Mata Hari

Meltdown Lover

Mata Hari: So this is the place that'll have clues for the investigation?

Mash: Yes. And we'd like to ask you, Mata Hari, to carry out the investigation.

Mata Hari: Oh, you're wise with your decision. I'll definitely get it done.

Mata Hari: But, Master. Unfortunately, I won't be able to get anywhere by myself.

Mata Hari: So, please be sure to protect me, hehe.

Fujimaru 1: Of course.

Fujimaru 2: I'll do my best.

Mata Hari: I'm counting on you.

Mash: Please, we'll leave the investigation to you.

Mata Hari: Right, of course. Please hold on a second.

Mata Hari: ...I wonder if he'll do. Well, I'll be on my way.

Mata Hari: Once I enter the tavern, please wait until evening. I'm sure there'll be a raid.

Mash: Y-Yes. I got it.

Mata Hari: Hello, how are you?

Citizen: Huh? Oh, well...Who are you?

Mata Hari: A traveling performer. You're a local, right?

Citizen: Yeah, I was born and raised here.

Mata Hari: Then, can you tell me about this town? I want to make a living here for a while.

Mata Hari: If so, I'll have to know my way around the town, right?

Mata Hari: Of course, I'll buy you a drink. That is, if you know a good place.

Citizen: Oh, of course.

Mata Hari: Then, let's go. Hehehe, maybe it's not healthy to drink during the day.

Mata Hari: But, it's fun not being healthy. ...Wouldn't you agree?

Citizen: Oh...Oh yeah, sure! Then, let's go drink!

Mash: ...Brilliant technique. A man perceived as single and in his early thirties instantly fell for it.

Mash: Despite wearing such revealing dress, she doesn't feel unnatural at all.

Dr. Roman: A-As expected of a legendary spy who made men of French, English, and Russian governments fall for her...

Dr. Roman: If she wants to, she can pleasure... I mean, make the entire town fall for her.

Mash: Anyway, let's follow her and wait until nightfall.

Mash: Mata Hari is good at espionage but poor at fighting, so we have to support her.

Mata Hari: Ahahaha, this is so much fun. What happened to you?

Mata Hari: Still haven't had enough to drink? Or is there something else you rather do?

Mata Hari: I guess it's true when men drink too much, they lose their performance.

Citizen: ...Who are you? You are not just any traveling entertainer.

Mata Hari: Well, who am I? That aside, can you call out the soldiers you've been hiding?

Citizen: !!!

Mata Hari: Spectacular. Though I'm a Servant, I'm a mere Assassin, so this may be out of my control.

Mata Hari: ...But. Unfortunately for you, I'm not alone right now.

Fujimaru 1: Let's go!

Mata Hari: Yes, Master. I will give it everything since you believe in me, Mata Hari!

Mata Hari: Hehehehehe. Being a Servant is fun!


Mata Hari: Whew. It's over. Well...Yup, that's the one right there.

Soldier: Damn...You guys, what are you...?

Mata Hari: Well now, that doesn't matter because you lost. It's fine. Everyone's alive, right?

Mata Hari: Now, why don't you tell us everything. Don't miss a thing, ok?

Mata Hari: Don't worry. I won't hurt you. Because I hate things that hurt.

Mata Hari: Or do you like to be hurt? I can hurt you if you'd like.

Soldier: N-No... I'm fine...thank you...

Mata Hari: Here, you can lay on my lap. Well, go ahead–tell me, everything.

Soldier: S-Sure...

Mash: ...Wow, that's amazing. How do you put it... I've witnessed the moment a man is captivated by someone.

Mata Hari: What a good boy you are~ Now, tell mommy everything you know.

Mash: This is dangerous, Senpai! If this continues, we'll be crossing a line I'm not sure we want to!

Mata Hari: I've got the information. Let's go see the King.

Mata Hari: It seems there're golems guarding the gate, so let's all do our best there. On three!

Mash: Mata Hari. What happened to that man just now...

Mata Hari: No problem. Even without me, he'll surely find someone who matches his type.

Mata Hari: Hehehehehehe. What's your type, Master?

Mash: L-Let's get going, Master! Come on!

Mata Hari: Hehehehehe.

Mash: Golems sighted. I'm going, Master!

Mata Hari: Yes, let's do our best~


Mata Hari: So, the King is the last, huh? Well, let's give him a good spanking first.

Mata Hari: Then, I'll extract the information for you.

Mash: But...he's the king of a country. Can you do anything?

Mata Hari: What're you talking about, cute little Mash? From my experience, kings are the easiest to handle.

Mata Hari: I mean, kings are at the top of their nations, right? So, they need comfort more than anyone in their nations.

Mata Hari: If anyone doesn't want that, then it must be a king who sacrifices everything for his people...or for God.

Mata Hari: Otherwise, he's a tyrant who understands that it's the people who make all the sacrifices.

Mata Hari: If he's an ordinary king, then no problem. Well, let's fight.

King: W-Who are you people!? Stand back!

Mash: No, pardon us but we'd like your assistance in an investigation. We also can't deny this is rather forceful.

King: You bastards...! K-Kill, I'm going to kill you–!

Dr. Roman: Watch out. It appears that the King is possessed by something.

Mash: I can see that!

Mata Hari: Leaves us no choice, then. Let's exorcise him, Master♪


King: Uh, I...what on earth... Who are you people...?

Mata Hari: Well done, Your Majesty. Hehehe, my name is Mata Hari.

King: Mata Hari...? A

Mata Hari: Yes, now can you look at these eyes? My eyes are the sun.

Mata Hari: A woman with eyes of the sun–that is my name. Now, spill it all out.

King: Oh...

Mash: ...Whew, looks like the investigation will be complete. Thank you, Mata Hari.

Mata Hari: No problem. I'm glad to have been a help to you guys, Master.

Mata Hari: Well, Master. While we're at it, how about another drink before heading back?

Mata Hari: Ah, no? Oh, that's too bad. Hehehehehe...