Witch's Backyard

Mash: So, you want us to defeat the Doll King?

Medea: Well, to put it simply, yes. I am requesting your involvement.

Fujimaru 1: "The Doll King?"

Fujimaru 2: I don't quite follow you...

Medea: ...Must I explain it again? I brought a 50-centimeter diorama.

Medea: It's a miniature garden I've made. To put it in terms you'd understand, it's a kind of Reality Marble.

Mash: Um, well... I mean it's just a small model of a house with figures lined up in it...

Medea: What a rude human you are. This diorama is something that, little by little, day by day, with layer upon layer of precise spell...

Medea: I finally succeeded in creating. The ultimate Bounded Field. Well, I guess the likes of you wouldn't be able to comprehend it.

Mash: You're right, I don't get it at all. My studies have been insufficient. I must reflect on this.

Fujimaru 1: Caster, you like things like this, don't you?

Medea: Oh, is it that obvious? I enjoy bottle ship models the best, but isn't it nice to try your hand at something grander?

Medea: This time I got excited and made it without considering the profitability. Hehehe.

Fujimaru 2: I don't think anyone could understand, Mash.

Mash: ...Yes, I was beginning to feel that way. This appears to be Medea's special hobby...

Mash: Holed up in her room, concentrated yet gloomy. I guess you can call that a nerdy hobby in a sense.

Medea: Please refrain from calling it a nerdy hobby. Some people might get hurt by that comment, like me.

Mash: True. I take back my words. This isn't just any model, it's an exquisite diorama.

Mash: ...Well then. Is the "Doll King" perhaps—

Medea: Yes. I'm referring to inside this small world.

Medea: Inside this diorama is what one might call another dimension. To put it into terms amateurs like yourselves could understand...

Medea: could even call it the world of dolls. The dolls inside this house are literally alive.

Medea: Of course, this is because these are dolls I personally take the time to create.

Fujimaru 1: How capable is this Witch from the Age of Gods...

Fujimaru 2: She's got a lot of free time.

Medea: You there, what did you say?

Medea: I already said this, so I'm sure you got it. I want you to perform some maintenance for me.

Medea: The doll I gave administrative rights to over this world is ignoring my orders and has begun to act without permission.

Medea: Seriously! He has forgotten the debt owed to me as his creator and bitten the hand that feeds him!

Mash: ...Ah well. I don't fully understand, but couldn't we just remove that doll from the outside?

Medea: If I could have done that, I already would have. If we intervene from the outside, everything will break.

Medea: It may be easy to add or alter, but removing takes several times more skill and sense.

Medea: There are many people who can revise a completed novel, but very few would erase the characters, no?

Medea: That is what it means to draw elements from things that have been completed.

Medea: Even by removing a single doll, the damage would be far greater.

Medea: This is why the beings that humans think of as gods have not laid a hand on the world since it was created.

Medea: No matter how much damage spreads, the creators can only look on from the outside.

Medea: In order to minimalize damage, it is best to go in and involve oneself.

Mash: Quite right, but... how would one enter...

Medea: Rest assured, I will show you the way. Now, calm your minds...hehehehehehe.

Fujimaru 1: That's not reassuring at all...

Fujimaru 2: I-I feel kind of light-headed...

Mash: Senpai!? ...Senpai!

Mash: ...Senpai! Are you awake?

Fujimaru 1: What is this place?

Fujimaru 2: Where are we now?

Mash: Thank goodness, you're all right. I lost consciousness and the next thing I know, we're here...

Medea: Well? Rise and shine.

Mash: Medea! What just... I mean, where exactly is this?

Medea: I TOLD you. Inside the box. How is it, the world I so carefully constructed?

Medea: "Imaginary Earth: Social Plan World" For short, "Jason World: Japan!"

Medea: I have prepared a variety of attractions here!

Medea: Basically, any man with a pretty face is set to meet with a terrible fate♡

Mash: ...Um, Senpai?

Fujimaru 1: Talk about a hostile theme park.

Fujimaru 2: How did things get so complicated?

Mash: Medea, putting aside the explanation of these "attractions," could you tell us exactly how we got here?

Medea: Oh, you still don't understand? I prepared some dolls here to be used by guests.

Medea: I shifted your consciousness here. Just think of it as a consciousness-only Rayshift.

Mash: Just our consciousness... Isn't that a big deal?

Medea: It's all right, I've set it so you can return once you've defeated this world's administrator.

Medea: Oh, don't worry about the entry fee. It was my idea, so this time it's free!

Mash: ...Uh. It looks like there's no choice but to give in to Medea's request.

Mash: — Senpai, someone carrying a sword is approaching!

Medea: That's a Level 10 general soldier, a Jason Hunter. It's programmed to attack normies on sight.

Medea: There are also Jason Killers who rampage when they see couples, those who bring friends, or more than two people.

Medea: And Jason Aces who challenge any girl under twenty on sight.

Medea: Not to mention, Naked Jason who won't rest until he destroys anything and everything around him.

Mash: Medea, that's overkill!

Medea: Oh, and if you die here, you'll be able to return to your body... But some of the pain will carry over, so be careful.

Medea: If you receive enough damage and die, you'll feel pain worse than death when you wake up.

Mash: Simply outrageous... Anyway, Master, prepare for combat!


Mash: ...Whew. We managed to defeat them, but those aren't just soldiers, they're monsters...

Medea: How strange... The dolls I made are mutating? ...I wonder what happened?

Automata: Eradicate... Eradicate all outsiders... Eradicate! Eradicate! Eradicate! Eradicate! Eradicate!

Medea: What? When did I ever make anything like THIS? No, this attention to detail, the smoothness of their movable parts—

Medea: They've achieved a level superior to my own... I-I haven't been this embarassed in a long time! How mortifying!

Fujimaru 1: Pull yourself together, Caster.

Fujimaru 2: How about changing from Caster to Modeler?

Mash: I completely agree, but for now, let us concentrate on the battle! The enemy is formidable, Master!


Mash: Whew... We managed to hold them off, but there'll be no end to it if we can't cut off their head.

Medea: ...It seems you won't have to worry about that. Here comes the head... Wait, wh-what is this?

Doll Princess: –You dare to trample my dream? What kind of rude human are you?

Mash: That's...Medea's shadow? ...But doesn't it look a bit smaller?

Doll Princess: –Now, my cute dolls. Exterminate these pests who seek to destroy this world of dreams.

Shadow Servant: –For our Princess Medea. –For our Princess Medea.

Mash: Um... Can this be... Medea's...

Fujimaru 1: So this is...Medea's miniature garden.

Fujimaru 2: So this is Medea's wish...

Medea: N-NO! That's just a doll! It has nothing to do with me! NOTHING!

Medea: I mean what is this "princess" nonsense? Wanting to be a princess... I mean, I am not an adolescent child anymore...

Medea: Y-You understand, don't you Fujimaru? I'm not such a hopeless woman, right?

Fujimaru 1: Uh... Right...

Fujimaru 2: Dolls are your friends...



Medea: It's over... It's all...over...

Doll Princess: –Curse you, ganging up on an innocent princess like myself and causing me bodily harm!

Doll Princess: What do you take a maiden's flower garden for? Can you really live with yourselves if you kill a sweet princess?

Medea: Rule Breaker!

Doll Princess: AAAAHH! You princess killers! (Flop)

Mash: It looks's over.

Fujimaru 1: Yes, everything...

Medea: ...(Glare)

Medea: Nothing happened! Absolutely nothing happened here! None of you saw ANYTHING! Understood?

Medea: Fujimaru, UNDERSTOOD?

Fujimaru 1: Now that's asking a little too much...

Fujimaru 2: Well, I guess some people are into that kind of thing...

Medea: What? You have a problem with that? I can't dream of being a princess?

Medea: No matter her age, every girl is a princess! What's so wrong with that? Huh? WHAT?!

Medea: Yeah, that's right! I'm a poor, pathetic, lonely girl who has dolls for friends! Kill me! I'd rather you just killed me!

Mash: No, I believe that, someday, you too, Medea, will find someone to love.

Medea: Spare me your worthless sympathy! Just you watch, someday, I WILL find happiness, no matter what!