Medea Lily

Close Friend of a Witch

Medea Lily: Let me introduce myself once again, Master. I'm Medea, and my class is Caster.

Medea Lily: I have been devoted to practicing magecraft as head priestess of a shrine under Hecate, Goddess of the moon.

Medea Lily: So, you can relax when I'm around, and treat me like a housekeeper who can use magic.

Dr. Roman: Wow... So she's that Medea? Man, how did she turn into a devil like that?

Fujimaru 1: That's rude, Roman.

Mash: I agree. Stop talking, Doctor.

Fujimaru 2: That's why girls don't like you, Doctor.

Mash: I agree. Now I understand why you are into net idols.

Dr. Roman: I'm telling you, me not being popular with girls has nothing to do with me being a fan of Magi☆Mari!

Dr. Roman: Apologize to all the idol fans!

Mash: Anyhow, Medea... Well, Lily. Why did you call Senpai out to a place like this?

Medea Lily: Well, actually, while I was “praying” for everyone's health, I detected a terrible aura on this island.

Medea Lily: It'd be catastrophic if left unchecked... No, even worse, I can't bear to watch a crack form in their friendship...

Medea Lily: When I thought that, Fujimaru's face came to mind. With a beautiful, gleaming smile♡

Dr. Roman: Um... You mean, you want Fujimaru to mediate a fight?

Medea Lily: Yes♡ I'd be happy if Master can persuade them with some virtue.

Mash: ...Speaking of which, I can hear the sounds of swords clashing coming from the woods.

Mash: Senpai, I have a bad feeling about it... Let's go check it out.

Medea Lily: Hehe, you are such a worrywart, Mash. There's not even a teaspoonful of danger.

Jeanne: I can't overlook your undisciplined behavior any more!

Jeanne: Even my patience, which is as wide and firm as Carcassonne, has just been worn out!

Astolfo: That's actually my line, you sulky saint! I don't care if you say, “be temperate,” or “be restrained”!

Astolfo: You're not convincing at all, saying that with your flabby figure!

Astolfo: You were trying so hard with that high-school girl image, I thought I'd laugh to death! I'll seek compensation on behalf of all Servants!

Jeanne: Wh-What's wrong with high-school girls—!?

Astolfo: And Jeanne Alter? What kind of joke is that—!?

Medea Lily: Oh dear.

Mash: I guess you can call this... Hell?

Dr. Roman: Okay folks, let's pretend we didn't see that and go back. This is a case we must not get involved in.

Fujimaru 1: I totally agree.

Medea Lily: Oh no Fujimaru, I thought I could count on you!

Mash: ...Senpai, let's try and help out. It's also scary to see Lily crying.

Fujimaru 2: You think I can just walk away?

Medea Lily: Fujimaru! Yes, I knew you would help me! I believe in you!

Dr. Roman: ...All right then. Go ahead, Fujimaru.

Fujimaru 1: Stop fighting!

Fujimaru 2: Yes, that Alter was questionable!

Jeanne: Are you siding with Astolfo? You are, aren't you? Pervert! Go to hell!

Jeanne: You somehow look familiar to me, but I'll show you no mercy if you intend to get in my way!

Jeanne: Come, messengers of the saint, winds of discipline! Gather under my flag and swear absolute obedience to me!

Wyvern: Grrr. Help m–, grrr!

Astolfo: Ugh! (←SHOOK)

Jeanne: See, even I can do something as trivial as commanding wyverns!

Jeanne: I was just hiding that until I got angry because once I do this, I feel like I'll lose something more important than my image!

Dr. Roman: Hey, isn't she actually Alter!? Wait, we can talk it out! Let's just talk!

Dr. Roman: If anything, I'm totally on Team Jeanne!

Jeanne: No more excuses, no apologies accepted! Come on! Get them Team Jeanne! Punish these rude people!

Wyvern: Grrr. You're mea–, grrr!


Jeanne: Oh, no... My followers were easily defeated!

Astolfo: Hmph, of course. They were merely fans who succumbed to the influence of that flag!

Astolfo: It's my turn now! Guys, it's time to come out!

Jeanne: Nyahaaa!? (SHOOK)

Dr. Roman: An army of horses—!?

Astolfo: See? Those are my allies who I brainwashed with the horn's power!

Astolfo: Now, brace yourself, fake saint! How dare you get a high school girl version before me! I must kill you now!

Mash: Oh no, it's going to turn into another battle! Master, please do something!

Fujimaru 1: Stop fighting!

Fujimaru 2: That miniskirt is questionable!

Astolfo: Speaking of which, who are you guys anyway? Whatever. I don't care, I'll take you all out together!

Astolfo: My rationality has evaporated away! I'll deal with the complicated stuff after I win!

Dr. Roman: This one is just as terrible! Be careful, Fujimaru!


Mash: Huff, huff... You two, please calm down... We are strangers who just happened to be passing by...

Jeanne: Hmm, although I hope more than Astolfo's rationality would evaporate, that annoying pink hair is still a respectable knight...

Jeanne: To be able to defeat an army led by someone like that...

Astolfo: Unbelievable! Jeanne may be slow physically AND mentally, but she's still a sub-heroine who is my rival...

Astolfo: To be able to defeat an army like that...

Mash: Um, they actually get along, don't they?

Jeanne: Now that it's come to this. Let's team up, Astolfo! Come on!

Astolfo: Of course, we'll defeat our enemies together! We'll show them our outstanding combination!

Dr. Roman: Okay, we've reached a conclusion! I've had enough. Fujimaru, take them both down!

Dr. Roman: Bring the judgment of reasoning upon those two Berserkers!


Jeanne & Astolfo: Noooooo!

Mash: Target defeated. However, the issue has not been resolved yet.

Dr. Roman: Yeah, it's going from bad to worse. I guess they can be really violent when snapped—

Medea Lily: No need to worry. You can leave this to me. Let me start by taking out my dagger...

Medea Lily: Hm, around here? Or maybe here? Here we go, Pain Breaker!

Mash: Medea!?

Dr. Roman: Wh-Wh-Wh-What just happened!? Did you really stab a Noble Phantasm into an unconscious Heroic Spirit who couldn't resist!?

Fujimaru 1: Let's pretend we didn't see it.

Fujimaru 2: ...It was an awful incident...

Jeanne: Uh... Huh? Where is this... There's someone on top of me...

Jeanne: Astolfo!? How did you get that terrible bump on your head!?

Jeanne: Who did that to you!?

Mash: ...Well, that's Jea–

Dr. Roman: Shh! Don't tell her, Mash. You didn't see any bruise caused by that flag. Got it?

Astolfo: Uh... Huh!? Where is this... Is someone under me...

Astolfo: Jeanne! How did you get those cuts? It's like someone kept targeting your chest!

Astolfo: Who did that to you!?

Mash: Well, I'm saying that was As–

Fujimaru 1: Silence is gold, Mash.

Fujimaru 2: ...There was no awful incident...

Medea Lily: Excellent. It appears they fought over trivial matters, but they are back to normal now.

Dr. Roman: ...I see. I now remember Medea Lily's alignment is the opposite of Princess Medea's.

Dr. Roman: So her Noble Phantasm is also the direct opposite to that of the treacherous witch. Her Noble Phantasm resolves conflicts.

Jeanne: At any rate... Here you go. I'm relieved to see you have no other injuries, Astolfo.

Jeanne: By the way, you promised you'd take me on a trip above the sky. Is your hippogriff still around?

Astolfo: Of course, Jeanne. You weigh as much as you look, right? Then, it should have no issues flying with you aboard!

Jeanne: Sounds fun. I'm sure your hippogriff will provide quite a—

Jeanne: Oh. Hi, Fujimaru. And...sniff-sniff.

Jeanne: Is this sweet smell... honey?

Mash: Yes, there's been a terribly delicious scent in the air since a little while ago.

Medea Lily: Indeed, I had the time to make some pancakes.

Medea Lily: I hope you'll forget terrible things and enjoy your happy afternoon with these.

Jeanne: That's very nice. Somehow I'm really hungry. ...I wonder if I exercised or something...

Astolfo: Wow, they're delicious! I love these pancakes! Hey, Jeanne, you should try them!

Jeanne: Yes, let me try some... Oh, wow! A Noble Phantasm level of sweetness?

Mash: They quickly became a pair of girls happily enjoying sweets together...

Fujimaru 1: Friendship is beautiful.

Fujimaru 2: Another pancake, please.

Medea Lily: Hehehe. This is all thanks to your help.

Medea Lily: Thank you so much for handling my crazy request. I hope I continue to have your support, Master.

Mash: Well, you have extraordinary skills. You are a master of settling quarrels.

Medea Lily: Yes, I am. Because I'm a friendly witch♡

Pancakes of Happiness

Medea Lily: Well, it should be around here...

Medea Lily: Oh, please wait a minute Master! Let me scout around first.

Mash: (Sigh) We're really here, Senpai. We can no longer turn back.

Dr. Roman: Ah, I wonder what kind of blood ritual we're going to witness. Fujimaru's courage will be tested...

Fujimaru 1: Hahaha, you two are overreacting.

Fujimaru 2: Are you two still against it?

Mash: It's not that I'm against it, it's just a headache... Remember what happened an hour ago, Senpai.

Medea Lily: ♪♪♪

Da Vinci: You're in a good mood as usual, Medea. I heard you settled a fight between the King of Heroes and the King of Conquerors.

Da Vinci: Stopping a serious fight between those two is not something an average Heroic Spirit can do.

Da Vinci: What's your secret to reconciliation? Curses don't work for them, I assume.

Medea Lily: Oh, they don't fight because they hate each other.

Medea Lily: They just want to throw their opinions at each other. So, I found an acceptable middle ground...

Medea Lily: ...and offered pancakes to them at the end. Pancakes can be really handy at times.

Da Vinci: O-Oh, really? Were there cakes back in your era?

Medea Lily: I learned about them after I was summoned to the present age.

Medea Lily: I found something to get into other than magecraft, and people are really enjoying them. I am very happy.

Da Vinci: (I see. We can't go up against that. Even dragons would stop fighting when faced with such a happy aura of hers...)

Medea Lily: Oh, but... I have recently come across a problem. The food stockpile in Chaldea is, well...

Da Vinci: Oh, right. We have food for a year, but none can be used towards sweets.

Da Vinci: Medea, can't you do anything about it with your magecraft?

Medea Lily: Well, if I Rayshift somewhere, I can create as many ingredients as I want with alchemy...

Medea Lily: But when I return to Chaldea, I can only bring back whatever I can carry.

Medea Lily: Even going through the space-time gate, I can barely carry enough for Fujimaru and Mash.

Medea Lily: I'm afraid I can only bring back enough ingredients for one pancake. Oh!

Da Vinci: What is it? Did something inspire you?

Medea Lily: Yes! I just had a wonderful idea! This is probably all thanks to the genius Da Vinci!

Medea Lily: If you can carry only one pancake, you just need to make that one pancake edible forever!

Medea Lily: Yes, how about we obtain the magical factor of a Demon God Pillar, an ingredient that regenerates even after countless destruction!

Da Vinci: Excuse me?

Medea Lily: Oh, I must tell Fujimaru right away! We should go hunt a Demon God Pillar together!

Mash: ...And that's how you gave in to Lily who desperately begged you to go hunting for a Demon God Pillar with her.

Dr. Roman: I didn't know Medea was naturally an airhead...

Dr. Roman: I guess reality hit her after Jason was so terrible to her...

Medea Lily: Everyone, I've found it! The residual magical energy of a Demon God Pillar!

Medea Lily: Now, I'll use this as catalyst to fish for another Demon God Pillar. There are 72 of them, so I'm sure it's okay just to take one.

Mash: You make it sound like a Demon God Pillar is tonight's dinner...

Medea Lily: Now I shall make a summoning circle. Maple honey... vanilla cream...

Dr. Roman: Even the spell chants sound sweet for that witch!

Medea Lily: Custard bell, whipped!

Medea Lily: Allez cuis... I mean, I summon thee! Thou born of the abyss, rise from the ashes of evil and answer my call!


Medea Lily: I-I'm sorry, Master! I failed, it's just a normal demon!

Mash: It's probably because you cast the wrong spell. It's because you said, “Allez cuisine” and such.

Medea Lily: Don't point it out, Mash. I regret what I've done! For now, let's send them back!


Medea Lily: Oh, what a surprise. Is everyone all right?

Mash: Yes, barely. I couldn't bear to be defeated by demons summoned that easily...

Dr. Roman: Wow, I see that Mash is finally starting to feel pride as a Servant! That's a good thing!

Mash: Well, I just wouldn't want to disappoint the Heroic Spirit who lets me use his power.

Medea Lily: Mash's right. Those were powerful spirits but not quite enough. They are perfect catalysts for a curse, but that's not why we're here today.

Medea Lily: I shall pull myself together and try again... Maple honey... Vanilla cream...

Medea Lily: Custard bell, whipped! I summon thee! Thou born of the abyss, rise from the ashes of evil and answer my call!

E:???: Who calleth me? Who dares summon me using the fragments of my kindred?

Mash: Whoa...It really showed up! I had no idea how outstanding you were, Lily!

B:Medea: Yes, yes, it is I! I'm Medea, top pupil of Goddess Hecate, and I summoned you!

E:???: Hm. So you are involved with the Divine Spirits. Then, I shall allow myself to be summoned by you.

E:???: I am Haagenti, one of the 72 Demon Gods. I turn water into wealth, and wealth into water.

Demon God Pillar Haagenti: Hope of the Goddess. State your wish. Extermination of mankind? Decline of mankind? Or enslavement of mankind?

Demon God Pillar Haagenti: State your evil wish. State your lustful desire. Provide me a curse that is unbearable to listen to!

Medea Lily: Okay! I wish to defeat you so I can take your magical factor!

Medea Lily: You're going to be my cooking ingredient!

Demon God Pillar Haagenti: Hm. Good, good, words full of curses on manki... Um, pardon?

Medea Lily: All right, everyone. It's time to show our true power! Let's do our best for the sake of pancakes!


Medea Lily: Yes! We destroyed the Spirit Core of the Demon God Pillar. Now we just need to transform all this magical energy!

Demon God Pillar Haagenti: Ohhh... Ohhhhhhh! This... this... is impossible!

Medea Lily: Shrink, shrink! Shrink like a handful of flour bouncing in a bowl...

Demon God Pillar Haagenti: Gaaaaaahh! Gaaaaaahh!

Medea Lily: Pat, pat, maple pat... One scoopful, shrink small like a strawberry...

Medea Lily: I did it! Cooking is complete! Now I can make the pancake of my dreams, Master!

Fujimaru 1: This was your dream?

Fujimaru 2: That Demon God Pillar is the ingredient... right?

Medea Lily: Yes, so?

Medea Lily: The magical element has been churned, filtered, and refined to the limit, so it's no longer what it was originally.

Medea Lily: Oh! Did you want to eat a Demon God Pillar-flavored cake? I-I'm sorry, I didn't realize!

Medea Lily: I-I'll summon another pillar right away! Aww, the connection is almost gone. Can I make it in time?

Mash: N-No, we don't need another Demon God Pillar! I want to eat your pancakes!

Medea Lily: Oh. That's good to know I just need to cook them as usual.

Medea Lily: Okay then, it'll take me a little time. Please look forward to my pancakes, Fujimaru.

Medea Lily: I'll deliver the best pancakes ever as an expression of my gratitude♡

Dr. Roman: Poof. She disappeared into thin air. She probably has her own kitchen somewhere in this era.

Dr. Roman: I now have a better opinion of Jason...

Dr. Roman: I admire him for changing such an airhead into such a tough, realistic woman...

Mash: Medea Lily is hopelessly innocent. She gives what she loves to whom she loves...

Mash: I learned that her feeling is unconditional love. If possible, I want to continue protecting her purity.

Mash: Master. We should do the best we can to respond to Lily's love.