Hassan of the Cursed Arm

Old Man of the Mountain

Mash: A...kidnapper?

Dr. Roman: Well, there have been many incidents of child abduction in this town recently.

Dr. Roman: So a request for an investigation came to us from Emperor Nero.

Mash: I see. In that case, I am willing to offer my cooperation.

Mash: By the way, have you found any clues?

Dr. Roman: It's a quite cunning group so the Emperor's men haven't been able to track them.

Mash: If we don't know the location of their base, then there's not much we can do...

Dr. Roman: So, that's why you were selected among many, Fujimaru.

Dr. Roman: We have a professional in that field. It's up to you, "Old Man of the Mountain."

Hassan: –Hassan-i Sabbah, reporting.

Fujimaru 1: Ohh, you're here already!?

Fujimaru 2: Yup. Greetings.

Hassan: –Master, I've already tracked them down. No matter how cunning they are in covering their tracks,

Hassan: they can't trick the eyes of the Assassin class Heroic Spirits.

Mash: Excellent. I'm worried about the children, Senpai! Let's hurry!!

Kidnapper: What!? How'd you bastards find us here!?

Hassan: –Ha! You're a joke. Confidence in that level of hiding...

Hassan: You're third-rate bandits at best. Get a life, or change your ways right here.

Hassan: Lucky for you, this Master is kind. Surrender and you won't be hurt.

Kidnapper: Huh. Don't be cocky, bonehead! Get them, guys!!


Mash: I neutralized the enemy group, Master. I will tie them up on this tree.

Hassan: I don't see any children...Their headquarters is somewhere else?

Hassan: I will guide you there, Master. The cornered enemy may be dangerous.

Hassan: –Hurry!

Children: Wahhhh...I want to go home...

Kidnapper: Hey, walk straight, stupid brats!! You better stop crying!

Kidnapper: What's the problem? We're gonna feed all you hungry rascals that have nothing to live on.

Kidnapper: Let's do the best to get along, huh? I'll raise you all to be proper assassins!


Mash: That's enough!! Free the children!!

Kidnapper: Damn!! Don't get cocky!! Slaughter them all!!


Mash: The bandits have been routed. You are the only one left. Please surrender.

Kidnapper: D-Damn!! In that case...! Hey, can't you see this right here!?

Child: Waaaaaah!!

Mash: Hostage!? How foul...!!

Fujimaru 1: Despicable!!

Fujimaru 2: How could you!!

Kidnapper: Oh, shout as you please!! See ya...!! Hey!! Let's go!!

Kidnapper: What!? The torch is out...!?

Hassan: "Zabaniya"

Kidnapper: Wha!? G-Gah...

Hassan: Foolish. All too foolish. I do not mean using a child as a shield, or kidnapping children.

Hassan: Nothing is as foolish as the one who cannot even measure talent trying to raise an assassin.

Hassan: That child is unfit to be a killer. Such incompetence bringing children to this place—

Hassan: You are no longer worthy of living. Disappear into the eternal darkness.

Mash: Hassan!!

Child: Wahhhh!! That was scary...!!

Fujimaru 1: There, there. That was scary.

Fujimaru 2: Uncle Hassan rescued you.

Child: ...Mister?

Hassan: — Mission accomplished, Master. So I will depart now.

Mash: Hassan...Was he a bit reluctant about the request this time...?

Dr. Roman: ...Well, in a way he's a Servant toosimilar with those bandits just now...

Dr. Roman: Our idea of helping people and his idea of helping people may perhaps be different.

Child: ...Um, Miss.Are you friends with that mister just now?

Mash: Y-Yes.He's like a...friend.

Child: Then, give him my thanks. Tell him thank you, white-faced mister.

Child: I don't know how to describe it but that guy...seemed to be really, really angry for me...

Mash: —Sure, got it. I will definitely tell him.

Dr. Roman: Ah, Fujimaru, Emperor Nero wanted to express her thanks for the other day. I'll put her through.

Nero: Ohhh!! Fujimaru!! You did great the other day. Praiseworthy!

Fujimaru 1: Well, Hassan...Hassan?

Fujimaru 2: It's all thanks to Hassan.

Nero: Umu, this Hassan fellow has been really helpful!!

Nero: Since then, he's been catching bandits and kidnappers for me every day.

Nero: Thanks to him, the crime rate of my beloved Rome has bottomed out!! I'm thrilled!!

Dr. Roman: Huh!? Every day since then...?

Mash: Come to think of it, I haven't seen Hassan since then. Perhaps he's been hunting criminals...!?

Dr. Roman: ...Beats me, you know... Maybe Hassan is a good guy at heart...?