Leonardo da Vinci

Not Even The Almighty Hand Can Reach Here

Mash: ...Rayshift successful, Senpai.

Mash: 19th Century London. The Fourth Singularity has already started to correct itself.

Mash: There's still a great deal of mist, but it's a normal mist. It's not the demonic fog, so it should be safe for the residents!

Fujimaru 1: Are there people around?

Fujimaru 2: I don't see any carriages moving.

Dr. Roman: It should gradually go back to normal. The iconic scene of people and carriages on the streets should return soon enough.

Dr. Roman: That's all thanks to you. Eventually, we will need to fix all the other Singularities like that, too.

Dr. Roman: Well, Rayshifting to the Singularities and corrections to the abnormalities are all unprecedented, so it's not that there aren't any concerns...

Dr. Roman: Enough of that. I'm sure we'll learn more as we go. For now, let's just keep moving forward!

Mash: Understood, Doctor.

Fou: Fou, foufou.

Mash: Oh, Fou. You're with us again? When did you...?

Dr. Roman: Um, now that we've finished the small talk, can I get down to business?

Dr. Roman: Can you hear me, Da Vinci? Do we need to prove our existence and adjust Sheba's elevation angle this time?

Dr. Roman: Actually, are you sure you can leave all that to me and the staff? You can always come back, you know!

Da Vinci: Ahahaha! So you caught me already. I guess it was inevitable.

Da Vinci: Don't worry so much, Dr. Roman! We're in a Singularity that's already finished correcting itself.

Da Vinci: Besides, this place is close to the modern age. It's the 19th century. With the abnormality corrected, proving our existence shouldn't be too hard, even for you!

Dr. Roman: I know, but...!

Dr. Roman: I just wanted you to understand what was going through my mind when I turned around and realized you had disappeared. I was afraid! I was petrified!

Dr. Roman: Hardly half a second had gone by when I thought, “Huh? What the heck is that darn technical advisor doing? Is she playing?”

Da Vinci: Relax. Think of this as training in case of an emergency. In case there comes a time when I'm not around.

Da Vinci: Okay. It's been a while since I've been in London. Now that the pesky demonic fog is gone... Let's see...

Da Vinci: Oh, darn. Things have barely gone back to normal. How disappointing.

Da Vinci: And where did we Rayshift to? Soho? We can't have any fun here!

Dr. Roman: (Seriously? Is that supposed to be a critique?)

Da Vinci: ...I wanted to go to Hyde Park.

Da Vinci: I wanted to go to the department store to shop with all the wonderfully fashionable ladies, and then head over to a club to socialize with the gentlemen...

Da Vinci: I'm not asking to get to be a noblewoman, but I had at least hoped to cut loose a little.

Fujimaru 1: I see, to have fun as a lady...

Fujimaru 2: I see, to have fun as a gentleman...

Mash: How expected, Senpai! This is so like Da Vinci! First, she Rayshifts just to take a break, and now she wants to enjoy herself by flouting the usual gender roles of the time!

Dr. Roman: Okay, calm down, Fujimaru and Mash. Don't get swept up by that oddball's whimsical nonsense.

Mash: Y-yes. U-um, Da Vinci! The reason why we Rayshifted here this time was not so we could go sightseeing, but...

Fujimaru 1: You do know, right, Da Vinci?

Da Vinci: Of course. There's nothing I don't know.

Fujimaru 2: I'm pretty sure she knows.

Da Vinci: I'm impressed, Fujimaru. You're starting to get me.

Da Vinci: Don't worry. Of course I know. I know that a small abnormality was found in this Fourth Singularity.

Da Vinci: And I have a general idea of what it is. Our destination is the British Museum in Regent's Park!

Fujimaru 1: A tourist destination!

Mash: That's right, Senpai. But the British Museum is...

Fujimaru 2: But the British Museum is...

Mash: Yes, Senpai...

Da Vinci: First of all, I was the one who observed the abnormality. Well, there was also something else that bothered me.

Da Vinci: And I wanted to see it myself, so that's why I'm accompanying you. Of course I wasn't here to sightsee.

Da Vinci: I do not tell meaningless lies. Because such a lie would eventually point towards the truth.

Da Vinci: That's why, whenever I make any nonsensical lies, it's to ride along with someone else's lie. Right, Romani?

Dr. Roman: Uh...um... If you say it that way, I...don't really have a response to that...

Fou: Kyu, fooou!

Da Vinci: Whoa. I sense some criticism coming from over there. Come on, Fou, don't suspect the pretty big sister like that.

Dr. Roman: ... (Sigh) The nerve on her to call herself “pretty big sister” is rather impressive...

Mash: Yes, impressive!

Fujimaru 1: Impressive.

Da Vinci: Yep, yep.

Fujimaru 2: She is the fair Mona Lisa, after all...

Da Vinci: Hehe, that's the spirit!

Da Vinci: This version of me is the true Mona Lisa! Accept no substitutes! That makes my smile the world's greatest smile. Right?

Fou: Fou, kyuu...

Da Vinci: Though to be honest... Yeah, I'm in no mood to smile right now.

Da Vinci: If only we were at least near Westminster, we could have swung by the National Gallery.

Fujimaru 1: National Gallery?

Fujimaru 2: Isn't that...um...

Mash: Senpai, I believe it's an art museum in Trafalgar Square.

Da Vinci: Correct. It seems some of my work is displayed there. And there's also a piece of work that I was the inspiration for.

Fou: Fou, fooou.

Mash: ...

Fujimaru 1: Mash?

Fujimaru 2: You seem dazed. Everything all right?

Mash: Oh...my apologies, Master. I was just thinking about what Da Vinci meant.

Mash: Things that she directly worked on or things that she was the inspiration for remain years after...

Mash: To have your work preserved in museums, and have it receive praise and admiration from those who see it...

Mash: I assume many people have seen it and been affected by it...

Mash: ...I just thought that must be a very wonderful thing.

Fou: Foufou, fooou...

Dr. Roman: Yep. It's one of the perks a cultural Servant like her can enjoy. Most heroes make a name for themselves through the legend of their battles and victories.

Dr. Roman: But it's truly rare to leave a lasting imprint on the world through your work alone. In that sense...

Dr. Roman: ...Leonardo da Vinci has left an indelible mark on this world. She truly earned the title of “universal genius.”

Dr. Roman: It's the absolute truth, and Da Vinci is still considered to be the personification of that genius.

Da Vinci: Heh heh. Keep praising me, Romani. Yes, I am not only a helpful and a beautiful big sister, but I am a true genius to boot.

Dr. Roman: The “beautiful big sister” part is a bit much. By the way, the work of yours exhibited in the National Gallery is a painting, right?

Da Vinci: Yep. A laaarge painting. Hehe, did you think it was some mysterious code?

Dr. Roman: No, not really. That would have been interesting, but I only thought that for a second, okay?

Dr. Roman: What about the piece that you were a model for? Is that a painting too? A portrait?

Fou: Fooou!

Da Vinci: Wrong. Verrocchio, my mentor in painting, used me as a model to paint a legendary being.

Mash: Legendary... What was the theme?

Fujimaru 1: What is it?

Fujimaru 2: Something that was modeled after Da Vinci...

Da Vinci: Well, it was the archangel Raphael.

Dr. Roman: !!

Fou: Fooou!

Mash: Eh...! The archangel Raphael...!? Isn't that angel almost always depicted as male?

Mash: The archangel Gabriel is usually the one who is frequently depicted as female.

Mash: Oh, but wait. If the male Da Vinci was the model...

Da Vinci: It doesn't matter which gender I was back then...

Da Vinci: My mentor Verrocchio modeled the angel after me. Besides, it's up to the artist to decide how to depict his subject...

Fou: Fou...

Mash: In other words, the angel was not drawn to look like Da Vinci...

Mash: But the angel was drawn based off of Da Vinci's way of life... Is that what you mean?

Fujimaru 1: ...I see.

Fujimaru 2: Even so, doesn't the angel look too handsome?His soul, at least.

Da Vinci: Hahaha. Thanks for those interesting reactions, Fujimaru, Mash, and Romani.

Da Vinci: Well, however I looked, I was extremely beautiful. Archangel or not, bring it on!

Fujimaru 1: When I think of Da Vinci's portait...

Fujimaru 2: I thought he looked like an old man.

Da Vinci: Oh I see. Are you thinking of my portrait as an old man?

Da Vinci: Well, I won't deny that. That was, after all, how I looked at one point.

Da Vinci: But, you know, changing one's appearance is like changing clothes.

Dr. Roman: ...You say that so casually, but I can't really imagine that.

Da Vinci: Hehe, you think so?

Mash: ...We've managed to get to the basement.

Fou: Fou!

Mash: Yes, Fou. That's right. The Mage's Association hasn't been completely fixed just yet.

Mash: Most of the British Museum itself has been restored, but this area is still the way it was before...

Dr. Roman: Thank goodness. If the correction of the Singularity had progressed much further, we wouldn't have been able to infiltrate the place so easily.

Dr. Roman: Especially for a place so labyrinthine. This place is the Mage's Association's ultimate secret.

Dr. Roman: This place is like a type of armory. It stores a bunch of rare and extremely precious books.

Dr. Roman: And yet, we got in so easily...

Da Vinci: That's also made it easy for shady characters to sneak in. Do you feel it, Mash?

Mash: Yes, I sense some magical energy up ahead. Senpai, please be careful.

Fou: Fou!

Mash: I suspect they are spellbook-type enemies! I thought the effects of the demonic fog were no more!?

Da Vinci: Thick clouds of Mystics naturally lay dormant in Britain. Even without the demonic fog, if we are in the time when reality is correcting the age itself...

Da Vinci: ...the fact that there are man-eating books around isn't surprising to me at all. Here they come!

Dr. Roman: That sounded completely crazy, but she said it like it was normal... Anyway, yeah, it's time to battle!


Mash: All enemies defeated. Good work, Senpai.

Fujimaru 1: You too, Mash.

Mash: ...Thank you.

Fujimaru 2: Da Vinci, are you pushing yourself?

Da Vinci: Not at all. Actually, this is fun! My job normally doesn't let me accompany you like this.

Da Vinci: To freely walk around, huh...

Da Vinci: Since we are shorthanded at Chaldea, it somehow became my job to build up the anti-infiltration program.

Da Vinci: It's not a particularly taxing job, but day and night, it's just been work, work, work.

Da Vinci: Buuut, ever since you formed a contract with me, I've been able to get involved in battle...

Mash: Now that you mention it... It is rare for you to be with us from investigation to battle.

Da Vinci: Right? That's why I'm really happy. I'm excited! If it was fieldwork, it would have been even better.

Mash: Fieldwork...?

Da Vinci: If I'm outside, I can go all-out. Making a bonfire in a place like this is frowned upon, you know.

Dr. Roman: (I didn't think it was true, but Leonardo really seems like she's out camping.)

Da Vinci: I heard that, Romani.

Dr. Roman: Oh, sorry... Wait, that wasn't all bad. Was it?

Fou: Fou...

Dr. Roman: Anyway. So, is this labyrinth the source of London's abnormality?

Dr. Roman: Da Vinci seems to be convinced that it is, and the fact that we encountered demonic books is all the proof we need.

Dr. Roman: But the readings on my side aren't all that clear.

Dr. Roman: The Mage's Association bounded field that was originally there has reappeared, and it's interfering with our ability to gather information.

Da Vinci: Who knows? Man-eating books hardly seem strange to me.

Da Vinci: And besides, I might have made a mistake. I was still human, after all.

Mash: ...Da Vinci...making a mistake?

Fou: ...

Fujimaru 1: You're kidding.

Fujimaru 2: I didn't think Da Vinci made mistakes.

Da Vinci: Ahahaha. You saw through me. You're right.

Da Vinci: Like you said, I probably don't make mistakes. I'm almighty! While many desire to be so, I truly am!

Da Vinci: That's why I'm a bit saddened. I didn't want our reunion to be like this.

Da Vinci: During my time, I had not a single equal.

Da Vinci: I was a genius, after all. And not just any genius. A universal genius.

Da Vinci: The talents that I was born with were not limited to any single field. Painting, sculpting, architecture, carpentry, anatomy, natural science...

Da Vinci: Ah yes, and magecraft. All fields of human knowledge were my playground.

Da Vinci: There was nobody who was equal to me. Everyone trailed behind.

Mash: ...

Dr. Roman: ...Leonardo.

Da Vinci: But still. There were a few who could match me in a handful of fields.

Da Vinci: For example, yes... You.

???: Guuu... Uuuuuuuuu...


Mash: ...Magical energy detected! From what I'm seeing, it looks like a ghost-type enemy!

Da Vinci: Shall we do this? I came here to see you...Michelangelo.


Ghost of Michelangelo:berserk1...

Ghost of Michelangelo: ...

Da Vinci: Goodbye, Michelangelo.

Da Vinci: While it was only where the arts were concerned...my dear friend, you had a gift that was comparable to my own.

Da Vinci: But I wonder. Why were you hanging around the Mage's Association library?

Da Vinci: Or perhaps... Did the abnormality of the Singularity cause any lingering spirits lurking around the British Museum...

Da Vinci: ...to fall underground? Haha, perhaps the truth really is something silly like that.

Fou: Fou, fou.

Da Vinci: Either way... Michelangelo... I'm a little relieved.

Da Vinci: I'm glad you didn't end up in the Throne as a Heroic Spirit. At least your soul should rest in peace now.

Da Vinci: Rest in peace...the other uomo universale.

Dr. Roman: ...

Mash: ...Da Vinci...

Fou: Fou...

Fujimaru 1: Did you have a special relationship with him?

Fujimaru 2: Your lover, perhaps?

Da Vinci: Hm? Well, it's hard to say...

Da Vinci: He really was somebody truly special to me, but I'm not sure how I can express our relationship.

Da Vinci: I'm a genius. He was a genius. I'm sure you know the name Michelangelo.

Mash: Y-yes. Michelangelo is a widely known artist, also known as a Renaissance man.

Mash: Especially his sculpture, paintings, and designs were considered the work of a true genius.

Da Vinci: Yep, yep. Right. I'm a big fan of his “David” as well.

Da Vinci: ...Well, yeah. I guess I did like him. I'm not sure if you'd call it love, though.

Dr. Roman: ...

Fujimaru 1: More than Mona Lisa?

Da Vinci: ...Well, maybe not that much.

Fou: Fo, fou!

Dr. Roman: That was a quick answer.

Dr. Roman: Hmmm, I pity Michelangelo. Well, I don't know what he was thinking while he was wandering around.

Da Vinci: I died before him. Maybe it's this? His feelings just...accumulating here...

Da Vinci: And a lot of things happened to get them all twisted and warped. Something like that.

Dr. Roman: Y-yeah. If you're satisfied with that, then I'm fine with it too.

Dr. Roman: The fact that you were acting different than usual... Well, I'll just say that was my imagination.

Dr. Roman: Anyway, the minute abnormality in the Singularity seems to have stabilized now.

Dr. Roman: Okay, let's prepare to head back. Good work everyone!

Mash: Yes, Doctor. Good work.

Da Vinci: Hehe. Okay Doctor. Can you Rayshift us back without my help?

Dr. Roman: I can. I can! I've always done it... Wait a minute, have I done it properly!?

Da Vinci: Usually I make adjustments in the background... Ahem. I'm joking. You've always done it fine.

Dr. Roman: Ah, wait. Wait, wait. Have I never done adjustments on my own!?

Da Vinci: Ahaha, that's fine! You're not alone! I'm here, and so is the staff!

Da Vinci: And of course, Fujimaru and Mash!

Da Vinci: If I say it, there's no mistaking it! It's lonely doing it all alone. Let's have some fun!

Dr. Roman: Uh, that's not what I mean!

Fou: Fou, kyuuu!

Da Vinci: ...That happened a while ago.

Da Vinci: It was sometime after fixing the Fifth or Sixth Singularity. Yeah. It was right before going to Uruk.

Da Vinci: (Sigh) ...That brings back some memories.

Da Vinci: That was supposed to be a lesson for you, but that message came right back to me.

Da Vinci: Yeah...right. It hit me hard.

Da Vinci: I can understand Michelangelo's feelings now. I see. I can see why he would turn into a troublesome ghost.

Da Vinci: (Sigh) It sure is painful having to continue to work even after being left all alone.

A Gift From a Little Devil

Narration: ...I was there for my mother when she died. ...I suppose I should be grateful for that.

Narration: And I am. Truly.

Da Vinci: ...That all happened a long time ago. A VERY long time ago.

Da Vinci: My family were notaries in the village of Vinci. Had been for generations. They were pretty well off, all things considered.

Da Vinci: My parents were never married. My mother, Caterina, was beautiful, but she was also a peasant.

Da Vinci: Back then, there was no way she or my father, Messer Piero, could possibly have been permitted to make their love official.

Da Vinci: In other's eyes, she just wasn't good enough. I don't want to say it because it's too crass. But...that is essentially what people thought of their love.

Da Vinci: Still, that didn't stop them from having a beautiful child together.

Da Vinci: This is me, Leonardo.

Da Vinci: And boy was I cute! I think. But according to what I've heard, and considering what I look like now, how could I not have been?

Da Vinci: Yeah, what am I saying? Of course I was adorable. Let's just leave it at that.

Da Vinci: Getting back to my mother, Caterina...

Da Vinci: ...she married another man after she gave birth to me. They had many children of their own. That's all well and good.

Da Vinci: It was certainly better than continuing in a relationship that could never lead to marriage, and she didn't have to worry about me. My grandfather and uncle on the Da Vinci side took care of me.

Da Vinci: I grew up healthy and happy, and it wasn't long before my abundant talents started helping me accomplish amazing things...

Da Vinci: ...but I never forgot about my mother. It wasn't an obsession, really. But I thought about her often.

Da Vinci: I think it was Botticelli who said that “enough is plenty”? It certainly sounds like something he'd say.

Da Vinci: Anyway, when I was about forty or so, my mother fell ill. She died shortly thereafter.

Da Vinci: I had a bit of money back then, so I tended to her sometimes.

Da Vinci: That is why I was able to be there when she finally slipped off. Oh, I held her funeral as well. It was a rather nice funeral, at that.

Da Vinci: ...Strangely, I can't recall whether I cried at all. Truly.

Da Vinci: I barely remember it at all. Still...I think I probably did.

Da Vinci: I was still a strapping young lad of forty back then, after all, so I must have been more sensitive.

Da Vinci: Most importantly...

Da Vinci: ...I wasn't the universal genius back then that I am now.

Holmes: ...What's this?

Holmes: It seems your repose last night was somewhat less than restful, [♂ Mr. /♀️ Ms.} Fujimaru.

Holmes: Did something unusual happen once again while you were asleep?

Holmes: My understanding is that this would hardly be the first time.

Fujimaru 1: I dreamed about Da Vinci.

Fujimaru 2: I guess you could say it was unusual...

Da Vinci: Huh? Me? I wonder why that could have happened.

Da Vinci: I must say, I don't recall it. Of course, there's no reason for me not to take you at your word.

Da Vinci: It could be that our connection is much stronger now that we have a contract that allows me to accompany you in battle.

Da Vinci: Anyway, I'm flattered! Sorta irritating that you're not able to control it, but that aside...

Da Vinci: ...we should be glad our Master is having new and interesting experiences!

Da Vinci: So...uh, just what kind of dream are we talking here, anyway?

Fujimaru 1: I think...you were talking about someone...?

Holmes: Hmm. Perhaps it was something related to an experience of hers from her lifetime?

Da Vinci: Huh, I wonder who it was. I knew SOOO many interesting people in my lifetime!

Da Vinci: Was it Botticelli? Mikey? Lorenzo the Magnificent? Maybe Isabella d'Este?

Holmes: Ah, by the look on [♂ Mr. /♀️ Ms.} Fujimaru's face, I would say it was none of those. It may not, therefore, have been someone of great historical significance.

Holmes: A question for you: In your dream conversation, how would you describe Ms. Da Vinci's emotional state?

Fujimaru 1: I think she was smiling?

Holmes: Hmm...

Fujimaru 2: I think she was crying?

Da Vinci: Huh?

Da Vinci: Pffft, good one. You know I'm not really one to turn on the waterworks, right?

Da Vinci: ...Did I wake you? Or were you still up?

Da Vinci: Either way, sorry for bothering you so late.

Da Vinci: So, I'm pretty sure you've guessed why I'm here.

Da Vinci: I couldn't get our conversation from earlier out of my head.

Da Vinci: So...I'm curious who I was talking to you about...you know, in that dream you had.

Da Vinci: First, though, I should apologize. I think I had it figured out as far as who it was once you dropped that little hint.

Da Vinci: I just didn't want to get into it there in the Command Room with so many people around.

Da Vinci: Even if I'm just filling in, I'm still their boss. It's hard to talk about sentimental stuff around them.

Da Vinci: ...Holmes? Well, you know him. I'm sure he's got this whole thing figured out already.

Da Vinci: Anyway! Like I said, I'm pretty sure I know who it was.

Da Vinci: I was talking about my mother, right?

Da Vinci: ...Caterina of Vinci village. My beautiful mother.

Da Vinci: She never did get a chance to raise me, but she still brought me into this world.

Da Vinci: She's the woman who gave me life. I loved her so much, and I'm sure she loved me too.

Fujimaru 1: Your mother...

Da Vinci: Yup.

Fujimaru 2: Did she look like you do now?

Da Vinci: Hehe. Who knows? Though I AM pretty sure she had a lovely smile.

Da Vinci: Things were...complicated. She was my mother, yes, but she could never marry my father.

Da Vinci: Maybe I've already told you about this within that dream, so I'll be brief...

Da Vinci: ... ...

Da Vinci: ...I spent the last years of my mother's life with her in Milan.

Da Vinci: I was doing pretty well for myself back then, so I took steps to bring my birth mother to live with me.

Da Vinci: Not long after, she got so sick she collapsed. I remember going a little out of my mind, not knowing what to do...

Da Vinci: Looking back, I realize I may have foolishly been responsible for shortening her life.

Da Vinci: It'd be a lie to say I didn't regret that, but still...

Da Vinci: ...I wouldn't trade those two years in Milan with her for anything.

Da Vinci: ... ...

Da Vinci: How familiar are you with my paintings? Ever heard of one I did called “Virgin of the Rocks”?

Fujimaru 1: Not really, sorry...

Da Vinci: It's one of my better ones. I'll show you sometime...

Fujimaru 2: Is it displayed in London, or Paris?

Da Vinci: Both. Although, my apprentice did one of them...I think? I'm not sure.

Da Vinci: I painted it in Milan, a few years before I had my mother come live with me. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out...

Da Vinci: ...but I also went waaay past the deadline on it. Things happened, you know? And I ended up delayed so long all you could do was laugh!

Da Vinci: Hm? That's no laughing matter? Well, yeah, you're right. It's not.

Da Vinci: Boy was the priest who commissioned it pissed! Then again, I was pretty pissed too once I saw what he wanted to pay me for it!

Da Vinci: ... ...

Da Vinci: ...As the name suggests, it's a painting of the Virgin Mary, the Madonna, sitting among some rocks.

Da Vinci: I think...when I was making it, I must have been longing for some maternal presence myself.

Da Vinci: That's how it seems to me now, anyway, with the benefit of hindsight and all.

Da Vinci: While I was painting the Madonna, I started to miss my own mother, so much so that I ended up having her move out to Milan to live with me.

Da Vinci: I'm sure you've heard the saying, “No use crying over spilled milk”?

Da Vinci: Me, I've always had a different take on it: “You can't put spilled water back in the pot.” I think that's about the perfect summary of human life.

Da Vinci: ...Although, if I'm being really honest...I think I might like the way Sun Tzu put it the best:

Da Vinci: Thus, though we have heard of stupid haste in war, cleverness has never been seen associated with long delays.

Holmes: Thus, prompted by [♂ Mr. /♀️ Ms.} Fujimaru's dream...

Holmes: ...the Heroic Spirit Leonardo da Vinci has a premonition, and decides she would like to take some manner of action...

Holmes: ...just as she did when she brought her mother to live with her. Do I have that right?

Da Vinci: How long have you been there...?

Fujimaru 1: Now I get it.

Fujimaru 2: Is Holmes right?

Da Vinci: I hate to admit it, but I suppose he is. I DO want to take action here, just like I did with my mother.

Da Vinci: And if I'm going to do that, I'll need your help, just like last time.

Holmes: Last time?

Fujimaru 1: You mean, with Michelangelo...?

Da Vinci: I'm so glad you remembered! Yup, exactly like that. I suppose I'm being a bit nostalgic again...

Mash: Coordinates set for Europe, on the outskirts of Milan, 1524.

Mash: This appears to be a minute Singularity, most likely caused by a small Holy Grail or a Grail fragment.

Mash: ...It's just as you said, Da Vinci.

Mash: I can't believe you called it so accurately before the Command Room could observe it with Sheba...

Holmes: I thought this might be a good time to try my hand at Freudian dream interpretation, but it seems that won't be necessary here.

Holmes: Most impressive, Da Vinci. Just the sort of thing I would expect from you.

Holmes: Though I suppose something of that ease may be owed to the...precision of Master's dream.

Mash: Commencing Rayshift. Please be careful out there, Senpai!

Fujimaru 1: See you later!

Da Vinci: Ahh, this is a sight for sore eyes! I haven't seen the Duchy of Milan like this in ages!

Fou: Fou fou, pastafooou!

Da Vinci: Oh, Fou. You snuck along too? Are you sure you wouldn't rather be with Mash?

Fou: Fou. Fou.

Da Vinci: I see, I see. So you like beautiful women, do you? As it happens, I do too! What good taste you have.

Mash: Rayshift successful. Readings show you should be in the eastern part of Milan.

Da Vinci: Good. I must admit, though, that this is a different time period than when I lived here, so I don't know the place so well as it is now.

Da Vinci: It was pretty peaceful back then, but France and Venice always loomed large as threats.

Da Vinci: As much as people went about their lives quietly, there was a certain tension in the air.

Da Vinci: I remember the local hotshot, Il Moro, took a liking to me. I used to play the lira for him...

Fujimaru 1: Lyre? As in the instrument?

Da Vinci: Sure is.

Fou: Fou fou?

Fujimaru 2: So you're a musical genius too...

Da Vinci: Have I not mentioned that? My talents were never confined to a single field.

Da Vinci: To name a few, there's painting, sculpture, architecture, weaponry, woodworking, autopsies, natural science...and of course, music.

Da Vinci: All right then, let's just go for a walk and see where we–

Da Vinci: Well, never mind that. Looks like we Rayshifted to just about exactly where we need to be.

Da Vinci: There they are, plain as the nose on your face. They could've at least waited till nightfall.

Da Vinci: See?

Fou: Faaau! Fau, kyaaau!

Mash: Hostiles detected! A lot of them! It looks like they have the Holy Grail with them!

Da Vinci: All right, let's get this show on the road, shall we? I am, of course, a combat genius too, so just sit back and let Da Vinci handle this!

Fujimaru 1: Initiating battle!

Fujimaru 2: Let's see what you've got!

Mash: ...Here they come!

Da Vinci: Just look at all these demons. Man, they couldn't be more obvious if they tried.


Da Vinci: That takes care of them, but...

Fou: Fou? Fou, fou fou.

Da Vinci: That's right. It's not over yet. Still more of them here.

Da Vinci: The BBEG in particular. I can tell it's not a Servant, but it's still got a lot of magical energy.

Da Vinci: It must have absorbed the Holy Grail fragment to get its magical energy levels up THIS high.

Mash: You're right, Da Vinci! I can see those exceptional magical energy readings from here, too!

Mash: It must possess a small Holy Grail, or a fragment of a larger one.

Da Vinci: I figured, yeah. And don't you just look the part.

Da Vinci: Hey there, Salaì...

Fujimaru 1: Salaì?

Holmes: Gian Giacomo Caprotti. While she lived, Da Vinci took him under her wing when he was still a young boy.

Holmes: He became Da Vinci's apprentice in Milan in 1490, where they grew as close as family.

Mash: Family...

Holmes: Now I see. Since he died in 1524, this minute Singularity must have occurred when the small Holy Grail turned him into a ghost.

Holmes: It would seem you were right on the mark, Ms. Da Vinci.

Da Vinci: The Salaì I knew already had a fragment, so I figured he must have been the one affecting Master's dreams.

Da Vinci: I had a hunch, really, and it turned out to be dead-on.

Da Vinci: Though I wish it wasn't...

Da Vinci: You're the only person I ever knew who would think to pester me like this, Salaì.

Da Vinci: Still... Why is it a ghost this time around too?

Da Vinci: Ah, well. I guess you never did get to a point where you'd be enshrined in the Throne.

Da Vinci: Besides, if you were, I'm pretty sure all your bad habits would put you preeetty firmly on the Anti-Hero end of things anyway.

Fujimaru 1: Was he really THAT bad?

Fujimaru 2: He was just a kid, right?

Da Vinci: He was a beautiful kid. Adorable, even!

Da Vinci: Oh, I loved his curly hair. He may not have quite been at my level, but he was still as lovely as an angel.

Fou: Fou fou, Da Fooou...

Mash: (She's leading off by extolling the virtues of pretty boys! Th-that's our Da Vinci, I guess...)

Da Vinci: Buuut, he was a freakin' brat, too. He was easily four times as mischievous as the average person.

Da Vinci: He used to sell my shoes just to buy candy...steal my silver brushes...

Da Vinci: Hell, he'd steal anything that wasn't nailed down, really... Broke my pots while we ate...

Da Vinci: ...Ugh, just thinking about it pisses me off.

Da Vinci: Salaì, I gotta say...

Da Vinci: ...a brat like you appearing before the maestro as a wandering ghost, just like what happened with Michelangelo...

Da Vinci: ...ticks me off even more than I thought it would!

Da Vinci: Shut your damn hole!


Mash: ...Hostiles eliminated. Automatically collecting Holy Grail fragments per the usual protocol.

Fou: Fooou...

Da Vinci: Annnd collected. That takes care of that.

Da Vinci: (Sigh) Dammit, Salaì... I heard you died five years after I did.

Da Vinci: Why'd you have to go and do that while you were still so young? What a damned waste.

Da Vinci: Even if it was just bad luck that led you to the Holy Grail and turned you into a ghost...

Da Vinci: ...you have no business dying while you're so young.

Da Vinci: ...You really were nothing but a pain in the ass till the end, weren't you?

Fujimaru 1: Da Vinci...

Fujimaru 2: You probably wanted to have a real talk with him, huh?

Da Vinci: Hmm, I don't know about that. Sure, he ended up an evil, rampaging ghost...but I think that suited him, in an odd sort of way.

Da Vinci: What better way for a hellion like him to cause as much trouble as he wants, after all.

Da Vinci: In that sense, we were lucky to meet him like this.

Fujimaru 1: ...

Da Vinci: Hey, now! No getting all gloomy on me! If Da Vinci says it's okay, then it's okay!

Da Vinci: I do like that sensitive side of yours, though. I hope that's something you can hold on to. Always.

Fou: Fou, fooou!

Da Vinci: All right then! What do you say we get ourselves back to Chaldea!

Da Vinci: I'm sure you'll sleep soundly tonight, Master. Any dreams you may have will surely be sweet.


Narration: ...Hey, Maestro?

Narration: ...I don't get it.

Narration: ...You held a proper funeral for your mother, right? So why aren't you doing anything this time around?

Narration: ...Ahahaha. Oh, Maestro.

Narration: ...This is why you still have all those regrets, you big dummy!

Da Vinci: Yup. I get the feeling that's what Salaì was telling me.

Da Vinci: I know he wasn't ACTUALLY saying anything, of course. But that's still the impression I got.

Da Vinci: This wasn't a prediction or anything like that. Just a feeling.

Da Vinci: ...I swear.

Da Vinci: That little imp never did have any problem saying the sort of things no one else would dare to.

Da Vinci: But you know, Salaì...even if I couldn't give you a proper funeral, I still feel like I gave you a proper send-off.

Da Vinci: Even if I'm the only one who feels that way.

Da Vinci: All right...guess I'd better start getting things ready.

Da Vinci: Well, getting my spare ready, really.

Da Vinci: No telling when my number could be up, so I've got to be sure I'm ready for anything.

Da Vinci: That's probably part of the reason why Salaì showed up now. Demons have long been harbingers of death.

Da Vinci: ... ...

Da Vinci: ...While I'm at it, you know what, I think I'll model it after my childhood appearance.

Da Vinci: Holmes probably already has an idea of what I'm up to...but I don't see him having an issue.

Da Vinci: He may always play it pretty close to the chest, but he had my back again with this, and he kept his mouth shut when he should have.

Da Vinci: ...I wonder what you'd think about this plan if you were here.

Da Vinci: You'd probably have a big problem with it, wouldn't you? Well, sorry. I've just got to go through with it.

Da Vinci: Lady Luck has been awfully kind to me in this life and in the last.

Da Vinci: So to make up for that...even if my next death does turn out to suck pretty badly...

Da Vinci: ...I think...

D:Da Vinci: ...I'll just have to roll with it.