Vishnu's Test

Rama: U-ungh...

???: Rama...Rama...

Rama: Uh...ungh... Who calls me?

Vishnu: It is I, Vishnu. Rama, awaken...

Rama: Oh, crap, Vishnu!?

Vishnu: “Crap”?

Rama: M-my sincerest apologies...!

Vishnu: Rama. How has everything been going since Fujimaru summoned you?

Vishnu: Is there anything you feel is missing, or do you have any immediate concerns?

Rama: No, Master is always kind to me.

Rama: Master treats me not as a king, not as [♂ his /♀️ her] retainer, but as a friend.

Rama: I have not had any complaints since I have been summoned.

Vishnu: ...I see. That was a quick response. How about during battle?

Rama: Hahaha. I'm all good on the fighting front! I would love to show you my power, Vishnu!

Vishnu: Oh, really? Is that so? That's some big talk. I never took you for the type to talk that way.

Rama: Eh? V-Vishnu...?

Vishnu: Rama... Oh, Rama...

Vishnu: Think back, Rama. Back to when you manifested as a Servant, to when you were given your Noble Phantasm...

Rama: Eh? Are you talking about another, different Noble Phantasm than my Brahmastra...?

Rama: Vishnu Baazoo, the Arm of the Great One...oh!

Vishnu: Rama... Oh, Rama...

Vishnu: You! Have! Forgotten! The Noble Phantasm! With! My! Name! You! Forgot! You can't use it!!!

Rama: Gyaaaaaahhh!!! I-I-I-I'm terribly sorry, great Vishnu!

Vishnu: Well, that won't do, will it? What's the deal, Rama?

Vishnu: Did you really not realize until I just reminded you that your Noble Phantasm was sealed!? What have you got between your ears!? Marshmallows!?

Rama: A-absolutely not! I d-didn't forget It's just... W-well, um, I've never encountered any enemies strong enough to require using your power...

Vishnu: Oh-ho. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, knowing your power. But then, I suppose you must not have any use for this Noble Phantasm, either.

Vishnu: Even without your Brahmastra, you'll be fine.

Rama: But...! P-please do not go, great Vishnu!

Rama: I...I was mistaken! Please, at least leave me my Brahmastra!

Vishnu: ...Very well. If you're that desperate, I shall give you a chance.

Vishnu: However, understand that to succeed, you must repeatedly shout my favorite word.

Rama: Y-yes! Certainly and swiftly!

Vishnu: Very well. That is the lifestyle that you must always be mindful of. They say that swiftness and decisiveness are most important to a soldier.

Vishnu: Now, then. I have somewhere for you to travel with your Master. There, you will find the trial I have set for you.

Vishnu: Know this: should you fail in this trial...you will no longer receive my blessing.

Rama: You can count on me!

Vishnu: You must always mind me, and never again forget me... Use your Noble Phantasm properly (...erly...erly...)

Rama: ...And that was my dream. Please, Master, you gotta help me! Mash, you too!!!

Mash: ...Well, in that case...

Fujimaru 1: Do gods really act like that?

Fujimaru 2: Th-that sounds suspicious...

Rama: Hm. Well, actually... The being I spoke to was both the great Vishnu, and not Vishnu at the same time.

Rama: It's the Vishnu that I envision, since I've never really MET them personally!

Rama: Besides, the great Vishnu who appears in my dreams doesn't seem to have a fully formed personality and is maybe a bit wacky.

Rama: But this much I'm certain of: I receive a message from the great Vishnu whenever I lose my way or forget something.

Rama: It could be my subconscious trying to make me realize that I had unknowingly blinded myself to something...

Rama: Or perhaps the real great Vishnu is truly sending me a message... I'm honestly not sure.

Mash: So, you have no clue.

Rama: Pretty much!

Rama: Regardless, I'm sure there is some truth to the notion that something is about to happen to me!

Dr. Roman: True...there may be some truth in Rama's dream.

Mash: Doctor, what do you mean?

Dr. Roman: A few hours ago, a minute Singularity formed, and we detected it in America, on the island of Alcatraz.

Rama: Alcatraz, huh?

Rama: That's where Sita was... That place must have something to do with my dream.

Dr. Roman: With the Sixth and Seventh Singularities remaining, leaving it alone could endanger humanity.

Dr. Roman: Let's take care of it. Swiftly.

Mash: Roger that, Doctor.

Rama: Obviously, you'll take me with you, right?

Fujimaru 1: Of course!

Rama: Ah, my friend!

Fou: Fou.

Mash: What is it, Fou? You're saying it's a friendship of self-interest?

Mash: That can't be true, Fou. Right, Master?

Fujimaru 1: I hope not.

Fujimaru 2: Friendship must be true.

Rama: A-anyway, let's get a move on, quickly! Our trial awaits...probably!

Rama: A trial, huh? Now that I reflect back, it seems like my life was full of them.

Dr. Roman: According to the Ramayana, Rama was first exiled from his homeland when he was a prince.

Rama: Indeed.

Rama: My stepmother Kaikeyi suspected that I would treat her unfairly if I became king.

Rama: Most conspiracies have their genesis in tiny doubts. I count myself lucky that I wasn't killed, at least.

Rama: Luckily, my younger brother Lakshmana also came with me. It felt like I was heading out on a long journey rather than getting exiled.

Rama: And above all, since I had Sita with me, my exile wasn't so bad.

Mash: And if I remember correctly, Bharata, who was supposed to be king, refused to ascend the throne, and waited for you.

Rama: Yes. I was fortunate in all respects. I must admit that the fun was confined to the beginning of my journey, though.

Rama: Everything went downhill after Sita was taken. Hey, Master...

Rama: You fight all your battles to restore humanity. I have no hesitation offering my life for that purpose.

Rama: However, had I been summoned for a proper Holy Grail War, I may have wished for the following:

Rama: To change the past. To undo the past where Sita was taken from me.

Mash: Rama...

Dr. Roman: It's true that a normal Holy Grail War might be able to grant that wish.

Dr. Roman: But it could create various distortions. For example, Sita may not have been taken, but the curse may still be there...

Dr. Roman: Or perhaps, in consequence of your group being saved, your homeland may have met a different fate.

Rama: ...Distortion, huh? I suppose that's what happens when things are changed.

Rama: In any case, that's all hypothetical. Let's concentrate on the matter at hand.

Mash: We've arrived at the coast. This was where we headed to Alcatraz by boat.

Mash: It feels so long ago. I wonder if the old man we met back then is well.

F:???: I hear he is in good health. But I had him evacuate, because this place is about to become a battlefield.

Mash: !

Rama: A hero sent to test me!

F:???: Indeed.

Rama: I am King Rama of Kosala! Hero that I must overcome, please show yourself!

F:???: Understood. I did have every intention of doing so eventually...

Rama: ...!

Mash: It can't be... Karna?!

Karna: I am your first trial. I shall demonstrate a piercing stare... I mean, the proper bearing of a hero.

Karna: A real hero kills with his eyes. King of Kosala, receive my Brahmastra!

Rama: Got it. If you're my first opponent, then I have no complaints!

Rama: I will push my power to its limit! Let's do this, Master!!!


Karna: ...Splendid. This is the end. I have seen enough of your indestructible blade.

Karna: I wish I could emulate the valiant, and yet disarmingly honest moves that you retain as a result of being summoned as an inexperienced hero.

Karna: Move on to the second trial, but proceed with caution. It may not be as easy as this one.

Rama: Thank you, Lord Karna. It was an honor to cross blades with a famed hero like you.

Karna: Compared to the hero awaiting you at the second trial, I was but a trifling opponent. Go, board the boat.

Rama: A hero that Karna thinks makes him seem insignificant...

Mash: Do you think he's being humble? Karna is quite modest...

Rama: I hope that's all it is. These are, after all, heroes gathered specifically for this trial...

Rama: Which means the next hero is...

Mash: Master, watch out!

Rama: An arrow! So, we're looking for an Archer!

D:???: You are correct. I am the gatekeeper for this second trial...

D:???: Rest assured, I will not allow my personal feelings to interfere with this trial.

D:???: No matter what happened in the past, even if I was on your side...please do not think too much of it.

Rama: Now we're up against Arjuna...!

Arjuna: Now, show me this indestructible blade of yours. I will judge whether you are worthy of wielding it!


Arjuna: ...Well, it seems you pass. Something is still missing, but that's hardly a surprise.

Arjuna: Of course, any Heroic Spirit would find himself lacking when standing in comparison to me.

Arjuna: Don't you agree?

Fujimaru 1: Well you're not...not entirely...not incorrect...?

Arjuna: Puzzling...which is it!? Do you believe it's true, or not?

Fujimaru 2: Nope.

Arjuna: ...Really. Then shall we battle once more?

Rama: Waitwaitwait! I'll have you declare that I've overcome my trial!

Arjuna: Ah. That may have been somewhat childish of me.

Arjuna: Rama. You are quite perplexing. You overcame so many trials in your lifetime.

Arjuna: And, in doing so, you became a full and complete hero.

Arjuna: Had you not been summoned as your youthful self, these trials now would be unnecessary.

Rama: You may be right.

Rama: It's possible that I could be summoned as an older king, one who would remember Sita, but had also come to terms with what happened to her.

Rama: Had that version of me been more compatible with Master, it might have been summoned...

Rama: But it appears that this form was best suited to my Master.

Rama: And knowing that makes me happy.

Arjuna: Hm. How heartwarming. I mean...ahem.

Arjuna: That is precisely why one must grow stronger. Even Servants.

Arjuna: That is the purpose of this trial. Grow stronger, Lord Rama.

Rama: ...Okay.

Arjuna: I shall bid you farewell. The final hero awaits you.

Arjuna: ...He will be your greatest challenge of all. He is not one to hold back.

Rama: A hero who doesn't hold back... I wonder who could that be?

Mash: It should be all right. Karna and Arjuna were both great and famous heroes.

Mash: And you defeated both of them, Rama. You should have more confidence as you go forward.

Rama: ...Yeah, you're right. Okay, I'm ready for anyone!

Rama: No matter who the opponent, I'll squash them!

D:???: ...Oh? What's this? It seems a yammering mongrel approaches.

Rama: Wha...!?

Gilgamesh: Nothing to be surprised about. You summoned me here.

Gilgamesh: I am Gilgamesh, King of Heroes, and I crush you underfoot.

Gilgamesh: Battle with Sabers–any Saber–never fails to excite me.

Rama: Ugh...Gilgamesh!!! They always save the greatest challenge for last...

Gilgamesh: Fuhahaha! Do you think this trial is just about going up against a tough opponent!? Wrong!

Gilgamesh: The true trial isn't just a matter of defeating me. As if a mongrel like you could ever defeat the likes of me!

Dr. Roman: (Nice to see he's still completely full of himself...)

Gilgamesh: One who still needs to prove his strength through battle will be of no use in the Restoration of Humanity.

Gilgamesh: So show yourself!

Sita: Rama... Lord Rama, is that you?

Rama: ...

Rama: That voice... It can't be. Sita!?

Sita: Yes, it is I.

Sita: It seems the great Vishnu arranged for me to be summoned on this land once again.

Rama: I'm so glad...!

Gilgamesh: Hahahaha. Excited, are you not, King of Kosala? Why do you think your wife is on my side?

Fujimaru 1: She's a hostage...?

Gilgamesh: Fool! What use would I, who is sure to be the victor here, have for a hostage!?

Fujimaru 2: She's our enemy...?

Gilgamesh: Exactly. Your final trial is a trial of love.

Sita: Lord Rama... The great Vishnu has lifted our curse.

Sita: We can be together now...forever.

Rama: What...!?

Rama: Th-that is most generous of Vishnu... I'm grateful, sincerely...

Rama: But Sita, why are you on his side?

Sita: The great Vishnu was kind enough not only to lift our curse, but also to grant my wish...

Sita: I wished that my Lord Rama would never be hurt...would be spared these endless battles.

Sita: Please, join us, Lord Rama. Leave the Restoration of Humanity to the others.

Sita: If there are as many heroes as stars in the sky, what is one fewer? We should be able to have our peace, to have our happiness...

Rama: ...

Rama: Are you saying, that I can be with you as long as I break my contract with Master?

Sita: Yes, it is I.

Rama: ...

Rama: Then I know that you are a fake.

Rama: I could never deserve such a reward without overcoming my trials.

Gilgamesh: Oh?

Sita: If you're calling me a fake, then the same must be true of you...

Rama: This is not about being a Servant or Heroic Spirit.

Rama: First of all, you're not even a Servant.

Rama: ...Yeah, I know... I understand, and I know this is an offer I must refuse.

Rama: But...well...you know...Master...

Fujimaru 1: I get it.

Fujimaru 2: Are you all right?

Rama: Rejecting loved ones is so hard.

Rama: How, in my past life...even if it was to avoid unnecessary bloodshed...

Rama: How did I manage to go through with this?

Sita: ...I see. So you mean to reject me.

Gilgamesh: (Even though his rank as a Heroic Spirit is far beneath mine, he does not waver in his beliefs. Impertinent mongrel.)

Rama: I can't do it, Sita. That is the one thing I cannot do.

Rama: To break my contract with Master would mean doing the same thing I did to you, Sita.

Rama: I know I'm not supposed to let go this time.

Gilgamesh: Heh. What will you do, queen? You heard what your husband said.

Sita: If he rejects my love, then the only thing left to do is to devour him...! That's my only option!

Gilgamesh: ...What?

Mash: ...Um, does it look like Gilgamesh is also surprised?

Gilgamesh: Fuhahahaha! Why, humanity's on the brink of collapse. This sort of strangeness is to be expected.

Gilgamesh: Now, small king of a smaller nation. It is time for you to face your final trial: this monster...and me!

Rama: Yeah, let's do this!

Rama: Brahmastra! Shine...like you did back then!


Gilgamesh: ...Hmph. Battle's over.

Gilgamesh: You may be bleeding from a hundred wounds, but your trial is over.

Rama: (Pant...pant...pant...)

Sita: Rama... My dear Rama...

Rama: ...Next time...we meet...I'll go...see you...I'll be sure to walk tall and proud...

Sita: ...Okay...

Sita: If you tell the real Sita...she'll likely...

Gilgamesh: Sheesh. I heard somewhere that even Lancers (better known as dogs) prefer to stay out of lovers' spats.

Mash: Lancers...?

Gilgamesh: You had to be there. Anyway, this is the end of your trial.

Gilgamesh: Young king of a small nation, it's all right to agonize over this kind of thing, but not in public. Understand?

Rama: Trials...

Rama: This might have been for the best. This body and psyche of mine are both still immature.

Rama: A fake Sita agitating me so much proves that.

Rama: But hear me out, Master: I will show you my strength in overcoming adversity.

Rama: And if that helps me grow stronger to protect you and Sita...that just means I'm going in the right direction.

Rama: Now, Master, our journey to restore humanity continues.

Rama: Let's go!