Musashibou Benkei

Destroyer Monk

Benkei: Ah, Master. A moment of your time, please...

Fujimaru 1: What's up?

Benkei: Yes. The truth is that being on standby is not agreeable to me.

Benkei: I've been seeking a good place to train in–

Mash: Training, you say? How about the mock combat curriculum?

Mash: There, now it'll summon mock-Servants for training.

Mash: They're similar to Shadow Servants, but extremely safe.

Dr. Roman: They're like projections made by a Summoning Circle. Okay, I'll have some summoned for you now.

Benkei: Right, bring it on!


Benkei: Hm, that was a good fight for a training battle.

Mash: ...Strange. It was never that strong before...

Benkei: Now, to my next request. Obviously, an opponent who won't hold back.

Mash: Yes, the next one. Doctor, if you please.

Dr. Roman: Hmm, I didn't set it up to be that strong ...How about this one?

Mash: Doctor?

Shadow Servant: Gi, gigi...Body, body, body!!

Mash: Wh-What is this–!?

Benkei: Ah, so the next one understands words, does it? If it can think, then let's step up the battle!

Benkei: May peace be with you. Now, bring it on!


Benkei: Yes, now we end it!

Benkei: Whew. I really worked up a good sweat...

Mash: Doctor? Doctor?

Mash: ...Hmm, I can't contact him.

Benkei: It's a bit unsatisfying, shall we finish this?

Mash: That would seem wise. Let's prepare to Rayshift back.

Mash: ...Huh? This reading is...

Shadow Servant: Heh, heh, heh, heh... Give!

Mash: Ugh...These training spirit bodies are growing far faster than we anticipated!

Mash: They're now the same as Shadow Servants... No, they're starting to be on par with a Servant!

Benkei: –Oh? A Servant, eh? Then it's only reasonable that we fight!

Mash: What! We need to retreat!

Benkei: Leave no evil behind, Mash! So that they do not grow into a greater threat later!

Benkei: One thing is certain, we must clean this up as much as we can! At the very least, my weapon is telling me to do it!

Mash: ...Understood! Master, once again. Your orders please.

Benkei: –Come now, I am Musashibou Benkei, retainer of Ushiwakamaru. Taste this blade as a parting gift to hell!


Benkei: Hahahahaha! Wonderful! Wonderful!

Shadow Servant: Y-You, too, are, only, a, fake...!!

Benkei: ...

Dr. Roman: Hey, what happened? Hey! I said hey!

Mash: ...Whew. I got through to the Doctor.

Mash: Let's go back now.

Benkei: Yes. We've trained enough. ...Thank you, Master.

Benkei: Henceforth, I shall continue to be at your service.