Ibaraki Douji

Fire and Alcohol and Oni! Oh, My!

Mash: We've arrived. Rayshift successful.

Dr. Roman: Actually, why Rayshift to this era now?

Dr. Roman: Even if the Singularity has been resolved, it's still a handful to prove your existence in that era...

Mash: Yes...I understand that.

Mash: Especially now, when we need to rest as much as we can before the decisive battle against the King of Mages.

Mash: I also wanted Master to get some rest back in Chaldea, but...

Fujimaru 1: It's not like I had a choice. I was forced.

Fujimaru 2: It's hard to say no to Ibaraki...

Ibaraki-Douji: Hahaha! Rest!? Like I'd let you rest! Cry! Cry while you tell me what a terrifying oni I am!

Ibaraki-Douji: People should cry in terror every time they see an oni like me! There's no peace or rest when I'm around!

Ibaraki-Douji: ...But now that I think of it...

Ibaraki-Douji: If I were you, every encounter I had with Shuten would only end up with memories of bitterness and agony.

Fujimaru 1: The way she teases me... Yeah...

Fujimaru 2: True. So true.

Ibaraki-Douji: Hehehe. I see, I see. Yup, I think that a lo–erm... Never mind.

Ibaraki-Douji: Anyway. The point is, Shuten is amazing. Her cruelty and evil are beyond any regular oni, and I need to follow that example!

Dr. Roman: Well, do it in moderation. So, Ibaraki, why'd you want to come here?

Mash: ...It's not just to stop Master from resting, is it?

Ibaraki-Douji: Hmph. Nope. There's somewhere I wanna go.

Ibaraki-Douji: We've got a lot of walking to do. I hope you have your hiking shoes on.

Ibaraki-Douji: ...Actually, doesn't matter. If you get tired or slow me down, I'll just drag you along!

Ibaraki-Douji: And then you'll scream and cry and tell me how cruel and awful I am! Heehee... Just watch, and be amazed!

Dr. Roman: It's really not a safe place for a stroll... So why do you want to go there?

Ibaraki-Douji: ...Something smells. I can't leave it be.

Dr. Roman: Smells...?

Ibaraki-Douji: Eh, you'll see when we get there. I'll take the lead. Follow me.

Mash: ...Ibaraki's hyped up. Let's just follow her, Master.

Fujimaru 1: Maybe she found a tree that grows sweets...

Fujimaru 2: Maybe she found a chocolate fountain...

Ibaraki-Douji: A-as if! There's no such thing! Right? RIGHT!?

Fujimaru 1: Actually, Uruk has a secret candy tree orchard.


WHAT!? Wh-where is it? Tell me! We're gonna stop by on our way! E-even if it's not on our way! WE WILL GO!

Ibaraki-Douji: Hmmm... Just thinking about sweets makes my mouth water. Those are good. Such flavors are not possible within the oni realm.

Ibaraki-Douji: And even I know how preciously rare they are. I know that I mustn't have more than one per day.

Ibaraki-Douji: Butbutbut...! If candy grows on trees...it'll never run out! And I can eat as much as I want!!!

Ibaraki-Douji: Kwahahaha! Master, yes! You've given me the best news of my life! Candy! Unliiimited caaandy!!!

Fujimaru 1: Just kidding.

Ibaraki-Douji: ...

Ibaraki-Douji: ...

Ibaraki-Douji: YOU MONSTER!!!

Ibaraki-Douji: Hm. This is kinda homey. Reminds me of Mt. Ooe. Everything in these forests is evil.

Ibaraki-Douji: And obviously I'd be the boss of all this. Not a lotta things out there as evil as a blood-crazed oni!

Dr. Roman: I'm just going to say again that I never expected we'd come across an actual oni.

Dr. Roman: I wasn't even sure we'd be able to communicate properly...

Dr. Roman: Not least because of how incredibly violent you were in Rashomon the first time we ran into you...

Dr. Roman: But since your Madness Enhancement seems to be mixed with your oni nature, you seem to be one of those Berserkers that can converse normally.

Dr. Roman: I'm glad we were able to get along, unexpected as that was.

Ibaraki-Douji: An oni getting along with humans...

Ibaraki-Douji: Cut the nonsense, onmyouji. I am an oni. That's a human. There's no getting along for us.

Ibaraki-Douji: This human is...y-yeah...totally terrified of me!

Ibaraki-Douji: The only relationship we have is the kind between a frightening tyrant and a whimpering, terrified kid!

Fujimaru 1: (It's so cute when she tries to be scary.) Terrifying. Truly.

Ibaraki-Douji: Yes, yes! I knew it! Of course it is!

Ibaraki-Douji: That dull, warm gaze and your dumb face twitching in a terrified half-smile is all the proof I need!

Ibaraki-Douji: And onmyouji... Just because I'm an oni doesn't mean you can look at me like a circus freak. I'll eat you.

Dr. Roman: I'm not an onmyouji. We're called doctors. And, well...sorry.

Dr. Roman: I see now that I was being insensitive. I'm sorry I upset you, Ibaraki.

Ibaraki-Douji: Hmph. Whatever.

Ibaraki-Douji: So are oni really that rare in this era? If you went to Mt. Ooe back in the day, there were tons around.

Mash: You mentioned that mountain earlier... Is that your homeland, Ibaraki-Douji?

Ibaraki-Douji: Homeland? I guess you could call it that.

Mash: What kind of place was it? You said it was similar to here...

Ibaraki-Douji: It's a mountain where the oni I led gathered. We even built a palace there.

Dr. Roman: An oni palace... Sounds incredible...

Ibaraki-Douji: Hm. Without that, the oni would be no different than mere beasts.

Ibaraki-Douji: I won't tell them to live like humans, but we need our pride. That's why we need food, clothes, and shelter.

Ibaraki-Douji: ...I guess thinking like that is what made me stand out from all the other oni.

Ibaraki-Douji: But that's my problem. My time spent as an oni was glorious!

Ibaraki-Douji: I led mighty oni troops and we rampaged through the capital in the Heian period. There was Kuma-Douji, Torakuma-Douji, Hoshiguma, Kanekuma...

Ibaraki-Douji: And my bestest number one companion and loving blood sister...Shuten.

Ibaraki-Douji: We raided and pillaged human cities all the time. When we were done, we went back to the mountain to rest.

Ibaraki-Douji: And when we wanted more, we took it! Just thinking of all the fun we had makes my heart race!

Dr. Roman: I see. Your story is...disturbing, but it sounds like you were happy.

Dr. Roman: You rounded up a bunch of freewheeling oni and made them into a gang.

Dr. Roman: Oni are powerful, but alone they can be killed by a group of humans. That's why you decided to band together.

Dr. Roman: Yep, yep. No mean feat. You had the gift of foresight. Might even have been wasted on an oni, really.

Ibaraki-Douji: ...Not really. I just acted according to my mother's teachings.

Ibaraki-Douji: The only one who kept to her own principles, lived in luxury, and ruled as an evil, cruel oni was Shuten.

Dr. Roman: Ah, Shuten-Douji. She is certainly extraordinary. Honestly, calling her an oni might be selling her short.

Dr. Roman: Hm? Speaking of which, where is she? She's not with you this time?

Ibaraki-Douji: No need. I don't wanna bother her with this. ...This way. Let's get this over with before she wakes up.

Mash: Oh, okay. Let's go, Master.

Dr. Roman: Maybe it's my imagination...but I'm starting to get a bad feeling about this...

???: ...Ah...ahhhhhh...

Mash: ...What's that...!?

Dr. Roman: It reads almost like a Servant...or not? Is it some sort of remnant...?

Ibaraki-Douji: ...Ha. That scent... I smell it. Is it you?

Ibaraki-Douji: You smell of oni, female warrior!

Fujimaru 1: !?

Ibaraki-Douji: My current form limits my ability to detect things a bit, but I'm sure you know very well yourself.

Ibaraki-Douji: There was supposedly a Heroic Spirit who was summoned to this land and later defeated.

Ibaraki-Douji: Judging from the state of the battlefield... I'd say there were flames. Flames like mine.

Ibaraki-Douji: With flames intense enough to scorch your own body, you incinerated the enemies around you. ...I see that kind of intensity and desire. Am I wrong?

Mash: A female warrior...who died in Uruk? We did not meet her...

Mash: But I have some information on her.

Mash: A Servant named Tomoe Gozen sacrificed herself to defeat the Demonic Beasts' commander, Girtablilu.

Ibaraki-Douji: Ah. So that means those are her charred remains.

Ibaraki-Douji: Of course they are. I'm sure you know, but we oni are the epitome of sloppy.

Dr. Roman: Are you saying Tomoe Gozen was an oni!?

Ibaraki-Douji: Based on her scent, not exactly. Maybe she was descended from oni.

Ibaraki-Douji: Though I'm sure she has more direct lineage than that Fuuma kid.

Tomoe Gozen?: Ah...ahhhhhh...! AHHHHHH!!!

Ibaraki-Douji: She has no sense or will. Just mindless violence.

Ibaraki-Douji: Or perhaps... She absorbed some power from that, umm... Girta...waffle? Maybe that's why she's losing control.

Ibaraki-Douji: Not that I can blame her for losing her mind after being incinerated along with her enemy.

Fujimaru 1: What a delicious-sounding enemy...

Fujimaru 2: Tastiest enemy ever.

Ibaraki-Douji: Kwahahaha, in name only! It certainly doesn't SMELL delicious.

Ibaraki-Douji: That thing's just an imitation oni. A writhing, burnt husk.

Mash: Ibaraki-Douji... You knew about this...?

Ibaraki-Douji: No. I just wanted to get rid of the source of its stench before Shuten noticed it.

Ibaraki-Douji: There was no way for me to recognize the smell.

Dr. Roman: Get rid of it...? If Tomoe Gozen is descended from oni, don't you feel some kinship with her?

Ibaraki-Douji: Maybe if it was the real thing, but that's just a remnant. Looks like there's other stuff mixed in, too.

Ibaraki-Douji: There's no need to question its existence. Human, what would you do in my place?

Ibaraki-Douji: If the mostly dead remnants that smelled of your kind were mixed with other, unknown things...

Ibaraki-Douji: If all they did was writhe around and lash out violently...

Ibaraki-Douji: ...what would you do?

Fujimaru 1: Sounds like a zombie movie to me...

Fujimaru 2: I've seen this movie. I know how it ends.

Mash: ...I see.

Mash: When you put it that way, Ibaraki's approach seems...understandable.

Mash: I obviously do not know what an oni scent–

Tomoe Gozen?: Gu...ah...ahhh!!!

Mash: Well, I know it's something we can't just leave here.

Mash: Even if she was a great Servant who stopped the invasion of the Demonic Front and we are indebted to her...

Mash: ...all this remnant does is pose a danger to an era about to be restored.

Tomoe Gozen?:berserk1!

Dr. Roman: Oh no. It looks like you've got her attention! She doesn't seem at all friendly!

Ibaraki-Douji: Kukuku... So you noticed my scent. Gonna try and eat me and make me a part of you, eh?

Ibaraki-Douji: Well as a proper oni, lemme tell you: You're pitiful! Pathetic! Wretched!

Ibaraki-Douji: Know your place. I'm the one who's gonna eat you! My name is Ibaraki-Douji!

Ibaraki-Douji: I'm the leader of the oni of Mt. Ooe! The one who drowned the Heian capital in blood and terror!


Tomoe Gozen?: Ibara...ki... Yes... You...returned... How wonderful...

Ibaraki-Douji: ...?

Tomoe Gozen?: Please...laugh...at me... I'm lower...than an oni... I... I couldn't...acknowledge you...

Tomoe Gozen?: I...stomped all over...Girtablilu's heart... He said I...was beautiful...

Tomoe Gozen?: But... But I told him...that it was impossible... Impossible for an oni to...understand humans...

Dr. Roman: ...Threat response...completely gone. Good work.

Ibaraki-Douji: What the hell? Did she know me?

Ibaraki-Douji: ...Never mind. I knew it. It was neither fun nor delicious.

Ibaraki-Douji: I'm just glad that it didn't cause trouble for Shuten.

Mash: Master... Look how sad she looks...

Mash: She's just standing there staring at the spot where the enemy fell...

Fujimaru 1: Well, she was talking about her comrades...

Mash: You're right. She talks big, but they were both oni. She probably has a lot on her mind.

Ibaraki-Douji: ...If only you were more than a remnant...

Ibaraki-Douji: If you are truly descended from oni, come to Mt. Ooe. I am the leader of the oni. I will not refuse you.

Ibaraki-Douji: Maybe, if I feel like it, I'd share a human liver with you... No...I wouldn't like that, but I'd share wonderful foreign sweets or two to you...


Dr. Roman: ...Whew. Who knew there'd still be irregularities in an era even after we fixed the Singularity?

Dr. Roman: Maybe it's because of the concentration of magical energy in Uruk. But no matter what, you managed to take care of it. Come back with your heads held high–

Ibaraki-Douji: No.

Mash: ...?

Dr. Roman: Huh?

Ibaraki-Douji: I said “no,” onmyouji.

Dr. Roman: I'm a doctor, not an onmyouji! Ugh, never mind that. Are you saying that you're not coming back yet?

Ibaraki-Douji: Indeed.

Ibaraki-Douji: There are other places to go. Accompany me, Master.

Ibaraki-Douji: Refuse, and I'll drag you.

Fujimaru 1: The poison of selfishness somethingsomething...

Ibaraki-Douji: Eh? Poison? No thanks. You know, though...Shuten would even drink up poisoned alcohol if it involves THAT man.

Fujimaru 2: (...Oh! Right!) How, uh, evil...of you...?

Ibaraki-Douji: Hm? What did you just say? Hey, what did you say??? I couldn't hear you! Say it again!

Ibaraki-Douji: Bwahahaha! I knew it! I'm such a great oni, I even scare myself! Good! Cry more! Scream more!

Mash: Master... What a wonderful way to handle her. You really are kind!

Dr. Roman: Well, I guess you did lead with your nose...? That helped us out.

Dr. Roman: If there's another place you need to go to, I'm sure you have your reasons.

Dr. Roman: I'd rather not think about it, but I can't guarantee there isn't another remnant like before.

Mash: Yes. Even with the Singularity resolved, we do not know for sure what would happen if we left it alone.

Mash: Besides...

Fujimaru 1: Besides?

Mash: Ibaraki...has always been kind of charming, even cute...

Mash: Like when she butts heads with Raikou and Kintoki, or when she's getting bullied by Shuten, or when she's eating sweets.

Mash: But back there...when she acted like a proper leader of the oni... I was impressed.

Mash: Seeing that really cast her in a new light. I think I want to see more of this side of her. Or...something like that...

Fujimaru 1: ...Right.

Ibaraki-Douji: Hey, what are you two babbling about? If we're going, let's get a move on!

Mash: Wow...

Mash: I'm not sure if this is from correcting the Singularity, or whether this is all thanks to the survivors...

Mash: But the city is very lively now!

Dr. Roman: Not quite so much as when you first arrived, but it is still impressive.

Dr. Roman: Glad to hear it. So is your next destination somewhere around here?

Ibaraki-Douji: Yes, but we need to walk a bit more. Still...

Ibaraki-Douji: Hm. What a lively city. If Shuten were here, she'd be thrilled.

Mash: Yes. Uruk is King Gilgamesh's city! I'm sure it's rowdy in a lot of ways.

Ibaraki-Douji: Right. Being lively and bountiful is good. That makes the pillaging more fun!

Mash: ...Um, Ibaraki?

Ibaraki-Douji: I'm kidding. This isn't the Heian capital where I ran amok. Besides, I don't have Shuten nor my minions.

Dr. Roman: (...Does that mean she would run amok if they WERE here?)

Mash: A-anyway...

Mash: I see that you really do have strong feelings for Shuten. You mention her frequently.

Mash: I can tell you are always mindful of her.

Ibaraki-Douji: Shuten and I spent a lot of time together, like siblings.

Ibaraki-Douji: Among all the oni on Mt. Ooe, she was the only one I saw as an equal, not an underling.

Ibaraki-Douji: And not just in terms of rank. I have a lot of respect for the way she lived her life.

Dr. Roman: Hm. Would you listen to my story in all seriousness?

Dr. Roman: In many of the stories about oni, Shuten-Douji is said to have been the leader of the oni in Mt. Ooe...

Ibaraki-Douji: And there's a reason for that. Shuten was flashier, stronger, and more dangerous than all the rest of us.

Ibaraki-Douji: Even when we attacked the capital, she was the one who stood out.

Ibaraki-Douji: She seeks pleasure, after all.

Ibaraki-Douji: She lived to drink, pillage, kill, eat... Just watching her was fascinating.

Dr. Roman: (For humans, I'm sure watching her was utterly horrifying...)

Ibaraki-Douji: Anyway. We're almost there. This way.

Mash: Yes. But how come we're going through so many alleyways...

Mash: ...Oh! We're in front of the ziggurat!

Dr. Roman: I can't believe this. The Sacred Temple watches over Uruk. There's no way ghost would be lurking around here.

Ibaraki-Douji: Shut up. I smell something. This way.

Dr. Roman: It's hard for me to believe that a threat would be hiding under HIS watchful eye, in his kingdom...

Ibaraki-Douji: ...?

Ibaraki-Douji: You guys have got it all wrong. What I'm looking for is the treasury.

Dr. Roman: ...

Dr. Roman: Whaaa...!?

Ibaraki-Douji: Don't make me say “shut up” again. I'll rip out your throat.

Mash: I thought this was just more of what we talked about earlier!

Mash: Like some sense of duty as the leader of the oni to clean up oni remnants... Something like that...

Ibaraki-Douji: ...? Isn't this exactly the sort of thing the leader of the oni should do? Oni loot and pillage.

Mash: B-but you just said you wouldn't attack this city...

Ibaraki-Douji: Not the city itself, obviously. I wouldn't be able to do that on my own. But I never said I wouldn't steal some treasure.

Ibaraki-Douji: Besides, I want to bring a souvenir back for Shuten.

Ibaraki-Douji: We're talking about the king's treasury, so I'm sure there's some incredible treasure here that outshines whatever's in the Heian capital.

Ibaraki-Douji: Wine Shuten would enjoy... A hairpin that would look good on her... A kimono that would accentuate her beauty...

Ibaraki-Douji: And this is a grand treasure vault. Some super delicious sweets that I've never even imagined must be stored here as well.

Ibaraki-Douji: ...Th-those are totally a gift for Shuten! I just...need to taste-test them in case they're poisoned... Yeah...

Ibaraki-Douji: Kuhahaha...

Ibaraki-Douji: I wonder if I can carry them all out...?

???: I thought I smelled something unusual, so I came to see for myself. What a bold bunch of thieves.

Dr. Roman: He's here!!! Hm? But...

Mash: That's right, Doctor. King Gilgamesh is...

Dr. Roman: Wh-who's that?? Are you human? Or a ghost? A Servant!? Um...?

Gilgamesh: Fool! This is MY city, MY castle, and MY treasury!

Gilgamesh: Whether I am on my throne or in the underworld, OF COURSE I would come to see the mongrels who dare attempt to rob it.

Gilgamesh: It would be far stranger if I did not!

Fujimaru 1: We shouldn't think too much of this guy!

Fujimaru 2: This king is no different than the other ones...

Mash: A-anyway, allow us to explain ourselves, King of Heroes. There's a good rea–

Gilgamesh: Silence! You have nothing to say that I need to hear! You all need to learn your place!

Gilgamesh: ...Although, I did see what you did with Tomoe.

Gilgamesh: Because of that, I will excuse some of your behavior. You may wander my city. You may sneak into my palace...

Gilgamesh: ...but I WILL NOT show an ounce of mercy to those who dare to raid my treasury!

Gilgamesh: This is beyond disrespect! This is treason! Anarchy! You will learn what it is to earn my wrath!

Ibaraki-Douji: A golden man... Gah, so garish. And he's so intense... That's no ordinary man!

Ibaraki-Douji: ...Well, hm... He does seem kinda familiar... Or, well, he makes me a little fidgety.

Ibaraki-Douji: It's this weird sort of discomfort...like when I need to sit down in front of Mother because I'm in for a scolding...

Fujimaru 1: Oh yeah, King Gilgamesh summoned Banana...

Fujimaru 2: Oh yeah. Didn't Ushiwakamaru scare her off?

Gilgamesh: I have not forgotten your desertion in the face of the enemy. That, also, is not excused by your good deed in ending Tomoe Gozen.

Gilgamesh: You may not technically be the one I summoned, but you shall take her punishment regardless.


Unnngh...unnngh... I don't know what you're talking about! I feel like I do, but I don't!

Gilgamesh: Just like Chaldea's Master, what you know or don't know does not matter!

Gilgamesh: I shall be the judge, jury, and executioner for your crimes in trying to steal from my treasury!

Gilgamesh: Brace yourselves, fools! If you want to live, fight with all your power, or suffer my wrath!

Mash: This...is no good! Let's hang in there as best we can, Master!


Gilgamesh: Fwahahahahaha! I'm just warming up! I shall even put on my armor for you!

Gilgamesh: Burn my regal, glorious presence into your minds!

Ibaraki-Douji: Why you... This is why I hate golden guys! They're flashy, blinding, and they just piss me off!

Dr. Roman: You do know that your main color is gold, right?

Ibaraki-Douji: It is in good taste! Mother picked it out! It doesn't just sparkle all the time like that thing!

Gilgamesh: You're quite tenacious for a mongrel. As a reward for your spirit, I will call it a day.

Gilgamesh: Rejoice. I shall show you the contents of the treasury that you so coveted.

Gilgamesh: Gate of Babylon!

Ibaraki-Douji: This is the end! I have no other choice!

Mash: ...Ibaraki-Douji!? Why are you covering me and Master–

Mash: ...!?

Fujimaru 1: We're, uh, really high up...!

Fujimaru 2: Waaaaaahhh!?

Ibaraki-Douji: Close your mouth tight or you'll bite your tongue!

Dr. Roman: It's no use. Even though Ibaraki-Douji could jump over the gate of Rashomon, a point-blank hit there will be fatal!

Dr. Roman: ...There's...no attack!?

Dr. Roman: Could this be...Ibaraki-Douji's “Disengage” skill that lets her avoid or flee from enemy attacks?

Dr. Roman: The legend where she was the only one who managed to flee from Raikou's four oni-slayers... The legend of her escaping even after Watanabe-no-Tsuna took off her arm is–

Ibaraki-Douji: Shut up, onmyouji! How dare you mention that hateful Minamoto! It's making me wanna KILL!

Mash: I agree this is no time to be chatting! Doctor, please prepare for Rayshift!


Gilgamesh: Hmph. Mongrel.

???: Shall we go after them, King Gilgamesh?

Gilgamesh: No. Leave them be. She is only doing what is in her nature.

Gilgamesh: Never pursuing dignity or honor... She wouldn't hesitate to turn her back on all that mattered if it meant she would survive.

Gilgamesh: How ugly...how pitiful...how beautiful that is.

Gilgamesh: ...I remember now. That's why I gave up on her. There was no point forcing her to be my dog. A beast will live and die as a beast. That is all it can do.

???: Yes, but...what about the crime of attempting to loot the king's treasury? Shall that be overlooked?

Gilgamesh: I told you: no more than a beast.

Gilgamesh: She was simply drawn to the scent of my treasures as a wild dog to meat. No more than a stray lurking near the front door.

Gilgamesh: There's no need to chase such a creature to its lair for the kill. Of course, should she return, I won't hesitate to crush her.


Shuten-Douji: (Yawn) ...I am so booored...

Shuten-Douji: Hm? Ibaraki. Welcome back. Where have you been?

Ibaraki-Douji: ...

Shuten-Douji: ???

Ibaraki-Douji: I'm sorry, Shuten. I meant to bring back a souvenir for you... But I couldn't...

Shuten-Douji: Well, I don't even know where you've been. Don't worry about it.

Shuten-Douji: But more importantly, I was bored because you left me alone.

Shuten-Douji: My sweetie wasn't here, and when I tried to pick on the brat, he ran away as usual.

Shuten-Douji: And Raikou didn't even come and try to take my head off...

Shuten-Douji: If you're talking about a souvenir, you coming back is the best present, Ibaraki.

Ibaraki-Douji: !!!

Shuten-Douji: I sense some large battle about to begin.

Shuten-Douji: The best way to lighten the mood is drinking. Well, I drink all the time, but keep me company, Ibaraki.

Ibaraki-Douji: Oh. Okay. Yeah... Okay.

Ibaraki-Douji: ...O-of course...!

Shuten-Douji: So where were you all this time?

Ibaraki-Douji: Ku... Kuhahaha. I may not have a souvenir, but I have stories to tell! Listen to all of my glorious feats!

Ibaraki-Douji: I did what only a true oni could ever do! Master cried like a baby! The people trembled in fear...in the hundreds...no, thousands!

Shuten-Douji: ...? (Sniff, sniff) Hm, I smell an unfamiliar oni on you.

Shuten-Douji: Don't tell me... You abandoned poor, lonely Shuten to go have fun with another oni?

Shuten-Douji: How could you... I'm... I'm going to cry...

Ibaraki-Douji: N-n-n-n-n-no! Absolutely not! It's not what you think! L-listen, Shuten! I can explain!

Shuten-Douji: ... (Sob, sob)

Ibaraki-Douji: Sh-Shuteeeeeen!!!

Shuten-Douji: (Ah, Ibaraki is truly the best entertainment to go along with my alcohol. I never get tired of her...)