Medusa Lily

The Three Friendly Gorgon Sisters

Mash: Oh? Isn't that...?

Euryale: Hellooo, Medusa. Quit spacing out.

Euryale: That tea is way beyond steeped. We don't want bitter tea!

Stheno: You're right. The moment of tea perfection has already passed. If only you were the normal Medusa...

Stheno: She may be gangly and graceless, but at least she never missed the right time to pour the tea.

Stheno: You should be more mindful of your size. Some things you can't do on speed alone.

Medusa: My apologies, big older sister, little older sister. I was too focused on the hourglass...

Medusa: Here is your tea. Little older sister prefers one scoop of sugar, correct?

Euryale: Yes. Just a bit...only a little bit...

Stheno: That will be enough, Medusa. We shall have our tea.


...Hey, what IS this!? This tastes terrible!

Stheno: You mustn't be so harsh, me. Our younger sister is doing her best.

Stheno: Then again, it is truly disgusting. The problem isn't how it was made, but that she used bad tea leaves.

Stheno: Medusa. Where did you get this tea from?

Medusa: I-I'm terribly sorry! I used a pretty golden can that I found in the reception room.

Stheno: I see. At least you took some minimal effort. But if you want to find good tea, go to the doctor's clinic.

Stheno: That man stashes away good Chinese tea. You should also learn how to properly prepare tea from him.

Euryale: I hate Chinese tea. You can only mix honey with it! ...I-I mean...

Euryale: If you are to steep black tea, you should use soft water that's free of minerals. Why in the world did you decide to use hard water, Medusa?

Medusa: ...Um, was that bad?

Medusa: I thought it was for the best to splurge on mineral water...

Euryale: Mineral water!? What a terrible rookie mistake, even for you, Medusa!

Euryale: You must go to Japan. Japan! You shall learn about soft water, and the proper essential rules for preparing black tea there!

Medusa: ...I see. Please forgive me for being so ignorant...

Mash: ...It appears the sisters are having tea.

Mash: Whenever the young Medusa is with us...

Mash: ...she seems so mature and composed...

Mash: But watching her right now, she seems to be acting her age, or at least the age she appears to be.

Mash: Although...

Stheno: Oh, it's Master and Mash. Are you here because you missed us so?

Euryale: So much that even a brief moment apart is agony? Teehee, you are so cute, Master.

Medusa: Oh...hello, Master, Mash.

Fujimaru 1: ...They weren't bullying you, were they?

Medusa: N-no, absolutely not. This is all because of how immature I am!

Medusa: And...actually, I'm a little happy about...this. There's no problem.

Mash: ...?

Medusa: To tell you the truth, it took a very long time for me to be able to speak to my sisters, even after I was summoned to Chaldea.

Medusa: Until now, all I could do was watch from afar...because I was scared.

Medusa: I was created by an irregularity in history.

Medusa: I'm here as a product of a miraculous coincidence and humanity's warped timeline...

Medusa: I am the Medusa who is not an Anti-Hero...someone who should never have existed in the first place.

Medusa: And I had no idea how my older sisters would react when they saw me.

Medusa: I wouldn't have known what to do had they ignored me, or if they said I was not their younger sister...

Fujimaru 1: ...

Medusa: Oh, please don't look so glum, Master.

Medusa: It turned out that I was worrying needlessly.

Medusa: My older sisters call me by my name and treat me as their younger sister.

Medusa: And that...makes me happy.

Mash: I-I see... Um, if I may point out...

Mash: Since Stheno and Euryale are goddesses...

Mash: ...we know that they have a tendency to be very...intense and often make impossible requests...

Mash: And, well, when it comes to their treatment of Medusa... Um, it seems they don't really hold back when it comes to their own family...

Mash: Sometimes it's painful to see what unfolds...

Medusa: Family members...I see...

Medusa: ...

Mash: But perhaps it's all right if Medusa doesn't mind...

Fujimaru 1: We should intervene if it goes too far.

Fujimaru 2: Different things make different people happy...

Mash: You're...right...

Euryale: Hellooo! How much longer are you two going to be whispering over there!?

Stheno: Mash, Master, would you two like some tea? I'll have to warn you that it will be a poor cup of tea prepared by our failure of a younger sister.

Medusa: I will prepare it right away. Please wait a minute.

Euryale: You really are impossible, Medusa. Get us some new snacks, too. I know there are some on top of the cabinet over there.

Euryale: We cannot possibly reach them ourselves, frail and delicate as we are, but you're a huge woman whose nickname was Big Mountain of the Shapeless Isle...

Medusa: Um, I'll need to borrow this step stool...

Medusa: And stack these boxes...

Medusa: (Huff...puff...) it!

Euryale: ...

Stheno: You know, thinking on it, I believe we stored a cookie jar under the floor.

Stheno: But, Medusa, be careful of that enormous body of yours. You might get stuck down there if you so much as stretch your arms or legs.

Medusa: Here, right? I can't reach, so I'll just crawl under to find it... (Rummage, rummage) ...Whew. I found it.

Stheno: ...

Medusa: ...Is something the matter?

Euryale: ...Agh! This is so frustrating!

Euryale: Why is this Medusa so small!?

Medusa: ...I wonder. This seems to be how I was before Athena cursed me.

Medusa: It's frustrating that I'm so young and powerless, but...

Medusa: ...I am still happy.

Medusa: I didn't get to spend much time with my sisters in this form, you see...

Medusa: Having a chance to spend time with them like this is so new to me...

Mash: ...I see. I know that Medusa was concerned that her form is an irregular one...

Mash: But it appears that it's not all bad.

Stheno: Happy, you say, Medusa? Did you hear that, me?

Euryale: I did hear that, me. I can hardly believe what our foolish sister just said.

Euryale: I heard her saying she's happy to take OUR role as the small, cute goddess for herself!

Medusa: Wha...!? N-no! That wasn't what I meant!

Euryale: Oh...oh, my. How could you treat your older sisters this way, when all we've done was treat you with kindness and compassion...

Stheno: True... But such an idea as this couldn't be something Medusa concocted alone.

Stheno: There must be someone else who should be persecuted as her coconspirator...

Fujimaru 1: Could that

Fujimaru 2: (Attempt to avert gaze)

Stheno: The Master is responsible for their Servants. Isn't that how it works here?

Euryale: This entire Servant system is wrong to begin with.

Euryale: To have goddesses like ourselves manifest in this world only to be used as Servants to fight is just such a horrid idea.

Euryale: We aren't able to fight, and we could starve if we were left alone. We are the eternal girls who cannot live without help from others... That is who we are.

Stheno: Oh...perhaps that's why...

Mash: ...?

Stheno: Medusa has manifested in this world with our usual cuteness. We manifested here with the power to fight, something that isn't really innate to us.

Stheno: There is a possibility that the three of us took the attractive features away from one another to make it our own.

Euryale: ...I see. What a profound statement, me. Then we must confirm your hypothesis!

Stheno: Yes, let's move to a different location, me.

Medusa: ...? Um, big older sister and little older where?

Stheno: Quiet, you! You don't get to refuse.

Medusa: ...Where are we?

Mash: This is Chaldea's training ground.

Euryale: We can go all-out here.

Stheno: Yes, just something to punish our younger sister and Master who took something precious away from us and gave us something useless in exchange.

Stheno: I'll warn you that you mustn't hold back, Medusa. We're doing this to test out fighting abilities, too.

Medusa: B-but...!

Euryale: Now, let's begin.

Euryale: Honestly, playing with our little sister like this is new to us, too!


Euryale: ...

Euryale: I can't believe! They really hit us!

Stheno: Ah... So, it's true... No one likes us...

Stheno: To be defeated by the cute, stylish, and maybe overly romantic version of our younger sister...

Medusa: Y-you have it all wrong, big older sister and little older sister! You said I shouldn't hold back...

Euryale: We were just saying that! Ugh, do we have to spell EVERYTHING out for you!?

Euryale: The younger sister CANNOT be better than her older sisters!

Medusa: Ow...ow...

Mash: Oh...she's pulling Medusa's cheek really hard...

Stheno: ...Now that I think about it, using Charm against Medusa was pointless.

Medusa: A-actually! It hit me really good! B-because...well...because my older sisters were too was so intense...

Stheno: Oh? How could you let such lies pass through your lips? How dare you!?

Medusa: Ow...ow...ah...ahh...

Mash: Oh...and now they're tugging her other cheek...

Euryale: But now we know...our battle skills really are only so-so.

Stheno: Yes. It appears violent battles really are Medusa's only skill.

Medusa: ...Of course. If something were to happen, I would step in to solve the problem, and be sure to do so without bothering my older sisters.

Medusa: But I'm sorry... With this small body of mine, I'm not sure how much I can be of help...

Stheno: Oh, my. Did you hear that, me?

Stheno: Medusa just flat-out admitted that she stole the title of cutest goddess from us.

Euryale: Oh yes, I heard, me.

Euryale: Isn't that like boasting you got paid, even though you skived off work? I believe that's quite unfair.

Stheno: It may be nice...but let's put that topic aside. There is just one thing I can't accept as the older sister.

Stheno: I really must say that we simply must do something about you being so small. It's not right to have you be the same size as us.

Mash: Well...isn't that just something that can't be changed...?

Euryale: ...

Euryale: Oh, I know. I vaguely remember being with a super big person recently.

Euryale: Our problem is because the three of us are lined up together.

Euryale: If there was another person who is even bigger, Medusa's annoying short stature shouldn't stand out.

Stheno: Good idea. But is there someone who would fit the bill?

Euryale: Leave it to me! We're at the training ground. If I do this...and press this...

Mash:, Euryale! That button starts up the training program...!

Euryale: I know. I'm just bringing up something big to test our theory. I'm as smart as I am cute... You know, I sometimes scare myself♪

Euryale: Size? MAX, of course! Difficulty? I don't know what that means, but “Super Difficult Mode” sounds good!

Mash: U-um!

Euryale: That'll do it. And...start♪

Euryale: ...Huh?

Stheno: Me. It's big, but I think it's TOO big...



Mash: I think...maybe...all that button mashing made it go berserk! It's coming at us without any limiters!

Medusa: ...Older sisters, watch out!

Medusa: Begone...! I won't let you lay a finger on my sisters!


Medusa: ...Whew. I managed to defeat them. How are my older sisters...?

Medusa: Oh...I'm so glad...

Mash: Medusa!? Oh no... She's collapsed from her wounds...!

Fujimaru 1: Let's carry her to the infirmary.

Fujimaru 2: Let's treat her right away.

Mash: But we lack the first aid here...

Mash: The best thing to do is to transport her to an appropriate place for treatment, Senpai. Let's go.

Stheno: I can't believe she went down before us. Look at that face... She looks like she thinks she just did something really great.

Euryale: ...I agree. She shouldn't look so smug.

Mash: U-um, she's injured, so would you please not pull her cheek right now?

Mash: We need to take her to the infirmary. Please, step aside...I'm going to...

Stheno: No need. This is the result of our foolish younger sister's carelessness. It's something her family should take care of.

Euryale: Indeed. Making her two older sisters go through so much trouble...she really is a dumb, clumsy, and good-for-nothing younger sister.

Euryale: If Mash takes her, she won't know how much trouble she caused for us when she finally wakes up, now will she?

Euryale: For her to owe remind her that she will always be beneath her older sisters, I will carry her. I don't want to, but I will.

Mash: (Oh...they've lined up side-by-side...and the two of them are carrying Medusa on their backs...)

Medusa: Unhhh...older...sisters...

Stheno: ...If there's a silver lining for Medusa having this form...

Euryale: Yes... If she was a giant, the two of us wouldn't have been able to carry her like this.

Stheno: ...If she was a giant, what would we have done...?

Euryale: ...We probably would have rolled her like a barrel.

Mash: ...Senpai. There are times when watching Stheno and Euryale's banter worries me...

Mash: But I feel that a lot of the reason they behave that way is because of the absolute, unwavering confidence in their bonds with each other.

Fujimaru 1: They're family.

Fujimaru 2: They have a bond.

Mash: Yes. Even if one of them looks different than before, the fact that they are family will never change.

Mash: No matter what, they are a trio of sisters who get along very well!