Hassan of the Hundred Personas

Hundred Personas Looking for Something

Hundred Personas: Excuse me, Master. May I have a word with you?

Fujimaru 1: Welcome, Hundred Personas.

Fujimaru 2: Welcome, Asako.

Hundred Personas: Why did you call me that?

Hundred Personas: ...No, never mind.

Hundred Personas: As we are a conglomerate, our existence is unique.

Hundred Personas: Even though you are contracted with multiple Servants, things involving us are sure to still bewilder you.

Hundred Personas: And calling us by name is probably one of them. We are fine with whatever name you choose to differentiate us.

Mash: Hello, Hundred Personas. What a surprise to see you in Senpai's room.

Mash: I just brought over some tea. Would you like to join us?

Hundred Personas: ...

Hundred Personas: No, if Master is busy, that's fine. Please excuse us.

Fujimaru 1: Wait, wait.

Fujimaru 2: Did something happen?

Mash: Yes, please wait. If you leave now, I will not be able to enjoy tea time because I will be so curious.

Mash: If you have something on your mind, please do not hesitate to mention it.

Mash: Oh. Is it something that you cannot say because I'm around? If so, I can leave–

Hundred Personas: ...No, actually we wanted to ask Master a favor.

Fujimaru 1: A favor?

Hundred Personas: Yes. We need the assistance of someone familiar with the layout of Chaldea and who knows where people in it can be found.

Hundred Personas: Which is to say, we will probably need Mash's help, too.

Hundred Personas: If you don't mind, we would like you to listen, too, Mash.

Mash: Of course. If there is anything I can do, I'm happy to help.

Mash: So...what is this favor?

Hundred Personas: Well, to put it simply: we would like you to help us find somebody.

Mash: Find...somebody?

Mash: If you're looking for a staff member or Servant, we can just use the PA system to ask them to come here.

Hundred Personas: We considered that approach, but if she could answer such a call, we would have found her a long time ago.

Hundred Personas: Actually, ever since we were Summoned, we have been looking for her in our spare time.

Hundred Personas: We did not go as far as make an announcement, but we did shout out her name, peek inside rooms, and check all the hallways.

Hundred Personas: But since we still haven't come across her...

Hundred Personas: She either doesn't want to answer the call, or she simply can't.

Hundred Personas: That was our conclusion. That's why we need to search for her.

Mash: I see...this is starting to sound like a case that needs to be solved!

Mash: So who is this person you are searching for?

Hundred Personas: ...Um, well...it's quite embarrassing, but...

Hundred Personas: it's...

Mash: Hm? Um, you were kind of mumbling there, so I didn't hear you.

Hundred Personas: A-anyway! We're all in good hands now that Master and Mash are here to help us!

Hundred Personas: Now let's get out there and start searching!

Mash: Oh, she headed out so eagerly...

Mash: There's still so many questions left, but let's just go after Hundred Personas, Senpai!

Fujimaru 1: Do you have any clues?

Hundred Personas: Well, she is almost certainly inside Chaldea, but other than that, we have no clues.

Mash: So you're going into this blind?

Mash: To search every nook and cranny somewhere as vast as Chaldea could take a long time!

Hundred Personas: There is no need for concern. We have full knowledge of her personality, characteristics, and abilities.

Hundred Personas: We have some limited insight into what might happen around her, or what she might do...

Hundred Personas: So we ask Master to lead us to places where she might be.

Mash: I see...rather than sleuthing, you already have a few places in mind to search.

Hundred Personas: Exactly. Now, the first place we would like to go is...

Mash: This...is where you wanted to go...

Hundred Personas: Interesting...here...

Hundred Personas: Then, let's go!

Mash: Um, why are you pulling out your dagger and swinging it around before you enter!?

Mash: Hundred Personas? Hundred Personas!?

Blackbeard: Dufufufu...pretty girl figurines are the BEST. It's like two and three dimensions got together and made the baby of my dreams!

Blackbeard: This plump yet oh so flat belly is to DIE for... Ahhh, this sculpt is a work of ART!

Blackbeard: That devilish whim called adolescence...the wonderful transition between girlhood and womanhood that lasts only the briefest of moments...

Blackbeard: This delicate balance can only be expressed through microscopic adjustments...a technique and craftsmanship that can only be achieved by steady-handed experts.

Blackbeard: That soft skin...and the bouncy bits...all to convey that age. It's so...ah, marvelous!


Nugh!? This Blackbeard's eyes can't be deceived! Th-this figure...has cast-off parts?!

Blackbeard: Colchis Brand figures...always a high quality brand!

Blackbeard: You never disappoint. It's already a superb piece of work...

Blackbeard: But to put even more curvaceous elements and incorporate the third-dimensional sense of being able to take off clothes...!

Blackbeard: This has gotta be a challenge for the great Blackbeard. Taunting me! To strip it, or not to strip it...

Blackbeard: But don't underestimate me! I don't have a problem displaying my figures in my room after they've been stripped!

Blackbeard: Even if my parents see them, I would proudly declare: “Mom, Dad, this is my girlfriend!”

Blackbeard: This is how a REAL man lives!

Blackbeard: ...And now, if you'll excuse me... I'll take a little taste...

Blackbeard: Aaagh!?

Blackbeard: ...Oh no...the edge of the figure's clothes...

Blackbeard: Apologize! Apologize to the expert craftsman (aka Medea) who worked so tirelessly on every frill of the figure's skirt!

Hundred Personas: Tsk. We missed.

Fujimaru 1: What was that all about!?

Fujimaru 2: Even pervy otaku like Blackbeard have rights. Maybe.

Hundred Personas: Hmph. You saw what kind of man he is.

Hundred Personas: He loves cute things to an almost sickening level, and his greed drives to make them his own. And he feels joy from managing and observing them...

Hundred Personas: If the one we are searching for has been captured, this creep would naturally be the first suspect.

Mash: The reason why Hundred Personas cannot find who they are looking for is because they've been captured and imprisoned by Blackbeard!?

Mash: Th-that's a bit far-fetched–

Blackbeard: Totally! I'm being framed! Totally blameless!

Blackbeard: There are tons of angels in Chaldea of prime age, like Mary and Jack...

Blackbeard: But that's exactly why I always try to interact with such angels at the borderline acceptable level!

Blackbeard: After all, if I “accidentally” touch or hug them, I'd get killed!

Hundred Personas: But that only means that if there were no such risks, you WOULD do that sort of thing.

Hundred Personas: The one we're seeking is not risky or dangerous at all. They are just small. Just cute.

Blackbeard: Eh? What kind of rare angel is that? Are they around? Where? Where's my camera???

Hundred Personas: We knew it.

Hundred Personas: There's a possibility that he would trick them with enticing words, or drag them back to his lair.

Hundred Personas: Fess up. Refuse, and it's just a matter of us annihilating you first, or we can search your room!

Blackbeard: Tch... Give me a break.

Blackbeard: Blackbeard may be bad, but I'm no low-level scum who can't be proud his own way of life.

Blackbeard: If I were to fall in love with a girl, it'd only be because it's mutual. I'd get her parents' permission!

Blackbeard: And then head off to a church to get married. That's the route to a True End!

Hundred Personas:

Th-there's no way we're giving her away to scum like you! We will not allow it!

Mash: This has taken a turn for the insane, but let's try to calm things down, Senpai!


Blackbeard: Fuuuuuu!!!

Blackbeard: Here I was in MY OWN room, minding my business, just admiring my lovely figures, and you go all aggro! What did I do to deserve this!?

Hundred Personas: ...Not here. We were wrong.

Blackbeard: I told you I didn't know what you were on about as soon as you got here...

Blackbeard: My brand new figure...broken...ungh...Blackbeard's gonna cry... (Sniff)...

Hundred Personas: Ugh. Don't cry while we're here. Disgusting.

Blackbeard: SHOCK!

Mash: You mustn't, Hundred Personas. Blackbeard may be bad, but he's a pure-hearted dreamer when it comes to his hobbies.

Mash: Even if disavowing his hobby is the right thing to do, it'll only result in his mental collapse!

Blackbeard: What, it's okay to insult me in front of my face now!? Even you are so cruel today, Miss Mash!

Fujimaru 1: Give it up...

Fujimaru 2: Just accept it...

Hundred Personas: It was all just a misunderstanding. The one we're looking for is not here.

Hundred Personas: We must apologize.


Apology!? Do you think apologizing will fix my poor, beloved figure!?

Blackbeard: This...this girl...an elven-eared craftsman worked her hardest to make this figure by hand. There's no chance of getting another one...

Hundred Personas: Hm. Will you accept our apology if this thing gets fixed? We'll send Dew Painter over to you later.

Blackbeard: WH-WHAT!? You can fix it?

Hundred Personas: Hah...don't underestimate the Hundred Personas. Our one hundred specializations are not just on the battlefield.

Hundred Personas: Dew Painter, as that name suggests, can paint anything in any color and is an expert at befuddling the enemy through coloring.

Hundred Personas: He should be an expert in sculpting, if I remember correctly. He did say that magical reconstruction is one of his favorite tasks.

Hundred Personas: To further improve this figure to match your greatest desire should be no harder than a snap of the fingers to him.

Blackbeard: ...!!!


Blackbeard: So, first I want these knee-high socks to be gone to show off her healthy thicc legs, and I'll add glasses, a recorder instrument, and a ribbon...and her clothes will be partially off, and her sides...

Mash: Um, maybe you hit him a on the head a little too hard... He's fainted, but he's still grinning...

Hundred Personas: So we were wrong about the first suspect, but we cannot give up yet.

Hundred Personas: Let's head to the next suspect. Master, Mash. Please lead the way.


Mash: Based on what happened with Blackbeard, we're looking for someone small and cute.

Fujimaru 1: I'm sure we'll find them soon.

Mash: Yes. Let's keep that positive attitude.

Fujimaru 2: I hope we find them.

Mash: Someone small and cute... Well, there are a lot of people like that in Chaldea.

Mash: If that's all we have to go on...

Hundred Personas: She's shy, so you've definitely never met her before.

Hundred Personas: Please let us know if you see someone fitting that description immediately.

Mash: By the way, who is looking for this person?

Fujimaru 1: Is it just you, Asako?

Fujimaru 2: Is it just you?

Hundred Personas: No, this is very important to all of us. I am not the only one looking. The rest of the personas are also on the lookout.

Hundred Personas: Hn...speak of the devil. Take a look. Gozul the Strong is over there.

Gozul the Strong: Hnnnngh!

Beowulf: Hahaha. Good work! That's the spirit!

Beowulf: ...Oh crap. This is no time to laugh. I'll lose my grip if I don't keep my stomach taut.

Beowulf: You're as strong as you look! You're no Grendel, but you still got some potential!

Sakata Kintoki: That ain't fair, Wulf. Were you all talk when you said you'd end it in an instant? This ain't a competition of stamina.

Sakata Kintoki: I'm a big idiot who enjoys a game of arm wrestling or two. A valiant match is nice and all, but hurry up and switch–

Gozul the Strong: ...(Makes a “come at me” gesture)

Sakata Kintoki: Oh? Don't tell me you want me to get in on this, too!?

Gozul the Strong: ...(Grin)

Sakata Kintoki: Whooo! This guy's tough! This'll be GOLDEN! This guy's gonna go up against me and Wulf at the same time...one with each arm!

Sakata Kintoki: Heh, you're underestimating us! A bastard like you...I love it!

Beowulf: Yeah, so laughable. This guy's got a hothead.

Beowulf: ...But we can get irritated after the match's over.

Beowulf: The information you want from us is more valuable than the two of us. We know not to laugh at that!

Hundred Personas: Hm. Looks like Gozul is trying to get those two to tell him the information we need by beating them in an arm wrestling match.

Fujimaru 1: Look at all those bulging muscles...amazing...

Hundred Personas: Overall combat efficiency aside, Gozul is probably the strongest of all of us when it comes to sheer arm power. I do not think he is at a disadvantage.

Hundred Personas: Hm. And I see Makul the Quick over there by the halls.

Makul the Quick: Fwoosh...!

Atalante: Hm. What amazing speed.

Atalante: But I won't lose sight of someone in a footrace! And you are in my turf!


Hey!!! Who's running in the halls!? WALK QUIETLY. No matter how rushed you are, you do not run!

Martha: I will get on Tarasque and chase down rule breakers to the ends of the earth!!!

Hundred Personas: And Makul's doing some kind of competition of his own. I see...a hunter's eyes may have spotted her.

Hundred Personas: And...oh, there's Zayed the Base over there.

Zayed the Base: ...

Nero: Ungh! Impressive!

Nero: As the Roman Emperor, the incarnation of art itself...and obviously versed in dance, too...I am impressed with your graceful, elegant movements!

Nero: You are no ordinary person! Surely you must be able to gracefully avoid security sensors like that!

Mata Hari: You're right. They possess unique and wonderful rhythm. I'm learning a lot, tee hee.

Mata Hari: Wait. We can't just sit here watching, or all we are is an audience. I need to dance my heart out too.

Zayed the Base: ...Wait. Why am I in a dance contest? Dancing is hardly my area of exp–

Hundred Personas: Well, that's...yes, Zayed. I don't think you should worry too much about Zayed. Probably for the best.

Mash: Um...so all your personas are putting their skills to practical use to collect information on their own.

Hundred Personas: That is our strength. Diversity through one hundred specialties.

Hundred Personas: Someone's weakness may be someone else's strength. As such, we have limitless options for moving through the shadows.

Hundred Personas: In that area, we believe we are the greatest among the Hassans.

Fujimaru 1: So what's your strength...?

Fujimaru 2: So what's your strength, Asako...?

Hundred Personas: Well, I do have a proper skill I'm versed in...

Hundred Personas: But for some reason, lately I've been in the role of gathering and coordinating the others.

Hundred Personas: This is likely because there are just so few of us who can communicate with Master properly.

Hundred Personas: ...

Hundred Personas: Speaking of communicating, I realize that she also has difficulty doing so...which is why something like this happened in the first place.

Mash: Hundred Personas?

Hundred Personas: No, nothing. I'm just talking to myself.

Hundred Personas: Now, then.

Hundred Personas: Even though we have one hundred specialties, we are up against famed Heroic Spirits. None of these competitions will be easy.

Hundred Personas: Since I have a bit of free time, I'm thinking of helping the others out if I get a chance.

Fujimaru 1: What do you mean, “help out”?

Fujimaru 2: A-are we allowed?

Hundred Personas: There's no need to worry, Master.

Hundred Personas: After all, we are us.

Hundred Personas: All the matches are judged by Hundred Personas. All the matches are witnessed by Hundred Personas.

Hundred Personas: We are all one. So, even if someone tickles an opponent's arm, or maybe sticks out a foot to trip a runner in a race...

Hundred Personas: Those are all just methods we might employ to win the competition.

Hundred Personas: It is neither cheating nor intervention from an outside party. We are, after all, doing these things ourselves.

Fujimaru 1: I-I-I see...?

Hundred Personas: Then let us go, Master. Help me help myself!

Mash: This gets more confusing the more you think about it.

Mash: So many Hassans, all part of the same one...this must be what gestaltzerfall is like...


Hundred Personas: (Pant...pant...)

Sakata Kintoki: Ah! We lost! We lost!

Sakata Kintoki: The moment he started using both arms, I shoulda realized it was a battle royale, not an arm wrestling match!

Sakata Kintoki: Why the hell didn't I watch out for someone creeping up from behind!

Beowulf: Tsk. If only I had one more arm. What, you don't think I could just GROW one from sheer willpower alone?

Atalante: This wasn't a footrace. It was an obstacle course. I should have paid closer attention to the rules.

Nero: Ungh. Those unpredictable, unexpected motions of yours are well beyond ordinary! If you'd lived in my time, I would have hired you as a court dancer!

Mata Hari: Yes, indeed. I'm sure you would have been in great demand at every inn.

Zayed the Base: ...

Hundred Personas: Now, tell us. Tell us everything you know.

Hundred Personas: If you know anything about her movements...anything that could give us even a clue...tell us.

Hundred Personas: ...We see. If we put everything we have learned together and consider it, we could best summarize it by saying...

Hundred Personas: Something fishy is going on with the kids lately.

Fujimaru 1: The children of Chaldea...?

Mash: Do you think that's true, Hundred Personas?

Hundred Personas: It could be possible. It doesn't seem that far-fetched of a reason for this.

Mash: Reason...?

Hundred Personas: Either way, we have some clues now. Let's go see the children!


Hundred Personas: Here?

Fujimaru 1: Let's just knock...

Nursery Rhyme's Voice: Oh, a woodpecker is singing “knock, knock.” We have visitors. Visitors!

Jack's Voice: Yes? Who's there?

Fujimaru 1: It's Fujimaru.

Jack's Voice: Master? Anybody else with you?

Mash: Yes. Me and Hundred Personas. May we come in?

Nursery Rhyme's Voice: ...No.

Mash: Huh?

Nursery Rhyme's Voice: No means no!

Jack's Voice: If it's just Mommy and Mash...no. Nobody can come in.

Nursery Rhyme's Voice: Yep, yep. Nobody can absolutely come in!

Hundred Personas: Ah, results at last. Now if I may...

Mash: Oh wait, Hundred Personas!

Nursery Rhyme: Grr! I told you, you can't come in!

Jack: I said so...

Mash: That's...?

Hundred Personas: Ah. So you were here all along.

???: ...

Fujimaru 1: So this girl is the one you were looking for?

Hundred Personas: ...Yes. We're embarrassed to say so, but that is the me that we were looking for.

Hundred Personas: That's another of the Hundred Personas. Yes, she is another of our personalities.

Mash: B-but she seems a little different than the rest of the Hundred Personas.

Mash: Excuse me for saying this, but she doesn't seem much like a Hassan OR an Assassin...

Hundred Personas: Of course not. The specialty of that persona is not knowing or being able to do anything.

Fujimaru 1: What does that mean...?

Hundred Personas: To know nothing can sometimes be very useful for an assassin.

Hundred Personas: This would be utterly humiliating if it actually happened, but...hypothetically, let's say we failed a mission and the enemy captured us.

Hundred Personas: If we had a persona that knows nothing, then no matter how much they were interrogated, they could not reveal anything, because they do not KNOW anything.

Mash: That's terrible! A personality to use only under interrogation!?

Nursery Rhyme: How terrible! Bad! To treat such a cute little girl that way!

Jack: We found her wandering the hallway and heard her story. That's why we brought her here.

Nursery Rhyme: That's right. You shouldn't have to do something you don't want to! You shouldn't have to be trapped by a boring and painful fate!

Nursery Rhyme: That's a book you should just leave closed. That's why we decided to let her stay here.

Nursery Rhyme: Here, her only job is to enjoy drinking tea and chatting.

Nursery Rhyme: ...She doesn't talk much, but she is so cute when she eats snacks! Like a little squirrel!

Hundred Personas: I'm grateful you took good care of her until now. But...

Nursery Rhyme: Are you going to take our friend away?

Nursery Rhyme: Even though there's so many of you already?

Hundred Personas: No one else can fill her role. There is no changing the fact that she is one of our faces.

Hundred Personas: We cannot have her stay in here forever. Now, come. We're going home.

???: ...

Nursery Rhyme: You can't. We're not going to let you take our friend!

Jack: Right. We just got to be friends! We don't want to say bye-bye yet.

Jack: We haven't even learned her name.

Hundred Personas: ...I see we have no choice. It appears we must first teach these children to heed their elders!

Mash: P-please be gentle with them, Hundred Personas! Let's just calm things down so we can talk!


Hundred Personas: Now that the children have had their spankings...

Nursery Rhyme: We're not giving in! We won't just do whatever mean thing the adults tell us we have to!

Nursery Rhyme: Don't you hurt our friend!

Mash: Hundred Personas...um...

Fujimaru 1: Have mercy on them.

Hundred Personas: I cannot believe Mash and Master are looking at us like that...

Hundred Personas: But, it seems there is still some misunderstanding. To restate...

Hundred Personas: ...

E:???: Oh...

Hundred Personas: Allow us to clarify.

Hundred Personas: You have no job at Chaldea. You are not in charge of being interrogated. You are just a part of us.

E:???: ...?

Jack: Not in charge of getting interrogated?

Hundred Personas: Of course not.

Hundred Personas: Matters would be different if we were exclusively assassins as we were in life. But now we are Master's Servant.

Hundred Personas: There is no situation in which we would be captured.

Nursery Rhyme: Then...why were you trying to take them back?

Hundred Personas: Since we were summoned, this persona never showed her face. Not once.

Hundred Personas: This one is still an important part of us. We–all of us–were simply worried about her.

E:???: Worried?

Hundred Personas: That's right. Gozul, Makul, Zayed...everyone's looking for you. You should at least put in an appearance so everyone can stop worrying.

Hundred Personas: And after that...if you want to come back to your new friends and play, you may do as you like.

Hundred Personas: They're also Master's Servants. Spending time interacting with others is a good thing.

Hundred Personas: Hm. Perhaps that is your new role here.

Hundred Personas: After all, I'm too embarrassed to join in tea parties like this one.

E:???: ...'Kay. Then I'll go back.

Hundred Personas: Yes, let's go back.

Nursery Rhyme: Oh. Why didn't you tell us earlier?

Nursery Rhyme: If she isn't going to get harmed, and if the people at home are worried, then obviously she should go home once in a while.

Nursery Rhyme: You just need to come here whenever you want to have a tea party!

Nursery Rhyme: When you've left all your worries behind, or forgotten them, or just foisted them onto the adults, that's when we have a great, grand tea party!

Nursery Rhyme: See you again, tiny little Hassan.

Jack: Bye-bye.

Little Hassan: ...Bye-bye.

Fujimaru 1: I never imagined such a Hassan existed...

Mash: Yes, I'm as surprised as you are. She was so tiny and cute.

Hundred Personas: Surprised? That's actually our line.

Fujimaru 1: ?

Hundred Personas: While we are a conglomerate, we are individuals. We do not, however, have any sort of connection that would allow us to communicate mentally.

Hundred Personas: That's why it took all of us, and so much effort, to find her.

Hundred Personas: And that is why she also didn't know who you are or what your purpose is.

Hundred Personas: And that's probably why she didn't want to leave the children's room.

Mash: ...I see.

Mash: So this all happened because she didn't know what sort of Master Senpai is.

Little Hassan: ...

Mash: Hehe... As a Servant who has spent a lot of time contracted with Master, I can tell you this much:

Mash: As long as we are here, we won't ever let you get hurt. Absolutely not.

Mash: And like the other Hundred Personas, you won't have to do the sort of dirty jobs you did in the past.

Hundred Personas: Sheesh. I'm quite astonished. To be honest, I am appalled.

Hundred Personas: Even though we are a Servant best suited for that kind of dirty work, Master has never once ordered us to do anything of the sort.

Hundred Personas: And the fact that we know with certainty that Master would never issue such orders...

Hundred Personas: Hmph. You are a strange, strange [♂ man /♀️ woman}, Master.

Fujimaru 1: You think so?

Mash: (Even though it's impossible to tell with that mask on...I have a feeling she's smiling as she says that. I can tell from her tone of voice.)

Mash: It's like we just found a new friend here in Chaldea.

Mash: We should introduce her to the other Hundred Personas, as well as to the other Servants. Oh, and we should give her a tour of Chaldea, too.

Mash: Um, Little Hassan. Is there anywhere you would like to go?

Little Hassan: ... (Nod)

Mash: Where? I can take you anywhere. Please do not hesitate to ask!

Little Hassan: ...

Little Hassan: Potty.

Mash: !!!

Hundred Personas: Ah! Okay! That's our first priority! But hold it a little longer, okay?

Little Hassan: ... (Nod)

Fujimaru 1: Asako...do you also specialize in babysitting?