Gilles de Rais (Saber)

Sword of the Saint

Gilles: I'm sorry, Master. I have a small favor to ask.

Gilles: Do you have time to spare?

Fujimaru 1: No problem

Fujimaru 2: What happened?

Gilles: ...I wish to go back to the 1431 France. There is something I wish to recover–

Mash: ...We've arrived in France. Now Gilles, what is it that you want to recover?

Gilles: It's Jeanne's sword. It's the sword of innocence that she discovered at Saint Catherine's Church.

Gilles: It went missing when she was captured, but... I thought I might be able to find it now.

Mash: I see. In that case, let's head for Orleans.

Dr. Roman: ...Oh? I'm picking up something in your surroundings.

Mash: I've can confirm that... It's not humans. It appears to be corpses possessed by ghosts.

Gilles: It is a mystery–but at any rate, let's take them out. It's not going to be pleasant to let them live.


Gilles: That's the last of them. Also it's strange, why would the corpses–

Gilles: Well, let's move on anyway.

Gilles: Whoa!

Gilles: Mash, Master, are you both all right?

Mash: Yes, I'm fine. But there are so many corpses here.

Gilles: Hmm. There might be something.

Gilles: Saint Catherine's sword is important, but we must figure out what's causing them to revive, too...

Dr. Roman: Nine times out of ten, it's some suspicious virus–

Mash: We're already busy retrieving the Holy Grail, so I decline to deal with such a biohazard!

Gilles: Hahaha, it can't be that. I sense a slight trace of magical energy out of their bodies.

Gilles: It has something to do with magical means, not biological.

Fou: Fou!

Mash: What's wrong Fou? Should we go this way?

Fujimaru 1: We should follow him.

Fujimaru 2: Let's follow his orders.

Gilles: Yes. Rather than running in the dark, we should put our faith in beast's instincts.

Gilles: Hm, we've got more of them here. Master, stay behind us.

Gilles: Miss Mash, let's go!

Mash: Right!


Gilles: ...Whew. Well, we managed to clean it up somehow.

Mash: Yes. But aside from that, what exactly is here–

Fou: Fou!

Dr. Roman: Oh, a warning! A strong magical energy signature detected near the throne.

Dr. Roman: If left alone, it may lead to the birth of another singularity. Could you investigate the possibility?

Mash: Understood— Ahhh!

Gilles: What's this! Can this be, Saint Catherine's sword!

Mash: The shadows are gathering, and they're trying to change their form. This is...a Shadow Servant!

Gilles: Ugh! So, you've been searching for the sword!

Gilles: I hate to break it to you, but that sword is not yours. You will hand it over!

Mash: ...It's coming!


Gilles: Got it!

Dr. Roman: Target elimination confirmed. If you retrieve that sword, all should return to normal.

Gilles: Yes, we've retrieved the sword.

Gilles: ...Master, are you familiar with the legend of Jeanne d'Arc and this sword?

Gilles: She always waved the flag to encourage us and was always on the front lines, but–

Gilles: She never drew her sword.

Gilles: I asked her if she was afraid of getting blood on her hands. She gave me a peculiar answer.

Gilles: "No, for when I wave this flag, my hands become one with yours."

Gilles: "However, I am embarrassed to say that I am unskilled with the sword. Forgive me."

Gilles: She never drew her sword. However, she carried our sin with us.

Gilles: –That being the case, I will not tolerate anyone drawing this sword but her.

Gilles: Someday, somewhere, she will need to draw this sword. Until then, I must protect it properly.

Gilles: ...I appreciate you accommodating my personal affairs.

Gilles: Let's continue to fight together!