Gilgamesh - Caster

The King's Day Off

Mash: So we have taken you through almost all of Chaldea... What do you think, King Gilgamesh?

Gilgamesh: Honestly, I'm dumbfounded. Saying this is the group that will save humanity is a bold, bold claim.

Gilgamesh: Staff morale is at its absolute limit. Is this meant to be some sort of endurance contest?

Gilgamesh: Uruk was in better shape after being attacked by Gugalanna than this place is now.

Gilgamesh: Ah well, I suppose I will retract that. Forget it. I cannot imagine you wanting to be compared to THAT.

Dr. Roman: While I appreciate the wise king's thoughtful criticisms, please understand that we receive no outside help.

Dr. Roman: We've operated for an entire year with only Chaldea's own stockpile of supplies. I hope you'll take that into consideration. Besides...

Dr. Roman: ...the difficult battles have almost come to an end. This next one is our last. We just have to keep going a little bit longer.

Gilgamesh: That might be fine with you, but know that life goes on even after the King of Mages is defeated.

Gilgamesh: It is the duty of the commander, who is responsible for the lives of so many others, to always be thinking of the future.

Gilgamesh: If you cannot do that, then turn command over to that Heroic Spirit over there.

Da Vinci: Oh, are you talking about me? Oh, King Gilgamesh, how do you do?

Da Vinci: I'm not really one of his defenders, but the acting director is doing a great job.

Da Vinci: Chaldea could easily have been utterly destroyed when it lost its director.

Da Vinci: But Romani was the one who helped everyone back to their feet. Had I been at the helm, well...

Da Vinci: I may have gotten more impressive results, but we would likely have lost more people doing so.

Da Vinci: Buuut, I do understand what Gilgamesh is getting at. Romani works too much.

Da Vinci: Take some time to rest before our last mission. All jokes aside, the way you're going, you'll end up killing yourself from overwork.

Mash: That would be a grave situation indeed! If the Doctor collapses on us now...

Fujimaru 1: Doctors can't medically examine themselves...

Dr. Roman: Yeah, I guess there's that bit about practicing what you preach. Don't worry. I don't work THAT much.

Dr. Roman: I rest whenever I get tired, and my staff backs me up. Don't worry.

Fujimaru 2: And we can't ask Ereshkigal for a favor...

Mash: No. Since we're in Chaldea, even if his soul leaves his body, we can't ask Ereshkigal to send it back...

Gilgamesh: Overwork, huh? I think I just felt a chill. Not that such a concept has any meaning to me...

Gilgamesh: Ah, but I suppose there's always a chance... Best to be careful. You too, Romani.

Dr. Roman: It'll be fine. I don't intend on collapsing anytime soon. I'll pace myself.

Dr. Roman: You know, if I'm being honest, King Gilgamesh taking a personal interest in my health is a little bit unnerving, really.

Dr. Roman: Does that mean...he considers me to be worthy?

Gilgamesh: ...

Gilgamesh: Fool. The number of humans I consider to be worthy must always remain very small.

Gilgamesh: All I am saying is that you are Chaldea's Achilles' heel. Keep that in mind.

Gilgamesh: And if you cannot do something even that simple, then I have nothing else to say. I'll send you to the underworld myself.

Dr. Roman: H-hey! He's unleashing his Noble Phantasm right here in the Command Room! Even when you get more mature, you're still alarmingly childish!

Da Vinci: Now, now. Grow up, both of you.

Da Vinci: Why don't you rest for today, since King Gilgamesh is insisting? Fortunately, there's nothing that needs your attention right now.

Dr. Roman: ...(Sigh) I suppose. Well then, I suppose I'll rest after I check for Magi☆Mari updates...

Da Vinci: That's part of the problem! Skip the distractions part!

Dr. Roman: Yes, yes. Fine, fine. I'll go turn in for the night.

Gilgamesh: ...That man's unbelievable. He cannot even manage something as simple as going to sleep.

Gilgamesh: Fine. I have an understanding of how Chaldea works, and now I shall rest. Don't bother me, mongrel.

Mash: King Gilgamesh has gone back to his room.

Mash: You did a good job showing him around today, Senpai. Will you also take a rest?

Fujimaru 1: Dealing with him has me exhausted.

Mash: That's understandable. He may not look like it, but he can be quite the handful.

Mash: He had so many questions... “What's that?” “How do you use that?” And on and on... Well, they weren't actually questions, but...

Da Vinci: It was almost more like a test, right? It's his way of seeing how much Fujimaru knows Chaldea.

Mash: Yes. That's exactly what I thought he was trying to do. I think he was actually enjoying himself, though.

Fujimaru 1: No wonder I'm tired. I'm gonna take a nap...

Mash: Understood. I will wake you up for dinner. Good night, Senpai.

Mash: Senpai, I'm sorry for interrupting your rest, but something terrible has happened! The Doctor... The Doctor...!!!

Fujimaru 1: He didn't collapse, did he?

Fujimaru 2: He didn't die from exhaustion, did he?

Mash: No. One of the staff members went to the Doctor's room to give him something to look over...

Mash: ...but since he didn't answer, and the door was open, they went into his room. He's nowhere to be found!

Mash: The Doctor is not anywhere in Chaldea!

Gilgamesh: You're late! How long were you planning on snoozing!? Well, I did just awaken, myself...

Fujimaru 1: Shouldn't you be resting?

Gilgamesh: You're four thousand years too young to be worrying about my welfare! Besides, any time spent not fighting the King of Mages is time spent resting to me!

Gilgamesh: You just worry about the matter at hand. Leave worrying about the future to those with Clairvoyance.

Mash: Thank you. So, King Gilgamesh...where is the Doctor!?

Da Vinci: Alright. Let me give you a quick briefing.

Da Vinci: First, seven staff members mysteriously fell unconscious. The condition doesn't seem to be life-threatening, but we also can't seem to wake them.

Da Vinci: And...Romani has disappeared from Chaldea. We even tried looking in the tea room behind the storage room.

Gilgamesh: ...What's that? I was not shown this room. Well, no matter.

Gilgamesh: Are there any other clues, Da Vinci?

Da Vinci: Apparently somebody Rayshifted to Fuyuki in 2004. So, to Singularity F.

Gilgamesh: Oh? That place somehow sounds familiar. Fuyuki... Fuyuki... It's similar to Uruk. No...that's not it.

Gilgamesh: And? Is that all you know?

Da Vinci: Those who collapsed were analysts. That's all we know.

Da Vinci: If we piece together what we know so far, it looks like Romani somehow rendered these staff members unconscious...

Da Vinci: ...and then Rayshifted... At least, that's what the facts seem to point to.

Mash: (Dr. Roman had the aptitude to Rayshift? We've never really verified–no, but even if he did...)

Mash: The Doctor is not the type of person to do something like this. Are there any other possibilities, Da Vinci?

Da Vinci: You say that, but the only other possible culprit would be me...

Da Vinci: But I'm here, and there's no reason for me to Rayshift to Singularity F in the first place.

Da Vinci: Strange things happen in Chaldea all the time. We need to respond swiftly even to the worst of scenarios.

Fujimaru 1: At times like this, I wish Holmes was here...

Fujimaru 2: At times like this, I bet Holmes is elsewhere...

Gilgamesh: What's this about some detective? Have you forgotten that I'm here!?

Gilgamesh: I can solve something so trivial as this in a heartbeat. You hear me? A heartbeat!

Gilgamesh: However, even I can't see into the past. We'll need to be more proactive.

Gilgamesh: We must go to the scene of the crime ourselves, Fujimaru!

Mash: Y-yes! I will make the preparations immediately!

Gilgamesh: No, Mash. Not you. You're staying behind. A Rayshift requires an operator, yes?

Gilgamesh: The usual operators are unconscious, and so we shall need a replacement.

Gilgamesh: Luckily, we still have half of the operators. Ask them to teach you, as their kouhai.

Gilgamesh: ...It will probably be useful later.

Mash: That's... But someone must protect Master during Rayshift missions!

Gilgamesh: Did I not say I was going? Or do you not trust in my strength?

Mash: I-I do! There's no need to worry with King Gilgamesh there!

Gilgamesh: Good response. It appears I will have to be careful.

Gilgamesh: Now, begin the Rayshift! We're going to head to the scene of the crime, Fujimaru!

Fujimaru 1: Understood, Boss!

Fujimaru 2: Leave the Doctor to me, Mash!

Mash: Rayshift successful. I'm glad there was an instruction manual that covered emergency procedures.

Da Vinci: It helps that we have plenty of data on Fuyuki. But that Romani...where did he run off to?

Gilgamesh: Now then. Did he elect to do this himself, or did someone make it look like that was the case?

Gilgamesh: What do you think, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: Dr. Roman wouldn't just up and disappear like this.

Fujimaru 2: I don't think he chose to do this.

Gilgamesh: I see. If you are so certain, it must be true. ...Hm?

E:???: ...

Gilgamesh: Bloodlust that can even be felt when using Presence Concealment. How boorish. How impudent. I suppose I should expect as much in such a hellish place.

Gilgamesh: Hah! Trying to take my measure with an attitude like that. Absolutely laughable.

Gilgamesh: Stand back, mongrel. I'm going to capture that thing and drag the information we need out of it.

E:???: ...Commencing operation.


Gilgamesh: Hmph!

E:???: ...

Gilgamesh: It appears you've put too much energy into concealing your identity and made yourself weak in battle.

Gilgamesh: Or have you underestimated me because I'm a Caster? Fool. I may be a mage, but never forget that I am the King of Heroes!

Gilgamesh: Fuhahaha, hahahahahahaha!

E:???: Retreat.

Gilgamesh: ...Hm. Escaping the instant I let down my guard with my boisterous laughter. Such insolence. A coward who refuses to show their face is not an enemy to be taken seriously, in any case.

Mash: The enemy concealed their identity completely. We tried to analyze them from here, but...

Gilgamesh: I see. Mongrel, of the Servants you have summoned, can any conceal their own identities?

Fujimaru 1: Jack!

Fujimaru 2: I wonder...

Da Vinci: Someone who can fight while remaining anonymous...Jack the Ripper would be at the top of the list.


Gilgamesh: What's going on!?

Da Vinci: Sorry. I just realized that a handful of Servant readings have disappeared from Chaldea, too.

Da Vinci: It took us some time to confirm since we're missing some of our staff...I usually make it a habit to check on the Spirit Origin graphs...

Mash: I ran a quick check, and Jack is indeed missing.

Mash: The Spirit Origin pattern still shows it's in an excited state, which means she is still summoned...

Da Vinci: We're trying to sort out which Servants are missing. Hold on a moment, okay?

Fujimaru 1: It's hard to believe the Servants would betray us...

Fujimaru 2: (...This is all really convenient...)

Mash: Senpai, I'm picking up a Servant nearby. Please proceed with caution.

Paracelsus: ...I head out of Chaldea to hide a bit as usual, and next thing I know, I'm alone in this burning city...

Paracelsus: Oh? Why, if it isn't Master and King Gilgamesh. What are you two doing here?

Gilgamesh: That is what I would ask you. And answer truthfully. Fail to do so and die.

Paracelsus: Let us simply say that I wished for everyone to have an opportunity to rest.

Paracelsus: Everyone is under orders to rest in shifts, but I wonder, can one really call it “rest” when it is made mandatory?

Paracelsus: To be free of their distress and rest their minds... I believed that to be in their best interests.

Mash: Master... I regret to inform you of this, but...

Mash: It appears the unconscious staff members were all in contact with Paracelsus last night.

Mash: We found little medicinal satchels that read “Safe, Cutting-edge, Forward-thinking Von Hohenheim Brand” under each of their pillows...

Fujimaru 1: At least it didn't say “Conceited.”

Fujimaru 2: ...Never seen a shadier Servant...

Gilgamesh: And? What exactly did you do?

Paracelsus: The staff members were all exhausted, so I simply gave them special medicine, is all I can say...

Paracelsus: Please rest assured. Leaving aside the question of ingredients, the medicine is both potent and effective. Until they have had adequate rest, nothing can wake them.

Paracelsus: ...Well, as to how exhausted they were...that is beyond my knowledge.

Paracelsus: So if, for example, they were exhausted from three days of constant work, they will remain asleep for three days.

Gilgamesh: Fool! If they sleep for three straight days, they will wake up dead! What about water and nutrients!?

Paracelsus: Yes, yes... Well, we will simply have to rely on their natural resilience...

Gilgamesh: Fine. Before we address the main problem, let us deal with this fool. Understand, mongrel?

Fujimaru 1: Yes, my King.

Fujimaru 2: He's going to regret this!


Gilgamesh: That should take care of matters. Have you learned your lesson, Hohenheim?

Paracelsus: It...hurts...very much. So much so that I want to try my own medicine...

Paracelsus: They were homunculi that I raised myself, but were not strong enough to compensate for my rather unremarkable fighting ability.

Paracelsus: It pains me to use them as mere pawns...

Gilgamesh: Hm?

Paracelsus: I'm leading you into a trap. Would you still care to accompany me?

Fujimaru 1: Wait, Paracelsus!

Fujimaru 2: We'd better stop Dr. Feelbad over there!

Gilgamesh: Hold it. I understand how you feel, but calm down, mongrel. There's no need to rush in like fools.

Gilgamesh: He's a Caster. Unlike the Assassin we encountered, he will be easy to track.

Gilgamesh: However, we should try to discern their intent before we do anything.

Fujimaru 1: ...Does he want to separate us from something?

Gilgamesh: Correct. See, you can do it if you try.

Fujimaru 2: ...He doesn't want to get scolded?

Gilgamesh: ...Unbelievable... So this is the level of idiocy I should expect from today's youth...

Gilgamesh: Think, mongrel. He is trying to lure us to follow him, so what is the one thing he would not want us to do?

Gilgamesh: His retreat is an obvious diversion. Don't you think there is somewhere else we should be searching?

Fujimaru 1: ...The Greater Grail!

Gilgamesh: Right. There's nothing else more valuable than that here.

Mash: Do you think that's the key in figuring out why Jack and Paracelsus are acting strange?

Gilgamesh: ...

Aŋra Mainiiu: What the hell, guys? So you just came straight here? Skipped the clever diversion and everything?

Aŋra Mainiiu: Shoulda figured casting the low-energy dweeb as a decoy was a crap decision from the word go.

Aŋra Mainiiu: Anyway! Guess it's greeting time! Hiya, Master and Lord King Sparkly! Nice job getting here and stuff.

Da Vinci: Is that...the Servant detected at the Greater Grail during the Zero incident?

Da Vinci: His Spirit Origin isn't registered at Chaldea. What is he doing here?

Da Vinci: Were you the one who abducted Dr. Roman?

Aŋra Mainiiu: Doctor, huh? Nope, no doctor or scientist friends here.

Aŋra Mainiiu: But that guy? Doctor Roomy...was it?

Aŋra Mainiiu: Well I've got him, obviously! Cuz I accepted that job!

Aŋra Mainiiu: Anyway, you wanna go, punks? I better warn you, though...

Aŋra Mainiiu: Eh? Warn you what, you ask? Well, I'm super weak! So don't bitch when you kill me with that first punch!

Aŋra Mainiiu: But y'know... If you kill me with one punch, you'll never find that Doctor of yours!

Gilgamesh: What!? If we just attack, we'll never get the information we want!?

Gilgamesh: That is quite the novel hostage tactic, mongrel! A Servant putting his life on the line for negotiations alone...unbelievable!

Fujimaru 1: Take it eas–no, go all-out!

Fujimaru 2: Mash will find the Doctor!

Mash: Yes! I'm scanning the surrounding area right now! So please deal with this enemy, King Gilgamesh!

Gilgamesh: Oh? Is that so? Did you hear that, Avenger who even I didn't expect here? What's your next move?

Aŋra Mainiiu: Hmmm, well, I really liked the bit where you don't care if I die. Not bad.

Aŋra Mainiiu: Honestly, this was supposed to be an ambush. I was never super worried about living or dying.

Aŋra Mainiiu: As long as my words held your attention, that's all that matters.

Mash: Master!

Fujimaru 1: Behind you, King Gilgamesh!

Gilgamesh: You call that a warning!? That was close! It would've been fatal had it hit anyone but me!

Gilgamesh: I suppose I'll let it go. Show yourself...third Servant!

Amakusa Shirou: It appears I missed my opportunity. I should have moved a heartbeat earlier for a proper surprise attack.

Amakusa Shirou: Or was it a matter of execution? Was our teamwork, perhaps, not so great?

Mash: Impossible... You too, Amakusa? Please tell us... What did you do the Doctor, and why?

Amakusa Shirou: Well, you see... Avenger, do you have something to say about this?

Aŋra Mainiiu: You're askin' me? Wasn't it something like...Operation Eradicate Chaldea, or something?

Amakusa Shirou: Well, that's not exactly artful, but I suppose it will do. Yes, it's exactly what he said.

Amakusa Shirou: It was the opportune moment...let us leave it at that.

Gilgamesh: Always vague and guarded, I see. Is this the second time we've met?

Gilgamesh: I suppose it was not ME, specifically, who met you, but our connection is engraved on my Spirit Origin.

Gilgamesh: I really must give it to you, apocryphal saint... I heard you died very easily in Uruk's jungles.

Gilgamesh: It never occurred to me that you'd have the spine to rebel. Did the ways of modern man wear on you?

Amakusa Shirou: Hahahaha! You may have made some valid points, but I'll leave the particulars to your imagination.

Amakusa Shirou: The one thing I can tell you is that I am and always will be myself, no matter where I am.

Aŋra Mainiiu: Hey! Now that your surprise attack failed, hurry up and get this over with. Our opponent's not the type to be convinced in conversation.

Aŋra Mainiiu: Besides, these two are used to hearing your speechifying.

Aŋra Mainiiu: Anyway, it's just one dinky Caster. Instead of wasting your energy talking, how about you just kick his ass?

Gilgamesh: Fine. I'll bite, Avenger.

Gilgamesh: This magical staff is another of my precious treasures. I'm going to give you a taste of its power!


Aŋra Mainiiu: Yeowch! That REALLY stings! Hurts like hell, but you didn't kill me, King of Heroes!

Aŋra Mainiiu: Now brace for this! It's time for the Avenger's grudge...a curse that doubles the pain you caused and returns it to you!

Gilgamesh: Avesta's reversal, is it? How dare you... I won't let you!

Amakusa Shirou: Ha!

Gilgamesh: Tch! Impudent...! But it was a good shot!

Gilgamesh: I imagine your battle at Fuuma's side was quite the sight to behold. And yet, you were still defeated.

Gilgamesh: Perhaps you met some terrible monster? Was your enemy a beast beyond your imagination?

Amakusa Shirou: Yes. I can never look at a leopard again. That Servant defeated me utterly.

Amakusa Shirou: But what about you? You have the same sort of priorities and manner of thinking as I do...

Amakusa Shirou: I understand your train of thought. And if I know what you are thinking, I can find an opening.

Gilgamesh: Hmph. It appears that rationality and cool-headedness of yours went out the window in that jungle. It's all well and good to be reasonable in your analyses.

Gilgamesh: But you are not strong enough to take initiative! You are what they call a pushover!

Gilgamesh: I will crush you both!

Gilgamesh: By my order, ready the arrows! Use my treasures to show them the power that protects Uruk! My resolve shall flood the earth...

Amakusa Shirou: Yes, I know. And I am going into this battle with every awareness...

Gilgamesh: Hm!

Fujimaru 1: Divine Judgment!?

Gilgamesh: Calm yourself! He's taken his turn, so now we're on a level field. Now it is your turn!

Fujimaru 1: ! (Use Gandr on Amakusa Shirou...!)

Amakusa Shirou: ...!

Aŋra Mainiiu: Oof, you went THERE?

Aŋra Mainiiu: Well, Super Amakusa's Noble Phantasm is super strong... I don't wanna die to the splash damage!

Aŋra Mainiiu: Well, my only target is Gilgamesh. You, on the other hand, will be spared...!

Fujimaru 2: ! (Use Gandr on Aŋra Mainiiu...!)

Aŋra Mainiiu: Aw man...! Ouch! Even Gandr hurts!!!

Amakusa Shirou: So you managed to stop his Verg Avesta... A wise decision, as I would expect from my Master.

Amakusa Shirou: His curse returns attacks much stronger to its victim. Had it not been stopped, the King of Heroes surely would have fallen, but...

Amakusa Shirou: ...what about after that? My Noble Phantasm will hit the King of Heroes before he can act.

Amakusa Shirou: Allow me to demonstrate. Heaven's Feel, activate. Bring an end to all things...

Gilgamesh: Hah! I can't stop laughing! Forget about me! You have underestimated my treasures!

Gilgamesh: Even if I can't move, my treasures know and enact my will! Take this...Melammu Din–

Dr. Roman: Hey, hey, HEY! What are you all doing out there!?!?!?

Fujimaru 1: Eh!? Doctor!?

Da Vinci: Romani just barged in... We actually don't know what's going on ourselves...

Da Vinci: Where the heck were you all this time?

Dr. Roman: Where? Actually, I was wondering what's going on here...

Dr. Roman: I was just taking a nap in my room...for about four hours...

Dr. Roman: I had a really great dream...but a nap shouldn't make me a missing person or anything!

Da Vinci: That's a lie! You didn't show up on the surveillance cameras in your room!

Amakusa Shirou: ...Phew. It looks like we can end our battle here now that Dr. Roman is awake.

Aŋra Mainiiu: Guess so. Saintly here is awfully quick to throw in the towel. Ain't it a shame that you were THIS close to taking him down?

Aŋra Mainiiu: Welp, guess I better just disappear.

Aŋra Mainiiu: Ahhh...but it was my chance to kill something that resembled a human...didn't matter who it was...

Gilgamesh: ...Hmph. Does Merlin think I'll be grateful? I can't believe he'd stop this at the moment I was in mortal peril!

Gilgamesh: No matter. If he woke up, there's no reason for us to remain here.

Gilgamesh: We can talk more when we get back to Chaldea. Mash, prepare to Rayshift us back.

Dr. Roman: (Sigh) I hope you know Rayshifting isn't free...

Dr. Roman: Fine. I still don't understand the situation, but prepare for their return. Da Vinci, Mash, help me out.

Amakusa Shirou: Please do not forget to collect Jack the Ripper and Paracelsus, too.

Amakusa Shirou: And Jack in particular listened to us very well, so please take especially good care of her later.

Gilgamesh: Let me get straight to the point. This whole crisis was, in actuality, a drill. Everything happened according to my design and guidance.

Gilgamesh: I made it look like Romani left Chaldea by Rayshifting, made the staff members fall asleep...

Gilgamesh: ...and arranged for three Servants to act as enemies.

Mash: O-okay. Um, why would you do such a thing?

Gilgamesh: After touring Chaldea with Fujimaru, I got the general grasp of Chaldea's vulnerability.

Gilgamesh: I have tons of things to point out, but the biggest issue is the humans.

Gilgamesh: This place's operation is dependent on each individual's skills. The organization would collapse the moment someone goes out of commission.

Gilgamesh: And while everyone seems to know this, there has never been any countermeasure of contingency in place.

Gilgamesh: A solution...well, it may be difficult to find one until humanity is restored since there is presently no way to replenish lost personnel.

Gilgamesh: So plans must be made to prepare for even the worst case scenarios.

Gilgamesh: Consequently, I anticipated certain possible crises.

Gilgamesh: The King of Mages could attack Chaldea directly, for instance. So this was to prepare for such an eventuality as well.

Fujimaru 1: I see...

Fujimaru 2: (So that's why the King looked like he was enjoying himself...)

Jack: Hey, hey Mr. King. What about my reward?

Gilgamesh: Just a moment longer. I have never failed to reward those who deserve it. The longer you wait, the greater your joy will be when you receive your reward.

Jack: Okay! Don't forget Nursery's gift too!

Gilgamesh: Now then. While the scenario did not quite go as planned, you all worked hard. You were like organs in a body compensating for other, missing organs.

Gilgamesh: Seeing how this has gone, even those who have fallen asleep may wake up and drift back off from sheer ease of mind.

Mash: And what about Paracelsus's medicine...?

Paracelsus: I would like to reiterate that this medicine simply makes people sleep until they are rested.

Paracelsus: A single dose should have no significant side effects.

Paracelsus: I have prepared a stimulant, but that appears to be unnecessary. Everybody should awaken shortly.

Da Vinci: But what you said in the Singularity was more than a little disturbing...

Paracelsus: I was only speaking of the effects of an overdose.

Paracelsus: This may have only been an exercise, but I would never lie to Fujimaru.

Paracelsus: ...Well, if you don't believe me, I suppose I am to blame for that. Try not to dwell on it too much...

Gilgamesh: I selected those who had the highest probability of turning on you. I wanted to test you all to see how you would react to the situation.

Gilgamesh: But you all managed to determine the cause of the issue and successfully executed a Rayshift. Even with some hiccups on the way, you all still pass.

Dr. Roman: So that's what I see the big picture.

Dr. Roman: I understand your concern, but don't you think you went a little overboard with all this?

Dr. Roman: What would you have done if the King of Mages had actually attacked during this drill?

Gilgamesh: I planned that part as well. Had there been an actual emergency, I arranged it so that everything would return to its appropriate place.

Gilgamesh: You fell asleep and no one was able to find you because Merlin assisted me.

Da Vinci: I knew it! That no-good Caster would definitely do something like that with a big smile on his face!

Da Vinci: After all, the Illusion power of that swindling mage can fool humans AND electronic devices! He'd have no trouble tricking our cameras!

Gilgamesh: But Chaldea wasn't the only thing that I tested during this drill. Mongrel...

Gilgamesh: could you not anticipate a situation where one of your Servants betrayed you? You're unbelievably naive and soft-hearted.

Fujimaru 1: But they won't betray me.

Fujimaru 2: I'll do my best so that never happens!

Gilgamesh: ...I see. It seems I am the fool for once.

Gilgamesh: There's no sense trying to convince an idiot. And I suppose that makes me an idiot today for failing to consider that.

Mash: What are you talking about, King Gilgamesh? This is Chaldea...humanity's final stronghold.

Mash: Infighting and backstabbing...those are concerns for after humanity is restored.

Mash: Whether we are human or Heroic Spirit, everyone has assembled here for the same single goal.

Gilgamesh: ...I suppose that is true. If it wasn't, I wouldn't be here, either...

Gilgamesh: Fine. Forget betrayals. The rest...well, we shall see...

Gilgamesh: By the way, mongrel. I quite enjoyed watching your reactions to all this.

Gilgamesh: While far from ideal, your decisions were fascinating. Reflect back on your responses here later.

Dr. Roman: sounds like I was the one who benefitted most from this? Not only did I get ample rest, but I had the best dream...

Dr. Roman: In my dream, Magi☆Mari did...ahh, nonono. Better if I keep that secret.

Gilgamesh: Quit your daydreaming. You're making it sound like I did all this for you.

Dr. Roman: Oh, you didn't? This was actually the first time I had a different dream from my usual one...

Gilgamesh: ...Hmph. I'm going to sleep. Wake me up if something happens. No, don't bother. I'll wake up on my own.

Dr. Roman: Annnd, he left angry... Well, I'm sure he'll be in a good mood again soon.

Dr. Roman: That king has a lot on his mind. He's not one to dwell on one single thing for too long.

Dr. Roman: But anyway...I'm sorry, everyone.

Dr. Roman: If I were more dependable, I'd have woken up earlier...

Da Vinci: It's fine. It's good that you got enough sleep for a change. And we realized how much we value you.

Mash: Yes. We wouldn't know what to do without you, Doctor. You're the one who's pulled everything together and led Chaldea this far.

Fujimaru 1: Yep. We'll be together forever.

Dr. Roman: Yeah, of course. We've all been fighting to reclaim our future.

Dr. Roman: I know I caused you all trouble this time, but I still want to thank you. Thanks. I feel like I slept well.

Fujimaru 1: Are you sure it wasn't thanks to Magi☆Mari?

Dr. Roman: Uh...n-no...of course...not... Well, maybe just a little...

Dr. Roman: Anyway! We need to finish up our work for the day!

Dr. Roman: It's almost dinnertime. Let's get our work wrapped up, and then all go to the cafeteria together!