Paracelsus von Hohenheim

Devil's Quest

Fujimaru 1: Foe yesterday, ally today, huh?

Dr. Roman: It feels so bizarre, you know? He was one of the masterminds behind Project Demonic Fog...

Dr. Roman: ...but now he's one of our allies. A miracle of the Heroic Spirit summoning system, I suppose.

Dr. Roman: But I admit I was startled when he said that he wanted to go to "the London of that era."

Paracelsus: That's understandable. I attempted to commit vile crimes against the world and its people.

Paracelsus: It's logical for you to doubt me. However–

Paracelsus: I truly do not wish for the human world to be destroyed. Thus, I sympathize with your goals and objectives.

Paracelsus: Now I believe that it's possible to save all of my beloved children.

Paracelsus: ...My former self running that Project may have laughed in contempt at such a notion.

Paracelsus: But now... Now that I've entered into a contract with Fujimaru.

Paracelsus: I have faith once again. In people. In the world.

Paracelsus: ...In the existence of allies of justice capable of fighting evil.

Mash: Allies of justice–

Paracelsus: That is none other than all of you. You defeated me as I reached out to the Project at the edge of despair.

Paracelsus: Allow me to say the following with the deepest gratitude.

Paracelsus: Thank you. I beg you to show me your power once more.

Mash: It depends on the situation. Mr. Paracelsus.

Mash: You mentioned unusual changes occurring in London as it corrects itself–that is what you claim?

Paracelsus: Yes.

Mash: What do you mean by "unusual changes?" The Demonic Fog is gradually dissipating.

Mash: As the era is corrected, London should return to normal without having to wait for the Demonic Fog to clear up.

Mash: And yet, you seem to be agitated.

Mash: Why is that–

Fujimaru 1: He senses something?

Fujimaru 2: He knows something?

Paracelsus: To Master's query, all I can say is this. Yes and no.

Paracelsus: It's true that I sense some kind of connection. But I also know that there's something in this place.

Paracelsus: Namely–

Paracelsus: Never mind. Let us speak later. Something remaining in the Demonic Fog approaches.

Dr. Roman: He's right! Multiple magical energy readings detected in the fog!

Dr. Roman: They're likely the automatas! They're bursting with magical energy, so be careful!

Mash: Understood. Senpai, give us orders!

Fujimaru 1: Prepare for battle!

Fujimaru 2: Destroy the enemy while maintaining a barrier!

Mash: Yes, Master! –Preparing for battle!


Mash: Ending combat. All enemies destroyed.

Paracelsus: ...Very impressive, Master.

Paracelsus: Let us be off then. I must show you firsthand what I know.

Paracelsus: There's an underground space under the southern tip of Regent's Park...

Paracelsus: It's part of the underground facility for the Mage's Association Or rather, for Clock Tower.

Paracelsus: You could say it's one of their quarantine areas. There's something here that has been sealed.

Mash: Something?

Dr. Roman: Stuff like...dangerous magical tomes, Mystic Codes, and catalysts?

Paracelsus: Yes.

Paracelsus: Magical tomes– This is basically what I'm referring to.

Paracelsus: In particular, there's one tome that was used to seal a powerful evil that almost manifested itself in this world.

Paracelsus: That tome, along with many other magical books, was carefully sealed with powerful spells.

Paracelsus: Even the spread of the Demonic Fog could not weaken the seals placed on the tomes.

Paracelsus: Just like other dangerous things that were sealed. However...

Mash: You believe that these seals have been broken, correct?

Paracelsus: Yes.

Fujimaru 1: Your reasoning?

Fujimaru 2: You seem quite certain.

Mash: Yes, Senpai. I'm also bothered by his self-assurance.

Paracelsus: ...It's simple.

Paracelsus: The reason is that if I existed in this London and continued to pursue my designs–

Paracelsus: –I would break the seals without fail.

Mash: ...What!

Dr. Roman: Huh!? Does that mean you're going to break the seals now!?

Fou: Foou!

Paracelsus: No. I'm not the one who will break the seals. It will be the one still here–

???: –To be more precise, the "me" from here.

Mash: This voice– Wait, I've detected a new Servant!

Paracelsus: Show yourself. Loather and mourner of evil, and yet is evil himself.

Paracelsus: You who would crush all life with the very hands that would hold your dear children... You abomination.

Paracelsus: I am thou... Thou art I. Thy name is my name–

Paracelsus: Paracelsus von Hohenheim! The consort of evil!

Paracelsus?: ...Oh dear. What an unfriendly way to address yourself.

Mash: !?

Fujimaru 1: There are two Paracelsuses?

Fujimaru 2: Which one is the real one?!

Paracelsus?: How easy it is to confuse you. But I shall speak only the truth.

Paracelsus?: We are both real. I am thou... Thou art I.

Paracelsus?: The Servant Paracelsus beside you whom you duly summoned and made a contract with.

Paracelsus?: And I, born of Servant Paracelsus' magical energy that returned to the fog when you defeated him.

Paracelsus?: Both share the name "von Hohenheim." Both are real.

Paracelsus?: Admittedly, my existence is somewhat unstable.

Paracelsus?: For the Holy Grail is already gone! Materialization while lacking ways to summon Heroic Spirits!

Dr. Roman: ...He seems to be right. Observational results show that his magical energy is weak.

Mash: The Demonic Fog... Has given birth to a final Heroic Spirit?

Paracelsus: Yes, exactly. That's why I'm in a hurry. In a hurry to destroy this era.

Paracelsus: At this rate, this era will be completely restored. If so, I cannot destroy it with my own hands.

Paracelsus: My existence will likely disappear. However, I can't let that happen.

Paracelsus: I have accepted the destruction of humanity as fate. One cannot stop it. Thus–

Paracelsus: –I have no choice but to go through with this!


Dr. Roman: What!?

Mash: Massive magical response! There's something–behind him!

Paracelsus: It seems the seal has been broken. It seems my other self is quite efficient.

Fujimaru 1: No time to praise yourself!

Fujimaru 2: How do you repair the seal?

Paracelsus: We must make haste. We must destroy it before it fully activates.

Paracelsus: If what was sealed materializes, the Sixth Imaginary Factor–No–

Paracelsus: –We must destroy it. Along with my other self barring the way!

Mash: ...Senpai!

Fujimaru 1: Prepare for battle!

Fujimaru 2: Let's do this, Mash!

Mash: Yes, Master! Preparing for and entering battle immediately–!


Mash: ...Large-type enemy, destroyed!

Mash: What a powerful enemy... But somehow we managed to win...

Paracelsus?: How disappointing–

Paracelsus?: That is all I can say to you after giving up. For the world will be incinerated.

Paracelsus: No. You are wrong.

Paracelsus: That is what I can say, as I will not give up. I know the world will be saved.

Paracelsus?: ...Hah. How absurd. To think that "I"...

Paracelsus?: ...the one who continued to choose evil despite having no desire to, would be punished...

Paracelsus?: my own hand...

Paracelsus?: Ah... The end of this pathetic, ugly self...

Paracelsus?: This, I offer to you...Misaya...

Mash: The enemy Servant has gone completely silent. ...Ending combat.

Fou: Foou!

Dr. Roman: What a terrifying opponent to face... Well, we are in the heart of the Mage Association's lair.

Dr. Roman: It was as fearsome as Fafnir. It's a matter of luck that we pulled through.

Paracelsus: That's not true–

Paracelsus: You are all capable of victory. Even if it were to awaken once again.

Dr. Roman: What?

Paracelsus: You are a bulwark against evil. You are truly the allies of justice that I believe in.

Paracelsus: Thus, no matter what fearsome opponents you may face...

Paracelsus: matter what betrayals you face, no matter the depths of despair you witness...

Paracelsus: It is impossible for you to lose–