Helena Blavatsky

The World that She Sees

Paracelsus: From time to time...

Paracelsus: From time to time, I wonder: do I fully comprehend the macrocosm of the three principles?

Paracelsus: My theory that the universe corresponds to the anatomy of the human body...

Paracelsus: Am I correct in this? If not, then my entire operating paradigm has been incorrect all this time.

Helena: ...Yep. You're right.

Paracelsus: Although, such a thing can only be considered to be the world's truth.

Paracelsus: As one who would know the Swirl of the Root, my idiotic agony must sound so trivial right now.

Helena: ...Yes. I'm sure that is true.

Helena: I'm not sure myself, but I sense Mahatma from your words.

Helena: That's why I'm rooting for you. Good luck, Paracelsus!

Paracelsus: Thank you very much, Helena Blavatsky. You're brilliant.

Sanzang: You know the phrase “protection of the Buddha”? That's why I'm here...

Sanzang: I'm sure you're under such protection too. Probably. In fact, I'd say it's thanks to this protection that Chaldea still exists!

Sanzang: Even in the face of the Incineration of Humanity, we survived!

Sanzang: That's why the Buddha is amazing. My master was especially amazing.

Sanzang: Not only am I able to borrow their palm heel, but they see and know everything. Beyond amazing, really.

Sanzang: The compassionate and merciful Kannon is also beyond amazing. I've never seen anyone with more to offer.

Sanzang: Yesterday, today, and even tomorrow... The protection of the Buddha is forever!

Sanzang: But you know, Wukong and Bajie didn't quite get it.

Helena: ...Oh really?

Sanzang: Right after their vows, they went straight for some meat! In an instant! In a heartbeat!

Sanzang: Wukong would say things like, “May the protection of the Buddha reach even my stomach!” That's not right! No!

Helena: Uh-huh. I see.

Helena: In many sects of Buddhism, the clergy is forbidden from eating meat, right?

Helena: But then these disciples break such precepts immediately. Beyond annoying.

Helena: On the other hand, I see that you are faithful to the Enlightened One's teachings, and I sense a high Mahatma from you. Good luck!

Sanzang: Hee hee. You think so? Okay. Let us both devote our lives to our faiths!

Fujimaru 1: Mahatma...

Fujimaru 2: What does that mean?

Mash: Hello, Senpai. I've been watching as you puzzled over this, but...

Mash: I honestly don't know what she means when she says that.

Mash: I do know that Mahatma was supposedly an existence of some kind that Helena mentioned often in her life.

Mash: A spiritual existence of high order. They apparently imparted wisdom and truth through documents.

Mash: And priestess figures who received such documents supposedly included Helena herself.

C:Mash: ...Details about Mahatma and their true form are a mystery. There is no mention about them in Chaldea's database, at least.

C:Mash: Helena doesn't offer much in the way of detail on the subject, either.

Fujimaru 1: What's a Mahatma...?

Helena: ...Hm? You called?

Mash: Oh. Hello, Helena.

Helena: How do you do, Mash, Fujimaru? Do you two want to know about Mahatma?

Helena: Though you know... Hm... What shall I do? I could have you read my book about it. But, hmmm...

F:???: “The Secret Doctrine” is a book of mysteries that covers ancient and modern science and theology.

Mash: That voice...

Helena: Hey. Who's there?

El-Melloi II: It's an important book, and serves as the foundation of modern occultism, but it's not the sort of work we mages should use.

El-Melloi II: ...Sorry for the intrusion. I just heard a familiar title and couldn't help but respond.

Helena: So you've read my book! Does that mean you feel Mahatma too?

El-Melloi II: Of course I've read it. I see. So you're THE Helena Blavatsky.

El-Melloi II: I had hoped to meet and speak to you. Miss, would you spare me some time?

Helena: Of course! I get it! You're a fan of mine!

Fujimaru 1: (Birds of a feather?)

Mash: (You're right, Senpai. It seems like they are getting along!)

Fujimaru 2: (Incoming magecraft lecture.)

Mash: (Perhaps. I'm not sure if I can keep up...)

El-Melloi II: What intrigues me is that much what you've said seems to contradict the teachings of Theosophy as a field.

El-Melloi II: Theosophy as a field involves study and exploration. Its pursuit of the truth of the world and gods is similar to what we mages do...

El-Melloi II: But it is still just an academic field. It's not that Theosophy is similar to mages...

El-Melloi II: But rather that mages are simply academics.

El-Melloi II: Yet...

El-Melloi II: Yet, you practice magecraft. Even while you speak of Mahatma and the Hierarchy...

El-Melloi II: You cast a variety of spells, using the archaic magecraft foundation that Theosophy claims does not exist.

Helena: Eh? Y-you're right. I do not feel Mahatma from that as much.

Fujimaru 1: Huh?

Fujimaru 2: She's changed her usual line...

Mash: (Yes, this is a bit different for her...)

El-Melloi II: ...What exactly do your beliefs cover?

El-Melloi II: Don't you think that the Theosophy that you speak of is making a mockery of the actual modern Theosophy?

El-Melloi II: Unless...instead of Theosophy, it's your own talents you are mocking...

Helena: ...

Helena: ...

Helena: U-unnnngh. When you say it that way...

Helena: It's true that I was the one who spread Theosophy to the modern world, but in broader terms, it was like a new kind of Platonism or Gnosticism...

Helena: It included many things from the past, and in this case, it included Paracelsus's books too...

Helena: I guess you can say it's my philosophy. But... But...

Helena: The teachings really expanded during Adyarism or Yeats's time...

Helena: ...In other words...



El-Melloi II: M-my apologies. I did not intend to anger you.

Helena: You dummy! Why you... Why you...! Lord El-Melloi II's a stupidhead!!!

Helena: Stop tormenting me like the SPR!!! Waaaahh!!!

El-Melloi II: N-no, I had no intention to...

Helena: Waaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!

Mash: S-Senpai! The usually kind and mature Helena...is throwing a childlike tantrum!

Fujimaru 1: I-I've never seen her so angry before!

Mash: You may be right. Helena is normally the one to calm Edison and Tesla down...

Fujimaru 2: I like this side of her!



Alexander: Hm, what's going on, teacher? Did you make a woman angry?

Alexander: I never knew teacher was such a lady-killer. Yeah... I'm curious about how you'll handle this.

El-Melloi II: No, I... Hm? What's that dark shadow behind you?

Alexander: Oh this? It caught me back there. I thought I got away, but it looks like it followed me here.

Darius III:


Fujimaru 1: Hey, it's getting rowdy around here!

Mash: It is, and now I sense danger!

Fujimaru 2: I have a bad feeling about this!

Mash: Me too!

Helena: ... (Gasp!?)

Helena: Wh-what is the meaning of this!? I can't believe you got so many people on your side! Explain yourself, Lord El-Melloi II!!!

Helena: Well then, that means I'll have to...

El-Melloi II: Um, no, please don't misunderstand, Lady Blavatsky. Please wait. That giant Servant is not on my side...

Helena: Thanks for calling me a lady. But too late. I've started up the Simulator.

Helena: Come at me, Lord El-Melloi II! You too, Alex and Mister Darius III!

Helena: You're all going to get a taste of the power of Mahatma! Brace yourselves!!!

Helena: Fujimaru and Mash! You're on my side! Got it!?

Fujimaru 1: Y-yes, ma'am!

Fujimaru 2: Shoulda seen this coming...

Helena: LET'S. GO!

Helena: ...Lemuria slumbers in the seas! The Hierarchy graces the skies! And...

Helena: And I! In the name of Mahatma... I'm going to let off steam!

El-Melloi II: Wait, wait! Let off steam!?


Mash: Simulation battle, completed! For the time being, Helena wins...

Mash: But it seemed pretty clear that El-Melloi II was attempting to throw the match...

Fujimaru 1: I'm tired...

Mash: ...I am too.

Fujimaru 2: W-well, all's well that ends well!

Mash: Y-yes you're right. I like your thinking, Senpai...

Helena: (Sigh) ...I'm no good.

Helena: I vowed to be nice, but sometimes I can't help but explode like that.

Helena: Especially when I think of the time when the SPR called me a fraud.

Helena: I'm sorry I gave in to my emotions, Mister. I'm embarrassed to face Mahatma.

El-Melloi II: No, I...

Alexander: Hey, did you just say Mahatma, the great teacher? Do you know Mahatma?

Helena: Eh?

Mash: Eh...

Darius III: ???

El-Melloi II: ...Wait. Are you telling us that you know what Mahatma is?

Alexander: Well, yeah?

Fujimaru 1: Really!?

Fujimaru 2: Uh, I'm not sure if that's true...

Mash: (Y-yes, Senpai... Even though Alexander talks like he's familiar with it...)

Mash: (Do you really believe Alexander knows what Mahatma is, when even El-Melloi II isn't sure himself?)

Mash: (Although, Alexander did learn from Aristotle in Mieza...so it may be possible?)

Mash: (Or perhaps, like Helena, he had a gifted mage nearby...)

Helena: Seriously!? You know!? Of Mahatma!?

Alexander: Yep. I do.

Helena: Oh my! That's amazing! Well I...do sense strong Mahatma!!

Edison: (...Is it over?)

Nikola Tesla: (Hm. It would appear to be.)

Nikola Tesla: (Yes, indeed it is over. She's laughing. It appears our dear Helena is in a good mood now.)

Edison: (Whew...even I thought the worst this time around.)

Edison: (I was worried that fancy suit here triggered her by bringing up the times she was called a fraud, but it seems my fears were unfounded.)

Nikola Tesla: (Yes. I thought the dimwit here complained about Helena's moving lab again. Evidently I was mistaken.)

Edison: What did you say!?

Nikola Tesla: Say that again, fool!

Lion & Gentleman: (Oops...shhh...)

Paracelsus: You are right.

Paracelsus: It is not unusual for each mage to have their own unique usage of odd words and phrases.

Paracelsus: For example, I use terms like “prima materia,” “transmutation product,” and “quinta essentia.”

Paracelsus: In the world of alchemy, especially during my time, these words were not unique...

Paracelsus: ...but not all mages use them. Come to think of it, I believe the first founders of the Clock Tower likely used different terms.

Paracelsus: That's why this is probably the same for her.

Paracelsus: First off, there is no doubting her genius. Such people are generally misunderstood by the common masses.

Paracelsus: The Mahatma that she speaks of...and what that means...

Paracelsus: In order to truly understand, one would need to be on the same level as her.

Paracelsus: Oh, and by the way, Master...

Paracelsus: Apropos of nothing, I just happened to prepare an elixir...

Paracelsus: It temporarily strengthens the limbic system, the cerebral nerves, and even magical circuits.

Paracelsus: Would you like a sip?

Fujimaru 1: No thank you.

Fujimaru 2: Nope! (Nope!)

Paracelsus: ...

Medea: ...You right there. Yes, you.

Medea: Theosophy, was it? If that magecraft is what its name suggests, it must be a study of godly wisdom.

Medea: It must be something that didn't originate in the Age of Gods, so I don't expect anything grandiose...

Medea: But I don't mind it, Helena Blavatsky. I have a certain interest in those who strive to reach the gods.

Helena: ...Yes. Thank you, Medea.

Medea: My magecraft was given to me by Hekate. Calling them similar is probably off the mark.

Medea: But I do believe it's closer than that of modern mages. I sense yours is not obsessed with reaching the Root.

Helena: ...Um...

Helena: Y-yes. Yep. You're probably right. I do feel Mahatma from—

Helena: ...

Helena: No, I'm sorry. Let me be honest with you, Medea.

Medea: ...?

Helena: The Mahatma and Hierarchy that I have been sensing until today...

Helena: I am not sure whether they are the same beings as the gods of the Age of Gods.

Helena: I personally believe that true Mahatmas are the supernatural beings who have reached the Swirl of the Root, or at least have come in contact with the Root.

Helena: Whether it would be appropriate to call them gods is something that I honestly cannot determine.

Helena: ...

Helena: Hmm... I'm not experienced enough to recognize Mahatma and Divine Spirits properly.

Helena: But... But... There's one thing I know for sure.

Helena: Hekate. The Goddess Hekate...

Helena: Possessing Authority over the earth, the sea, and the sky, who offered many blessings to those who prayed to her...

Helena: I think she is one of the most distinguished deities in Greek mythology!

Helena: Seriously. From the bottom of heart. I sense tons of Mahatma!

Medea: Heh. You make me blush.

Medea: For you to honestly admit your own inexperience and foolishness is proof of your growth.

Medea: Helena Blavatsky. Let me grant you the gift of words.

Medea: The wisdom of the gods... A small shard just for you.