Hijikata Toshizo

About a Person

Fujimaru 1: Huh? This place...

Fujimaru 2: Where am I...?

Okita: How long are you gonna lie there!? Get up already!

Fujimaru 1: Okita?

Fujimaru 2: Oh, uh, right.

Okita: Listen up. Sword fighting is all about spirit, okay? Form? Technique? Not important!

Okita: You don't cut down opponents with a sword. You cut them down with your whole being!

Hijikata: Hey, Okita, [♂ he's /♀️ she's} still new here. Don't go hurting [♂ him /♀️ her} too much.

Okita: Don't be ridiculous, Mr. Hijikata. We can't go easy on [♂ him /♀️ her}.

Okita: If [♂ he /♀️ she} can't even handle this, [♂ he's /♀️ she's} not fit to be a Shinsengumi soldier.

Okita: Now get up, and let's keep go–

Okita: ...!?

Hijikata: You okay?

Okita: ...I'm sorry, it's nothing. Here, why don't we take a little break, new [♂ guy /♀️ girl}?

Okita: Go clean that mud from your clothes while you can.

Hijikata: ...

Hijikata: All right, new [♂ guy /♀️ girl}, that's enough practice for today.

Fujimaru 1: Huh? But, Okita said we were just taking a break...

Fujimaru 2: Is this what I think it is...?

Hijikata: No back talk. Just return to your room and get ready to head out on patrol.

Hijikata: I don't like what I've been seeing from Choushu or Tosa lately. Make sure you're good to go at any time.

Fujimaru 1: (Am I in a Servant's memory...?)

Hijikata: Saito! Harada! Go to the upper floor! I'll stay down here! Don't let a single one of them get away!

Hijikata: Keep the Aizu and Kuwana guys as far away as you can They think they can swoop in and take the glory after we did the work. The Shinsengumi have this handled!

Soldier: Hijikata! Okita's hurt!

Okita: ...I-I'm okay. I just don't feel so hot right now, is all.

Hijikata: If you can't move, then stay out of our way! New [♂ guy /♀️ girl}! Get Okita out of here!

Okita: I'm so sorry. I'll be fine after I've rested up a bit!

Okita: Oh, you helped me, new [♂ guy /♀️ girl}? Thanks. I'm sorry to be such a burden at a time like this...

Okita: Hurk!

Fujimaru 1: Okita... You're coughing up blood!?

Fujimaru 2: We have to tell Hijikata right away!

Okita: No! Don't!

Okita: I-I'm okay, really... I'm just a little under the weather right now.

Okita: Please, don't tell anyone else about this...

Fujimaru 1: Okita...

Fujimaru 2: But...

Okita: This is a crucial time for the Shinsengumi.

Okita: Mr. Kondou... Mr. Hijikata... We're so close to achieving everything we've been working for.

Okita: So please, don't tell the others about my condition...

Okita: ...I'm begging you.

Soldier: Hey, did you hear the news? The shogunate's gonna make every one of us in the Shinsengumi into retainers.

Soldier: Our loyalty's finally getting the recognition it deserves!

Soldier: Now that Chief Kondou's making his debut, we'll be free to serve the shogunate directly.

Soldier: We'll have it made!

Okita: ...

Fujimaru 1: Aren't you happy about this?

Fujimaru 2: Are you feeling sick again...?

Okita: Oh, no, I am happy about it. Mr. Kondou's dream is finally coming true.

Hijikata: There you are, Okita, new [♂ guy /♀️ girl}.

Hijikata: Kondou's got something to tell us. Have every soldier assemble outside.

Okita: This is about being made official shogunate retainers, right? This is great for the Shinsengumi.

Okita: Haha, guess it's all thanks to my amazing exploits, right?

Hijikata: Don't get cocky. This isn't nearly enough as far as I'm concerned.

Hijikata: We're gonna make sure Kondou becomes the next great daimyo.

Okita: Great daimyo, huh? You really are dreaming big, Mr. Hijikata.

Okita: Then I guess I'll just have to make sure we keep winning even more spectacularly!

Okita: Oh, but for now, I'll go get Mr. Harada and the others!

Fujimaru 1: Um, there's something I think you should know...

Fujimaru 2: I have to tell you that Okita's, well...

Hijikata: ...Never mind that. Go on, get out of here.

Hijikata: ...

Hijikata: Come on, Shinsengumi! Don't fall back! Cut them up! ADVANCE!!!

Soldier: It's no use! We can't do a thing with all those guns and cannons pinning us down!

Hijikata: Shut it! If I see any of you turning tail, I'll cut you down myself!

Soldier: That's insane! What are we supposed to do with nothing but our swords!?

Hijikata: Dammit! Is this really the end for my Shinsengumi...?

Hijikata: Are our blades really worth nothing any longer...?

Hijikata: ...!

Okita: I see... I didn't know that's how that battle went down...

Okita: I'm so sorry I couldn't help when you needed me...

Hijikata: Hmph, not like having you there would've made any difference. Our blades were just no match for their guns.

Hijikata: But next time's gonna be different. Once we get guns of our own at Edo, then we'll show them a thing or two.

Okita: Boy, nothing gets you down, does it, Mr. Hijikata!

Okita: Guess I'd better start learning how to use a gun myself, then.

Hijikata: Never mind that. You just get some rest. Can't have you collapsing after getting some sea air again.

Okita: Yeah, yeah, I know.

Okita: My point is, I'm going to make sure next time will be a BIG VICTORY for us! You see if I don't!

Hijikata: ...

Hijikata: ...Hey, new [♂ guy /♀️ girl}. Once we get to Edo, I'm putting Okita in a sanatorium.

Fujimaru 1: Understood...

Hijikata: Don't tell her.

Fujimaru 2: Then, Okita's not going to

Hijikata: ...Don't say it.

Hijikata: ...

Hijikata: Once we get to Edo, we're making a fresh start.

Hijikata: ...I'm not letting the Shinsengumi end like this.

Hijikata: With the guns we get in Edo, we'll probably wind up fighting the Satchou Alliance on either the Tokaido or the Nakasendo highways.

Hijikata: ...This isn't over yet. Not even close.

Okita: What the!? What happened to you, Mr. Hijikata!? Why're you wearing that!?

Hijikata: Looks pretty good on me, doesn't it?

Hijikata: Our whole squad's got all-new Western-style weaponry. We're not letting SatChou get away with this anymore.

Okita: I see... So, you've got the new outfit and gun too, huh, new [♂ guy /♀️ girl}? And you said the Shinsengumi's new name is the Kouyou Chinbutai?

Okita: Guess this means the glory days of the katana are over.

Okita: I may be a genius with a sword, but I sure never imagined I'd see the day it became useless.

Hijikata: ...

Okita: ...

Hijikata: ...We're heading off to Koushu soon. We're going to intercept SatChou at Koufu Castle.

Okita: I see...

Okita: I know I can't go with you, so...

Okita: ...

Okita: ...please take good care of Mr. Kondou in my stead.

Hijikata: ...

Okita: ...

Hijikata: ...See you around.

Okita: ...You too.

Hijikata: ...

Fujimaru 1: Okita...

Fujimaru 2: Are you sure there's nothing else you wanted to say to her?

Hijikata: ...Yeah.

Hijikata: ...Don't worry, Okita.

Hijikata: ...The Shinsengumi's not going anywhere.

Hijikata: ...I won't let it.

Hijikata: ...

Hijikata: ...Come on. It's a long way to Koushu.

Hijikata: You want me to lead the whole army...?

Sendai Clansman: That's right. You commanded your soldiers magnificently during the battle at Utsunomiya Castle.

Sendai Clansman: Well? What do you say to putting your talents to use for the Oushu army?

Hijikata: ...All right. But on one condition. If I'm going to be in charge, then I'll be running a much tighter ship.

Hijikata: If anyone disobeys my orders, I need to be able to cut them down myself. I don't care how important they are.

Hijikata: So I want you to give me absolute power over their lives. That all right with you?

Sendai Clansman: U-um, that's, uh...

Sendai Clansman: I don't think that's the sort of thing I can decide on my own...

Hijikata: Hmph... Coward.

Hijikata: We're done here.

Aizu Clansman: ...!

Aizu Clansman: Who the hell does he think he is!? A damn upjumped man-slayer of a peasant!

Aizu Clansman: Well, who needs him? We're more than strong enough to destroy those SatChou bastards all on our own!

Hijikata: ...Let's go, new [♂ guy /♀️ girl}. These people are hopeless.

Hijikata: Enomoto's got a warship docked at the harbor. We're taking it to Ezo.

Fujimaru 1: Ezo, huh...

Fujimaru 2: That's even farther north...

Hijikata: That's right. Our prospects'll be better with Enomoto than they will with those cowardly shogunate retainers.

Hijikata: This isn't over yet.

Hijikata: ...I'm not letting the Shinsengumi end like this.

Hijikata: ...Not as long as I still live.

Hijikata: Listen up. The only way those SatChou bastards are getting here is through this narrow mountain path.

Hijikata: We're going to set up camp on top of the mountain, and flank them from both sides.

Hijikata: Wait for my signal before you attack, and keep your cool.

Hijikata: Here they come...

Hijikata: ...Let's go, Shinsengumi!

Hijikata: FIRE!

Hijikata: Draw your swords and charge ahead! Cut them down from the flanks!!!

Hijikata: Focus on the enemy right in front of you! If anyone turns tail, I'll cut them down myself!!!


Enemy Soldier: How the hell are they this strong!? They told us these guys would be pushovers!

Enemy Soldier: You're telling me they're supposed to be some mere shogunate stragglers to mop up!?

Hijikata: We're not the shogunate...

Hijikata: We're the Shinsengumi!!!

Enemy Soldier: The Sh-Shinsengumi!?

Hijikata: The enemy's scattering! Kill every last one of them!

Hijikata: Advance, Shinsengumi!!!

Soldier: That was our first big victory in a long time, Vice Commander!

Soldier: Oh, right. It's Vice minister of the Army now, isn't it?

Hijikata: Don't call me that. Sounds wrong to me. Vice Commander's fine.

Soldier: I had my doubts when we came to Ezo, but the way things are going now, we might just be able to drive those SatChou bastards back after all.

Hijikata: That's right. SatChou won't be getting through Futamataguchi while we're here defending it. Not a one of them's so much as setting foot in Hakodate.

Hijikata: You've all been doing great, especially for how few of you there are.

Hijikata: I wish I could give you a more fitting reward, but today you'll have to make do with booze.

Soldier: Fine with me! I couldn't ask for a better reward right now.

Hijikata: Hey now, don't go getting so drunk you cause a ruckus. Keep it to one drink for today.

Soldier: Hahaha! Even after a victory like this you're still so strict! No wonder they call you the Demon Vice Commander!

Hijikata: Hey there, new [♂ guy /♀️ girl}. You boozing it up, too?

Fujimaru 1: You've really changed, Hijikata.

Fujimaru 2: You haven't changed a bit, Hijikata.

Hijikata: You think?

Hijikata: ...

Hijikata: ...Maybe you're right.

Hijikata: Tomorrow, I'm heading back to Goryoukaku for reinforcements.

Hijikata: You come too. There's a favor I want to ask you.

Fujimaru 1: Got it.

Fujimaru 2: A favor...?

Hijikata: You see, you and I are two of the last few Shinsengumi survivors out there.

Hijikata: That's why I can only ask this of you.

Hijikata: ...Go back to Edo.

Hijikata: Find my family in Hino, and tell them everything that's happened with the war so far.

Fujimaru 1: You can't be serious...

Hijikata: You'll need this letter... Oh, and here, take this photograph with you, too.

Hijikata: Heh. You know, I look pretty good in this. These photograph things aren't half bad.

Fujimaru 1: I'm sticking with you to the very end!

Hijikata: I'm giving you an order, dammit! One more word, and I'll cut you down where you stand!

Fujimaru 1: ...

Hijikata: ...

Hijikata: My family in Hino'll take good care of you. Watch yourself out there, new [♂ guy /♀️ girl}.

Hijikata: ...No, you aren't really the new [♂ guy /♀️ girl} anymore, are you.

Hijikata: Let's see, I think your name was Ichimura...

Hijikata: ...

Hijikata: No... It's you, Fujimaru.

Fujimaru 1: You knew who I was all along?

Fujimaru 2: Are these your memories, Hijikata...?

Hijikata: Beats me... Servant minds are weird.

Hijikata: I can't tell where the hell the memories begin and the illusions end.

Hijikata: But at this point, it doesn't matter if these are my memories, or someone else's.

Hijikata: Whatever happened here happened a long time ago.

Hijikata: Back when all I cared about was my vow of loyalty.

Hijikata: ...

Hijikata: Still, as far as I'm concerned, my Shinsengumi hasn't died yet.

Hijikata: ...

Hijikata: Now, go on...

Hijikata: This next part is my own personal hell. A Shinsengumi of me, and me alone.

Fujimaru 1: ...You're still going?

Fujimaru 2: But, isn't that part...

Hijikata: ...Yeah, I'm going.

Hijikata: No matter how hellish the battlefield gets, my loyalties will never die.

Hijikata: ...Wherever I go, so goes the Shinsengumi.

Soldier: It's too reckless, Hijikata! There's no way we'll make it back alive!

Hijikata: Shut it! If I lose now, I won't even be able to show my face at Kondou's grave!

Hijikata: Listen up! If any of you turn tail on me, I'm cutting you down myself!

Hijikata: Cut them up! Advance! Cut them up!!! ADVANCE!!!

Ghost: Shinsen...gumi...?

Ghost: Shinsengumi...!

D:Ghost: Curse you, Shinsengumi... Curse you, Shinsengumi...!

E:Ghost: You're... You're...!

Ghost: Hell is too good for you!

Hijikata: ...Heh. Now that's more like it.

Hijikata: I was made for battlefields like this.

Hijikata: Keep your curses. I've heard it all before.

Hijikata: This is how my battles always go.

Hijikata: A losing fight, from start to finish.

Hijikata: And yet! That doesn't matter!

Hijikata: As long as I'm here, the Shinsengumi does not fall!

Hijikata: No battlefield, no hellscape, can ever break my loyalties!

Hijikata: All I can do is keep moving forward!

Hijikata: All I can do is keep cutting my foes down!

Hijikata: ...Let's go, Shinsengumi! Advance!


Fujimaru 1: Hijikata...

Fujimaru 2: Is this memory what I think it is...?

???: ...Thank you, faraway visitor.

???: Yes, you. The one watching Toshizo from elsewhere.

Fujimaru 1: That voice...

Fujimaru 2: Are you...?

???: ...

???: I wanted someone to remember his final moments.

???: He fought to the very last for what he believed in, even knowing he would never be rewarded for it.

???: He carried the loyalty of so many with him, and never stayed down.

???: He remained Shinsengumi to the very end, all alone.

???: Even now, he hasn't stopped advancing onward. So I hope you'll continue to watch over him.

???: ...Yes, just so.