Eric Bloodaxe

Terror of the Bloodaxe

Eric: Uuhnn...

Mash: ...Eric? What's the matter?

Eric: Uuuuuunnn! Uhn...Gah...Guh...Ghnn!

Fou: Fou!? Fou, fou, fou!

Eric: Ghnn–!

Dr. Roman: S-Stand back, everyone! Eric is a Berserker!

Dr. Roman: He could go on a rampage! Fujimaru and Mash, get away from him!

Mash: Eric!

Eric: ...

Fou: Fou!

Eric: ...Y-You scum... You scoundrels... Are you the ones... who use my husband...for your ends?

Mash: What?

Eric: My name is Gunnhild. Normally, I would make you pay with your lives for the insolence of summoning my husband with your Holy Grail–

Dr. Roman: G-Gunnhild! Eric Bloodaxe's wife?

Dr. Roman: If I'm not mistaken, she used witchcraft to put a deadly curse on his enemies. Even after her death, she continues to fight for him...

Dr. Roman: B-But how is she contacting us? And from where?

Eric: But I understand your situation. This time I shall permit you to use my husband.

Eric: However, my husband is unable to fully unleash his power. That's because of his weapon, the Bloodaxe.

Eric: This is the blood-stained axe formed out of the flesh and blood of demonic beasts.

Eric: When allowed to drink the blood of several demonic beasts, its true power will be unleashed.

Mash: Demonic...beasts? But, where would we find...

Eric: Fear not. I will "summon" them now.

Dr. Roman: I'm picking up several lifeforms! Prepare for battle!

Mash: Th-This is outrageous...

Eric: Yeeeaaaarrrgh... Kill...demonic...beasts!

Mash: H-Here they come!


Mash: Whew...

Eric: Demonic...beasts...blood...bloood!

Mash: The axe is...drinking their blood...

Dr. Roman: The axe's magical energy level is rising.

Dr. Roman: I see. So it wasn't a bluff when she said its power wasn't fully unleashed.

Dr. Roman: I've detected two more lifeforms. Please keep heading toward the forest.

Mash: Understood. Eric, let's go.

Eric: Fu... Fuuuuu...

Fou: Fou! Fou!

Mash: Fou is warning us about something. There are traces of a large beast moving through here.

Mash: There are large marks like something was dragged.

Fujimaru 1: A snake?

Fujimaru 2: An alligator?

Mash: Either way, it's huge. Let's go after it.

Fou: Fou!

Eric: ...Hnnnng...axe...blood... I want blood, blood, blood!

Mash: C-Control yourself!

Mash: Here they come! They're—Lamias!


Mash: ...Whew. Somehow we got through that.

Eric: Heheheheheh...blood...blood!

Dr. Roman: Hmm, this is what we call "viewer discretion advised" ...All right, this is the last one.

Dr. Roman: It's on the other side of the forest, but it hasn't moved. Its lifeform reading is the most powerful of all. You need to be careful.

Eric: Hahahah...It's there...I know it's there! Demonic...beast!

Mash: ...There it is! That' way...

Dr. Roman: A Chimera...the legendary beast with the heads of a lion and a ram, and the tail of a snake!

Mash: What's more, it's considered to be a high-ranking demonic beast! Even from here I can sense its overpowering desire to kill...

Eric: Master...Let's go...

Fujimaru 1: Forward, Eric!

Fujimaru 2: Kill!

Eric: Your... Blood... Is... Mine!


Eric: Hyahahahahah! Take that! Take that! Take that!

Eric: Your blood...your mine!

Mash: The axe...has started to glow ominously.

Dr. Roman: Ahh, now I see. What an overwhelming amount of magical energy. This is that axe's true form.

Eric: Master... I look serving you more...Heheheheheh!

Dr. Roman: Gee, well...

Dr. Roman: ...We certainly seem to have awakened one monstrous Servant.

Mash: As long as you can control it Master, there's no problem... Right?

Fujimaru 1: L-Leave it to me.

Fujimaru 2: I-I'll do what I can.

Mash: ...That's not very reassuring Master.

Fou: Fou!