The Events of a Lonely Night in November I

Fran: ... ...

Mash: Fran, are you all right?

Fran: ...Uh.

Mash: There's another artificial human like Fran in this era... Was Chaldea's analysis really correct?

Mash: We're a long way from both London, and Victor Frankenstein's house...

Fran: Uuuh...

Mash: Fran doesn't seem to know either... But let's look anyway.

Mash: Oh, Fran. Wake Master up, please.

Mash: I'll go look around and then meet up with you both.

Fran: Uuh!

Mash: ...Everything seems normal. Okay, now to meet up with Master–

Mash: W-What happened here–!?

Fran: ...Uuhh!

Mash: Um... Master didn't get up, so you were worried it was a terrible illness.

Mash: Then you decided to give electroshock therapy, and fired off Blasted Tree... Right?

Mash: ... ...

Mash: Isn't that a really bad idea–!?

Fran: Uuh?

Fujimaru 1: I thought I was done for.

Fujimaru 2: My life flashed before my eyes...

Mash: I'm glad you're alive.

Fran: Uh...

Mash: It's okay, Fran. Master isn't mad.

Fran: Uuh?

Fujimaru 1: She's right. I'm not.

Fujimaru 2: Be careful from now on.

Fran: Uuuuuuh...

Mash: Looks like she understands.

Mash: Doctor, we're almost at our destination. See any responses?

Dr. Roman: Hmm... That's strange.

Dr. Roman: I momentarily detected strong magical energy just now, but it's already gone.

Dr. Roman: There's traces left, but they're starting to vanish. By the time you get there they'll be gone.

Mash: Some kind of summoning ritual?

Dr. Roman: I'm not sure... I don't have enough to say either way. I don't see enemy bio-responses, so don't worry.

Fran: ...Uuh? Uuuuuhh...

Mash: Fran, what's wrong? ...You saw something strange over there, you say?

Mash: This is... Something was buried here.

Dr. Roman: Let's take a look.

Fran: Uuuuuhh...

Fujimaru 1: What's wrong?

Fujimaru 2: Is there something here?

Fran: Uuh, uh.

Mash: Under the ground?

Mash: What...? A voice!?

Fran: Uuuuuhhhhhh!

Dr. Roman: W-Wait! You shouldn't dig there! Bad idea!

Mash: Doctor, what's down there!?

Dr. Roman: It's a human corpse!

Fran: ...!?

Mash: It's not human... It's a homunculus?'s still alive!

Fran: Uuuh—!

Dr. Roman: It was dead just a moment ago, with no trace of magical energy at all!

Mash: Master, let's fight!


Mash: ...Whew. Bio-response has disappeared.

Dr. Roman: I can confirm that here, too. Whew, that scared me...

Fran: Uuuuh...

Mash: Fran? ...You want us to investigate the homunculus?

Fran: Uh.

Mash: Doctor, can you analyze it?

Dr. Roman: Yeah, it'll take a little time, but... I'll get started.

Dr. Roman: Oh, and that powerful magical energy I detected? I saw something similar in the fortress up ahead.

Dr. Roman: I'd like you to go after it immediately. That homunculus suggests something bad is going on.

Mash: Roger. We'll head there now.

Fran: ...Uuhhh.

Mash: Fran, calm down please. –There's nobody here, huh?

Mash: I don't sense anybody here either. ...This might be worse than we thought.

Fran: Uuuuh... Uuuhh!

Mash: Fran!?

Fujimaru 1: Let's follow her!

Fujimaru 2: Let's catch her!

Mash: Right! Fran, wait!

Fran: ...Uuh!

???: –There you...are... My defective...big sister.

Fran: !?!?!?

???: You have...a funny look...on your...face. Or...have you...never...seen...your a mirror?

Mash: Fran, you're going too fast... Huh!?

Fujimaru 1: The same face?

Fujimaru 2: Another Fran?

Fran(?): So that's...your new...Master...huh? Your morals...are well...then.

Fran(?): –When our Master...abandons us...we die. That is...our rule...right?

Fran(?): But you...became...a Heroic Spirit. And swore...loyalty to Master.

Fran(?): the core...

Fran: Uuuh!

Fran(?): Oh...I see. You can't poor...Big Sister!

Fran(?): I can this! And!

Fran(?): I'm different...than every...way!

Mash: Who are you? And what did you do to the people in this fortress?

Fran(?): Stupid...human. You don't really...expect answer that!?

Mash: No, the answer is clear. –You killed everyone in this fortress.

Fran(?): Hehehe. Wrong.

Fran(?): I...did not...kill them.

Mash: Huh!?

Mash: It can't be!

Dr. Roman: I've got it! That homunculus was made using human parts!

Dr. Roman: As you know, homunculi are created using magical circuits as a base–

Dr. Roman: But she's using magical energy to power corpses instead.

Dr. Roman: They're less like homunculi, and more like Fran... Closer to artificial humans!

Fran(?): Ahahahaha! Let's start...with a warm-up.

Fran(?): Try your best... Big Sister.

Mash: ...They're coming! Fran, get ready!

Fran: Uuh...

Fujimaru 1: Fran!

Fujimaru 2: Calm down!

Fran: ... ...(Nod nod)



Fran(?): –Hmph. much. Fine. I'll...fight you...myself.

Fran(?): You will be...a good...test case. I am...not yet...complete.

Fran(?): But...if I...can defeat...Big Sister. I know...I will...become–complete.

Fran(?): Here...I...go!



Fran(?): Ugh!? can' this...strong!

???: –Come home.

Fran(?): ...Father!?

Fran: !!!

???: We have sufficient samples. It's time to go.

???: Don't worry. You will become perfect. I promise.

Fran(?): ...I under...stand.

Mash: I won't let you get away!

Fran(?): –"Blasted Tree!"

Mash: Ugh!

Fran: ...Uuuh!

Fran(?): Farewell...Big Sister. Next time...we meet...will

Fran: ...Uh.

Mash: She got away! Doctor!

Dr. Roman: It's no good. There's no traces of magical energy left. ...And what's more.

Dr. Roman: I just realized this, but the traces of magical energy in the fortress were a trap...

Dr. Roman: Yup, there's nothing left. It's impossible to track them. I'm sorry...

Dr. Roman: I did get her data, though. Next time she shows up, I can track her... I think.

Fran: Uuhhh!

Fujimaru 1: We'll get her next time!

Mash: Yeah. We have to get stronger, too...

Fran: ...Uuuhh. (Nod Nod)

The Events of a Lonely Night in November II

Fran: ...Uh.

Mash: Fran, are you okay?

Fran: Uh, uh.

Mash: If you say so.

Mash: Doctor, are you sure you detected–the other Fran at this location?

Dr. Roman: Yeah. I've been keeping a monitor running in the background since last time.

Dr. Roman: I caught nothing for a long time, and then suddenly I saw something.

Dr. Roman: I think it's her little sister.

Fran: ...Uh.

Fujimaru 1: She's not your little sister?

Fujimaru 2: She's an enemy?

Fran: Uh.

Dr. Roman: ...I guess that's true. We'll call her E. Fran, then.

Dr. Roman: The "E" is for Enemy. That works perfectly, right?

Fran: Uuh...uh.

Mash: She seems extremely reluctant, but agrees.

Dr. Roman: I-I see. Then start by heading to that town over there.

Dr. Roman: But be careful. I'm not seeing any life signs in that town.

Mash: Does that mean...

Dr. Roman: Yeah, it's been destroyed.

Fran: ...Uh...

Mash: Yeah... It's just like before. There's no one around.

Dr. Roman: Detecting magical energy. ...Probably more homunculi.

Dr. Roman: That's several of them. Be careful!

Fran: Uuuuuhh—Ghaaannoohh!

Mash: Don't worry, Master. We can beat them easily!


Mash: Battle complete. ...As expected, these were made from corpses as well.

???: ...Correct. But they were of great use nonetheless.

Fran: Uh!?

???: It's been a long time.

???: I'm surprised you've become a Heroic Spirit. You, a nameless creature who simply stole my name.

Dr. Roman: It was him... I knew it!

Mash: –Victor Frankenstein!

Fran: Uuh...

Victor: Indeed.

Victor: You became a Servant, and I became a ghost.

Victor: But all the changes taking place in the world... It seems they have created the perfect environment for me.

Victor: I am but a ghost. A remnant of the past. I am nothing more, and yet–

Victor: With a strong enough will, I can do it again. I can start over.

Victor: That miracle! That once-in-a-lifetime chance God gave me! It is mine once more!

Dr. Roman: Perhaps due to the Singularities... Even relatively stable eras are starting to waver.

Mash: In other words, the “If Victor Frankenstein had lived...” hypothesis is being put to the test.

Mash: Even if he can't change the world, he can murder an entire town.

E. Fran: Father. That's...enough...right?

Victor: Yes, of course, “Eve.”

Fran: !!!

Victor: Kill her.

Victor: If you do, you can take her place– and become a new legend.

Victor: Eve. The first woman, the mate of Adam. You'll become what can be called a perfect version of her.

E. Fran: Yes...yes...yes! I'll do it! I'll do it! I'll kill Big Sister! I will! I will!

Fran: ...Uh.

Victor: You can't even speak? What a failure you are–

Fran: Shut...up.

Victor: ?!?!?!

Fran: But... I'll...say...this.

Fran: Father. Little Sister. You...ended...long ago.


Fran: So. Come...with me!

Victor: You little–!

E. Fran: Shut up!

Mash: ...Fran! We'll fight with you!

Fran: ...Yes. Together!


Fran: Hah... Hah... Hah!

E. Fran: Ugh... Why! How! This...can't be! You! Big Sister!

E. Fran: You can' this...strong!


E. Fran: Eek!

E. Fran: Gaah!?

Victor: ...Oh, brother.

E. Fran: Fa-ther. Fat-her. Fath-er.! Strong...strong...strong!

Victor: Don't worry, “Eve.” I never expected anything of you to begin with.

E. Fran: –Huh?

Victor: After all, the defect is in the soul used as the base.

Victor: It's probably because you're not created from magical circuits like the homunculi.

Victor: A degraded soul is inferior to a human. It can't possibly defeat a Heroic Spirit.

Victor: There's only one reason I created you.

E. Fran: Fath-er?

Fran: !?!?!?

Mash: Wha–!?

Dr. Roman: What? What's going on!?

Mash: Victor Frankenstein...killed E. Fran!

E. Fran: W-Why? I...did...everything...for you...

Victor: I know. But–in the end, you're defective.

Victor: And so am I, as a human. So I'm taking your body.

Victor: My soul. My knowledge. My mind. Your body. Your abilities.

Victor: Only together can we attain “Eve.” The gender change will be a bit difficult–but it's nothing to worry about.

E. Fran: No...I don't want I don' become...Father!

E. Fran: I just...wanted...Father!

Fran: ...

Victor: ...Now, let's continue. This “Eve” will be a little different.

Victor: Come forth, Shadows.

Mash: Shadow Servants! He can summon those things?

Victor: Of course. This is my world. My era. My home. You're the outsiders.

Victor: I've removed limiters from “Eve,” as well. It's time to test my unrivaled power!

Mash: ...This may be only a tiny crack in history. But we can't just ignore it.

Fujimaru 1: Agreed.

Fran: ...Uuuuh!

Fujimaru 1: Fran, defeat him.

Fujimaru 2: Fran, avenge your sister.

Fran: Under-stood.



Victor: No... This can't be. There must be some mistake. I was given life by a miracle.

Victor: If so, my second coming was to create my own miracle, no? Right? Right, that's how it should be...

Fran: ...No. chance...were there.

Victor: Don't be stupid! ...How could you lie like that!



Victor: No. That's a lie. You're a liar. I was chosen.

Victor: I am a great Singularity...chosen by this era... and meant to change history–

Victor: ...Or is that...wrong? ...

Mash: All right, that does it for the graves. Let's offer them a prayer.

Mash: ...If Jeanne and the others were here, they could do a real service.

Fou: Fou!

Fran: ...Uh.

Fran: Mast-er. Let's...go.

Fran: ...I...will...try.

Fujimaru 1: Thanks, Fran.

Fujimaru 2: I'm counting on you, Fran.

Fran: ...Yeah!