St. George

Mash: Teacher, I have a question. What's the difference between a lizard and a dragon?

Georgios: Good question. To answer, first we'll have to talk about the phantasmal species–

Dr. Roman: So, um, what's going on here?

Fujimaru 1: Teacher?

Fujimaru 2: I'm not sure...

Georgios: You there! No whispering in class! This is important.

Fou: Fou!

Dr. Roman: Oh, right... But we need to get going... to the next dimensional distortion.

Georgios: True. That's enough prepping, we will continue the lecture as in-field studies.

Dr. Roman: Our goal this time is to repair a space that became unstable due to the last Rayshift.

Dr. Roman: The problem should have fixed itself when we restored the timeline, but a little remained.

Dr. Roman: My analysis shows that a number of phantasmal species, AKA dragons, have fled there.

Dr. Roman: If we don't fix it, the distortion may cause a wide-scale dimensional collapse.

Mash: So the distortion isn't disappearing because of the dragon's magical energy, right?

Georgios: Phantasmal species...dragons in particular generate magical energy just by breathing.

Georgios: The output of such energy is capable of maintaining the distortion.

Mash: Let's go then, Senpai. Doctor, send us there.

Dr. Roman: Okay, this is an irregular Rayshift, but it's all set. Fujimaru, go slay us some dragons.

Fou: Fou!

Mash: So this is the dimensional distortion...

Fou: Fooou.

Dr. Roman: Looks like you made it. But this...It's like another world.

Georgios: It's a rare phenomenon, but I'm detecting draconic essence from our surroundings.

Georgios: Let's take a photo to record this.

Mash: Is that...a camera?

Georgios: Yes, Master let me borrow it. There were none in my time.

Georgios: It is a truly powerful relic that instantly paints what you see.

Georgios: At first, I just collected the paintings, but lately I've gotten into it.

Georgios: Look at this new lens for instance! Photography is a fascinating and endless abyss.

Fujimaru 1: Glad you like it.

Fujimaru 2: Relic...

Georgios: Thank you for this wonderful present. I shall repay you with my blade.

Dr. Roman: Hey, no time for talking! They're here! Three of them!

Georgios: Master, be careful. Let's be on our way, then!

Fou: Fou!


Mash: We did it, Master!

Fujimaru 1: We killed the dragons!

Fujimaru 2: Is this all?

Georgios: No, these were a lower subspecies of dragon called wyverns.

Georgios: These wyverns lack the magical energy to maintain such a space as this.

Dr. Roman: Yeah, defeating them didn't change anything. Hmm, I'll trace the reaction...W-What the heck?

Georgios: ...There it is. Prepare the cam... I mean, prepare for combat.

Dr. Roman: This reaction's incredible... It's three times bigger than a normal dragon!

Dr. Roman: I mean, there aren't really normal dragons, but... What's going on here?

Mash: A mutation...or something like it?

Georgios: No, nothing so simple. It feels as if it's absorbed the others.

Fujimaru 1: Absorbed them?

Fujimaru 2: You mean it ate them?

Georgios: Yes, I've never seen a cannibalistic dragon before. —It has power, but little intelligence.

Georgios: Either way, it's still a rare species. Let me take a photograph.

Dr. Roman: You can do that later! But if it ate the other dragons...

Dr. Roman: A dragon's just a giant lump of magical energy... If it ate them all...this thing is crazy!

Mash: Mr. Geo, how do we deal with this?

Fujimaru 1: Mr. Geo...

Fujimaru 2: What do we do?

Georgios: Calm down, Mash. Your teacher's name is Mr. Georgios, not Mr. Geo.

Georgios: And it doesn't matter what kind of dragon it is, none shall survive our attack.

Georgios: Dragons were born to be eradicated. Be punished for your sins, dragon!

Mash: Let's go, Master!


Georgios: This is the end, take this! Ascalon!

Mash: D-Did we get it...

Dr. Roman: Man, that was one tough enemy, huh?

Dr. Roman: Oh, now that the dragon's gone, the distortion is starting to close.

Dr. Roman: I'll bring you guys back, get ready. Setting coordinates now...

Georgios: –Nameless dragon of another world, rest in peace.

Fujimaru 1: Teacher...

Fujimaru 2: Aren't dragons sinners?

Georgios: Even if dragons are sinners born to be destroyed, that doesn't mean they deserve to be destroyed.

Georgios: –Sin and punishment should be separate things.

Mash: Senpai, we need to go or the distortion will close...

Fujimaru 1: Let's go!

Fujimaru 2: Let's go, Teacher.

Georgios: Yes... Oh, let me get one last photo...

Dr. Roman: Forget about that!

Fou: Fooou.