Fionn mac Cumhaill

Fionn mac Cumhaill, The Hero who Defeated the Gods

Fionn: What– I'm not so special a man.

Fionn: Indeed, I'm a man that would be categorized as a great hero. But that's just the end result.

Fionn: I killed a raging demonic beast, and slaughtered a creature from the underworld you could call death itself.

Fionn: But, all that is expected of a guardian of Erin, a warrior serving the High King.

Fionn: The deed would have been done without me. For we are the glorious Knights of Fianna!

Fou: Fou, fou.

Mash: Yes, Fou. ...It sounds pretty heroic to me.

Mash: But you're being modest. Fionn mac Cumhaill of Fianna, guardian of Erin.

Dr. Roman: Huh? Modest? That's modesty? All it sounds like to me is bragging...

Fionn: Haha, surely you jest. I'm just a man. I've nothing to brag about to anyone–

Fionn: Am I sure? Well, I'm sure I'm the hero who managed to slay a fallen Divine Spirit.

Fionn: I'm the descendant of the war god Nuadha, and the central figure in the Erin myth? But see, that's merely the end result.

Fionn: I'm simply a man. Yes–just a handsome man whose face is slightly more beautiful.

Fujimaru 1: You called yourself a handsome man!?

Fujimaru 2: What self-confidence.

Dr. Roman: Ugh, so bright! It's like a flood of self-confidence and bragging, isn't it!?

Dr. Roman: Why does it hit me so hard... So this is Fionn mac Cumhaill, the most fulfilled man in all of Erin!

Mash: Protector of peace who has beaten many monsters– He's fit to be called a hero, a great hero.

Mash: But, well, Master. Well...

Mash: Fionn had his fair share of problems... Calamities...or more like troubles...

Fujimaru 1: Has he?

Fujimaru 2: I think I've heard something.

Mash: ...Yes. You might say he had “lady troubles.”

Mash: Fionn may not be personally responsible, but if what I heard about the Knights of Fianna's downfall is true...

Mash: it was partly due to his actions. At the very least, that's how the knights portray it.

Mash: By not saving the life of his reconciled subordinate, Diarmuid, he lost his charisma, and the order collapsed–

Fionn: Hm? What do you speak of, Mash? Having second thoughts about marrying me?

Mash: N-No, not at all! I'd never marry you!

Fionn: Oh? Is that so? Hahaha, “never” is so harsh!

Mash: (Senpai, keep this between us, okay?)

Mash: (Fionn knows about the Order's collapse in his memories, but...he doesn't feel like part of it.)

Mash: (Like when we met Alexander before. Not the King of Conquerors of his later years, but the boy.)

Mash: (I think this is similar. He's been summoned in his young form. That's why–)

Dr. Roman: (I see. So, he's aware of his later failures, but feels like they happened to someone else, right?)

Mash: (Yes, Doctor.)

Fionn: What are you whispering about... Oh, I see. Rumors about me? Is that it?

Fionn: No need to bite my thumbs. I already know. Mash–

Fionn: –You've fallen in love with me. Sorry about that.

Mash: !?

Dr. Roman: !? (Even though she said she'd never, like, 5 seconds ago!?)

Fou: Fo, fou!?

Fionn: I am aware of it. Of how I'm almost way too beautiful.

Fionn: This face, this physique. It must almost be cruel to you girls...

Fionn: Thus my fate, namely– My lady troubles! My never-ending assault of lady troubles!

Fionn: Yes, I need only stand still, and noble ladies will propose to me. I even once received a twin love confession from a lovely pair of witch sisters.

Dr. Roman: T-Twin confession! Do things like that actually happen in real life!?

Dr. Roman: I'm beyond envious... I don't know about you as a person, but you shine so brightly as a man, Fionn mac Cumhaill...

Fou: Fou!?

Fionn: My most beloved person, treasure of Erin... My first wife, to be specific...

Yes. How she and I loved each other... It was so instant and eternal...

Fionn: That it made an evil fairy start stalking me like an idiot! Oh, this is all part of my destiny of endless lady troubles!

Fionn: Oh, however, I don't want to put the blame on you ladies.

Fionn: It's fate, and so nothing can be done. Overflowing beauty can drive a woman mad, at times.

Fionn: I'm just...too beautiful...

Fujimaru 1: Dazzling, too dazzling...

Mash: Y-Yes... Certainly...

Fujimaru 2: Um, are we done here?

Mash: Senpai, I don't think he can hear you–

Mash: ...Fionn seems to think the source of all his troubles is always from elsewhere.

Mash: He's right, in a sense... But that's... No.

Fou: Fou, fooou.

Mash: Right, Fou. Just a bit... He doesn't seem fully satisfied...

Dr. Roman: I'm terribly dissatisfied! Why do popular guys get even more popular?

Dr. Roman: W-Well, never mind. Anyway, why did we come here all the way to the 1st century?

Dr. Roman: To the Ancient Roman era that's under correction, and heading out specifically to Gaul–

Fionn: I don't have actual business in Gaul. I sensed danger in Erin and my feet led me here.

Dr. Roman: Erin... Ireland?

Dr. Roman: Oh, I see. You didn't come to Gaul. You're trying to get closer to Ireland.

Fionn: Right, and I guess I was on the spot.

Fionn: They seem to have sensed our approach, and they're coming out to greet us.

???: Guuuu!

Mash: Detecting hostile presences! Senpai, here they come... Combat instruction, please!

Fujimaru 1: Charge them head-on!

Fujimaru 2: Calm down!

Mash: Yes, Master!


Dr. Roman: Confirmed defeat of the first wave! But the next one will be inbound soon!

Mash: This isn't the first giant “hand” we've seen– but something seems strange, Senpai!

Fujimaru 1: They seemed to be leading beastmen?

Fujimaru 2: They're after Fionn?

Fionn: Ah, this sensation really brings back memories... Of the time when I was a mere traveler, and not the leader of the Order.

Fionn: I–

Fionn: I! I faced evil as a lone warrior!

Fionn: Against those who cruelly murdered innocents! Yes, I... I know about you!

Fionn: –Come and get me!

Mash: M-More are coming!?

???: Guuuu!

Dr. Roman: Here comes the second wave! No... They've revived!? And there are more of them! Be careful!


Fionn: ...Hm. So I guess that's all of them.

Fionn: You made it through the fight unharmed. The disturbance I felt is now gone.

Mash: That giant hand... Was that the danger you sensed?

Fionn: Oh, yeah. Well, I guess it turned out to be that.

Mash: That was an unknown enemy we've met multiple times. We have no accurate data on it–

Mash: But you talked as if you knew something about it. Is it have some idea?

Dr. Roman: I'd like to hear it, too. Yeah... You definitely sounded like you know something!

Fionn: ...

Dr. Roman: Wait, he's ignoring me? He's ignoring what I say?

Mash: Please, Fionn. If you know anything, please don't hide it...

Fionn: ...How can I keep my mouth shut when such a lovely lady looks at me with such passion.

Dr. Roman: Right, so...that's how it is... He really is ignoring me...

Fou: Fou, foou...

Fionn: That said, this is just a hunch. I don't have enough evidence right now.

Fionn: As captain of the glorious Knights of Fianna, I can't afford to make an unsightly mistake in front of a lady.

Fionn: So, could you give me some time? When I have solid proof, I'll most definitely tell you.

Mash: ...Senpai.

Fujimaru 1: Can't be helped.

Fujimaru 2: Looks like we have to wait.

Mash: ...I see. I understand, Fionn.

Fionn: Now, with the power of my Noble Phantasm of wisdom, “Fintan Finegas”–

Fionn: we'd solve any riddle instantly, but that would be boring, wouldn't it?

Dr. Roman: Boring!? If it'll tell us everything, then use it, please?

Dr. Roman: Like making a prediction about the King of Mages' next move! There are other things I'd like to know as well so... Please?

Fionn: Hah hah hah. I'd say he probably set up some countermeasures so it can't be easily predicted. Same goes for that giant hand.

Dr. Roman: Ugh... Fine, b-but what's with the name of your Noble Phantasm!

Fionn: Anyways, Mash. May I ask something?

Mash: Sure. What is it?

Fionn: I did ask you to wait, but there are things that we can talk about without waiting.

Fionn: So, let's go to My Room and discuss in detail. You're curious about me, too, right?

Fujimaru 1: You said “about me” just now?

Fujimaru 2: That room isn't yours, is it?

Fionn: ...Right. Okay, Fujimaru can come, too. That's fine by me!

Mash: W-Wait!

Dr. Roman: Man, he's full of energy. Still, I'd like to learn a thing or two from him, too...

Fou: Fouuuuu!