Li Shuwen - Young

Liu He Da Qiang

Li Shuwen: Hngh! Hngh! Hngh!

Da Vinci: Hmmm...I heard “Divine Spear” Li Shuwen was training, so I dropped by to see what kind of rigorous regimen he was putting himself through...

Da Vinci: To be honest, it's pretty plain.

Mash: Th-that's rude, Da Vinci!

Fou: Fou!

Li Shuwen: Kaka! You're right about it being plain.

Mash: You admit it?

Li Shuwen: My purpose is to hone each and every one of my skills.

Li Shuwen: The truth is, if you rip out someone's heart, they'll die every time.

Li Shuwen: ...But it's not that simple now that I've become a Servant. Still, death is inevitable even for us if our Spirit Core is destroyed.

Li Shuwen: So, learning a new move as a Servant seems like a waste of time.

Li Shuwen: Honing skills I already have makes a lot more sense.

Mash: Rather than learning a hundred skills, choosing to refining one skill to perfection... I do notice that seems to be a common approach among Servants.

Mash: Although, there are also a lot of kings who are experts in all kinds of martial arts...

Da Vinci: They have different roles to play after they become king, after all.

Da Vinci: An expert begins their journey at a time and place of their choosing, but a king does not often have the ability to make those choices.

Li Shuwen: You're right. Rama often lamented that.

Li Shuwen: “I'm actually better versed in archery... But if Saber is the best, as king that is what I must choose.”

Li Shuwen: ...Is what he said.

Mash: I wonder why... There are kings who manifested as Archers and Riders here.

Da Vinci: Ah, no, no. Gilgamesh is basically his own class. I wouldn't even call him an Archer.

Da Vinci: And the King of Conquerors is a Rider mostly in the sense of standing astride his people.

Da Vinci: And in that same sense, Queen Medb... Actually, let's not talk about that. It's probably not appropriate to talk about that in front of Mash!

Mash: ?

Mash: By the way, did Rama choose to be a Saber class because it really is the best?

Da Vinci: No, it's because he's a romantic at heart. Anyway, we digress.

Li Shuwen: Okay, Master. Thanks for waiting while I trained.

Li Shuwen: Want to head out to town for a breather?

Li Shuwen: Hm? What's all the commotion?

Mash: It seems like it's coming from the town square.

Fujimaru 1: Is something happening?

Civilian: You don't know? A renowned martial artist from the East is apparently here.

Civilian: He's an amazing lancer, and he has tons of disciples. I'm heading over there to check them out!

Da Vinci: Oh? A martial artist in this land is a rare sight indeed.

Li Shuwen: Hmmm...a renowned martial artist, huh? Master, want to check them out to kill some time?

Fujimaru 1: Sounds good!

Li Shuwen: Kaka! That's the spirit!

Fujimaru 2: Um...

Li Shuwen: We're just gonna get a glimpse. A glimpse.

Mash: Do you think it's all right?

Fou: Fooou...

Renowned Martial Artist: HahaHA!!! Secret technique: Ultimate Muso Lance!!! This is unilateral, mind you!

Renowned Martial Artist's Disciple: See our master's lance technique!? These are numerous unilateral techniques that branch from an egocentric dance!!!

Renowned Martial Artist's Disciple: He's the greatest martial artist who's never lost after one hundred battles! Whoooo!!!

Fujimaru 1: What the hell are you doing, mustache face!?

Women: Kyaaah! Amazing (somewhat).

Renowned Martial Artist: Gufufufufu.

Renowned Martial Artist: I wanted the North American ladies to go gaga over me as a martial artist brimming with oriental flavor! My plan worked flawlessly!

Renowned Martial Artist's Disciple: You think so? At least you haven't fumbled yet...

Renowned Martial Artist: The longest journey begins with a single step!

Women: Kyaaah! Amazing (use of a proverb)!

Renowned Martial Artist: But I haven't come across a maiden who's totally my type.

Renowned Martial Artist: Ah, is there no maiden out there who could see the true, real me?

Mash: You're way off from looking like someone from the East... Actually you totally look Western...

Mash: And you're not even a Lancer!

Da Vinci: First and foremost, what is that idiot doing here?

Renowned Martial Artist's Disciple: For a special price, you can get a personal lesson from our great master!!! First come, first served!

Claque: Hey! I'd better get in on this!

Li Shuwen: ...

Fujimaru 1: Be calm. Be cool.

Fujimaru 2: What should we do?

Li Shuwen: Oh, I'm not mad. This is in such poor taste, it's not worth watching.

Renowned Martial Artist's Disciple: What? I just heard something inexcusable! Are you nit-picking at this captain's–I mean the master Lancer's skills?

Li Shuwen: It's a cheap trick, no more than a show of brute strength. Everything about it is wrong. You need to start afresh by swinging a hoe around!

Mash: Please, go back to the sea.

Renowned Martial Artist's Disciple: What did you say!? Master, beat 'em up!

Renowned Martial Artist: Eh? Wait. I know where this is going...

Renowned Martial Artist: Aww, man! I'm about to get my ass kicked, aren't I? Ahhhh!!!


Li Shuwen: Hmnf!

Renowned Martial Artist: Meooowww! (Chicken)

Renowned Martial Artist's Disciple: Oh, master's collapsed gushing blood from all his orifices! You bastards!!!

Li Shuwen: ...That's all it took? What a waste of time.

Mash: That was a wonderful single shot.

Fujimaru 1: Amazing!

Li Shuwen: Hm. From the teachings of Bajiquan...actually, this is my thought...

Li Shuwen: “Fear not the one who knows a thousand skills, but rather the one who has obtained mastery of one.”

Li Shuwen: You should be more fearful of those who have polished a single skill rather than those who possess one thousand skills.

Mash: I see. That's why you keep training and practice the same skills over and over.

Mash: This can be applied to Noble Phantasms, which are a manifestation of Heroic Spirits' legends.

Li Shuwen: Master, never forget that yourself. The truly terrifying adversaries, no matter which path they've taken, are those who have reached their peak.

Fujimaru 1: I'll keep that in mind.

Fujimaru 2: I'll try my best!

Li Shuwen: Hahaha... Now then. Shall we go out for some tea... No, in this land, it would be alcohol.

Li Shuwen: I don't often drink either, but let's get going.

Man: Hey. You trying to pick a fight?

Li Shuwen: Sorry, I got too excited, but I don't feel bad.

Fujimaru 1: He was the one who picked the fight.

Mash: He's just knocked out, so I think he should be all right.

Mash: But please be careful. The people in that bar seem unusually worked up.

Child A: It's true! That huge and hugely famous martial artist is here!

Li Shuwen: ...Hm?

Child A: He's skinny and glares like a wolf! And he acts all big!

Child B: That's a lie! Someone like that wouldn't come to some backward nowhere place like this!

Child A: It's true! Come on, I'll show you!

Child B: Fine!

Mash: A “huge” martial artist?

Li Shuwen: Hm. I can't allow the children to be exposed to bad influences.

Li Shuwen: He's likely a fake like the one we saw earlier. Let's go, Master.

Fujimaru 1: Mister Shuwen, do you like kids?

Da Vinci: Oh? It does seem so.

Li Shuwen: ...No. I started to like children after I reached old age.

Fujimaru 2: Mister Shuwen. You liked kids, right?

Li Shuwen: ...

Li Shuwen: Well, perhaps a bit.

Li Shuwen: As I am now, though, I am more a hungry wolf than an aged tiger.

Li Shuwen: I'm not up to teaching kids martial arts right now.

Li Shuwen: At any rate, let's go see this fake martial artist...

ZHuge Martial Artist: That would be me.

Fujimaru 1: What are you doing here?

Fujimaru 2: Seriously, what are you doing here?

ZHuge Martial Artist: ...Hm. Truthfully, I myself do not know why I am here.

ZHuge Martial Artist: I am beginning to suspect the horrid possibility that I was summoned here as a one-off joke.

Child A: Hey it's him! Hey! Show us your martial arts!

ZHuge Martial Artist: ...So there you have it, Li Shuwen. If possible, I would appreciate it if you would demonstrate your martial skills.

ZHuge Martial Artist: My falling rocks and flaming fans would be a poor example of martial arts to the children.

Li Shuwen: ...This will make you the heel in their eyes. Do you mind?

ZHuge Martial Artist: Better that than for them to mistake me for a martial artist.

Li Shuwen: You're right. Then let's do this!


Zhuge Martial Artist: I. Have. Been. Defeated. (Monotone)

Child A: He's STRONG!!!

Child B: That single spear broke through those weird beams and rocks! Whoa!!!

Child A: Hey, mister! Do you think we can do that too?

Li Shuwen: Hm, who knows? Maybe you can...

Li Shuwen: But in order to do so, it's important to live your life with sincerity every day. There's also a saying: “with persistence a drop of water hollows out the stone.”

Child A: I get it. My mommy tells me not to be lazy too!

Child B: But we came over to watch this while we were on an errand for mommy.

Child A: Oh...

Li Shuwen: Hahaha. That is fine.

Li Shuwen: Of course, if you continue to act that man, such things will come back to bite you later.

Zhuge Martial Artist: (Sigh) I truly got the short end of the stick here.

Fujimaru 1: Good work...

Zhuge Martial Artist: That aside. Shuwen, I sense a Servant nearby.

Mash: Oh, you're right. That's amazing.

Li Shuwen: Hm. Has someone connected to me been summoned?

Zhuge Martial Artist: That may be why I was pulled into this.

Li Shuwen: Children. Remember to train in your art every day.

Children: Okay!

Li Shuwen: ...This is...

Li Shuwen: What happenstance. What luck.

Li Shuwen: I cannot hold myself back!

F:???: Hahaha!

F:???: I see now. My manifestation here seems to have affected things... Guess I caused a bit of trouble, huh?

F:???: Either way. Here I am, and here we meet.

F:???: So, we've got no choice, do we, true martial artist?

Li Shuwen: Indeed. An opportunity like this–no...there will never be an opportunity like this ever again.

Li Shuwen: I never imagined I would come face to face with something out of legend!

Yan Qing: Those glaring eyes like a tiger-wolf. You are, without question, THE Li Shuwen!

Mash: It's a good thing the children are gone...

Li Shuwen: Kaka. Yes, my fists are deadly.

Li Shuwen: People said what they wanted about me while I lived, but they were all correct.

Li Shuwen: How could I call myself a martial artist if battle didn't get my blood pumping?

Yan Qing: Ah...this is why battle freaks are a pain. I suppose I must admit that I'm no different.

Yan Qing: Take my fierce, swift shadow fist as your parting gift to return you to the afterlife!

Yan Qing: Fist of Yan Qing...take it if you can!

Li Shuwen: Haa! With my spear or with my bare hands, I am not wanting for weapons! The skill I worked to achieve for my entire life shall be unleashed!

Both: Brace yourself!!!


Li Shuwen: Surging! Surging!!! More! Show me more!!! Truly a violent fist!!! Can art reach the true pinnacle!?

Yan Qing: Hahahaha! You're too slow, brute of a Lancer!

Yan Qing: Nothing wrong with saving it all for one strike, but your emotions have gotten the better of you. I see through you!

Da Vinci: Hmmm. I'm getting dizzy just watching this! I can't tell who's got the upper hand!

Li Shuwen: Hot-blooded...not a problem! To be called a divine spear and keep cool... I am not there yet!

Li Shuwen: But it's still not enough! Not enough! A true violent spear is one that would crush a swift fist!

Li Shuwen: If not, I would be embarrassed to even use my second name of “Divine Spear”!

Yan Qing: There!

Li Shuwen: That's nothing!

Li Shuwen: Hm... This is the end. Even with the benefit of my spear...I stand here at a disadvantage.

Li Shuwen: Perhaps I need to abandon my second name of “Divine Spear”...

Yan Qing: Sheesh. My other name is the Skillful Star.

Yan Qing: With that flimsy spear against my fists, you managed to dodge, parry, and attack...

Yan Qing: Just when I thought your attacks were almost too direct, you start throwing in whimsical twists... Let me guess: you've got a bad personality, right?

Li Shuwen: Of course. Same goes with you.

Li Shuwen: I can see your wicked personality through your fists and footwork, Skillful Star, Yan Qing.

Li Shuwen: ...

Yan Qing: ...

Both: Wahahahahahah!!!

Mash: Neither of them were holding back...

Li Shuwen: Ah, that was great training.

Mash: ...

Mash: ...Training?

Li Shuwen: Indeed. Training. Although, it would have been a fight to the death if we had kept going. There are so many things that I still lack.

Li Shuwen: I will polish my spear skills by fighting in the coming battles.

Li Shuwen: Skillful Star, Yan Qing, I'd like a rematch one of these days.

Yan Qing: Hahaha! Nice! That's why I love martial artists!

Yan Qing: Fine, fine! I swear by Tianqiao, I'll sweep your spear AND your fists aside!

Yan Qing: Okay. Now to deepen our friendship, let's go out drinking!

Li Shuwen: No, not at a drinking hole. Shall we go out to play a round of Go in the bamboo forest?

Yan Qing: ...You've got the taste of an old man.

Li Shuwen: I just don't like to drink...and not only alcohol. Tea especially.

Yan Qing: Sheesh. Guess I have no choice! I'll go along with what you want today.

Yan Qing: But in exchange, next time you're gonna have to do what I want! We're gonna drink, eat, sing, and dance!

Li Shuwen: Hm. In that, I too will have no choice. Well, pardon me on the singing and dancing part, okay?

Mash: ...Did they just become friends?

Fujimaru 1: Looks like it.

Mash: That's good, Senpai. Since they're both martial artists, I'm sure they have lots in common.

Mash: Once their game of Go is done, let's all Rayshift home.

Mash: Good work!