Marie Antoinette

Queen of Lily and Emperor of Rose

Marie Antoinette: All together! Vive La France♪

Fou: Fou, foou!

Dr. Roman: Vive La Fra–nce!

Marie Antoinette: Vive La France♪

Fou: Fou, fou-foou♪

Dr. Roman: Vive La Fra–nce! Marie!

Fujimaru 1: What is this?

Mash: ...Um, well.

Fujimaru 2: Vive La France!

Mash: ...You too, Senpai...?

Mash: When the Doctor said he wanted to summon Marie to Chaldea for something–important,

Mash: I thought it might have something to dowith repairing the singularities, but...

Mash: I never thought that "something important" was telling her he's a big fan.

Mash: But...

Marie Antoinette: Ready, go♪ Vive La France♪

Fou: Fou, fou-foou♪

Dr. Roman: Vive La Fra–nce! Marie, you're the greatest!

Mash: They are having so much fun, so I'm going to leave them alone for a while.

Marie Antoinette: Vive La France♪

Fou: Fou, fou-foou♪

Dr. Roman: Vive La Fra–nce! Marie!

Mash: ...

Marie Antoinette: Okay, now we're getting excited♪ But it would be better with more people.

Marie Antoinette: Hey, Doctor. Is there a place we can go with more energy and people?

Dr. Roman: Of course! The Second Singularity, the repairing Rome!

Dr. Roman: There shouldn't be any enemy Servants, so I can guide you there safely!

Mash: Huh? S-Senpai, the Doctor's saying that–

Fujimaru 1: Can't hurt, can it?

Mash: R-Really? ...I guess you're right. It can't hurt.

Fujimaru 2: MARIE!

Mash: Senpai??

Fou: Fooou!!

Dr. Roman: Okay! I'll get the Rayshift system ready right away!

Marie Antoinette: My, what a wonderful place–

Marie Antoinette: So this is the ancient Roman Empire, the land that all the nobles of Europe dreamed of.

Marie Antoinette: The buildings are splendid, and there're so many people! And look at all these smiles!

Marie Antoinette: This is a great place! Thank you for bringing me here, Doctor♪

Dr. Roman: Not at all. Anything for you, Queen Marie. But there was one mistake I made...

Dr. Roman: You need an operator to perform the Rayshift, which means I have to stay behind...

Dr. Roman: ...This is the biggest mistake of my life.

Fou: Fou, fou-fou♪

Mash: The wars have ended and everyone's full of energy. I'm glad–

Fujimaru 1: I wonder if Nero's doing okay.

Mash: I'm sure she is. Not knowing history, just knowing her.

Mash: That's how it seems to me. But I know she's got a lot of trouble ahead...

Fujimaru 2: Should we...not say hello?

Mash: No. Rome's being restored, so Nero may have no memories of us.

Marie Antoinette: Oh?

Fou: Fou?

Marie Antoinette: Oh? Oh? I see a splendid palace over there.

Marie Antoinette: It's different than the ones in my era. The town and palace are both different.

Marie Antoinette: I'd like to see what's inside. Heheh, let's go take a look!

Fou: Fooou♪

Marie Antoinette: Come along, Fou. Let's take a tour inside that palace♪

Mash: Huh?

Mash: ...Um, um, Senpai? Marie is heading further and further away. Let's go after her!

Marie Antoinette: Hmm, so this is how it looks. It looks elegant, but it's also sturdy and strong.

Marie Antoinette: I feel strength within the beauty. Perhaps it comes from the trust and pride toward this country's culture.

Mash: W-We finally caught up... I can't believe she just walked right inside the palace.

Fujimaru 1: As expected of the French Queen.

Fujimaru 2: Amazing, huh?

Mash: Yes... She passed by the palace guards with just a smile...

Mash: She has a noble aura, you could say. Like she belongs in any palace.

Mash: Her words, her expression, even her smallest movements, they're all so noble that even I might...

Mash: If I were a palace guard, I might let her in too.

Dr. Roman: She truly is the last queen of France– Amazing...just amazing...

Dr. Roman: I wish I could have seen her walking through the real Versailles Palace, and smiling by the fountains...

Dr. Roman: If one of the singularities turns out to be 18th century France, maybe I'll get the chance...

Dr. Roman: But sadly, the Rayshift system won't let us travel to any location except the singularities.

Dr. Roman: If only all the other eras hadn't been incinerated...sob...

Marie Antoinette: Huh? What's this over here?

Marie Antoinette: Is it a throne? An ancient Roman throne! How wonderful!

Marie Antoinette: Come here, Fou. We'll look at it together!

Fou: Fou, foou♪

Mash: Oh.

Fujimaru 1: She ran off again!

Fujimaru 2: Let's follow her, Mash!

Mash: Right, Senpai! We'll follow her! Oh, she's surprisingly fast!

Nero: ...?

Marie Antoinette: (Grin Grin)

Nero: And you are...?

Marie Antoinette: (Grin Grin)

Nero: Umu. Are you a foreign royal? I sense an intense royal aura about you, though it does not rival my own.

Nero: For you to come before my throne, you must be. Umu, I shall allow it.

Nero: But where are you from? Seneca said nothing about an audience...

Marie Antoinette: Nice to meet you, Emperor. I am Marie.

Nero: Umu. I am Emperor Nero Claudius.

Mash: (Oops! We ran into Nero!)

Dr. Roman: (Marie the White Lily Queen, and Nero the Rose Emperor! What a picture! Save an image, Mash!)

Mash: (R-Right now is not the time!)

Marie Antoinette: Um, I have a favor to ask of you. May I speak?

Nero: What royal family are you from, again...? Hmm? What do you wish to ask of me?

Marie Antoinette: That throne–

Marie Antoinette: I'd like to sit on the throne of the ancient Roman emperors!

Fou: Fou♪

Nero: Wha–

Nero: Y-You say you want my throne? Does that mean–you want to become Emperor?

Marie Antoinette: ?

Nero: I don't know what family you're from, but you are indeed a bold rebel!

Nero: Very well! I see I must show you what I'm capable of!

Nero: I shall allow it! Pick up your sword! If you truly want the throne, seize it by force!

Nero: We emperors have ruled Rome since the time of Romulus! You who oppose us, behold the might of the Emperor!

Mash: W-Wait, Nero– Um, we're not here to fight!

Mash: (And Nero is a human from this time period! There's no way she can fight a Servant!)

Nero: Hmm? Have I met you– somewhere before?

Dr. Roman: Huh–Oh, right. The era is repairing itself, and she's started to forget about us, maybe.

Nero: No, I remember your name at least. Mash and Fujimaru, was it?

Dr. Roman: Huh? She remembers and forgets? Maybe she'll remember tomorrow?

Nero: You're with Marie, then? Very well! I'll fight you too!

Nero: Oddly, the headache I've had all day is gone! No one stands a chance against me at full power!

Mash: Wait– Huh? What...What's this...?

Fujimaru 1: What's wrong?

Fujimaru 2: Mash?

Mash: I'm sensing powerful magical energy from Nero! She wasn't a mage in life, though!

Dr. Roman: H-Huh? I'm picking it up here too! What is this? It's Servant-class!

Dr. Roman: What's going on!?

Marie Antoinette: Uh...? Huh? What is it?

Dr. Roman: Ah! Queen Marie has no idea what's happening! We're about to start a duel with Emperor Nero!

Marie Antoinette: Oh, I see– Good luck and do your best, Fujimaru.

Mash: You're just making us do it?

Nero: Let's begin! May the thunderous applause echo here!

Mash: There's no stopping her now! Commencing battle–!


Mash: ...S-She's strong. How can the human Nero be so strong?

Dr. Roman: Where is all this energy coming from? Did something happen to Emperor Nero?

Nero: I'm feeling great today! I feel like I could expand our borders tomorrow!

Nero: Marie, was it? I can't give you the throne, but that was splendid.

Nero: I love your beauty. You have the purity that's lacking in Rome. It would be a shame to pluck such a pretty flower.

Nero: You can sit on the throne a little later when no one is here. Tonight, we'll have a banquet!

Marie Antoinette: I'm honored, Emperor! Right, Fou?

Fou: Fou, fou♪

Mash: Fou really likes her... A-Anyway, I'm glad neither of them died.

Fujimaru 1: ...They're friends now, too.

Mash: That's right.

Fujimaru 2: We're gonna eat tonight!

Mash: We did use a ton of magical energy. I want you to fill yourself up, Senpai.

Dr. Roman: I'm so jealous... You guys get to join a banquet, and all I get to do is watch...

Marie Antoinette: Hehe, we'll bring back presents, so don't be sad Doctor.

Dr. Roman: Queen Marie! Oh, Vive La France!

Marie Antoinette: Vive La France♪

Fou: Fou fou-foou♪

Dr. Roman: Vive La Fra–nce! Marie!

Nero: Hmm? What's this? I don't know, but I'll join in! Vive La Rome!

Fou: Fou fou-foou♪

Mash: ...

The Fragile Lily

Mash: Where...?

Mash: Where is this place? I think I was resting at Chaldea...

Mash: I was trying to... sleep in my room, I think...

Marie Antoinette: –That's right. You were all asleep.

Mash: What...?

Fujimaru 1: So sleepy...

Fujimaru 2: Huh? Marie?

Marie Antoinette: You're both awake, then. Good morning♪

Marie Antoinette: However, you both are actually still asleep. So am I, more precisely.

Marie Antoinette: Your bodies are dreaming, but your minds are with me.

Marie Antoinette: So you can't hear the Doctor here. You can't contact Chaldea.

Marie Antoinette: You understand what I'm saying now, don't you?

Mash: We're dreaming...?

Mash: The records say that a Servant and Master can share memories in their dreams.

Mash: But this... For us to recognize each other–

Marie Antoinette: It's because Chaldea's summoning system is slightly different than normal summons.

Marie Antoinette: That's what happened. Or perhaps,

Marie Antoinette: "You" are the only one dreaming, and the others are just characters in your dreams.

Fujimaru 1: Which means–

Fujimaru 2: ???

Mash: The dream of the butterfly, right?

Marie Antoinette: I wonder. Who's the dreamer, and who's the dream?

Marie Antoinette: But there's one thing I do know. Especially for me.

Marie Antoinette: This is... The place I must walk.

Mash: The place you must walk...

Marie Antoinette: This is my Temple. Not the real one, of course.

Mash: The Tour du Temple– The place where Marie Antoinette awaited execution.

Mash: Then this is your mental landscape? This space, no, this place.

Marie Antoinette: That's what it looks like to me. How does it look to you?

Marie Antoinette: If my memories are reaching you, then it must look the same to you. Otherwise, perhaps you're seeing

Marie Antoinette: the closest place to it in your own memories. Heheh, don't get scared, okay?

Marie Antoinette: It's all right. I'll be sure to lead you to the exit.

Mash: That means we need to find a way to escape, doesn't it?

Marie Antoinette: Yes. –I'm sorry.

Marie Antoinette: These are my memories. What was once in my heart. A world where I waited for death, with no escape.

Marie Antoinette: But you two are different. And so I can get you out.

Fujimaru 1: Let's escape.

Fujimaru 2: Let's go together.

Marie Antoinette: ...Yes.

Marie Antoinette: Come, let's go. To the outside. To your real world.

Mash: ...It's a labyrinth, isn't it?

Mash: But I don't really feel lost. Is this your doing?

Marie Antoinette: Yes. Because you two are here.

Marie Antoinette: I don't know if I could escape on my own. These are my memories of sorrow and misery.

Marie Antoinette: But you are here for me. I'm connected to you as a Heroic Spirit.

Marie Antoinette: And so I won't lose my way. I'll make it to the exit–

Mash: ...Wait. Multiple presences detected ahead.

Mash: Magical energy responses? Wait, these aren't from living creatures.

Mash: ...Though I don't know if you can feel magical energy in a dream.

Marie Antoinette: This is what I once felt. It's fear, death, and of course, sadness.

Marie Antoinette: ...It's all right. We can win.

Fujimaru 1: Get ready, Mash.

Fujimaru 2: Let's break through.

Mash: Yes, Master. –Moving to engage enemies!


Mash: ...We defeated them!

Mash: Good thing the summoning system was working. It must be because it's linked to your existence.

Marie Antoinette: Whew! We made it. There's no way that we'll lose.

Marie Antoinette: I was sad when I was here, but I never gave in to despair.

Marie Antoinette: Even if I died, even if my husband the King died, even if my beloved children died...

Mash: Marie–

Marie Antoinette: Even if the people forget the royal family's white lilies, France will be eternal.

Marie Antoinette: That's what I believed. I believed that this was necessary for France.

Marie Antoinette: That's why "giving up" is the one thing I didn't do.

Marie Antoinette: It may change form, but France is eternal. The white lilies of glory shall never fade.

Marie Antoinette: Vive La France! Glory to our nation, France!

Marie Antoinette?: ...What a joke.

Marie Antoinette?: That's nothing but self-deception. The foolish lies of a foolish queen, killed by her foolish people.

Marie Antoinette?: The man you loved was killed. Your children were killed. And yet, Vive La France? Really?

Marie Antoinette?: You're a liar. Tell them what you really think, why don't you?

Marie Antoinette?: You want France, and its foolish people who trampled on your royal white lilies, to die.

Mash: This is... A Servant? No–

Fujimaru 1: Another Marie?

Fujimaru 2: A Shadow Servant?

Mash: The presence is almost identical. If this is really a dream, then...

Marie Antoinette: Yes, Mash is right.

Marie Antoinette: Both of us are real. Both of us are me.

Marie Antoinette: I am the "Marie" who never gave up. She is the "Marie" that did.

Marie Antoinette: I am the "Marie" who decided to regret nothing. She is the "Marie" who sorrows, rages, and curses.

Marie Antoinette: Both of us...are me. Neither is a fake.

Marie Antoinette?: No, no. You're a fake, Marie.

Marie Antoinette?: I'm the real Marie Antoinette. A foolish queen who broke her heart trying to save her people, and was betrayed!

Marie Antoinette?: My curse upon France! May it suffer a millennia of starvation and war!

Marie Antoinette?: May it be crushed– Under the wheels of endless revolution!

Mash: ...Maybe it's because this place is special, but I can feel her rage.

Mash: It's a burning torrent of emotion, as sharp as a knife.

Mash: She carried this inside of her... And she still always smiled at us–

Marie Antoinette: Pathetic, aren't "I?" How could I forget smiles and love?

Marie Antoinette: No matter how much I am hurt, or hated, I can never stop smiling.

Marie Antoinette: Shouldn't that be the duty of a Queen? No matter what my end was–

Marie Antoinette: Say, why don't we stay dazzling? Let's smile at everyone, every nation, and the world.

Marie Antoinette: That is the "Marie" who decided to leave her mother and become the White Lily of France.

Marie Antoinette: That's why... I will not accept you.

Marie Antoinette?: How dare you, Marie Antoinette! In that case, I will make you succumb to me, and I shall rise!

Marie Antoinette?: They want to incinerate the world? Fine! Let them!

Marie Antoinette?: The people, the country, the world that stole my life and the lives of the people I loved!

Marie Antoinette?: Let it all be destroyed, with no records or memories left! The guillotine is too good for it!

Marie Antoinette: –I can't bear to listen to this anymore.

Marie Antoinette: Your cries are my cries, but I don't want to hear them.

Marie Antoinette: ...Come Fujimaru. Tell me what to do, my "Master."

Fujimaru 1: We're leaving this place!

Fujimaru 2: ...Defeat her and press on!

Marie Antoinette: Oui. –Let's do this, Mash.

Mash: Right, Marie! Master, let's go–Commencing anti-Servant combat!


Marie Antoinette?: ...Hmm, I see.

Marie Antoinette?: So you're fine with this. After the way you were betrayed.

Marie Antoinette?: And you're still smiling? I see...

Marie Antoinette?: ...That's really who I am, isn't it?

Marie Antoinette?: Vive La France. The exit is just up ahead...

Mash: ...The enemy Servant has vanished. The battle has ended.

Marie Antoinette: Thank you, both of you. Sorry to get you caught up in this.

Marie Antoinette: But I feel just a little better. You got the chance to see me do something besides smile.

Marie Antoinette: Now I have nothing left to keep from you. And I can go back to smiling and loving.

Fujimaru 1: ...Vive La France, my Queen.

Marie Antoinette: Yes, Vive La France! Come on, let's go.

Marie Antoinette: If you happen to remember this dream– After you wake up.

Marie Antoinette: Please don't tell the Doctor or Fou, all right? Promise me?

Marie Antoinette: If at all possible, I only want those two to see me smiling.

Mash: ...Of course, Marie.

Marie Antoinette: Heheh♪ I'm counting on you!