.

Da Vinci: That is its own set of problems, but Mash is asking why you three are here at all.

Moriarty: Simple, really. I was curious why Enkidu had wished to speak to us all. Of course, I am also quite curious about Enkidu as well.

Moriarty: There is much that cannot be learned merely from a few games of poker. Oh, I can figure anything out, as I am a genius!

Moriarty: But if we are to grant Enkidu's wish, I decided an adventure together would be an amusing way to do so.

Fujimaru 1: I see. Makes sense.

Mash: Senpai, please be careful not to fall for what he says! The Professor can be very reckless as long as he gets his point across.

Fujimaru 2: Another one of his schemes... Is it planned or made up on the spot?

Moriarty: Ah, but my little scheme is successful the moment it confuses! The secret to a graceful equation or formula is in how much of your inspiration you can work in.

Enkidu: Well this will certainly be a lively journey. In my time, it was customary to travel in pairs, so this is new to me.

Nursery Rhyme: I hear that Babylonia is the place where the first stories were told!

Nursery Rhyme: I can't wait to meet all the people who were characters in so many stories from this nation!

Mephistopheles: Oh my, oh my! Everyone seems to be in such high spirits!

Mephistopheles: You know they say no journey is long with good company...as long as that company screams in agony! And so I will accompany you on your journey to the afterlife as best I am able!

Moriarty: Oh my. It seems there is quite the mixture of good and bad in this party!

Moriarty: At any rate, let us head out in search of this strange rift!

Da Vinci: I can detect something within the forest, but combing through every inch of it would be...irritating.

Da Vinci: Enkidu, do you sense anything with your Presence Detection skill?

Enkidu: ...What a strange sensation. It's like the entire forest–No, this is...

Enkidu: ...!

Enkidu: It appears we have been detected. Perhaps...my presence lured them to us.

Da Vinci: What are you talking about? We're not detecting any...

Da Vinci: No, wait... I am detecting something. Enkidu's detection ability is really something.

Da Vinci: But this is–No, impossible!

Mash: H-how? Why are THEY there...?

Moriarty: I have a bad feeling about this. It seems we are being approached by something that should not be here...

Mash: At your four o'clock! Be careful, Senpai!


Fujimaru 1: ...Laḫmu!?

Fujimaru 2: Why!?

Da Vinci: That's not possible! The Laḫmu should've all disappeared along with the Chaos Tide the moment we defeated Tiamat!

Mephistopheles: Oh? Something that should be dead appears right before us!? How peculiar! Well how is that different from us, since we just popped out of nowhere!?

Mephistopheles: Are THESE beings someone's hero? Are WE the rift in this Singularity that must be corrected!?

Laḫmu: nz:qc@! :t@;q@! :t@;qzaq@!

Laḫmu: aihをslb/! c4r;f@hxlをb0p.! 0qdqaf t3xyf te-4x;.!

Mash: We're seeing a rapidly increasing number of Laḫmu in the forest! They're trying to surround Enkidu!

Fujimaru 1: Be careful!

Fujimaru 2: Are the Laḫmu mistaking Enkidu for Kingu!?

Enkidu: I see...so they're the ones.

Enkidu: I'm sorry. I can at least pretend to understand your irritation and ideals.

Enkidu: But I cannot allow you to endanger the work that has been done. I hope you will understand.

Laḫmu: b\p! vgx:! hoezhp! 3khxl! :t@;qhxl! u2@lhq@:!

Enkidu: ...I see.

Enkidu: Your reasons for wanting to kill me are legitimate, but you must know that I will respond with all due force.

Mash: The Laḫmu are on the move! Senpai, please be careful!


Mash: Not detecting any other Laḫmu in your area. It looks like those that had been headed your way are retreating back into the forest.

Moriarty: My, oh, my. The sight of those things leaves quite the impression on one's memory. I would not be surprised if a normal person went insane upon seeing them!

Nursery Rhyme: They were a little different than Jabberwocks... I wonder what story those monsters came from...?

Mephistopheles: Oh? And here I thought those creatures bore quite the resemblance to Enkidu here...or are you saying that I am in dire need of glasses?

Enkidu: ...

Da Vinci: Hmmm, looks like those creatures weren't the cause of the rift.

Da Vinci: I had an eye on the readings during the battle, and it looks like the rift is what's creating them.

Da Vinci: I hate to even say it, but it's possible that there's something like a remnant of Tiamat in the forest...

Mash: What!? Does that mean Tiamat might come back again?

Da Vinci: I don't think that's very likely. After all, gradual as it may be, the reading is dissipating.

Da Vinci: Even if we left it alone, there's a chance that whatever the issue is might be corrected in the Restoration of Humanity.

Da Vinci: However...

Moriarty: Were I some manner of living residue of a Demon God Pillar, or harbored enough malice, I would gladly offer myself up to be reused. Not a bad deal for debris.

Da Vinci: Well, pretty much.

Fujimaru 1: We can't leave it alone.

Da Vinci: Knew you'd say that. Don't worry. We'll back you up.

Fujimaru 2: I'd like my overtime pay in Fool's Chains, please.

Da Vinci: Hah! If we had any in storage, we'd have used them already. Honestly, maybe you could actually go out and collect some to supply Chaldea, hmm?

Enkidu: ...

Enkidu: (If I can't even pinpoint its exact location, that must mean... Yes, that's right...)

Enkidu: (The time to integrate the system may have come... I never imagined that I might be upgraded after becoming a Heroic Spirit...)

Mash: Is everything all right, Enkidu?

Enkidu: Yes...I was just reminiscing about my journeys in the past.

Enkidu: My only wish is that this journey with you would be as pleasant and enjoyable as it was when I traveled with...him, Master.

Enkidu: Or perhaps...that one day you will become a hero just like him...


Enkidu: Ah, the air here brings back memories. The wind, the soil...they haven't changed.

Enkidu: And the density of the magical energy here... Were it not for Chaldea's aid, any human from Master's time would not survive this.

Enkidu: I'm compelled to walk to the ends of the earth, but that is not the mission at hand for me at this moment.

Da Vinci: True... It'd be a bit of a pain for us if you just wandered off to the edge of the Singularity now.

Da Vinci: Who's to say your presence wouldn't give the world a conniption and create a whole new Singularity?

Enkidu: Haha, you think too highly of me.

Enkidu: A doll like myself cannot make the world do anything. Changing the stars is beyond even the gods.

Enkidu: The world yields only to the command of the true king born beneath the stars.

Moriarty: However roundabout your means of doing so may be, spare us the boasts about your friend. Our current goal is to find whoever is controlling the Laḫmu.

Moriarty: Well, as even your Presence Detection doesn't seem to be effective here, we may indeed need to comb through the forest inch by inch.

Moriarty: But wouldn't you say it's elderly abuse to make a man my age walk through a forest the size of a small country?

Mephistopheles : Hahaha, hehehe! The solution is simple, old, aged man! We should burn the forest down so we can have a clear view from where we stand!

Moriarty: You may call me old, but do refrain from adding “aged” as well. You make my Spirit Origin sound like some manner of peculiar delicacy.

Nursery Rhyme: Burning down an entire forest is barbaric! Let's ask Bunyan to help us pioneer the land peacefully!

Enkidu: Ah, wonderful idea. Paul Bunyan is a Servant I would very much like to meet someday.

Enkidu: Her Spirit Origin composition is somewhat irregular, and I have been meaning to learn about her before she disappears like a dream.

Mash: U-um... Setting what Bunyan is like aside, cutting down a whole forest might just make things worse...

Mash: Besides, wouldn't you be against deforestation or a large-scale fire, Enkidu?

Fujimaru 1: I thought you were sort of a conservationist.

Enkidu: Yes, of course. I love nature, and I do believe it to be very important.

Enkidu: But to me, the development of a city, mining in the deep ocean, and all other such things that humans tend to do are also part of nature.

Enkidu: Of course, I would suggest caution should the development itself run sufficiently out of control as to threaten humanity's survival.

Fujimaru 2: Should we burn down the forest?

Mash: Senpai, drastically changing the environment like that will likely affect the Singularity as well.

Da Vinci: You're right. Let's put a pin in that for now. It can be a last resort. I don't see people of this time period liking us much if we destroy their resources.

Moriarty: Anyway, carpet-bombing the area would be a touch...artless. I would prefer to formulate a different approach.

Mephistopheles : Oh my, oh my!? Perhaps the old, aged man would like to use his coffin to skate over the land or fly through the air to scout the forest end to end?

Moriarty: As I have REPEATEDLY said, that skyward leap is not a typical thing for me! Think of the energy such a move demands! Honestly!

Moriarty: ...Wait a minute. Thinking of typical approaches, would Enkidu's abilities not be useful here?

Enkidu: You are right to point out that leaping and sprinting great distances are indeed capabilities I possess.

Enkidu: Normally, I would have the forest itself cooperate with me...but it appears that this land and my powers do not seem to be compatible to each other.

Mash: Compatible?

Enkidu: To be specific, it is almost as if there is a curse that has been placed upon me, though I doubt it's related to the irregularity we're observing.

Enkidu: In any case, so long as we can get rid of the source of the curse, I should be able to operate at full power.

Fujimaru 1: Source?

Fujimaru 2: I think I'm starting to get it...

Da Vinci: Ah, speak of the devil.

Da Vinci: A familiar Spirit Origin appears to be heading in your direction. I'm sure Enkidu has already detected it.

Enkidu: ...Yes...true.

Mash: Eh? But this Spirit Origin reading is...

Enkidu: Master. I suggest you take three steps back.

Fujimaru 1: What's going on?

Moriarty: Well...according to my calculations, you should move within ten seconds. I also have a visual now.

Fujimaru 2: D-did I do something to offend you!?

Enkidu: The reverse may be a possibility, but there is no reason for me to hate you, Master. Don't worry.

Enkidu: But that is exactly why you need to step away from me.

Fujimaru 1: An attack!?

Nursery Rhyme: It's raining light! It looks like the sun is crying!

Fujimaru 2: Suddenly, a mysterious rain of light attacked the expedition team!

Mephistopheles : Hee ha! I'm ready to jump ahead of the expedition team to capture this moment on camera, Master!

Enkidu: ...

Enkidu: ...Hmph. He is not taking this seriously at all.

Mash: Amazing... Enkidu managed to deflect all of that inbound artillery!

Enkidu: While I know Master was nearby, is this really all the power you will bring to bear in an attempt to kill me?

Enkidu: Or perhaps, without the other gods behind you, you are just this pathetically weak?

Moriarty: Why the sudden cold, harsh voice, Enkidu?

???: Of course not. I'd never go all-out just to smash a clay doll into a worthless pile of refuse!

???: That aside, I see that your magical energy is stable, thanks to Fujimaru. You should be grateful to that child.

Mash: Y-you are...

Ishtar: Honestly...what's the big idea in bringing that thing, Fujimaru?

Ishtar: Things were stabilizing here, all thanks to my protection! Were you trying to mess all that up!?

Fujimaru 1: Ishtar!?

Ishtar: That's right. This is my land, so you should show some more respect by putting “the Great” in front of my name. You might get a blessing if you do.

Fujimaru 2: This one aside, how's Ereshkigal doing?

Ishtar: I may have caused you all some trouble in the past, but isn't it a bit cruel for THAT to be the first thing that comes out of your mouth!?

Ishtar: Anyway. I don't have time to be dealing with you right now, Fujimaru.

Ishtar: I need to smash that nasty eyesore into red clay and dump it into the river. It's ruining the whole aesthetic here.

Ishtar: Even though you made yourself look like Shamhat, the moment I know who you really are you just become hideous to me. You're the worst.

Enkidu: I see. As you are the goddess of beauty, it is fitting that you at least appreciate Shamhat's beauty. That makes me happy. Goodbye.

Ishtar: Don't you change the subject while you attack me! A clay doll like you shouldn't be able to move like some kind of martial arts master!

Nursery Rhyme: Amazing! It's like a rain of light between sky and land! So this is the story of “Enuma Elish”!

Mephistopheles : Oh my, even a single stray bullet could end Master's life here and now!

Mash: W-wait! Please calm down, Ishtar!

Mash: That's Enkidu! It's not the version of Kingu we fought!

Ishtar: ...

Ishtar: Come on now, Mash. Who do you think I am?

Mash: Eh?

Ishtar: I was perfectly aware that this was the real Enkidu, not Kingu, from the start!

Mash: If that's the case...

Ishtar: And THAT is what I'm trying to kill right here, right now!

Mash: B-but...!

Da Vinci: Well that's not surprising. Don't you remember their previous interaction, Mash?

Da Vinci: Even the myth engraved on the clay tablets mentions that the two of them were on VERY unfriendly terms. So it's no shock this is how a meeting would go.

Ishtar: When we were hunting down Demon God Pillars, I let you off the hook because there were more important things, but now that you've sashayed back into my turf...you've got a death wish, right?

Ishtar: I'm perfectly happy to help you with that. Be a good doll and just sit there to rot away in agony♡

Enkidu: Well, I'm relieved to know you're still the vulgar fiend you've always been. I will have no hesitation in disposing of you, even with Master here.

Enkidu: Your age is over. Humanity has already made their ties with a new god. Your attempt to cling to your rule makes you a malevolent god.

Ishtar: Don't give me that know-it-all crap! You don't belong with these humans, haven't you figured that out!?

Ishtar: Even though you're a good-for-nothing, you at least gained a true friend. But since you turned your back on the gods, there is nothing worthwhile in you.

Enkidu: I am a tool. Protection and concern for the gods is wasted on me.

Ishtar: I see...

Ishtar: Oh, don't tell me... You're not still feeling guilty over what happened to that child, are you?

Enkidu: ...

Ishtar: Now that I look closer, the Heroic Spirits you're traveling with...

Ishtar: I get it now.

Ishtar: Unbelievable. You say you're just a tool, but it looks like you're still hung up on that child's demise.

Enkidu: You really don't know when to hold your tongue. You're the absolute embodiment of an insolent god who's never doubted that everything is theirs.

Ishtar: Hey, you're finally getting serious.

Enkidu: The wounds and splendor engraved upon the planet...I shall sing upon it! Age of Babylon!

Fujimaru 1: What was that!?

Fujimaru 2: A new Noble Phantasm revealed here, of all places!?

Moriarty: Calm down. They do that all the time. It creates weapons from the ground, like spears and chains.

Mash: So that ability was a Noble Phantasm as well...

Ishtar: Fine. Any weapon a piece of junk like you makes could only be trash. I'm going to show you the product of a true beauty!

Demonic Statue: !

Fujimaru 1: Whoa, those things...

Fujimaru 2: This...is the crystallization of beauty...?

Enkidu: ...

Enkidu: I will refrain from comment... I do at least have some small sense of mercy in my program.

Ishtar: Really? I'll point out that I will show you no mercy. You have two options: you can die, or you can die!

Ishtar: You're about to get a taste of the awesome power that scarred Mt. Ebih!

Ishtar: Even the supreme god An once said only a fool would try to defy it!

Mash: Wasn't he saying that to you, Ishtar!?


Ishtar: Ouuuuch...

Ishtar: Hey! Fujimaru!

Ishtar: Why're you taking Enkidu's side here!?

Fujimaru 1: You struck first...

Ishtar: Ugh... Okay, MAYBE that's true, but this is Enkidu! Isn't humanity all about preemptive strikes?

Moriarty: Ah, so we have reached a point where gods use humanity as a justification for their behavior! I'd be curious to know what the other gods think of this!

Ishtar: Stop! I strongly urge you not to do that! I'm sure it'll get SUPER complicated in A LOT of ways!

Fujimaru 2: Couldn't help it after seeing the Demonic Statue's design...

Ishtar: Wouldn't that be more reason for you not to attack it!? What are you, a hornet that attacks anything that's a color you don't like?

Nursery Rhyme: But they were wonderful monsters! They would definitely be found in picture books as the bad guys!

Ishtar: I'll have you know that they were supposed to be guardian statues of justice that received the blessing of a goddess...me!

Ishtar: (Sigh) Fine. I know this is no time for a battle to the death.

Enkidu: Right. The moment I tried to inflict the final blow, I felt as if Master were about to cast Gandr on me.

Enkidu: Master, trusting Ishtar is your choice, but I recommend extreme caution in dealing with such a wild, capricious goddess as her.

Enkidu: She may say that all she does is for humans, but her entire thought process is fundamentally different to begin with. What's worse, she is unaware of this.

Enkidu: Just think of her as one of those bizarre sorts who turn up at the change of seasons...someone with delusions of managing the world.

Ishtar: Oh really? You've got a lot of nerve to say something like that♡

Ishtar: One of these days, when Fujimaru's not around...

F:Ishtar: ...if we ever encounter each other somewhere Chaldea isn't involved, I'm going to use all my godly power and smash you to tiny pieces♡

Enkidu: Unfortunately for you, such a miracle is unlikely unless Chaldea or humanity is on the verge of catastrophe.

Mephistopheles: Hee-haw! Is this what they call a Chekov's gun? You are aware that our existence is possible in the first place because of miracles piled atop each other, yes?

Enkidu: ...Perhaps.

Enkidu: Anyway, are you really going to stop this fight, Ishtar? I've never known you to back down when you mean to kill someone.

Ishtar: Shut up. If you insist on keeping this up, you won't have any justification. But still, if you're going to keep going, I'm ready for you.

Enkidu: ...

Enkidu: No, I have no intention of continuing. And I apologize for my many indiscretions.

Enkidu: This apology is not for Ishtar, but for the poor human whom she has merged with. I should respect that girl at least, whoever she is and wherever she may be from.

Enkidu: She may be somewhat like Ishtar, but the fact remains that she has managed to mellow Ishtar out somewhat, which can only mean she has a most virtuous soul.

Enkidu: Or maybe strong-willed is a better word for it. The goddess has retained a tendency to rush into things without considering the consequences.

Ishtar: Ungh...this piece of junk still loves making those cutting remarks. Are you okay with that, Fujimaru? Does it stress you out?

Fujimaru 1: Enkidu's nice.

Fujimaru 2: Actually, Enkidu's tough only on you, Ishtar.

Ishtar: (Sigh) Suppose this junkpile is still good at playing innocent.

Da Vinci: So...can we move on?

Da Vinci: Am I correct to assume that you, Ishtar, have already found the source of this phenomenon?

Ishtar: Yep, and I can explain. We can talk while we go through the forest. Follow me.

Nursery Rhyme: Ooh, an adventure with a hero AND a goddess!? I have a wonderful feeling about this!

Moriarty: Do you think so? I find myself overcome with a feeling of purest dread, as though we were being led to the scene of a perfect crime or some such...

Mephistopheles: Hee-haw! You know the saying! Life is all twisty and turny, like rope! You never know what fate awaits...when you could be kicked off a mountain by an old man's horse the next minute!!!

Mephistopheles: Oh, little sayings like that are so amusing, Master!

Enkidu: You're right. No matter where we end up...atop a mountain or in a valley...let us pray that we have a good journey.

Enkidu: Not to the gods...but upon the route that Master will be taking.

Ishtar: ...

Ishtar: (Does Enkidu really think this group would be able to get to the bottom of this?)

Ishtar: (Even on Enkidu's journey with Gilgamesh, they couldn't save that child... That beast...)


Nursery Rhyme: What a deep, dark forest. It's still daytime, but this darkness makes it feel like someone's going to start singing “Hey! Diddle, Diddle!”

Enkidu: Yes, it is still both dark and silent here. This place is one of the Primordial Forests that connect night and day, humans and gods.

Ishtar: I can't believe you can be so nonchalant about it. Care to enlighten us about a certain duo who went in to destroy that connection?

Da Vinci: Sorry, but it's time to set your past squabbles aside. We have more important things to do right now.

Da Vinci: Or...if Ishtar is letting the issue alone right now, is it safe to say that the situation isn't as urgent?

Ishtar: ...Well, that's a tough question.

Ishtar: The Laḫmu are certainly diminishing in number. I'd love to watch that happen at a safe distance.

Ishtar: I don't really want to kick the hornet's nest here, but I do have some strong feelings about this.

Fujimaru 1: Said the one who never STOPS kicking the hornet's nest...

Fujimaru 2: When are you NOT emotional?

Ishtar: Come on, I'm trying to be serious here, so don't tease.

Enkidu: Your effort to confront your true nature is exactly why Master said that.

Enkidu: You put on this air of being the guardian of human prosperity...yet you never listen to humans.

Enkidu: Actually, you probably do listen, but what you hear is twisted up in your bizarre divine mind.

Ishtar: Shut up, you piece of junk. Honestly, I think Kingu had more respect for goddesses like me.

Enkidu: Kingu...

Enkidu: That is the soul who inhabited my body in this Singularity, correct?

Enkidu: Would Master and Mash mind telling me about that?

Enkidu: What did Kingu, in my body, do in this world? What did they say? What did they leave behind?

Fujimaru 1: Well, we didn't see how they died...

Enkidu: I don't mind. Just tell me what you know.

Fujimaru 2: They may have saved us...

Enkidu: Saved... Wasn't Kingu your enemy?

Mash: We really only know a little about Kingu. But his final actions did make it a little harder to think of him as a true enemy...

Mash: No. We really don't have enough information to even offer conjecture. Since it's your body, I think the story would be hard for you to hear, Enkidu.

Mephistopheles: Heeha! I don't think it's much of a problem, Master!

Mephistopheles: Talking about someone else is never really all that objective! In fact, I'd call all the world's heroic tales silly little farces, wouldn't you?

Mephistopheles: And so what can you possibly tell us about Kingu? Everything's a fraud. That's how the world turns.

Nursery Rhyme: What a horrible thing to say, Uncle Mephy! Not all stories are so sad!

Nursery Rhyme: When someone tells somebody else's story, that story becomes another kind of truth!

Nursery Rhyme: Master. Enkidu wants to hear Kingu's tale from your perspective. Please tell them!

Mash: A...story?

Moriarty: Hmmm. This may be uncalled for, but were I to merely keep quiet and look smug, I would be like a certain insufferable detective...and I won't have that!

Moriarty: Master, tell your story. We all have a notion of what Enkidu is searching for.

Moriarty: I'm not saying you need to dramatize it. Just tell the story of Kingu, from your own perspective.

Moriarty: And, truth to tell, I find myself curious about this story. Purely for educational reasons, of course.

Mash: ...Are you sure?

Ishtar: It's not really my place to pitch in here, but I can offer some supplemental information if asked.

Ishtar: Besides, this piece of junk lacks emotion. No matter how their body was used, they would accept the truth.

Enkidu: She's the last person I wanted to point out that I lack emotion, but the rude goddess is right.

Enkidu: Don't worry about me. I would be satisfied to know anything you are willing to tell me.

Fujimaru 1: Then I'll stick to what I know for sure...

Mash: If Senpai is all right with it, then I can also contribute...

Fujimaru 2: Guess I'll try to elaborate as much as I can!

Mash: Senpai!?

Mash: Um...so let me begin first.

Mash: Our relationship with Kingu was...complicated from the start.

Mash: At first, Kingu pretended to be Enkidu when he appeared to us just after we arrived.

Mash: He turned against us quickly, saying he was the messenger of the Three Goddess Alliance. The truth, though, was that he worshipped Tiamat as his mother.

Enkidu: ...Tiamat.

Mash: Yes. But during our final decisive battle at Uruk...

Enkidu: ...I see.

Enkidu: My body that claimed to be Kingu...tried to stop Tiamat, the Beast whom he worshipped as his mother.

Ishtar: I don't know what made him change his mind. Though maybe that regal friend of yours might have some more insight in it.

Ishtar: But one thing's for sure: both the chain and the wedge were essential in saving Uruk.

Enkidu: ...

Enkidu: I see... So Kingu, or the “me” in this Singularity, managed to hold to his conviction to the very end.

Fujimaru 1: What do you mean, the “me” in this Singularity?

Fujimaru 2: You do say some strange things.

Enkidu: Oh, sorry. I suppose that may have sounded odd, since I'm not Kingu.

Enkidu: I mean no insult to his soul, nor do I believe myself to be superior to him.

Enkidu: It's just that my body...my flesh was created that way. I am designed so that my entire personality is inscribed into the body itself.

Enkidu: So even if a different soul inhabited this corpse, it would be recorded by the world as one of the paths a body created by the gods took.

Mash: Paths?

Enkidu: Yeah, a path...or perhaps circuit is a better term.

Enkidu: Originally, I did not have a personality.

Enkidu: I was created by Utu and the others as an empty container intended to become the perfect being.

Enkidu: To put it in modern terms, I was like computer hardware that did not yet have any software installed.

Enkidu: And so upon this empty container, Shamhat, Gil, and some other old allies inscribed the traits of humanity. And that is how I came to be as I am.

Ishtar: ...

Enkidu: In other words, the “me” that is speaking to you right now is simply a sort of software that happened to be put into operation around this time.

Enkidu: To the world...rather, the gods who created me...the hardware running the system was more important.

Da Vinci: Well that's pretty weird, I gotta say. Are you trying to say that what was registered onto the Throne was not your soul, but your physical body?

Enkidu: Correct. That's probably the most sensible explanation.

Enkidu: Specifically, the journey that I took isn't what's engraved on the Throne... It would be more accurate to say the hardware called Enkidu was registered.

Enkidu: And that's why I respect Kingu.

Mash: Respect?

Enkidu: The path Kingu took is definitely something human from my perspective, and should be praised.

Enkidu: Per the wish of the individual whom Kingu worshipped as a maternal figure, Kingu was able to live in this world as a new human.

Enkidu: In consequence, he was never a doll used by the gods, but was instead a human with his own will...

Enkidu: Just like any other human who lived in Sumer. He managed to become a being with will, instead of a life-form without it.

Enkidu: With that in mind, it is fair to say that he filled what time was given to him well.

Enkidu: He confronted the goddess whom he worshipped as his mother, using only the emotions he was born with.

Enkidu: To act of my own volition was something I could not do until the very end. While that may have been my fate, Kingu managed to escape it.

Enkidu: Perhaps I should feel jealous. Or perhaps I should feel relieved that I never held such sentiments.

Enkidu: I am merely a tool. To live as a human would be to denounce the role I was assigned.

Fujimaru 1: You do have personality, Enkidu.

Enkidu: Thank you. But that may just be a performance.

Enkidu: It may just be my programming enabling me to mimic humans to better interact with them.

Fujimaru 2: Plenty of humans live their lives like machines.

Enkidu: That may be true. But if those people are satisfied with their life that way, that is the result of feeling hope, which is unique to humans.

Enkidu: If someone feels despair...to be able to feel despair...that is just further proof of being human. That is also an emotion that I cannot experience.

Ishtar: Oh come on! You're just covering for yourself by stringing together a bunch of logical-seeming nonsense! THIS is why I can't stand you!

Ishtar: You're a piece of junk. You broke in just the right ways to gain a personality.

Ishtar: Heh. A complete and perfect entity... You make me laugh! There's only room for one perfect entity, and that's me!

Ishtar: But then again...

Ishtar: ...maybe that's why you're so full of guilt. You regret dying before that stubborn king.

Ishtar: Or maybe you regret your actions and the fate that ultimately tarnished his proud independence.

Ishtar: Whatever it is, you died with regret in your heart. You need to just face the fact that you met your end practically drowning in human emotion.

Enkidu: Look who's talking... You are the one who cursed me. You even went so far as to call for help.

Ishtar: Oh I'm aware. I will say it as many times as I have to, and I'd do it all over again! I'm sticking to my principles!

Enkidu: ...

Ishtar: ...

Mash: P-please calm down, both of you! We would be repeating...

Enkidu: There is no need to worry. We seem to have another problem now.

Ishtar: Right. It seems we are approaching our destination.

Da Vinci: Yep, we've got a visual here.

Da Vinci: But this is...

Fujimaru 1: There's a group of Laḫmu...

Fujimaru 2: Laḫmu hovering over a giant fragment of...gold chain...?

Da Vinci: That's...a piece of the chain that was used to restrain Tiamat during the decisive battle at Uruk.

Da Vinci: I'm guessing here, but maybe that chain...

Da Vinci: ...is a remnant of Kingu from the Singularity.

Enkidu: I see. No wonder my Presence Detection didn't work. It was a part of my own body.

Enkidu: This area is shrouded with the same magical energy as my body. That energy concealed the presence of all the Laḫmu as well.

Ishtar: Yep. And do you see that building-sized hunk of flesh the chain is wrapped around?

Ishtar: That's a piece of Tiamat's body. It looks like the chain is still trying to restrain it.

Ishtar: And the Laḫmu are being born as if in protest. But because this age is correcting itself, the chain is more powerful than the flesh.

Ishtar: That piece of flesh will disappear soon, bringing an end to the chain's purpose...which means the last remnant of Kingu's body will vanish.

Ishtar: Unlike this piece of junk here, I don't have any real problem with Kingu. So I thought the least I could do was watch over him until his end.

Fujimaru 1: I can't just leave it alone.

Fujimaru 2: Let's...put it to rest.

Ishtar: Yeah, yeah. You guys are really softies.

Ishtar: But I hope you know...if you agitate it, that bit of flesh will use its last strength to go berserk. If that happens, I can't guarantee you'd survive.

Enkidu: It'll be okay. I'll protect Master.

Nursery Rhyme: And we're here too!

Mephistopheles: Oh ho? We have somehow been included in this god-killing troupe! What are your thoughts, old, aged man?

Mephistopheles: This peppy Mephy is as excited as can be to get some god killing done! Wheehaha!

Moriarty: Argh! This is exactly what I was worried about! Well, we did come all this way, so I will help!

Moriarty: After all, such damning blasphemy as killing the remnant of a goddess is just the sort of dirty job fit for Mephistopheles and myself!

Enkidu: ...Thank you, everyone.

Enkidu: And you too, Kingu...

Enkidu: I respect you. Truly. I respect that you have kept to your conviction even after ending up like that.

Enkidu: I'm going to take care of everything now. And...I hope you will forgive me for taking over.

Mash: The Laḫmu have detected you! Please be careful, Senpai!

Da Vinci: Looks like that chunk of Tiamat has also detected you. Don't let it eat you or anything!


Mash: The readings of Tiamat and her Laḫmu are beginning to disappear!

Laḫmu: ... ...!

Enkidu: Your protection of Mother's body till the end is admirable, but then I came and trampled over your desires for my own ends.

Enkidu: If you are to curse someone, it should be neither humanity nor Master. You should curse me, even though I could not become truly human.

Laḫmu: ...

Laḫmu: ...0;0;f ffs smi zai t5.

Laḫmu: ...30;m4 0;0;f 6j5を 30;m4 ...6j5f ...pte0 ...4o/ue

Enkidu: ...

Enkidu: Thank you. I'm grateful.

Enkidu: ...That's right. This is my sign of appreciation.

Da Vinci: What's going on, Enkidu? Why are you standing in front of Kingu's chain?

Enkidu: I wanted to...thank him.

Enkidu: Thank you, Kingu. You were indeed a human. And a hero.

Enkidu: Thank you...proud soul who helped to maintain the connection between humans, land, and sky.

Fujimaru 1: Enkidu absorbed the chain fragment!?

Fujimaru 2: They fused!?

Da Vinci: Calm down. That was originally part of Enkidu. Absorbing it back into themselves is nothing strange.

Enkidu: Yes...it feels like a missing piece of me has finally been returned.

Enkidu: I synchronized with the chain and incorporated it back to my Spirit Origin. At the same time, a part of Kingu's Spirit Origin came flowing into me.

Enkidu: Maybe one day, Kingu may manifest in my Spirit Origin.

Enkidu: My eyes might turn blue sometimes, but that's just a part of the software in Enkidu's body.

Enkidu: And...a part of Kingu's heart is also becoming part of me. I can see the journey he took. I can see how it came to an end...

Enkidu: ...

Enkidu: So Gil really did become a wonderful king. That...is a relief.

Moriarty: Hm...this may just be me, but I sense that the quality of your Spirit Origin has changed.

Enkidu: My connection to the world may have changed slightly.

Enkidu: My Presence Detection doesn't sharpen one's mind. It's a subsystem that allows me to become one with the world and identify anything out of place.

Enkidu: Now that I have inherited the legacy and story of Kingu, I am now able to further integrate myself into anything connected to Chaldea's world.

Enkidu: Now I can melt my very existence into the world. Even if only for an instant, I may be able to evade an enemy's attacks.

Fujimaru 1: The power that was inherited from Kingu...

Fujimaru 2: What an amazing power!

Enkidu: Whether it can actually be used would probably depend on how much my Spirit Origin has bonded with Chaldea and Master.

Enkidu: Either way, the issue here has been corrected. Let's return to Chaldea, Master.

Ishtar: Eh?

Ishtar: Aren't you going to go see Gilgamesh?

Enkidu: ...

Ishtar: You know that fool would hurry over–whether he be in the underworld or on the throne–the moment he learns someone's raiding Uruk's treasury.

Ishtar: More than that, he would really hurry over if he knew you were here.

Enkidu: Well, it would be nice if I saw him.

Enkidu: But the Gilgamesh here, now, is the Gil who's already said goodbye to me. He is a king now.

Mash: I don't think Gilgamesh is the sort to treat you differently because of his status...

Enkidu: Maybe not for Gilgamesh. But the people who live in this age are a different matter.

Enkidu: I'm sure the people will be fearful. They might be afraid that I may take Gil's soul to the underworld on some adventure.

Enkidu: And, honestly...I might really do that.

Fujimaru 1: The people of Uruk aren't that fragile.

Enkidu: Really? I see... Then there really isn't any reason for me to see him.

Enkidu: Gil became a king who made his citizens strong...

Enkidu: And that knowledge alone is as good as meeting Gil and speaking with him.

Enkidu: Yeah. But then again, if the people of Uruk are that resilient, maybe I really would take Gil off on an adventure without having to worry.

Fujimaru 2: Are you really going to take him?

Enkidu: Who knows? Another trip through a forest or over a mountain does sound fun...

Enkidu: Yeah... Even my own software might determine that being with him is the optimal decision.

Mephistopheles: Kidnapping, you say!? Taking Gil as the adventurer is one thing, but taking Gil the king by force should be easy as pie!

Enkidu: No... Whether Gil and I want to or not, we would have gone on a journey had the fates decreed it to be so. That's how it is.

Nursery Rhyme: This sounds like some kind of riddle. But I'm sure it would have been a wonderful journey!

Enkidu: Of course it would. A journey with Gil could never be boring.

Enkidu: This entire planet is his garden. But Gil isn't the sort of person who would be satisfied with just a stroll through something already his.

Enkidu: The moment he finishes walking every inch of this planet, he'll probably head out into space.

Fujimaru 1: I don't think he would have a spaceship...

Enkidu: Haha, who knows? That treasury of his is a miniaturized version of human history. Whether such a vehicle is within it is up to how curious he is.

Fujimaru 2: Would you want to go on a journey through space?

Enkidu: I don't know. I am a doll that is meant to be part of the planet.

Enkidu: However, should somebody travel through the stars with Gil, I may entrust them with some sort of wish.

Enkidu: I'd wish that the time we spent together–even if only a portion–could light the way on their new journey.

Ishtar: You really can't be honest with yourself, huh? I never knew what you were thinking...

Enkidu: I'm aware that others find it difficult to understand me. But that is just how I have always been.

Enkidu: And I wanted to make that clear for Master.

Enkidu: So, please, think of me simply as a tool. My only wish is to be used effectively in your service, Master.

Mash: Please don't say anything so sad! Senpai has never thought of [♂ his /♀️ her} Servants as tools.

Enkidu: I don't recommend that approach. If the time comes, use me until I break to help yourself survive.

Fujimaru 1: There's nothing wrong with being both human and tool.

Fujimaru 2: Anyone who mistreats their tools should be punished.

Enkidu: Master, you really are soft. You're the complete opposite of Gil... You are certainly unique.

Enkidu: Or, perhaps... Perhaps you are the one who is more human.

Enkidu: If so, having been a Servant to a human such as you is an honor.

Enkidu: While the position of best friend is one that has already been filled, if you consider me to be a trustworthy tool, then I will answer your call and serve you as best I can in my brief existence.

Enkidu: That is why I wish you to use me until I break. That is the purpose of my coming to Chaldea.

Mash: Enkidu...

Moriarty: Hmph. After hearing all that from you... You really are a bit of a fool, aren't you, Enkidu?

Mash: Professor?

Moriarty: Ah, yes... Enkidu, you are like a pure, innocent, newborn doll. You would be an easy mark for an unscrupulous villain like myself.

Enkidu: How intriguing. I suppose I could not hope to match the Professor or the intricacies of his schemes.

Moriarty: Now, now. This smug grin isn't just because you've stated the obvious. I was speaking of the attitude that you and Kingu take toward the world.

Enkidu: With Kingu...toward the world?

Moriarty: Kingu adopted your form and went on a rampage. Any citizen of Uruk who saw you would surely think their enemy has returned for them.

Da Vinci: True. Chaos may ensue.

Enkidu: Exactly. That's why I–

Moriarty: On the other hand, you have not blamed Kingu for any of this.

Moriarty: He tarnished your name, your reputation. And yet you praised his conviction and incorporated him into your own Spirit Origin!

Moriarty: Do you intend to embrace not only his soul, but also every bit of tragedy and hatred he created?

Enkidu: ...

Moriarty: I will say it once more: you, my little clay doll, are a fool.

Moriarty: You're neither good nor bad. Just a foolishly honest...story of a hero.

Enkidu: ...!

Nursery Rhyme: I think I know why you were always interested in us. I think Enkidu is very similar to us.

Mephistopheles: Oh my, oh my...did you not realize this!?

Mephistopheles: I was born a devil...while Nursery was born a story.

Mephistopheles: And add in the old, aged man, a man who was inscribed upon the world's Throne as the ultimate villain...and the correlation is quite simple.

Mephistopheles: Though, I do think the old, aged man is somewhat different than the two of us... Why do you think that is, old, aged man?

Moriarty: Firstly, I told you to drop the “aged” bit. Let us set aside for the moment whether I should be here or not.

Enkidu: ...

Moriarty: We have all, through the intervention of some other entity, been forced to be and act in certain ways.

Moriarty: In your particular case, you were assigned a role by the gods themselves, but you defied their decree.

Enkidu: ...I do not deny that. I did indeed defy my reason for my existence, my purpose for living.

Enkidu: I'm different than Kingu. I did not gain a soul. I simply abandoned my very being.

Moriarty: However...

Moriarty: The reason you wanted to learn more about us is that you are searching for an answer, for some sort of saving grace. Or, that was my initial belief.

Moriarty: But my calculations require a bit of alteration and correcting on this short journey.

Moriarty: You sought salvation in understanding us not for yourself, but for another. Am I wrong?

Enkidu: ...!

Moriarty: Heh. You really are quite expressive, Enkidu.

Moriarty: And so we arrive back at why I called you a fool.

Moriarty: That applies to dolls and tools...humans and heroes.

Moriarty: Well, honestly I think fools are quite boring, but I don't hate them. I am, after all, a teacher.

Moriarty: I would hate to see another accidentally gain a sense of justice like Watson, but it may be interesting to see them succumb to evil like the spider woman.

Enkidu: Me...sinking into either good or evil...

Enkidu: Intriguing. Do you think that could even be possible for me?

Da Vinci: I'm really not interested in this conversation, but thought I'd let you know we're ready to Rayshift.

Da Vinci: We can put Enkidu's decision about their future on hold for now.

Mash: Ishtar, thank you very much.

Ishtar: Don't worry about it. We're friends, after all.

Ishtar: But I'm warning you: never bring that piece of junk back here again.

Enkidu: It would be better if you would disappear from this age. In fact, it would be BEST if you just disappeared entirely from human history.

Ishtar: Ah, unfortunately for you, as long as humanity thrives here, I will keep existing, even as a remnant of a guardian god.

Enkidu: ...

Ishtar: ...

Mash: U-um, since I find the smiles they have while they're glaring at each other terrifying, I'm commencing the Rayshift! Senpai, are you ready?

Fujimaru 1: Ready when you are.

Fujimaru 2: See you later, Ishtar!

Ishtar: ... There they go.

Ishtar: So that hardheaded king never showed up.

Ishtar: But he had to have sensed that Enkidu was here...

Ishtar: Those two really are impossible. I never could get my head around what they were thinking!

Ishtar: Argh! Just thinking about it makes me so mad!

Ishtar: I'm gonna go raid Uruk's treasury for jewels to make myself feel better!

Mash: Welcome back, Senpai! Is everyone else okay, too?

Moriarty: Yeah. They made me walk quite a ways, and I feel I must have aged a few years on the trip.

Enkidu: ...

Mash: Is something the matter, Enkidu?

Enkidu: Well, this journey taught me many things. It will be quite difficult to assimilate all this data.

Enkidu: I'm not so sure if it was all right for me to have incorporated Kingu into my humble Spirit Origin...

Enkidu: Or perhaps it would be better to allow Kingu to take over as the Heroic Spirit for this body.

Mash: Enkidu...

Mephistopheles: Oh my, oh my... You really are overthinking this!

Mash: Mephistopheles?

Mephistopheles: From where I stand, there's no distinction between the two of you at all!

Enkidu: ...Why do you think that?

Mephistopheles: Gods create. Humans form connections. And they all go back to the ground. That is the duty and inevitable end of all who walk upon this world.

Mephistopheles: If you say that Kingu was human, why wouldn't YOU be able to say you are human too, since you were all born from the same source, hmm?

Da Vinci: That is one way to think of it.

Da Vinci: Kingu's soul came from Tiamat, and he was able to forge many connections with humans in the Singularity.

Da Vinci: The software that was used was the only thing that was different, but there's hardly any distinction between the way the two of you lived your lives.

Da Vinci: Admittedly I never would have looked to Mephistopheles for that sort of sentiment!

Mephistopheles: Oooh, oooh, that stings!

Nursery Rhyme: I also don't think you should worry too much.

Nursery Rhyme: Many stories come from some sort of wish, but the interpretation can always differ in endless ways depending on the storyteller and listener!

Nursery Rhyme: So, please cheer up, great hero from an old, old, ooold story!

Nursery Rhyme: One of these days, someone will read your amazing story in such a beautiful light! I'm sure of it!

Nursery Rhyme: I was also able to forge many connections, and that's how I got to meet Master and many wonderful children who would listen to my story!

Enkidu: ...I see. You may be right.

Enkidu: With all of your help, I believe I have made some progress.

Enkidu: What matters is not why I was created, but how I interact with others, how I live, and how all of that connects...

Enkidu: A long time ago, before I met Gil or Shamhat, or even before I was among the animals in the forest...I had an encounter with someone else.

Enkidu: But I couldn't make any connections. I simply returned the gods' creation back to the land and soil.

Enkidu: Once more...if I can meet this soul one more time, I may be able to create a connection for her story.

Enkidu: I'm glad I was able to hear from people like you...who were created to act a certain way.

Enkidu: My wish now is to update my software with the memories I've just made and take them back to the Throne.

Enkidu: Thank you, Mephistopheles. And you too, Nursery Rhyme. And you, old, aged man.

Moriarty: Why must you bring that up even now!? We were JUST about to conclude on a pleasant note!!!

Moriarty: You have an uncanny penchant for teasing, don't you!? I still recall what happened during that race!

Enkidu: Perhaps Chaldea has changed me. Or perhaps it is Master's influence.

Enkidu: Thank you, Master and Mash. I vow to continue serving as your sword and shield.

Fujimaru 1: I just hope I'm worthy of your vow.

Enkidu: I can assure you that you are a Master worth protecting.

Fujimaru 2: I don't need a shield. I have a Mash.

Mash: S-Senpai!?

Enkidu: Ah, right. Then I will focus on being your sword.

Mash: Are you joking too, Enkidu!?

Da Vinci: Either way, good work everyone. The chef in the cafeteria is making a tropical-style curry using summer vegetables, so go and have some.

Mash: Tropical...style? Sounds interesting! Let's go, Senpai!

Mephistopheles: Oh my...curry, you say? My Ticktock Bomb is quite tropical as well, so let's try mixing that in!

Nursery Rhyme: It must be Uncle Emiya's curry! I'm sure it's quite mild! Let's go!

E:Moriarty: Oh my days. All this commotion has caused me a bit of back pain, but I did manage to squirm my way out from losing that poker game earlier.

E:Moriarty: ...

E:Moriarty: (But learning about Enkidu's true nature was a stroke of luck. Knowing this, I have some interesting ideas for the future. Heh heh heh...)

Moriarty: (I don't want anyone to forget that I was summoned to this world as the most evil master criminal!)

Moriarty: (The way one lives and leaves a connection to this world, huh? That's the very essence of a story. But it's also one's choice to play up the very role that was given to them in the first place.)

Moriarty: (I have no idea who Enkidu wants to save... Well, I do have my theories.)

Moriarty: (But the question is, whether that being really is asking for salvation or not...)

Moriarty: (I wonder if that fool would be able to tell the difference? Heh heh...)

Enkidu: ...

Enkidu: (Not as a best friend, nor as a tool and its user. A relationship between a mage and their Servant, huh?)

Enkidu: (I see. In order to improve my relationship with Master, that's probably the best way to think of it.)

Enkidu: ...

Enkidu: (Maybe with Master...we can find the one I'm looking for...)

Enkidu: (No...I shall find them for sure.)

Enkidu: (...Huwawa.)

Enkidu: (The being held captive in the forest of the gods... I will find the guidepost that will allow us to release your soul...)

Made by God, Woven by Humans, and Returned to Soil II

Mordred: Hraaah!

Fran: ...!

Mordred: Whoops! Sorry 'bout that!

Mordred: Didn't mean to hit ya that hard. You okay?

Fran: Uh... Uh.

Mordred: Good. I think that's enough for today. Thanks for helpin' me work off dinner.

Mordred: This oughta be enough for that test-drive Da Vinci was talkin' about.

Fran: Uh?

Mordred: Hm? What's up?

Mordred: ...!

Mordred: All right, I feel it too. Someone else just showed up. That's weird. Pretty sure Da Vinci said we were the last ones.

Fran: Uh.

Mordred: Anyone who'd show here today of all days has gotta be either a serious weirdo, or someone who fell outta shape, like me.

Mordred: Ugh, I hope it's not Gawain bein' all big brothery. That shit's the last thing I need right now.

Mordred: ...There they are. Looks like that's–

???: Hello.

???: I take it you're Sir Mordred?

Mordred: Oh, it's you.

Mordred: I think I've seen you around the cafeteria sometimes. Lessee, what was your name again...?

Enkidu: I'm Enkidu, a Lancer. I'm also one of Fujimaru's Servants, just like you are.

Enkidu: I don't think you and I have ever spoken before. Though I have talked to Fran once or twice.

Fran: Uh.

Mordred: That so? All right, so whaddaya want with me?

Enkidu: I've heard stories about your life, and was hoping I could ask you something that I think could improve my systems.

Mordred: Systems? That's a new one.

Mordred: But all right. I was just plannin' on takin' a break anyway, so I don't mind hearin' ya out.

Enkidu: Thank you! I greatly appreciate it.

Enkidu: I was just hoping you could tell me about your salvation.

Mordred: Say what?

Enkidu: —, — —, .

Mordred: ...

Enkidu: —. —. ?

Mordred: ......

Mordred: ......

Mordred: Hey, Fran.

Fran: Uh?

Mordred: Get outta here. Right now.

Fran: Uh...uh?

Mordred: I've gotta make this guy...               ...disappear.

???: “...Hey.”

???: “...Hey.”

???: “Do you remember me?”

???: “Do you still remember when we first met?”

???: “Do you still remember the night we spent together?”

???: “Do you still remember what we just said?”

???: “I wonder if we ever see each other again...”

???: “Maybe tomorrow... Or the day after...”

???: “Or maybe weeks... Months... Years from now...”

???: “Will I still be the same person you know...?”

???: “...”

???: “......”

Narration: “.........”






Narration: “          Who            are you?           ”

Fujimaru 1: ...!?

Mash: Senpai! Senpai!

Mash: Are you all right!? You looked like you were having a terrible nightmare...

Fujimaru 1: ...Does that mean I was sleeping?

Mash: Yes. Your head was swaying quite a bit. At any rate, I'm glad to see your consciousness is stable.

Fujimaru 2: Talk about REMjà vu.

Mash: I'm impressed how casually you came up with a new word that so succinctly explains your situation, Master.

Mash: I see. So you were inadvertently using your unique skill that lets you share REM cycles with contracted Servants.

Mash: That said, you seemed like you were having an especially bad nightmare in this particular REM REM state...

Mash: For a moment, I was worried it might be another Shimousa situation, so I'm glad that doesn't seem to be the case.

Mash: Especially since we don't have as many people here to support you right now...

Fujimaru 1: Oh, right. All the Heroic Spirits are...

Mash: That's right. 2019 is almost over, so we've been busy getting things ready.

Fujimaru 2: Uh... Can you remind me why that is again?

Mash: I know you must be exhausted right now, Senpai, but please try to wake up.

Mash: It's December 2019 now, remember? There are only a few days until a new administration will be taking over Chaldea.

Mash: We've started dismissing all of Chaldea's Heroic Spirits in preparation for the new director's arrival...

Mash: ...but we still have a lot of work to do explaining the situation to them.

Fujimaru 1: I'll have to talk to Kiyohime and Raikou before tomorrow then...

Mash: That's right. All the Heroic Spirits trust you implicitly, after all. I think there will be a lot of joyful farewells.

Fujimaru 2: I'll have to find a way to get Batty out of her kotatsu by tomorrow then...

Mash: It's not just Osakabehime. A lot of Servants have succumbed to her kotatsu's magical energy.

Mash: I'll be sad saying goodbye to everyone too, but it's our job to see all the Heroic Spirits off with–

F:???: Ah, if it isn't Master! My humblest apologies, but would you mind stepping aside!?

F:???: About thirty centimeters to the right, to be precise! If you must know why, it's for the sake of my poor back!

Mash: Huh?

Fujimaru 1: I recognize that voice! (Stay firmly in place)

F:???: Khh! [♂ He /♀️ She} responded two seconds later than I'd calculated! At this rate, I'm not going to make it!

F:???: Well, if I can't go around, I'll just have to go above! Any good criminal should be able to hop a fence, after all!

F:???: I may not look anything like Cleopatra, but I can still imitate her grace and agility! And her tone of voice while we're at it!

F:???: And voilà–

Moriarty: ààrrrgh!!!

Moriarty: Ngh... Ghh...

Moriarty: Ah, Nietzsche! Not only is God dead, but now He is joined by my poor back! This has been utterly blasphemous for my joints! Thus concludes Part One!

Moriarty: But I'm not down for the count yet! Come back tomorrow, and I'll show you the true face of evil!!!

Fujimaru 2: Gotta watch your back in your ripe old years! (Step aside)

F:???: And safe, by a razor's edge!

Moriarty: My lower back, to be precise!

Moriarty: Excellent reflexes, old chum! As they say these days, you've really upped your game! At this rate, you may never need me to rescue you in midair again...

Moriarty: While it both heartens and saddens me to see you grow so quickly, it also makes it painfully clear to me just how old I've become in both spirit AND body!

Moriarty: Fortunately, I've grown wiser as well as older so I still have plenty of life lessons left to impart!

Moriarty: So I'll keep working my poor old back to the bone until I've taught you every last one of them!

Moriarty: Oh drat. It figures my back would start acting up right after I said that... I daresay, growing old is the worst!

Moriarty: But for the moment, my work here is done! Farewell!

Mash: There he goes again, still holding his back...

Mash: I guess it just goes to show we can't let our guard down until we've said goodbye to every last Servant.

Fujimaru 1: It kind of seemed to me like he was playing things up more than usual.

Fujimaru 2: Seems a safe bet that he's up to something again...

Mash: Huh? Is that...Meunière?

Chaldea Staff: Fujimaru! Mash! Did you happen to see Moriarty around here?

Mash: Um, yes, actually. He just ran off that way... Why, did something happen?

Chaldea Staff: He messed with the simulator so he could hide out in virtual space and avoid being dismissed.

Chaldea Staff: Luckily, Holmes and Da Vinci figured it out and stopped him right at the end, but that slippery old man's still out there.

Chaldea Staff: Dammit, I don't even wanna think about what the new director might've said if they'd seen the simulator acting up like that...

Fujimaru 1: I guess Moriarty really doesn't want to leave...

Chaldea Staff: Lucky me. This new director's almost certainly going to be a first-class mage, so there's no way they won't see through any tricks like that.

Mash: What about the simulator? Is it repaired now?

Chaldea Staff: Yeah, it should be good to go. We've got a few Heroic Spirits in there testing it out now. It worked out well, since they were saying they wanted to get in one last workout before they leave.

Fujimaru 1: I might as well say goodbye to them now then.

Fujimaru 2: Let's check in on them. I also want to see how the simulator's doing.

Mash: Good point, Senpai. Let's go pay them a visit.

Da Vinci: Teams Two and Three, you focus on restoring the simulator's stability. Team One, you make sure the math keeps checking out. Team Four, make sure you're ready to eject them by force whenever I give the word!

Da Vinci: Just make sure you don't eject them too quickly. We want to make sure they've expended a good amount of magical energy first.

Da Vinci: Oh, and get Fujimaru in here too in case we need [♂ him /♀️ her}!

Da Vinci: There's a good chance [♂ he's /♀️ she's} the only one who'll be able to contain this situa–

Da Vinci: Oh good, you're already here! Great timing! Who knew my genius even accounted for good fortune and happenstance!?

Fujimaru 1: What's going on!?

Fujimaru 2: So much for peace and quiet...

Mash: The simulator's instruments are all going crazy! What in the world is happening here!?

Da Vinci: I could tell you, but it'd be faster if you just take a look at what's going on in there for yourselves.

Mash: Okay, I can see the video feed.

Mash: Huh!? Is that...!?

Fujimaru 1: That's Enkidu and...

Fujimaru 2: Is that Mordred!?


Mordred: ...

Enkidu: ...!

Fujimaru 1: Wh-why are they doing this!?

Da Vinci: I asked a few Servants with time on their hands to test out the simulator after the professor messed with it.

Da Vinci: I definitely wasn't expecting this kind of human error, though. Now I wonder if the professor planned this too.

Fujimaru 2: Somebody get the Round Table and Uruk kings in here!

Da Vinci: I wouldn't if I were you. That would almost certainly complicate things by a factor of five, at least.

Da Vinci: Worst-case scenario, all of Chaldea could end up razed to the ground before the new administration even has a chance to take over.

Mash: D-did something happen between them!? This is well beyond a routine simulator training battle!

Da Vinci: Exactly. That's why we can't just shut it down.

Da Vinci: If they came back here now, they'd just keep on fighting inside Chaldea itself.

Mash: So it would seem...

Mash: To be perfectly honest, I've never seen Mordred like this before...

Fujimaru 1: Yeah. Not even during the Camelot Singularity.

Fujimaru 2: It's actually scarier that we're not hearing cursing left and right.

Da Vinci: True. Usually, Mordred's humanity tends to keep all those fierce anger and hostility in check.

Da Vinci: But right now, there's no Gift or curse to blame it on. Mordred's just so enraged that any other consideration has fallen by the wayside.

Da Vinci: Judging from how seriously the fight is, I'd bet Mordred doesn't even remember going into the simulator.

Mash: So Enkidu did something to make Mordred this upset!?

Mash: What could it possibly have been!?

Fujimaru 1: We can figure that out later. Right now, we have to stop them!

Fujimaru 2: I'm not sure that's any of our business...

Da Vinci: No, I think it might be better if you knew what caused this before you get involved, Fujimaru.

Da Vinci: Here, take a look at this footage from the simulator.

Da Vinci: Oh, just make sure Mordred doesn't find out this footage was being recorded, okay?

Da Vinci: We can't stop them from finding out we “just happened” to overhear their conversation when we eventually go in to mediate this conflict...

Da Vinci: ...but you need to be very careful you don't bring up any related details. That's how sensitive this subject is.

Mash: Th-that much?

Da Vinci: After all, if you don't know what sparked Mordred's ire so badly, you could end up inadvertently touching on it again and making things worse.

Da Vinci: Of course, some people would only end up blurting out this kind of knowledge, so you should be honored that I trust you enough to share it with you.

Da Vinci: Pulling up the footage now... Okay, here's the relevant part.

Fujimaru 1: No way!

Mordred: But all right. I was just plannin' on takin' a break anyway, so I don't mind hearin' ya out.

Enkidu: Thank you! I greatly appreciate it.

Enkidu: I was just hoping you could tell me about your salvation.

Mordred: Say what?

Enkidu: You see, I heard a woman by the name of Morgan created you for the sole purpose of destroying King Arthur.

Mordred: ...

Enkidu: Eventually, you succeeded at destroying King Arthur and ending his reign, just as Morgan designed you to.

Enkidu: I am familiar with King Arthur's government, and have analyzed the accomplishments it achieved in its prime.

Enkidu: So I can tell that destroying King Arthur and ending his reign must have been an incredibly difficult, nearly impossible challenge.

Enkidu: Which is why I thought you would be the perfect person to ask.

Enkidu: Given that your sole purpose for existence was the destruction of King Arthur...

Enkidu: ...did you feel any sense of fulfillment or the like when you succeeded in doing what you had been created for?

Mordred: ......

Enkidu: Of course, King Arthur was also your father. Was there any change in your thoughts or feelings at the moment you devastated his kingdom?

Mordred: ......

Enkidu: If you had survived after fulfilling your mother's wish...

Enkidu: What I mean is, now that you are effectively alive again as a Servant...

Enkidu: ...what drives you to go on living now that your purpose for being is long since fulfilled? I want to know.

Mash: ...

Fujimaru 1: Wha... Wh-wh-wh-wh-wh–

Fujimaru 2: I always thought Enkidu might do something like this eventually...

Fujimaru 1: What was that green-haired lunatic thinking!?

Fujimaru 2: So that's the ax of Uruk flying off the handle...

Da Vinci: I did hear from people with connections to Uruk that Enkidu could sometimes say things that'd cause even the King of Heroes to cringe, but I didn't know what they meant until today.

Da Vinci: Still, that bluntness is arguably something you both have in common.

Da Vinci: Depending on the situation, it can be both a weakness and a strength...though in this case, it's clearly the former.

Mash: Is this really the time for coolheaded analysis!? We need to hurry and stop them before it's too late!

Da Vinci: Exactly. Just having them exit the simulator now won't do anything to address the root cause of this conflict...

Da Vinci: ...and like I said before, there's a good chance they'd just keep on fighting inside Chaldea proper anyway.

Da Vinci: So we need to find a way to get them to stand down while they're still in the simulator.

Fujimaru 1: I'll go in and get them to stop right now.

Da Vinci: Are you sure you want to do that? You could just talk to them over the intercom from here.

Da Vinci: But then again, in your case, talking to them face-to-face probably has much better odds.

Fujimaru 2: I think some Primordial Lanugo should make a good reward.

Da Vinci: Like I told you before, I only wish we could get our hands on some. Just once, it would be nice not to have to worry about resources...

Da Vinci: Anyway, if you can joke around like that, I'm sure you'll be fine, especially since you seem well aware of what's at stake. ...You DO know what's at stake, right?

Da Vinci: All right then, we're counting on you yet again. When all's said and done, I hope you'll be able to look back on your time at Chaldea fondly.

Da Vinci: Oh, and be careful. Simulator or not, we only just finished tuning it up, so don't forget to pay attention to your mind's stability.

Fran: ! Uh, ooh, uh!

Mash: Fran! I didn't know you were in here too!

Fran: Uh, uh.

Fujimaru 1: Okay. Let's go stop them together.

Mash: There they are!

Mash: But given how fiercely they're fighting, I'm not sure they'll even hear you if you call to them...

Fujimaru 1: Safety comes first. I'll shout at them from far away to get their attention.

Mash: Good point. If you wander too close and get caught in their cross fire, it could have a severely detrimental effect on your mind, simulator or not.

Mash: Still, given how tense things are between them right now, I'm not sure words alone will be enough. If we want to get their attention, we might need to make a sound so loud that they think they're being attacked...

Fujimaru 2: Go big or go home. They're sure to stop if we bring down the whole castle!

Mash: Senpai!?

Mash: Um, that seems like it might be a little too excessive, even for a simulation...

Mash: Besides, if we just start relying on brute force in situations like this, I'm worried we might end up deciding to outright destroy Castle Csejte someday...

Fujimaru 1: Guess there's no choice but to bring out the Noble Phantasm guns then.

Fujimaru 2: In that case, can I ask you to use your Noble Phantasm?

Fran: Uh, ah!

Fran: Blasted Tree!!!

Enkidu & Mordred: !!!

Mordred: Fran!? I thought I told you to get out of–

Mordred: ... ...Master!?

Enkidu: What brings you here, Master? You should know it's not safe.

Fujimaru 1: First things first: please, put your weapons away!

Fujimaru 2: Stop fighting and hear me out!

Mordred: ...Stay outta this, Master. Got shit to do with you.

Fujimaru 1: Whatever Enkidu told you, I'm sure it wasn't meant to offend.

Fujimaru 2: Killing Enkidu isn't going to make you feel better. You know that, right?

Mordred: ...

Fran: Uh...

Mordred: (Sigh) All right, all right. 'Sides, I can tell you'll hit me with your Noble Phantasm next if I don't stop.

Fujimaru 1: Okay Enkidu, explain yourself.

Fujimaru 2: Okay Enkidu, I think you should start with an apology.

Enkidu: ...Yes, it seems I should.

Enkidu: I'm still not entirely sure why, but I understand now that my question touched a very sore spot.

Enkidu: I hope you can believe me when I say it was never my intention to hurt you, and I'm truly sorry for the misunderstanding.

Mordred: ...

Mordred: ......

Mordred: ......

Fujimaru 1: Mordred...

Mordred: Tch... All right. Fine. Whatever.

Mordred: Enough of that damn pitying look, Master. I'm feelin' better now I got that outta my system.

Mordred: 'Sides, I know this uncooked bean sprout here's still technically your Servant.

Mordred: Yeah, they pissed me off to where I was seein' red...

Mordred: ...but your guarantee that they weren't tryin' to piss me off is enough for me, Master. I'll let it go.

Enkidu: Then please rest assured. I can promise you that the only person I would knowingly choose to insult is Ishtar.

Enkidu: Even if you were the most wicked being to ever walk the earth, I would still hold you in respect.

Mordred: Tch, you got a really goddamn irritating way of putting things, don't ya... Sound like Kay, dammit. Makes it real hard to tell if you're bein' polite or just puttin' up a front.

Mash: Oh, this is such a relief. Thank you for understanding.

Mash: Although, I still don't understand why you fought back, Enkidu. If you didn't mean to upset Mordred, couldn't you have just focused on defending and running away?

Enkidu: Oh, that's simple. I fought back because I sensed genuine anger and hostility.

Enkidu: Fighting an opponent whose emotions are running hot in that way can be an excellent way to learn more about them.

Enkidu: For example, what it is they're angry about, or why exactly they want to kill me.

Fujimaru 1: That is...a terrible reason to fight someone to the death.

Enkidu: Don't misunderstand; I wasn't fighting to the death myself. Though I can't deny I find the competition fulfilling.

Enkidu: The people I met in Uruk taught me there are some things one can only understand by comparing weapons in battle.

Enkidu: It was in battle that Gil taught me the power of wisdom and strength; Shamhat, the power of affection; and Siduri, the power of faith.

Fujimaru 2: I didn't know you were such a battle junkie, Enkidu.

Enkidu: Battle junkie...? Well, I don't think I would go that far.

Enkidu: Though I do admit that the thrill I experienced during my three-day, three-night battle with Gil is something I still remember fondly, even as a Heroic Spirit.

Enkidu: Gil enjoyed it a great deal too, as I recall. Maybe we should do that again in the simulator one of these days.

Mash: I think you might have trouble getting permission to use the simulator for seventy-two consecutive hours...

Mash: At any rate, may I suggest we leave the simulator now? We still have to report to Da Vinci, after all.

Mash: I remember that Par said she was making berry smoothies in the cafeteria, so maybe we could continue this conversation while having one of those?

Da Vinci: Welcome back, guys! Great work in there. I was following along from the outside, so I'm all caught up.

Da Vinci: Go on ahead to the cafeteria. They should all be ready for you by now.

Mash: (Who's they...?) Understood! Come on, Senpai, let's all go to the cafeteria then.

Mash: Huh?

Fran: Ugh, uh!?

Fujimaru 1: What in the world are Demonic Beasts doing in Chaldea!?

Fujimaru 2: Get back, Mash!

Enkidu: Those look like...the ones from Sumer? No... They're not quite the same...

Mordred: Ha! I don't know what they're doin' here, but this works out real nice.

Mordred: I still got some steam I wanted to blow off, and you assholes look like just the tick–

Mordred: Hey! That was mine!

Enkidu: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm set to protect Master as my highest priority, so that's what I did.

Enkidu: Still, seeing as there's plenty left for you, don't you think it's a little premature to get angry?

Mordred: Tch. Guess you really are Master's Servant.

Mordred: All right, I guess I can fight side by side with you for now, Lancer. Just make sure you stay outta my way!


Mash: What were those things doing here?

Mash: Ah! What about everyone in the Command Room!? Are they all right!? What in the world is–

Da Vinci: Hey, welcome back! I was following along from the outside, so I'm all caught up.

Da Vinci: Go on ahead to the cafeteria. Everyone will be waiting.

Mash: Da Vinci...?

Da Vinci?: 01001000011001010111100100101100 0000110100001010 welcome back! Great work in there.

I was following along from the outside, so I'm all caught up.

Da Vinci?: Go on ahead to the cafeteria. Everyone will be wait01101001011011100110011100101110

Da Vinci?: 010010000110010101111001001011000010000 001110111011001010110110001100011011011 1101101101011001010010000001100010

Da Vinci?: I was following along from the outside, so I'm all caught up. Go on ahead to the cafeter01101001a.

1010010111010101■■: Everyone011011100110010101100101011001 00...011100110111100101101111011101010 11100100110100001100101011011000111000 0...0110010101101110011010110110100101 10010001110101.........

Enkidu: What is this...?

???: TheY shOUld aLL be-be-be- tO tHe cAfEtEriA to-to-to-to the-the-the-the

Mordred: The hell's going on? There's no one else here anymore.

Fran: Uh... Uh?

Enkidu: ...Let's go to the cafeteria.

Mash: Huh?

Enkidu: If my sensors are working properly...that's where “everyone” should all be.

Fujimaru 1: !?

Fujimaru 2: Did we Rayshift when I wasn't looking!?

Mordred: Seriously, the hell's going on here? What's a forest doin' in the middle of the damn cafeteria!?

Fran: Uh? Uh! Ah!

Mash: What is it, Fran? ...Huh!?

Fujimaru 1: The door we just came through is...gone...

Mordred: Ha. Guess this means we're trapped in here then. Though I still don't know how the hell you get trapped in a forest.

Mordred: Anyway, these are some seriously huge trees. What's their deal?

Enkidu: These are...Lebanese cedars.

Fujimaru 1: Cedars? Really?

Fujimaru 2: But they're enormous...

Enkidu: I understand why you'd be confused, Master. They are true cedars, in the pine family.

Enkidu: They can grow up to fifty meters tall, and were often used to build boats.

Enkidu: ...However, I don't believe any forest this large still exists in your time.

Mash: So this is a Lebanese cedar forest? Then, does that mean–

Enkidu: Yes, it does.

Enkidu: This is the same forest of the gods that Gil and I put an end to.

Enkidu: I don't know who brought us here, or for what purpose...

Enkidu: ...but if this is indeed the Cedar Forest from the Epic of Gilgamesh, there's a strong chance they were targeting me.

Enkidu: I'm just sorry the rest of you happened to get caught up in it too.

Fujimaru 1: Don't worry about it.

Fujimaru 2: It's okay. This kind of thing happens all the time in Chaldea.

Mordred: All right, so what the hell did you mean when you said “everyone” should all be here?

Mordred: 'Cause I sure as shit doubt you meant the Chaldea people.

Enkidu: ...Good question.

Enkidu: While I admit I'm reluctant to get into this, since it has to do with the very essence of my systems–or rather, the fundamental areas that hinder them...

Enkidu: ...it wouldn't be fair to you, or to Master, to keep you in the dark after I pried so deeply into your story.

Mash: What are you talking about?

Enkidu: I don't have regrets... Not exactly. The only remorse I felt when I died were my feelings towards him.

Fujimaru 1: You never have been shy about sharing those kinds of things, have you?

Enkidu: I share them if I need to, and hide them if I must. That's all there is to it.

Enkidu: Still...there may be some things I only feel comfortable telling you because you're my Master.

Fujimaru 2: Come to think of it, do you still hang out with the king?

Mordred: C'mon, Master, you're talking about Goldie, right? I don't want you calling anyone “king” besides my old man, at least when you're around me.

Enkidu: I'm afraid you'll just have to deal with that on your own time, Mordred. Gilgamesh is just as responsible for Uruk as your king was for Britain.

Enkidu: It would be one thing if it were just you and Master here, but when there are others around, he deserves to be addressed as King Gilgamesh.

Enkidu: Still, if you just can't contain your affection for him, and don't mind if he challenges you to a fight over it, I suppose you could get away with not calling him by his full title.

Mordred: That so? All right, all right, I got it already.

Mordred: Actually, are you guys really friends? I didn't think Goldie really DID friends...

Enkidu: He may not, but Gilgamesh and I are indeed dear friends, nonetheless. I can say without any reservation that there is no one else like him.

Enkidu: While we do sometimes talk for a long time, it's rare for us to do so proactively, on a daily basis.

Enkidu: Besides, we don't need words to truly understand one another.

Fujimaru 1: Then what do you need?

Enkidu: It's difficult to explain... But I suppose, in our case, just spending time together is enough.

Enkidu: We already got all of our grief and regrets and other feelings out of the way when we were alive.

Enkidu: Even if Gil were to die in front of my eyes right now, I would just smile and say “See you again.”

Enkidu: I'm sure Gil feels the same way. A single grieving per loved one is more than enough, after all.

Mash: I know some Heroic Spirits are very positive when it comes to death, but wow, I never thought about it like that before.

Enkidu: I think that's fine. Gil and I are both well aware that our personalities are easily misunderstood.

Enkidu: This may sound arrogant, but if Gil were to make a new friend now, I don't think they would be anything like me.

Enkidu: In fact, the only thing we would have in common would be that we both have a nose, a mouth, and eyes.

Enkidu: Yet despite that, I'm also certain this person would be someone with whom Gil would go to the ends of the stars...

Enkidu: Someone who could give Gil things I never could.

Enkidu: For example...King Gilgamesh only truly began to walk side by side with the people of Uruk after I died.

Enkidu: That was when he began to see them not as mere life-forms, but real people with their own minds and wills. They broadened his world more than I ever could.

Enkidu: Learning that fact alone is enough to make me glad I became a Heroic Spirit. That knowledge is just as valuable to me as a thousand moonlit nights spent with Gil.

Fujimaru 2: Gotcha. That sounds kind of like Mo and Fran.

Fran: Uh? Uh.

Mordred: C'mon, Master, it's not that hard to understand her, right? Like right now, she's just sayin' “You really don't understand me?”

Mordred: Actually, hold up! You didn't say anything weird to Fran like you did to me, did you?

Enkidu: I don't think so? I understand she's also an artificial life-form, but to me, she's no different from any other being.

Enkidu: Of course, if Doctor Frankenstein had embedded a curselike system in her, then she might have piqued my curiosity.

Fran: Uh?

Mordred: ...

Mordred: So that's how it is. Man, you really are a complete pain in the ass, aren't you?

Enkidu: I'm sorry. I'm aware I can be difficult for others to accept.

Enkidu: Besides...

Enkidu: ...!

Enkidu: ...Master, Mash, I think it would be best if you stepped back.

Enkidu: It seems sheor rather, they...have noticed I'm here.

Mash: Huh? Enkidu, what are you talking about?

Enkidu: They are my very first friends.

Enkidu: ...In fact, you could even say they raised me.

Mash: They raised you...?

Mordred: Something's comin' our way, Master! Watch yourself!

Fran: Uh...!

Mordred: The hell are these things? More Babylonia Demonic Beasts?

Enkidu: No.

Enkidu: She–I mean, they...

Enkidu: ...are human.

Fujimaru 1: ...Really?

Enkidu: Ahh... It's been so long since I last saw them. So very, very long...

???: Wh a y o re  ou  ?

Mordred: The hell was that!? Are they tryin' ta talk or something?

Mash: I don't understand them...but it looks like each Demonic Beast is saying a different part of each word...

Enkidu: ...I see. So this version of you is from a time after we parted ways.

Enkidu: I was hoping that wouldn't be the case, since you haven't fused into a single entity...but it seems that was too much to hope for.

Enkidu: Still... Even so, I have to ask.

Enkidu: ...Do you no longer live in these woods? Is there truly not so much as a tiny fragment left?

Enkidu: ...Tell me, Huwawa.

???:  Hu            wa      wa...

Mash: ...

Fujimaru 1: Who's Huwawa?

Fujimaru 2: Huwawa... Isn't that

Enkidu: Huwawa was the guardian of the forest of the gods. At least, until Gil and I killed her.

Mash: I'd heard she was a dreadful monster that the gods ordered to protect their Lebanese Cedar Forest...

Mash: I can only imagine how powerful she must have been for King Gilgamesh to fear her.

Mordred: Wait, really? That pompous Goldie guy was afraid of these things? They don't look that tough to me...

Fran: Uh... Uh, ahh.

Mordred: What is it, Fran? ...What do ya mean they still haven't been put together?

Enkidu: ! I see. So you can tell, too.

Enkidu: ...Yes, that's true. Those girls there are a lot like you, before you were born.

Enkidu: The only difference is that their body was made from souls, while yours was made from other bodies...

Enkidu: ...and that they were given life not through science and engineering, but the gods' Authority and blessing.

Enkidu: No...not with a blessing. Huwawa is a complete human, born together with a curse.

Mash: What do you mean, a complete human?

Enkidu: I wish I could tell you more...but it seems the circumstances won't allow that.

Huwawa?: Who are you Who This is fun Who are you It's you Sad Protect Woods Help me Hate

Huwawa?: You kill the forest HELP Enemy Kill Pain Hurt Happy ME Gods Kill

Huwawa?: Kill them Help me NO Forest Protect Help me Help me Help me WRONG Help me

Huwawa?: Die Enemy WRONG Humans Gods Kill I AM Kill Forest GOOD Protect

Huwawa?: Forest Who I I I Who A Dream You RUN No Die Die Kill

Huwawa?: Ahh Ow Huh It hurts EN Why No Argh KI Ow Ow It hurts It hurts

Huwawa?: Hate Hate Hate hate kill kill ki die kill kill die DUUUUU


Mordred: All right, I don't know what the hell's goin' on, but it looks like these things're done talkin'! It's okay to kill 'em, yeah!?

Enkidu: Now I see...

Enkidu: I don't know who's doing this, or why...but it seems they want me to reenact that situation.

Enkidu: ...And I will. I won't hesitate to do so. Not now that I'm a Servant.

Enkidu: I am Enkidu, a Lancer. I have been rebooted to serve as humanity's guardian.

Enkidu: No matter where we are, or what the situation may be, I cannot allow my Master to come to harm.

Enkidu: I must fulfill the role that has been given to me, for Kingu–with whom I integratedas much as for myself.

Enkidu: ...I truly am sorry about this. But I won't ask for your forgiveness.

Enkidu: Even if this is only a fleeting dream, or illusion, or a bug in my system...

Enkidu: ...I will still not hesitate to remove you from these woods.

Enkidu: Besides, I have already experienced this regret before, so it should not be so difficult to manage again.

Enkidu: Since I never did try to save you...it's only fitting that I experience it again.


Mordred: ...Is it over? And actually, hang on. What was that kid doing here!?

Mash: Ah! Senpai, look! Over there!

Fujimaru 1: The corpses are all gathering around the child...

Fujimaru 2: They're becoming...a single mass...?

Fran: Ugh...

Fran: Not...over...

Mordred: The hell? This magical energy's insane! How much more's this thing gonna grow!?

Enkidu: ...!!! Master! Take the others and get as far away as you can!

Enkidu: That...thing being born there cannot be allowed to exist.

Enkidu: I'm going to end it.

Girl?: A aAAhhh       AaAAAAAaaaAAaaaAhh

Enkidu: I'm sorry... I still don't know what to do.

Enkidu: I don't yet know how I can save you...or how I can make those flowers bloom again...

Enkidu: So until I figure it out...I'm going to bind you to this land, as the god of my sinful past!

Enkidu: Humans, let us bind the gods! Enuma Elish!!!

Former Human:  – — — — – — — – – — –

Mash: Ah! Senpai, look! What is that!?

Fujimaru 1: A giant arm...coming out of the ground!?

Fujimaru 2: It looks like...it's stopping Enkidu's Noble Phantasm!?

Narration: I never had any regrets when I was alive. I believed I'd always done the best I could in any given situation.

Narration: Even when I was tearing out their guts, I couldn't ensure they were dead. Even when I was twisting off their heads, they continued to damn and curse me.

Narration: It wasn't until King Gilgamesh stopped me that I realized there was something wrong with my systems.

Narration: I wonder what sort of expression I wore on my face while I continued to rip out my former kin's entrails.

Narration: I was sure the only regrets I have had to do with Gilgamesh, but it seems one of my systems was updated after I became a Heroic Spirit.

Narration: Now, I hear the rancorous voices of thousands of people that once rang out from the guardians' entrails.

Narration: If only those voices were directed at those who had hurt their owners.

Narration: Both Gilgamesh and I were prepared to be hated for what we had done.

Narration: However, those poor children within that monster couldn't see anyone or anything.

Narration: They had become mere puppets of the gods–animated chunks of meat that couldn't even understand why they suffered or what the object of their hatred should be.

Narration: Yes. This must be the system humans call “karma.”

Narration: I robbed those girls of their future. I tried to save them, even though I didn't know how.

Narration: In the end, all I did was cause them to suffer for a very, very long time.

Narration: If the situation in which I find myself now is the price I must pay for that sin, then I must be ready to accept it.

Narration: Except...now I have a new regret. What about my Master? Is [♂ he /♀️ she} okay?

Narration: If [♂ he /♀️ she} is, then I know [♂ he /♀️ she} will be fine without me. Once [♂ he /♀️ she} returns to Chaldea, [♂ he /♀️ she} can ask for help from the most reliable of all Heroic Spirits.

Narration: Working alongside Master, surely they could design a program to free the Huwawas

???: Now don't go bringing in trouble while praising me to high heaven, you great fool.

???: I don't accept compliments from just anyone. I'll be damned if I have to suffer through my friend putting me on a pedestal without so much as a stiff drink.

???: Between you and Kingu, I could swear your successors are deliberately trying to work me into an early grave.

Enkidu: ...

Mordred: Hey there, Uncooked Bean Sprout. Guess you're no worse for wear after all.

Enkidu: Where am I...?

Mordred: You got blown pretty far away. Though I guess that ain't no surprise, seein' how huge that explosion was.

Enkidu: What about Huwawa–the guardian of the forest?

Mordred: She's all gone.

Mordred: A ton of swords and spears and stuff came swoopin' in from the side and blasted you and her to kingdom come.

Enkidu: ...I see. Good. The important thing is that she's gone.

Mordred: ...

Mordred: That stuff you asked me earlier was about her, wasn't it?

Enkidu: ...Yes, it was. I hope I haven't offended you again.

Mordred: I dunno if Master or Mash caught on to it, but you better believe I could tell.

Mordred: That was the same kind of spell my old lady used.

Mordred: Dammit... How many kids got mixed together to make that thing?

Enkidu: I counted two thousand eight hundred and ninety-one consciousnesses...though only one of them had retained their sanity.

Mordred: I ain't gonna ask what that thing was. Frankly, I don't wanna know. Not even if it was made the same way as me.

Mordred: Look. If you think any kinda answers from me to your questions could possibly give those kids anything like salvation...

Mordred: ...then boy have you got the wrong damn idea.

Enkidu: What do you mean?

Mordred: It's all well and good to offer help to a kid who's cryin' for it. I'd do the same for any of Britain's subjects.

Mordred: But comin' up with answers for 'em, or some sorta meaning to their lives, and forcin' it on them whether they want it or not... That ain't gonna be any damn salvation for 'em.

Mordred: If anything, that shit's more like a curse. I oughta know, seein' how my old lady once put one on me.

Enkidu: But, you're–

Mordred: All right, you want answers to your questions? Fine, but listen up 'cause I ain't sayin' this shit twice.

Mordred: And I'm warnin' you now, I don't wanna hear a goddamn peep outta you the whole time, so just shut your trap and listen up.

Mordred: First off, you were barkin' up the wrong tree right from the start.

Mordred: You think I destroyed Britain just like my old lady wanted? Well, you're wrong.

Mordred: Granted, I don't know how it looked from the outside. Maybe my old lady thought that's what I was doin' too.

Mordred: But the path I walked as a knight, and the sins I bear for destroying Britain...all that is on me and me alone.

Mordred: I was the one who wanted to be the next king... and I'm the one who tore the kingdom to shreds.

Mordred: But I didn't do any of that 'cause someone told me to. I did it all of my own damn volition.

Mordred: My birth, my prophecy, my old lady eggin' me on, my old man refusin' me... I've accepted it all now.

Mordred: Yeah, that's right. Those things are all part of me. I own 'em.

Mordred: And I'll be damned if I let anyone write 'em off by sayin' I was just made that way.

Mordred: Sayin' I only did those things 'cause I was created to do 'em is an insult to me, and the kingdom I destroyed.

Mordred: That's why I tried to kill you. And I'd do it again if I had the chance.

Mordred: I don't know if these kids you're tryin' ta save are the same as me. Maybe they are, maybe they aren't.

Mordred: But goin' around foistin' your own idea of salvation on 'em whether they asked you to or not ain't any better than the kinda shit those god assholes always pulled.

Enkidu: ...Yes. I think...you might be right.

Mordred: Trust me, you're overthinkin' this. For the moment, all you gotta do's kill whoever did this to those kids.

Enkidu: Even if they're ancient gods?

Mordred: Way easier than goin' up against my old man, am I right?

Mordred: Anyway, that's all I got. Well? Got a problem with that?

Enkidu: ...No. Not at all.

Enkidu: The only things I have for you are an apology and gratitude.

Enkidu: I see now that I was in a rush to find something that could help.

Enkidu: I think I was hoping to find as many clues as I possibly could to bring back to the Throne before we have to leave Chaldea in a few days...

Enkidu: ...even though I'm not sure if I'll retain these memories the next time I'm summoned.

Enkidu: At any rate...I think what you just told me could turn out to be key.

Enkidu: Again, I'm truly sorry for saying something that made you feel like I was making light of your life.

Enkidu: I'll make sure to revise the data I have on you. Thank you again, Sir Mordred.

Mordred: Tch... Don't say all that shit out loud, dumbass. Though I guess if you'd kept harpin' on it after all that, I'd've just cut ties with you on the spot.

Mordred: And while I'd be fine with that myself...Master doesn't like us doin' that sorta thing, you know?

Mordred: Shit, I almost forgot! If you tell anyone else what I just told you, well... I won't cut ties with you, but I will knock you into next week. Got it?

Mordred: Though, now that I mention it, I think I've told Master something similar before...

Mordred: Ha, speak of the devil. Here [♂ he /♀️ she} comes now.

Fujimaru 1: Heeey!

Fujimaru 2: Are you two all right?

Mash: Here they are, Senpai! Thank goodness you're both all right! Good news! We just got a call from the real Da Vinci!

Da Vinci: Hey guys! Glad to see you're all okay.

Da Vinci: Let me cut to the chase: you're all still in the simulator.

Fujimaru 1: I knew it!

Fujimaru 2: Whoa, I'm getting major déjà vu for some reason.

Da Vinci: We lost track of you for a while, but at least we know exactly why this happened. It was the professor's doing.

Da Vinci: He set it up so that running the exit codes would cause the simulator to recreate a part of ancient Uruk that Sheba once observed.

Da Vinci: This isn't the first time he's done this sort of thing, so I thought I was ready for it, but according to Holmes, he apparently had an accomplice this time.

Da Vinci: And since I was expecting the professor to pull something, the fact that a more laid-back, hedonistic personality made this modification caught me off guard.

Da Vinci: It turns out the culprit didn't just modify the simulator's own systems; they cast their own illusion on top of it too. They must've spent a long time planning this prank.

Da Vinci: Luckily, the wisest of all kings happened to pass by, and he managed to eliminate the virus in a flash. Seriously, what's in that stone tablet of his, and where can I get one for myself?

Enkidu: ...!

Da Vinci: Oh, if you're wondering, he's not here anymore. He just said something about how he had nothing more to say and left.

Enkidu: ...

Da Vinci: Anyway, it's obvious the professor had some nefarious plan in mind for Enkidu. What would you like to do now? Should I put out an APB and have him arrested?

Enkidu: No... That's all right. I'm grateful to whoever did this, regardless of what their intentions may have been.

Enkidu: Now my system data is updated, and a limiter I had placed on me when I was summoned has been released as a result.

Da Vinci: Really? ...Oh wow, you're right. Your whole Spirit Origin has changed... No, not changed; evolved. Damn, what the hell happened in there? It's only been about an hour!

Enkidu: Well...in human terms, I would say it's as though a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Mordred: What, now? Fat lotta good that's gonna do you when we're all about to leave.

Enkidu: There may yet be some significance in my remaining here even after the Incineration of Humanity was averted.

Enkidu: And in that case, I should try to expand my potential to its fullest, even if it is only for a few days.

Enkidu: That gave me the space I needed to pour in the power I had before I met Shamhat.

Fujimaru 1: Huh?

Fujimaru 2: Does that mean...?

Enkidu: “Recover the human-fallen child of god, and protect humanity from all manner of threat.”

Enkidu: I redefined the latter half of my assigned objective. And I did it entirely through my own volition.

Enkidu: Perhaps...this was what whoever caused this disturbance wanted for me all along.

Enkidu: I'm greatly impressed. It's as though I've been ensnared in an enormous spider web.

Moriarty: Hmm... Sadly, it seems that is all for today's lecture.

Moriarty: But I'm glad I succeeded before we're all dismissed in a few days time.

Moriarty: This makes it well worth the effort of telling Enkidu those slightly exaggerated things about Mordred.

???: ...

Moriarty: What's that? You don't see the point in fine-tuning Enkidu any further at this time?

Moriarty: Very well then, let me ask you this.

Moriarty: Is mankind's existence now secure just because the Demon God Pillars' attempt to incinerate humanity was thwarted?

Moriarty: The answer is no! Absolutely not!

Moriarty: If it was, that blasted detective would have checked out long ago!

Moriarty: I may not like him, but I do trust his judgment. If he thinks we're not yet out of the woods, then we almost certainly aren't.

Moriarty: And in that case, it's only right that I do what I can to help.

Moriarty: Evil has its own way of destroying the world. Even if, ironically, Master did prevent my own attempt to do so in Shinjuku.

Moriarty: Conversely, evil also has its own way of saving the world...though not typically through methods that would garner much praise.

Moriarty: In this case, that method simply happened to involve catching Enkidu in my web.

Moriarty: They accept mankind's capacity for good and evil equally, as one would expect from an ancient guardian weapon.

Moriarty: Thus, all I needed to do was have them remember their own sins, and the regret they felt for committing them.

Moriarty: Doing so would provide a shock to their systems; the kind of shock that can be nurtured into emotions and personality.

Moriarty: I can wait to fully ensnare them until after that's come to pass. No doubt someone else will be happy to drag their goodness out of them.

???: ...

Moriarty: Looking forward to it that much, are you? Personally, I would rather have nothing to do with you or any other Mephy types, but oh well.

Moriarty: At this point, it all comes down to whatever happens next.

Moriarty: While I'm sure our dear Master would prefer to never have to use an Enkidu who's gone over to evil...I doubt it will be up to [♂ him /♀️ her} to decide.

Mordred: Man, I'm exhausted after all that blabbing. I've always hated lectures, whether I'm giving 'em or listening. They're nothing but a giant pain in the ass.

Mordred: So let's say this was your way of getting me back for tryin' to kill you and call it even.

Mordred: Anyway, we might as well try to get along, seein' how the end's almost in sight and shit.

Enkidu: Yes, good point. While I only have one best friend, I think you would make a perfectly decent ordinary friend.

Mordred: Damn, you got some kinda weird thing about always putting your foot in your mouth, don't you? That's your whole problem. You know that?

Enkidu: Then, for the moment...would you and Fran like to continue comparing battle prowess?

Fran: Uh!?

Mordred: Really? After all that? Man, for a Lancer, you act a lot like a Berserker.

Enkidu: Yes... I'd have to agree. I may well end up manifesting as one some day.

Enkidu: If I do, I hope I can continue to remain on good terms with both you and Master.

Enkidu: (After all, if I couldn't control my sanity system...I could inadvertently end up destroying you all.)