Pharaoh's Shining Glory

Ozymandias: Now then.

Ozymandias: We will now begin the ritual of one hundred trials. Nitocris!

Nitocris: Yes, great king. I have come as summoned.

Ozymandias: I will permit you to participate in the ritual. I don't quite trust THAT ONE's Servants to do the job.

Ozymandias: Hmph. This may just be a simulator, but it would sit badly with me if there was some sort of accident and [♂ he /♀️ she} died from shock or some such.

Ozymandias: Do well with Fujimaru. I shall be watching over your performance.

Nitocris: Understood.

Nitocris: Then are you prepared, Fujimaru? Eh? What are we doing exactly, you ask? Don't make that face!

Nitocris: ...As you heard, a swarm of Divine Beasts is heading this way. You mustn't let your guard down. I will also be vigilant and careful...

Nitocris: So! You must fight like your life depends on it as well!

Fujimaru 1: One can't remain idle when exposed to danger...

Nitocris: Such big talk! You must suit action to word, then! If you fail to do so, you will invite my wrath!

Fujimaru 2: Wait, did you say a swarm!?

Nitocris: Yes. I'm about to cry! Actually, I'm already crying–I mean, just kidding!

Nitocris: Ohmyohmyohmy...

Nitocris: No...no, nothing good will come of cowering in fear! So... I! Will! Do! It!


Nitocris: (Pant, pant, pant...)

Nitocris: Whew...we...managed...to get rid...of the last of them...!

Nitocris: (Sigh)...

Nitocris: ...Y-yes! We did it, didn't we!? We finally did it, Fujimaru!

Ozymandias: Hm.

Ozymandias: Your performance exceeded my expectations. Perhaps I have underestimated you... Perhaps...

Ozymandias: I am a wise pharaoh, even a god incarnate. However, even an omnipotent god is not omniscient.

Ozymandias: At times, it seems man can make a miracle.

Ozymandias: It may be possible to say that is a truth of this world, but I am not ready to say so tonight!

Ozymandias: Heh. You fought well, Fujimaru! You too, Nitocris!

Nitocris: Pharaoh Ozymandias!

Ozymandias: Heh.

Ozymandias: You persevered through this most difficult of trials. You should be proud.

Ozymandias: And now, after your five-and-a-half-minute break, we will resume your Sphinx challenge!

Fujimaru 1: Eh!?

Fujimaru 2: Wait, that wasn't the end!?

Nitocris: Ohmyohmy... (Whispering)


Ozymandias: Now, let's resume the challenge. Try not to let the Divine Beast rend your souls.

Fujimaru 1: Bring it on, Sphinx!

Ozymandias: Who said it was a Sphinx!? Hahahaha! I decided I would give you something a bit more impressive.

Ozymandias: Enjoy it, my gift to you!

Fujimaru 2: We can take whatever you throw at us!

Ozymandias: Haha, that's the spirit. Don't give up. You will face a powerful enemy to rival even Amun-Ra!

Ozymandias: Or, at least, a replication of its data, at any rate. Now, go!

Nitocris: ...Then we shall head into battle!


Nitocris: (Cough, pant...)

Nitocris: (Pant...huff, hufff...) Can't...breathe...

Nitocris: My apologies...um... (Huff...huff...wheeze...) Haaaaaa...

Nitocris: (Huff, pant...)

Nitocris: Hmff...unnngf...pf-wah! W-we did it...yes... Finally...finally, finally...!

Nitocris: We finally finished it, Fujimaru! The one hundred trials...all in a row...

Ozymandias: Heh.

Ozymandias: You fought. You endured. Stand tall! Be proud!

Ozymandias: And now, after your five minute, forty second break, the final battle of your Sphinx challenge begins!

Fujimaru 1: No more, please!

Fujimaru 2: The extra ten seconds in the break is making me nervous...

Nitocris: ...

Fujimaru 1: NITOCRIS!!!

Fujimaru 2: Come back, come back, Nitocris!

Nitocris: (Gasp!)

Nitocris: W-with so much glory...I was in such a state of ecstatic joy that I was on the brink of losing hold of my manifestation in this world...

Nitocris: U-um, um...Pharaoh Ozymandias...should there really be a final battle, I shall do everything in my power–

Ozymandias: No need!

Nitocris: Gyaaa!?

Ozymandias: Hmph. There's no need to be so humble.

Ozymandias: Your reverence and sentiment for me... I certainly could not fail to notice your attempt to undergo the ritual of one hundred trials twice.

Ozymandias: I could not miss such a thing! There is no need to offer yourself further! To do so would be nothing more than sacrificing yourself!

Ozymandias: Praise and reverence can become obsequiousness if overdone. It could even turn to disrespect!

Nitocris: M-my apologies...

Ozymandias: Fine. I will allow it all!

Ozymandias: Rest well, Nitocris! Your sincerity is a good thing, but take care not to overdo it!

Ozymandias: I shall take a third of the resources that were given to my great temple as offerings and use them to double the recuperative abilities of your bedchamber!

Ozymandias: Through the power of Ra, that is my blessing to you!

Nitocris: I am thankful beyond words!

Nitocris: Pharaoh Ozymandias! With great respect, I, Nitocris, will head to my chamber to rest!

Ozymandias: Hm. Be sure you do so in moderation.

Ozymandias: And Fujimaru. How should you be rewarded?

Ozymandias: Hm...

Ozymandias: Come closer. Two or three steps closer. I will permit you to approach my throne.

Ozymandias: Good. That's enough. Now show me your face. I want to see your eyes.

Ozymandias: ...Hmph. They're still the same as when I last saw them.

Ozymandias: Completely lacking in regality, and with nothing of a soldier's fire.

Ozymandias: You lack talent in magecraft as well. You may be a mage, but you would never have merited a position as a mage in my empire.

Ozymandias: Let me look closer. Ah, take care not to meet my gaze directly.

Ozymandias: After all, I am the brilliance of the sun itself. You may lose your sight. Now, then.

Ozymandias: ...

Ozymandias: No regality. No soldier's fire. No talent as a mage. You seem to be preparing for something, but I cannot determine what it may be.

Ozymandias: No, not even a hint of a sage's wisdom, nor the intellect to mark you as a genius.

Ozymandias: And yet, you still intrigue me.

Ozymandias: Hmmm...

Ozymandias: I didn't want to believe it, but the resemblance to my friend Moses...

Nitocris: !!! Pharaoh, you don't mean...!

Ozymandias: ...is nowhere to be found, either! You are not the least bit like him!

Nitocris: (Sigh of relief)

Ozymandias: He possessed such fierce resolve, such conviction that could only be met with admiration...

Ozymandias: His unwavering determination to face fate head-on...truly a saintly type.

Ozymandias: Sacrificing everything for the sake of others...and wishing for the entire world's happiness.

Fujimaru 1: Saint...

Ozymandias: Hm.

Fujimaru 2: That's amazing...

Ozymandias: Indeed.

Ozymandias: But what of you? You are the opposite. However, you have strength enough to go through the ritual of one hundred trials.

Ozymandias: You do it for your own sake. For your life. You are one of those who struggle in order to live.

Ozymandias: You are an embodiment of life itself, as vigorous yet fleeting as you are. That is precisely what you are!

Ozymandias: Such a sight to behold, and such a gaze you have!

Ozymandias: Though you have multiple Heroic Spirits under your command, your gaze is...fleeting. Heh. You are truly an embodiment of the people I vowed to protect.

Fujimaru 1: Wait a minute.

Fujimaru 2: Are you...complimenting me?

Nitocris: Pharaoh Ozymandias...

Ozymandias: Listen, Fujimaru, young would-be mage who managed to summon me to Chaldea...

Ozymandias: I have made my judgment!

Ozymandias: You! I grant you permission to refer to yourself as Master in this age!

Nitocris: Amazing! Pharaoh...!

Fujimaru 1: ??????

Ozymandias: Haha, do not gape so dumbly at me, Master.

Fujimaru 2: W-was it not allowed before!?

Ozymandias: Obviously. What of it?

Ozymandias: Until now, what you had was not unlike a probationary license! A trial period of sorts!

Ozymandias: What. Did you really not know? Hah! Do not think of me like those other ordinary, submissive Heroic Spirits contracted to you!

Ozymandias: Think of me whenever you feel the dazzling light of the sun, and respect me whenever you receive the blessing of the sun...and even that is not enough.

Ozymandias: Devote yourself well, Master.

Ozymandias: You are neither regal nor a soldier. You are neither a grand mage nor a great sage.

Ozymandias: I cannot even call you valorous, though some may refer to one who walks your path as such.

Ozymandias: In other words...

Ozymandias: You're human. Just one [♂ man /♀️ woman}.

Ozymandias: Keep that well in your mind as you proceed! As long as there is a ray of light in the heavens, my luminescence will light your path!

Fujimaru 1: Thank you, Ozymandias.

Fujimaru 2: I'm counting on you!

Ozymandias: Mhmm.

Ozymandias: ...Now, this may seem a fitting place to end things...but no.

Ozymandias: It would embarrass me to stop only at words. That is, I must give you a reward as well!

Ozymandias: Though, if I gave you something like an Awlad, Nitocris would faint and foam at the mouth. Hmmm...

Nitocris: (Tremble)

Ozymandias: Then how about this? I shall give you the gift of my words, in poetic form.

Ozymandias: Let me tell you about my beloved wife.

Nitocris: Pharaoh's beloved wife...could it be about Queen Nefertari?

Nitocris: Such information is so scarce, even I have little knowledge of her! And now you say that you're going to grace us with it in poetic form!?

Nitocris: That is so gracious of you...please reconsider, my God King. We are not worthy!

Ozymandias: I'm feeling generous! Heh. Behold, my poetry shall surpass even the great poet Percy Shelley!

Ozymandias: I shall speak of myself, and I shall speak of Nefertari. There is no other poetry so dramatic, it will stir your very souls, even the air around us!

Ozymandias: Stand up straight! Focus all your thoughts upon my words!

Ozymandias: Now, to begin...

Ozymandias: Upon the glittering banks of the Nile stood a solitary...

Ozymandias: ...And that's how the story goes. Hm.

Nitocris: Wonderful... Beautiful beyond description...

Nitocris: Yet so innocent...it made me blush... The story of Pharaoh and Nefertari in their teenage years...

Nitocris: The story of them when they were fourteen and sixteen... Of course it would be a story of pure, innocent, young love!

Ozymandias: That concludes part one of the tale. Heh. If I gave it to you all at once, you would have nothing to look forward to in the future.

Fujimaru 1: I feel like we were listening for hours!

Fujimaru 2: Wait, there's more!?

Ozymandias: Of course!

Ozymandias: Now, let me ask you properly...

Ozymandias: What is it that you desire? This all started when you rushed toward me so suddenly...

Ozymandias: ...and insisted I hear your desires. That is why I was so kind as to provide you with this trial.

Ozymandias: I was so focused on the tale of Nefertari, I almost forgot. Forgive me.

Ozymandias: So. What was it that you desired from me?

Fujimaru 1: It was...

Gilgamesh: Hm.

Gilgamesh: Well, that's a rare sight, even for me.

Gilgamesh: What sort of amusement have you devised this time, Sun King? I never expected to find you by the simulator.

Ozymandias: Heh. Come now, don't say such things, Golden King. We cannot simply ignore Master's requests.

Ozymandias: Master pleaded for me to come relax in Chaldea once in a while, instead of maintaining my residence exclusively in a pyramid in the simulator.

Gilgamesh: Oh?

Gilgamesh: Then I will permit it. I will allow this pharaoh, who is as good as a stranger here in Chaldea, to enter...

Gilgamesh: And I will grace him with my presence, and personally give him a tour. I am feeling generous tonight.

Ozymandias: Hm...

Gilgamesh: In this area, rows of tiny cells called “My Room” are arrayed. But more importantly, do you know of the great hall beyond the storage area?

Gilgamesh: It's a Western-style building that rather stands out in a base built in such a cold place, though the idea may have been to make it look like a lodge on a snowy mountain.

Gilgamesh: Its official name, though, is the “recreation room.”

Gilgamesh: It stores plenty of electronic entertainment devices that the commoners amuse themselves with. You may use it to pass your idle time.

Altria: Hm. A recreation room, huh? If you plan to participate in some sort of racing game, I shall join you.

Altria: I would enjoy beating that ancient king to a pulp. I see some unfamiliar faces, but no matter. I will beat all of them as well.

Ozymandias: Lion King!?

Ozymandias: ...Or the one that's not her. It's the beauty. Haha. It might be best if you dismount that white horse!

Gilgamesh: Don't bother! No matter how you coax her, that woman will not get off her high horse.

Ozymandias: Indulging myself all night in recreation with an absolute beauty. Ha. Ah, I could not permit Nefertari to see such a thing!

Gilgamesh: Hahahahahaha! It is not THAT kind of recreation! Well, it's a pain to explain, so just watch!

Gilgamesh: Then lead the way!

Ozymandias: I will!

Altria: Keep it down, you two!

Nitocris: Ah! Finally...it has finally happened! Pharaoh Ozymandias is...

Nitocris: ...interacting with a new Servant in a friendly manner! Yes...yes!

Nitocris: For the time being, I will ignore the fact that the Servant he is interacting with is King Gilgamesh!

Nitocris: Thank you very much, Master. Thanks to you, we have convinced Pharaoh Ozymandias to enjoy himself.

Fujimaru 1: Yep, yep.

Fujimaru 2: Our plan was a great success!

Nitocris: Fujimaru. I have a favor to ask...

Nitocris: It's about our God King, Pharaoh Ozymandias...

Nitocris: I would like you to get him out of the pyramid!

Nitocris: The great compound shrine that's been reproduced by the simulator is simply based on his memories...but it is still nothing but a counterfeit.

Nitocris: It cannot be good for even him to stay cooped up in there.

Nitocris: I would like him to walk around Chaldea, and perhaps interact with some of the other Servants...

Nitocris: I...I...would like him to continue thriving.

Fujimaru 1: Got it. Let's do it!

Nitocris: Thank you! I knew you would agree!

Nitocris: As unworthy as I am, I will aid you as best I can! Let us accomplish this task, no matter what!

Nitocris: So please...even just for a little while, let's take him outside!

Fujimaru 2: Nitocris, you're like a big sister or a mother.

Nitocris: R-really...? But I am...unworthy of such esteem...

E:Nitocris: Try. Not to tease. Too much. Disrespectful! Disrespectful!

E:Nitocris: But...but...

E:Nitocris: Please. Lend. Me your. Hand! For the. Sake. Of Pharaoh Ozymandias!

Nitocris: Yes...we did it! (Sniff) ...Oh, to see His Majesty looking so playful and having fun...

Ozymandias: Nitocris! Where's Nitocris!?

Ozymandias: I suppose I don't even have to ask where you are, since you're always beside me. Well then, let us head to the recreation room together!

Nitocris: Yes, Your Majesty!

Nitocris: Come, Fujimaru. You shall accompany us too! You will be rewarded with our blessing!

The Name of the Sun That Never Sets

Nitocris: ...Please...

Nitocris: Please calm yourself, O Pharaoh. Even if this is only a simulation, it is still a part of the world.

Nitocris: Surely you can understand. The very air is shaking, uncertain of what to do.

Nitocris: If something isn't done, the program will falter, and Chaldea's processing capabilities will suffer.

Nitocris: As the embodiment of the heavens, I understand that my incompetence is partly to blame, but...but it is not solely mine.

Nitocris: The blame also lies with you, O Pharaoh.

Nitocris: Great Pharaoh Ozymandias.

Nitocris: If I may...if it is not overstepping my bounds by making bold to ask...

Nitocris: ...what displeases you so?

Ozymandias: ... ...

Ozymandias: ...Hmph.

Nitocris: Pharaoh!

Nitocris: I will atone for my sins however you see fit! But if you do not tell me what bothers you, I cannot hope to–

Ozymandias: ...Do not make me say it, Nitocris.

Nitocris: !!!

Ozymandias: Indeed, I AM displeased.

Ozymandias: My body, created by Ra and blessed by Amun, swells with rage like never before.

Ozymandias: At first, I thought it mere coincidence, even an impossibility. Then I thought it must be fate, hard as that is now to believe.

Ozymandias: ... ...

Ozymandias: But a third time? This can be neither coincidence nor fate!

Ozymandias: Even now, he hides from me, lurking somewhere I cannot lay eyes upon him!

Ozymandias: Haha. Hahahahahahaha! Do you not understand? Who am I!? I. Am. Ozymandias!

Ozymandias: I am the guardian king of all Egypt, beloved by Maat herself! I am the bull of victory, the great commander who vanquished the traitorous rebels!

Ozymandias: I am the Usermaatre Setepenre!

Nitocris: Usermaatre Setepenre...Keeper of Harmony and Balance, Strong in Right, Elect of Ra!!!

Ozymandias: I am the King of Kings...the god-king Pharaoh!

Nitocris: Yes, great Pharaoh!

Ozymandias: Now, Nitocris, as pharaoh, I have an order for you of utmost importance!

Nitocris: Y-yes, great Pharaoh! Name it, and it shall be done!

Ozymandias: ...Find the second hero, and bring him before me immediately!

Nitocris: ...Hmm. Hmm...

Nitocris: This is bad... NOW what am I going to do...?

Nitocris: I know I told Lord Ozymandias that I would find this second hero, but... Hmm... Hmmmmm...

Nitocris: ...I don't even have the slightest idea who he's talking about!

Fujimaru 1: What's wrong, Nitocris?

Fujimaru 2: Why the long face?

Nitocris: Oh, my ally. Well...

Nitocris: Come to think of it, you overcame Lord Ozymandias's trials, right? That's why he finally accepted you as his Master.

Nitocris: In which case, you must understand what he wants! ...Tell me, my ally!

Nitocris: Do you know who the second hero is?

Fujimaru 1: Hmm. Sorry, no.

Fujimaru 2: No, but I think I might know someone who does?

Nitocris: ...I see. Understood.

Nitocris: Very well then, as it seems I have no alternative...would you please accompany me?

Nitocris: I am sure we can overcome this new trial together!

C:: The second hero, you say?

C:: Hero...

C:: Oh, yes, I do spend time with the Pharaoh regularly.

C:: We often play the games of video together when he visits this area. Yes.

C:: What sort of games? Let me see...

C:: Ah, he prefers simulation games that allow you to build your own civilization and manage its population! He also enjoys games where you build your own buildings.

C:: He is also skilled at strategy games where one commands an army, but he doesn't especially care for them...

C:: Oh, yes. He enjoys the games one plays on a board as well. I believe you have even joined us on a number of occasions, have you not, Lady Nitocris?

C:: Yes, yes. Of course.

C:: I hope you will join us again sometime. The more the merrier, as they say.

C:: ...Yes? Hmm, let me see...

C:: Oh, I know! HE might know something about this!

Gilgamesh: What is it, desert woman?

Nitocris: (Ugh. It HAD to be him...)

Nitocris: Hear me, O Golden King, ruler of a once great civilization. I have come before you to–

Gilgamesh: Yes, yes, I know all about it. That Sun King of yours hasn't been himself lately, correct?

Nitocris: Yes, that's right!

Gilgamesh: Of course I know what troubles him...

Gilgamesh: ...but I refuse to tell you.

A:Nitocris: What? B-but, why not...?

Gilgamesh: Fool! Tell her, Fujimaru.

Gilgamesh: Tell her never to seek answers from those with Clairvoyance!

Nitocris: !!!

Gilgamesh: One of the few paths to glory available to mongrels like yourselves lies in the struggle to gain knowledge, for that is how new paths are forged.

Gilgamesh: Do not discard your chance at glory in search of quick answers!

Gilgamesh: If you wish to unravel this mystery, then struggle! Persevere! Endure! Only then can progress be made!


Nitocris: ...I suppose asking someone with Clairvoyance IS like cheating...

Nitocris: I know it is taking a sort of shortcut.

Nitocris: But...what else can I do!? I no longer have the luxury of choosing my methods...

Nitocris: ...(Sniffle)

Nitocris: So I'll have to seek Clairvoyance from someone else. And since I don't see that flower mage anywhere...

Nitocris: ...I have decided to talk to Sir Arash, the great Hero of the East! He's always been friendly and approachable!

Nitocris: ...I know I should be searching for the answer on my own. I truly do. But...I just...

Fujimaru 1: It's okay!

Fujimaru 2: This still counts as searching!

Nitocris: Yes, you're right. That's what I'll tell myself!

Nitocris: Really!? You might!?

Fujimaru 1: THINK. I said I THINK I might.

Fujimaru 2: If anyone would know, it's the first hero.

Nitocris: Hmm, the first hero, huh? In that case, I think I might know who you're talking about too.

Nitocris: Sir Arash!

Nitocris: I'm told he was alive during the same time period as Lord Ozymandias. And thanks to the knowledge I gained as a Servant, I'm familiar with his legend as well.

Nitocris: Arash Kamangir, the great savior, is said to have ended a long-running war with a single arrow from his bow, thereby saving the people of both warring nations.

Nitocris: He is more than worthy of being called a hero.

Nitocris: But...I still don't understand why Lord Ozymandias would be so interested in him.

Nitocris: Is it just because they come from the same time?

Nitocris: I don't recall any other heroes so famous during that period, so...

Nitocris: ... ...

Nitocris: ...And it couldn't be the holy man...

Nitocris: No. No more of that. I must not be rash.

Nitocris: Come, let us start by speaking with Sir Arash for ourselves!

Arash: ...Hey, there you two are.

Arash: I've got a pretty good guess as to why you're here. Oh, and not because I peeked into the future or anything; it really is just a guess.

Arash: I figured his patience had to be near its limit.

Nitocris: Sir Arash...

Nitocris: Are you saying you know why Pharaoh Ozymandias is so upset...

Nitocris: ...as well as the whereabouts of this second hero he mentioned?

Nitocris: Please, tell me. I need your help, or I shall never be able to show my face before the god-king again!

Arash: Easy there. Just relax.

Arash: Come and have a seat while I throw some wood on the fire. These woods get really cold at night, after all.

Nitocris: Ahh... It's so warm...

Nitocris: Oh, thank you. You didn't have to go to the trouble of laying out a blanket.

Arash: Oh, it's nothing. ...I know it isn't much, but it's the least I can do after the trouble I've caused you.

Nitocris: Huh?

Arash: That second hero Ozymandias mentioned?

Arash: I, uh...I'm the one who's been keeping them apart.


Nitocris: Th-then...you've intentionally been preventing Pharaoh Ozymandias and this second hero from meeting?

Arash: I'd like to say I was just waiting for the right time, but...yeah, basically. I'm sorry. Please forgive me.

Nitocris: ...Mmm. I can see you're truly remorseful about this...

Nitocris: Please raise your head, Arash of the East. I presume you have your reasons for doing this?

Arash: Sure do.

Arash: ...

Nitocris: ...Well?

Arash: Uh... Right. Of course you'd wanna know. I...uh, I don't know how to put this...

Arash: I've never been too good with words, so all I can say is that I saw something bad.

Nitocris: (Clairvoyance...)

Arash: You and I could handle it, but it might be hard for Master.

Fujimaru 1: Huh?

Fujimaru 2: Me?

Arash: Yes, you, Master. This isn't immediately life-threatening, but it IS a lot of hassle.

Nitocris: ???

Arash: That goes for you too.

Arash: ...But I guess I can't beat around the bush anymore. If it was gonna come to this, I should've let them meet up back when there were a bunch of others around.

Arash: All right... I'm ready. I'll take you to him now.

Arash: This second hero is a traveler–at least he is now. He likes to wander around even more than me.

Arash: But no matter how accustomed to traveling he might be, I doubt he'll have Rayshifted without you, Master.

Arash: (He might still be wandering aimlessly outside Chaldea, though!)

Arash: Anyway, he's usually hanging out somewhere in the simulator.

Nitocris: Hmm, I see. If we're just going to the simulator, I should be able to handle it.

Nitocris: Since I am always at my Pharaoh's side, I have become completely accustomed to the feel of it!

Nitocris: I have no problem fighting battles there, either. Rest assured, you will have nothing to worry about!

Arash: ...All right then, let's get going!

Nitocris: Hmm. This place is rather...flashy, isn't it?

Fujimaru 1: This is...Shinjuku, in Tokyo.

Nitocris: Shinjuku... Tokyo...

Nitocris: That's a major city of the Far East, as I recall. But the magical energy pervading this place is...

Fujimaru 2: It's a Japanese city as it was about twenty years ago.

Nitocris: I see. But then, why is there so much magical energy pervading this place?

Nitocris: It feels very...strange...

Arash: This is a recreation of an area from one of the Pseudo-Singularities.

Arash: You know how places like that are supposed to have gone a different way from normal history?

Arash: This one's a good example. It LOOKS like the same city I remember from 1999, but it's not.

Arash: ...No, wait. That's not right.

Arash: Sorry, I was getting 1991 and 1999 mixed up. They both took place in an alternate world, after all.

Nitocris: Huh?

Arash: Just thinking out loud. Don't worry about it. Anyway... Looks like we've got company to deal with before we find our guy. That sure didn't take long.

Nitocris: !!!

Nitocris: This feeling...

???: Targets spotted. Exterminate them. Initiating combat.

Fujimaru 1: Oh, come on. Already!?

Fujimaru 2: Nitocris, get ready to fight!

Nitocris: Hmm...!

Nitocris: So you would defy me? The incarnation of the sky god!? How dare you stand in a pharaoh's way!

Nitocris: Know your place, simulator AIs, and begone from my sight! Otherwise, I shall destroy you all myself!


Nitocris: (Huff... Gasp... Huff...)

Nitocris: ...It's over... It may not have been as bad as the Rite of a Hundred Trials, but I'm still exhausted...

Arash: Nice work out there!

Arash: ...Hmm, right. Got it.

Nitocris: You found the second hero!?

Arash: Nope! He's nowhere around here!

Nitocris: Aww.

Fujimaru 1: Aww.

Arash: Hahaha, you sound just like siblings.

Fujimaru 2: So he's not here after all, huh...

Arash: But he does have a deep connection to Tokyo. We all do, really, even the pharaoh guy.

Nitocris: We do? Really?

Arash: You mean you didn't know? We all fought each other once in a Holy Grail War in another world.

Nitocris: We did!?

Nitocris: Th-then... Pharaoh Ozymandias, and you, and five other Servants...once fought each other to the death for your respective Masters...?

Arash: Yup. All to help our Masters get their hands on one of those wish-granting Holy Grails.

Arash: Now we all share a connection, whether we like it or not. And we didn't just fight once in Tokyo. We fought there twice.

Nitocris: ...

Fujimaru 1: ...

Arash: Aw, don't look at me like that, Fujimaru. It's all in the past for these Spirit Origins we've got now.

Nitocris: I... I had no idea...

Nitocris: Pharaoh Ozymandias never speaks of the battles he's fought, even those from when he lived...

Nitocris: Not about his parting with the holy man, nor his glorious battle against the Hittites...

Arash: Now I see.

Arash: I get it, really. I don't like to talk about my own battles unless it's absolutely necessary either.

Arash: ...But I guess if we're talking about who he meant by “hero” then I guess this is one of those times.

Arash: Someone who accomplished something amazing while he still lived? A great man who was around at the same time the pharaoh guy was?

Arash: That might be the case for the first hero, but I'm pretty sure it's not for the second.

Fujimaru 1: ...What about someone he fought?

Fujimaru 2: So, someone strong enough for Ozymandias to respect?

Arash: Nailed it.

Nitocris: ...

Arash: Doesn't really do much to help us find him, though! Haha. Oh, wait, I shouldn't be laughing at that. Sorry.

Arash: I figured we'd have a good chance of finding him here, but I guess he's not as sentimental as I thought.

Arash: In which case...

Fujimaru 1: Okay, but Arash...

Fujimaru 2: Hey, how come you're not using your Clairvoyance?

Nitocris: That's right! I thought the whole reason we came to the Far East was because you used Clairvoyance to find out he was here!

Arash: ... ...

Arash: ...I'm sorry. I've...got my reasons.

Nitocris: (Gasp)

Nitocris: No, I'm the one who should apologize, Sir Arash. Please, don't give it another thought.

Nitocris: I'm sure those with Clairvoyance must have concerns and reasons for their actions that others could never hope to understand.

Arash: Thanks. I appreciate that.

Arash: At any rate, I'm pretty confident about this next place we're headed. After all...

Arash: ...I saw it by accident!


Nitocris: H-hmm. I GUESS I could see that sort of thing happening...

Arash: Hm? Oh, no, Clairvoyance isn't usually quite so unreliable.

Arash: You know the flowery mage and the Golden King? They know how to use it a lot better than I do. I just...

Nitocris: Yes?

Arash: ...Let's just say I can be kind of clumsy, and leave it at that.


Nitocris: It's nice to see a desert again. I haven't seen one for some time.

Nitocris: So this is where we'll find the second hero?

Arash: I think so. Last I saw, he was out walking there past the dust clouds.

Arash: It was quite a sight. He was walking around cool as you please, even in that heavy armor of his.

Arash: Actually, y'know, I think he was wearing a coat or something, too. He had a...thing over his head and I'm pretty sure it wasn't a helmet.

Nitocris: Hmm, I see... Then we might find him somewhere past these dust clouds...

Nitocris: ...(Staaare)

Nitocris: ...(Staaare) ...(Staaare)

Nitocris: ...Oh, I see something! I think I can sense magical energy that way too!

Nitocris: One...

Nitocris: Two... Three...?

Nitocris: Gah! They growled!?

Arash: Sorry! That's not him!

Arash: They're hostile AIs. They don't give off the same aura as a Servant. Guess we'll just have to do something about them first.

Nitocris: AGAIN, Sir Arash!?

Arash: Yup, again. Sorry about this, missy. For what it's worth, I'll fight them myself this time. Master!

Fujimaru 1: Got it!

Fujimaru 2: Let's get this done quickly!

Arash: Right on!

Nitocris: Hold it, Arash Kamangir! Did you just call me “missy”!?

Arash: Yup! Go ahead and sit this one out, missy!

Nitocris: Oh, oka–

Nitocris: I mean, no! NOT OKAY!

Nitocris: How dare you speak to me that way!? Hmph, you'll pay for your insolence...later, Sir Arash!


Nitocris: Okay, that's the last of those strange creatures. Phew!

Nitocris: Sir Arash, you will think VERY carefully about how to address me in the future!

Nitocris: As I've had time to calm down, I will refrain from punishment THIS time, but never forget that I too am a pharaoh, and will brook no disrespect! Is that clear?

Nitocris: (He didn't hear a word I said...)

Nitocris: At...at any rate, it doesn't seem the second hero is around here, either...

Arash: Hm? Now hang on just a minute. It's much too soon to say that for sure.

Nitocris: It is?

Arash: Hmm...

Arash: ... ...

Arash: Yup, he's definitely here somewhere. Can't you feel that? That's a Servant aura if ever I sensed one.

Nitocris: Oh! Now that you mention it, I DO sense a Servant out beyond those clouds somewhere.

Nitocris: And this time, only one, thankfully.

Nitocris: So that must be...

???: Those magical energy signatures all vanished in an instant. I had a feeling you might have been responsible.

???: I take it you've been searching for me, Master?

Arthur: ...Along with the great Hero from the East, and the lady pharaoh of ancient Egypt.

Nitocris: ...And that should explain what has happened up till now.

Nitocris: King of Knights, who hails from another world, wielder of the sacred sword...

Nitocris: ...if you are truly the second hero the great Pharaoh Ozymandias spoke of...

Nitocris: ...I would humbly request that you present yourself before him. Please. I beg of you.

Arthur: So that's what this is all about...

Arthur: I was hoping to put off facing him until the last possible moment. I doubt we'll just be exchanging pleasantries. And, well, he's a fierce one.

Arthur: I'm concerned that one wrong word on my part could lead to Chaldea itself suffering the fallout.

Arthur: ...Still, now that I think on it...I realize that Master will be present as well.

Arthur: Ah, and of course Archer, and you, the beautiful queen of Ozymandias's own land.

Arthur: More importantly, now that things have gotten to this point, delaying our meeting further would only make things worse.

Arthur: Very well then. I will meet with him.

Nitocris: Yay!

Fujimaru 1: Mission complete!

Fujimaru 2: Come on, let's go see Ozymandias right now!

Nitocris: Yes. Yes, you're right! There's no time to waste!


D:Arthur: ...So this is the throne room hidden in the innermost chamber of this massive temple complex.

D:Arthur: I knew this room existed, of course, but I've never seen it for myself.

D:Arthur: Very impressive.

Arash: Haha, I felt the same way the first time I saw it too.

Arash: I couldn't believe I was walking around inside the same place I was once so desperate to destroy.

Arash: I imagine it's a lot like that for you too, right?

D:Arthur: The innermost chamber. I never dreamed his throne was quite this...vast...

Arash: Oh, that? The size and arrangement of everything can vary, by a lot. That's why you never saw the hall we fought in on the way here.

D:Arthur: So that's how it works.

Arash: Yup. That's the scoop.

Nitocris: ...Lord Ozymandias! Lord Ozymandias!

Nitocris: Child of Amun, and god-king born of Mut. I have brought the second hero as you wished!

Nitocris: I was assisted by Fujimaru, the Master you yourself have deemed worthy of your services...

Nitocris: ...and Arash Kamangir, the great Hero of the East.

Nitocris: O great Pharaoh Set-Aapehti, if you could spare but a word...

Nitocris: ...would you tell me if this Saber is indeed the second hero you sought?

Ozymandias: ...Hmph.

Ozymandias: So, wielder of the sacred sword, you've finally shown yourself here in this world.

Ozymandias: I have seen you several times before, but I did not expect you to delay our reunion quite so long.

Ozymandias: I see... You, the Archer with the great red bow. This is your doing, is it not?

Arash: Uh, should've known you'd figure that out... Sorry about that, pharaoh guy.

Arash: I WAS going to help you guys meet up, but I kinda changed my mind! Then I covered it up!

Ozymandias:You are forgiven!

Ozymandias: I am sure this is not the first oddity your sharp eyes have witnessed. Therefore, I forgive you. Rejoice in my magnanimity!

Ozymandias: But not you, wielder of the sacred sword!

D:Arthur: ...That's kinda harsh of you, Rider.

Ozymandias: No. It is kindness. I may be a descendant of the god of war, but I am nothing if not benevolent.

Ozymandias: After all...

Ozymandias: ...it is only through my generosity that you yet draw breath.

Nitocris: (Huh!?)

Arash: (Whoa there, keep it down, missy. You too, Master.)

Ozymandias: I thought you had relinquished the sacred sword...and yet there it is in your scabbard.

Ozymandias: That can only mean you remain its wielder, even in this world.

Ozymandias: Hmph. As though you could ever be anything else.

Ozymandias: You claim to be a different King of Knights, visiting from another world? That you are a hero of the fifth century? That you will one day return to the Land of Fairies?

Ozymandias: No. No, no no. All that is but one side of you, not the whole picture!

Ozymandias: What are you doing here? Would you have me believe that Chaldea's summoning system simply plucked you from the ether?

Ozymandias: Or could it be...

Ozymandias: ...that you have seen signs of evil descending upon this world!?

Arthur: ...Unfortunately, I don't have much in the way of hard evidence, so I cannot say a great deal.

Arthur: Poorly chosen words can have terrible consequences, after all.

Arthur: I am here now because I still have yet to discover either the miasma of L, or the lingering scent of R.

Ozymandias: ...

Ozymandias: ...What a disappointment you are.

Ozymandias: How dare you appear before me looking like that?

Ozymandias:...How dare you!?

Ozymandias:Did you not save the world!?

F:Ozymandias: Have you turned coward, wielder of the sacred sword!? Are you not one of the great heroes of another time, another world?

F:Ozymandias: To think the sacred sword would be wasted on you! Hahaha! You may as well put an end to your journey and sulk back to the Land of Fairies now!

F:Ozymandias: I am a merciful pharaoh, so I shall bring this burdensome journey of yours to an end here and now!

F:Ozymandias: Hahahahahahahaha! Take up your sword, Saber!

Nitocris: Pharaoh Ozymandias! Please, calm yourself!

Nitocris: You're making the very air crackle! The simulator is starting to fail!


Nitocris: Gyah!

F:Ozymandias: At last, we now have both heroes present! What better time to reenact the past!?

F:Ozymandias: For too long has your insolence, your impudence, your intrepidness gone unpunished! Now you must wipe that slate clean with your sacred sword, if you can!

F:Ozymandias: ...I am Rider, the former Servant of the fifth rank! My True Name: Ozymandias! Have at you!

Arthur: ...I did not come here to fight.

Arthur: But...if there is no other path forward, I will not hesitate.

Arthur: ...Saber, the former Servant of the first rank! My True Name: Arthur Pendragon!

Arthur: If you would challenge me to battle, then you shall face my sacred sword!

Arash: See, this is exactly why I've been putting this off... But I guess it was gonna happen sooner or later!

Arash: Don't worry, we'll be fine. We've got Master on our side!

Arash: And not just any Master! [♂ He's /♀️ She's} the one who teamed up with this pharaoh guy in the first place!

Fujimaru 1: Hey, don't make this out to be MY fault!

Nitocris: But it's true, Fujimaru!

Fujimaru 2: Yup! Don't worry, I've got this!

Nitocris: It is very reassuring to hear tha– I-I mean, of course you do!

Nitocris: C-come, my ally! We have no choice but to fight!

Nitocris: I'm certain the god-king has his reasons for doing this, and they must be far beyond our ability to comprehend. But as we cannot understand his ways, all we can do now is stop him!

Nitocris: This is a trial, Fujimaru! If you are to continue as Pharaoh Ozymandias's Master, you must find a way to overcome his anger!

F:Ozymandias: Good. Good! Hahahahahahaha! So I shall face not one Servant, but three! And joined by Master, no less!

F:Ozymandias: Then all is as it should be! At times, my fury is roaring thunder, at others, the storm itself!

F:Ozymandias:Now face my wrath!


E:Ozymandias: Heh.

E:Ozymandias: Hehe, haha, hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Good. Good! Excellent!!!

E:Ozymandias:Well done!

E:Ozymandias: I must confess, it can be cathartic to truly “explode” once in a while.

E:Ozymandias: We may have stressed the simulator more than I expected, but there seem to have been no significant effects on Chaldea.

E:Ozymandias: Well done, heroes. Well done, Nitocris. Well done, my Master.

E:Ozymandias: Hehe...haha! Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Nitocris: Pharaoh Ozymandias...! No...!

Arthur: ...Wait.

Arash: Right.

Ozymandias: Within my Noble Phantasm, Ramesseum Tentyris, my body is immortal! I cannot disappear here, even if my Spirit Core is destroyed!

Fujimaru 1: ...

Arash: ...Hmm, Seal Thirteen?

Arthur: Unfortunately not. This battle doesn't seem to satisfy its conditions.

Arash: That's for sure. Same here. I just can't be bothered to actually fire off a meteor either.

Nitocris: (Anxious)

Arash: Besides...

Fujimaru 1: We ARE still just in the simulator!

Arash: Haha! Exactly!

Nitocris: Oh! Y-yeah, we are, aren't we! I was so focused on Pharaoh Ozymandias's momentum...

Nitocris: ...but of course! This IS the simulator–its main purpose is for training. The haptic feedback certainly hurts, but it cannot kill you!

Ozymandias: Don't tell me you forgot, queen of the heavens?

Ozymandias: Haha. Then again, I suppose that is no surprise, given my perfect performance! I will forgive you. I forgive everything, Nitocris!


Yes, great Pharaoh!

Ozymandias:Now, to the next battle!

Nitocris: Eep!

Ozymandias: ...All that said... Sacred sword wielder.

Ozymandias: I may not have meant every word I said earlier, but neither was it merely for show. I trust you understand?

Arthur: Of course.

Arthur: I am certain the time will come when I can reveal why I am here, and what I did following our battle.

Arthur: I hope, until that day comes, you can be patient.

Ozymandias: Hmph. Do not keep me waiting too long.

Ozymandias: ...Now then. Nitocris. Fujimaru.

Nitocris: Y-yes, O Pharaoh?

Ozymandias: I am in an excellent mood. I even made use of resources I would ordinarily never touch.

Ozymandias: Indeed...

Ozymandias: ...I am very much aware of my recent behavior.

Ozymandias: Mine was an admittedly selfish request, but the both of you worked hard to fulfill it.

Ozymandias: ...Under any other circumstances, this gathering would not have been possible. Not only do I still retain my memories of the Holy Grail War we fought in that other world, but so too do the two heroes from that war.

Ozymandias: What's more, we've all been summoned here to serve the same Master. Such a thing would be quite impossible under the constraints of a Holy Grail War.

Ozymandias: It is nothing short of a miracle. Chaldea's summoning system should be lauded for this triumph.

Ozymandias: Furthermore...

Ozymandias: ...No, that is enough. To say more would be in poor taste!

Ozymandias: Suffice to say that you have served me well, Nitocris! And you, Fujimaru!

Nitocris: Thank you, Pharaoh! I am happy to have been of service!

Fujimaru 1: You're welcome.

Fujimaru 2: I'm just glad you feel better now!

Ozymandias: Indeed. Now, I shall reward your efforts directly.

Ozymandias: Yes, I believe this should do nicely.

Fujimaru 1: Huh!?

Nitocris: Wait, what? Was that... Pharaoh! Was that...the Sphinx...Awla–

Ozymandias: Oops, not that one. A slight mistake. Haha, it was nothing, Nitocris! Just forget you ever saw it!

Nitocris: B-but–

Ozymandias: Now, I shall reward you properly this time. However, since it will take time to recover my resources...

Ozymandias: ...I shall regale you with a story! Hmm...

Ozymandias: Did I tell you the true meaning of my beloved Nefertari's name? Or how I obtained the crown I presented to Hathor, the goddess of love?

Ozymandias: If not, then I shall tell you now. What say you?

Ozymandias: Or perhaps you would prefer I read from the Book of Thoth? No, wait, I gave that to Blavatsky...

Nitocris: Er, uh, y-yes! I would love to hear them! All of them!

Nitocris: I would love to hear about Lady Nefertari AND the Book of Thoth!

Ozymandias: I see. I see! Very well then. But first...a little something to liven this up!

Ozymandias: To quote from the sonnet penned by Percy Shelley, said to have been inspired by Diodorus Siculus's “Bibliotheca historica”...

Ozymandias: ...My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings!