Jing Ke

The Wind is Strong and the River Cold

Jing Ke: Ah, Master and Mash. Good timing. There is a thing I want to ask you.

Mash: Sure, what's going on?

Jing Ke: I want you to train with me. I want a simulated battle, but its setting is a little complicated.

Jing Ke: Roman taught me how, and I memorized it... But, I have a bad feeling.

Jing Ke: My intuition never fails in this kind of situation. I'm sure I will kill, no, I will break that device.

Mash: I-I see. That's one fantastic intuition. And, it's good you talked to us about it.

Mash: Let me take care of fine-tuning the settings. You can always count on me.

Jing Ke: Oh, I appreciate it.

Mash: So, how do you want it?

Jing Ke: Defeat the king, this is what I want to train.

Mash: Understood. I suppose a situation similar to the one you were once in is all right?

Jing Ke: Of course! That's the way it should be.

Mash: Then, the simulated battle will start now.

Jing Ke: As you already know, I failed to assassinate the first emperor.

Jing Ke: Nevertheless, I'm really thankful of Master for summoning me and letting me serve.

Jing Ke: But, I can't just relax like this. I must succeed, even if only virtually.

Jing Ke: To slay with this dagger, I'm still a little far.

Jing Ke: So, I will go one step closer.

Jing Ke: ...Of course. Soldiers rushed to his rescue.

Jing Ke: Only unarmed civil servants were around the first emperor, but I can't expect such a good situation every time.

Jing Ke: Then, let's start slaying them. As fast as possible. From now on speed is everything.


Jing Ke: And move another step forward. If there is a mage, he will summon something to protect the king.

Jing Ke: Let's see. A tough, defensive golem would be perfect.

Jing Ke: I must slay it instantly, too. Polish up the dagger's edge even more–!


Jing Ke: And, it's almost over. Now, the only remaining prey is the king.

Jing Ke: ...I made a mistake here. I misjudged the emperor to be an immobile, corrupted man.

Jing Ke: He was tyrannical, but at the same time, he was great. I should've considered he could move and confront me.

Jing Ke: He knocked down my flying dagger, and ran away quickly while I was slightly shocked.

Jing Ke: Yes, this is the end. I will take the king's head–let's go!


Jing Ke: ...Yes, this is the end. This is checkmate for the king.

Jing Ke: Of course, in this case I'd perish too, but that can't be helped. Though virtual, I think it's good enough.

Jing Ke: After all, this is nothing more than a fabrication. The fact remains that I failed to assassinate the first emperor.

Jing Ke: But if I sacrifice my body, certainly I will be of some use to you.

Fujimaru 1: I don't want you to die.

Fujimaru 2: Don't waste your life.

Jing Ke: ...Ah, you're right. I will gratefully accept your kindness.

Jing Ke: But unfortunately, this is the only way I know how to fight. And this is the reason I was summoned.

Jing Ke: You must use me. And when I vanish completely, lament for me.

Jing Ke: Your tears are my everything.

Jing Ke: That way, I would be able to think that my sacrifice had served a purpose.

Jing Ke: ...Don't worry. That doesn't mean it will happen.

Jing Ke: Until then, I'll enjoy this world with drink in hand.