Lord El Melloi II - Zhuge Liang

Heroic Spirit Possession

El-Melloi II: Oh! Speaking of which, I haven't introduced myself. I am Lord El-Melloi II.

El-Melloi II: I am a mere human, who became the Spirit Origin of a famous strategist from the Three Kingdom Period in China.

Fujimaru 1: Lord?

El-Melloi II: What, don't you know? What kind of manuals did Animusphere make...

Fujimaru 2: The Second?

El-Melloi II: Right. I was originally a third-rate noble from the countryside. For certain reasons, I took after my mentor and inherited his name.

Mash: Excuse me, Lord El-Melloi II. When you say Lord, do you mean the "Lord" of the Mage's Association?

El-Melloi II: Yes. I represent one of the twelve noble families that operate the Clock Tower, the center of the Mage's Association. The lowest-ranked, though.

Dr. Roman: Did you know Director Olga Marie? What time period are you from, anyway?

El-Melloi II: Same as Fujimaru, I'm from the 21st century. Before I knew it, I became a Pseudo-Servant.

Mash: A Pseudo-Servant...like me. Are you someone that was empowered by Heroic Spirits?

El-Melloi II: ...The result was the same but the idea's different. There's nobody identical to you in this time.

El-Melloi II: Originally, it's impossible to form a Demi-Servant. Just the same as it's impossible for Dhampir to be born among vampires.

Dr. Roman: As I'd expect of a Clock Tower mage, you probably understand the logic behind the impossible.

Dr. Roman: That's right. Mash is an extremely unique example of success. It'd be hard to recreate an accident.

El-Melloi II: I'm glad to hear that. I would've suggested an immediate dismantling of Chaldea if it was such a screwed-up organization.

Mash: ...

Fou: Fou, Fooou!

El-Melloi II: ...Sorry, that was insensitive of me. You aren't guilty of anything, ma'am. I would like to correct myself.

Mash: W-Well, you cannot deny that creating Demi-Servants was an inhumane experiment.

Mash: Your feeling of disgust is justified, Lord El-Melloi. Even more so if it comes from justice and morals.

Mash: That aside, please continue your explanation. What are Pseudo-Servants?

El-Melloi II: Ah, yes. I shall answer that question.

El-Melloi II: A Pseudo-Servant is someone possessed by a Heroic Spirit. Those Heroic Spirits who can't become a Servant...

El-Melloi II: Perhaps they are higher beings like Divine Spirits, or their Spirit Origins can't be created by Chaldea.

El-Melloi II: In order to summon them as Servants, human vessels are sometimes used.

El-Melloi II: That is what a Pseudo-Servant is. Using a human body as catalyst to forcefully summon a Heroic Spirit.

Fujimaru 1: ??

Fujimaru 2: ?????

Dr. Roman: Oh-uh, Fujimaru looks confused. Obviously since it's a particularly unique case, right?

Dr. Roman: In short, it's someone being possessed by a ghost.

Dr. Roman: Then the psyche of the possessed is overwritten by the Heroic Spirit...

El-Melloi II: I'm the opposite. I took only the role of Zhuge Liang, because western logic doesn't match eastern logic.

El-Melloi II: But with the greater good of protecting humanity in mind, we share a common goal.

El-Melloi II: That's why after a discussion with the Strategist on who should control the body, I ended up staying because of my knowledge of modern eras.

Dr. Roman: I see. That's very much Zhuge Liang. Just like what he did at the end of his life.

Dr. Roman: The important thing was for someone to execute his strategies, without participating on it...

Dr. Roman: In other words, he found the one capable of his strategies, so he decided not to appear.

El-Melloi II: That's right. We've only talked for a bit, but it's obvious he's more of a monster than history described. I didn't feel like I was talking to a human.

Fujimaru 1: ...Can you fight?

Fujimaru 2: ...You're just a human?

Fou: Fou, Fooou.

El-Melloi II: I would've been incinerated if I was just a human.

El-Melloi II: By becoming one with the Heroic Spirits, I temporarily became a Servant.

El-Melloi II: Follow me. I will show you proof.

El-Melloi II: Around here is fine. Enemy approaching. Prepare for battle.

El-Melloi II: You will immediately see if I can fight as a Servant.

El-Melloi II: In turn, I will assess your potential as a Master. Kill two birds with one stone, right?

Monster: Gaooooooooooooo—!

Mash: They're already pumped up! What did you do, Lord El-Melloi?

El-Melloi II: Well, this will be interesting. I used some pheromones to excite them.

El-Melloi II: Be careful when you fight, ma'am. The enemy is on a rampage. Don't let your guard down.

Mash: Master! I think he's gone too far with his logic!


Dr. Roman: The enemy response is still spreading! It's massive. Just how excited are they!

Mash: This is no time to be in awe, Doctor! Do something!

Dr. Roman: Sorry, there's nothing I can do beside scanning the area... You just have handle it by yourselves.

Mash: Got it! It means I can only rely on Senpai, right!?

Fujimaru 1: Sorry Doc. Let's do this, Mash!

Fujimaru 2: Same as usual. Let's do this, Mash!

El-Melloi II: I see. Aren't you a courageous one? No plans, but you sure got guts.

El-Melloi II: Humph—Not bad at all.

El-Melloi II: You remind me of myself in the past. If that's the case, "I" shall show my true strength.

El-Melloi II: Of course, this is merely on the path of me reaching him. But it seems this will be a fruitful contract.


Mash: The battle is over... You know...I'm three times more...tired than usual...

Fujimaru 1: Good job, Mash.

Fujimaru 2: ...It was a disaster, huh?

Fou: Foou!

Mash: I'm relieved that you and Fou...both made it...

Mash: Those wild beasts had their eyes on the two of you, I was doing everything I can...

Fou: Fou!?

El-Melloi II: You're done? So how did I do, Fujimaru? Did I pass?

Fujimaru 1: You've convinced me.

El-Melloi II: That's good. I'm finished assessing you too.

Fujimaru 2: That's not fair, you can fight as a human.

El-Melloi II: Not fair? Oh I see, you mean comparing to you? So you're jealous that I can fight on the front line despite being a human.

El-Melloi II: Cherish what you're feeling now. Because it requires strength to withstand that feeling of powerlessness.

El-Melloi II: As you can see, I can fight as a Servant. You might be unsatisfied with my firepower, but I will make up with my intellect.

Dr. Roman: Oh. He's definitely a first-rate Servant. I mean all Pseudo-Servants are exceptional cases to begin with.

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru, eventually you'll be able to meet a Pseudo-Servant who fused with a god, I think.

El-Melloi II: Probably...Well, I am a special case.

El-Melloi II: Most vessels chosen to become Pseudo-Servants... in other words, mages, already possess powers.

El-Melloi II: And when Heroic Spirits possess humans, they will choose those who closely resemble themselves. So of course they are powerful.

El-Melloi II: Those integrated will then transmigrate into a third personality, a new personality if you will.

El-Melloi II: Those kinds of Servants are troublesome. After all, they tend to think like Divine Spirits.

El-Melloi II: They will probably be completely selfish and ask for all kinds of impossible things.

El-Melloi II: Then you'll know that I'm one of the better ones.

Dr. Roman: Hahaha...Well, let's save that for the future. Good job, Mash, Fujimaru.

Dr. Roman: Come home with Mr. El-Melloi II.

Dr. Roman: I couldn't fight with you, but I can welcome you home with a warm cup of tea.

Endless Sea

El-Melloi II: ...

Mash: (Senpai, Mr. El-Melloi seems off. I know he looks irritable all the time, but now...)

Fujimaru 1: Is he looking at the sea?

Fujimaru 2: He's looking at the sunset?

Fou: Fou, fou.

El-Melloi II: ...So.

El-Melloi II: Ma'am. If you're going to hide, at least put down your shield. Anyone will notice a black steel wall on the beach.

El-Melloi II: You too Fujimaru. As her Master you should've pointed that out.

Mash: S-Sorry. It seemed like you wanted to be left alone...

Fou: Nnnng...kyau, kyaaaau!

El-Melloi II: Nothing, I was just looking at the sea. I heard it was named Okeanos due to the Grail.

El-Melloi II: But it's just a name. It's a horizon as far as you can see, but the edges simply adhere to each other.

El-Melloi II: Just like a scroll. A sea enclosed in all directions that perpetually revolves around the same area.

El-Melloi II: You can sail it endlessly, but in truth, it's just a clipped miniature garden. How absurd.

El-Melloi II: This is not the place I set out to reach. Not even close to the real Okeanos.

Mash: You wanted to reach Okeanos? Are those the words of Zhuge Liang?

El-Melloi II: ...Hmph, those are my words. Watch your mouth. It appears I got too sentimental.

El-Melloi II: It was a dream. One that I had when I was younger. All the experience I've gained was to further that goal.

El-Melloi II: I didn't become what I am now naturally. I was an average mage.

El-Melloi II: Taking on that troublesome teaching position, inheriting the name of El-Melloi, refining my third-rate magical circuit, it's all because—

El-Melloi II: I wanted to become the ideal I yearned for when I was young. Now, I'm just a crooked old mage.

Mash: A crooked mage...you? Even though you are a first-class mage?

El-Melloi II: Only my position is first-class. My ability as a mage isn't much different from Fujimaru.

El-Melloi II: I somehow managed to keep up with those first-class monsters with my knowledge and preparations.

El-Melloi II: Dr. Roman can see through that too. Whatever you say about that guy, he's a natural at talent assessment.

Fujimaru 1: ...You didn't reach your ideal?

El-Melloi II: Stop with your nonsense. I did reach it. That's why I'm like this, right?

El-Melloi II: I reached my ideal, just not the natural way. It's a bit harder every day, and it's killing my stomach.

El-Melloi II: You need to remember, Fujimaru. With strong convictions and desires, you can reach your ideal.

El-Melloi II: It's a rough path for an ordinary person. You'll reach your ideal but lose your way of life in the process.

Fujimaru 2: ...You couldn't reach Okeanos?

El-Melloi II: Well, I haven't started the journey yet. I'm just not ready to reach the endless sea.

Fou: Fou, Foou!

Mash: What's in the forest, Fou? Master, Lord, enemy sighted!

El-Melloi II: Geez. No time for fond memories huh?

El-Melloi II: —It's about to begin, Master. Let's see how much you've grown.


El-Melloi II: Didn't even break a sweat. You don't consider them enemies anymore, huh?

El-Melloi II: ...Hmm, growth as a mage is unlikely, but it looks like you're gaining experience as a Master.

El-Melloi II: It's good to be diligent. All right, I will give you this as a reward for your efforts.

Mash: Is this...a jewel? It appears to be an expensive Mystic Code...

El-Melloi II: It's not. It's just a common protective ore. On top of that, it's a used one from me.

El-Melloi II: I pocketed it as a precaution when I was young, but I don't need it anymore.

El-Melloi II: No one will acknowledge your effort anyway, right? That's why I'm giving it to you as a reward.

Fou: Fou, Foou!

El-Melloi II: Hey, calm down there! My student showed progress, it's natural!

El-Melloi II: Look what you did! Now my expensive suit is ruined! Not to mention that my hair is sticky from the sea breeze.

El-Melloi II: I shouldn't have come to the beach. Who's dumb enough to want to come here?

Mash: Mr. El-Melloi just left...

Mash: He must see his younger self when he looks at you, Senpai.

Fujimaru 1: In that case, I'm honored...

Fujimaru 2: ...I'm not that eccentric...

Mash: Yes, here you go Senpai. A gift from your teacher.

Mash: He said that it was used, but I'm positive that he prepared it just for you.

Mash: Let's fight and not give up! Let's meet our teacher's expectations!

Truth of the Ascension

Fou: Foou, Foou♪

Mash: You look happy, Fou. You really liked that lunch.

Fujimaru 1: It certainly was delicious.

Fujimaru 2: Everyone had different dishes.

Dr. Roman: Today's cook was a Servant apparently. Which Heroic Spirit was it I wonder... Let's check the kitchen.

???: Whoaaaaaaaa!? Whaaa, What happened here?

Dr. Roman: Hmm? Seems like something happened. Whose voice was that? It doesn't sound familiar.

Mash: Is it an intruder? A mysterious object is approaching... Contact in 3, 2, 1—

Fou: Fou!

???: Ouch!

???: Ow...hey, why don't you look where you're going! Don't stand in the middle of the road, idiot!

Fujimaru 1: You're not allowed to run in the halls.

???: Forgive me, it's an emergency! Anybody would run at mach speed in my position!

Fujimaru 2: It's ok. You're so small it tickled.

???: Well aren't you condescending? Jerk!

Mash: Excuse me. Who are you and why are you running like this? You don't look like a Chaldea staff.

???: Oh...Well, you know I'm a... Hey, isn't this Mash and Fujimaru?

???: Good timing! Help me, you guys! We have to do something before anybody else sees me like this.

Mash: ?

Dr. Roman: ??

Fujimaru 1: ???

Fujimaru 2: ...Who are you?

Fou: Fou?

???: You can't tell!? It's me, Wav...I mean, El-Melloi II!

El-Melloi II(Young): I know it's strange, but I suddenly turned into my younger self!

Mash: !!!

Fujimaru 1: No way!

Fujimaru 2: You look totally different!

Dr. Roman: Exactly! I mean, your frame is completely different!

El-Melloi II(Young): I'm telling the truth! You and the Master should be able to tell, right?

El-Melloi II(Young): Mash is a Servant! She should know! I am El-Melloi II!

Mash: Y-Yes... It comes as a surprise but he's telling the truth. I mean, he's the same height as me.

El-Melloi II(Young): Don't call me short! Oh, this is not the time to get hung up on words.

Fujimaru 1: How did this happen?

Fujimaru 2: Do you know the cause?

El-Melloi II(Young): Of course, I have an idea. It must be those ill-mannered goddesses, I'm sure!

El-Melloi II(Young): Right, that's got to be it. I knew something was up when she brought me a present...

El-Melloi II(Young): A show of gratitude my ass! I don't remember meeting her at a cafe at all...

El-Melloi II(Young): Anyway, we need to Rayshift now, Fujimaru! Let's hurry and raid their base!

Mash: ...And so, we're back to this familiar scenery. Is this...the "Shaped Isle?"

El-Melloi II(Young): Actually, it's supposed to be the "Shapeless Isle" you know. Hey, wicked goddess! Come out!

Stheno: Oh. Why, it's Fujimaru and Mash, along with...Well, well, well.

Stheno: You're so small I didn't realize you were there. I see the Professor is with you too.

Stheno: I welcome your unexpected visit here. What gift did you bring me this time?

Dr. Roman: ...Her basic condition is receiving a gift. This goddess never ceases to amaze me.

Fujimaru 1: Sorry, I've come empty-handed.

Stheno: That's too bad...but don't worry. Even though you brought me no gifts, I see you did bring me a fine toy—Ahem, ahem.

Stheno: Such a fine and intelligent gentleman with you. The ultimate ingredient to stave off boredom♡

Fujimaru 2: ...I will come again.

El-Melloi II(Young): What do you mean, come again?

El-Melloi II(Young): There isn't a thing on this Earth that would satisfy her as a present.

El-Melloi II(Young): She's like Princess Kaguya in Japan. She makes unreasonable demands and enjoys messing with men.

Stheno: What a terrible misunderstanding! Please don't take it seriously Fujimaru?

Euryale: "Me." Hey "Me!" Where did you go? Medusa comes back this afternoon...

Euryale: Oh, is that Fujimaru? Is Mash with you too?

Euryale: What's this? You came to play? Good timing. Today, our little sister is also—

Euryale: Oh. What's that poor thing there? I thought he was one of the sand crabs, he's human?

El-Melloi II(Young): Th-That's an unprecedented insult! How can you make fun of people like it's nothing!

El-Melloi II(Young): You know what, stop talking! Return me to my former self! Otherwise you won't hear the end of it from Fujimaru!

Mash: (...Senpai, you're involved all of a sudden. It's highly likely this will become your problem)

Euryale: What? You're the one who showed up all of a sudden, what are you talking...

Stheno: Shush. Be quiet, "me." This is getting interesting.

Stheno: —Ahem. I feel bad for your A-class Servant. It's such a waste on you, Lord El-Melloi II.

Stheno: Why don't you just keep growing young and start over as a baby again.

Stheno: I am sure in a different future, the possibility of a more rosy life will be waiting for you.

El-Melloi II(Young): That's it. I'm taking her down. Leaving her alive won't benefit this world, its people, and all men!

Stheno: Oh my, how barbaric!

Stheno: In every era, men have their selfish reasons to go after frail women, but...

Stheno: Women these days are strong. My self-defense measures are perfect.

Stheno: Come forth protectors of this island. Let's begin with some warm-ups—!


El-Melloi II(Young): Hmph, golems won't even be a threat, not to Fujimaru.

El-Melloi II(Young): Is that all you've got? Why don't you just give up and lift my curse.

Euryale: ...Now I'm pissed. "I" wanted to do this so I was just going to stand by and watch.

Euryale: But you're mistaken if you think we'll allow some nameless brats like you to talk down to us like that.

Euryale: I'll show you the technique that has made brave men cry. Is that ok, "me?"

Stheno: Yeah. I guess we're left with no choice (grin). Let's do this...

Euryale: Cooooome, Meduuuuusaaaaaa!

Medusa: My big sisters... Please stop summoning me like that. I'm not some giant robot, you know...

Euryale: Silence! Don't talk back to your sisters! Anyway, that thing over there! That one!

Euryale: That cheeky guy over there! He dared to raise his hand against us!

Stheno: That's right. Despite our hospitality to welcome him as a guest, he charged at us without saying a word!

Mash: ...I see. Technically she's not lying.

Medusa: ...Hmm. Is that true, sir?

El-Melloi II(Young): Whoa. Isn't that Servant a bit too scary? No, you're getting it wrong!

El-Melloi II(Young): We came to talk! We only resorted to force because we weren't making progress!

Mash: ...Unfortunately, he's not lying either.

Medusa: —All right, get ready. As punishment, I'm turning you to stone for one hundred years.

Medusa: You'll be small for a statue... At least I can use you as a paperweight.

El-Melloi II(Young): Hahaha, I see that Riders sure are professional at pressing all my buttons!

El-Melloi II(Young): Now Fujimaru, I mean my Master! Punish that giant for me!

Medusa: ...


Mash: Enemy Rider defeated. ...But, is this really a good reason to fight?

Medusa: Damn...

Euryale: Hey, that was sloppy Medusa.

Euryale: You didn't go easy on him because he looks like a good kid, did you?

Stheno: That's not it, "me."

Stheno: Medusa isn't getting heavier and slower, Fujimaru is getting stronger.

Medusa: (...Not heavy...I'm not heavy, big sister...(tears))

El-Melloi II(Young): Your secret weapon Medusa is no match for us by herself. This time, why don't you just—

Stheno: What're you talking about? The real battle begins now. Both Golems and Medusa couldn't finish the job...

Stheno: In that case, we'll have to get serious. I'm sure we'll be forgiven for revealing that forbidden name.

Medusa: Huh? No way, big sister. You wouldn't!

Euryale: I seeeee. You're right! If it's come to this we have no choice but to use that!

Euryale: Hmmmm. Get ready, you Monchhichi! Demon God of the Shapeless Isle, distinguished in Greek mythology—

Euryale: The Demon God who flattened 100 brave men, the True Body of the Trinity Goddesses Gorgon. We release you here and now!


Euryale: —Actually, there's no such thing as the True Body of Gorgon. Even if there was it wouldn't be introduced here.

Medusa: (...Twice...Twice was I defeated for unknown reasons... Just how unfortunate can I be...)

El-Melloi II(Young): Haha... You scared me for a moment. Turns out it was just you three attacking together.

El-Melloi II(Young): You're really out of ammunition now, right? Just give up already and release me from this curse!

Medusa: A curse... What is that? Surely, my sisters didn't cause you any trouble...

El-Melloi II(Young): Don't worry about it, I know you're always the victim. Sorry about the rough treatment. Why don't you rest?

El-Melloi II(Young): You two, Stheno and Euryale! Get rid of this rejuvenation curse on me!

Euryale: Rejuvenation? What's that? That little runt there is—

Stheno: Hehe. So "I" didn't realize after all. That's Lord El-Melloi II himself.

Stheno: For some reason, he's returned to his younger self.

Euryale: No way! That handsome man used to look like that? How much pain do you have to endure to grow into that?

El-Melloi II(Young): That's my business. Leave me alone! Wait, hold on. You didn't know?

Euryale: Nope, I didn't know. If I did, I would've teased you much more.

El-Melloi II(Young): That means... No way...

Stheno: Yes, as you might expect, My Lord♡ We have nothing to do with it.

El-Melloi II(Young): What—

Mash: What—

Fujimaru 1: What did you say?!

Fujimaru 2: Well, that's what I thought!

El-Melloi II(Young): So, so, so, so what's the cause, then? I can't think of any other external factors!

Dr. Roman: Well, then the answer is clear, isn't it? If there are no external factors, it just means your growth led to that body.

Fou: Fou.

Mash: It is a logical conclusion. Your body got younger because of your Ascension.

El-Melloi II(Young): That's... That's ridiculous... Then it's pointless, isn't it?

El-Melloi II(Young): Ascension is a reform to make one stronger! Why would I revert to a form when I was immature?

Stheno: For you, there are things you can only do in that form...

Stheno: Rather, you can say that form is the "origin of all your concepts."

Stheno: See, your ability as a Servant hasn't degraded one bit, right?

Stheno: When you fight as a "main character," that form is the most powerful... Or most fitting.

Stheno: You didn't even realize it... How adorable can you get?

Stheno: I ended up playing with you for a bit. I received the best present to relieve my boredom♡

El-Melloi II(Young): Ugh...Ughhh...Ughhhhhhhhh... Again...Again, played by you!

Stheno: But, it doesn't feel right to just keep taking from you...

Stheno: If you play some more, I may be able to give you information about an elixir to turn you back, Lord El-Melloi.

Mash: Oh... Let's go, Senpai.

Mash: Lord El-Melloi is going into a battle that he'll never win.

Dr. Roman: ...Those who challenge Stheno will only end up being played by her and then disposed of...I shall be careful.

Fujimaru 1: Let's go back to Chaldea.

Fujimaru 2: Good luck, Lord El-Melloi.

El-Melloi II(Young): Oh. Let's go home then, damn it! Just you watch. I'll be back to my original form in no time!