Francis Drake

Treasure Island

Drake: Hey, you're here Captain— I mean Fujimaru.

Drake: We see each other all the time, but talking to you like this feels like old times, somehow.

Mash: Me too, Captain. I'm sure Senpai feels the same way.

Dr. Roman: That's right. Although it's like our voyage with Captain Drake never happened, we still remember it clearly.

Drake: I don't remember it at all. When Mash says "I'm happy to see you again," I have no idea what she means.

Drake: But still, I get all weepy thinking "yeah, there was that," so you must be telling the truth.

Fou: Fou...

Drake: Aww, enough with the mushy stuff. I came here to talk about something fun!

Fujimaru 1: Something fun?

Fujimaru 2: Making money?

Drake: That's right! I may be out of the pirate business, but I've still got my sea legs, Captain!

Drake: I heard something interesting. A story about an island with buried treasure.

Drake: How about it? Want to go have some fun? The more of these, the better, right?

Mash: These? Senpai, why is Captain Drake doing this thing with her index finger and thumb?

Dr. Roman: Haha! Don't worry about it, Mash. I like the sound of the word treasure island! Adventure awaits!

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru, let's take Captain Drake up on her kind offer.

Dr. Roman: So, Captain, which sea in particular is this treasure island?

Drake: Hmm? Um, let me see... The Bermuda... Something? Triangle, maybe?

Dr. Roman: —What did you say?

Mash: T-That was... Awful... I've never seen a storm like that...

Drake: Yeah? That was nothing bad... The ship only flew up in the air twice, right?

Dr. Roman: Ships aren't supposed to fly up in the air, Captain... I got seasick watching it on the monitor. How bad is it...

Drake: Does it matter? We made it to the island. And we're the first ones here.

Drake: But well... It looks like we've got a welcoming committee.

Monster: FUoooooooOOOOOOo!

Mash: !!! These look like the monsters that live on this island! Master, your orders!

Drake: Now this is what I call an adventure! I got nothing against you, but if you're in my way, I'll take you on!


Drake: Get out of my way if you want to survive!

Drake: If you win, we're your dinner! If we win, you're finished!

Drake: If you're okay with that, then come at me! I'll strip you to the bone, and sell your meat and pelts!

Monster: GUeeeeeeeeee!

Mash: ...It was very nice of you to let the monsters run away like that, Captain.

Drake: Huh? I didn't save them. I just didn't want to kill too many and hurt this island's ecosystem.

Drake: We'll be rich if these pelts go for a high price back on land. Then, it'll be our loss if none of them are left, right?

Mash: I-I see... Ahaha... That's right, this is the kind of person Captain Drake is...

Dr. Roman: Everybody, I think there's a cave over there. But I'm picking up a weird reading. Be careful if you go in.

Drake: It's nice to have a scout. Okay, let's be careful on our way in then.

Drake: Man, we hit the jackpot. A typical little treasure room.

Drake: It probably belonged to pirates who lived in this area. The treasure's still here, so of course—


Mash: There's a guard. Captain Drake, can we defeat it?

Drake: Go ahead. I don't see traps that'll blow up the treasure. Have fun!

Mash: Roger. Master, let's rip this thing apart!


Drake: Is that the last of the guards? Then let's get that treasure—

Teach: Yar! I see the old hag's here too! I see ya still got those needlessly huge knockers! Bwaha!

Both: —Geh —Geh

Teach: Arrr! But that cutie next to ya is just my type! Must be fate that brought us together here—

Teach: I guess the goddess loves this boy after all!

Mash: Senpai, no, Master Fujimaru. Give me your orders, now. Give me permission to blast the enemy to ash.

Drake: What is that thing? WHAT IS THAT THING!? I've never seen anything so creepy!

Teach: Bwahahahaah! The old hag's blushin' again, ain't she!?

Teach: I understand your shock, see. I ain't no ordinary Teach right now.

Teach: A phantom of the love hunter, brought here by the space-time scrambling in this area... I'm a copy of him.

Teach: I have double the power, double the power, AND double the power I normally got! I'm a Super Servant!

Dr. Roman: So basically you're just twice as strong as usual.

Teach: Ho-ho-ho! Your words hurt me! But it feels so good!

Teach: Come on, old hag! This time, those cups of yers are mine!

Drake: Cups!? I don't have any cups!

Mash: Captain, there's no need to listen to him! The only thing you need to do is attack!


Teach: I lost... Again... LOL Can't help it, can I? I'm just a ghost...

Drake: What on Earth was that?

Drake: —Okay, I'm forgetting it. The best thing to do is just forget it.

Drake: Anyway, onto the treasure... Oh, this looks great!

Drake: Ores, jewels, antiques! Stuff that's easy to sell, and holds its value!

Drake: You grab some stuff too, Fujimaru! Let's enjoy these spoils together!

Fujimaru 1: ...If you say so...

Fujimaru 2: ...I-I only need one!

Drake: Okay, that's all the good stuff. Let's go.

Mash: –? Captain, there's still more antiques left.

Drake: Leave'em. We don't have a lot of people, and there's no point in being greedy.

Drake: But I did forget one thing. ...Okay, there we go.

Dr. Roman: You made a mark on the inside the chest? Captain Drake, what was that for?

Drake: I drew a golden deer. To show I was here first.

Drake: Any dumb pirate who opens this up after me will say, "Curse ye, Golden Hind!"

Drake: And my reputation will keep spreading.

Mash: A deer... A golden deer?

Drake: Come on, let's go Fujimaru. Let's get back to land and throw a big party!

Dr. Roman: Y-Yeah, if you say so, Captain. Come on, let's go Fujimaru.

Dr. Roman: You're right, there's no point in staying. Who knows when another pirate will come.

Dr. Roman: Let's just enjoy what the Captain got for us this time.

Mash: Right. Let's go to a bar and hear Captain Drake sing.

Pioneer of the Stars

Mash: And that's why we're off on another voyage! There's nothing quite like the feel of the wind on the open sea, is there, Senpai!?

Drake: Right? I wouldn't call Chaldea cramped or anything, but you're still just holed up inside!

Drake: Glad I could get you outta that place for once. You've gotta spend time under the sun while you're still young!

Drake: Otherwise you'll end up twisted and misanthropic, no matter how smart or chivalrous you may start out.

Drake: Ain't that right, Mr. Super Genius?

Nikola Tesla: Hmph. You wound me, Captain. I must say, your theory is wholly without merit!

Nikola Tesla: The greatest effect a secluded environment can have on one's personality development is to enhance one's self-sufficiency!

Nikola Tesla: Should that make one twisted is an entirely separate issue. Were I discussing this with anyone else, I would dismiss it out of hand, but...

Drake: But what?

Nikola Tesla: Coming from you, Captain Drake, I am happy to accept your words, criticism or otherwise. I'm honored you invited me to join you.

Nikola Tesla: We may be very different people, but I respect your initiative and your capability a great deal.

Drake: Glad to hear that. I'd hate to kick this voyage off with a shoot-out, after all.

Drake: Spare me the formalities though. Just having a good-looking guy around brightens things up.

Drake: Now...why did I invite you again?

Drake: I think I just wanted you to see how a proper voyage goes.

Blackbeard: Yeah! You hear that, Tight-Suit? Forget your steamboats! Forget your diesel engines!

Blackbeard: A REAL sailor goes wherever the wind takes him! The sea's a battlefield, where REAL men proudly display their browsing history!

Blackbeard: Having a tinkerer or ten like you aboard wouldn't help ANYTHING! Nothing!

Blackbeard: All your AC can do out here is to make your noob death quicker by getting zapped when you fall into the water! Now scram!

Nikola Tesla: By the way, Captain Drake, what is that seedy little man doing here?

Drake: ...Oh, that? Just a damn stowaway.

Drake: Didn't notice him sneak on. Must be losing my edge. I HAVE had a bad feeling this whole time, though.

Blackbeard: Duhuhu. Bad feeling? Hope you're not thinkin' that gives you the high ground!

Blackbeard: You spoil me with such attention, old hag! Y'better stop that before you light me up like a schoolgirl!

Blackbeard: Though I must say... (Sniff, sniff, sniff) This deck is scrubbed so clean you could eat off it...

Blackbeard: In fact, I think you could even lick it directly... No, it DEMANDS to be licked directly!


Very well then, pardon me while I show this deck soaked with your haggish scent some well-deserved love–

Drake: Just jump overboard with the rest of the trash and DIE already!



Drake: Ugh, you're disgusting! You could've taken your own damn ship if you felt like going out to sea!


Huhuhu, you underestimate my sense of smell, old hag. I caught the scent of money to be made on this ship.

Blackbeard: If you're going out to sea, you'd better believe I'm coming along, old hag. I'm not about to let you hog all the glory for yourself.

Drake: ...(Sigh). You're technically a sailor, right? So I don't hafta tell you what happens to stowaways, do I?

Blackbeard: Huh? You're kidding... You don't even know what the latest international treaties are? So you're an old-fashioned old hag?

Drake: All right, time to off him for good. Master, Chaldea's not gonna miss one little Servant, right?

Drake: Here, I'll show you what happens when revolting scumbags break the laws of the sea.

Drake: I always wanted to try gutting a fish after stringing it up. I think I'll start by hanging this one upside down and cutting him in half!


Aah! Don't you think that'd be a bit too much gore for Fujimaru's delicate sensibilities? [♂ He /♀️ She}'s not even old enough for R-rated movies!

Blackbeard: Please, [♂ Mistah /♀️ Missy} Fujimaru, help! Before the old hag has her way with me!

Fujimaru 1: Now now, I'm sure he means well... Probably...

Fujimaru 2: I know he's a scumbag, but try to let it go.

Blackbeard: Ahhh, that's my Master for you! Now we can cook up some wonderfully wicked schemes together!

Drake: ...(Sigh) You're too soft on him, you know that?

Drake: But, since he's here now, we might as well find a use for him.

Drake: Gotta recoup my investment on this Rayshift somehow, especially after all the loot I had to give the Doctor.

Mash: You paid him? I thought our Rayshift here was a secret...

Dr. Roman: Of course not, Mash. As the Acting Director, you'd better believe I'm keeping my eye on things.

Dr. Roman: That aside, I appreciate your enthusiasm, Captain Drake.

Dr. Roman: How could I refuse once you told me it would benefit Fujimaru as well?

Dr. Roman: I do have to ask, though: Are you sure about that time period, Captain? Wouldn't the simulator have worked just as well?

Drake: Oh? You worried, Doc? You're a lot sharper than you look!

Drake: But relax. There's a reason I chose this time period. It means a lot to me.

Drake: The way I see it...

Drake: ...this is the only lesson I can teach Fujimaru here.

Fujimaru 1: ...This time period means a lot to you?

Fujimaru 2: ...You have a lesson to teach me...?

Drake: Whoops, guess that's enough chitchat. Just forget it!

Drake: All right, we're almost at our first destination. Make ready for mooring!

Blackbeard: Well now... This is San Julián!

Blackbeard: Hm? Wait...this wouldn't happen to be June of 1578, would it? Are you serious, you old hag?

Drake: Ugh, you really are disgusting... Yeah, it is.

Drake: My fleet is docked here after we left Plymouth to sail around the world.

Fujimaru 1: What if we run into the real you from this time then?

Drake: Don't worry. I know where my old crew is and I'd never leave the ship unless I had to.

Blackbeard: But...isn't San Julián the place where Thomas–

Drake: Keep your filthy yap shut. I'll tell 'em myself.

Drake: ...Tonight, one of my fleet's ships, the Swan, is gonna desert me.

Drake: It's commanded by a noble called Thomas Doughty. He was one of my best friends...till he turned traitor.

Drake: Nikola Tesla. Fujimaru.

Drake: I want you two to capture Thomas for me.

Drake: I still remember his escape route, so that should make it easy for you to ambush him.

Dr. Roman: Hm? Hang on. Are you trying to change the course of history, Captain?

Drake: Nah, couldn't even if I wanted to. Besides, I don't wanna do everything over again.

Drake: I've always played the hand life dealt me. If I ever had any regrets, I've already forgotten 'em.

Drake: All I want is to get Thomas to tell you why he did it. You can let him go once he has.

Drake: That way, the past'll still stay the same, right?

Drake: It'll still be the real, living me catching him after he thinks he got away with it.

Dr. Roman: ...Hmm. True, that shouldn't cause any problems. But why go to all this trouble?

Drake: I'll tell you when all's said and done. Now get moving. I'm gonna stay behind, since I think being there would only complicate things.

Dr. Roman: Well this is weird. I know what Captain Drake said, but she IS an infamous pirate...

Dr. Roman: I can't rule out the possibility that she's planning to misuse this Rayshift for something really bad...

Nikola Tesla: I considered those risks as well, Doctor. But you may rest assured.

Nikola Tesla: She is a captain, a title synonymous with justice. She would never Rayshift solely for personal gain.

Blackbeard: No way... Captains are synonymous with justice...? Then, does that mean all MY actions are in the right!?

Fujimaru 1: Shut it, Blackbeard.

Fujimaru 2: Go shave your beard, Teach.

Blackbeard: (Sniffle)

Nikola Tesla: Besides, if she were to engage in piracy again, it would be in the modern era, not the past.

Nikola Tesla: Thanks to the high-quality products on the market, there is more money to be earned nowadays.

Nikola Tesla: She would not have invited Master to this time unless there is something that can only be found here.

Nikola Tesla: In which case, all we need do is watch over her. Don't you agree, Romani Archaman?

Dr. Roman: ...(Sigh) I can never tell what you mad geniuses are thinking. But okay, I'll trust you, Nikola.

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru, Mash.

Dr. Roman: This mission probably won't be TOO dangerous, but make sure you keep your eyes peeled anyway.

Dr. Roman: You don't want to miss whatever it is Captain Drake wants you to learn.

Mash: Understood. I'll stay by Master's side and remain vigilant.

Blackbeard: By the way, can I make a case for my utility now?

Blackbeard: You do know this is MY ship you're all lounging about on, right?

Blackbeard: You know, the Queen Anne's Revenge. She's my pride and joy.

Blackbeard: You should try using my Noble Phantasm now and then. It's pretty good, if I do say so myself.

Fujimaru 1: Oh yes, I know all about it.

Fujimaru 2: It's very one-sided.

Mash: Yes, when it comes to maritime battles, your Noble Phantasm is, uh...

Mash: ...third after Captain Drake's and that older captain with the white beard!

Nikola Tesla: Indeed. While I do think you'll eventually fall to fourth place, for now, you are still technically in the top three.


Are you serial, Nikola!? Jason's the ONE guy I refuse to lose to!

Blackbeard: ...But never mind future stuff that's never gonna happen anyway.

Blackbeard: Tell me, [♂ Mistah /♀️ Missy} Fujimaru, what do YOU think of the old hag's plan?

Blackbeard: I have no idea what to make of it, and it pisses me off that Tight-Suit there does.

Blackbeard: Does it have something to do with them both being pioneers? She doesn't really go in for those smarty-pants types, does she?

Fujimaru 1: What do you mean by that, Teach?

Blackbeard: Well, I'll try not to go on about it TOO much, but... Well, in that old hag's case...

Blackbeard: ...sailing around the world was nothing more than a fairy tale until she went and pulled it off.

Blackbeard: Once people knew it was possible, it went from miraculous to achievable. Of course, there were technological breakthroughs involved as well...

Fujimaru 2: What does he mean by that, Tesla?

Nikola Tesla: Hmm. I trust you've heard the word “breakthrough” before?

Nikola Tesla: While it's commonly used to refer to formerly impossible things becoming possible, or limits being surpassed...

Nikola Tesla: ...those are merely evolutionary steps. Living creatures naturally take such steps over the course of their lifetime.

Nikola Tesla: A true breakthrough happens when obstacles hindering technology or a civilization's development cease to be an obstruction.

Nikola Tesla: “It will take decades for this breakthrough to come to fruition.” “This is simply not possible with our current technology.”

Nikola Tesla: Problems like that have appeared throughout all of human history. One could even consider them the will of God attempting to hold back mankind's evolution.

Nikola Tesla: But now and then, someone special will manage a breakthrough with currently available technology and resources alone.

Nikola Tesla: From then on, the knowledge they gained from overcoming that obstacle becomes something shared with the rest of humanity.

Nikola Tesla: These people are known as pioneers in recognition of their achievements...

Nikola Tesla: ...for they are the ones who paved the way for the expansion of humanity's knowledge beyond its limits.

Nikola Tesla: In brief, I suppose you could say they are people who made the impossible possible.

Nikola Tesla: Of course, that's much easier said than done. A real breakthrough is an incredible feat, and most people who managed one were mocked mercilessly by laymen.

Nikola Tesla: They were dismissed as mere eccentrics with delusions of grandeur for thinking they could succeed at something everyone else knew to be impossible.

Nikola Tesla: Captain Drake and myself are prime examples of that... Though of course, I never had her charisma.

Mash: ...Um, excuse me. I'm sorry to interrupt, but it looks like the Swan is here...

Mash: So...we need to board it and take it over, right? Otherwise, Thomas is just going to get away...

Dr. Roman: Right. But be careful not to kill him, or you'll change the course of history.


Nikola Tesla:

Can you smeeell what the Nik is cooking!?

Nikola Tesla: 'Cause we're cooking with ALTERNATING CURRENT now!

Mash: Wow. That just instantly knocked out all the pirates.

Fujimaru 1: This is your doing, isn't it, Teach?

Blackbeard: Yus. He already looks like a heel, so I thought this would be the perfect intro for him.

Blackbeard: I never thought he'd actually run with it though. Now I dunno how I can follow it up...

Nikola Tesla: Heh. I suppose I got carried away. But I hope you'll understand I was still holding back. I certainly didn't mean to reveal my stun gun quite like this.

Nikola Tesla: It must have been quite a shock for Thomas, figuratively and literally speaking.

Thomas Doughty: Oogh... What was that lightning...? Was that St. Elmo's fire or something...?

Thomas Doughty: Is this God's way of telling me this is a mistake...? But... Dammit, even if it is, I still–

Blackbeard: Hey, don't ragequit now. God ain't real, but I sure as hell am.

Blackbeard: You really stepped in it this time, didn't you, Tommy boy?

Blackbeard: Ya got guts, pulling a fast one on Francis Drake. Actually almost makes me wanna ask you for lessons.

Blackbeard: Anyways, I don't see what you're getting out of this. And you're practically skin and bones.

Blackbeard: I don't get it. Why're you doing this?

Blackbeard: Why betray Drake? You can't possibly be getting any money out of this.

Thomas Doughty: Did Drake send you? Please, you've gotta spare me. I can't afford to die here.

Blackbeard: We're not talking about sparing anyone. I don't care if you live or die.

Blackbeard: All I wanna know is what's up with the backstabbing. It's all I can think about anymore.

Blackbeard: Can't even pirate doujin in peace until I get answers. If you can't give 'em, you're no good to me alive.

Blackbeard: If killing you's the only way to get this nagging question to shut up, I'm game.

Thomas Doughty: W-wait, please! I'll tell you, I promise!

Thomas Doughty: ...It was when she revealed the goal of this voyage back at San Julián.

Thomas Doughty: At first, she went around recruiting investors, saying we were gonna get rich by attacking Spanish treasure ships. Then we put together a fleet and set out from Plymouth.

Thomas Doughty: What she didn't say was that her REAL plan was to sail around the world. ...She even kept it a secret from me, her best friend.

Blackbeard: ...Oh yeah, I remember now.

Blackbeard: You're the one who introduced Francis Drake to Queen Elizabeth.

Blackbeard: That's great. You did a real good thing there. Wish I had friends among royalty.

Blackbeard: Say, think you can still pull that off? I'd love to get an invite to a fancy ball or something.

Thomas Doughty: ...No, I can't. You're not fit to set foot in the palace. You've got no dignity, and no destiny.

Thomas Doughty: I can't take credit for Drake meeting the queen. That much was fated to happen.

Thomas Doughty: They made that decision on their own. It was their bravery, their duty, their sense of adventure that made it happen.

Blackbeard: Huh. That it?

Thomas Doughty: ...I fell hard for her, seeing her shining so bright.

Thomas Doughty: She always had an incredible abundance of charm, but I sensed she had even greater potential as a sailor.

Thomas Doughty: I truly did want to support her dream. But...

Blackbeard: ...

Thomas Doughty: ...But it's too soon. It's too reckless.

Thomas Doughty: From everything I've seen, sailing around the world isn't going to pan out. We lost a number of ships just getting here, and everyone's shaken.

Thomas Doughty: Morale was low even before she revealed her true goal out of nowhere. Now it's completely shot.

Nikola Tesla: Sounds like an eleventh-hour effort. Perhaps she believed revealing her intentions would unite the crew.

Thomas Doughty: So what if it did!? Nobody's pulled off a voyage like this in decades, not since Magellan!

Thomas Doughty: So I took the Swan and some of the crew hoping it would make her give up on this around the world nonsense.

Blackbeard: Hah! Did you really think that would make Drake, of ALL people, give up?

Thomas Doughty: ...You're right. Now that I stop and think about it, I should've known better.

Thomas Doughty: Running off with one of her ships wouldn't even slow her down, let alone stop her altogether.

Thomas Doughty: But at least let me say this. She's the real thing...the REAL real thing.

Thomas Doughty: That's why I couldn't let her die like a dog in a place like this... I wanted her to live on!

Mash: Then, does this mean we just stopped Mr. Doughty from risking his life to help Drake...?

Fujimaru 1: The way things are going, this Drake will...

Thomas Doughty: ...Most people in her position would fail miserably, and never return to tell the tale.

Thomas Doughty: But maybe that's just an excuse for cowards like me.

Thomas Doughty: If the crew of her ship, the Golden Hind, can all come together...

Thomas Doughty: ...she might just be able to make it all the way to the end, no matter how difficult the voyage or how many lives are lost.

Nikola Tesla: Except you've dashed any hope that crew had of ever coming together. Now that the deer's leg is broken, it won't soon be healed.

Thomas Doughty: ...Yeah, you're right.

Thomas Doughty: That's why I've gotta go back alive. As a traitor.

Mash: Huh...?

Thomas Doughty: I'm not begging for my life because I'm afraid of dying. I just want to choose the way I die.

Thomas Doughty: Once I'm taken back, I'll be put on trial. Drake will decide what to do with me, and I'll get the punishment I deserve for betraying her.

Thomas Doughty: Once that's over with, the crew will be united again.

Thomas Doughty: After that...what happens'll be up to her. It doesn't matter what the rest of the world thinks.

Thomas Doughty: From there on out, it'll just be a story about Francis Drake fighting against destiny.

Blackbeard: That so? Ugh, this is a sickening plot twist. It's even more boring than I could've imagined.

Blackbeard: And here I thought you were hiding a stash of treasure you stole from her all this time. What a letdown.

Blackbeard: There's no point in killing you. Go on, get out of here. I ain't gonna stop you.

Blackbeard: Just don't tell anyone about us, you hear? Breathe a word, and I'll put a bullet between your eyes before you can blink.

Thomas Doughty: ...Thank you. I owe you one.

Blackbeard: Hah, first time I've been thanked by a dead man walking. Eh, not like you're gonna last much longer.

Drake: Hey, you're back. How'd it go?

Blackbeard: No fun at all. It was like waiting in line at GameShop all night for a new release only to have them sell out before you even get through the doors.

Blackbeard: No, Thomas didn't have anything to say for himself. He was a Doughty in every sense of the word!

Mash: ...Um, Captain Drake...

Fujimaru 1: The truth is...

Blackbeard: Aww, why'd you have to spill the beans? I wanted it to be our little secret.

Drake: So that's the story, huh. Well, I figured it was something like that.

Mash: Drake...

Drake: But I already had my heart set on sailing around the world. Giving up on that would be giving up on everything I am.

Drake: If that means my best friend ends up dying, that's just how it is. Whether he was a traitor or not, he still got in my way, so I had to kick him overboard.

Drake: And that's not just hindsight speaking.

Drake: Even if I had learned about this back when I was still alive, I wouldn't have done anything differently.

Fujimaru 1: Then, why did you go to all this trouble?

Drake: 'Cause I wanted you to know that life's not all sunshine and rainbows.

Drake: Shit happens. A lot. And often as not, there's nothing you can do about it.

Drake: Sometimes, someone you thought was your friend turns out to be working against you, and sometimes, someone you hated enough to kill ends up being someone you respect more than anyone.

Drake: People may see me as this great pioneer, but deep down, I'm just like you.

Drake: Sometimes things break my way, sometimes they don't.

Drake: That's just how it is, for everyone. know. What I'm trying to say is...

Drake:'s all right if you screw up sometimes, Fujimaru.

Drake: Sure, you got a lot riding on your shoulders, but it's not the end of the world if you drop it.

Drake: Maybe someone else'll pick up the pieces.

Drake: Or maybe letting a few things go will let you keep to the path.

Drake: So just take it easy, all right? Life's a coin toss; it always comes up either heads or tails.

Drake: Sometimes, a friend might stab you in the back, and sometimes, an enemy might be the love of your life.

Drake: That's not to say having a friend like Thomas die on me was easy. But if you can look back on that and laugh, that's when you'll know you're all grown up.

Drake: And hey, if it pisses you off to think about them, just curse them until you feel better.

Drake: Getting to send the dead off with a laugh is a privilege reserved for those who're still alive.

Dr. Roman: ...

Nikola Tesla: I see. So those are the principles with which you lead your life. Then I presume we have no more business in this time period?

Drake: Nah. This was just a side venture. Can't line your pockets with knowledge alone, right? Our REAL destination's coming up next.

Drake: Hold on to your hats, 'cause this next place is something else! If all goes well, we'll be splitting enough treasure to make us all rich!

Blackbeard: Treasure, you say!? If it's a treasure of yours, old hag, it must of your old corsets!

Blackbeard: I can imagine its leather straps hugging your little tummy pooch even as we speak! Now that's a treasure I–

Drake: Nobody said anything about corsets! This belt's more than enough for me!


Drake: Damn, this ship sure can fly. It would've taken days to cross these waters back in my time.

Blackbeard: Ooh, is that the Strait of Magellan I see off the starboard bow? Are we going to the Pacific?

Drake: 'Fraid we don't have any business there this time around.

Nikola Tesla: Hmm. In that case, our destination must be Cape Horn, past the Drake Passage.

Drake: You're pretty sharp, aren't you? Yeah, that's our next destination.

Drake: By the way, you feeling okay? You look pale, and your knees are shaking.

Nikola Tesla: Indeed, I am feeling quite ill. I never imagined I would be prone to seasickness.

Nikola Tesla: I shall have to think about ways to stabilize a ship's deck prior to my next voyage.

Nikola Tesla: No, wait. Perhaps I should invent a way for boats to glide across the water's surface.

Nikola Tesla: If I were to lay down electromagnetic rails in the air, so that it float across them like a hovercraft...

Nikola Tesla: No, wait. That would just be a hovertrain, not a boat...

Nikola Tesla: Hmm. Even with my wisdom guiding the myths of humanity, it seems the sea is still the domain of the old gods...

Mash: Even in modern times, most ships use diesel engines.

Mash: Though the number of electric and hybrid cars is growing, ocean travel is still pretty unstable.

Nikola Tesla: That would change if there were a more efficient way of generating electricity via combustion.

Nikola Tesla: Unfortunately, the only attempt at perpetual motion to ever succeed that I am aware of is the special Tesla coil I wear.

Blackbeard: Speaking as a sailor, bringing electricity on board is all risk and no reward. I wish you'd just get off the ship before you end up burning the mast down.

Blackbeard: Not that any ship of mine or the old hag couldn't handle a little lightning strike, of course!

Blackbeard: Anyway, is this Cape Horn place where you hid your legendary treasure or something?

Blackbeard: Say, all those gold doubloons you stole from the Spanish that nobody ever found...?

Drake: You just can't stop being creepy, can you... Must've taken you a good while to figure that...

Fujimaru 1: ...Huh?

Fujimaru 2: Then, this really IS a treasure hunt!?

Drake: N-nah, nothing so grandiose. I just happened to remember something is all.

Drake: Back then, I found a buncha jewels and talismans I didn't know what to make of, and I thought you might have a use for them.

Dr. Roman: Jewels and talismans... That sounds like they could be sources of magical energy! If that's true, we could absolutely use them!

Drake: Right? I know Chaldea's always just barely making ends meet, so I'm hoping this stuff can help out, even just a little.

Drake: But don't get your hopes up too high. We're basically just going back for something I forgot.

Drake: There's just one little problem. We're probably gonna run into you-know-what.

Mash: You don't mean...the only thing you can't stand...?

Drake: That's the one. But this probably won't be as bad as back then. Especially since you can shoot it.

Drake: But on the flip side, this one's even more dangerous.

Drake: Me, Fujimaru, and Mash alone won't be able to handle it.

Drake: That's why I had Tesla here come along! So he can help us fight storm with storm.

Nikola Tesla: ...I see. That explains this feeling I've been having. It seems I too have some connection to this “storm.”

Mash: Look! Master, the sky...! A storm just came out of nowhere...!

Blackbeard: Here, Master! Tie this rope around your waist, quickly!

Drake: ...There they are. I knew it. These things always show up to get in my way.

Drake: Come to think of it, they got me good after I crossed the Strait of Magellan too.

Dr. Roman: I'm seeing powerful magical energy signals headed your way! Are those Servants...?

Dr. Roman: (No, they're too lacking in substance for that. They're more like shadows than anything... Maybe they're shadows cast by Drake herself...?)

Dr. Roman: (Whatever they are, they're drawn to her. The Wild Hunt was said to be the embodiment of a legendary storm...)

Dr. Roman: (Now that she's joined its ranks, does that mean she's destined to be swallowed up by a storm too...?)

Drake: Ahh, there's nothing like a good storm to get your blood pumping. Now THIS is what an adventure oughta be!

Drake: It's not a real voyage if you're not risking your life! Let's do this, Teach!

Drake: The scientist'll handle the lightning for us. Let's show these things what pirates are!

Blackbeard: Ah!

Blackbeard: Don't gotta tell me twice! A little storm like this is nothing compared to my lady troubles!

Blackbeard: Just make sure you don't go screwing things up yourself, Drake!

Blackbeard: Turn your back on me, and I'll make sure you go down first!

Drake: That's the spirit! Go ahead and blast your cannons all you want! You couldn't hit me even if I was standing right in front of them!

Drake: All right, let's go, Fujimaru!

Drake: Time to show these creeps who's boss and make our way on to Treasure Island!


Drake: Guess those things aren't all bad. With that storm and the currents, we got here faster than I expected.

Mash: ...We made it to shore intact, Master. I'm fairly sure the ship was flying again towards the end...

Nikola Tesla: So that is the Drake Passage off to the south. I can see it's a complex maze of rough currents.

Nikola Tesla: No wonder it was considered impossible to cross with sixteenth-century nautical engineering.

Drake: Yeah. I just discovered it; I didn't actually cross it.

Blackbeard: Well that's a waste. Just imagine if you'd made your way across it and arrived at Antarctica, old hag!

Blackbeard: You could've been a triple crown pioneer, conquering the world, the Spanish Armada, and Antarctica! You were so close!

Drake: Huh, yeah, I guess that is kind of a waste. Triple crown's got a nice ring to it!

Drake: But oh well. It's all academic now, anyway.

Drake: Besides, I'm not like Magellan. I never had any interest in a southern super continent.

Drake: On a different note, Blackbeard, up for some hunting? Consider it your fare after stowing away on my ship.

Blackbeard: You certainly are a slave driver, aren't you, old hag. Fine, how many do you want? Ten? A hundred?

Drake: One'll be plenty! Hell, just how big of an eater do you think I am, anyway? All I want's some raw meat. I haven't had any in a long time.

Blackbeard: Here you are, everyone! Did you see me out there? I was pretty wild, wasn't I?

Blackbeard: I pulled out every trick I had since there's nothing but seals here, you know.

Blackbeard: Do you eat seal, old hag? Are you a liver kind of gal?

Drake: Not bad, creep. Now gimme that knife. I'll prep it myself.

Blackbeard: What!? You mean you're not gonna go for it raw, old hag!? And since when can you cook!?

Drake: Shaddup! Of course I can cook! All you gotta do is skin it, gut it, and cook the meat!

Drake: Keep whining, and I'll cook you too! And I won't bother putting you down first, either!

Blackbeard: That ain't cooking! That's just torture!

Drake: Thaaat's the stuff. Tastes just as bad as ever. You guys wanna try a bite?

Mash: ...Th-thank you.

Fujimaru 1: It's not THAT bad... I mean, it's still edible.

Mash: Master's right. This is still much better than military rations.

Drake: Glad to hear it. Does that mean you could have nothing but seal day in and day out?

Mash: That's... Well...

Drake: We got caught up in a hell of a storm after we crossed the Strait of Magellan. Took everything we had just to wash up here.

Drake: The fleet I put back together at San Julián got torn apart, until the only ship left was the Golden Hind.

Drake: Almost out of food, not a penny to our names...not that it'd help since, y'know, no markets nearby. So nothing but seal here for days just to survive.

Nikola Tesla: Nothing but this every day, huh? That would be downright torturous for a vegetarian like me.

Blackbeard: I'm a carnivore myself, but there's no stinking way I'd ever eat seal to survive. I'd just turn tail and run back home.

Drake: Don't be daft. You know damn well we're not the kind of pirates who turn tail and run home just because we had a little run-in with death.

Drake: Me, I found it exciting. I'd never have had a chance to eat seal if I'd lived a normal life.

Drake: And my ship was still seaworthy, so it wasn't a complete loss, given my nautical skills.

Drake: Besides, if I'd turned back now, that idiot Thomas would've died for nothing.

Drake: So I decided to jump from the frying pan into the fire and make this place my crossroads.

Drake: As a result, I ended up staying on this island for a long time. Enough to lay plenty of traps for whoever found it next.

Mash: Traps...? Then, does that mean you really did leave some treasure buried here, like Captain Teach said...?

Drake: Sure. I hid it in a cave not too far from here. What do you say we go get it after we finish this seal?

Drake: You guys'll get your precious magical energy, and I'll...

Drake: ...Well, for me, seal meat tastes like condemnation. Sure puts a strong wind in my sails.

Drake: After all, Chaldea's got a bunch of real tough Servants!

Drake: So I've gotta shape up if I'm gonna beat the other Riders!

Fujimaru 1: True, the other Riders are pretty tough...

Drake: That they are. I wonder why so many kings end up as Riders? There's the King of Conquerors, the King of Kings, the King of Maids...

Drake: ...Well, I don't know much about that last one, but the way things're going, it looks like it's only a matter of time until some real crazy king shows up.

Drake: So I've GOTTA light a fire under my ass if I'm gonna be of any help to you.

Fujimaru 2: Captain Drake'll always be leading them from the front.

Drake: Aww, really? I don't know what to say. I never did learn how to take a compliment... Damn, I think I'm blushing.

Blackbeard: Seriously!? Why don't you ever blush for me, you old hag!? I'm ALWAYS giving you backhanded compliments!

Drake: 'Cause you're a liar, that's why. Try being honest 'bout your feelings for a change. Then drop dead.

Blackbeard: (Shock)

Blackbeard: But I wouldn't have you any other way, old hag! Nobody wants to see an older heroine go full tsundere!

Drake: All right, that's enough chitchat.

Drake: Mash, Doc, we can bring back at least a few magical energy resources, right?

Drake: I'll let you guys handle the conversion. Just make sure you use 'em to help Fujimaru out.

Dr. Roman: You bet we will! I can see a ton of magical energy on my monitor not too far from you!

Dr. Roman: Storing magical energy in jewels is a pretty common practice in the magecraft world.

Dr. Roman: We'll definitely put them to good use. Every little bit really does count.

Fujimaru 1: Thanks, Captain.

Drake: No problem. We're up against a helluva foe, after all. You can never have too many weapons.

Drake: ...You know, a lotta stuff went down on my voyage, but...

Drake: ...if it really did help the people who came after me, then that actually makes me feel like something of a proud hero.

Drake: That my life wasn't just a bunch of idiotic hijinks.

Drake: People used to say I kept getting swept up in storms 'cause I never learned my lesson.

Drake: But thanks to that, I proved that I could look back on my miserable final moments and still smile.

Drake: Fujimaru, you've already been thrown into a stormy sea headfirst.

Drake: You can't run from it, you can't move forward in it, and it won't let you go no matter how hard you cry.

Drake: The only thing you can do in times like that is hold your head high and smile. It might not always be easy, but if there's one thing you gotta take away from this little adventure, that's it.

Fujimaru 1: So I just have to smile?

Drake: That's right. Long as you're still smiling, everyone else'll be happy to help you.

Drake: After all, smiling when times are tough is the best thing you can do to win someone's trust. No hero's gonna turn their back on a winning horse like that.

Drake: Isn't that right, Tesla? I bet you've got a winning smile up your sleeve too.

Nikola Tesla: I do indeed. Any true genius is always ready with a smile, whether they're in a tight spot or not.

Nikola Tesla: Though of course, a nihilistic smile would not suit you, young Fujimaru.

Nikola Tesla: No, the smile that best suits you is more akin to the strength of a quiet spring day...or perhaps the charming elegance of a pigeon in the park.

Nikola Tesla: Naturally, I quite like that sort of intelligent smile myself.

Nikola Tesla: It couldn't be more different from the cacophonous laughter of a certain mangy plebeian I could name!

Blackbeard: Yup, yup. Can't have a leader who's all gloomy and downcast.

Blackbeard: The only people those kinds of leaders attract are bloodthirsty killers!

Blackbeard: Me, I want to be surrounded by my own little harem, no matter what kind of battle we're fighting! My own smile's my greatest charm, after all!

Blackbeard: Ahh, if only I could wake one day and find myself in an isekai with nothing but happy, innocent girls!

Drake: Hahaha. Not that it needs to be said at this point, but just ignore that idiot.

Drake: I'm proud to be on your crew, Master. Make sure you keep your head up high, no matter what sort of trouble comes your way.

Drake: 'Cause we're all counting on you to keep us idiots in high spirits right to the very end.