Geronimo In London

Geronimo: Hm. A paved road. A faint foul odor.

Geronimo: No grass or earth. An ominous place covered with cold stones. I suppose even the fog that's been dirtied by science conceals magecraft.

Geronimo: So this is 19th century London. Truly distasteful. But not bad, either.

Mash: Hm, Geronimo? Which is it?

Geronimo: I'm just saying it's not bad. By the way, Master, sorry to trouble you.

Geronimo: I'm sorry I was so selfish in asking you to come here.

Fujimaru 1: I don't mind. But why?

Geronimo: It's the home of modern magecraft, correct? I never had a chance to cross the sea in my lifetime.

Geronimo: Our magecraft and their magecraft split apart completely in history.

Geronimo: On the other hand, there are many similarities as well. And let us set aside discussion of which is the original for the time being.

Geronimo: I've always wanted to take a look. Now, are there any rituals worthy of study...?

Geronimo: Hm. But first, spirits.

Geronimo: We often borrow the powers of spirits...but this is a low-class one.

Geronimo: It never occurred to me that we would encounter such a spirit the instant we set foot here, though.

Geronimo: I see London and death are quite...intimate in this time.

Mash: U-um, if you would kindly help us fight...

Geronimo: Fight? There is no reason not to just ignore something so weak...

Geronimo: Weak. Fragile. Fleeting.

Geronimo: It doesn't possess the strong emotions, grudges, or regrets normally so important to ghosts.

Geronimo: It likely died in a freak accident and something tied it to this place.

Geronimo: And then I expect it was awoken by the demonic fog that blanketed the city.

Geronimo: Besides, take a look at that insubstantial figure. It is practically advertising its weakness.

Geronimo: Honestly, it's not worth involving ourselves. It may be a ghost, but it is hardly important.

Fujimaru 1: Professor Geronimo?

Geronimo: Oh. I see, I see. My apologies. I may have provoked them a bit.

Geronimo: They've all combined themselves to attack us. They must really be angry.

Mash: You're right. They're pretty angry. To say it as Blackbeard might, they're triggered!

Fujimaru 2: You did that on purpose.

Geronimo: Well, yes. I suppose.

Geronimo: To be honest, it'd be disingenuous of me to say I wasn't hoping for something like this.

Geronimo: I wanted to see what an English ghost would do if they got serious.

Geronimo: Either way, my apologies. I'd like you to accompany me in some, shall we say, ghost busting.

Mash: Understood. Master, your command, please!


Geronimo: I see, I see. There are exponentially more spirits here than in the land where I lived.

Geronimo: ...And I wonder what else is here? Let's keep looking around.

Mash: (Wow, Geronimo seems like he's having a good time. Is he the sort who's taken in by new and different things?)

Geronimo: Ah. This bounded field technique is impressive! It's so intricately constructed, appropriate for a small island nation like this.

Geronimo: It's like a fine Persian rug...such wonderful detail.

Geronimo: The fields that we created were quite crude. However, even if one is intricately constructed...

Geronimo: Ah, yes. Unfortunately, the mage who constructed this seems to have been somewhat lacking in terms of power.

Geronimo: If this is the best they could do, my field would still have been better.

Mash: Wh-what are you doing!?

Geronimo: Someone erected a field here, so I destroyed it.

Geronimo: Now then. Who or what will show up...

Mage: Wh-who are you!? This is my territory! You just destroyed the concealment rite I worked so hard on!

Geronimo: We are merely travelers. I see no sense in you putting a bounded field in a place like this.

Mage: Wh-who the hell are you!? You're a foreigner!

Geronimo: In addition to that, I am not human. At least not anymore. Either way, you are also a budding mage.

Geronimo: Am I correct in pointing out that you have already abandoned being human as well?

Mage: Answer MY question! Who the hell are you!?

Geronimo: By the way, would you mind telling me why it is you put a field here?

Geronimo: Hm, for example...

Geronimo: Was your intention to conduct a sacrificial ritual using those children standing behind you?

Mage: ...!!!

Mash: Sacrifices!?

Mage: Hnh, unfortunate... I didn't want to involve tourists, but I cannot let you leave alive now.

Geronimo: Oh, on the contrary. This will have been your ill fortune.

Geronimo: Had it been some other mage, they might have tried to steal the fruits of your efforts, but not likely impeded your progress.

Geronimo: Or rather, if this was truly your territory, they might have avoided this area all together.

Geronimo: Wherever you may go, most people prefer to avoid conflict with people with whom they have no connection.

Geronimo: However, unfortunately for you, the ones who happened by were myself and my Master.

Geronimo: I am afraid we are not good enough mages to allow such egregious behavior to go ignored.

Geronimo: That, in turn, means that you have no opportunity to explain yourself or negotiate.

Geronimo: You must die right here.

Mage: The hell I will!!!

Mash: He transformed!?

Geronimo: I see, I see. How fitting in a city like London. He's a werewolf.

Geronimo: However, this is merely a superficial transformation using newer magecraft techniques.

Geronimo: His kind is nothing compared to the Phantasmals who are said to have lived since the Age of Gods.

Geronimo: The coyote from my nation would be a better adversary. Well, if he intends to fight, I have no choice.

Geronimo: Let's muzzle this beast, shall we? Here, boy.


Geronimo: And that's that.

Mage: Gargh... Im...possible...I hard...

Mage: My clan's oldest wish... The recreation of a Divine Beast... To be the first step...

Geronimo: I warned you. The structure of your rite was composed poorly. Now, let's release the children.

Geronimo: No...they would be terrified by the sight of me. I believe you are best fit for the job. If you would, Master. I leave it to you.

Fujimaru 1: What!?

Mage:! Then I have no choice but to offer my own life...!

Geronimo: A summoning circle! Take care, Master! Something's coming forth!

Mage: Devour my own life and answer my call!

Geronimo: I see. This is due to the disorder in the ages.

Geronimo: Even in a modern time like this one, the instability in the world is enough to allow for the summoning of ancient beasts!

Mage: I am...not a fool...! I am the smartest in my village...a genius bursting with knowledge...!

Mage: And this is proof! Now my clan's wishes will be fulfilled!

Mage: No...I was trying forth...something more divine...!

Geronimo: Fool. An attempt to summon a Divine Beast in a London where the foundations of humanity are so unstable is doomed to failure!

Geronimo: The only possible result would be monsters drenched in blood, full of rage...

Mage: How embarrassing... I want to go back to my village... You...mage...I have a favor to ask...

Mage: Please...get rid of...that... We never plunge the world...into chaos...

Geronimo: I have no arguments there. You just rest in peace now.

Mage: ...

Geronimo: Hmph. What a selfish mage. But now that he summoned that thing, we need to deal with it.

Geronimo: It certainly doesn't appear that we'll be able to reason with it and convince it to return whence it came. That being the case, Master...

Geronimo: We shall shine the dazzling brightness of the sun into London's night and incinerate all that is evil.

Geronimo: I'm going to use my Noble Phantasm! Master, I'm leaving the moment to unleash it up to you!

Geronimo: ...Let's go!


Geronimo: It's finally over. I was sadly unable to complete my tour of London.

Geronimo: We should lightly hypnotize the children and send them home with no memory of this.

Geronimo: We wouldn't want them to draw a mage's attention by mentioning anything strange, would we?

Geronimo: The bigger issue is...

Geronimo: Whenever I hypnotize someone, I must use cigarettes to do so...

Geronimo: But you say that underage children mustn't smoke, yes?

Fujimaru 1: Definitely not.

Geronimo: That is quite the conundrum. I suppose I should consult with Miss Da Vinci on this.