Gorgon's Bride

Medusa: (sigh...)

Fujimaru 1: What's wrong?

Fujimaru 2: What's up?

Medusa: Oh, Fujimaru. Actually...I was offered a chance for an arranged marriage...

Fujimaru 1: Uh-huh...Wait, did you say arranged marriage!?

Fujimaru 2: From whom!?

Medusa: I have two older sisters, and they approached me about having a formal marriage interview.

Fujimaru 1: O-Okay...

Fujimaru 2: So who are you meeting?

Medusa: Well, I don't think they're that serious about matchmaking.

Medusa: I have a feeling that they're just interested in my reactions...

Fujimaru 1: Can't you turn it down?

Fujimaru 2: Let's turn it down!

Medusa: Sure..., but my sisters gave me a condition for turning it down...

Mash: ...So, you and Senpai must pretend to be a couple.

Fou: Fou...

Dr. Roman: Hey, cheer up, Mash. It's just a performance, not like they're going to actually link their arms or kiss...

Dr. Roman: Wait, maybe they should? Unless they do, they won't be seen as a couple.

Mash: ...!

Medusa: Uh, well, I don't know. You know, I'm not used to that kind of stuff...

Mash: ...Whew. Well, of course, not you of all people, Medusa.

Medusa: I'm not really happy either that you felt so relieved... I'm just not used to being in a relationship...

Medusa: At any rate, I'm sorry, Fujimaru. For making you go through the extra trouble.

Fujimaru 1: [♂ I look forward to dating you. /♀️ Have you noticed that I'm a woman?}

Medusa: [♂ Oh, me too. /♀️ Of course, but I don't mind actually...}

Mash: ...

Dr. Roman: All right, let me shoot the video evidence. You back me up, Mash.

Mash: ...Yes, understood.

Medusa: Hehe, I enjoy doing stuff like this once in a while. Though I'm sorry to trouble you.

Fujimaru 1: You don't have to be sorry.

Fujimaru 2: I'd rather be ready to enjoy it.

Medusa: Really? You have odd taste in things.

Mash: ...

Dr. Roman: Now, now, Mash, it's high time you got over it.

Young Man: Hey, lady. Look at your sexy body. Why don't you hang out with us?

Medusa: ...? Fujimaru, who are they talking about?

Fujimaru 1: They're talking to you, Medusa.

Fujimaru 2: Hmm, this is so typical...

Young Man: Heehee...I'm sure it'll be more fun to hang out with us than a kid like that.

Medusa: I'm sorry, but I'm enjoying my time with Fujimaru right now.

Medusa: I'd appreciate it if you could quickly disappear from my sight...

Young Man: What the heck? What a snob... Hey, you guys. Teach her a lesson!

Medusa: ...Well. I may be used to it, but the fact that it's the same as always gives me a headache.

Medusa: I'm sorry, Fujimaru. Give me a little time to take out some trash.


Young Man: Wh-What the hell...this woman... D-Damn it!! Boss!! Call the Boss!!

Boss: Let me see... Ha! You can't even handle a woman and a few kids?

Young Man: Yeah, but that woman's a "giant" with "crazy strength."

Medusa: ...(Humph)

Boss: Tsk, letting a single woman have her way with you. Well, I do agree that small and cute girls are better.

Boss: I'd turn down a "giant" like that even if she asked me out.

Medusa: ...(Ticked)

Young Man: Hehe! With our Boss here, we're not afraid of you any more!! Hey, guys!! Let's take her down!!

Medusa: ...Master. May I go all-out?

Medusa: No, I'm not angry, I'm really not... It's just that my mystic eyes are aching.

Mash: Senpai, let's back her up...!! Oh, it looks like we don't need to do that.


Boss: ?!?!?! (Freeze)

Young Man: Whoa!? Boss turned to stone? Dammit, I'm going to get you for this!

Medusa: Whew... I lost my temper a little there. Fujimaru, I apologize.

Fujimaru 1: I don't mind.

Fujimaru 2: It happens.

Medusa: Hehe... you're a kind person. I appreciate your concern.

Medusa: Besides, you treat even someone like me like a normal person.

Medusa: Anyone who approached me would turn to stone, their faces twisted in horror...

Mash: Medusa...

Dr. Roman: The monster Medusa... The Gorgon... By the way, how do your sisters look...

Mash: Doctor!

Medusa: My sisters are very cute. They are not at all violent, unlike me.

Fujimaru 1: You're cute, too!

Fujimaru 2: You're close with your sisters, huh?

Medusa: !!!

Medusa: ...Thank you, Fujimaru. I like being around you.

Medusa: I'm inexperienced, but let's get along from now too.