Florence Nightingale

An Angel Does Not Plant Flowers

Narration: It's awfully dark.

Narration: It must be night, but even still... It's TOO dark. So dark. Where's the light?

Narration: And...dammit.

Narration: It hurts...

Narration: My entire body hurts. My chest, my stomach, my back, my arms, my legs, my head, my nose, my inner ears hurt.

Narration: The only thing not hurting is my fingers. Otherwise there's this stabbing pain throughout my entire body.

Narration: Who am I? I'm a soldier. Where am I? Am I in the Scutari base camp?

Narration: What the heck? I thought I was on the frontline. So why am I at the base?

Narration: ...It hurts, it hurts, hurt, hurt, hurt... Oh, that's right.

Narration: I remember. I got shot. I got shot in the chest and stomach, and the bullets passed through my back. And then I broke my arms and legs when I fell. And my head and face, too.

Narration: The Russians got me.

Narration: May the Ottoman Empire be victorious. Death to the invaders. I need to keep fighting. I can't face my brothers in this state.

Narration: ...I can't move a muscle. What's going on with me? Am I a goner? Ahhh...it hurts.

Narration: Nothing changes even as time goes by. The pain's not going away. It's not getting better.

Narration: Don't tell me...am I going to be like this forever? Or am I going to die soon?

Narration: ...No. I don't want to die. I can't die yet.

Narration: Ah...I hear it. Footsteps. Has the grim reaper come for me? I can see light...

Narration: I can tell someone's coming towards me carrying a lamp. The darkness is thinning out...

Narration: It's light. Someone's here for me.

A:Nurse: Oh, good. You've come to.

Narration: Who the heck are you? And why're you wearing a British military uniform?

Narration: I've never heard of a grim reaper wearing a military uniform. Well, everyone who's seen a grim reaper in person is dead, so they wouldn't really be telling anyone.

Narration: Right, Miss Grim Reaper with the lamp?

A:Nurse: ...

Narration: Heh. I knew it. I'm gonna die.

Narration: Everything hurts. It's excruciating. Can you see me? I'm crying. I'm crying because it hurts so much.

Narration: But I can't even make a sound. This is bad. My big brother was a goner. I'm a goner.

Narration: Hurry up and take me. I'm gonna...

A:Nurse: Unfortunately, I do not know what you are saying.

A:Nurse: But, I will say this:

A:Nurse: I will save you. I will not let you die.

Narration: Lies. I'm as good as dead.

Narration: I was shot. Multiple times. Only God could save me. Otherwise...

Narration: ...Or an angel.

Nightingale: You had a dream?

Nightingale: Why would you tell me of such a thing?

Fujimaru 1: Because Servants and Masters...

Fujimaru 2: Sometimes we are connected by dreams...

Nightingale: I see.

Nightingale: Is this about the supernatural? Everyone is entitled to his or her interests, whatever they may be.

Nightingale: But it is inappropriate to force those interests on others. Understand?

Nightingale: So, what kind of dream did you see?

Fujimaru 1: Well, here's what happened...

Nightingale: That...

Nightingale: It is natural for things that interest you to appear in your dreams. You should study neurophysiology more.

Fujimaru 1: Wait a minute...

Fujimaru 2: That's not from your memory, Nightingale?

Nightingale: My memory?

Nightingale: No. You mentioned that you saw me from a male soldier's perspective.

Nightingale: That could not be a memory from my lifetime. Obviously.

Nightingale: But...the fact that you have taken an interest in me...

Nightingale: Does that mean you have taken an interest in nursing, treatment, and sanitation?

Nightingale: Excellent. In that case...

Nightingale: Hello.

Nightingale: Thank you all for gathering today. I, Florence Nightingale, am extremely pleased.

Nightingale: You have gathered here today because you all value human life, and all of you have sacrificed on behalf of others. It is my sincere belief that we can have a meaningful, productive discussion.

Nightingale: For the sake of all human life. For Fujimaru, who has also shown interest.

Nightingale: And, of course, for each of us as well.

Nightingale: I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's input.

Paracelsus: Likewise, Miss Nightingale.

Paracelsus: I am yet inexperienced as a practitioner of medicine, but I hope to be of some small assistance.

Paracelsus: Above all, I would like to learn more, as well.

Nightingale: ... (Nods)

Fionn mac Cumhaill: Hm. I thought this was simply a gathering of beautiful women. Seems I was mistaken.

Fionn mac Cumhaill: Still, this isn't terrible. An angel in a white nurse's outfit, a black-haired beauty, and one very sprightly girl.

Fionn mac Cumhaill: Ah, what a wonderful selection. A buffet of beauties...the cream of the crop. This isn't just about being surrounded by beauty; it's like a harem!

Fionn mac Cumhaill: Ah, my apologies. I got a bit overexcited. Just a joke!

Fionn mac Cumhaill: This is a gathering for those who want to save people, right?

Fionn mac Cumhaill: Well, then I have every reason to be here. I do have a Noble Phantasm that can save lives, after all!

Nightingale: ... (Nods)

Sanzang: Um!

Sanzang: I don't really get it, but we're just here to talk about how to save people, right?

Sanzang: Then leave it to me! I have the guidance of the Buddha, so you're in good hands!

Sanzang: Aw, if I'd known there was a support group like this, I would have dragged Touta here, too.

Sanzang: So, what are we going to talk about first? The health benefits of fasting?

Nightingale: ... (Nods deeply)

Fou: Fou, fooouuu...

Mash: Y-yes, Fou. I sense an indescribable feeling in the air.

Mash: I thought this was just discussion group for Servants who have recovery skills...

Mash: But it feels more like they're anxious and getting pumped up to go into the simulator for combat training...

Fujimaru 1: This is a bit tense for a discussion group...

Mash: A-a just point...

Fujimaru 2: Nightingale's hosting this?

Mash: Yes, Senpai. It appears that Nightingale had approached everyone earlier.

Mash: If I may ask...um...is it appropriate to call Sanzang someone with recovery skills?

Mash: I don't believe she has any skills like that.

Fujimaru 1: Seems a bit off the mark, yeah.

Fujimaru 2: That's totally wrong...

Mash: Y-yes...and it appears that Fionn believes that everyone but himself is female...

Fou: Fou.

Nightingale: Devotion to helping others is my creed. I search the battlefields after overcoming many obstacles.

Nightingale: All the injured and sick must be saved. Yes... Life is precious. I must save all lives.

Nightingale: And to do so, I must let go of all that holds me back or makes me hesitate. Yes...and that's why...

Nightingale: First and foremost, hygiene is key. Good hygiene is a bare minimum requirement.

Nightingale: All affected body parts and the surrounding environment must be sanitary. Uncleanliness is the enemy. It is the enemy of all medical practices.

Paracelsus: Life is precious. And hygiene is indeed very important.

Paracelsus: Very admirable, Miss Nightingale. Truly you are a noble Heroic Spirit.

Nightingale: ... (Nods)

Fionn mac Cumhaill: Of course, clean water is also important. Any water I pour from these hands of mine becomes water of life...

Fionn mac Cumhaill: But yes, water should be clean. That also helps lovely flowers bloom. I agree, my wonderful ladies.

Nightingale: ... (Nods)

Sanzang: Eh? What? Clean? Are you talking about washing or cleaning up after yourself?

Sanzang: I like it when things get cleaned, too.

Sanzang: Whenever I go to an inn, the first thing I do is clean the dust off the bed!

Sanzang: Of course...my disciples always said my room was too messy.

Sanzang: Buuut I really do like it when things are clean! I'd even clean up after myself if someone made me!

Nightingale: ... (Nods deeply)

Fou: Fou, fooou!

Mash: Senpai, this is...

Fujimaru 1: It's like they get it wrong,then do an about-face and get it right somehow.

Fujimaru 2: Nightingale looks satisfied.

Mash: Right, Senpai.

Mash: As unbelievable as it may be, they seem to be on the same page. At least this is a productive conversation!

Fujimaru 1: All coincidence!

Fujimaru 2: Are they even talking about the same things?

Nightingale: I ask myself:How many patients can I save with these hands of mine?

Nightingale: I am a nurse, not a doctor. There are some out there who say that medicine should be left to doctors.

Nightingale: Sterilizing and disinfecting is sure to increase the chances of survival for the wounded and ill.

Nightingale: So many lives are in our hands before they ever reach the doctors.

Nightingale: ...Yes, there were too many...

Nightingale: That is why I advocate sterilization so much.

Nightingale: Treatment. Nursing. Maintaining hygiene. These are the weapons that we use to defeat the threat of injury and illness.

Nightingale: We are here to save every life we can.

Paracelsus: Wonderful argument. Hygiene is also important in the world of alchemy.

Paracelsus: When doing biomedical experiments, the patient's cleanliness and health management are crucial. The same is true in medicine, of course.

Paracelsus: But for you to focus on that subject, and advocate it to spread the word... You really must love humans.

Nightingale: ... (Nods)

Fionn mac Cumhaill: I completely understand!

Fionn mac Cumhaill: It's the same kind of joy I feel when I come across a beautiful stream while I'm hunting deep in the forest!

Fionn mac Cumhaill: The delightful sounds of a babbling brook, so like the finest instrument...the sunlight kissing the surface of the water to make it glisten...ah, exquisite!

Fionn mac Cumhaill: Just like when I meet a beautiful woman for the first time!

Nightingale: ... (Nods)

Mash: (Eh!? Is that really something to nod at in agreement, Nightingale?)

Sanzang: A brook? You're talking about a river? I love bathing in water! It feels sooo good!

Sanzang: But...when you talk about a river, I think of fish. Oh, but I'm a disciple of the Buddha though, so I don't eat meat.

Sanzang: But I love to watch them. Fishes have these beady eyes that make them sooo cute!

Nightingale: ... (Nods deeply)

Fou: Fou, fooouuu...

Mash: I'm sort of confused about what Nightingale's been nodding at here tonight.

Mash: A-anyway, it doesn't sound like anybody's on the same page, but somehow the conversation is still going!

Nightingale: And now...

Nightingale: Let's continue our discussion. Well, I would like to, but perhaps we should take a short break.

Nightingale: It's time for our practical training. Everyone, ready yourselves.

Nightingale: To save the injured and sick, sometimes the use of force is necessary. Especially in the face of a threat that may increase the number of patients.

Nightingale: It is very important.

Paracelsus: Ah, combat training. The medical ward may turn into a battlefield, it seems.

Paracelsus: Some superstitious people have gone deranged after seeing medicine practiced, thinking it to be a ritual of the devil, and attacked the practitioners.

Paracelsus: So in situations like that...yes...the use of force is necessary.

Fionn mac Cumhaill: Oh? Is it time for me to demonstrate my valor? Perfect!

Fionn mac Cumhaill: Honestly, I was starting to think it was time for me to change my flirting approac–err, I mean the topic! Good timing!

Fionn mac Cumhaill: Heh. Then let's do it! I, Fionn mac Cumhaill, shall show off my glorious form!

Fionn mac Cumhaill: I'm sure it'll drive the ladies wild!

Fionn mac Cumhaill: And, as luck would have it, I don't see my annoying subordinate here to mess it up for me!

Sanzang: Eh? What? Battle? Huh? Why?

Sanzang: I-I'm going to participate too!? I'm beyond surprised!

Nightingale: Please head to the training site.

Nightingale: IMMEDIATELY!

Fou: Fooou!

Mash: Oh, are we going to battle in the simulator!? Senpai...

Fujimaru 1: Leave it to me!

Fujimaru 2: Yeah, just let them do whatever they want at this point.

Nightingale: [♂ Mister /♀️ Miss} Fujimaru. You will be playing the role of my subordinate this time. Understood?

Fujimaru 1: Y-yes, ma'am.

Fujimaru 2: I'll do it if you tell me...

Nightingale: Ready to treat! Repeat!

Fujimaru 1: Ready to treat!

Nightingale: Very good. Now let's go. Miss Mash, I leave the operations to you.

Mash: Yes!

Mash: Senpai. U-um...g-good luck!


Nightingale: ...Good work.

Nightingale: Now we shall resume our discussion. Please take your seats. Quickly.

Mash: Y-yes... Senpai...

Fujimaru 1: The meeting continues, huh?

Fujimaru 2: I-I might be a little tired.

Nightingale: ...?

Nightingale: What is the matter? You are looking pale.

Nightingale: Ah, I see. Have you by chance...not had adequate sleep, or not had a proper, balanced meal?

Nightingale: This is a problem. You are therefore injured.

Nightingale: Change of plans. I will begin treatment. First: sterilization. Then we will maintain the hygienic state.

Nightingale: Rest assured, [♂ Mister /♀️ Miss} Fujimaru.

Nightingale: I will save your life...even if I must first kill you to do so.

Nightingale: ...I guarantee it.

Fujimaru 1: W-waitaminute!

Fujimaru 2: No, no...no!!!

Mash: U-um, you have it wrong, Nightingale. Senpai is neither injured nor sick!

Nightingale: Mash.

Mash: Y-yes?

Nightingale: You look pale as well.

Mash: !!!

Mash: N-no...that is not true... Not true at all! I am not hurt nor am I sick!

Nightingale: I will treat you as well.

Fujimaru 1: Nightingale's...probably...

Fujimaru 2: She's more intense than usual!

Fou: Fou, fooou!

Nightingale: ...

Nightingale: Name: Fujimaru. Place of employment: Chaldea.

Nightingale: Breathing, pulse...all normal. No loss of limbs. No issues with the special nervous system, either.

Nightingale: Very good. There are no issues.

D:???: Hmph. Special nerves, you say?

D:???: To you, even the structure the mages call magical circuits is just a type of nerve.

Edmond Dantès: I see you have had quite the eventful day.

Edmond Dantès: Is this all because someone got a glimpse of your life and you panicked? You, the angel of steel...panic?

Edmond Dantès: I caught a glimpse of something rare. Haha, thank you for that.

Nightingale: ...You.

Nightingale: I'll thank you to refrain from superfluous talk. It's not just Master...this place is overrun with the wounded and potentially ill.

Edmond Dantès: Don't mind me. Just keep focusing on Fujimaru.

Edmond Dantès: I'm sure a time will come when your help is needed.

Nightingale: ...

Nightingale: Your words confuse me. I do not comprehend all of what you say...

Nightingale: But I am a nurse. Nothing more, nothing less.

Edmond Dantès: Hmph.

Edmond Dantès: Many Heroic Spirits have arisen from human history! Many heroes are men and women of dauntless courage and battlefield valor!

Edmond Dantès: But those who heal wounds...Heroic Spirits of salvation. There are not many of those.

Nightingale: ...

Nightingale: I still do not understand. Why not speak in your own native language?

Edmond Dantès: Heh.

Nightingale: ...And he flees once again.

Nightingale: Heroic Spirit of salvation... That is quite the overstatement.

Nightingale: I am simply one who takes joy in treating and nursing others. And at the same time...

Nightingale: I am also saddened when I see Fujimaru hurt and suffering.

Mash: Ah!

Mash: Good morning, Senpai. It's a nice morning. Did you sleep well last night?

Fujimaru 1: I think I dreamed of an argument...or...something...

Mash: Hm???

Fujimaru 2: What about you, Mash?

Mash: I slept very well. All of my vitals are good.

Mash: Um, breakfast is ready. Shall we head to the cafeteria?

Mash: Actually...

Mash: I woke up early, so I helped out Emiya and Boudica in the kitchen today.

Fujimaru 1: Oh, that's good.

Fujimaru 2: Okay, let's go to the cafeteria!

Mash: Yes, Senpai.

Mash: Good health comes from a good night's sleep and a proper, nutritious meal, right!?

Fighting for Someone

Mash: Welcome back, Senpai!

Mash: Welcome back, everyone! Great job out there!

Mash: I can see the minute Singularity shrinking even as we speak. That's one less to worry about.

Fujimaru 1: I'm glad we took care of it without things getting out of hand.

Mash: Me too.

Fujimaru 2: Great job, everyone!

Ibaraki-Douji: Hmph, that was so easy I didn't even need to bother going! Hahaha!

Ibaraki-Douji: But don't forget my tribute, all right? I don't have to tell you what you need to bring me so I'll spare your life, do I?

Ibaraki-Douji: Heh heh heh, you'd better not ever forget I'm an oni! You can't just go ordering me around so easily!

Ibaraki-Douji: The moment you drop your guard, I'll eat your head and use your intestines to floss out any bits of skull that get stuck between my fangs. Don't forget that.

Fujimaru 1: I won't.

Ibaraki-Douji: Mwahaha, so you do know your place! Not bad!

Ibaraki-Douji: ...Anyway, hurry up and do something about that one. She's been acting weird and it's bugging me.

Geronimo: ...Have you noticed, Master?

Geronimo: I was watching while we were in battle, and she was far less active than usual.

Fujimaru 1: ...I noticed.

Geronimo: Florence Nightingale.

Geronimo: I've never seen her be so passive in battle before. I did not notice any affliction or wound that might explain it.

Geronimo: There may be something wrong with her Spirit Origin. We should treat her at once.

Geronimo: You should let Da Vinci know about this, just in case.

Nightingale: What are you talking about?

Nightingale: I was? In that last battle?

Geronimo: ...That's right. Twice, there was an enemy right in front of you, and you didn't lift a finger to attack them.

Geronimo: You would not normally allow yourself to be so passive. Are you aware you were acting like that?

Nightingale: ... ...

Nightingale: I'm sorry, I don't understand what you mean. It's not my job to fight. I'm a nurse, not a soldier.

Nightingale: Though of course, that doesn't mean I won't fight should it become necessary.

Nightingale: There may well be times when I'm pinned down, unable to reach relief supplies right in front of me.

Nightingale: So in circumstances like that...

Nightingale: ...I'm sure I would do whatever was necessary to remove the obstacles in my way.

Nightingale: If it came down to it, I would have no hesitation about drawing a gun and pulling the trigger. Of that, I'm certain.

Nightingale: But...

Nightingale: ...enemy or not, to do that would be to cause injury with my own hands.

Nightingale: And nothing could be further from what I want.

Nightingale: Listen, Commander, that others think of me as a small army unto myself does not make me an officer.

Nightingale: I'm not here because I want to win wars. All I want is for the fighting to stop.

Nightingale: I...

Nightingale: I want to save lives.

Nightingale: As long as I can do that, I don't care about the rest...

Fujimaru 1: Nightingale...

Nightingale: ...(Gasp!)

Nightingale: Nnn, I can't remember how I got here. Weren't we just fighting golems?

Nightingale: Are we back in Chaldea now? We are, aren't we? What have I been doing...?

Geronimo: You were telling us how you aren't a soldier. That is certainly true, of course, but... Hmm.

Geronimo: I knew it. Something is wrong with her Spirit Origin, Master.

Nightingale: I see.

Nightingale: Yes, I must not be feeling well. I will go rest.

Fujimaru 1: Nightingale?

Mash: Nightingale!?

Gentleman: ...Are you listening to me, Florence?

Nightingale: Yes. I'm listening.

Nightingale: We were just talking about the front line's medical supply situation. I need your help, Sidney.

Sidney Herbert: Oh for... I knew it! You aren't listening to me at all, Florence! Do you even realize where you are!?

Sidney Herbert: This is London! The capital of the entire British Empire! You aren't on the battlefield anymore, Florence.

Sidney Herbert: But it's clear to me that your heart is still there. Just look at you.

Sidney Herbert: I can't believe you're wearing an army uniform. You don't even work for them...

Sidney Herbert: I won't ask what happened while you were there, but this is London, Florence. London.

Sidney Herbert: Do you understand? You can't go around behaving like this.

Nightingale: ...I dress this way for a reason.

Nightingale: You may find it strange. Maybe it is strange. But I'm fighting too, just like those soldiers.

Nightingale: I'll never stop fighting against the illness and injury plaguing our world. This uniform is more than appropriate for that.

Sidney Herbert: You'll never stop fighting...?

Nightingale: That's right.

Sidney Herbert: Ahh...

Sidney Herbert: Don't do this to yourself anymore, Florence. Please. I'm begging you.

Sidney Herbert: You haven't been the Angel of Crimea for a long time now. You don't have to keep fighting any longer.

Sidney Herbert: It's time to focus on your own life now. What about... What about marriage?

Nightingale: Sidney?

Nightingale: What in the world are you talking about? You know nobody can get married on their own.

Sidney Herbert: ...That's not what I mean, and you know it.

Sidney Herbert: How long are you going to keep pretending not to know?

Sidney Herbert: I haven't been helping solely out of the goodness of my heart, Florence. Everything I've done has been for you...

Sidney Herbert: For years now, I...

Sidney Herbert: I've always lo–

Narration: No. This is wrong. It's a lie.

Narration: Sidney Herbert was my friend. He was already married. This conversation never happened. It couldn't have.

Narration: No. It's not just that.

Narration: In all my life, nobody ever told me they loved me...

Voice: I see.

Voice: I always thought your way of life was...bizarre, but now, you've started seeing cracks in your own facade.

Voice: Heh. Fascinating.

Voice: But...I'm not about to let you dig your own grave.

Nightingale: You have horrid taste in hobbies.

Nightingale: Do you always go around spying on women while they're sleeping?

Count of Monte Cristo: ...Hmph.

Count of Monte Cristo: Most Servants don't sleep at all, let alone dream.

Count of Monte Cristo: That you are here, now, doing both makes plain that something is wrong with your Spirit Origin.

Nightingale: ... ...

Count of Monte Cristo: Generally speaking, all of Chaldea's Servants are linked to Master. It's no wonder that sometimes lines may get a little blurred.

Nightingale: How dare you say that to me?

Count of Monte Cristo: Something like this has happened to you before, hasn't it?

Nightingale: That wasn't me. It was Fujimaru who...

Nightingale: Yes. It has.

Count of Monte Cristo: Nice to see you be direct about it.

Nightingale: It's clear what is going on here. There's no point in denying it.

Nightingale: ...I must be mentally injured.

Holmes: Heroic Spirits...

Holmes: ...are usually created when a human being ascends beyond their humanity. At this point, they have yet to be assigned a class.

Holmes: For one thing, the very concept of classes only arose as a byproduct of the Heroic Spirit Summoning Ritual.

Holmes: Naturally, Chaldea's summoning system follows the same principles, typically assigning each Heroic Spirit one of the seven classes.

Holmes: But there are, of course, exceptions to this rule. Most potential problems can be avoided if there is an appropriate Extra class to which the Heroic Spirit can be assigned...

Holmes: ...but there may also be times when a Heroic Spirit is forced into a class for which they may not be fully suited.

Holmes: Such cases can certainly become cause for distortion of one sort of another.

Fujimaru 1: Uh... And that means what, exactly?

Fujimaru 2: Could you try that again, only way, waaay simpler?

Holmes: ...The Ms. Nightingale we know is a Berserker.

Holmes: She is clearly a fighter, with her struggles to save lives as a nurse now manifesting in more literal terms.

Holmes: But is that who she truly is? Was she always so obstinate during her life as a human woman?

Holmes: Or is the fierce devotion we see in her a caricature of her true self, exaggerated to fit her Berserker class?

Holmes: If the latter, she will continue to strain her mind and Spirit Origin for the length of her materialization.

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fujimaru 2: Then, I've been forcing her to be something she's not all this time...

Mash: N-not necessarily!

Mash: I know that in my case, I never felt like I was under any strain.

Mash: So maybe it's similar for–

Holmes: As a Demi-Servant, Ms. Kyrielight, your circumstances are even more unusual.

Holmes: Thus, I'm afraid your argument may not hold much water in this case.

Da Vinci: Ugh, not again, Holmes. You really can be kind of a twat sometimes, you know that?

Holmes: Can I now?

Da Vinci: You don't have to put it like that. Summoning a Heroic Spirit with a mind of their own has always been a huge deal.

Da Vinci: And it's especially difficult to maintain a contract with a Berserker. This is KNOWN.

Count of Monte Cristo: ...It makes no difference to me.

Count of Monte Cristo: Let's go, Fujimaru.

Mash: Wha–

Count of Monte Cristo: Take care of [♂ his /♀️ her} body, girl. Er, Mash Kyrielight.

Mash: W-wait! What are you talking about, Count!?

Mash: Ah! Senpai!

Sidney Herbert: Ah, [♂ Mr. /♀️ Miss} Fujimaru! Excellent timing!

Sidney Herbert: Please, would you say something to Florence? I can't seem to get through to her myself.

Sidney Herbert: But maybe she'll listen to you, since you're one of her colleagues.

Sidney Herbert: Go on! Please, say something!

Nightingale: ... ...

Fujimaru 1: J-just a minute!

Fujimaru 2: What is this place...

Count of Monte Cristo: You are seeing her mind as it is now. Normally you would only see this in your dreams.

Fujimaru 1: So this is Nightingale's...

Count of Monte Cristo: That's right.

Sidney Herbert: Are you all right, [♂ Mr. /♀️ Miss} Fujimaru? Your eyes seemed to glaze over for a moment.

Sidney Herbert: Please, you have to talk to Florence. She needs to rest up and return to her normal life.

Sidney Herbert: She only just got back from the war, and she's still intent on fighting. She can't keep going like this.

Fujimaru 1: Um...

Fujimaru 2: I'm sorry, do I know you?

Count of Monte Cristo: He's nobody.

Count of Monte Cristo: Remember, she's a Berserker. Most of her rational mind was sealed away when she materialized.

Count of Monte Cristo: Ordinary people could never keep the fires of battle raging in their hearts at all times, but that's not the case for Berserkers.

Count of Monte Cristo: However, that of course comes at a cost.

Count of Monte Cristo: There's something that builds up deep down inside Berserkers over time.

Count of Monte Cristo: Especially in the ones who still speak with some semblance of sanity!

Nightingale: ... ...

Count of Monte Cristo: It becomes twisted, warped, distorted. At times, it can even manifest.

Count of Monte Cristo: Sometimes, it appears as a monster who wants nothing more than to follow its destructive impulses and lay waste to everything around it...

Count of Monte Cristo: ...and sometimes, it embodies reason in the shape of an old friend!

Sidney Herbert: She needs to rest now. She shouldn't push herself anymore.

Sidney Herbert: Come now, Florence, think about it. There's no reason to do this to yourself.

Sidney Herbert: Don't you agree, [♂ Mr. /♀️ Miss} Fujimaru!?

Fujimaru 1: Maybe you're right.

Sidney Herbert: Of course I am!

Sidney Herbert: So she should stop this right–

Fujimaru 1: But not yet.

Sidney Herbert: What was that...?

Fujimaru 1: I want to keep fighting beside her until the very end.

Sidney Herbert: What!?

Nightingale: ... ...

Nightingale: ...So that's your wish, Fujimaru?

Nightingale: Very well then, I accept your request. I will return to the battlefield to save as many lives as I can.

Nightingale: If helping those in need requires me to do violence, then so be it.

Nightingale: Good grief. I guess you're no better than me in some ways, Commander.

Nightingale: Your desire to remain on the battlefield with me can't be healthy. I must cure you of it...some day.

Fujimaru 1: Works for me.

Count of Monte Cristo: I see your appearance has changed. Not bad.

Nightingale: So it has. I didn't mean for my hair to come undone...but perhaps it suits who I am now.

Nightingale: If I'm to embrace my Berserker self...then I must admit this is who I am.

Nightingale: A wild woman, hair untamed, saving every life she can without regard for her own safety.

Nightingale: This is who I truly am right now.

Nightingale: All right then, Commander. No...Master. First, I'll need your help with something.

Nightingale: The temporary excision of this fragment of rationality masquerading as an old friend.

Fujimaru 1: You got it!

Fujimaru 2: Let the healing begin!

Nightingale: Good. Very well then...

Nightingale: Start the treatment!!!


Nightingale: Good morning. ...I see you have more or less awoken on schedule today.

Nightingale: It's been a week since your last morning exam, so I'd like you to come to the infirmary for a follow-up.

Nightingale: Mash Kyrielight is already on standby there, so do try to hurry.

Nightingale: Now, if you'll excuse me.

Fujimaru 1: Nightingale!

Nightingale: Yes?

Fujimaru 1: ...G-good morning.

Nightingale: Yes, it is a good morning.

Nightingale: ...Thank you again for fighting by my side, Master.