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"A hero must be like this", The Boy Thinks

Narration: Did you ever have an inferiority complex? Ever felt like a close one was better than you, or wanted to run away from an enemy? My answer is yes to all questions. I have a mountain of complexes. No matter how hard I try, how much I struggle, I can never reach the level of the monsters. Everyone runs off, leaving me behind. Ah... being a hero is awfully, awfully difficult. That was what the Trojan War was about. That was what my whole life was about. What is a hero, even?

Scene opens in a Chaldea room

Paris: Sigh...

Apollo: And that's the story. Paris has been melancholic these days, though still cute as ever.

Fujimaru: Your true colors are showing, sun devil...!

Apollo: Excuse me. Sun GOD.

Fujimaru: Paris is always cute...!

Apollo: Always cute. Any time. Anywhere. That's Paris' charm, in my opinion. Let's discuss it.

Paris: Dear Apollo, you're not helping. (hurls him away)

Apollo: Whaaaaaaa.

Paris: Anyway. You know Chaldea is filled with decent, proper heroes, right? I feel inadequate!

Apollo: You say your defeatist statement with a lot of pride. That's very cute of you.

Paris: But I think I can't stay like this forever.

Apollo: No, you can, you're really cute being useless.

Paris: Ugh, let me finish what I'm saying...

Fujimaru: Dear Apollo, shut up for a minute.

Fujimaru starts squishing Apollo

Apollo: Mghmgh. I can't breathe.

Paris: Thank you, Master! But, I have no idea what am I supposed to do. So I decided the first step was asking for your reliable advice!

Fujimaru: Hm, let me think...

Paris: (Bated breath)

Fujimaru: Have you tried... asking someone else?

Apollo: Questioning other heroes, huh? That's a fine idea. The values of heroism changes with different lands and eras. Pursuing those differences might lead Paris to find something. Or maybe not.

Paris: Please be more supportive! You didn't need to say that last part.

Apollo: Alright, let's give it a go.

Paris: One more thing, Master, are you...

Fujimaru: Going along? Of course!

Paris: Yaaay! Thank you!

They leave to the hallway

Apollo: So, the plan is to wander around, and talk to the first random hero we're lucky to find.

Achilles: He-ya, Master and Paris. What're you doing?

Paris: ... Can I get a reroll, please?

Achilles: What that hell you're talking about?!

Paris: Screw you.

Achilles: Sure, whatever. I'll buzz off if that's what you want.

Apollo: Achilles.

Achilles: What?

Apollo: Buzzing is what insects do. You should not be comparing your worth to theirs.

Achilles: O-ok.

Apollo: It'd be an insult to the insects. They're actually important to the ecosystem.

Achilles: Alright, you're dead meat!

Fujimaru: Calm down!

Time skip

Paris: Ok, let's start for real, now!

Apollo: Yeah!

Fujimaru: Will this go well, I wonder...

We enter the cafeteria. Tell, Romulus, Ashwattaman, and Parvati are there.

Paris: Oh, yes. There's so many of them here. Although I think some of those are gods.

Apollo: The Greeks are immediately off the list.

Paris: And we should prioritize the heroes who are easy to talk to!

Fujimaru: In that case...

We go to Beowulf and Rama

Fujimaru: Those two should be a good start...

Beowulf: Hah? What you mean, Master?

Rama: Excellent timing. I just finished my meal. Anything you need me for? Ah, if it is training in the simulator, I am ready to go.

Paris: N-nice to meet you! I, uh, my name is Paris!

Fujimaru: I got a favor to ask...

Beowulf: So that's the deal. I may not be the best choice, but Rama sure is.

Rama: Hahaha, you humble yourself far too much, Beowulf. You have much more to say about what makes a hero. The only thing I have over you is being younger.

Beowulf: Nope. After all, I'm a Berserker. I can't form long thoughts. Ah, whatever. It's just talking about heroism. I can give it a try.

Rama: Certainly. However, that is not a subject for us to discuss in the middle of the cafeteria. Let us move to the combat simulator.

Paris: Y-yes, sir!

We go to a grassland in the simulator

Beowulf: I just imputed we wanted a wide, open space, and this is what we got.

Rama: So, going from youngest-looking to oldest-looking, I shall speak first. Fine?

Beowulf: Yeah, go off.

Rama: Alright, Paris. Let us try to organize the problem in your head. Here in Chaldea, there are as many prestigious heroes as there are stars in the sky. You cannot deny that your own achievements fall behind in comparison to some.

Paris: Y-yes. That's exactly it. Kickstarting the war is far from the only problem I caused!

Rama: You fall behind in achievements, and in power. If that's true, then why are you here? Anyone could replace you. Is that what you think?

Paris: Yes. Pretty much... am I wrong? We have people who shoot arrows better than me, and people who are smarter than me.

Rama: We do. Sorry for the cruel words, but you are completely correct.

Paris: Ghh.

Rama: This is a fact. Were you a child, I would have attempted to sugarcoat my words, but you are the hero Paris, so I will state the facts unreservedly. Ultimately, all of us are replaceable.

Paris: Ah, aaaaahhh. For real?

Rama: Evidently. We all gathered in one place under the righteous cause of the Human Order. We all wish to save it, and we all try to fulfill the roles we were given. But our resources are finite, and very few can fulfill the role of Master. That is why it is important that everyone is replaceable. Necessary, even. Upon my defeat, a next hero would appear to finish my duties in my stead. Upon someone's defeat, I must finish their duties in their stead. We are not marathon runners, we are relay runners passing the baton of human history, so it can reach our anchor, the Master. You lack resolve if you cannot accept the fact you are disposable. I, at very least, accept this fact with joy. It means me not getting my chance to shine would not be a problem.

Paris: I... see...! I see, I see, I see! That makes a lot of sense, thank you!

Rama: It was no big deal. Calm down, Paris. That was merely my opinion. Although, I know I am a model king, if I must say so myself. I am passing you the baton now, Beowulf.

Beowulf: Gotcha... Lemme see, I know I'm giving an unoriginal response with no real substance, but have you ever heard this saying? "With great power comes great responsibility." Think about it. Some people think the opposite. "I got this great power, all for myself! I can use it however I want!". What do you think, Paris? Which is the right one?

Paris: Huh, err... um... I think deciding you can do whatever you want... is not very nice. You won't get anywhere without responsibility.

Beowulf: Even if you go completely unrewarded?

Paris: What?

Beowulf: To get considered a hero, you gotta bet your life on something, big or small. An adventure to kill a dragon, an expedition to find treasure, a ploy to deceive someone, a war to preserve peace, etc. Or even an invasion to disrupt peace, I guess. It doesn't matter if you're good or evil, just that the reward is worth staking your life. But some heroes don't even get that. Happens a lot, no? Some dude returns home as a hero, gets betrayed by his friends, and killed. A man fighting for the weak chickens out in the end, and dies. Not every hero is a winner, and not every powerful person with responsibility will get rewarded. Knowing that, you think it'd be tasteless to enforce rewards?

Paris: That's... uh, I don't...

The words keep spinning and spinning inside my head. What am I supposed to do? What's the right answer? What would a hero do? What would Hektor do? He'd have an easy, quick answer to this question. Him... that other hero would also have a quick answer. I'm sure all other heroes have wills that can lead them to the right answer... I don't know. Power demands responsibility. Power doesn't reward. What's the solution?

Beowulf: Ok, time's up.

Paris: What?!

Beowulf: No answer? Give him a hand, Rama.

Rama: I know. You want to teach him the Spartan way... the Leonidas way.

Beowulf: Could work. Idiots can be heroes, as long as moving their bodies without thinking leads them to understanding something. Well, the question was so hard for Paris that his brain crashed, so let's try something a little different.

Rama: If that is the only way... Then, Paris, you pair up with Master.

Paris: ... What?! Oh, pardon! Did you call me?!

Rama: Indeed. Beowulf and I will fight you. Worry not, we are just training. You might see something you could not before if you move your body... Or maybe not.

Paris: U-understood! I welcome your challenge! Let's do it, Master!

Fujimaru: Roger. Let's go!

Rama: Huhu. Training or not, a battle between heroes is always a violent clash. None should hold back!

Beowulf: I won't, of course.

Fujimaru: *Be careful, the opponents are tough!

Beowulf: Oh, glad you find me find me tough. Time to land ya one solid punch, no holding back!

Paris: I-I'd appreciate if you didn't.

Apollo: Yeah, you better not.

Apollo: Go all out against Master, but you should hold back against the rest of us.

Beowulf: Now you're a self-centered one, Greek sun god. You sure live up to your reputation. Take it as a compliment if you want.

Rama: Let us set rules for the match. If you knock any of us down even once, we will admit defeat. Also, no killing, obviously. Alright then, let us start!

Paris: Huff, huff, huff...

Beowulf: Alright, we're done. Any ideas? No? You really can't find your answer?

Paris: No... On the contrary...

Beowulf: What you mean?

Paris: Fighting with so much running through my head... made me feel sick... Blergh.

Beowulf: Oh. Ok... Not my best idea...

Rama: You walk a thorny road, Paris. That said, from what I can tell, you already have your answer.

Paris: Oh, do I?!

Rama: You have it, but cannot see it. So, if you ask me what you need to do next...

Paris: Yes?

Rama: You must ask heroes who were never called heroes. Luckily for you, Chaldea is a place with many of those.

Paris: I'll g-give it a try! I'm kinda scared, though! Thank you very much. I'll be taking my leave now!

Paris goes on without Fujimaru

Fujimaru: Thank you, guys!

Beowulf: It's nothing.

Fujimaru: Paris, waaait.

Rama: Master, take good care of Paris!


Fujimaru leaves the simulator

Beowulf: Alright, Rama. We already started a fight, so let's keep it going!

Rama: Aye, I accept. Are doing it with swords, or something else?

Beowulf: Something else... Good one, let's swap weapons for a change!

Rama: Very well... Then, I will have to take the bow for this one!

Scene cuts to Paris and Fujimaru questioning Inshun, then Jack and Nursery, without any good result. They ask Tell, Geronimo, and Robin in the forest simulator. Still nothing. Caesar, Iskandar, and Vlad in the Roman palace simulator. Nothing.

** Paris:** Uhh...! I heard a lot of useful advice, but the more I heard, the more confused I got.

Fujimaru: You went through a lot of very different perspectives.

Paris: Yes. A modest man who learned martial arts only for self-improvement. A dream-like entity who isn't a hero. A bloodstained person who isn't a hero. People who sullied their hands before they noticed it. And warriors who weren't repulsed to the idea of sullying them, or fought against something through heartless ideas and heartless decisions. People who were the very definition of a hero, despite having never been considered one. Was there anyone like them in the era I lived? It's all starting to come together. I can vaguely tell why I'm here, and what I need to use my power for. It must be because...

I said my answer. It might be wrong. But weirdly enough, I said it without a hint of fear of being mistaken. Not because I was sure I was right, but because that's the answer Master and I figured out together. And now I can speak face-to-face with a hero. With the one hero I must speak face-to-face with.

Scene cuts to a castle in the simulator

???: So? Found your answer?

Paris: It might be wrong, but I found the answer that works for me.

???: Then, hm, are you ready for a graduation test? Are you standing your ground as a hero, or are you better off suspending your Saint Graph? As your brother, I gotta put you to the test.

Paris: Yes! I am Prince Paris, child of Troy and Apollo, brother of our greatest hero Prince Hektor! Here I go!

Hektor: Alright, come at me. You too, Master!

Apollo: You heard him, Master, representative of humanity. Take good care of my Paris. He can probably win with his Noble Phantasm, but, naturally, the other guy won't be very willing to let us use it... That's why the two of us will need to find a solution! Specifically, cancelling debuffs. Pay attention to that!

Fujimaru: Roger!

Hektor vs Paris solo battle. Starts with Hektor's pressure giving Paris 3-turn attack and defense debuffs, Hero training removing Class disadvantage, and Apollo's blessing: giving Paris permanent unremovable stun immunity.

Hektor: Alright, that's enough. I ask. Is there a point to you being in Chaldea?

Paris: By my name's honor, I'll answer you. There's none.

Hektor: Heh... What does that mean?

Paris: My presence here is nothing more than a coincidence. The Trojan War had many heroes stronger, smarter, and more dedicated than me. And some died nameless despite having the noblest intentions. I'm nothing more than their replacement. What I'm trying to say is that... Responsibility doesn't automatically arise in those with power, it only arises *after power is gained. That's something I absolutely must accept, no matter how unfair it looks... No, putting it that way, I'm still trying to run away from something. In my case, responsibility means... I must accept all consequences of gaining power, whether I run away or fight, become evil or champion justice. All of them. With all the hopes, despairs, joys, and fears involved. I'll accept them all. And then I'll yell: "My heart is where it must be. My soul is where it must fight.". Even if no one else acknowledges it, I'll still do it, to carry the burden of my responsibility!

Hektor: ... Interesting.

Paris: If my answer goes against your values, please scold your disloyal brother. But know that I have no intention of backing down on my opinion!

Hektor: No, no, who do you think uncle He... wait, no, brother Hektor is? You can think whatever you want. Those are your own thoughts, right? Not thoughts someone handed to you?

Paris: Oh, uh. I received a lot of advice from many other people...

Hektor: That much's obvious. I wasn't asking you any easy question you could figure out with just introspection. But I've heard enough. Guess you passed the test.

Paris: Thank you, Hektor!

Apollo: Ok, business' over. Let's have some fun now, Paris.

Paris: Oh, please, Apollo! But, ok, fine. Before anything, I want to go around thanking everyone! Master, if you excuse me, I'm leaving!

Fujimaru: Bye bye.

Paris walks away

Hektor: Sorry my little bro left you, Master. Well, Paris' what he is, but for now, he's showing some promise. A hero who was lost, received advice, and found his way. If staying by your side's what it takes to let him live his life facing forward, moving on from the failures of his lifetime... well, I think he'll get there.

Fujimaru: You're so kind, Hektor.

Hektor: Hahaha, not at all. If he didn't have his answer, uncle Hektor'd have crushed him to make him be responsible.

Fujimaru: But you believed in him, right?

Hektor: ... Man, I was so confident in my poker face... Well, after we've been together for so long, I guess that happens.

Scene cuts to Paris and Achilles in the hallway

Achilles: Hm?

Paris: Ah...

Achilles: Yo, what's wrong, Paris?

Paris: I've been pushing myself for the longest time to say this to you...

Achilles: What?

Paris: I can tell that my shot didn't kill you.

Achilles: Come again?

Paris: That was thanks to Apollo's power, and the powers of everyone other than me. The responsibility is all mine, but that was not an arrow I could shoot with my own strength.

Achilles: Does this detail really matter that much?

Paris: It's the most important detail to me. If were to fight again, I want to defeat you with my own power.

Achilles: ... Got it! I'm ready for the fight. Whenever that happens, I'll go all out.

Paris: Ok... That's all I had to say. Bye, scumbag!

Achilles: Sure, whatever.

Paris: Oh, and one more thing. ^(...ank yo...)

Achilles: Couldn't hear it.

Paris: Shut up, jerk!

Paris walks away from him

Whew, that was scary. But I said pretty much everything I had to. I'm tiny, unreliable, and hopelessly lacking in power compared to other heroes, but I'm still responsible for my power. I have to muster all of my courage to choose not to run away from that.

Paris: Alright, here I goooo!

Scene alone with Apollo

Apollo: Hmm. I see. Souls really know how to shine. It'll take a little long before I ever get bored again. Well, Paris has always been a boy I could never get bored of!

New profile section:

Purity, innocence, and bravery are all aspects of humanity seen as positive, but some critics would say that only makes them worse as flaws.

He's straightforward, for better or for worse. The moment he learned about Helen's unfortunate wedded life, he took her away. He was being instigated by the gods, yes, but that was still an act of justice on his part.

Hektor knew his little brother's actions would lead to big problems, but did nothing to stop him.

Wars inevitably happen at some point, regardless of reason, and he knew both side were putting their prides on the line, with no room for compromises.

Paris met a regretful and heartbreaking end in the Trojan War.

But upon being summoned, he fights with simple honesty, without ever sulking. Consider him earnest, in a sense.

However, beware of Apollo, the one who comes bundled with Paris. He considers preserving Paris his first priority, and has little to no concern for anything else, not even his Master.